New Musical Express | July 1959

Number 651 3 July 1959  
(cover page) Elvis/Russ Conway/Lonnie Donnegan/Bobby Darin/Duane Eddy/Anthony Newley/Lloyd Price/Marty Wild 1
Johnson, Derek NME Record Survey—They Lead the Field [Shirley Bassey, Russ Conway, Elvis Presley] 2
Keniston, Tony Glamorous Hollywood personality—Venetia Stevenson talks about Elvis, Ricky and other boy friends 3
n.a. Bing Crosby says about Debbie Reynolds ["She's a 'pro'"] 3
Fordyce, Keith Cliff Richard's Real Voice Is heard—in Quiet Easy-going Song 4
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review:
Cliff Richard, "Living Doll" (Columbia)
Mario Lanza, "Ich Liebe Dich" (RCA)
Ronnie Hamilton, "The Wonder of You" / "A Hundred Miles from Everywhere" (HMV)
Norrie Paramore, "I Wonder" / "Once upon a Dream" (label not named)
Valerie Masters, "Jack O' Diamonds" / "Say When" (label not named)
Bobbie Britton, "You, Only You" / "Warm" (Oriole)
Mudlarks, "Waterloo" / "Mary" (Columbia)
David Whitfield, "A Million Stars" / "Farewell My Love" (Decca)
David Seville, "Maria from Madrid" (London)
The Platters, "Love of a Lifetime" / "Remember When" (Mercury)
Hugo & Luigi, "La Plume de Ma Tante" / " Honolulu Lu" (RCA)
Bob Cort, "The Battle of New Orleans" / "Waterloo" (Decca)
Evans, Allen LPs:
Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, Porgy and Bess (HMV)
Julie London, London By Night (London)
Joni James, 100 Strings and Joni (MGM)
Also Recommended:
The Galloway Ceili Band, Come to the Ceili (Top Rank)
Attik, Romantic Athens (Columbia)
Frances Fay, Frances Fay Sings Folk Songs (Parlophone)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Dream Lover," Bobby Darin (London)
2. "Roulette," Russ Conway (Columbia)
3. "A Teenager in Love," Marty Wilde (Philips)
4. "Battle of New Orleans," Lonnie Donnegan (Pye)
5. "A Fool Such as I" / "I Need Your Love," Elvis Presley (RCA)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Roulette" (Mills)
2. "Side Saddle" (Mills)
3. "May You Always" (Essex)
4. "Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye" (Bron)
5. "Trudie" (Henderson)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "The Battle of New Orleans," Johnny Horton
2. "Personality," Lloyd Price
3. "Lonely Boy," Paul Anko
4. "Dream Lover," Bobby Darin
5. "Lipstick on Your Collar," Connie Francis
n.a. British theater chief's new policy—shock for U.S. stars: percentage deals only
Como's dream misfires [Perry Como]
Cliff Richard will concentrate on film
September return for Kay Starr likely
Tommy Steele nears end of 'Toreador' [film 'Tommy the Toreador']
Vocal group in holiday show [The Southlanders]
Mellin music quit Prowse [Robert Mellin]
Spectacular Jill Day
'Carmen Jones': new version
Ron Goodwin: Film MD
n.a. Frankie Vaughan New York triumph: Big U.S. TV offer 6-7
n.a. 'Drumbeat' Cast to Greet Poni-Tail [band The Poni-Tails]
Donnegan travels for 'Disc Break' [Lonnie Donnegan, TV show 'Disc Break']
Satchmo Gets Better Fast! [Louis Armstrong]
America Will See Our 'Oh Boy!' [TV show 'Oh Boy!']
