New Musical Express | July 1960

No. 703 1 July 1960  
Johnson, Derek Derek Johnson Examines the NME British Charts for the First Six Months of 1960 in this Record Survey [Anthony Newley, Adam Faith, Cliff Richard] 2
n.a. Life-Lines of Neil Sedaka 3
Goodwin, Keith Tommy Bruce Blasts Way to Number Two 3
Fordyce, Keith Brenda Lee Blasts Out Great Follow-Up Disc 4
Fordyce, Keith Conway Twitty Has Two-Sided Winner Here 4
Fordyce, Keith Keith Fordyce on Singles 4
Evans, Allen LPs by Allen Evans 4
n.a. This week's top rank ten
1. Jack Scott, "Burning Bridges"
2. Jimmy Clanton, "Another Sleepless Night"
3. Freddy Cannon, "The Urge/Jump Over"
4. Craig Douglas, "Heart of a Teenage Girl"
5. Bert Weedon, "Twelfth Street Rag"
n.a. New top rank
1. The Knightsbridge Chorale, "Make Mine Mink"
2. The Echoes, "Born to be with You"
3. Kenny Day, "The Sheik of Moracco"
n.a. NME music charts
Best Selling Records in Britain
1. Jimmy Jones, "Good Timin"
2. Tommy Bruce, "Ain't Misbehavin"
3. Eddie Cochran, "Three Steps to Heaven"
4. Everly Brothers, "Cathy's Clown
5. Connie Francis- Robot Man
  Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Paper Roses"
2. "Love Is Like a Violin"
3. "Summer Place"
4. "Cathy's Clown"
5. "He'll Have to Go"
n.a. Bing Crosby to Present U.S. Star Galaxy on BBC T.V.
Come to Stagedoor for Autographs [Cliff Richard]
Hanford 'Bikini' is Super-Rush Job [Paul Hanford]
In July Hit Parade- Elvis Tells about being Home Again [Elvis Presley]
American Label to Operate in Britain
Stars as other Stars in Gala Charity Show
n.a. Michael Cox: Bournemouth Teenage Show Headliner 6, 7
n.a. New ITV 'Spectacular' Project: Jackie Rae ATV's Six Show Star
Hollywood has Plans to Make Adam Faith New James Dean
Pop Stars Sunday Seaside Dates are Revealed
Conway Twitty Back in October for Tour
Rich, Jim Patch-Eyed Johnny Kidd Keeps Rock Rolling 8
Charlton, Bruce Another Crazy Comic Charms You with a Romantic Voice [Ken Dodd] 8
Hellicar, Bruce Too Much Acker Not Enough Nat [Acker Bilke, Nat Gonella] 8
Hentoff, Nat Nat Hentoff's U.S. Airmail; Bing's Platinum Disc is Unique [Bing Crosby] 8
Hentoff, Nat Elvis Wants More Weight [Elvis Presley] 8
Farrane, Bernard Dustmen Cheer Lonnie Donegan 9
Bagshaw, Peter Kaye Sisters Carry On 9
Walsh, Peggy Dickie Valentine Does 'The Hot' 9
Franks, Vernon Happy Birthday for Adam Faith 9
n.a. From You to Us 9
Johnson, Derek The Greatest Praise Possible is Due to Connie Francis 10
Wedge, Don No Juke Boxes in Singapore; No DJ's in New Zealand 10
Wedge, Don Jerry Keller Romance 10
n.a. Star Quote [Perry Comon] 10
n.a. Classified Advertisements 11
Alley Cat, The Tail Pieces: Another 'First Time' 12
  Steven Schoenfeld, March 1960  
No. 704 8 July 1960  
Goodwin, Keith Johnny and the Hurricanes Hit Is Older Than They Are! [Johnny Paris, "Down Yonder"] 3
Johnson, Derek Nashville Will Import British [Country and Western] Singer [Russ Hamilton signed by MGM's Arnold Maxin]  
Fordyce, Keith Keith Fordyce Passes Judgment On Tony Newley's Ballad and Everly's Beat Job  
Evans, Allen LPs by Allen Evans. Album of the Week: Elvis Is Back 4
n.a. NME Top 30
1. "Good Timin'," Jimmy Jones
