New Musical Express | May 1959

No. 642 1 May 1959  
Cover Ricky Nelson: "It's Late" now in No. 9 spot on hit parade
Joan Regan: return to charts in 4 years with "May You Always"
Marty Wilde: "Donna" at No. 5 on NME charts
Lonnie Donegan, Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy: big hit with audience at last week's "Sunday Night at the London Palladium"
Anthony Newley: first appearance in hit parade with first disc at No. 12 spot "I've Waited So Long" from his current film "Idle on Parade"
Eddie Cochran: "C'mon Everybody" stays in Top 10
(Pictures of respective people next to each announcement)
David Williamson Lloyd Price Has a Perfect Alibi for Being Noisy — Says DAVID WILLIAMSON in this exclusive interview with him in New York [Being a child of 12 is the reason why his recordings are "noisy." Also talks about his beginnings as an artist and how he came to be successful.] 2
Keith Goodwin Conway Twitty Comes to Britain Next Week [Twitty set to star in two appearances of ABC-TV's popular show "Oh, Boy!"] 2
Dane Marlowe This leads to a dancing date for — RICKY NELSON who is still scared of girls! [Discusses Nelson's problems with going steady with girls and how he handles his female fans.] 3
Keith Goodwin Lonnie Donegan's 'Lost Film' Mystery Is Solved [After two years of technical difficulties, "Light Fingers," which Donegan and his skiffle group star in, opens on May 9. Also talks about Donegan's role in the film and what movies he likes.] 3
Keith Fordyce Single Reviews. Keith Fordyce forecasts new disc successes for — Russ Conway's 'Roulette' and Lonnie Donegan's 'Jail'!
Russ Conway, "Roulette" / "Trampolina" (Columbia)
Lonnie Donegan, "Fort Worth Jail" / "Whoa Buck" (Pye)
The Impalas, "Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home)" / "Fool, Fool, Fool" (MGM)
Dave Cortez, "The Happy Organ" / "Love Me as I Love You" (London)
Cherry Wainer, "The Happy Organ" / "Spanish Marching Song" (Pye)
Conway Twitty, "When I'm Not with You" / "Hey Little Lucy" (MGM)
Frankie Ford, "Sea Cruise" / "Roberta" (London)
Thomas Wayne, "Tragedy" / "Saturday Date" (London)
Bert Weedon, "Guitar Boogie Shuffle" / "Bert's Boogie" (Stateside)
Joe Henderson, Mr. Piano Plays, Vol. 2. A: "Gigi," "Venus," "Wait for Me"; B: "Petite Fleur," "By the Light of the Silvery Moon, " "May You Always" (Pye EP)
Fabian, "Turn Me Loose" / "Stop Thief" (Chancellor)
Allen Evans LPs
Elvis Presley, "That's All Right"/"Lawdy Miss Clawdy"/ "Mystery Train"/"Playing for Keeps"/ "Poor Boy"/"Money Honey"/"I'm Counting on You"/"My Baby Left Me"/ "I Was The One"/"Shake, Rattle and Roll"/"I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone"/"You're A Heartbreaker"/"Trying to Get You"/"Blue Suede Shoes" (RCA)
Paris Music Hall Artists: Jacqueline Mille, Claude Bonheur, the Music Hall Boys, "Valentine"/"Pigalle"/"Ca C'est Paree" (3 Best Known Songs on Top Rank LP)
Ricky Nelson, "It's Late"/"One of These Mornings"/"Believe What You Say"/"Lonesome Road"/"Trying to Get To You"/"Be True to Me"/"Old Enough To Love"/"Never Be Anyone Else But You"/"I Can't Help It"/"You Tear Me Up"/"It's All in the Game"/"Restless Kid" (London)
Glenn Miller, Album of Glenn Miller Music Including: "In the Mood"/"Bugle Call Rag"/"Chattanooga Choo-Choo"/"You Say the Cutest Things, Baby"/"Serenade in Blue" (Top Rank)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. "It Doesn't Matter Any More," Buddy Holly (Coral)
2. "A Fool Such as I"/ "I Need Your Love Tonight," Elvis Presley (RCA)
3. "Petite Fleur," Chris Barber (Pye)
4. "Side Saddle," Russ Conway (Columbia)
5. "Donna," Marty Wilde (Phillips)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Side Saddle" (Mills Music)
2. "Sing, Little Birdie" (Good Music)
3. "Petite Fleur" (Essex)
4. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" (Sterling)
5. "May You Always" (Essex)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Come Softly to Me," Fleetwoods
2. "A Fool Such as I," Elvis Presley
3. "Venus," Frankie Avalon
4. "Pink Shoe Laces," Dodie Stevens
5. "Guitar Boogie Shuffle," The Virtues
Announcements Chris Barber will switch record labels 'Columbia the Most Likely' says the Bandleader [Contract with Pye has expired and bandleader, Barber, says band will probably move to Columbia.]
