New Musical Express | May 1960

No. 696 6 May 1960  
Goodwin, Keith Tremendous Chart-topping News [Everly Brothers tour] 2
Charlton, Bruce Steve Lawrence Is Joining Top Class 2
Goodwin, Keith Craig Douglas Gives Credit for "Heart" to Composers [Bill Crompton, Morgan Jones, "Heart of a Teenage Girl"] 3
Hellicar, Mike Four Lads Stand on the Corner with Frank Loesser ["Standing on the Corner"] 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviewed:
Ray Coussins, "You're Singing Our Love Song to Somebody Else"
Frankie Vaughan, "Love Me Now"
Marty Wilde, "The Flight"
Swe-Danes, "Scandinavian Shuffle"
Tommy Bruce, "Ain't Misbehavin'"
Eddie Cochran, "Three Steps to Heaven"
Freddy Cannon, "The Urge"
Frankie Avalon, "Guns of the Timberland"
Nat "King" Cole, "That's You"
Lloyd Price, "For Love"
The Flamingos, "Nobody Loves Me Like You"
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed (Marty Wilde Showcase, The Kirby Stone Touch, Al Martino, Come Back TO Sorrento, Great Songs From Hit Shows Vol 2., Sweet and Dry, Trad Dance Date, Let’s Dance, Great Strauss Waltzes, Bridal Bouquet 4
NME Best Selling Pop Records
1. Everly Brothers, "Cathy’s Clown"
2. Adam Faith, "Someone Else’s Baby"
3. Anthony Newley, "Do You Mind"
4. Cliff Richard, "Fall In Love With You"
5. Jimmy Jones, "Handy Man"
NME Top Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Standing on the Corner"
2. "Looking High, High, High"
3. "Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be"
4. "My Old Man's a Dustman"
5. "Do You Mind"
n.a. The Stars Want to Meet YOU [charity event]
Stars to Be Feted at Variety Lunch [Connie Francis, Liberace honored at Golden Disc Luncheon]
Cliff Richards Has Ttravel Trouble [concert delay]
Robert Horton Added to The Star Galaxy (roster strengthened and event televised for the first time)
Donegan Series Starts Late Next Month (Lonnie Donnegan stars in new series "Putting on the Donegan"),
Rockers in New Teenage Film (Billy Fury, Joe Brown and Dickie Pride to star in teen movie)
n.a. Wilde, Bilk to be ‘Club’ Guests [Marty Wilde, Acker Bilk, "The Saturday Club"]
MGM Records Win Race to Sign Vera Lynn [British singer signs exclusive deal with an American label]
All-star Jazz at Beaulieu [16 bands, three-day festival]
Preston Visit Cut: Cannon with Vincent [Johnny Preston returns to US; Freddy Cannon, Gene Vincent tour]
Connie Francis Coupling Switch Delays Disc ["Mama"/"Teddy"]
Emile Ford Has Five Checkmates Now [Increases band size]
Wynn, James Uncle Sam's Letter Almost Cancelled Out Jerry Keller's Tour of British Cities 8
n.a. Eddie’s Favourite [Gene Vincent tribute to the late Eddie Cochran]
Marty Wilde’s Glamour Show [Rock reaches new standards with expensive set and costume design]
Johnson, Derek Ella, Louis, and Bobby [Fitzgerald, Armstrong, Darin] 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail:
Strange Presley Album [Elvis], Poor Frankie [Laine], Big Scale [Frank Sinatra], Preparation [Johnny Mathis]
Johnson, Derek Here's Health and Happiness to Two VIP Record Enthusiasts [Arstrong-Jones marriage] 10
n.a. Ernie Swings a Miller Hit [American bandleader Ernie Fields performs Glenn Miller’s "Chattanooga Choo Choo"]
Benjamin Porter, February 2004
No. 697 13 May 1960  
Goodwin, Keith & Derek Johnson Sammy Davis and Nat King Cole [Sammy Davis, Nat Cole, British tour Review] 2-3
NA Johnny Restivo Is in Good Shape [Rising American Star] 3
Fordyce, Keith On the Weeks Disc-Overies [Jerry Lordan, Billy Fury, Russ Conway, Cascading Strings, Johnnie Ray, Doris Day, Jess Conrad, Skip and Flip, Percy Faith, Fats Waller, Steve Perry] 4
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed
Anthony Newley, Love Is a Now and Then Thing
Peggy Lee, Latin a la Lee!
