New Musical Express | October 1959

Number 664 2 October 1959  
cover page Cliff's Great New Single "Travellin' Light" and "Dynamite" 1
Craig Douglas Top of the Hit Parade Singer — Craig Douglas 2
N/A Folk Singer Seeger Has 'Music for the People' 2
Nat Hentoff NME Exclusive. Nat Hentoff Interviews Discland's Latest Star Jerry Keller 3
N/A Manuel Is in the Charts — but He Doesn't Exist! 3
Allen Evans LP's (Including: Malcolm Vaughan, Russ Conway, Lloyd Price, The Platters, and Oscar Peterson Trio) 4
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Johnny and the Hurricanes, "Red River Rock" (London)
Bobby Rydell, "Kissin' Time" (Top Rank)
David Whitfield, "Our Love Waltz" (Decca)
Mike Shaun, "A Shamrock in the Sky" (Pye International)
Homer and Jethro, "The Battle of Kookamonga" (RCA)
Emile Ford and the Checkmates, "What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me for" (Pye)
Jerry Wallace, "Primrose Lane" (London)
Andy Williams, "Lonely Street" (London)
Tony Bennett, "You Can't Love 'Em All (but You Can Try)" (Philips)
Keith Fordyce Cliff Richard's Latest Very Good, but Not Tipped for Top Spot 4
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. "Only Sixteen," Craig Douglas (Top Rank)
2. "Here Comes Summer," Jerry Keller (London)
3. "Living Doll," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
4. "'Til I Kissed You," Everly Brothers (London)
5. "Mack the Knife," Bobby Darin (London)
NME Best Selling Pop Records In U.S.
1. "Sleep Walk," Santo and Johnny
2. "Mack the Knife," Bobby Darin
3. "The Three Bells," The Browns
4. "'Til I Kissed You," Everly Brothers
5. "I'm Gonna Get Married," Lloyd Price
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Only Sixteen" (Ardmore & Beechwood)
2. " China Tea" (Mills)
3. "Living Doll" (Peter Maurice)
4. "Heart of a Man" (David Toff)
5. "Here Comes Summer" (Mills)
N/A LP of the Week: The Exciting Lloyd Price 5

EMI Top Hits:
"Just Ask Your Heart," Frankie Avalon
"Thank You Pretty Baby," Brook Benton
"Kissin' Time," Jody Gibson
"Mary Lou," Ronnie Hawkins
"Sea of Love," Phil Phillips
"Sleep Walk," Ken Mackintosh.

N/A Sinatra Starts Own Disc Firm With British Singer
Luxembourg Lines Up New Deejay Series
Craig Douglas Date Book Filling Fast
Donegan Dates Pouring In
Frankie Vaughan Las Vegas Season Extended Two Weeks
N/A Cliff Richard's Great Double
Elvis, Connie, Everlys Still Top
Four British stars gain first honours
N/A Wembley Pool Venue for the Biggest-ever Poll Winners' Concert
Military Help Glasgow Police to Control Cliff Richard Crowds
Keith Goodwin Jazz Records 8
N/A Miki and Griff Had Lonnie Donegan in Support!
Dee Clark Became Himself — then Won Success
Derek Johnson Meet the Other Johnny Called Nash 9
Tommy Steele Tommy Steele's Top Ten 9
Nat Hentoff U.S. Airmail: Tough for Como 9
N/A Shots From Frankie Vaughan's Hollywood Photo-Album
U.S. Visitor Says — Latin Music Stays Fresh
Tony Keniston Time is Right for a Visit, Johnny Mathis 10
N/A Lloyd Price's 'Personality' Reflected in Royalties! 12
  Jeremy Hogan, 2008  
Number 665 9 October 1959  
Cover Craig Douglas with His New BIG BIG Coupling
Extra 12 Page Edition!
