New Musical Express | April 1959

No. 638 3 April 1959  
(cover page) NME Exclusive Future of 'Oh Boy!' by Jack Good
If Only I Could Live My Life Again
Carmen McRae "Come On, Come In"
Frankie Vaughan and The Kaye Sisters "Come Softly to Me"
Johns, Malcom Jack Good uses NME offices to book "Oh Boy!" stars and then says..., "Harry Robinson and I Are Good Friends" 2
Goodwin, Keith Gospel Singing Wards Here [Clara Ward and the Ward Singers] 2
n.a Who's Where
Name Band Directory
Vocal Directory
AFN Highlights
Radio Luxembourg
Johnson, Derek British Stars Have Given the Americans a Good Run for Disc Supremacy 3
Johnson, Derek Dickie's Done it! [After a lengthy time off the charts, Dickie Valentine works his way back up with the help of Alan Freeman, Michael Barclay and his new disc "Venus"] 3
N.A. Advertisements:
Prize Winning Song: Domenico Modungno "Ciao Ciao Bambina"
Bentley Amplifier
N.A. Lloyd Price Rocks Wedding Day Tale 4
N.A. Rosemary June "With You beside Me"
Arlene Fontana "I'm in Love"
Petula Clark "Suddenly"
Lita Roza "This Is My Town"
Kingston Trio Add Comedy
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review
Al Saxon: "Chatanooga Choo Choo" / "Chip Off the Old Block" and "I'm Never Gonna Tell" [Conqueror]
Harry Simone: "The Beat o' My Heart" / "The Valley of Love" [Chorale]
Jimmie Rodgers: "Because You're Young" / "I'm Never Gonna Tell" [Columbia]
Dickie Henderson: "Come to My Arms Baby" / "But Not for Me"
Vince Taylor (and the Playboys): "Brand New Cadillac" / "Pledging My Love"
Ray Ellis: "Lauralee" and "Sweet Kentucky Belle" [MGM]
Rosemary Clooney and Jose Ferrer: "Flattery" / "Love Eyes" [MGM]
Andy Griffith: "Hamlet" [Capitol]
Billie Anthony: "Too Late Now" / "Yes We Have Bananas" [Columbia]
Jackie Davis: "Frenesi" / "Gonna Get a Girl" [Capitol]
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Bob Cort and Billy Munn, Eskimo Nell [Decca]
George Melachrino, Strauss Waltzes [RCA]
Bud Freeman, Songs of Couch and Consultation [Oriole]
Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra, Hollywood Bowl, [Capitol]
Franklyn Boyd with Bob Hart, Steve Marsh, Bryan Johnson, the Barney Gillbraith Singers and Norman Stenfalt orchestra, Top Pop Club
Ottilie Patterson, Ottilie's Irish Night [Pye]
Jim Lowe, Wicked Women [London]
Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians, Broadway Cavalcade [Capitol]
EMI Top Hits:
Ernestine Anderson "Be Mine"
Frankie Avalon "Venus"
Rusty Draper "Hey li lee li lee li"
Johnny Nash "It's Easy to Say"
Jimmie Rodgers "I'm Never Gonna Tell"
Dickie Pride "Don't Make Me Love You"
N.A. Al Saxon "Cattanooga Choo-Choo"
Della Reese "Sermonette"
The Crests "Sixteen Candles"
  L.P. of the Week: Mel Torme
No. 1 Best Record Seller on Columbia "Side Saddle"
NME NME Music Charts: Top Thirty
1. "Side Saddle," Russ Conway (Columbia)
2. "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," Platters (Mercury)
3. "It Doesn't Matter," Buddy Holly (Coral)
4. "As I Love You," Shirley Bassey (Philips)
5. "My Happiness," Connie Francis (MGM)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in the UK
1. "Side Saddle" (Mills Music)
2. "As I Love You" (Maemelodies)
3. "Sing Little Birdie" (Good Music)
4. "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" (Sterling)
5. "A Pub With No Beer" (Good Music)
N.A. Russ Conway, Marty Wilde, Lita Roza, Billy Fury Summer Plans Revealed 6
N.A. Disc Buyers May Get Budget Day 'Bonus'
Sinatra, Dean Martin Seen This Month
Iverlys' 'Cosmo Show' suddenly cancelled
Billy Mayerl Passes On
New disc label to launch ten albums
Valentine joins TV line-u
Tommy Steele on 'Oh Boy' before Spain
'Saturday Club'
More Donegan dates
Reg Own Off to the Sates
BBC lifts Ban
Early Kick-off to get Chas to church on time!