Ginger Rogers — Oreste to co-start in BBC musical [American dancer and actress will rehearse for Whit-Monday BBC-TV presentation of "Carissima" with co-star Oreste Kirkop.]
More stars to appear at NME Record Stand [More names added to list of celebrities attending Festival Gardens All-Star International Gala on May 9 in London's Battersea Park.]
Shirley Bassey to Make One-Day Hop to Milan for TV [Columbia's newest star to go to Italy to appear in one of their top TV shows.]
'Drumbeat' as album [BBC-TV's hit show "Drumbeat" is now on record.]
Guy Mitchell on Filmed TV [Mitchell guest stars in "The Bob Hope Show" on BBC-TV on May 9.]
Ted Heath at Torquay again [Heath agrees to a 7th consecutive summer season in West Country taking his orchestra to Torquay for a 16-day period.]
Keith Prowse Acquire Peter Maurice Control [The two companies become one of the largest British-owned set-ups in the publishing field.]
Stars XI as television prelude to Cup Final [Cup Final televiewers get to see the first half and all the second half of the TV Stars XI v. Frankie Vaughan Boys Club XI match from Wealdstone Stadium, Harrow before the Cup Final.]
Celebrity Cricket Match For Decca Club House Opening [Celebrities invited to cricket match to mark opening of new Decca clubhouse and sports ground.]
Announcements Cliff Richard BBC-TV Debut Set For Next Week - More one-nighters are fixed [Richard makes first appearance on BBC-TV to commemorate BBC's 35th anniversary tribute to Henry Hall.]
Pye Speed Disc Distribution with Streamlined Plan [Discs from Pye will now be supplied to shops directly from factory.]
New Star Song Cast for Radio Vocal Show [BBC planning a program called "With a Smile And A Song" for a 13-week summer run.]
Jeannie in 'Saturday Spectacular' [Jeannie Carson to star in ATV Showcase "Saturday Spectacular."]
Lyttelton, Ross Unite in U.S. Tour Project [Humphrey Lyttelton Band and another group involved in project to include British artists for a major jazz tour of the US for the first time.]
Frankie Vaughan: U.S. TV Offers [Vaughan to appear in two major American TV shows when he visits NY for a cabaret session.]
Pat Boone on 208 as a disc jockey [Boone begins a weekly series on Radio Luxembourg.]
TV Dates for Ruby Murray [Murray joins Norrie Paramor in an episode of AR-TV's "Hippodrome."]
Toni Dalli to South Africa [Dalli to visit South Africa for a week.]
Cherry going to Finsbury Park [C. Wainer to make appearances at Finsbury Park, "Jack Jackson Show" on AR-TV, and ATV's "Music Shop."]