2. "Ain't Misbehavin'," Tommy Bruce
3. "Please Don't Tease," Cliff Richard
4. "What a Mouth," Tommy Steele
5. "Robot Man," Connie Francis
n.a. British Song Captures Four Places in Current U.S. Chart [Look For A Star, by Tony Hatch] 5
Gray, Andy Tommy, Alma Triumph [Tommy Steele and Alma Cogan] 6
Thompson, Stanley Frankie Is a True Star [Frankie Vaughan]  
n.a. [Marty] Wilde, [Shirley] Bassey, Bevs [Beverley Sisters] From Bournemouth  
  Russ Conway Robbed
[Acker] Bilk Adds Pianist
[Bobby] Darin's 'Milord'
Children Help Joan Regan, Donald Peers
Two More [Anthony] Newley Variety Dates
BFN Birthday Show
[Jerry] Keller Stays
Mudlarks Go North
Ken [Mackintosh Band] Kept Busy
Granadiers' LP
Cheaper Discs
Alma Cogan: 'Alley' Star
Stubby Kaye in Granada Show
Charity Cricket
n.a. [Elvis] Presley May Take Over [Frank] Sinatra Role: Three New Film Parts Lined Up
[Lonnie] Donegan 'Down Under' Trip Is Extended
New [Paul] Anka Film
D.J. Alan Freeman
Connie Francis Sings More Songs by Sedaka
[Johnny] Cash Calls in on Holiday
[Roy] Castle on the Air
Bruce Forsyth's First West-End Show Planned
Cliff Richard Picks 'Spectacular' Guests
Big Offer to John Barry
NME Readers Say Mark Wynter for Bournemouth
[Dickie] Valentine Comperes
'Date' with [Steve] Race
Judy Garland to Wax Album Here
Frankie Vaughan Discoveries' Break
Generous Tommy [Steele]
Sheila [Buxton]'s Xmas Show
BBC-TV to Resume Sunday Variety in September
'Oliver!' LP Soon
Goodwin, Keith Brenda Lee: No 'One-Hit' Wonder Girl ["I'm Sorry"]  
  Unfair to Frank Sinatra 8
Bartram, Doug Marty [Wilde] Slaved for Applause  
n.a. Life-Lines of Jackie Rae  
Johnson, Derek Johnny Ferguson's Original 'Angela' Chases Michael [Cox]'s [Angela Jones, Michael Cox, MGM] 9
Hentoff, Nat Diana [Dors] Has A Rueful Charm  
Goodwin, Keith Brothers Four — Mystery Woman's Hoax Made Their Dreams All Come True  
Johnson, Derek Bing Crosby: Daddy of Them All! ["Green Fields"] 10
n.a. Tommy Steele Shows Up Well  
  Kathleen Spencer, February 2004  
No. 705 16 July 1960  
Gray, Andy Andy Gray Goes North and Discovers that the Stars Are Finding Blackpool Is a City of Romance! 2
Johnson, Derek Spotlight On: Pat Boone's Return to the Hit Parade 3
n.a. Roy Castle Looks Ahead  
Evans, Allen LP's: Album of the Week: My Buddy [Buddy Greco]
Harry Belafonte, Lord, What a Mornin'
Ella Fitzgerald Sings Gershwin
Fordyce, Keith Craig Douglas Could Have Another Winner  
  Tommy Steele Avoids Usual Run of Pops  
  Duane Eddy Has Vocal Rivals on Latest Release  
NME NME Top 30
1. "Good Timin'," Jimmy Jones
2. "Please Don't Tease," Cliff Richard
3. "Ain't Misbehavin'," Tommy Bruce
4. "Shakin' All Over," Johnny Kidd
5. "Made You," Adam Faith
NME Top-selling Sheet Music
1. "Paper Roses" (Leeds)
2. "Love Is Like a Violin" (Keith Prowse)
3. "Summer Place" (Blossan)
n.a. End of Marty Wilde's 100,000 Pound Contract
Sammy Davis Refuses Palladium Season
Elvis Responsible for Terry Dene's New Disc!
Hit Disc for the Shadows
Frankie Vaughan's Hollywood Film London Premiere
'Sugar Beat' New Plans
[Dickie] Valentine's One-Man Shows
Bing Crosby Filming TV Show In Dublin
Revival of 'Oklahoma'
Judy Garland Recreates Her Famous Hit Songs!