Max warms up
Oreste heads last palace variety bill
More Jackson ATV bookings
Frankie Vaughan: Las Vegas Offer
N.A. Terry Dene offered date on 'Oh Boy!'
Cherry Wainer in Palace Variety
Pat Boone to Record Dee-Jay Show for 208
Decca Dodie Stevens "Pink Shoe Laces"
Joy and David "If You Pass Me By"
The Teddy Bears "Oh Why"
Neil Sedaka "I Go Ape"
N.A. American Invasion Starts Again Next Month
Coming Next Week: Hollywood Academy Awards
EMI Continuing to Press 78s
U.S. Shock for 'Side Saddle' Star
American Rock Star in next 'Oh Boy!"
Ink Spots, Too
Heath Band in Spain
Rank Appoint GM in America
Johnnie Ray 'Hope to be back by August'
Dates for Pearl-Ted
Tony Brent Back
New York Press praises Chris Barber to skies
'Mills' take-over?
Two top Broadway musical stars for Palladium TV shows
Keniston, Tony Tony Keniston goes on the Set with Max Bygraves and Shirley Jones 8
N.A. No "Last Round Up" for Evergreen Woody Herman Herd 8
Goodwin, Keith Jazz Records 8
N.A. National Jazz Federation presents the Woody Herman Herd
Who said this about..., 'Tommy Sands?'
Goodwin, Keith Carmen tops in Cabaret 9
Keniston, Tony Idle Idol 9
Hentoff, Nat American News Box: Joni James gets plush backing; Dave King is the 'first'; Johnny's in the Cash 9
N.A. From You to Us
Advertisement: It's the Capitol Show
Frank Sinatra "To Love and Be Loved"
Kingston Trio "the Tijuna Jail"
Johnny Otis Show with Mel Williams "My Dear"
Dean Reed "The Search"
Charlton, Bruce They've All Won Fame with Italian Songs 10
Daniels, Billy Question Time 10
N.A. A Star Speaks: Ricky Nelson 10
Advertisement Fabulous Record Player Offer Free EP Record  
N.A. Classified Ads 11
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: Cyril Stapleton Disc May Win U.S. Award
Ronnie Aldrich's "Beat"
Bron's Current "Pop" Orchestrations
Tommy Steele "Hiawatha"
Alma Cogan's Pink Shoe Laces
Did You Guess
N.A Non-Stop Entertainment from Frankie Vaughn 12
N.A. Jimmy Lloyd and Joe Medlin "I Kneel at Your Throne" 12
  Katharine Tofalli, Spring 2010  
No. 639 10 April 1959  
Cover Tommy Steele, Britain 's Brightest Star 1
Tony Keniston Tony Keniston takes you to a rehearsal of 'Drumbeat' the Show with 54 Mikes! 2
Andy Gray Frankie Laine Wants to Act 2
David Sampson Parsons Knocks Rock! 2
N.A. 'Is That How I Look When I'm Singing?' Marty Wilde 3
Allen Evans LPs:
Teresa Brewer, Time for Teresa (Coral)
Morris Levy and George Elrick, Hail Variety (Oriole)
Tex Beneke, Stardust (RCA Camden)
Ted Heath, Dancing in Mayfair (Decca LP)
Mantovani, Mantovani (Decca LP)
Willy Schobben, Dance Time (RCA Camden)
Dalida, Pardon My English (Felsted)
Ken Colyer, Ken Colyer's Omega Brass Band (Decca)
Winnie, Winifred Atwell (Decca)
Anthony Newley, Anthony Newley (Decca)
Keith Fordyce Top Singles Reviewed:
Frankie Vaughan, "Come Softly to Me" (London)
Frank Sinatra, "To Love and Be Loved" (Capital)
Connie Francis, "If I Didn't Care" (MGM)
Crosby/Cole, "Rain" (Brunswick)
Jerry Lee Lewis, "Lovin' Up a Storm" (London)
Paul Anka, "I Miss You So" (Columbia)
The Crickets, "Someone, Someone" (Coral)
Cozy Cole, "Turvy," (London)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. "Side Saddle," Russ Conway (Columbia)
2. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Platters (Mercury)
3. "It Doesn't Matter Anymore," Buddy Holly (Coral)
4. "My Happiness," Connie Francis (MGM)
5. "Petite Fleur," Chris Barber (Pye-Nixa)
