New Musical Express | June 1959

Number 647 5 June 1959  
(cover page) Presley Statement from Sick Bed
Exciting star-a-night shows on autumn 208
In ATV Trial Show
New Anka Film
Conway, Newley: Peak TV Time
(cover page) Announcements:
Jo Shelton's sensational record "More, More, More Romancing" on Top Rank JAR 124
It's Going to be BIG! "Little Dipper": Bob Miller [Fontana], Micky Mozart Quintet [Columbia]
The Big French Hit! "If I Could Live My Life Again", recorded by Jane Morgan [London], Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson [Columbia]
The Original Marino Marini's captivating new song "Honeymoon"
Climbing in America, The Falcons "You're so Fine"
Keith Goodwin Gang warfare surrounded his childhood... [Bobby Darin] 3
Allen Evans EPs:
Fascinating Rhythm [Andy & the Bey Sisters]
I Remember [Shirley Temple]
Golden Miller [Glenn Miller]
Big Four-II [Shirley Bassey, Frankie Vaughan, Kaye Sisters, Marty Wilde]
Swingin' An' Marchin' [Bill Shepherd]
Serious Charge [Cliff Richard & the Drifters]
Songs, Dances from Argentina [Leda & Maria]
Date with Danny [Danny Martin]
Hitsvill Vol.1 [McGuire Sisters, Buddy Holly, Billy Williams, Betty Madigan]
Hitsvill Vol.2 [Teresa Brewer, Jack Wilson, Lennon Sisters, Art Lund]
Frank Sinatra
Happy Holiday [Shirley Abicair]
n.a. Announcements:
The No.1 title in America "Kansas City" Little Richard [London]
No.3 in the States, Bobby Darin "Dream Lover" [London]
Max Bygraves records exclusively for Decca, His latest single: "Moonlight over Old Tymes Square"/ "Napoli"
A strong tip for the hit parade! Ruby Murray sings a wonder new ballad "Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye" [Columbia]
n.a. "Question Time with Russ Conway" 4
n.a. "Meet June Valli the 'Dresden Doll'" 4
n.a. "Frankie Avalon still dates his first girl friend" 4
EMI EMI's Top Hits
1. "Endlessly," Brook Benton (Mercury)
2. "Julia," Eddie Calvert (Columbia)
3. "Lipstick on Your Collar," Connie Francis (MGM)
4. "Tell Him No," The Mudlarks (Columbia)
5. "May You Always," Joan Regan (H.M.V.)
6. "Personality," Lloyd Price (H.M.V.)
NME Top Thirty
1. "A Fool Such as I" / "I Need Your Love Tonight," Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. "It Doesn't Matter Any More," Buddy Holly (Coral)
3. "I've Waited So Long," Anthony Newley (Decca)
4. "It's Late," Ricky Nelson (London)
5. "Roulette," Russ Conway (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Side Saddle" (Mills)
2. "Roulette" (Mills)
3. "May You Always" (Essex)
4. "It Doesn't Matter Any More" (Monarch)
5. "Come Softly to Me" (Morris)>
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "The Battle of New Orleans" Johnny Horton
2. "Kansas City" Wilbert Harrison
3. "Dream Lover" Bobby Darin
4. "Quiet Village" Martin Denny
5. "Personality" Lloyd Price
n.a. Announcements:
"Heartaches at Sweet Sixteen: Recorded by Kathy Linden on Felsted AF 122
L.P. of the week Conway Twitty sings [MGM]
Joyce Shock sings "Personality" [Philips]
The original American hit recording: Dion and the Belmonts "A Teenage in Love"
Keith Fordyce Singles:
Johnny Duncan and the Blue Grass Boys: "Kansas City" / "That's All Right Honey" [Columbia]
Hank Ballard and the Midnighters: "Kansas City" / "The Twist" [Parlophone]
Jack Parnell "Kansas City" / "The Golden Striker" [HMV]
Connie Francis "Frankie" / "Lipstick on Your Collar" [MGM]
Peggy Lee: "Hallelujah, I Love Him So" / "I'm Lookin' Out the Window" [Capitol]
Buddy Holly: "Rock Around with Ollie Vee"/ "Midnight Shift" [Brunswick]
Marino Marini: "Honeymoon"/ "Pimpoyo" [Durium]
