New Musical Express | June 1960

No. 699 3 June 1960
n.a. Cliff Richard Proves He Can Pick Talent 2
n.a. Edith Piaf Makes Disc History 2
n.a. The Singer from Covent Garden – Vegetable Section! (Tommy Bruce) 2
n.a. Songstress Recall (Connie Frances and Rosemary Clooney) 2
n.a. A Star Pleads – Don’t Grow Up Too Soon, Girls 2
Nat Hentoff Jimmy (‘Handy Man’) Jones 3
n.a. From the Desk of Sammy Davis Jr. 3
Derek Johnson Four Boys ‘Got a Girl’ – and a Hit! (The Four Preps) 3
n.a. Sammy and Carmen – hit duettists 4
n.a. Bobby Rydell Has a Cert Winner 4
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1.  "Cathy’s Clown," Everly Brothers (Warner Bros.)
2.  "Cradle of Love," Johnny Preston (Mercury)
3.  "Handy Man," Jimmy Jones (MGM)
4.  "Sweet Nuthin’s," Brenda Lee (Brunswick)
5.  "Someone Else’s Baby," Adam Faith (Parlaphone)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. "Cathy’s Clown" (Acuff-Rose)
2. "Do You Mind" (Macmelodies)
3. "Summer Place" (Blossom)
4. "Standing on the Corner" (Frank Music)
5. "Looking High High High" (Robbins)
n.a. Sammy Davis, Louis Armstrong, Gene Kelly in London film project
[Tommy] Steele Wedding Plans Forming
208 D-J Picked for ‘Club’ Host
Mono and Stereo Sounds on Same Disc Soon
PRS Open New HQ
Beat Show with Newley?
Manager to Promote Our Talent in U.S. [Irving Chezar]
Twenty Years of ‘Work Music
New Names in ‘Sugar Beat’
U.S. Writer Coming [George Dunning]
Bands Signed for ATV’s Pop Series
Dragon on T.V.
No ‘Travellin’ Home’ on Vera Lynn TV Show
Craig Douglas Has Scandinavian Plans
Variety Debuts in Hometown
Robert Horton’s British Drama Debut Fixed
‘Pick of Pops Extended’
Ronnie Carroll in ‘Tempo 60’
n.a. Eddie Fisher to Wax in Britain this Summer
Dalli Has 3,000 film for Maria Lanza Role
ABC-TV Has No Teen Plans after ‘Wham!’
BBC to Screen Summer Shows
Playboys’ Dates
Cliff Richard’s ‘Tease’ Disc Date
Latin Guests
Third ‘Sing It Again’ Album to Be Waxed
‘Pops Parade’ in Torquay|
Conway Twitty Flies to Rome
Shani’s Return
Frankie Vaughn Gets New Pianist
Song Festival Team
Lita Roza Tour to Be Extneded
n.a. Billy Fury – Can He Be Britain’s Paul Anka? 8
James Wynn Actor Faith Shows Great Promise 8
Keith Goddwin Jazz 8
Derek Johnson Catchy Tunes, Big Laughs in ‘Lil Abner’ 8
Derek Johnson Bert Weedon Comes Up with a Guitar Gimmic for Fans 9
Sharon Sheely Dates with Elvis 10
Jim Rich Everythings OK-K-K! It’s Three Kaye Sisters Again! 10
n.a. Star disc-makers record-breakers? 11
Tim Rosenman, March 2004
No. 700 10 June 1960
n.a. Life-Lines of Sammy Davis, Junior 2
Keith Goodwin Ray Charles 2
Derek Johnson Question Time with Freddy Cannon 3
Bruce Charlton Moe Gale Has Helped Many Stars Find Fame, Including Ella Fitzgerald.  Now He’s Making Jimmy Jones into a ‘Handy Man’ 3
Tom Lehrer Pat Boone’s Spring Rain’ Is Romantic 4
Kitty Kallen Compelling ‘Starbright’ by Johnny Mathis 4
n.a. Gene Vincent Rocks ‘Pistol Packin’ Moma’ 4
Allen Evans Album of the Week (What Every Girl Should Know – Doris Day) 4
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1. Cathy’s Clown- Everly Brothers
2. Cradle of Love – Johnny Preston (Mercury)
3. Handy Man – Jimmy Jones (MGM)
4. Sweet Nuthin’s – Brenda Lee (Brunswick)
5. Three Steps to Heaven – Eddie Cochran (London)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Cathy’s Clown" (Acuff-Rose)
2. "Do You Mind" (Macmelodies)
3. "Summer Place" (Blossom)
4. "Cradle of Love" (Good)
5. "Standing on the Corner" (Frank Music)
n.a. Tommy Steele Limits TV to Christmas Day: Thriller Film Made in Ireland
Three of Bing’s Boys in Como Show Soon
‘Rainbow Room’ Returns for New Series on Monday
Holiday Radio Series
Filming, Not Variety for Anthony Newley
Harmonica-Accordion Disc Series
Frankie Vaughn: No Time to Tour After Brighton
Savoy Reception After Steele Wedding
Freddy Cannon’s Quick ‘Saturday Club’ Return
‘Elvis Back’ LP on July 1
Robinson in U.S.
