New Musical Express | January 1960

No. 778 1 January 1960  
Peter Maurice Tommy Steele’s Latest Hit! Little White Bull 1
Derek Johnson Our Discs Led the Field in 1959! [Conway, Richard, Donegan, and Wilde] 2
NME Final Chart Positions for 1959:
1. Russ Conway
2. Cliff Richard
3. Lonnie Donegan
4. Marty Wilde
5. Elvis Presley
Alan Booth U.S. Top 10 placing in 1959 2
Derek Johnson America’s greatest champion of British songs Bing Crosby 3
Bruce Charlton Back in the Top Ten After Three Years Frankie Laine 3
Keith Fordyce Frankie Vaughan’s sure-fire hit: "What More Do You Want" 4
Keith Fordyce Ricky Nelson’s Latest is "Mighty Good" 4
NME NME Music Charts: Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1. "What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?," Emile Ford
2. "What Do You Want?," Adam Faith
3. "Seven Little Girls," the Avons
4. "Oh! Carol," Neil Sedaka
5. "Travellin’ Light," Cliff Richard
NME NME Music Charts Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. "Side Saddle"
2. "Trudie"
3. "Roulette"
4. "May You Always"
5. "Living Doll"
n.a. ‘Boy Meets Girls’ Ends in March!
‘Star time’ Platters for Revived Series
Everly Brothers Backed by Violins
Cliff Richard climaxes 1959 with two great honours
Eddie Cochran’s Tour Here – Ten weeks
"I’ll Be Seeing You" – says Liberace
n.a. With the Same Disc Title – Craig Douglas – Adam Faith battle in America 6-7
n.a. Presley’s Plans
Tommy Steele signs Harry Robinson as his personal musical director
Guy Mitchell Returning Palladium and ‘Spectacular’ TV dates
Richard-Platters on same Palladium TV Show
Vaughan’s Dash to Hollywood
‘Saturday Club’ Concert
Chris Barber’s Foreign Plans
Keith Goodwin The Fabulous 50s Keith Goodwin Concludes his Ten Year Review 8
NME Pantomime Round Up Pop Stars Score in Acting and Comedy Roles 9
Nat Hentoff Nat Hentoff’s American Airmail 9
Keith Goodwin Joni James back in town because she likes the 100 strings so much 10
Ken Andrews Thanks to a successful TV series and his recent marriage Marty Wilde’s a ‘Good Boy’ now 10
Derek Johnson ‘Only Boy’ paves hit parade way for Steve Marsh 10
n.a. NME 1959 "Cat’s Whiskers" 12
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
  Jonah Kruvant, February 2004  
No. 679 8 January 1960  
Derek Johnson Britain’s Favourite Happy U.S. Song Star: Guy Would Not Return Till He Was Worth It! [Guy Mitchell] 3
Charles Govey Max Bygraves Is Doing the ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ on Skis! 3
Keith Fordyce This Fortune Has a Rich Future [Lance Fortune, "Be Mine"]
Paul Anka Has Another Sad Song for You
Russ Conway, "Silver Shoes"
Frankie Avalon, "Why"
n.a. NME Music Charts: Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1. "What  Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For," Emile Ford
2. "What Do You Want?," Adam Faith
3. "Oh, Carol!," Neil Sedaka
4. "Seven Little Girls," The Avons
5. "Staccato Theme," Elmer Bernstein
n.a. NME Music Charts: Best Sheet Music in Britain:
1. "What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?"
2. "Seven Little Girls"
3. "Snow Coach"
4. "What Do You Want?"