Stanley Holloway: "Growing Old" / Dark Girl Dressed in Blue" [Decca]
The Five Dallas Boys: "Morning Papers" / "I'm Aware" [Columbia]
Tony Newley: "Personality" / "My Blue Angel" [Decca]
Eve Boswell: "Once Again" / "You Are Never Far Away from Me" [Parlophone]
Gordon MacRae: "The Stranger" / Palace of Love" [Capitol]
The Three Barry Sisters: "I-Ay Ove-Lay Oo-Yay" / "Jo Jo the Dog-Faced Boy" [Decca]
Geoff Love: "A String of Trumpets"/ "Brigadier Wellington Bull" [Columbia]
Keith Fordyce Singles Second Chance:
Conway Twitty: "When I'm Not with You"
Dave Cortez: "The Happy Organ"
[Fordyce thinks these two discs deserve the audience's attention. Their reviews can be found in the May 1, 1959 edition of NME]
Allen Evans LPs
Lonnie Donegan, Tops with Lonnie [Pye]
Frankie Laine with Michel Legrand, Reunion in Rhythm [Philips]
Frank Sinatra, The Broadway Kick [Fontana]> Also Recommended:
Marlene Dietrich, Lili Marlene [Philips]
Deanna Durbin [Brunswick]
Ken Griffin, Remembering [Philips]
Al Goodman, My Fair Lady [Gala]
n.a. PYE International [ad]:
Lonnie Donegan "Tops with Lonnie"
Ray Ellington "That's Nice"
Joe "Mr. Piano" Henderson "Dancing Cheek to Cheek"
Dick Katz "Kool for Katz"
Reg Owen "Manhattan Spiritual"
Marion Ryan "A Lady Loves"
n.a. Newley's 'Personality' Disc: Decca Face Legal Action
Toreador Tommy Back to Discuss his Future [Tommy Steele]
Paul Anka: 'Drumbeat'
Duke Returns in November [Duke Ellington]
Platters' new starting date [The Platters]
Shelton, Ros [Anne Shelton]
Burl is Back [Burl Ives]
Eddie Cochran Coming
In ballrooms [Lord Rockingham's XI]
In Bath! [Marty Wilde]
'Roundabout' off; pop music on [Disc jockeys featuring artists such as Louis Armstrong and Glenn Miller]
Sam Cooke TV
Mitch Miller flying here
n.a. Announcements:
The No.1 American Recording of the No.1 American Hit, Wilbert Harrison "Kansas City" b/w "Listen My Darling"
n.a Max Bygraves and Peters Sisters keep show swinging
A Star Speaks...Peggy Lee
Keith Goodwin Dynamic Little Richard wins the race to 'Kansas City' 8
Nat Hentoff Nat Hentoff's American Airmail:
Arranger Gets Credit Now [Ralph Burns arranging a new Johnny Mathis album]
Avalon's Romance: Alan Ladd's Daughter
Derek Johnson Monte Lewis is no musician! 9
n.a. Announcements:
Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra exclusively on Capitol Classics; exciting music brilliantly arranged and conducted by Carmen Dragon; Listen to 'An Evening at the Hollywood Bowl' B.B.C. Light Programme 8:30-9:30pm June 9th and June 16th
Derek Johnson We Welcome Jo Stafford to Britain with husband Paul Weston and composer Jay Livingston 10
Andy Gray To Britain also, on the same boat 'Peter Gunn' composer Henry Mancini 10
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces [Details of production of new songs, albums, and concerts] 12
n.a. Announcements:
A Terrific New Instrumental! "Chili Beans" Recorded by: Felix and his Guitar [London], The Coo-Coo-Rachas [Capitol]
The Press Raves! 'Stand well back from the turn-table − this LP record jumps!' "That's Nice" Ray Ellington Quartet
Joan Regan Sings her latest hit "May You Always" on H.M.V. Pop 593
H.M.V.'s new exciting double in the Rhythm Stakes! Joe Gordon and Jack Parnell "Dream Lover"/ "Kansas City"
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Number 648 12 June 1959  
Cover Page Russ Conway: Big U.S. Disc Contract;
Presley Leaves Hospital; Decca Apologizes for early Newley release; Why the NME is only Eight Pages this Week
Derek Johnson Wilde & Weedon: Much in Common 2
Derek Johnson Meet the Recording Manager — Cliff's 'Boss' 2
