New Musical Express | August 1959

Number 656 7 August 1959  
Cover Famous Star's Advice to Hopeful Singers 1
Johnson, Derek 25 Years of American Decca: Bing Crosby; Judy Garland; Album Hits; Buddy Holly and Crickets 2
Evans, Allen EPs Review
The Knightsbridge Strings, Swinging Strings
Pearl Bailey, Pearl Bailey Sings
Eydie Gorme, Eydie Gorme
The Diamonds, Diamonds Are Trumps
Four Aces, Ciao Ciao Bambina
Vic Damone, Yours for a Song
N.A Boy Upsets Sinatra 2
N.A. Vocal Charm from Yana 2
N.A. Craig Douglas Ejoys 2 hits 3
N.A. Craig Douglas Names My Top Ten 3
Evans, Allen The Les Brown Story 3
Sampson, David A welcome return visitor to our shores: Tony Martin 3
Keniston, Tony He Needs Feet: Bernard Bresslaw 3
Evans, Allen LPs Review
Louis Prima & Keely Smith, Hey, Boy! Hey, Girl! (Capitol)
Various Artists: Vince Eager, Adam Faith, Ray Young, Sylvia Sands, Denis Lotis, The Kingpins, The Raindrops, John Barry Seven, Rob Miller and Miller-Men, Barry Miller, Drumbeat (Parlophone)
Mark Murphy, The Star of Something (Capitol)
Alfred Newman, Soundtrack Music from Diary of Anna Frank (Top Rank)
The Knightsbridge Strings, Knightsbridge Strings Play Movie Music (Top Rank)
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review
Ruby Murray, "A Pretty Irish Girl" / "Connemara" (Columbia)
Patti Page, "With my Eyes Open I'm Dreaming" / "My Mother's Eyes" (Mercury)
Johnny Gentle, "I Like The Way" / "Milk from the Coconut" (Phillips)
Johnny Jenene, "No Matter Where" / "Shame, Shame, Johnny, Shame" (Pye)
George Jones, "Who Shot Sam" / "Into My Arms Again" (Mercury)
Rose Brennan, "Johnny Let Me Go" / "My Summer Diary" (Top Rank)
Ray Charles, "What'd I Say" (two-sider) (London)
Laurie Johnson, "You've Done Something to Heart" / "Girls in Arms " (Pye)
Marvin Rainwater, "A Song of New Love" / "Whole Lotta Woman" (MGM)
Faron Young, "I Hear You Talkin'" / "Country Girl" (Capitol)
Tony Osborne, "The Windows of Paris" / "Summer Star" (HMV)
Carl Smith, "Ten Thousand Drums" / "The Tall Tall Gentlemen" (Philips)
NME Best Selling Records in Britain
1. "Living Doll," Cliff Richards (Columbia)
2. "Dream Lover," Bobby Darin (Pye)
3. "Battle of New Orleans," Lonnie Donegan (Pye)
4. "Big Hunk o' Love," Elvis Presley (RCA)
5. "Lipstick on a Collar," Connie Francis (MGM)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Roulette" (Mills)
2. "Side Saddle" (Mills)
3. "A Teenager in Love" (West One)
4. "Dream Lover" (Aldon)
5. "Living Doll" (Peter Maurice)
Goodwin, Keith Composers Fight "Two Names Only" Rule [concerning song-writer's 'nom-de-plume'] 6
N.A. Dankworth and Bilk Stars at Beaulieu
Shirley Bassey, Frankie Vaughan Are 'Sunday Show' Stars
Winnie Atwell Returns Soon
John Barry Records Two Film
The Drifters in Cliff's Film
Pye launches new 'Guinea Golden' Disc Series
Kid Ory opens at Kilburn
Tommy Steele flies from Moscow to play soccer
Tony Brent, Kent Walton booked for AR-TV's 'Cool For Cats'
N.A. Dave King waxes Two sides for Pye
Don Costa quits ABC-Paramount
Dickie Valentine and David Hughes do TV show together "Make Mine Music"
N.A. Eddie Fisher to was 3 songs