Johnny Kid on ‘Cool’
Emile Ford in first ‘Tin Pan Alley’ Show
Andy Williams’ Britain Visit
500 – Not Out
n.a. Frank Sinatra Invited to Sammy Davis Farewell and to Do Own Season!
‘Gigi’ Ends – For Now
David Whitfield in ‘Rose Marie
Returning to Jury
Adam Faith Film Premiere Off
Date of MacRae ‘Spectacular’
First Mantoviani Radio Series in Three Years
Tommy Bruce May Lead Beat Show
BBC Guest Leader
Rebooked to Australia
Rosemary Squares Off Radio, TV, Despite Rush to Hospital
Keith Goodwin Lonnie Donegan Tells Why He Doesn’t Rush into Movie-Making 8
n.a. Cameraman Thought Russ Conway Was Clapper-boy 8
Derek Johnson Not Enough Cliff, but Toni Dalli Dazzles Blackpool Show Very Good 9
Nat Hentoff’s Purely from Hunger 9
Vernon Franks New Star (Brian Budge) 9
Bernard Farrant Mudlarks Score 9
Andy Gray What Darin and Presley Talked About When They Met 10
Derek Johnson Azzam Group True United Nations! 10
Keith Goodwin ‘Lil’l Abner’ Big Thrills – Thanks to Nelson Riddle 10
n.a. Sammy’s Hoping… 12
Tim Rosenman, March 2004
No. 701 17 June 1960  
Johnson, Derek Jim Reeves Means to Stay ["He’ll Have To Go"] 2
Rich, Jim Michael’s First Triumph [Michael Cox, Triumph label] 2
Fullard, Jack Film and Show Reviews: Conway Twitty, Paul Anka make Film Debuts 2
n.a. Who’s Where [listing of upcoming performances] 2
Johnson, Derek The Name Sinatra Is Magic [Frank Sinatra] 3
Evans, Allen Review of LP’s: Wild One-Tommy Rydell, Crazt Times-Gene Vincent, The Sound of Fury-Billy Fury, Mr. Dynamo-Ronnie Hawkins 4
Fordyce, Keith Review of Current Singles: Paul Anka song has calypso tempo, Marty Wilde, Bobby Darin, Jacqui Chan, Buddy Greco, Jimmy Jones, Vera Lynn, Potted Pops, Jo Stafford, Peter Wlliot 4
n.a. NME Music Charts
1. Everly Brothers, "Cathy's Clown"
2. Johnny Preston, "Cradle of Love"
3. Eddie Cochran, "Three Steps to Heaven"
4. Jimmy Jones, "Handy Man"
5. Lonnie Donegan, "I Wanna Go Home"
n.a. New This Week 5
n.a. U.S. Disc Stars in Musicals
Royal Show’s Top View Figure
Pop Stars in New Film
Radio-gram in Your Car
Names in the News
Tommy Bruce Takes Gene Vincent’s Place in Blackpool Show
Connie Francis Star of Hollywood Film Comedy
Film Music Ace Is in London [Dimitri Tlomkin]
Mantovani Starts Series [Paolo Manotvani]
Sinatra Tour in Europe? [Frank Sinatra]
Early ‘Go Man Go’
New Double Act- Joe and Dickie [Joe Henderson and Dickie Valentine]
Visit Put Back [Les Paul-Mary Ford]
Carmen Dragon to Join Disc Jury
New Platter Is Chosen [Sonny Turner replaces Tony Williams]
To Be Freddy Cannon’s Guest [Ian Samuel visits with Fred Cannon]
Como, Sinatra, Crosby TV Guest Interchange [Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby]
Malcolm Mitchell ITV Farewell
n.a. Sammy Davis Offered Palladium Season
TV Series for Carol Carr
E.R. Lewis on LP’s
Michael Cox Leads Seaside Package
Pianist in Valley [Richard Allen]
Cliff Richard Glasgow Christmas Attraction
Palladium Party Planned
Presley’s Next Funny Western [Elvis Presley]
Jane Morgan Is Back Next Week for Major TV
More Variety for Newley [Anthony Newley]
Jo Stafford TV Postponed
Peter Kraus to Wax London
Coward with Steele? [Noel Coward and Tommy Steele]