Jimmy Jones Prepares Autumn Tour Here
n.a. Cliff Richard Heading for Second 'Gold Disc'!
Lonnie Donegan in BBC-TV Summer Show Relay
Tommy Steele's Xmas TV Show
Shirley Bassey Guests in 'Tin Pan Alley'
Wedge, Don Marty Wilde Is a Happy Young Man With 'Angry'! 8
Goodwin, Keith Johnny Worth — Writer in Demand  
Rich, Jim Garry Mills' Hit Is Big Surprise to Him 9
Johnson, Derek Brian Hyland — Star at 16!  
Goodwin, Keith 'Miss Show Business' Is a Very Welcome Visitor [Judy Garland] 10
Wynn, James 'Tramp' Is Greco's Buddy! [Buddy Greco]  
n.a. Life-lines of David Jacobs  
n.a. EMI Has Top Six 12
Johnson, Derek She Is a Trio! [Georgette Page as The Georgettes]  
  Kathleen Spencer, 19 February 2004  
No. 706 22 July 1960  
Johnson, Derek Focus on Champions of Consistency [Elvis Presley, Everly Brothers, Connie Francis, Lonnie Donegan, Cliff Richard, Anthony Newley, Adam Faith, Duane Eddy, Bobby Darin, Johnny and the Hurricanes] 2
Goodwin, Keith Jazz Records  
Hellicar, Mike Cliff Richard Gives Some Startling Answers 3
Evans, Allen Elvis [Presley] In Two Moods  
Fordyce, Keith Get Your 'Shine' From [Freddy] Cannon 4
  Pop reviews by Keith Fordyce [Dorothy Squires, Johnny Desmond, Mel Torme, Tommy Sands, Danny Rivers]  
n.a. [Ronnie] Hilton, [Gary] Miller, [Peter] Kraus, [Donnie] Brooks — They're All Ringing That 'Mission Bell'!  
Evans, Allen LPs, Eps
'Noel Harrison at the Blue Angel'
'The Most Happy Fella'
'Showcases': Anne Shelton, Harry Secombe, Robert Earl
n.a. NME Top 30:
1. 'Please Don't Tease,' Cliff Richard
2. 'Good Timin',' Jimmy Hones
3. 'Shakin' All Over,' Johnny Kidd
4. 'Ain't Misbehavin',' Tommy Bruce
5. 'Look for a Star,' Garry Mills
n.a. Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. 'Love is Like a Violin,' Keith Prowse
2. 'Paper Roses,' Leeds
3. 'Summer Place,' Blossom
4. 'Angela Jones,' Southern
5. 'Singing Piano,' Hit Songs
n.a. Jimmy Jones Here For October Tour
Special Club for Pop Disc Fans
Judy Garland Records with Previn in Rome
Disc Firm Holidays Won't Cut Supplies
Ella [Fitzgerald] Returns in March
Lonnie Donegan Faces Hectic 'Down-Under' Trip
Peggy Lee, Eddie Fisher Sought For Pigalle
[Jess] Conrad Stars in TV Rock Play
Danny Kaye To Make Film In Britain
Everlys Lead U.S. Star Parade in 'Spectacular'
[Elvis] Presley's 'O Sole Mio' Banned in Britain
n.a. [Emile] Ford's Blackpool LP — And TV With [Adam] Faith
Garry Mills in 'Pops Parade'
Charlie Drake Thanks 'Darlings' by Telephone
[Norman] Wisdom Palladium Pantomime Star
Big Stars at Morecambe
Connie [Francis] May Now Film in Germany
Stirling Moss on the 'Jury'!
Russ Conway Plans Christmas Musical
[Mark] Wynter a Star
Kingston Trio at Festival Hall?