Connie Francis Sings Fun Songs for Children
Can Can, Soundtrack
Manuel, Music from the Mountains
Julie London, Your Number Please
Original TV Music from Wagon Train
Sweet Sound of the Browns
NA Top 5 Pop Records
1. Everly Brothers, “Cathy’s Clown”
2. Adam Faith, “Someone Else’s Baby”
3. Athony Newley, “Do You Mind”
4. Jimmy Jones, “Handy Man”
5. Duane Eddy, “Shazam”
NA Many Countries May See Roay Variety Show TV (Multi-National Televised Musical Event Announced) 6
NA Get Stars in Your Eyes [Charirty Event]
Dankworth for U.S again [Johnny Dankworth. American Tour]
Stars Can Keep Finsbury Open [London’s closed Finsbury Park Empire has chance at reopening]
Steele Home Soon to TV Date [Tommy Steele]
Glen Mason Is Anglia Host
Plan to Book British Singers in America [impresario Norm Riley plans to import British stars to U.S]
Cliff Richard’s Third 209 Series [New Radio show for star]
Liberace Wazing Palladium Album [American Star making it big in London]
Four Lads on Como Show [Show Screening] Belefonte Hour Show Whitsuntide Surprise [Harry Belefonte’s BBC-TV presentation from last Xmas]
Bevs with Cole [Beverly Sisters showcased alongside Nat “King” Cole]
Australian Offer to Lonnie Donnegan [New Tour Rumor]
Russ Conway’s “Side Saddle” [Honor for Loinel Bart with “Living Doll” as runner-up]
Charlton, Bruce Singers Who Write Their Own Songs [Billy Fury, Max Bygraves, et al] 8
Hellicar, Mike Newcomers to the Charts [Edd Byrnes and Billy Bland] 8
Johnson, Derek Question-time with Conway Twitty 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail [Pat Boone, Debbie Reynolds, Frankie Avalon, Bobby Daria, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, Alfred Drake, Pearl Baliey, Jackie Wilson, Anthony Newley, Elvis Presley] 9
Johnson, Derek Connie Francis Says, "Pop is Healthy!" 10
NA What the Stars Say about Their Royal Variety Honour [Cliff Richard, Liberace, Dennis Lotis, Sheila Buxton, Bryan Johnson, Janette, Scott & Jackie Rae, Lonnie Donegan, Diana Dors, Glen Mason, Marion Ryan, Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson, Alma Cogan, Russ Conway, Benny Lee] 10
Benjamin Porter, February 2004
No. 697 20 May 1960  
Nelson Ricky I’m as Nervous as a Kitten When I Have a New Disc Out 2
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail [Nancy Sinatra, Tony Bennet, Count Basie, Harry Belefonte, Perry Como, Eddie Fisher, Elizabeth Taylor, Neil Sedaka, W. C Handy, Crosby Brothers, Fabian, Frankie Vaughan, Miles Davis, Lena Horne, Dean Martin] 2
Goodwin, Keith Elvis Was a Hillbilly Singer [Elvis Presley, Norm Riley, Marvin Rainwater] 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviewed
Connie Francis, "Robot Man"
Jack Scott, "Burning Bridges"
Kenny Lynch, "Why Do You Treat Me This Way"
Brook Benton, "Hither and Thither and You"
Syd Dale, "The Madison Time"
Jerry Dane, "You’re My Only Girl"
Lonnie Donegan, "I Wanna Go Home"
The Avons, "We’re Only Young Once"
NA LPs Reviewed [John Hanson, Norman Newell- Fings Ain’t Wot They Used T’Be, Ella Fitzgerald Sings Gershwin Vol 3 and 4, Maurice Crevalier- Tribute To AL Jolson, Joe Williams Sings About You!, Ernest Maxin- With My Love] 4
NME Best Selling Pop Records
1. "Cathy’s Clown," Everly Brothers
2. "Someone Else’s Baby," Adam Faith
3. "Cradle of Love," Johnny Preston
4. "Handy Man," Jimmy Jones
5. "Do You Mind," Anthony Newly
NME Best Selling Sheet Music
1. "Standing on the Corner"
2. "Do You Mind"
3. "Looking High High High"
4. "Summer Place"
5. "Cathy’s Clown"
NA Tommy Steele Returns: Joins All –Star TV Cast
Disc Personalities at NME Record Stand [5th Annual All-Star Gala]
Eartha Kitt’s New London Opening Date
Peter Kraus Here Next Week
Cliff Richard’s South African Project Next Year
Robert Horton Waxing LP Here
Gene Vincent: Variety Replaces Concert Dates
Roy Castle Headlines ‘Saturday Spectacular’
BBC Capture Sammy Davis in 40-Minute Television Show
Why Dickie Valentine Missed Royal Show
Jerry Jekker Returns to U.S.A Next Month