6. "As I Love You," Shirley Bassey (Philips)
7. "Stagger Lee," Lloyd Price (HMV)
8. "Gigi," Billy Eckstine (Mercury)
9. "A Pub with No Beer," Slim Dusty (Columbia)
10. "Donna," Marty Wilde (Philips)
11. "Little Drummer Boy," Beverley Sisters (Decca)
12. "Tomboy," Perry Como (RCA)
13. "Charlie Brown," The Coasters (London)
14 "C'mon Everybody," Eddie Cochran (London)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Side Saddle" (Mills Music)
2. "Sing Little Birdie" (Good Music)
3. "As I Love You" (Macmelodies)
4. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" (Sterling)
5. "Gigi" (Chappell)
Don Wedge Craig Douglas Steals Spectacular Show
Pet Clark to Wax Albums in Hollywood
Cliff Richard Debut in West End Fixed
Bassey Bombshell: May Leave Phillips
Chris Barber Returns to U.S. in September
Budget Makes Records Cheaper- But Not Much!
Teddy Johnson to Fly from Majorca Each Week
America Falls for Dave King
Mudlarks' Echo is Portable!
Dorsey Music to Fields
Dickey Valentine: One-Nighter Tour
N.A. Major TV, Telefilmed Series, Concerts, Plan for Eddie Fisher
Malcolm Vaughn for Great Yarmouth
Russ Conway Disc in U.S.
208 Series for Ruby Murray and Ludarks
N.A. Modern Music Film
Back to London
Frankie Vaughan Will Miss Gala Premiere
Extra Shows in North for Marty Wilde
Bassey Bombshell: May Leave Philips
'Music Shop' Guest Stars
Everlys on TV Tonight
Terry Dene Comeback on BBC's 'Drumbeat,' no 'Oh Boy!' Show
Craig Douglas Steals Spectacular Show
Accent on Music
Keith Goodwin Grade-A Herman Herd 8
Keith Goodwin Joy Talks about Post-Baby Bev Plans 8
Derek Johnson Pens a Well-Deserved Welcome Home to Chris Barber and his Band 8
N.A. Wright Grand Day for Joy's Billy 8
Nat Mentoff Fame Is So Tough on Jimmie's Colleen 9
N.A. From You to Us 9
N.A. Winnie's Amazing 'Down Under' Triumph! 9
Maurice Kinn Academy Awards Night! 10
Derek Johnson Perry Como Relaxes for 25 Millions 10
N.A. Elvis Nominates our Dorothy! 12
Don Wedge Ted Heath's Startling 'Reign' in Spain ! 12
A.Green Mudlarks Pass Test 12
  Katherine Tom, Spring 2010  
No. 640 17 April 1959  
(cover page) In This Issue: Sinatra, Barber, Bassey, Coasters, Mitchell, Gorme
Big French Hit: "In Only I Could Live My Life Again"
Recorded by Jane Morgan (London), Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson (Columbia)
Another Smash Hit from Phillips
Shirley Bassey, "Love for Sale" with Wally Stott and his Orchestra
Derek Johnson The BBC's ban-now off-has boosted..., The Coasters' 'Charlie Brown' [The BBC banned "Charlie Brown," subsequently removing the ban] 2
  Who's Where:
Frankie Vaughn, Roy Castle, Kaye Sisters, King Brothers (London Palladium)
David Whitfield and Des O'Connor (Liverpool Empire)
Dennis Lotis (Brighton Hippodrome)
Bridie Gallagher (London Metropolitan)
NME AFN Highlights
Radio Luxembourg
N.A. Oreste: From Opera to Variety
Oreste Kirkop has found success as both an opera star and heading a variety bill.
Tony Keniston They've Recorded 22 Albums at the Hollywood Bowl
Capitol has issued 22 albums of the type of classic music that has been played in the amphitheater in LA, California
Derek Johnson The Coasters' "Charlie Brown" (BBC ban-now off-booster the single) 2
Keith Goodwin Keith Goodwin Asks Questions Sent in by Readers, and Gets the Answer from Chris Barber
Chris Barber answers questions about himself and his band.