Allen Evans LP Reviews
Lena Horne (RCA)
Eddie Calvert: My Horn Goes round the World (Columbia)
Billy Daniels (MGM)
Mel Torme (Parlophone)
The Champs: Everybody's Rock
Winifred Atwell: Black and White Magic (Ace of Clubs)
Michael Holliday: Mike (Columbia)
Cecil Norman's Keymen Music for any Time (Parlophone)
Tony Keniston Roy Castle Has New TV Idea 3
Allen Evans EP Reviews
Frank Sinatra: Oh Where's My Bess (Pye)
Billie Holiday: Summertime (Pye)
Harry James: Bess You Is My Woman (Pye)
Anita Ellis: I Love You Porgy (Pye)
Roy Hamilton: (Fontana)
Arthur (Guitar Boogie) Smith (MGM)
Billy Grammer: The Kissing Tree (Felsted)
Solange Berry (Oriole)
Keith Fordyce Singles Reviews
Paul Anka: "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" / "Don't Ever Leave Me" (Columbia)
David Hughes: "You Would Have Done the Same" / "Teach Me" (Top Rank International)
Frankie Avalon: "Just Ask Your Heart" / "Two Fools" (HMV)
Floyd Robinson: "Makin Love" / "That's My Girl" (RCA)
Kingston Trio: "A Worried Man" / "San Miguel" (Capitol)
Poni-Tails: "I'll Be Seeing You" / "I'll Keep Tryin'" (HMV)
Mike Preston: "Mr. Blue" / "Just Ask Your Heart" (Decca)
David Macbeth: "Mr. Blue" / "Here's a Heart" (Pye)
Gracie Fields: "Little Donkey" / "The Carefree Heart" (Columbia)
Humphrey Lyttelton: "Summertime" / "Manhunt" (Parlophone)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Here Comes Summer," Jerry Kellere (London)
2. "Only Sixteen," Craig Douglas (Top Rank)
3. "Mack the Knife," Bobby Darin (London)
4. "Living Doll," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
5. "'Til I Kissed You," Everly Brothers (London)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Only Sixteen" (Ardmore & Beechwood)
2. " China Tea" (Mills)
3. "Living Doll" (Peter Maurice)
4. "Roulette" (Mills)
5. "Here Comes Summer" (Mills)
n.a. Lanza's Death Mourned by Millions
Frankie Laine Return Likely
Atwell, Whitfield, Shelton Share Palladium TV Show
'Empire News' Launch Disc Pools: Hollywood Prize
Donegan Sought for U.S. Waxings
'Toreador' Steele Seen Next Month
New Pop Air Show
Conway's Debut
'Empire News' Launch Disc Pools: Hollywood Prize
Ray Ellington: Pye to Oriole
Melachrino Series
Derek Johnson Rock 'n' Roll Still Rules the Roost! 7
NME Alma Top 'Personality' Girl 9
  World's Outstanding Musical Personality:
1. Elvis Presley
2. Duane Eddy
3. Frank Sinatra
4. Frankie Vaughn
5. Russ Conway
  World's Outstanding Male Singer
1. Elvis Presley
2. Frank Sinatra
3. Ricky Nelson
4. Pat Boone
5. Frankie Vaughn
  World's Outstanding Vocal Group
1. Everly Brothers
2. Platters
3. Coasters
4. Poni-Tails
5. Mudlarks
  World's Outstanding Female Singer
1. Connie Francis
2. Doris Day
3. Ella Fitzgerald
4. Shirley Bassey
5. Alma Cogan
  Outstanding Instrumental Personality
1. Russ Conway
2. Bert Weedon
3. Monty Sunshine
4. Eddie Calvert
5. Red Price
  Large Band or Orchestra
1. Ted Heath
2. Mantovani
3. Johnny Dankworth
4. Lord Rockingham
5. Jack Parnell
