New Musical Express | March 1960

No. 687 4 March 1960  
Charlton, Bruce Lonnie Donnegan: The Gold-dust-man! [New Record Release] 2
Johnson, Derek Elvis Talks about Marty Wilde, Cliff Richard [Interview] 3
Fordyce, Keith It's a Good Thrill to Lead Off this Page with Not One but Two Raves about British Discs [Marty Wilde's and Gary Marshall's new record reviews] 4
Keith Fordyce Singles Reviewed:
Sammy Turner, "Paradise"
Billy Cotton, "Fings Ain't Wot They Used t' Be"
Bert Weedon, "Theme from a Summer Place"
Jackie Rae, "The Moon Got in My Eyes"
Evans, Allen LPs:
Freddie Cannon, The Explosive Freddie Cannon
Johnny Nash, I Got Rhythm
Gordon McRae, This Is Gordon McRae
Mr. Acker Bilk, Clarinet Jamboree
Ian Stewart, Ian Stewart's Hits of 1959
Steve Lawrence, Swing Softly with Me
Joe Reisman, Jimmie Rodgers Twilight on the Trail
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1. "Poor Me" (Adam Faith)
2. "Running Bear" (Johnny Preston)
3. "Delaware" (Perry Como)
4. "Slow Boat to China" (Emile Ford)
5. "Why" (Anthony Newley)
NME Top Selling Sheet Music
1. "Why" (Dunbar)
2. "Voice in the Wilderness" (Chappell)
3. "Starry Eyed" (Lawrence Wright)
4. "Looking High, High, High" (Robbins)
5. "Heartaches by the Number," (Joy)
n.a. Franky Vaughan Chosen for Super Oscar Awards Presentation Show [First British recording artist to appear at the Oscars]
Preston-Twitty Tour Dates Revealed [Johnny Preston and Conway Twitty May concerts]
Jack Payne Teleshow to Run All Summer [Words and Music, April-August, BBC-TV]
Freddie Cannon Show All-American? [British tour]
Princess Margaret and Fiance May Attend Royal Variety
Hentoff, Nat Presley to give new discs top priority [Elvis leaving army to rush new single]
Marty Wilde U.S. TV Debut with Dick Clark [US tour]
n.a. Donegan Palladium TV May Shorten U.S. Visit [ATV's Sunday Night at the London Palladium]
Boone-Richard TV Meeting for BBC Radio [Cliff Richard's U.S. tour recorded for BBC listening]
Bilk Debut from Afar [BBC Parade of Pops]
Faith Variety [new film]
Valentine Guests in Startime [Dickie Valentine on ATV]
Goodwin, Keith Perry Creates Another Top Ten Como-tion! [review] 8
Charlton, Bruce The Americans Cheer Chacksfield [American success] 8
Goodwin, Keith. Percy Faith Takes a Front Seat this time [star finally gets recognition] 9
Wynn, James Joe Brown Won Two Contracts in a Night [biographical] 9
Johnson, Derek The Bobby Darin Story [biographical] 10
Goodwin, Keith Ella and her Jazz Fellas Come to Britain [concert announcement] 10
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No. 687 11 March 1960  
Talmadge, Art Johnny Preston's "Running Bear" Had Been Forgotten for Five Months [Preston's lost hit song] 2
Goodwin, Keith Question Time with Johnny Ray [Interview/Biography] 3
Charlton, Bruce Bryan Johnson Rides "High, High, High" [BBC-TV contest winner gets shot at fame] 3
Fordyce, Keith It's a Good Thrill to Lead Off this Page with Not One but Two Raves about British Discs [Marty Wilde's and Gary Marshall's new record reviews] 4
N/a Lonnie Donnegan Does a Max Miller Act [Review of Donnegan's new album] 4
Evans, Allen LP's: My Concerto for you (Russ Conway), Saturday Night (Conway Twitty), Irving Berlin Showcase (Stanley Black), Now (Fred Astaire), The Big Beast (Bob Miller, The Millermen, Al Saxon, Duffy Power, and Ray Young) 4
n.a. NME Musical Charts, Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1. "Poor Me" (Adam Faith)
2. "Running Bear" (Johnny Preston)
3. "Delaware" (Perry Como)
4. "Slow Boat to China" (Emile Ford)
5. "Why" (Anthony Newley)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Why" (Debmar)
2. "Looking High High High" (Robbies)
3. "Voice in the Wilderness" (Leeds)
4. "Delaware" (Leeds)