5. "Staccato Theme"
n.a. Frankie Vaughan to Sing and Dance in First Hollywood Picture
‘Wagon Train’ Horton’s Palladium Act EP
EMI Chief Is Knighted – Sir Joseph Lockwood
Cliff Richard’s Latest Award
Stars’ Friend Is Dead
Winning Songs to Be Heard on BBC-TV
Conway-film Star
n.a. Guy Mitchell Signed for Four Big Dates 6-7
n.a. Darin-Eddy Package Dates Announced
Marty Wilde Likely U.S. Visitor Soon
Max Bygraves to Tour Provinces in Big Revue
Donegan One-Nighters in February Named
Fabian, Avalon, Twitty Sought by Grades
‘Saturday Club’ Show to Be Waxed as LP
Bruce Charlton ‘Way Down Yonder’ Comes Up Again [Freddie Cannon] 8
Bruce Charlton Slow Starters Speed Up [Turner Layton] 8
Duane Marlowe Dane Marlowe, NME Hollywood Correspondent, Interview a First-Time-Here Visitor to Britain- Eddie Cochran 9
Nat Hentoff Elvis Wants No Changes 9
Nat Hentoff Connie Goes to Church 9
Keith Goodwin Mike Holliday’s New Year Wish Came True 10
Allen Evans LPs: A Swingin’ Love Affair, Brendan, Congress Dances [Cyril Stapleton]
[All Time top Tangos, Stanley Black
Crazy He Calls Me, Dakota Staton]
Bruce Charlton The Platters Are Always Welcome 10
The Alley Cat ‘Guilty Jury’ 12
Keith Goodwin Jazz 12
  Jonah Kruvant, February 2004  
No. 780 15 January 1960  
Cover Tommy Steele, Fats Domino, Connie Francis, Newly, and many other top disc stars. 1
Cover Joe Loss and his fabulous orchestra and Singing Stars. 1
  Ifor Griffiths visits the film studio set and finds a gay, happy Private Tommy Steele who wants to be a soccer referee. 2
  Who’s Where? 2
Allen Evans LPs
Frank Sinatra: Love Is a Kick
Johnny Cash: Songs of the soil
Johnny Mathis: Ride on a Rainbow
Tony Crombie: Man from Interpol
Advertising The No. 1 version from the American Hit Parade Frankie Avalon with, “Why?” 2
Nat Hentoff Johnny and the Hurricanes 3
N.A. The ‘Personality’ Rocker Is Back: Anthony Newley. 3
Decca More Decca-Group hit parade successes
Tommy Steele-“Little White Bull”
Fats Domino-“Be My Guest”
Anthony Newley-“Why”
Ernie Field’s Orchestra-“In the Mood”
Johnny and the Hurricanes-“Reveille Rock”
Keith Fordyce Singles Reviewed:
Skit Song Is a Burden to Cliff Richard;
Craig Douglas Lilt Is Really Captivating;
‘Poor Me’ Is Good Adam Faith Disc
NME Top Thirty
1.  “What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me for?,” Emile Ford (Pye)
2.  “What Do you Want?,” Adam Faith (Parlophone)
3.  “Oh! Carol,” Neil Sedaka (RCA)
4.  “Staccato Theme,” Elmer Bernstein (Capitol)
“Starry Eyed,” Michael Holiday (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  “What do you Want To Make Those Eyes at me For?” (F.D. & H)
2.  “Seven Little Girls” (Sheldon)
3.  “What Do You Want” (Mills)
4.  “Snow Coach” (Feldman)
5.  “Little White Bull” (Peter Maurice)
NME Nme Poll Concert: Announcement
Unavoidable circumstances force the NME to rearrange the all-star Poll-Winner’s Concert- at Empire Pool, Wembley, on Sunday afternoon, February 21.
N.A. Dankworth’s film music 6
Marty Wilde Marty Wilde Sunday Dates 6
  Bevs’ Guests
Danes for Britain
British, U.S. stars guest on BBC-TV
Craig Douglas Tour Augmented
Presley goes to Paris Again
‘Jiver’ Concert
Heath’s Jazz guest
Bygraves Concert
Promotion for Joan Regan’s Husband
Hatch Call-up
  Cliff Richard’s U.S. Plans Unaltered by Road Smash
King, Faith Film Plans
Billy Fury Resident: Rocker Hawkins Due
‘C for C’ Line-up
Frankie’s Film Songs
Sellers, Newley in same TV show
Sammy Davis: London debut in May Confirmed
Stapleton’s Novel Holiday ‘Double’
Mecca Buys Again
At Albert Hall
Alma Cogan, Dallas Boy in major ATV shows
NME Question Time with Guy Mitchell
Gene Vincent: Rock ‘n’ Roll Idol of Millions!
Nat Hentoff’s American Airmail: Presley Digs Sinatra; Bing and Sons Make ‘Peace’ 8
Derek Johnson Connies Consistency! 9
Keith Goodwin …praises the long run of Fats Domino 9
  Classifieds 11
  Unforgettable recorded by Nat ‘King’ Cole and Dinah Washington 12
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
  Lita Roza sings ‘Let it Rain, Let it Rain’ 12
  Sam Brouse, October 2009  
No. 781 22 January 1960  
Johnson, Derek Sammy Davis Comes to London Soon 2
Gray, Andy Elvis Presley Says He’ll Miss Army Life 3
Charlton, Bruce Little Tony – An Italian Holiday ‘Souvenir’ 3
  Singles Reviewed
"You Got What It Takes," Janet Richmond, Lana Sisters, Johnny Kidd
"Theme form A Summer Place," Percy Faith
"Oh So Wunderbar," Robert EArl
"We Like Boys," The Vernon Girls
"Working on the Santa Fe," Randy Sharr
  EP's Reviewed
"Sea of Love," Marty Wilde
n.a. Bobby Darin Challenge to Sinatra Supremacy 4
NME Top Singles
1. “What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?,” Emile Ford
2. “Why,” Anthony Newley
3. “Starry Eyed,” Michael Holiday
4. “What Do You Want?,” Adam Faith
5. “Way Down Yonder” Freddie Cannon
NME Top Sheet Music Sales
1. "What Do You Want to Make those Eyes at Me for?" (F. D. & H.)