Keith Johnson Newcomer to the charts — Craig Douglas: Four records — then fame! 2
Nat Hentoff Neil (I Go Ape) Sedaka 2
Keith Fordyce Singles Reviews
The Coasters. "Along Came Jones"
Liberace. "Gigi" / "The Earth Is Mine"
Jerry Angelo, "If You Change Your Mind" / "I Love You My Love" (Parlophone)
The Four Preps, "Gidget" / "Cinderella (Capitol)
Roy Hamilton, "I Need Your Lovin'" / "Somewhere Along They Way"
Bing Crosby, "Say One for Me" / "I Couldn't Care Less"
Betty Miller, "Jack O' Diamonds" / "It Took One Kiss"
Garry Stites, "Shine My Ring"
Tommy Edwards, "My Melancholy Baby" and "It's All in the Game" / "Please Mr. Sun" and "It's Only the Good Times" (MGM EP)
Teddy Johnson and Pearl Carr, "Viva Viva Amor" / "Tell Me Tell Me" (Columbia)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Fool Such as I" / "I Need Your Love Tonight," Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. "Roulette," Russ Conway (Columbia)
3. "Doesn't Matter Anymore," Buddy Holly (Coral)
4. "It's Late," Ricky Nelson (London)
5. "Dream Lover," Bobby Darin (London)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Roulette" (Mille)
2. "Side Saddle" (Mille)
3. "Stay You Always" (Essex)
4. "Doesn't Matter Anymore" (Monarch)
5. "Come Softly To Me" (Morris)
N.A. Lonnie Donegan — Weavers Plan Joint Concerts
Will Briton Avenge 'New Orleans Battle'?
Benny, Shani: revue stars
Liberace Stage Band in Union Dispute
Pet Clark Asked Back to States
Jack Good Seeks Continental Rock Stars
Johnny Kidd Returns to 'Club'
Perry Como Honoured
All-Star 'Music Shop' Editions
Winnie Atwell Disc Arrives
Cole Porter Music for London Pantomime
Queen at Premiere
N.A. Fans Demand Quick Returns of Cliff Richard and Marty Wilde
BBC — TV May Buy Cole TV Series
Jo Stafford Meets Transatlantic Duettist
Jerry Lewis Signs Biggest — Ever Film Deal
Jack Parnell to be Pye Records Advisor
N.A. Dean Martin Seeks Your Film Sympathy 6
Nat Hentoff Nat Hentoff's American Air Mail 6
Tony Keniston No 'Side Saddle' for Liberace! 6
N.A. At Great Yarmouth Joan Sparkles 6
Derek Johnson Things Elvis Keeps Dark 7
Allen Evans LPs: Sing Me a Sad Song, Manhattan Spiritual, La Zambra, and Domenico Modugno 7
The Alley Cat June Is Their Lucky Month 8
Keith Goodwin Jazz 8
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Number 649 19 June 1959  
cover The Big Hit Ballad: 'Once Again' recorded by Edmund Hockridge (Pye) and Eve Boswell (Parl.) 1
  Clyde McPhatter: 'Lovey Dovey' (HLE London Records) 1
  Presley Vanishes: [Presley's secretary reports he has taken off to an unknown destination, though they speculate that he is headed for Paris or London on approved army leave.] 1
  Marty Wilde has jumped into the Top Ten again with "A Teenager In Love" which was advanced from No. 8 to No. 4 in the charts. His "Donna" is still in the sellers, too. 1
  Russ' 'Britannia': Russ Conway is writing his own version of 'Rule Britannia'. 1
  "Why we are 8 pages this week: Owing to the continuation of the nation-wide dispute in the printing industry, we are compelled to decrease the size of this week's NME. We apologise to our readers and advertisers for having to omit features, pictures and advertisements. We have endeavored to include as much material as possible, and hope the dispute will soon be settled to enable us to return to our normal production." 1
  The smash hit recording in America ! The smash hit recording here! Dion and the Belmonts: A Teenager In Love (London Records division of the Decca Record Company Ltd.) 1