U.S. Musical Star in ‘Startime’ [Featuring Anne Heywood]
Bournemouth Teen Shows [Pier Theatre at Bournemouth]
‘Deeps’ in Club [Harry Douglas and the Deep River Boys]
Jazz Singers Coming
Tommy’s Brother Returns [Tommy Steele]
Hellicar, Mike NME Survey on New Faces ‘Newcomers of Today, Stars of Tomorrow?’ 8, 9
n.a. The Lifelines of Billy Fury 9
Hentoff, Nat Elvis Is De-moted [Elvis Presely] 9
Hentoff, Nat Dean Was Born too Soon [Dean Martin] 9
V.F. Ruby Murray’s Surprise Duet 9
n.a. From You to US 9
Conway, Russ My Palladium Thrills 10
n.a. Sammy Davis praises stars 10
n.a. Classified Ads 11
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: Decca’s Decade of LP’s 12
Steven Schoenfeld, February 2004
No. 702 24 June 1960  
Goodwin, Keith Home from Hollywood, His Ambition Fulfilled: Frankie Vaughn Looks Forward to Live Audiences Once More 2
Plomley, Roy Marty Wilde Chose Tchaikovski as an Island Mate 2
Evans, Allen EP’s 2
Hellicar, Mike Britain Holds No Jinx for Me- It’s a Grand Place [Gene Vincent] 3
Goodwin, Keith Jazz 3
Johnson, Derek A Top Marke for Anthony [Marke Anthony] 3
Fordyce, Keith Pops Page Reviews: Ray Pilgrim, Roy Castle, Mitch Miller, Sam Cooke, Paul Beattie, Garry Mills, Hollywood Argyles 4
n.a. Mike Holliday Sings Weepie with Happy End 4
n.a. Bobby Darin Spiritual Is Jubilant Success 4
Evans, Allen LP’s and Album of the Week 4
n.a. NME music charts: Best Selling Records in Britain
1. Everly Brothers, "Cathy’s Clown"
2. Eddie Cochran, "Three Steps to Heaven"
3. Connie Francis, "Robot Man"
4. Jimmy Jones, "Good Timin’"
5. Tommy Bruce, "Ain’t Misbehavin’"
n.a. NME music charts: Best selling sheet music in Britain
1. "Paper Roses"
2. "Summer Place"
3. "Love Is Like a Violin"
4. "Cathy’s Clown"
5. "Cradle of Love"
n.a. New pop Stars Get Big Break at Bournemouth [Dave Sampson, Cliff Richard]
Pete Murray Celebrates His Hundredth ‘Party’
Belafonte Wins Top Television Honour [Happy Belafonte]
Adam Faith U.S. Visit Likely in Autumn
n.a. Winnie Atwell tour plans completed
Richard, Faith, Ford in ‘Saturday Club’ [Adam Faith, Cliff Richard, Emile Ford]
5, 6
n.a. ‘Tin Pan Alley’ TV Series Captures More Top Names [The King Brothers, Michael Holiday, Roy Castle, and Tommy Bruce]
Four Russ Conway Shows in a Week
Tommy Steel’s Opening Date at Old Vic
‘Spectacular’ Date Revealed [Ron Conway- ‘Saturday Spectacular’]
Goodwin, Keith Doris Day Still Gives Lots of Happiness to Thousands of Fans 7
n.a. From You to Us 7
Johnson, Derek These Stars Have Recorded Tunes by Lionel Bart, Who Admits: "I’ve Taken a Dickens of a Liberty with “Oliver Twist’ [Anthony Newly, Shirley Bassey, Max Bygraves, Alma Cogan, Ted Heath] 7
n.a. Life Lines of Emile Ford 8
Hentoff, Nat From America 8
Wedge, Don Oh, What a Wonderful Wedding [Tommy Steel] 9
n.a. Hello Again to Jane Morgan 9
D.J. And Tommy [Steele] Hits the Charts with Another Cockney Song 9
n.a. Classified Advertisements 10
n.a. Most Enjoyable for Connie Francis 11
n.a. Bruce Forsyth Sparkles 11
Goodwin, Keith Jazz on the Riverboats 11
Steven Schoenfeld, February 2004

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