  Best Disc of Year
1. Living Doll (Cliff Richard)
2. Battle of New Orleans (Lonnie Donegan)
3. Only Sixteen (Craig Douglas)
4. Side Saddle (Russ Conway)
5. Teenager in Love (Marty Wilde)
  Favorite Male Singer
1. Cliff Richard
2. Marty Wilde
3. Frankie Vaughn
4. Lonnie Donegan
5. Tommy Steele
  Small Group
1. Lonnie Donegan
2. Chris Barber
3. John Barry
4. Shadows
5. King Brothers
  Disc Jockey
1. Pete Murray
2. David Jacobs
3. Jack Jackson
4. Kent Walton
5. Barry Alldis
  New Disc TV Singer
1. Craig Douglas
2. Anthony Newley
3. Billy Fury
4. Vince Eager
5. Adam Faith
  Vocal Group
1. Mudlarks
2. Dallas Boys
3. King Brothers
4. Kaye Sisters
5. Beverley Sisters
  Favorite Female Singer
1. Shirley Bassey
2. Alma Cogan
3. Petula Clark
4. Ruby Murray
5. Sheila Buxton
  Artist For Poll Concert
1. Marty Wilde
2. Cliff Richard
3. Tommy Steele
4. Craig Douglas
5. Anthony Newley
  Favorite Vocal Personality
1. Frankie Vaughn
2. Lonnie Donegan
3. Cliff Richard
4. Tommy Steele
5. Marty Wilde
n.a. How the Stars Climbed to the Top of Our Popularity Poll 14-18
n.a. Jerry Keller, Freddy Cannon, Gene Vincent in ABC-TV 'Boy Meets Girls' Series
Cliff Richard Heads Big Beat Show at Kilburn
Rockingham's farewell [To play final public engagement Nov. 8]
Bobby Darin nominated for two U.S. disc awards
Winnie's five dates in first three weeks [Winnie Atwell returns to London]
Holliday In Lena's TV Show
BBC-TV lines up 'Showtime' stars [Russ Conway, Ronnie Hilton, Joan Regan and Alfred Drake]
Sinatra, Crosby, Martin in Jimmy Durante Film
Valentine—Long Variety Tour
Vegas Re-Books Frankie Vaughan
Cogan in 'Family Hour' AR-TV Show
Pop Singers in pantomime [Petula Clark and Edmund Hockride]
n.a. Anne Abroad [Anne Skelton to make long visits to South Africa and Australia next year]
Film about deejays [production to begin next June, portrays the role of disk-jockey's in the entertainment industry]
Willie Harris in unique film [international picture, tentatively titled "The World at Night"]
Fans have these stars taped! [Latest fad to tape a conversation with your favorite stars instead of getting an autograph.
Nat Cole TV Series Dropped by BBC
Whitfield Dates
n.a. TV Features Joan Regan as a Person as Well as Singer
Seeger's Debut [Pete Seeger; more than just a folk singer, great entertainer]
Derek Johnson Perry Como- Slow, but Steady 22
Keith Goodwin Jazz Records 22
Tony Keniston Cherry Waits for Mum's Verdict 22
  Mike Jaffe, 2008  
Number 666 16 October 1959  
Cover page Larry Parnes: First Artist Manager in History of British Show Business and NME Polls to Have Six Artists in Poll Winners' Charts [includes photos of Tommy Steele and Billy Fury on the cover] 1
Johnson, Derek "'The (Juke Box) Jury's Verdict Is Unimportant,' Says the Producer" [Russell Turner, producer of TV show "Juke Box Jury" addresses questions on his show's criticisms] 2
Wedge, Don "David Hughes: Don't Call Me a Heartthrob" [Hughes believes to have rediscovered neglected kind of pop music and as a result, wants to cast off heartthrob image] 2