  Traditional Jazz -- make a note of these dates: June 23 Chris Barber's Jazz Band with Ottilie Patterson; June 30 CY Laurie Band; July 7 Ken Colyer's Jazzmen; July 14 Mick Mulligan and His Band with George Melly; July 21 Mr. Acker Bilk's Paramount Jazz Band; Every Tuesday at 8.0, Admission 2s. 6d. (No advance bookings) Open-air Concert Pavilion Battersea Park. 1
Derek Johnson "American Adventures of Mike Holliday" [Holliday spent 3 days in the US with one of his idols, Bing Crosby. He also spent time with Sammy Davis, Harry Belafonte, Dennis Day, Edward G. Robinson; he also saw Mickey Rooney, Nat "King" Cole and Jimmy Durante perform their cabaret acts in Las Vegas. Holliday turned down a 15 minute TV slot in New York because thinks American television shows are not of a high standard (compared to BBC-TV and ITV).] 2
Bruce Charlton "Duane's back in the charts with a bang -- and Johnny's a newcomer to them." > Eddy's atom 'Gunn' [Eddy's 'Peter Gunn' shoots to #11 despite that "Yep!' (the A side) was a bigger hit in the US . This is probably because 'Peter Gunn' is the theme song for an American TV show of the same name. Article goes on to name his previous accomplishments.]> A Good Kidd! [Recounts Kidd's story of becoming a musician; Apparently, Kidd had an eye infection while performing at Wandsworth Town Hall, compelling him to wear an eye patch; this is what inspired his band's name, "The Pirates." Kidd sites Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis is his own musical influences.] 2
N/A "Ricky Nelson confesses..." [a short quote from Nelson about his unusual sleeping habits.] 2
Allen Evans EPs:
Judy Garland with Nelson Riddle, "Zing Went the Strings of My Heart," "Do It Again, I Concentrate on You," "Do I Love You?" (Capitol).
Kathy Linden, Two EPs from Felsted: Vol. 1: "Kissin' Conversation," "Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye," "Heartaches at Sweet Sixteen." Vol. 2: "Georgie," "Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh."
Peggy Lee -- Light of Love, Alright Okay You Win, and My Man. (Capitol).
Jonah Jones and his Quartet, "Jalousie," "From the Inside. (Capitol).
Sweet Beat, "Top Rank present four tunes sung by new U.S. artists to be seen in a British musical called 'Sweet Beat.'" "Tonite, Tonite" (MelloKings), "I Remember" (Fred Parris and Satins), "Boppin' at the Hop" (tenor sax Lee Allen and band), "Luva Luva Love Me" (Cindy Mann and girl group).
Spike Jones, Cocktails for Two and Chloc (RCA).>
Advertising "Top Hits from EMI, the greatest recording organization in the world."
Brook Benton: "Endlessly"
Tommy Edwards: "My Melancholy Baby"
The Impalas: "Sorry (I Ran all the Way Home)"
The Mudlarks: "Tell Him No"
Jack Parnell: "Kansas City"
Lloyd Price: "Personality"
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain :
1. "Roulette" (Mills)
2. "Side Saddle" (Mills)
3. "May You Always" (Essex)
4. "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" (Monarch)
5. "Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye" (Bron)
6. "Trudie" (Henderson)
7. "Come Softly to Me" (Morris)
8. "A Fool Such as I" (Leeds)
9. "Chick" (Henderson)
10. "Petit Fleur" (Essex)
11. "Venus" (Essex)
12. "I Need Your Love Tonight" (Hill & Range)
13. "Never Be Anyone Else but You" (Com. -Imp.)
14. "I've Waited So Long" (Pan Musik)
15. "Wait for Me" (Sterling)
16. "Donne" (Aberbach)
17. "Charlie Brown" (Progressive)
18. "Gigi" (Chappell)
19. "Sing Little Birdie" (Good)
20. "Personality" (Leeds)
21. "If Only I Could Live My Life Again" (Peter Maurice)
22. "A Teenager in Love" (West One)
23. "Dream Lover" (Aldon)
24. "My Happiness" (Sterling)
25. "It's Late" (Com. - Imp.)