Tony Keniston Anthony Newley isn't IDLE in the hit PARADE! [Actor Anthony Newley is in the best sellers list at number 12 but doesn't want to be a singer, says he sang in his movies just for fun.] 8
Charles Govey Perfect Timing By Phyllis McGuire! [The week that the McGuire Sisters song makes it big in England, the youngest sister, Phyllis McGuire, makes her first visit to Britain.] 8
Charles Govey Whistle told Joan Regan she had hit! [Regan talks about success of her new song "May You Always" and her other successes as a West End Star.] 8
Keith Goodwin Welcome back to — Ella, Gene Krupa and the JATP [The star-packed jazz troupe to begin a second British tour at London's Royal Festival Hall.] 8
Don Wedge Marino Marini Will Leave His Money in England — For Sons' Schooling! [Marini talks about what it is like to be on tour and about his Italian TV show, claims that his tour money will be spent towards his sons' schooling.] 8
Derek Johnson Dick Rowe signed Terry, but turned Marty down! [Rowe new manager of Top Rank label with great success after leaving Decca.] 9
N/A From You to Us [Letters sent in to NME from fans.] 9
Nat Hentoff Nat Hentoff's American Column: Debbie's not greedy [Reynolds to get $150,000 per picture.], Dean and John together again? [Dean Martin and Jon Wayne to co-star in another Western.], A tune with many 'covers' [Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn wrote score for "Say One For Me", covers of the songs to be sung by many well known artists.] 9
Tony Keniston Terry Dene didn't hear the boos [Keniston talks about one of Dene's concerts where the girls screamed for more while the boys booed. Dene claims he couldn't hear the boos over the noise he was making. He says he can laugh at himself and knows that some people aren't going to like his music.] 10
Derek Johnson Big test for Dennis Lotis [Anticipated new musical to come out called "The World of Paul Slickey" which stars Dennis Lotis as main role. Also discusses challenges for Lotis for a successful musical career.] 10
N/A Classifieds and Advertisements [Fan Clubs, Musical Services, Personals, etc.] 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces [Three titles cause close rivalry in Top 30 charts with Fleetwods and Frankie Vaughan-Kaye Sisters, Dickie Valine and Frankie Avalon, and Joan Regan and The McGuire Sisters.] 12
Derek Johnson Cliff Richard fans have a great time [Johnson reviews Richard's act. Hard to review because Johnson couldn't hear much of it but Richard sold himself and fans liked it.] 12
A.G. Wee Willie leads rock package [To be during second half of current bill at Met., Edgware Road, London, this week.] 12
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No. 643 9 May 1959  
(cover page) Doris Day, Frank Sinatra (x2), Frankie Vaughan, Tommy Steele, Johnnie Ray (x2), Anne Shelton, Elvis Presley, Connie Francis, Marion Ryan, David Whitfield, Cliff and Claude Trenier, Dickie Valentine. 1
Derek Johnson Chuck Jumps to Sweet 16 in Charts 2
Keith Goodwin Mindy's Welcome Back [American singer visits Britain] 2
Derek Johnson 'I Would Love to Tour Britain,' Says Perry Como 3
Nicholas Marshall Jackie Alters Act to Win Tommy's Fans [Jackie Dennis replaces Tommy Steele at Plymouth] 3
Keith Fordyce Big Bouquet to Cyril's 'Lullaby' [Singles Reviews]
The Platters: "Twilight Time" / "Out of My Mind" (Mercury)
Cyril Stapleton: "Teenage Lullaby" (Decca)
Elvis Presley: "Wear My Ring around Your Neck" / "Doncha Think It's Time" (RCA)
Perry Como: "Kewpie Doll" / "Dance Only with Me" (RCA)
Don Gibson: "Oh Lonesome Me" / "There's Only One of You" (Columbia)
Don Cherry: "Another Time, Another Place" / "The Golden Age" (n.a.)
Joel James: "Love Works Miracles" / "Never Till Now" (MGM)
Lorae Desmond: "The Secret of Happiness" / "Down by the River" (?)
Paul Beattie: "Wanderlust" / "Me Please Me" (n.a.)