Sampson, David "Dorothy Squires, Eddie Calvert at Finsbury" 2
Charlton, Bruce "Bruce Charlton Reveals that a Singing Hero Really Gets Around These Days, and it's PAT BOONE who's travelling" [discusses Boone's role and first onscreen kiss in Journey to the Center of the Earth] 3
Fabian "My Lucky Break by Fabian" [rise to career as singer] 3
N.A. "Kid Ory is Making His British Debut At—72!" 3
Vaughn, Frankie "A Letter to You from Frankie Vaughn" [recounts Vaughn's trip in Vegas] 3
N.A. "Top Rank Records New Releases" [includes Freddy Cannon's "Okefenokee" and The Junior Chorale's "Little Donkey," The Bentley Brothers' "Ma! She's Making Eyes at Me"] 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviews
Craig Douglas, "The Riddle of Love" / "Wish It Were Me"(Top Rank)
Al Saxon, "Linda Lou" (Fontana)
Fleetwoods, "You Mean Everything to Me" (Top Rank)
Neil Sedaka, "Oh! Carol" / "One Way Ticket" (RCA)
____, "Ring a Rockin'" / "Fly Don't Fly on Me" (London)
Roy Young, "Hey Little Girl" / "Just Ask Your Heart" (Fontana)
Dell Clark, "Hey Little Girl" / "If It Wasn't for Love" (Top Rank)
Winifred Atwell, "Amore Mio" / "Somebody" / "Two" (Decca)
Guy Mitchell, "Heartaches by the Number" (Philips)
  Potted Pops
Geoff Love "Mambo Tambo" (Columbia)
Louis Armstrong, "Theme from the Threepenny Opera" (Philips)
Tony Brent, "For Ever, My Darling" (Columbia)
Reg Owen, "Ginchy" (Pye)
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Five Pennies Soundtrack [feat. Louis Armstrong, Red Nichols and more] (London)
Tommy Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey's Greatest Band (Top Rank)
Four Freshman, [includes "I'll Never Smile Again] (Capitol)
Charlie Spivak, [includes "Nature Boy"](Gala)
Jackie Wilson, Lonely Teardrop (Coral)
Victor Borge, [comedic performance backed up by orchestra] (Philips)
Paul Weston, Music for the Fireside (Capitol)
Norrie Paramor, Lover in Latin (Columbia)
Golden Gate Quartet, Shout for Joy (Columbia)
Also recommended: Golden Age of Dance Bands, to the Tables Down at Mory's, and Left Bank Bearcats
NME Top Five-UK Hits
1. "Mack the Knife," Bobby Darin (London)
2. "Here Comes Summer," Jerry Keller (London)
3. "'Til I Kissed You," Everly Brothers (London)
4. "Only Sixteen," Craig Douglas (Top Rank)
5. "Sea of Love," Marty Wilde (Philips)
NME Top Five-US Hits
1. "Mack the Knife," Bobby Darin
2. "Put Your Head on My Shoulder," Paul Anka
3. "Mr. Blue," The Fleetwoods
4. "Sleep Walk," Santo and Johnny
5. "'Til I Kissed You," Everly Brothers
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. " China Tea" (Mills)
2. "Only Sixteen" (Ardmore and Beechwood)
3. "Living Doll" (Peter Maurice)
4. "Three Bells" (Southern)
5. "Here Comes Summer" (Mills)
N.A. Act Now and Secure Your Super-Cliff Richard Picture Album!
Sarah Vaughn Plans UK Tour
Dankworth Quits Rank: Signs with U.S. Label
Hurry! Poll Concert Seats Selling Fast!