Tony Keniston Shirley Bassey Says, 'No More Records in the Hit Parade for Me!' 3
Advertising Records by Post
Lister's announce Rosemary Squires autograph session
Keith Fordyce Single Reviews
Johnny Mathis: "Let's Love"/ "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To"
Rosemary June: "I Used to Love You, but It's All Over Now"/ "With You Beside Me" [Pye-International]
Clyde McPhatter: "I Told Myself a Lie"/ "The Masquerade Is Over"
Al Martino: "I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart"/ "Two Hearts Are Better than One"
Cliff Richard: "Mean Streak"/ "Never Mind" [Columbia]
Jackie Wilson: "That's Why"/ "Love Is All"
Julius Larosa: "Where's the Girl?"/ "Protect Me" [Columbia]
Ronnie Height: "Come Softly to Me"/ "So Young, So Wise" [Decca]
Dick Francis: "Birdsong, Starshine"/ "Only Your Love" [Parlophone]
Vic Damone: "Penny Serenade"/ "As Time Goes By" [Phillips]
Bobby Tempest: "Love or Leave"/ "Don't Leave Me" [Decca]
Platters: "Enchanted"/ "The Sound and the Fury" [Mercury]
Allen Evans LP Reviews
Cliff Richard and the Drifters. Cliff [Columbia]
Russ Conway. Songs to Sing in Your Bath [Columbia]
Joe Henderson. Dancing Cheek to Cheek [Pye]
Johnny Nash. Johnny Nash [HMV]
Pye Rosemary June: "With You Beside Me" [Pye International]
Johnny Armenteer: "Parley-Voo March" [Pye International]
Dickie Valentine: "Venus" [Pye]
Joe Henderson: "Mr. Piano Plays: Volume 2" [Pye]
EMI EMI's Top Hits:
1. Rusty Draper, "Hey Li Lee Li Lee Li"
2. Connie Francis, "If I Didn't Care"
3. Steve Lawrence, "(I Don't Care) Only Love Me (Angelina)"
4. The Playmates, "Starlove"
5. Lloyd Price, "Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day?)"
6. Shane Rimmer, "(Roll Along) Wagon Trail"
NME Best Selling Pop Records in the US :
1. The Fleetwoods, "Come Softly to Me"
2. Frankie Avalon, "Venus"
3. Dodle Steves, "Pink Shoelaces"
4. Brooke Benton, "It's Just a Matter of Time"
5. Thomas Wayne, "Tragedy"
NME Top Thirty
1. "Side Saddle," Russ Conway (Columbia)
2. "It Doesn't Matter Any More," Buddy Holly (Coral)
3. "Petite Fleur," Chris Barber (Pye)
4. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Platters (Mercury)
5. "Donna," Marty Wilde (Phillips)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Side Saddle" (Mills Music)
2. "Sing Little Birdie" (Good Music)
3. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" (Sterling)
4. "As I Love You" (Macmelodies)
5. "Gigi" (Chapell)
  PYE to Release US Colpix Discs
Rank Control Film Music [The Rank Organization is buying firm control of Capital Film Music Co. Ltd.]