Glen Mason’s TV Acting Role
Eddie Fisher Here for Long Stay in June
Rush for Russ at Worthing [Russ Conway]
Goodman, Davis jazz tours here? [Miles Davis and Benny Goodman]
Johnson, Derek Sammy Davis Led the Pop Brigade to Great Triumph [Royal Variety Performance- Sammy Davis Jr., Cliff Richard, Lonnie Donegan, Adam Faith] 7
Goodwin, Keith ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Exceeds Wildest Hopes [Sammy Davis Jr., British performances] 9
Davis, Sammy Sammy Davis Writes for You about…Sinatra, Presley, Darin, Martin [Autobiographical, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin] 9
Goodwin, Keith & Hellicar, Mike Star Achievements which Led to Royal Occasion [Brief Artist Biographies- Sammy Davis, Nat King Cole, Russ Conway, Lonnie Donegan, Cliff Richard, Adam Faith, Robert Horton, Max Bygraves, Liberace, Alma Cogan, Ronnie Hilton, Vera Lynn, Janette Scott, Jackie Rae, Teddy Johnson, Pearl Carr, Bryan Johnson, Marion Ryan, Gary Miller, Yana, Ronnie Carroll, Anne Shelton, Glen Mason, Joan Regan, Billy Cotton, Dennis Lotis, John Barry, Sheila Buxton, Jack Hylton] 10-14
Goodwin, Keith Royal Star Scored Triumph at Great Concerts [Nat Cole, interview, biographical] 13
NA What the Press Said about Sammy Davis Next Morning [Newspaper Excerpts] 14
NA Life Lines [Duane Eddy Profile] 17
NA Neil Sedaka Joins International Set [Rising Star on RCA] 17
Francis, Connie I Find Romance in Vienna (Artist Story) 18
Wedge, Don Marino Marini Puts His Music on a Sound Basis (Marino Marini Quartet Biography) 18
Donnelly, Peter Fast-Moving Cannon, Twitty Preston Show [Johnny Preston, Freddy Cannon, Conway Twitty] 20
Benjamin Porter, 6 March 2004
No. 698 27 May 1960  
Keith Goodwin Gordon and Sheila McRae Pay Us Their First Visit 2
James Wynn U.S. Deejay in Europe to Seek Rock’s Successor 2

Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1. Cathy’s Clown by the Everly Brothers (Warner Bros.)
2. Cradle of Love by Johnny Preston (Mecury)
3. Someone Else’s Baby by Adam Faith (Pariophone)
4. Handy Man by Jimmy Jones (MGM)
5. Sweet Nuthin’s by Brenda Lee (Brunswick)

NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. Do you Mind (Macmelodies)
2. Standing on the Corner (Frank Music)
3. Cathy’s Clown (Acuff-Rose)
4. Summer Place (Blossom)
5. Looking High High High (Robbins)
N/A Fans Voted and Helped Cliff Richards Pick Next Disc, but It Wasn’t His Choice! 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles
George Formby, "Happy Lucky Me"
Valerie Masters, "Banjo Boy"
Honey Twins, "Send a Picture Postcard"
Russ Sainry, "Standing Around"
Fleetwoods, "Trang Do"
Johnny Nash, "Good Bye"
Lana Sisters, "Magic Colour of the Moon Light"
De John Sisters, "Yes Indeed"
N/A Latest Buddy Holly Disc Is Sentimental 4
N/A Tommy Steele Stage Projects after Film, TV Plans
Judy Garland May Fly Here for Charity Gala
Stars Sought for Victoria Palace Variety Season
"Easy Beat" Time to Be Doubled
Pianist in Como's Berlin Tribute
Tommy Steele Stage Projects Alter, Film, TV Plans
Frank [Vaughan] Back Again!
Previn TV Confirmed
Cherry at Las Vegas [Wainer]
N/A Anthony Newley to Guest with Shirley Bassey
Bart Deps for Richard [Cliff Richards]
Caroll, Mason 208 Series Set
Stars of Coventry's Autumn Show
Sammy Davis at Battersea
Single from New Musical [Lionel Bart]
Robert Horton TV in London?
Norm Riley Ronnie Hawkins Thought Train Went on to Australia! [Norm Riley, hoax] 8
James Wynn How Johnny Preston Found ‘Cradle of Love’ 8
Derek Johnson Most Hold Name Sinatra as Their Favourite Pop Singer, but Who Does Frank Himself, Seconded by Sammy Davis, Nominate? It’s Vic Damone 9
Keith Goodwin Songland’s Veteran (aged 87) Forecasts: Pop Music Will Improve Soon [Louis Bernstein, Jiimmy Phillips] 9
Mike Hellicar Why I Haven’t Lost Eddie Cochran [Sharon Sheeley] 10
Nat Hentoff Tony Bennett will make a TV tour 10
Tim Rosenman, February 2004

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