Alma Cogan: "Stairway of Love" / "Comes Love" (HMV)
n/a LP Reviews
1. My Fair Lady, Shelly Manne and his Friends (Vogue LAC 12100)
2. My Fair Lady Loves Jazz, Billy Taylor (HMV DLP 1181)
3. Transatlantic Alliance, Jimmie Deuchar, Dizzy Reece, Tubby Hayes, Victor Feldman (Tempo TAP 19)
4. Solitude, Duke Ellington (Philips BBL 7229)
Keith Fordyce Frank, Keely, Billy Wonder Trio 4
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. "Whole Lotta Woman," Marvin Rainwater (MGM)
2. "Who's Sorry Now," Connie Francis (MGM)
3. "A Wonderful Time Up There," Pat Boone (London)
4. "Wear My Ring," Elvis Presley (RCA)
5. "Swingin' Shepherd Blues," Ted Heath (Decca)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Magic Moments" (Chappell)
2. "I May Never Pass This Way Again" (Chappell)
3. "Swingin' Shepherd Blues" (Sherwin)
4. "April Love" (Robbins)
5. "Catch a Falling Star" (Feldman)
n/a Frankie Vaughan to Finance Scholarships
Dozens of Stars at NME Stand
Basie Back Next Year
Palladium TV Stars Max Again
Marion Heads Package
'Cool for Cats' — 100, Not Out! [TV show celebrates 100th edition]
U.S. Label Signs Dankworth
Winnie Atwell Set for 'Down Under'
TV Shows Off for Summer
Own Radio Show [Teddy Johnson and Pearl Carr's Radio Luxembourg show]
Late Cable Round-up from Nat Hentoff
Television Plans for Gala Dance
More for Marie [More tour dates for Marie Knight]
Nitwits for U.S. TV — Twice
New Version for 3-D Sound [Ted Heath re-recording in stereophonic sound]
n/a Alma on '6.5' Again This Week
Tommy Steele's Lewisham Show Canceled
Donnegan's Irish Song Banned by the BBC
Top British TV Fee Offered to Sinatra
Laurie London's First Gold Disc
Johnnie Ray Telerecords
Lunch to Honour 8 Record Stars
Lang Crosses Channels
Speedy Building Loses Stapleton Top Baton Job
Listen for David — Minus Tonsils!
Carmen Sought [Negotiations for US pianist to appear on UK TV]
Nat Hentoff No Dictators for Bellafonte 8
Keith Goodwin ELLA...Magnificent! [Ella Fitzgerald] 8
n/a From YOU to US 8
Ken Gordon Ray Sends 'Em Home Happy [Johnnie Ray at the Palladium] 9
Maurice Kinn Ballads Beat Up Frank's Voice 9
Charles Govey Taking the Mickey [Mickey Katz review] 9
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No. 644 16 May 1959  
(cover page) Bert Weedon: Guitar Boogie Shuffle... Great! 1
Derek Johnson Jazzmen Fared Best 2
Keith Goodwin Frankie Avalon Adds Ballads to his Beat 3
N.A. Bert Weedon Helps Himself (For a Change) to a Hit Disc! 3
N.A. Pat Boone Can't Fail 4
Keith Fordyce Singles Review Pat Boone "For a Penny"/The Wang Dang Taffy-Apple Tango" (London)
Peggy Lee, "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" / "It Ain't Necessarily Show" (Brunswick)
Kalin Twins, "When I Look in the Mirror" / "Cool"
The Everly Brothers, "Take a Message to Mary" / "Poor Jenny" (London)
Kathie Kay, "Come Home to Loch Lomond and Me" / "Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye" (HMV)
McGuire Sisters, "Summer Dreams" / "Peace" (Coral)
Lee, Jay Elvin, "When You See Her" / "So the Story Goes" (Fontana)
Johnny Kidd, "Please Don't Touch" / "Growl" (HMV)
Shirley Sands, "I Surrender" / "I'm Yours" (Decca)
Glenn Miller, "Orchestra Wives" / "You Say the Sweetest Things Baby" (Top Rank)
Bill Fury, "Don't Knock upon My Door" / "Margo Don't Go" (Decca)
NME Top Thirty
1. "A Fool Such as I" / "I Need Your Love Tonight," Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. "It Doesn't Matter Any More," Buddy Holly (Coral)
3. "Donna," Mary Wilde (Philips)
3. "Side Saddle," Russ Conway (Columbia)
5. "Petite Fleur," Chris Barber (Pye)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Side Saddle" (Mills)
2. "It Doesn't Matter Any More" (Monarch)
3. "May You Always" (Essex)
4. "Petite Fleur" (Essex)
5. "Come Softly to Me" (Morris)
Keith Goodwin Conway Just Missed Elvis 6
N.A. Platters Postpone Visit Week: Zola Taylor Ill
Cliff Richard filming, plus concerts, next month
Frankie Vaughan delays holiday
Bing puzzles Mike Holliday
Executive leaves Philips to head Muzak here
BBC-TV spot for Russ Conway
Johnny Dankworth as Louis' co-star in U.S.