Richard Lyon singing on TV
'Oh Boy!' return more likely now
Glenn Mason is U.S. TV hit
Philips makes LP of its big hits
Leaving BBC, Producer Ernest Maxin Orchestra Starts ABC-TV Series
20 week offered in Australia for David Whitfield: Valentine, Cogan, Yana Sought
After 'Drumbeat' Ends Ken Mackintosh band booked for long series
Johnson, Derek [Ray Peterson is] A whole-hearted belter 8
N.A. Kingston trio sing about subway rider 8
N.A. Vintage Buddy Holly disc "Midnight Shift" is 1959 Hit 8
Hentoff, Nat American Air Mail: Chaplin Composes 8
N.A. Ronnie Hilton issues a dart-throwing challenge 9
N.A. Alma Cogan gives good advice to future ambitious singers 9
N.A. Lonnie Donegan recalls his first big test 10
N.A. Ronnie Carroll wins praise for his 'Wonderful You' 10
N.A. Kay Starr lost voice — but found wealth 10
Goodwin, Keith The master of the Witch Doctors, Chipmunks and 'Cowboy Joe' David Seville is the Walt Disney of recording 10
Tremlett George Poni-Tails a wow in variety debut 12
N.A. Barry Aldis Honeymoons in Australia 12
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: This Trio Equals America's Best 12
  Malia Franklin-Apted, 2008  
Number 657 14 August 1959  
(cover page) Frankie Vaughan at the London Palladium 1
Derek Johnson A Big Welcome Back to Connie Francis and Billy Eckstine 2-3
Ray Ellis ...And Hello to Her MD 2
Tony Keniston Gary Crosby's Busy 'Holiday' 2
David Hughes My Top 10 3
Bruce Charlton More Romance-in-Song from Ronnie 3
Keith Fordyce Keith Fordyce on Pops (Singles Review)
Sylvia Sands, "Love me now, love me now, love me now" (Columbia)
Russ Conway, "China Tea" (Columbia)
Jerry Keller, "Here Comes Summer" (London)
Robert Chauvigny, "The Bottle Theme" (Top Rank)
Nina and Frederik, "I Would Amor Her" (Columbia)
Andy and the Bey Sisters, "Don't Get around Much Anymore" (Fontana)
Richard Lyon, "All My Own" (Fontana)
Don French, "Lonely Saturday Night" (London)
Bobby Helms "I Guess I'll Miss the Prom" (Decca)
Ozzie Warlock and the Wizards, "Juke Box Fury" (HMV)
Hughie Green, "Don't Forget" (Parlophone)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Living Doll," Cliff Richards (Columbia)
2. "Battle of New Orleans," Lonnie Donegan (Pye)
3. "Dream Lover," Bobby Darin (London)
4. "Lipstick on Your Collar," Connie Francis (MGM)
5. "Big Hunk o' Love," Elvis Presley (RCA)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Roulette" (Mills)
2. "Side Saddle" (Mills)
3. "Living Doll" (Peter Maurice)
4. "A Teenager in Love" (West One)
5. "Dream Lover" (Aldon)
 N. A. Tommy Steele, Dave King to Co-Star in Film Comedy
Max Bygraves Plans 1969 Overseas Tour
Bing, Fred, Rudy in Tribute to Berlin
Weavers Head Novel Western Production
Doris Day in Stereo
Fred Astaire's Great 'Evening' on AR-TV
D-J Shows Twice Daily from Radio Show
Russ Conway's Stockton Week
Ronnie Carroll on Two Disc Shows
ROS TV Films in France
Don Lang as 'SC' Compere
No Shows but Plenty Stars
'Minstrels' Back
'Oh Boy!' Back: Twice Daily
Rank Records Conference
Billy Wright Turning D-J
Winnie Back on 208
Cliff's 'Living Doll' Released in U.S.