2. "Seven Little Girls" (Sheldon)
3. "What Do You Want?" (Mills)
4. "Little White Bull" (Peter Maurice)
5. "Heartaches by the Number" (Joy)
n.a. Guy Mitchell Back in May
Mudlark's First Scandinavian Trip Has Been Held Up
Big Names Lined Up for ‘Parade of Pops’
Adam Faith Wins Acting Role in Second Film
Everly Brothers Tipped to Join Warner Label
Emile Ford to Perform One-Nighters
Tommy Steele’s Fans to Attend LP Session
Dickie Valentine Life Story Sought For Film
  Doris Day, Frankie Vaughan Plan to Co-Star in Film 7
Goodwin, Keith The Welsh Are Singing Praises of Maureen Evans 8
Charlton, Bruce Emile Ford Faces the Big Disc Query – Can He Wax Another Hit? 9
Goodwin, Keith Sarah Vaughan Will Unite Pop and Jazz Fans 10
Johnson, Derek Can ‘El Paso’ Put Things Right for Marty Robbins? 10
  Eliott Levine, February 2004  
No. 682 29 January 1960  
Johnson, Derek Hit Parade’s Over-Fourty Stars 2
Hentoff, Nat U.S. Television Triumphs for Cliff Richard and Frankie Vaughan 3
Charlton, Bruce Can [Frankie] Avalon Get a Big Hit? "Why" Not? 3
n.a. Singles Reviewed
String Backing Enhances Everly Brothers’ Voices
Malcolm Vaughan Gives "Wunderbar" Excitement
"Harbour Lights" Tune Ideal for Platters
"Time and the River," Nat King Cole
"Rockin' Little Angel," The Viscounts
"The Valley of the Moon," Marvin Rainwater
"Oh, So Wunderbar," Tony Brent
"Nothing at Night," Gaddy Wilson
"Serenade in Blue," Frank D'Rone
"Bonnie Prince Charlie," Three Barry Sisters
"Colette," Billy Fury
n.a. EPs Reviewed
Love for Sale, Shirley Bassey
Strictly Elvis, Elvis Presley
Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra
NME. Top Singles
1. “Starry Eyed,” Michael Holiday
2. “Why,” Anthony Newley
3. “What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me for” Emile Ford
4. “Voice in the Wilderness” Cliff Richard
5. “Way Down Yonder” Freddie Cannon
6. “Heartaches by the Number” Guy Mitchell
7. “Oh Carol” Neil Sekada
8. “What Do You Want” Adam Faith
9. “Staccato Theme” Elmer Bernstein
10. “Seven Little Girls” The Avons
NME Top Sheet Music Sales
1. "Starry Eyed" (Lawrence Wright)
2. "What Do You Want to Make those Eyes at Me for?" (F. D. & H.)
3. "Headaches byt the Number" (Joy)
4. "Why?" (Bron)
5. "Seven Little Girls" (Sheldon)
n.a. Cliff Richard Named 1960 Palladium Revue Star
Miles Davis to Tour in May
Broadway Hit [Meet Happy Fella] for London
Summer and London Shows to Star Marty Wilde
Frank Ifield on Ford-Avons Tour
Billy Fury Visited DJs at Radio Luxembourg Last Week
n.a. Acker Bilk: TV, Concert Dates
Perry Como “Music Hall” in London this April
Jo Stafford to Film 39 TV Shows Here
Whitfield, Newley, Sellers in ‘Spectaculars’
Ruby Murray Retires –Until June (maternity leave)
Cochran-Vincent Package Hit Extends Tour to 20 Weeks!
Wedge, Don Norm Riley, U.S. Manager, Has Given Britain’s Small Cities Big Package Shows 8
n.a. Elvis Presley Says ‘There’s Room at the Top for All’ 9
  John Barry 7 Were behind Two Big Hits  
Johnson, Derek Craig Douglas Beats Another American Hit-Maker to the Charts in Britain! 10
n.a. "Mr. Dynamo," "Rompin’ Ronnie," That’s What They Call Our Latest Visitor, Ronnie Hawkins 10
n.a. Big Backing for Donegan 12
  Eliott Levine, 19 February 2004  

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