New Low Priced Albums [Galla Records announces new series of low priced LPs including many top American hits]
Vaughan 'Steals' Steele's Songwriters
Almost Unknown Singer for US [Monte Babson a London singer goes to America to appear on NBC TV's "Jack Paar Show"]
Pictured (left to right): Gary Miller, Eric Maschwitz, Max Bygraves, Joan Savage, and Bruce Trent
Valentine, Henderson in All-Star 'Music for Millions' Summer Show Line-Up
Russ Conway in London Variety
Injury Meant no 'Oh Boy!' [Tommy Steele cancels his appearance with ABC-TV because of a broken ankle]
American Stars for Britain [TV dates have already been lined up in Britain for Jo Stafford, Sophie Tucker, and The Mills Brothers]
Cool for Cats Variety Show Starts May 4th
Kaye Sisters in Palladium TV
N/A Frankie Vaughan in 100,000 pound 4-year Las Vegas Deal
Unique Cliff Richard Radio Offering: More One-Nighters Named
Billy Kenny tour set: six venues
Dave King's 'Como Show' success may be on BBC-TV tonight
  Frankie Vaughn in £100,000 4-Year Las Vegas Deal
Unique Cliff Richard Radio Offering: More One-Nighters Named [Cliff Richard will broadcast live with The Drifters from the BBC studios in Manchester]
Bill Kenny Tours Set: Six Venues [Finsbury Park Empire, Handley Royal, Brighton Hippodrome, Manchester Hippodrome, Edinburgh Empire, Glasgow Empire]
EMI's New Deal [EMI has a new deal with US Century label for distribution rights]
Dave King's 'Como Show' Success may be on BBC-TV Tonight
Sinatra in Close Up [Sinatra will be the subject of AR-TV's "Close Up" April 23]
Pop Favorites at Granadas [Marty Wilde, Billy Fury, Michael Holiday, Joan Regan have been booked by Granada for one night stands during May]
Four Top Stars Signed for May 'Drumbeat' [The four are Lonnie Donnegan, Russ Conway, Dickie Valentine, and Malcom Vaughn]
Shirley Bassey's Disc Future Still Undecided
Conway Twitty Flying Here for 'Oh Boy!' Appearances, Attempt to Capture Jackie Wilson, Too [Top American recording star Conway Twitty is the first American Star to fly direct to appear on ABC TV's "Oh Boy!"]
Jean Carson Back for Major TVs
New Tele-show ["Monday to Friday" will replace "Tonight" on BBC TV]
Lita Roza, Group One at Palace [Lita Roza and Group One added to the international variety bill that opens at palace theater]
Weavers Coming to Telerecord [American vocal group, The Weavers, visit Britain on May 31 to telerecord a "Chelsea at Nine"]
Mitch Miller may be Mills' President [A&R Manager Mitch Miller may leave the US Colombia label to become president of Mills Music]
US Wants our Teddy and Pearl [Teddy Johnson and Pearl Carr now riding high on US charts]
Marino Featured in 'Top Numbers' [The Marino Marini Quartet will join the cast for ABC-TV's "Top Numbers" on Sunday April 26]
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Dean Martin Appears Lazy-But He's Not! Doris Day Is Surprised; Fabian Embarassed by his 'Fabulous' Tag; Elvis Presley's first post-army film will definitely be "Rodeo" 8
  A Star Speaks...Lita Roza 8
Derek Johnson Meet the Recording Managers: Norman Newell Thought Conway's Top Hit Was too Old-Fashioned to Be a Success! 8
  Liberace talks about Liberace 8
Tony Keniston John Rait, Doris Day's Co-star [John Rait co-stars along with Doris Day in Warner Bros' screen version of "The Pajama Game"] 8
Malcom Johns Songwriters Charity Marathon [At the Victoria Palace on Sunday a host of singing stars paid their annual tribute to British songwriters] 8
Don Wedge Carmen Steals the Last Show [Carmen McRae was featured in the last of this years BBC Dance Music Festivals] 8
Derek Johnson Norman Newell thought Conway's top hit was too old-fashioned to be a success 8
Tony Keniston John Raitt, Doris Day's co-star 8
Derek Johnson Guy Mitchell Finished? Don't Make Me Laugh [the future of Guy Mitchell's career] 9
NME From You to Us [Letter's from the readers] 9
Derek Johnson Guy Mitchell Finished 9
Frank Charleston Is Frank Sinatra Really a Mean and Moody Guy? 10
Tony Kenniston His Latest Record Is Climbing in the Charts and His Latest Film Is Now Showing, which Tony Kenniston Reviews Here [review of Frank Sinatra's record and film "Some Came Running"] 10