Folk Song Concert [celebrated Scottish folk singer Jeannie Robertson makes first appearance outside of Scotland in London]
Manuel Mountain Music Album
LaVern, Baker, Avalon, Fabian, Nash, Wilson are in line-up [for ABC-TV's "Boy Meets Girls]
1960 return by Sammy Turner
Stars Galore in Moss Jubilee Bills [includes David Hughes, Michael Holliday]
Cliff's Birthday Surprise [Cliff Richard thrown a surprise party in Leeds]
N.A. Loss-Preager Named in London Ballroom Plans [Lou Preager and Orchestra Leaves Hammersmith Palais after 18 Years—Joe Loss and Orchestra to be Replacement]
'Wagon Train' Star Coming for TV and Stage Shows
'Jukebox Jury' May Be Seen Twice Weekly
Film Offer to Craig Douglas
Sheila Buxton: BBC Only Soon [exclusive BBC TV and radio contract]
Donald Peers Changes Label
ATV Cut Disc Productions
Songstresses in Blackpool, 1960 [Blackpool summer season—Alma Cogan among the booked]
Russ Conway better: records more titles [after operation]
New TV Series [Sentimental Journey]
Cochran, Eddie NMExclusive—Eddie Cochran (back in the hit-parade with "Somethin' Else") writes 'My Fondest Wish Is to Visit Britain' [Cochran guest-writes from first-person perspective] 8
N.A. From You to Us 8
N.A. School Pals Travel to Fame Together [Johnny and the Hurricanes' rise to fame] 8
Evans, Allen E.P. Reviews
Bing Crosby, Bing Sings (Brunswick)
Doris Day with Frank de Vol's Orchestra (Philips)
Tommy Kinsman [untitled eight track dance] (Fontana)
Eric Delaney [untitled reworking of commercial jingles] (Pye)
Big Bopper [untitled includes "Pink Petticoats"] (Mercury)
Eubie Noble [untitled six track EP including "Wild About Harry"] (Top Rank)
Freddy Vander, [untitled] (Oriole)
Walter Huston, Fred Astaire, Al Jolson, Bing Crosby, Four Greats (Fontana)
Johnson, Derek Newcomers to the Charts—Floyd Robinson bursts in on Us [NME debut with "Makin' Love"] 8
Wynn, James Does Billy Fury Cause Too Fury? [Wynn discusses the debate between fans who celebrate Fury's bad-boy image, and non-fans who call his movements "over-exaggerated."] 9
Johnson, Derek Pete Murray Spotted Jerry Keller's Hit [discusses Murray's correct prediction of Keller becoming a hit—also discusses his thoughts on DJ profession] 9
Nat Hentoff U.S. Airmail [includes news on Doris Day and Rock Hudson's shining reviews in Pillow Talk. Also Elvis' prospects to be in West Side Story opposite Harry Belafonte.] 9
Johnson, Derek Welcome to the Latest 'Boy Meets Girls' Visitor—Sammy Turner 10
Goodwin, Keith Welcome Back Winnie [Winifred Atwell's return to UK after touring in Australia —tries to regain popularity with British teens] 10
N.A. Barber Band Thrives on Sunshine Music [Band wins Gold Disc for "Petite Fleur"—Barber attributes it to Monty Sunshine's clarinet playing] 10
N.A. Classifieds 11
Alley Cat Tail Pieces [small news snip-its i.e. "Dinah Washington's Personal Manager is George Treadwell, former husband of Sarah Vaughn…" and "Glasgow newspapermen gave Cliff Richard a tea party…" Also includes trip to Hollywood contest] 12
  Stacey Kahn, 2008  
Number 667 23 October 1959  
Cover Elvis Presley, How Has He Changed; Cliff Richard Writes about His Greatest Day!
Also, Tommy Steele, Connie Francis, Dickie Valentine, and Winifred Atwell's new Smash Hit, "Amore Mio (My Love)"
Keith Goodwin Dixieland and Comedy Mix Well; 'The Five Pennies'; Bob Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Danny Kaye, Ray Anthony, 'Red' Nichols 2
Derek Johnson Al Jolson Is Still and Big Record Seller 2
N/A David Whitfield Draws the Crowds 2
N/A Why Sylvia Fine Changed "The Saints" 2
Tommy Sands My Lucky Break 2
Pete Murray Pete Murray's Top Ten 3
Hal Wallis A New Man of Elvis 3
NME NME New Releases [advertising]
The Deep River Boys, 'I Don't Know Why'
The Flamingos, 'Love Walked In'
Garry Mills, 'Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat'
The Knightsbridge Chorale, 'Eton Boating Song'
The Sweet Corporals, The Same Old Army
N/A Russ Conway Scores a Sheet Music Treble-Top 3
N/A Trumpeter Red Allen Shines in the Kid Ory Show 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review;
Platters Come Up with 'My Blue Heaven' and It's Good!