Dickie Plans Ahead [Dickie Valentine]
Bobby Darin: Own Disc Firm
Pantomime Dates for Top Disc Stars
Billy Eckstine Plans Here
More 'Jury' Names [TV show 'Juke Box Jury']
Marty's Radio Debut [Marty Wilde]
Johnson, Derek Jack Parnell gives discs a break 8
n.a. Newcomers to the charts—Dion and The Belmonts 8
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail [Connie Francis, Eartha Kitt, Frank Sinatra] 8
Keniston, Tony Tony Newley has fun on the 'Jazz Boat' [film 'The Jazz Boat'] 9
Keniston, Tony Big Daddy of folk songland [Burl Ives] 9
Goodwin, Keith Benny Goodman praises our bands 9
Charlton, Bruce How Donnegan does it [Lonnie Donnegan] 10
Hentoff, Nat Frankie Vaughan at the Copa 10
Goodwin, Keith Stars' dream comes true [Stars Organization for Spastics] 10
n.a. Radio Luxembourg 11
n.a. AFN Highlights 11
n.a. Tail-Pieces by The Alley Cat: Warm welcome for 'Cool' [TV show 'Cool for Cats'] 12
McBrown, Donald Anne shares royal home [Anne Shelton] 12
Keniston, Tony Movie debut [Dick Contino] 12
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Number 652 10 July 1959  
Cover Page Welcome to the Poni-Tails 1
Keith Goodwin Keith Goodwin Pays an End-of-Series Tribute to the 'Peter Pan' of Discland Who's Launched So Many Winners - Jack Johnson 2
Marty Wilde My Top Ten [Pop Record Selections]
Bobby Darin, "Dream Lover"
Elvis Presley, "Blue Moon of Kentucky"
Freddy Cannon, "Tallahassee Lassie"
Elvis Presley, "A Fool Such as I"
Liberace, "Gigi"
Connie Francis, "Lipstick on Your Collar"
Duane Eddy, "3.30 Blues"
Buddy Holly, "You've Got Love"
Julie London, "Cry Me a River"
Howlin' Wolf Burnett, "Smoke Stack Lightning"
N/A Nelson Riddle Makes Good Singers Sound Better than Ever! [Orchestration and accompaniment are key elements] 2
N/A "Question Time with The Poni-Tails" [The Poni-Tails answer questions sent in by NME readers] 3
Allen Evans Latest EPs [Review of Latest Artist Compilation Releases (Numbered if more than one by artist)]
Cliff Richard, No.1
The Everly Brothers, No.5
Buddy Holly, Nos.1, 2
Pat & Shirley Boone, Side by Side
The Diamonds, The Diamonds
Keith Fordyce Reviews the Latest Singles on His 'Pops Page'
Pat Boone, "Rock Boll Weevil" / "Twixt Twelve and Twenty" (London)
Kalin Twins, "Moody" / "Sweet Sugar Lips" (Brunswick)
Johnny Mathis, "Someone" / "They Say that Falling in Love Is Wonderful" (Fontana)
Neil Sedaka, "Crying My Heart Out for You" / "You Gotta Learn Your Rhythm and Blues" (RCA)
Stonewall Jackson, "Waterloo" / "Smoke along the Track" (Philips)
Gary Miller, "Someone to Come Home to" / "Sing Along" (Pye)
Ames Brothers, "Someone to Come Home to" / "Mason-Dixon Line" (RCA)
Jimmie Rodgers, "Ring-a-Ling-a-Lario" / "Soldier, Won't You Marry Me" (Columbia)
Roy Young, "Just Keep It Up" / "Big Fat Mama" (Fontana)
Shirley Temple, "On the Good Ship Lollipop" / "Animal Crackers in My Soup" (Top Rank)
Frank Chacksfield, "A Paris Valentine" / "Java Boogie" (Decca)
Fabian, "Tiger" / "Mighty Cold" (HMV)
Nick Todd, "Tiger" / "Twice as Nice" (London)
Curt Jurgens, "Ferry to Hong Kong" / "Live for Love" (Top Rank)
Vic Damone, "A New Romance in Old Roma" / "My Heart Has Many Dreams" (Melody)
NME Top Thirty
1. Bobby Darin, "Dream Lover" (London) [#1 last week]
2. Marty Wilde, "A Teenager in Love" (Philips) [#3 last week]
3. Lonnie Donegan, "Battle of New Orleans" (Pye) [#4 last week]
4. Russ Conway, "Roulette" (Columbia) [#2 last week]
5. Elvis Presley, "A Fool Such as I" / "I Need Your Love Tonight" (RCA) [#5 last week]
6. Duane Eddy, "Peter Gunn" (London) [#8 last week]
7. Anthony Newley, "Personality" (Decca) [#6 last week]
8. Anthony Newley, "I've Waited So Long" (Decca) [#7 last week]
9. Lloyd Price, "Personality" (HMV) [#10 last week]
10. Ruby Murray, "Goodbye, Jimmy" (Columbia) [#14 last week]