Transatlantic Argument about Tribute
 N. A. Marion Ryan, Jackie Rae, Bands on Granada TV 6-7
 N. A. Shirley Bassey to Star in Super 'Show Boat' Album
Tony Brent Going Abroad Again
'Stars on Parade'
Singing Stars for TV Series
TV Double for Raindrops
'Juke Box Jury' to Fill 'Drumbeat' Spot
Serenade on Monday
Marty Wilde Has Big Autumn Tour
Billy's Dates Switched
Crosby Boys: 8-week Tour in Europe
Benny Hill-Shani Wallis in ATV 'Sunday Show'
Pet and Don on 'Cool' tour
Jack Parnell Is Home Again
More 'After Hours'
Derek Johnson Johnny Mathis Springs a Major Disc Surprise 8
Derek Johnson Sam Cooke Started Singing as a 'Soul Stirrer' 8
Keith Goodwin 'Tallahassee Lassie' brought Freddy Cannon's dreams to reality 9
Derek Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Latin-American Music are Here 9
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Elvis out sooner? 9
Andy Gray Why Tommy Steele Left Russia Early to Play Soccer 10
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: The PACK of the AGE! 12
  Guin Frehling, 2008  
Number 658 21 August 1959  
cover Elvis — The Future 1
N.A. Keith Goodwin Admits: The Pop Music Jigsaw Has Me Beaten 2
N.A. "Elvis Can Be a Top Actor," Says Hal Wallis, Famous Hollywood Producer, Who Is Now in Germany Planning Presley's Return to Pictures 3
N.A. Cliff Richard's Amazing Feat: Half Million Sales in 7 Weeks  
Keith Fordyce Jeri Southern: "Don't Look at Me that Way" / "Run" (Capitol)
Miki and Griff: "Hold Back Tomorrow" / "Deedle-Dum-Doo-Die-Day" (Pye-Nixa)
Duke Ellington: "Anatomy of a Murder" / "Flirtbird" (Philips)
Mike Holliday: "Life Is a Circus" / "For You, for You" (Columbia)
Phil Phillips: "The Sea of Love" / "Juella" (Mercury)
Knightsbridge Strings: "Cry" / "Windows of Paris" (Top Rank)
Gary Crosby: "This Little Girl of Mine" (HMV)
Tony Hatch: "Rhoom Ba-Cha" / "Stetson" (Top Rank)
Denis Lopez: "Cha Cha Charlotte" / "High Hopes" (Pye)
Les Baxter: "Sabre Dance" / "Milford" (Capitol)
  LP Reviews
Frankie Vaughan, Frankie Vaughan at London Palladium
Stephanie Voss, Hy Hazell, John Sharp, Terrence Cooper, Robin Wentworth, Richard Wordsworth, Frederick Jaeger, Lock Up Your Daughters
Frank Chacksfield, Academy Awards Songs Volume 2
Frank Sinatra with Nelson Riddle Orchestra, Look to Your Heart
Percy Faith, Malaguena
Keely Smith, Swing Pretty
Pye Golden Guinea, 101 Strings
NME Top 5 Singles
1. Cliff Richard, "Living Doll" (Columbia)
2. Bobby Darin, "Dream Lover" (London)
3. Connie Francis, "Lipstick on Your Collar" (MGM)
4. Lonnie Donegan, "Battle of New Orleans" (Pye)
5. Paul Anka, "Lonely Boy" (Columbia)
NME Top 5 Sheet Music
"Roulette" (Mills)
"Living Doll" (Peter Maurice)
"Side Saddle" (Mills)
"A Teenager in Love" (West One)
"Lipstick On Your Collar" (Joy)
N. A. EMI Will Also Sell Cheaper Albums
Connie Francis honoured by flood of albums
Tommy Steele and Dave King film brothers
Joan Regan first of BBC-TV's 'Summer Stars'
Marty Wilde Host of New Titled 'Oh Boy'
N. A. Russ Conway's 'Concerto' Album for America
Dickie Henderson Returns to States
Shirley Jones: Second Big TV
Bilk, Ellington in TV Series
Donegan's New Disc Project
Elvis: Fabulous Fee for Australian Tour