Frankie Laine Breathes Fresh Air into 'Rawhide'
Eartha Kitt, "Love is a Gamble" (London),
Jamie Rodgers, "The Night You Became Seventeen" (Columbia)
Chris Martin, "Lonely Street" / "Swing a Little Lover" (HMV)
Don Cornell, "Forever Couldn't Be Long Enough" (Pye-International)
Art Money, "My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time" (MGM)
Steve Rage, "Ring Ding" (Gala)
Rikki Price, "Man on My Trail" (Fontana) Phil Tate, "Countdown" ()
Allen Evans LP's 4
NME Top Thirty
1. "Mack the Knife," Bobby Darin (London)
2. "'Til I Kissed You," Everly Brothers (London)
3. "Travellin' Light," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
4. "Sea of Love," Marty Wilde (Philips)
5. "Here Comes Summer," Jerry Keller (London)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Only Sixteen" (Ardmore & Beechwood)
2. "China Tea" (Mills)
3. "Living Doll" (Peter Maurice)
4. "The Three Bells" (Southern)
5. "Here Comes Summer" (Mills)
N/A Connie Francis Coming for Concerts, TV, Recordings
Cogan, Whitfield Sign for Pantomimes
More British Talent tops in major TV
Fire Destroys Poll Concert Tickets! More being printed: few left unsold
Christmas fare left by stars
Ruby Murray to be a mother
Guinness—Dorris Day's co-star
Big cast for 'Saturday Club'
'Drummer Boy' Back
Cyril Stapleton fights illness
Barber busy on return from U.S.A
Lonnie Donegan loses 'brother'
Agent Sally Black dies
Behind the 'beat'
U.S. team write for Wilde and Steele
Eve Boswell re-booked for Scottish show
Adam Singers' LP
N/A Conway to Join Atwell, Richard, Wilde on 208
Cliff Richard's Palladium TV debut now definite
Duane Eddy here early in 1960
Holliday, Ryan in TV finale
Late 208 spots for David Jacobs
Como Guest from Yugoslovia
EMI bid for new ITV area
Tracys for India
U.S. vocal groups coming to Britain
Pianist, band in Granada TV plans
Novel project for Joe Loss
Dutch star for TV
Jack Good now music publisher
Glen Mason injured
Newell in Rome
Britons join MJQ on tour here
Mantovani LP in U.S. Charts for 100 Weeks 8
Keith Goodwin Life's a Lyric to Bob Russell 8
Nat Hentoff American Airmail; Sammy Davis Jr. and Bing Crosby 8
Bruce Charlton Doris Day graduates to the Super Classe 9
James Wynn Hawaiian Revival by Santo and Johnny 9
Keith Goodwin Jazz 9
Cliff Richard 'This was the happiest day of my life' 10
The Alley Cat More 'Top Pop Pools' Tips 10
Allen Evans EP's 10
N/A Agent's Directory
AFN Highlights
Radio Luxembourg
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
N/A A bit late, Jack! 12
N/A More Same-Name Pairs for Alma 12
  Kelsey Kassell, 2008  
Number 668 30 October 1959  
Cover Frank Sinatra, "High Hopes"
Everly Brothers, "Till I Kissed You"
Bobby Darin, "Mack the Knife"
Evans, Allen EPs Reviewed
Paul Martin, Banjo Mania (Capitol)
Johnny Mathis, You Hit the Spot (Fontana)
Anne Shelton, Just Love Me (Phillips)
Marty Robbins, Four Love Songs (Fontana)
Jane Russell, Fine and Dandy (MGM)
Billy Daniels, Blue Skies (HMV)
Jimmy Blair, Scottish Country Dances (Fontana)
Paul Robeson, Best Loved Songs (HMV)
Murray McEachern, Caress (Capitol)
Janette Scott and Jackie Rae, Sweet Talk (Fontana)
Advertisement Cliff Richard Picture Album
The Fabulous Platters, "My Blue Heaven" and "Wish It Were Me" (Mercury)
Johnson, Derek (As Long as an Artist Keeps Making New Records) He Can Never Be Written Off as a Has-Been: Guy Mitchell, Frankie Laine 3
Advertisement Frankie Laine (with Jimmy Carron and His Orchestra), "Rawhide" (Phillips) 3