LPs in mood music show
Secombe, Kayes in variety
N.A. Doris Day Still Hopes to Come to Britain
U.S. chiefs to discuss Pye-Roulette link
Check Anka's Date List
N.A. New disc show for Jackson spot
A star-filled Whitsun for viewers, listeners and theatre-goers alike
Marion Ryan in 'Army Game'
Jackie Rae hosts radio 'late show'
Marty Wilde: more dates
Bob Miller at Southsea and Wimbledon
Protest against Shirley Bassey announcement
Alma Cogan's Summer Travels in Europe
Pet and Shani...
Derek Johnson Russ Conway's piano was too tuneful for 'Roulette' 8
N.A. George Martin is on the ball with off-beat discs 8
N.A. They didn't agree with Bing & Pat 8
Allen Evans EPs 8
N.A. From You To US 8
Tony Keniston Cliff Richard good actor, too 9
Tony Keniston Poor Lonnie 9
N.A. Paul Anka wins great victory 9
Dennis George Most Popular 9
N.A. Sinatra's LP makes the Top Thirty! 10
N.A. Welcome to the Mills Brothers 10
N.A. A Star Dean Martin Speaks 10
N.A. Fifty facts about The Fleetwoods 10
Anthony Newley Nobody would let me sing before! 10
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: "Newley makes a world record!" 12
N.A. Russ at Met 12
  Ava Hamilton, Spring 2010  
No. 23 May 1959  
  Question time with Cliff Richard.  
Johnson, Derek Eddie Fisher: Is Britain still happy hunting ground? 3
Wedge, Don The world's most travelled teenagers: Paul Anka; Been around the world at 18 3
N.A. Disc stars dominate Manchester's First Royal variety performance.
Lots of stars: Cliff and Marty Wilde to sing for Queen.
Goodwin, Keith They want to appear in Britain. McGuire Sisters ambition. 8
Goodwin, Keith America's least teenage sensation, Fabian. Now known for crime and Police history. That will change soon. 10
  Oliver Jones, Spring 1999  
No. 30 May 1959  
Goodwin, Keith Fats Domino gives "Margie" a new lease of life. [originally a 1920's tune] 3
Wayne, John Ricky Nelson as an actor. Quick on the draw in "Rio Bravo." 3
n.a. Eddie Fisher reveals exciting British projects and ambitions. [most publicized singer talks to the press] 6
n.a. Johnnie Ray has plans to tele-recod 39 shows here. [most ambitious recording project in Britain by American] 7
Johnson, Derek Disclands' surprising partnership. Louis Prima and Keely Smith. [Glamor and beauty.] 8
Johnson, Derek Everly Brothers. They can't be beaten. 10
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  Originally compiled by Oliver Jones, Spring 1999  
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