5. "Slow Boat to China" (Morris)
n.a. Russ Conway in Como's British TV Show [Appearance on the British edition of “Perry Como's Music Hall”]
Cliff Richard One Nighters in Late Spring [Tour schedule for late spring]
Donnegan to Telerecord Six Shows Next Month [Struck deal to produce six shows in his third television series]
Darin Eddy Package Show as ‘Spectacular' [Upcoming all star tour appearances]
Warner Disc Outlet Here Almost Settled [purchases British label]
Super ATV Shows for US and UK [Americans come to UK for promotion]
Hentoff, Nat Freddie Cannon Here in May for Theatre Tour [Upcoming 3 week tour which includes other top name guests] 7
Walsh, Peggy Newley's Variety Debut Set: One-nighters, Too [Newley signed for his first variety performance followed by a short tour] 7
n.a. Jack Johnson's Radio Show Extended and Lenghtened [Monday Light Programme]
Frankie Vaughan Summer TV Series Here or in U.S. [Vaughan plans to return home despite U.S. popularity]
Nat Cole in London Shows [New Victoria Theatre]
Acker Bilk Relays from Germany [live broadcast on "Parade of the Pops"]
Goodwin, Keith Jack Scott's Records All Take Their Time [Canadian singer takes over with “What in the World's Come Over You”] 8
n.a. Two Musicians Come Out from Behind-the-disc-hits [John Barry and Malcom Lockyer both release new hit records] 9
Johnson, Derek He Admits he Likes Money! [Bobby Darin, biography] 10
Walsh, Peggy Tony Newley Has Two Film Premiers in One Week [ His new film opening this week] 10
Goodwin, Keith Sensation-Ella [Ella Fitzgerald's performance at London's Royal Festival Hall] 12
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No. 688 18 March 1960  
Charlton, Bruce Cut Out Disc-Copying [Addressing U.S. outrage of British cover versions of their songs] 2
Wilde, Marty and Joyce Marty and Joyce Wilde Give Their Views on New York [The Wildes discuss their trip to New York] 2
Goodwin, Keith Rydell Breaks Through [Rydell's unexpected success] 3
Wynn, James Adam Faith as a Barrow Boy on the Run [On filming his new movie] 3
Evans, Allen LP's: The Musical World of Lerner and Loewe (Cyril Ornadel), Ella Fitzgerald Sings Gershwin (Nelson Riddle), Potluck (John LaSalle Quartet), A Girl Is a Girl Is a Girl (Tony Williams), Swingin' Round the World (The Jonah Jones Quartet), Bon Voyage (Percy Faith), The Strings Sing (The Knights Bridge Strings), Jeri Southern at the Crescendo (Jeri Southern) 4
Fordyce, Keith Singles:
(The Browns)
Footsteps (Ronnie Carroll)
Footsteps (Steve Lawrence)
A Summer Place (The Fontane Sisters)
Heartbeat (Buddy Holly)
Talk Talk Talk ( Frank E. Avalon)
Angela Jones (Johnny Ferguson)
Let's Make a Foursome (The Raindrops)
NME NME Music Charts; Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1.  "Running Bear," Johnny Preston
2.  "Poor Me," Adam Faith
3.  "Delaware," Perry Como
4.  "Summer Place," Percy Faith
5.  "You Got What It Takes," Marv Johnson
NME NME Music Charts; Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. "Why" (Debmar)
2. "Looking High High High" (Robbins)
3. "Delaware" (Leeds)
4. "Royal Event" (Noel Gay)
5. "Slow Boat to China" (Morris)
Marks, Stan Steele Mobbed in Brisbane [Steele is greeted by thousands of fans upon arrival] 6
n.a. Emile Ford, Adam Faith to Co-star at Hippodrome [Two of Britain's newest stars combine their talents for big show]
U.S. Singers' Sunday TV [Yma Sumac and Rise Stevens are booked to perform on ATV]
Avalon with Como [Frankie Avalon returns to the  Perry Como Music Hall]
U.S. TV Host Seeks Stars [Jack Paar seeks stars for his new BBC show]
Later Debut for Sammy Davis [Davis' British debut is pushed back]
Craig Douglas Summer Debut at Brighton [Young hit singer plans summer tour]