NME Top Thirty
1. "Travellin' Light," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
2. "Mack the Knife," Bobby Darin (London)
3. "Sea of Love," Marty Wilde (Phillips)
4. "'Til I Kissed You," Everly Brothers (London)
5. "Red River Rock," Johnny and the Hurricanes (London)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. " China Tea" (Mills)
2. "Only Sixteen" (Ardmore & Beechwood)
3. "Living Doll" (Peter Maurice)
4. "The Three Bells" (Southern)
5. "One More Sunrise" (Dominion)
Advertisement Guy's Going Great Guns: Guy Mitchell, "Heartaches by the Number" (Phillips) 3
N. A. Who's Where
Cliff Richard and The Shadows, Playboys: Finsbury Park Empire
Lonnie Donnegan, Des O'Connor, Miki, Griff and Penny Nicholls: Liverpool Empire
Shirley Bassey: London Prince of Wales
Russ Conway: Glasgow Empire
Nitwits, Harmonica Gang, Jackie Dennis: Birmingham Hippodrome
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviewed by
Adam Faith, "What Do You Want" / "From Now Until Forever" (Parlophone)
Debbie Reynolds, "Love Is a Gamble" / "It Started with a Kiss" (MGM)
Garry Mills, "The Night You Become Seventeen" / "Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat" (Top Rank)
Beverley Sisters, "Little Donkey" / "And Kings Came a-Calling" (Decca)
Knightsbridge Chorale, "The Eton Boating Song" / "It's a Shanty in Old Shanty Town" (Top Rank)
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed
Ted Heath, "Pop Hits from the Classics" (Decca)
Glenn Miller, "Army Airforce Band" (RCA)
Four Preps, "Dancing and Dreaming" (__)
Red Nichols, "Parade of Two Pennies" (Capitol)
N. A. Pat Boone's latest could climb charts
Wonderful Sinatra- but not Top 20!
Christmas Disc season starts
N. A. Warner Brothers Want Everlys
Marty to wed Joyce by December
'Cliff Richard Picture Album' is fabulous
Lotis to tour
The Browns named possibles: Johnny Nash definite
Presley is Recovering
Donegan guest at boys' club
Shirley Bassey misses shows
Only five-bob tickets left!
N. A. Dave King success starts U.S. rush for our stars
Brazil wants Ted Heath
Dickie Valentine: 39-week radio series
Russ Conway's own TV series starts February
Conway Twitty Gang Leader in First Film
Craig Douglass: Film Debut
Wilde to be guest star
Tommy Steele on 'Picture Parade'
Vipers re-form for one TV
Johnson, Derek Dickie Valentine recaptures his disc popularity
Donegan discs in demand
Advertisement Ray Ellington and His Quartet, "Carina" with "I Was a Little Too Lonely" (Oriole) 8
Goodwin, Keith Ella Fitzgerald doesn't mind being called commercial 9
Griffiths, Ifor Emile Ford and the Checkmates rocket into sellers- at No. 12! 9
Loss, Joe My Top Ten
"The Whiffenpoof Song", Bing Crosby
"The Lady Is a Tramp", Frank Sinatra
"Manhattan," Ella Fitzgerald
"The Whistling Gypsy," Rose Brennan
"Yours," Vera Lynn
"The Peanut Vendor," Stan Kenton
"Air Mail Special," Benny Goodman
"Memories of You," Louis Armstrong
"Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D, Opus 6," Jascha Heifetz
"String of Pearls," Glenn Miller
N. A. 'I'm always playing Buddy Holly records' says Tommy Steele
Buddy Holly's Widow helps a new rock singer
More Holly Discs Coming
Advertisement November Issue of Hit Parade: Front cover portrait Bobby Darin, Portrait gallery Ricky Nelson 11
Advertisement "Heartaches by the Number," Guy Mitchell (Phillips) 12
  Adam Kelly, 2008  
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