Keith Goodwind Jazz [A review of recent Jazz music by Dave Brubeck Quartet and The Oscar Peterson Trio] 10
Keith Goodwin Eydie Gorme Joins the Top Stars of Albumland 10
  Classifieds [The April Issue of the Hit Parade now on sale with a portrait gallery of Frank Sinatra] 11
N.A. Coming Up Fast! "I Kneel at Your Throne" Recorded by Jimmy Lloyd (Phllips) and Joe Medlin (Mercury) 12
N.A. Wee Jackie Dennis is all 'La-de-dah' about Pearl! [getting engaged soon to Pearl Liddell, one of the Liddell Triplets] 12
N.A. Pictured: The Lineup of the Drumbeat, Adam Faith and Billy Fury with The King Pins 12
Bron Bron's Current Pop Orchestrations S.O: "Early to Bed," "Suddenly," "Peter Gunn Theme," "Tall Paul," "Why I Love You" 12
N.A. New ARRS (Suitable for Trio to F.O.): "I Could Write a Book," "If I Had You," "If I Should Fall in Love," "If Your Knew Susie," "I Know Why" 12
Allen Evans EPs (Reviewed) "Sarah and Billy" Sarah Vaughn and Billy Eckstine (Mercury)
"Ellington plays Ellington" Ray Ellington Quartet and Duke Ellington (PYE)
"Fraser Hayes Four" Fraser Hayes Four (PYE) "Ella and Louis Again" Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong (HMV)
"Stanley Black" Stanley Black (Decca)
"Bud" Bud Flannigan
"Let's Go-1" Johnny Hines (Top Rank)
"Bob Sharples" Bob Sharples (Decca)
"The Johnson Brothers" The Johnson Brothers (Decca)
"I want to be happy cha chas" Enoch Light and the Light Brigade (Top Rank)
Carmen Cavallaro: "Rome at Midnight"
  Another Hit for the Ponytails "Early to Bed" 12
  Two Great New Hits!:
Tragedy recorded by Thomas Wayne (London) and Johnny Hines (Top Rank) No. 5 in the US Hit Parade
"So Much" recorded by Little Anthony and the Imperials (London)
N/A Wee Jackie Dennis Is All 'La-de-dah' about Pearl! 12
  Chris Webb and Hugh Ward, Spring 2010  
No. 641 24 April 1959  
(cover page) Buddy Holly/Cliff Richard/Elvis Presley 1
Kinn, Maurice The American Music Scene [Updates on music from New York, Hollywood, and Las Vegas] 2
N.A. Who's Where 2
N.A. AFN Highlights 2
N.A. Radio Luxembourg — Full Programmes 2
Williamson, David Elvis Confesses...I've only been in love once and Talks about the Girl I Can't Forget! [Interview about Elvis Presley's first love] 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review
Elvis Presley, "I Need Your Love Tonight" / "A Fool Such as I" (RCA)
The Mudlarks, "Tell Him No" / "Time Flies" (Columbia)
Jackson Bros., "Tell Him No" / "Love Me" (London)
Chuck Berry, "Little Queenie" / "Almost Grown" (London)
Eydie Gorme, "I'm Yours" / "Don't Take Your Love from Me" (HMV)
Slim Dusty, "The Answer to a Pub with No Beer" / "Winter Winds" (Columbia)
Guy Mitchell, "Pride o' Dixie" / "Alias Jessie James" (Philips)
Dodie Stevens, "Pink Shoe Laces" / "Coming of Age" (London)
Eve Boswell, "Wimoweh" / "Boegoeberg" (Parlophone)
Harry Belafonte, "Turn Around" / "Darlin' Cora" (RCA)
The Lana Sisters, "Tell Him No" / "Mister Dee-Jay" (Fontana)
The Cinderellas, "Mister Dee-Jay" / "Yum Yum Yum" (Brunswick)
Mel Williams, "You" / "My Dear" (Capitol)
NME Top Thirty
1. "It Doesn't Matter Anymore," Buddy Holly (Coral)
2. "Side Saddle," Russ Conway (Columbia)
3. "Petite Fleur," Chris Barber (Pye)
4. "A Fool Such as I" / "I Need Your Love Tonight," Elvis Presley (RCA)
5. "Donna," Marty Wilde (Philips)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Side Saddle" (Mills Music)
2. "Sing Little Birdie" (Good Music)
3. "Petite Fleur" (Essex)
4. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" (Sterling)
5. "May You Always" (Essex)
N.A. Shirley Bassey leaves Philips for Columbia
John Phillips leaves EMI
Dankworth's U.S. Dates Set [Johnny Dankworth]
NME Record Stand [An all-star gala of recording artists, etc., where fans can get autographs]
Marty Wilde Jumps Over to 'Drumbeat' ["Drumbeat", the BBC-TV program]
Rosemary with 'Army' [Rosemary Squires signed to a stage version of the "Army Game" TV series]
Alma for Las Vegas? [Alma Cogan may appear in a Las Vegas show]
Petula to U.S. by the Comet [Petula Clark flying to Hollywood to cut two long-playing albums for the Imperial Label]
Lonnie Donegan Signs in Major Film [Announces Donegan's film debut with the provisional title, "The Hellion."]