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Roulette" (Mills) [#1 last week]
2. "Side Saddle" (Mills) [#2 last week]
3. "May You Always" (Essex) [#3 last week]
4. "A Teenager in Love" (West One) [#6 last week]
5. "Dream Lover" (Aldon) [#8 last week]
6. "Goodbye, Jimmy" (Bron) [#4 last week]
7. "Personality" (Leeds) [#13 last week]
8. "Trudie" (Henderson) [#5 last week]
9. "I've Waited So Long" (Pan-Musik) [#7 last week]
10. "A Fool Such as I" (Leeds) [#11 last week]
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. Johnny Horton, "The Battle of New Orleans" [#1 last week]
2. Paul Anka, "Lonely Boy" [#3 last week]
3. Lloyd Price, "Personality" [#2 last week]
4. Bobby Darin, "Dream Lover" [#4 last week]
5. Connie Francis, "Lipstick On Your Collar" [#5 last week]
Center Page America Praises Dankworth Band [Johnny Dankworth's Jazz Band plays Newport Jazz Festival]
BBC Is Buying 'Champagne Music' [Lawrence Welks' TV series bought and rebroadcast by BBC]
Frankie Vaughan Gets Two Hollywood Offers
Ted Heath to Play San Remo [Music festival]
Craig Douglas to be New Pantomime Star [Guest-Stars in Will Collins' production of 'Aladdin']
Eddie Fisher Picks BBC for British TV Debut [Receives unprecedented sum of money for two-show deal]
Marty's Jacket Was Ignored [Marty Wilde's tour van stolen, found abandoned]
"Lonnie Donegan's First Radio Series on 208" [Many top artists, including Donegan, signed to broadcast deal with Radio Luxembourg]
"Shooting Starts on Cliff Richard Film" ['Expresso Bongo']
"Johnny Otis Film" [Johnny Otis and other artists star in 'Juke Box Rhythm']
N/A Third Page of News
Presley's 'Rodeo' Off: Berlin Film Subject Likely"
Shirley Jones' New TV Series
London Debut for Mark Murphy
ABC to Screen Jazz-Crime Show
Chris Barber to Europe After U.S.
Gold Disc for Johnny Mathis
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Army Makes Elvis Shy! 9
Keith Goodwin We Thank Perry Como for Introducing So Many Disc Stars 'In Person' to Us During His Recent Series, and Say Here's to the Next One! [Perry Como hosts new star artists on his TV series] 9
N/A From You to Us [Letters sent in by NME readers] 9
N/A Pat Boone Proves Marriage Doesn't Hurt a Singing Career 10
Keith Goodwin Joe Henderson's 'Trudie' Has Been in the Sheet Music Charts for One Year! 10
N/A Brooke Benton: It Was Just a Matter of Time! 10
N/A Agents Directory [Classified Ads] 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
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Number 653 17 July 1959  
cover   1
Derek Johnson Frank Sinatra: 20 Years of Hits 2
N.A. Chart-topper Bobby "Dream Lover" Darin Answers Your Questions... 2
Keith Goodwin Are You Cliff Richard's Dream Girl? 3
Alma Cogan My Top Ten 3
Keith Fordyee Singles
Poni-Tails, "Moody" / "Oom Pah Polka" (HMV)
Ersel Hickey, "You Threw a Dart" / "Don't Be Afraid of Love" (Fontana)
Rosemary Squires, "Love Is a Simple Thing" / "Must Be Catching" (HMV)
Sam Cooke, "Only Sixteen" / "Let's Go Steady Again" (HMV)
Julie London, "Come On'a My House" / "Must Be Catching" (London)
Brian Eckstine with the Count Basie Orchestra, "Lonesome Lover Blues" / "I Want a Little Girl" (Columbia)
Terri Dean, "I'm Confessin'" / "I Blew Out the Flame" (Top Rank)
Tommy Trinder, "La plume de ma tante" / "On the Sunny Side of the Street" (Fontana)
Joe Henderson, "Plume de ma tante" / "I'm a Dreamer (Aren't We All)" (Pye)
Sheila Buxton, "The Wonder of You" / "The Valley of Love" (Top Rank)
Jackie Wilson, "I'll Be Satisfied" / "Ask" (Coral)
Petula Clark, "Where Do I Go from Here" / "Mama's Talking Soft" (Pye)
Allen Evans LPs
Lena Horne and Harry Belafonte, Lena Horne, Harry Belafonte (RCA)
The Clark Sisters, Clark Sisters Swing Again (London)
The Dukes Of Dixieland, Dukes Of Dixieland (Audia-Fidelity)
Ray Conniff, Broadway In Rhythm (Phillips)