26. "Kansas City" (Macmelodies)
27. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" (Sterling)
28. "Mean Streak" (Kulith)
29. "Fort Worth Jail" (Peter Maurice)
30. "Pink Shoelaces" (Ard. & Hee)
NME Best Selling Top Records in Britain :
1. "Roulette," Russ Conway (Columbia)
2. "A Fool Such as I, I Need Your Love Tonight," Elvis Presley (RCA)
3. "Dream Lover," Bobby Darin (London)
4. "A Teenager in Love," Marty Wilde (Philips)
5. "I've Waited So Long," Antony Newley (Decca)
6. "It Doesn't Matter Anymore," Buddy Holly (Coral)
7. "It's Late," Ricky Nelson (London)
8. "Side Saddle." Russ Conway (Columbia)
9. "May You Always," Joan Regan (HMV)
10. "Guitar Boogie Shuffle," Bert Weedon (Top Rank)
11. "Peter Gunn," Duane Eddy (London)
12. "I Go Ape," Neil Sedaka (RCA)
13. "Mean Streak," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
14. "A Teenager in Love," Craig Douglas (Top Rank)
15. "Never Be Anyone Else," Ricky Nelson (London)
16. "Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye," Ruby Murray (Columbia)
17. "Petite Fleur," Chris Barber (Pye)
18. "Personality," Lloyd Price (HMV)
19. "Come Softly to Me," Frankie Vaughan/Kaves (Philips)
20. "Poor Jenny," Everly Brothers (London)
21. "Personality," Anthony Newley (London)
22. "Three Stars," Ruby Wright (Parlophone)
23. "Donna," Marty Wilde (Philips)
24. "May You Always," McGuire Sisters (Coral)
25. "Where Were You?" Lloyd Price (HMV)
26. "Please Don't Touch," Johnny Kidd (HMV)
27. "Take a Message to Mary," Everly Brothers (London)
28. "Venus," Dickie Valentine (Pye)
29. "Kansas City," Little Richard (London)
30. "Margie," Fats Domino (London)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Battle of New Orleans," Johnny Horton
2. "Personality," Lloyd Price
3. "Dream Lover," Bobby Darin
4. "Quiet Village," Martin Denny
5. "Kansas City," Wilbert Harrison
6. "A Teenager in Love," Dion and the Belmonts
7. "Tallahassee Lassie," Freddy Cannon
8. "Lonely Boy," Paul Anka
9. "Kookie Kookie," Ed Byrnes/Connie Stevens
10. "Only You," Franck Pourcel
11. "So Fine," The Fiestas
12. "Sorry, I Ran All the Way Home," The Impalas
13. "Along Came Jones," Coasters
14. "The Happy Organ," Dave (Baby) Cortez
15. "Lipstick on Your Collar," Connie Francis
16. "Frankie," Connie Francis
17. "Endlessly," Brook Benton
18. "Goodbye Jimmy," Kathy Linden
19. "I'm Ready," Fats Domino
20. "Bobby Sox to Stockings," Frankie Avalon
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Paul Anka: "Lonely Boy" / "Your Love" (Columbia)
Perry Como with the Mitchell Ayres Orchestra: "I Know" / "You Are in Love" (RCA)
Lonnie Donegan: "The Battle of New Orleans" / "Darling Corey" (Pye-Nixa)
Johnny Horton: "The Battle of New Orleans" / "All but the Love of a Girl" (Philips)
Stan Kenton: "Tamer-Lane" / "Whistle Walk" (Capitol).
Kirby Stone Four: "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles-Baubles Bangles and Beads" / "Red Shoes" (Philips)
Frankie Avalon: "A Boy without a Girl" / "Bobby Sox to Stockings" (HMV)
Lita Roza accompanied by Bill Shepherd: "Allentown Jail" / "Once in a While" (Pye-Nixa)
John Barry Seven: "Little John" and "For Pete's Sake" (Parlophone)
The Raindrops directed by Tony Osborne: "Along Came Jones" / "Italian Style" (Parlophone)
David Rose: "Young Man's Lament" / Andre Previn: "Like Young" (MGM).