...and he'll star in 'Sunday Night at London Palladium' [Donegan and his Skiffle Group set to appear in the show]
Playboys on Parade [The Four Playboys booked to appear on ABC-TV's "Holiday Town Parade"]
Peters Sisters in Palladium Revue
Carmen in 'Music Shop' [Carmen McRae to appear in "Music Shop" show]
Jazz aces sought for British tours [Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Chico Hamilton]
New boss for Southern Music [Bob Kingston replaces Allan Crawford, who resigned]
N.A. London may see Sammy Davis, Jnr. In 'Blues Opera' [Discussions have reached advanced stage for Davis to star in stage production] 6-7
N.A. Wally Scott joins Pye: unique agreement [Scott's contract arrangement still allows him to accompany non-Pye artists]
Gary Miller on 'Juke Box' panel [Miller to appear on a new BBC-TV's new panel game on pop music]
Fans Converge on Cliff! [Cliff Richard makes West End stage debut]
Cinema Circuit Books Terry Dene
Billy Eckstine: August 17 [Eckstine's tour to begin on this date]
Batoneers' Ball [Announcing the "Baton Ball" for top bandleaders]
Sisters with Cliff and Malcolm [The Three Barry Sisters booked to join Malcolm Vaughan and Ken Earle; joined Richard for one night show]
Teddy and Pearl Coventry tops [Teddy Johnson and Pearl Carr sign to Coventry Theatre]
Lloyd filming [Jimmy Lloyd]
BBC-TV seek Tommy Sands; Fred Astaire Show Bought for Britain
'Chelsea TV Signs Ella [Ella Fitzgerald]
Radio date for Billy Fury
Good-Decca Deal [Jack Good becomes freelance a-and-r manager for Decca]
Red Price in smash [Red Price involved in accident returning home from Decca recording session with Harry Robinson]
Marini bows out [The Marino Marini Quartet plays final variety date in Britain]
Frankie Laine on Your Screen [Laine set to appear as guest on BBC-TV's "Perry Como Show"]
Weedon solo discs [Bert Weedon signs Top Rank contract for series of instrumental discs]
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail [Recent entertainment news and updates from the United States ] 8
Gray, Andy Variety is out of favour...and why! [An interview with Leslie Macdonnell, the joint managing director of Moss Theatres] 8
N.A. Neil Sedaka and the Fleetwoods are Newcomers to the Charts 8
Johnson, Derek These stars and many others owe disc fame to Denis Preston [Lonnie Donegan, Teddy Johnson, Pearl Carr, Chris Barber] 9
N.A. From You to Us [Reader letters to the magazine] 9
Gray, Andy Variety Round-up: Oreste stops show 10
Wedge, Don Joan Regan's 'revue' 10
Goodwin, Keith How I Remember Buddy [Buddy Holly] 10
Johnson, Derek He's the Master of the Voices: Meet the Recording Manager—5 Wally Ridley [Walter Ridley] 10
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: Don Everly Is a Daddy" 12
Evans, Allen EPs Reviewed
Relax with Lonnie, Lonnie Donegan (Pye)
C'mon Everybody, Eddie Cochran (London)
Jack Scott, Jack Scott (London)
Dancing to Gigi, Victor Silvester (Columbia)
John Hanson, John Hanson (Oriole)
Jane Morgan Day that Rains Came, Jane Morgan (London)
My Scottish Homeland, Robert Wilson (HMV)
York Brothers, The York Brothers (Parlophone)
Cha Cha at the Cote D'Azure, Ido Martin (Columbia)
Little Richard—5, Little Richard (London)
Laurie Johnson, Laurie Johnson (Pye)
Brunswick Hit Parade, The Four Aces, Carmen Cavallaro, Jack Pleis, Grandpa Jones (Brunswick)
Jack Payne, Jack Payne with The Rita Williams Singers (HMV)
Tea for Two Cha Cha, Warren Covington and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra (Brunswick)
  James Welsh, Spring 2010  
  Original compilation by Oliver Jones, 1998  
  grtedit 26 July, 2016