Deeps Sign for ATV 'Sunday Show'
  Colin Geil, 2008  
Number 659 28 August 1959  
NA Cliff Richard: Make a Date with Him 1
NA Craig Douglas: Secrets by His Manager 1
NA Frank Sinatra Makes a Rare Appearance in NME Best-sellers—with "High Hopes" 1
NA Johnny Mathis Is the "Someone" Honoured by American Disc-jockeys 1
NA Always a Welcome Visitor to Britain —Billy Eckstine on ATV—"Sunday Show" this Weekend 1
NA Direct from the American Hit Parade! A Worthy Successor to 'Yep' the Exciting 40 Miles of Bad Road Backed with the Quiet Three Recorded by Duane Eddy 1
NA Paul Anka in Hollywood: "Singers have a good dramatic sense—which helped plenty in my first straight acting role" 2
NA The Stars Speak: Billy Eckstine, Petula Clark, Frank Sinatra 2
NA Craig Douglas: Guided to Disc Successes by His Personal Manager 3
NA The Playmates Ask "What Is Love?" 4
Keith Fordyce Keith Fordyce on Pops 4
NA Personality of Prima and Keely Smith 4
Allen Evans LP Reviews
Shirley Bassey: Bewitching Miss Bassey (Philips)
The Stargazers: South of the Border (Decca)
The Axidentals: (HMV)
Marino Marini: Marino Marini at the London Palladium
Maurice Chevalier: Today
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. "Living Doll," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
2. "Only Sixteen," Craig Douglas (Top Rank)
3. "Lonely Boy," Paul Anka (Columbia)
4. "Battle of New Orleans," Lonnie Donegan (Pye)
5. "Lipstick on Your Collar," Connie Francis (MGM)
NME Best Selling Pop Records In U.S.
1. "The Three Bells," The Browns
2. "Sea of Love," Phil Phillips
3. "Lavender Blue," Sammy Turner
4. "Big Hunk o' Love," Elvis Presley
5. "My Heart Is an Open Book," Carl Dobkins Jr.
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Roulette" (Mills)
2. "Living Doll" (Peter Maurice)
3. "Side Saddle" (Mills)
4. "Heart of a Man" (David Toff)
5. "Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye" (Bron)
NA America Launches New Innovations in Stereo Discs
Return of U.S. Blues Singers [Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee return to England on September 14]
Weavers Return to "Saturday Club"
Donegan in "Startime" Midnight Disc Session
NA Filming Starts For Presley's Next Picture [G.I. Blues]
Concerts by Miles Davis [16 day British tour starting January 23]
Conway's Concert in Home Town [Russ Conway adds Boston New Theatre to his Autumn dates]
British Drummer Joins Lena Horne [George Fierstone flew to Monte Carlo to accompany Lena Horne]
David Seville Life with the Chipmunks [An off-beat article describing a grape-grower's disc world entry] 8
NA Here comes new hit-maker Jerry Keller 8
Derek Johnson Changing fancies in musical taste never halted world-wide fame for Harry Belafonte 9
Allan Evans EPs
Al Goodman: Porgy and Bess (Gala)
Tommy Mara: Presenting Tommy Mara (Felstead)
Teresa Brewer: When Your Lover Has Gone (Coral)
Derek Johnson Nat Cole Created 'Mona Lisa'—Conway Twitty Paints a New-Style Portrait 10
Rex Pardoe Meet 'Mr. Versatile'—Ernest Maxin 10
NA Elvis Presley refuses highest-ever TV fee [turned down £35,000 from Ed Sullivan show] 12
  Jeremy Goldman, 2008  
  grtedit, 26-Jul-2016