NME Marty Wilde is signed nine month 'Oh Boy!': Eddie Cochran likely first American guest of the season
[Unless ABC TV's present intention to present both artists is altered, there will be a clash of beat music shows (Oh Boy! vs. Drumbeat) on the rival TV networks (ABC and BBC), and pop music fans will have to miss one of the weekly programmes designed for them. Cherry Walner is the only other artist announced for the new series.]
Tony Newley to Meet Duke and Duchess: [Newley and Anne Heywood will be introduced to the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester at the royal premiere of the new Frankie Vaughan film "Heart of a Man" at the Odeon Marble Arch.]
Name Confusion Leads to Drifters' U.S. disc withdrawal [Cliff Richard's accompanying group, the Drifters, have been forced to withdraw all copies of their latest release in America from Capitol. The US Atlantic label anticipated confusion between them and another band they've released, Clyde McPhatter and The Drifters. Capitol has forbidden the sale of "Don't be a fool/Feelin' fine" until the band can be presented again, with a different name.]
Following Jack Parnell's appointment... Lonnie Donegan is Pye's new adviser: [Donegan will select specialised jazz numbers and suggest new artists for the label. He has already selected Ian Menzies and his Stompers.]
Tony Keniston Bing and Debbie in tuneful film musical [Bing Crosby and Debbie Reynolds are performing in "Say One For Me" at London's Lelcester Square Theatre. It features 7 new numbers by top American composers Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen.] 4
Gordon Foulds Stapleton show's good start [Cyril Stapleton and his Show Band have returned to Scarborough for the summer in "The Big Show" at the Futurist theatre. The production co-stars Frankie Howerd, Shirley Sands, and The Fraser Hayes Four.] 4
N. A. Christ Barber's 'Star Story' ["Petite Fleur gold disc winner Chris Barber will be spotlighted in AR-TV's 'Story of a Star,' the last edition of the series." The entire Barber Band will be featured, along with Ottille Patterson. Barber is the first jazzman to appear on the show.]
Dickie Valentine, Petula Clark in ATV series [Starting August 10, five half-hour shows will be presented every Monday night. Jack Parnell (with his Counter Hands from the "Music Shop" series") will be the resident musical group. It will be Clark's first TV series.]
Cliff Richard's 'Bongo' titles [Richard and The Drifters have started recording programmes for their forthcoming radio Luxembourg series. Three of their songs will be featured in the "Expresso Bongo" film. Richard's upcoming releases from Columbia are "Living Doll," "Serious Charge," and "Apron Strings."]
Lonnie's guests [Sheila Buxton and The Five Dallas Boys will be Lonnie Denegan's guests in ATV's "Putting on the Donegan" series.]
Malcolm Vaughan [Vaughan and Kenneth Earle will play a series of Sunday concerts at other seaside resorts during their summer season at Great Yarmouth.]
N. A. Nat Cole U.S. programmes to be split up to bolster BBC-TV variety shows [Cole's first series aired in '57 but failed to get network sponsors "because Nat was coloured." His series will now be sampled to bolster other acts to air on the BBC (namely "Trinderbox" and Eartha Kitt).]
Pet joins the Jury [Petula Clark joins the panel of BBC-TV's "Juke Box Jury" and will also appear in "Tinderbox" on July 4.]
New 'Cool' Inovation [Kent Walton will be introducing AR-TV's "Cool For Cats" when it returns as a weekly feature next Friday, and will be accompanied by Pat Laurence who will introduce her own LP Choice of the Week. Tony Osborne will be their first guest.]
U.S. singer stars in BBC showcase [Kaye Ballard will headline the BBC series "Steppin' Out." She recently starred in the film "The Girl Most Likely" and the Broadway production "Top Banana" with Phil Silvers.]
Tony Martin Due Back [Martin will return to Britain this year for Granada TV appearances. He'll star in the new "Variety Show" along with Xavier Cugat and his singer-wife Abbe Lane and guitarist Bert Weedon.]