Al Hirt, Al Hirt Swingin' Dixie (Audio-Fidelity)
Eddie Barclay, Confetti (Felsted)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Dream Lover," Bobby Darin (London)
2. "A Teenager in Love," Marty Wilde (Philips)
3. "Battle of New Orleans," Lonnie Donegan (Pye)
4. "Roulette," Russ Conway (Columbia)
5. "Living Doll," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Roulette" (Mills)
2. "Side Saddle" (Mills)
3. "May You Always" (Essex)
4. "A Teenager in Love" (West One)
5. "Dream Lover" (Aldon)
Peggy Walsh "Shani Wallis Is in 'Fine Fettle'" [a performance] 6
N.A. Mantovani gives US world lead [Mantovani has first British LP to top US Billboard stereo charts]
Marty Wilde, Billy Fury Help Out Terry Dene [Get Dene a record contract]
Steele offered 3 more films
Alma, Paul, Bob Join '100 Stars' [Alma Cogan, Paul Robeson, Bob Hope added to setlist of charity show]
Two 'firsts' for Bob and Harry [Bob Miller backs a variety show, Harry Secombe acts as compere]
Dickie's Fifth Pantomime [Dickie Valentine]
Connie Francis Returns to Wax LPs Next Month
Dankworth to Televise from Beaulieu [Johnny Dankworth, Beaulie Music Festival]
Robert Earl for South Africa
Kidd, Pirates debut
Frankie Vaughan's Southern England Concert Dates Fixed
Flew to Miami [Leslie Gold — general manager of Philips Records goes to US]
Cliff Richard Filming Begins [Expresso Bongo]
'Drumbeat' Team's Saturday Off [Group telerecords before actual show to get night off]
Jack Parnell Telerecords [so he can have minor operation]
N.A. Dave King Earns 6 Extra Weeks [extension for US TV series]
Poni-Tails on BBC-TV Twice this Saturday
Red Price Joins Blackpool Cast
Host of Stars Booked for Radio Variety
Top Music Stars in August Yarmouth TV Series [Lonnie Donegan, Joan Regan, Malcom Vaughn]
Josh White, Ruth Olay on TV
'King Size' Discs May Start Record 'War' [A Top Rank innovation threatens to create record war with other major British labels]
Music Stars in Outdoor TV Show [Dennis Lotis and Ronnie Carol among artists to appear on "Summersong"]
Paul Anka, Pet Clark for Knokke [Knokke Song Festival in Belgium]
Vince Eager in 'Saturday Club' [Eager makes radio debut]
Top Rank Win Rondo output [Top Rank acquires British distribution of US label Rondo]
Pye to Wax in North [Edmund Hockridge, Marion Ryan, Roy Castle, Cherry Wainer will record next discs on location in Blackpool]
Toni Dalli in 'Startime' [Dalli tops the bill at ATVs midweek variety show]
On Disc Jury [Jill Chadwick replaces Susan Stranks and Mandy Miller on BBC-TV program "Juke Box Jury"]
Derek Johnson The Bryants write the hits for the Everlys 8
James Wynn Don's marriage didn't split the act [Don Everly's marriage creates no rift with still single performance partner Phil Everly] 8
Tony Keniston Tony Newley never does anything by halves — he always does them in twos! [Newley possesses two of many items, one for the actor and one for the singer] 9
Nat Hentoff American air mail 9
N.A. Malcom's owl [Malcom Vaughan gets in car accident with owl] 9
Chris Martin Lita Roza dazzles Southsea 9
Derek Johnson Frankie Vaughn reveals that America offers British performers a great opportunity 10
N.A. Happiness — that's success says Connie Francis 10
Allen Evans More LPs
Combination of London label artists [La Vern Baker, Ray Charles, Chuck Willis, Clyde McPhatter, Joe Turner, Jays Sisters, Ivory Joe Hunter, The Drifters (US group), The Clovers, Ruth Brown, The Bobbettes), Rock and Roll for Ever (London)]
Ralph Flanagan, Dancing In The Dark (Camden)
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces [thoughts and information recapping previous articles, plus excerpts of addition news] 12
Keith Goodwin Jazz records [reviews of Dizzy Gillespie's Dizzy in Greece (Columbia), Erroll Garner's Paris Impressions (Philips), Dinah Washington with Lucky Thompson's All-Stars' Blues (Top Rank), and the Metronome All-Stars' The Met (Camden)] 12