n.a. Jerry Lordan to Tour: Bobby Rydell on TV? [Lordan on tour with Cliff Richard and Rydellto appear on ATV]
Lonnie Donnegan Heads Pop ‘Palladium TV' [Popular acts join Donnegan this week on ATV]
New Deal May Alter Johnny Preston Dates [Tour dates will be altered due to large acquisition of venues]
Vera Lynn Leaves Decca after 25 Years [Shock to the industry after Lynn leaves Decca for different company]
Dickie Valentine in Easter ‘Spectacular' [Valentine to star in his on ATV special on Easter Saturday]
Johnson, Derek Package Full of Talent [Bobby Darin, Duane Eddy, Clyde McPhatter and the Rebels biographies] 8
Goodwin, Keith Emile Ford Talks about His Co-stars from America [Interview regarding Emile Ford, Duane Eddy, Clyde McPhatter, and Bobby Darin] 10
Goodwin, Keith U.S. Girls Have Crush on Crash [Trends] 14
Vaughan, Frankie My Life in Hollywood [Autobiography] 14
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No. 689 25 March 1960  
Samwell, Sammy Sammy Samwell [manager of The Shadows] Tells You about His Pals Johnny (‘Beatnik Fly') and The Hurricanes [Johnny Paris, American audiences] 2
Johnson, Derek Liberace is Back! 2
Goodwin, Keith Donnie Donegan Equals Presley's Feat: ‘Dustman's' First Chart Entry Number One! [Harry Belafonte] 3
n.a. Who's Where {Concert list for the week} 3
Fordyce, Keith The Girls Will Fall For Anka's [Paul Anka] Sob Stuff: Johnny Mathis, Mike Preston, Jack Parnell, Bob Miller, Matt Monro, Davy Jones, Sarah Vaughan, Peter Jay, Bobby Comstock, Neil Sedaka, Johnny Carson 4
n.a. Potted Pops 4
Evans, Allen LP's: New Darin, Eddy [Duane Eddy] 4
  NME Music Charts: 5
  Top Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. "My Old Man's a Dustman," Lonnie Donegan
2. "Running Bear," Johnny Preston
3. "Delaware," Perry Como
4. "Poor Me," Adam Faith
5. "You Got What It Takes," Mary Johnson
  Top Selling Sheet Music in Britain,
1. "Delaware" (Leeds)
2. "Why" (Debmar)
3. "Looking High, High, High" (Robbins)
4. "Royal Event" (Noel Gay)
5. "Running Bear" (Southern)
  Top 20 Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.,
#1: Summer Place- Percy Faith
n.a. 13 Countries Compete in London
Dave King Makes Trip to America
Presley [Elvis] Waxes Non-Stop For 12 Hours: First Single out Next Month
Offer Came Too Late
Light Show Series to End
U.S. Disk Firm Sets up Here
‘Band Parade' For Sale
Eddy [Duane] Stays Longer
Wee Willie with Johnny Preston
Darin [Bobby] - Eddy TV Date is Announced
More Variety Weeks for Emile Ford
Josh [White] Returns
Bevs [Beverley Sisters] Switch Label Again
Everlys [Everly Brothers] on Warner Label Issued by Decca Soon
New Name Joins Good Residents
n.a. Newley [Anthony], Richard [Cliff] Honored
Cliff's [Richard] Package Show Tour is All Set
Tony's [Anthony] Last Stage Date
Jo Stafford-Ted Heath Television Series Plan [US, Jack Paar, Dickie Valentine, Julie Andrews, Peter Sellers, Yana, Edmund Hockridge, Pearl Carr, Anthony Newley, Teddy Johnson]
Taped for U.S.
Andrews Sisters to be Brighton Stars?
Adam Faith Easter Star
David Hughes to Join ‘Juke Box Jury' Panel
Charlton, Bruce A Flood of Attractive Single, EP and LP Records Heralds in Hallmark of Quality (f/ Pat Suzuki, Johnny Mathis, Tony Bennet, Doris Day, Gary Miller)  8
n.a. From You to Us 8
A.G. Experimental Risks Lead to Success 9
Johnson, Derek How the Songs Fit the Story 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail: Elvis Thrills Four Fans 9
Johnson, Derek Max Sings ‘Fings' 10
Johnson, Derek Darin, Eddy Artistry 10
  Agents Directory/ Classifieds 11
“The Alley Cat” Tail Pieces: British Hat Trick 12
Marks, Stan Aussies Like Whitfield [David] 12
Hellicar, Mike They Wanted Cliff [Richard] 12
Sampson, Gordon Fortune [Lance] at Piano 12
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