America 's talented young girl trio, The Poni Tails, are coming to Britain next month for a series of appearances on "Drumbeat." They will be on the show for three weeks from Saturday, July 11 [They are coming under an exclusive contract to BBC. This is the first time an American group has specially flown over to appear on the BBC's Saturday pop music programme. Before returning, they will record three further spots to be used in future showings. They will also appear on "Tinderbox."]
Wilde, Whitfeild, Weedon for New ATV 'Disk Break' [Glen Mason, Frank Chackfeild, Jo Shelton, and The Jazz Couriers will also appear. Dickie Valentine, Lita Roza, Tony Osborne, Norrie Paramor, Eddie Calvert, Tony Breat, and the Alan Clare Trio will guest in the second show.]
Little Richard's switch from Rock to Religion [Little Richard, who quit show business for the church, has signed a new disc contract with Gone Records. He will record only spirituals and religious numbers, and will be supervised by Billy Ward.]
Frankie Vaughan's hectic cabaret, film and TV plans [Vaughan will attend a special showing of his new film "Heart of a Man" at Marble Arch Odeon this week. Fans are invited to bring individual written messages for Vaughan with them to the premiere, which will be flown to him in New York the same evening. He will guest with Teresa Brewer, The Four Lads, and Tony Bennett two days after his Copacabana opening. His next film "The Blue Falcon" starts filming July 15 in Yugoslavia .]
NME Who's Where: (week commencing June 22)
Harry Secombe, Kaye Sisters: Birmingham Hippodrome
Jimmy Young, Tanner Sisters: Glasgow Empire
Bernard Bresslaw: Liverpool Empire
Max Bygraves, Peters Sisters: London Palladium
Robert Earl: Morecambe Winter Gardens
Ruby Murray: Newcastle Empire
Bill Kenny: Bristol Hippodrome
Danny Purches: Hulme Hippodrome
Tony Keniston They 'boarded' Tommy up! [An interview of Tommy Steele and his current co-star (in the film "Tommy the Toreador") Janet Munro in Spain. Much talk about the costumes, production, and Tommy's charm and wit.] 6
Keith Goodwin Dinah: Queen of the Blues [ America 's Dinah Washington visits Britain for the first time to record for Granada's "The Variety Show." The article recounts Dinah's musical growth and accomplishments, and expresses a hope that she soon finds success in Britain as easily as she has in America.] 6
Vernon Franks Marion Ryan's Blackpool Opening [The upcoming Blackpool Palace show has a double title -- "New Look" and "The Jubilee Show." It is halved into productions following the two TV programmes. The Dallas Boys will be performing as a barber's shop quintet (The Dallas Gentelmen), and Marion Ryan will be performing a long set including a duet with Roy Castle. 6
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Now 'Saint Sinatra'? [Frank Sinatra may play St Paul in a film that Frank Capra will direct.]
[ATV may buy substantial amounts of Jack Wrather's widespread interests; Doris Day turned down an offer of $100,000 a show for two NBC-TV specials next season; Lou Levy praises The Andrews Sisters' new act; Dave King criticizes American commercials interrupting more important things, like the news; [Cab Calloway will appear in "Free and Easy" the Sammy Davis, Jnr. Vehicle; Kaye Ballard will open at London's Churchill's for two weeks June 29; Josh White, Jnr. has recorded his first rock n roll tunes for American Decca; American Rank Records will release a record of Debbie Moore with Johnny Dankworth, as well as the Knightsbridge Strings in Britain; Gary Crosby will implement an afternoon itinerary for the touring Crosby brothers; Walter Winchell says Decca's Johnny Bragg is "a parolee with a bright future" and a good rehabilitated role model.]
NME All set for the North's Royal Variety! [The Royal Variety Performance at Manchester Palace marks a milestone in British show business history. Pop stars and rock 'n' roll dominate the show. The show comes at the peak of three performers' careers: Cliff Richard, Marty Wilde, and Russ Conway.] 7
N. A. Careers of the Honoured Music Stars: Alyn Ainsworth, Sheila Buxton, Roy Castle, Aileen Cochrane, Russ Conway, Jill Day, The Dallas Boys, Dickie Henderson, Ronnie Hilton, Billy Ternent, Marty Wilde, and Jack Hylton (the presenter). [short biographies]> 7
Allen Evans LP's:
Pat Boone: "Wonderful Time Up There," "For My Good Fortune," "If Dreams Come True," "April Love," "Cherie I love you," "Sugar Moon," "It's Too Soon to Know," "Gee but It's Lonely," "That's How Much I Love You."