A.G. "Poni-Tails score on 'Drumbeat'" [impressive singing of song "Drumbeat" on BBC-TV] 12
Ken Jones "Russ Conway introduces 'China Tea'" [compliment of Conway's performances — "As informal as having a cup of tea"] 12
  Jayson Capobianco, 2008  
No. 654 24 July 1959  
Franks, Vernon Marty Wilde Beat His Rivals with His Individuality 3
Fordyce, Keith Pop Records [Conway Twitty, Doris Day, Sarah Vaughan] 4
Goodwin, Keith Jazz Records [Henri Mancini, Benny Goodman] 8
Goodwin, Keith They All Loved Billie [Billie Holiday] 9
Keniston, Tony Duane Eddy Does His Rock Singing for... 10
Charlton, Bruce The Man Who Was Glad to Meet his Waterloo [Stonewall Jackson] 10
Number 655 31 July 1959  
Cover Watch Tommy Dynamite into the Hit Parade with the Greatest Beat Recording of 1959 1
Keith Goodwin Winnie Atwell's Musical 'Doll' Is Proving Lucky for Her 2
Derek Johnson Best-Selling Albums Earn Stars Big Money 3
Keith Fordyce Rocker Steele Courts 'Lassie' 4
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Tommy Steele, "Tallahassee Lassie" / "Give Give Give" (Decca)
Ben Hewitt, "Patricia June" / "For Quite a While" (Mercury)
Mitch Miller, "Jine the Cavalry" / "Hey Betty Martin" (Phillips)
Tommy Sands, "Sinner Man" / "Bring Me Your Love" (Capitol)
Dave Cortez, "The Whistling Organ" / "I'm Happy" (London)
Claire Hogan, "I Wonder" (Disney)
Chuck Berry, "Memphis Tennessee" / "Back in the USA" (London)
Perez Prado, "Tic Toc Polly Woo" / "My Roberta" (RCA)
Bob Hope and Rosemary Clooney, "Protection" / "Ain't a Hankering" (RCA)
Bell Notes, "She Went that a Way" / "Old Spanish Town" (Top Rank)
Eric Rogers, "Joanna" / "Lingering Lovers" (Decca)
Edmundo Ros, "Scotland the Brave" / "Coming through the Rye" (Decca)
N.A. Rosie and Bob Aim to Amuse 4
Allen Evans Album Reviews:
Sam Cooke, Sam Cooke Encore (HMV)
Marty Gold's Guys and Gals, A Singing Wing Ding (London)
Julius La Rosa, Love Songs a La Rosa (Columbia)
Maurice Chevalier, Maurice Chevalier Sing Broadway (MGM)
Patti Page, Patti Page (Mercury)
Hank Williams, The Unforgettable (MGM)
Charles Craig, Fame in a Night (HMV)
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Bach Cantata Arias (HMV)
Jimmy Shands, Over the Border (Pariophone)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Living Doll," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
2. "Dream Lover," Bobby Darin (London)
3. "Battle of New Orleans," Lonnie Donnegan
4. "A Teenager in Love," Marty Wilde (Phillips)
5. "Big Hunk o'love," Elvis Presley (RCA)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Roulette" (__)
2. "Side Saddle" (__)
3. "May You Always" (__)
4. "Dream Lover" (__)
5. "A Teenager in Love" (__)
N.A. Cliff Richard Signed for First 'Spectacular' Plus LP with Strings
'Oh Boy!' Bombshell: Future Uncertain
Liberace Likely 1960 Palladium Variety Star
Many Music Stars in ATV Presentations
Beverley Sisters Songs Are Well Selected
Dankworth Band 'Welcome Back to US Anytime'
N.A. Harry Belafonte's Two BBC-TV Shows
Eddie Fisher Disc Session in London for RCA Label
Saturday Club Stars Steele this Week
Joan Regan Set for Extra BBC-TV Relay
Tony Martin Arrives Here Next Week
Tony Keniston Cliff Richard as a Film Star 8
N.A. Welcome to the Blue Tango Forgotten Dreams Composer Leroy Anderson 8
Nat Hentoff American Air Mail 8
Tony Keniston Tony Brent Tracked Down Latest Hit After Life-Time Search 9
Derek Johnson American a-and-r Men Have French Language Hit in Britain 9
Derek Johnson Paul Is US Top 10
Allen Evans Question Time with the Stars Visits Ricky Nelson 10
Don Wedge Music Stars Shine in Gala Midnight Show 12
The Alley Cat Paul, Frankie to Be British 'Teddyboys!' 12

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