Little Richard featuring Buck Ram and his Rock 'n' Ram Orchestra (RCA)
Bill Haley: "Sweet Sue," "Ida Who's Sweet as Apple Cider," "Charmaine," "Whoa Mabel!," "Marie," "Corrine Corrina," "Skinny Minnie," and "Dinah."
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: 'Gunn' surprise [Duane Eddy's version of 'Peter Gunn' is surprisingly more successful than Ted Heath's.... the rest is a jumble of blurbs and excerpts from the inside articles.] 8
N/A Exclusive holiday snaps from Cliff Richard's album! [Photos taken last week from Cliff's holiday snap album of his vacation in Italy with Tony Meehan (of The Drifters).] 8
  Jenna Grossi, 2008  
Number 650 26 June 1959  
Cover Page Disc Stars in Royal Variety -Full Report 1
Derek Johnson Shirley Bassey, Chris Barber, Russ Conway Make Possible Britain 's Best Disc Year since 1955 2
Charles Govey Be an Asset as a Person as Well as a Performer That's Doris Day's Success Secret 3
Jack Fullard Bruce Forsyth and Gary Miller at Weymouth 4
Keith Fordyce Winifred Has a Long Distance Winner [Australian singer Winifred Atwell has a hit record] 4
NME Singles Review
Teddy Bears, "If You Only Knew" / "You Said Goodbye" (London American)
Dean Martin, "On an Evening in Roma" / "You Can't Love 'em All"
Kingston Trio, "All My Sorrows" (Capital)
Glen Mason, "The Battle of New Orleans" (Parlophone)
Ronnie Ronalde, "When Its Spring Time in the Rockies" / "The Pleasant Peasant" (Columbia)
Mitch Miller, "This Here Goat" / "Holiday for Lovers" (Philips)
Joe Stafford, "All Yours" (Philips)
Gar Bacon, "Marshal, Marshal" / "Too Young to Love" (Fontana)
Allen Evans LP Reviews
Conway Twitty, Conway Twitty Sings The Flying Platter
Billy Daniels, Magic of Billy Daniels
Eydle Gorme, Gorme Sings Showstopper
Peggy Lee, Peggy Lee: I Like Men!
N/A Ricky Nelson Says about Elvis 4
NME Top Thirty
1. "Roulette," Russ Conway (Columbia)
2. "Dream Lover," Bobby Darin (London)
3. "A Teenager in Love," Marty Wilde (Philips)
4. "A Fool Such as I/ I Need Your Love," Elvis Presley (RCS)
5. "I've Waited So Long," Anthony Newley (Decca)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Roulette" (Publisher)
2. "Side Saddle" (Publisher)
3. "May You Always" (Publisher)
4. "Goodbye, Jimmy, Bye" (GOOD-Bron)
5. "Trudie" (Handerson)
N/A Vera Lynn BBC-TV's 1960 Hour-long 'Spectacular' Star
Eddie Fisher August TV and Record Dates
Dankworth's U.S Debut at Newport Festival
Craig on Radio
Marty for Guernsey
Peggy Walsh Pops Tops in Royal Variety Gala [Northern Royal Variety Show at the Palace Theater]
Jackson Ends Long TV Run: BBC Disc Jockey Radio Show
Gary Crosby Plans for Donegan film: Tour with Brothers
David Hughes Series Returns
Barber Spot in West End
N/A Joan Regan Reveals- I'm Getting My Own Back on Alma! [reaction to song "May You Always"] 8
N/A Rosemary Is a LP Girl Now 8
Keith Goodwin Sammy Davis Is the Number One Fan of Bobby Darin 9
Bruce Charlton Just Twelve Months Have Passed Since the Beginning of — Marty Wilde's 'Golden Year' 10
Peter Bagshaw Lonnie Donegan: The All-Rounder 10
Alley Cat Sinatra to Film Durante's Career 12
Anthony Newley Frankie Out-Sings 'em All [Frankie Vaughan in the film "The Heart of a Man'] 12
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