Johnson, Derek "Oh, 'Juke Box Jury,' You Were SO Wrong," Says Derek Johnson: The Everlys Are on the Golden Trail Again 8
Charlton, Bruce Salute The Shadows! Their Record of 'Apache' Is A Hit  
Johnson, Derek Skiffle Club... Saturday Club... Easy Beat... BBC's Brian Matthew Knows His Stuff! 9
Hentoff, Nat Nat Hentoff's American Airmail  
Franks, Vernon Peter Wynne Stops Show  
n.a. From You To Us: Praise for Elvis Album  
Goodwin, Keith Now Anthony Newley Seeks the Elusive Hat-Trick of No. 1 Hits! 10
n.a. Anne Shelton's Latest Hit Was Worth the Headaches  
n.a. Tail-Pieces by the Alley-Cat: Presley's Flying Start 12
Hughes, Harold Shirley Bassey Woos and Wins Bournemouth  
  Kathleen Spencer, March 2004  
No. 707 29 July 1960  
Samwell, Ian Part One of 'Sammy in America' in which Composer Ian Samwell Tells Why Rock Is Still the Rage in the U.S.A. and about the Stars He Met There 2
N.A. The Book You'll Never Forget, "Adam His Fabulous Year" [Adam Faith tells the story of his first year of fame as a musician] 2
Goodwin, Keith British Songwriter Ian Samuel to Associate with Upstart Composer Lockie Edwards, Jr. 2
N.A. Star Quote: Frankie Vaughan to Columnist Sheilah Graham ["If I wrote a book on 'My Six Months with Marilyn Monroe'... people wouldn't believe it. The delays in the film cost me more than $130,000 in cancelled concerts, television shows and personal appearances."] 2
Johnson, Derek Elvis Defies Comparison: He's way out on his own! [Elvis is a nonconformist entertainer] 3
Wedge, Don Mark Wynter, Dave Sampson Debuts Outstanding! [Two young singers make debuts in Bournemouth, the latest holiday resort to host an afternoon pop music show] 3
N.A. The Most Popular Melody from the Year's Most Popular Movie [Theme from The Apartment all the rage at the Leicester Square Theatre, composed by Charles Williams] 3
Fordyce, Keith Reviews the Pops
Steve Lawrence: "Girls, Girls, Girls" / "Little Boy Blue" (London)
Doris Day: "The Blue Train" / "A Perfect Understanding" (Philips)
The Browns: "Margo (The Ninth of May)" / "Lonely Little Robin" (RCA)
Nina and Frederick: "Carnival" / "My Home Town" (Columbia)
Ginny Arnell: "Carnival" / "We" (Brunswick)
Cyril Stapleton: "Havana Merry-Go-Round" / "Doll Dance" (Decca)
Jess Conrad: "Out of Luck" / "Unless You Mean It" (Decca)
Lynn Cornell: "What a Feeling" / "Teaser" (Decca)
Bert Weedon: "Apache" / "Lonely Guitar" (Pye)
The Skyliners: "Pennies from Heaven" / "I'll Be Seeing You" (Polydor)
Billy Williams: "I Cried for You" / The Lover of All Lovers" (Coral)
Fordyce, Keith Potted Pops
The Mills Brothers: "Highways Are Happy Ways" / "I Got You" (London)
Alan Fielding: "I Love Suzie Brown" / "I'll Never Understand" (Decca)
Ed Townsend: "Don't Get around Much Any More" / "Do Nuthin' till You Hear from Me" (Capitol)
Evans, Allen LPs [Albums of the Week]
Lanza Caruso: Lanza Caruso Favourites-Best of Caruso (RCA)
Compilation: Spiritual to Swing (Top Rank)
Tab Hunter: Tab Hunter (Warner Bros.)
Eric Delaney: Swingin' thro' the Shows (Parlophone)
Cherry Wainer: Waltzes in Swing Time (Top Rank)
Tito Alberti: Latin American Dance Date (Philips)
Robert Prince: Broadway's Greatest Ballets (Warner Bros.)
Pete Rugolo: Behind Brigitte Bardot (Warner Bros.)
Advertising Now in the Hit Parade!
Donald Peers, "Papa Loves Mama"/ "Janet" (Columbia)
Advertising Alma Cogan: "Thanks for Driving my 'Train of Love' into the Hit Parade" 4
Advertising Now Hear the Original Exciting Version "Apache" by Bert Weedon on Top Rank Jar 415 4
Advertising Pye: The Hit Version. Gary Miller: "Mission Bell" (Pye) 4
N.A. Top Thirty
1. "Please Don't Tease," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
2. "Good Timin'," Jimmy Jones (MGM)
3. "Shakin' All Over," Johnny Kidd (HMV)
4. "Ain't Misbehavin'," Tommy Bruce (Columbia)
5. "Look for a Star," Garry Mills (Top Rank)
N.A. Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Love Is Like a Violin" (Keith Prowse)
2. "Paper Roses" (Leeds)
3. "Please Don't Tease" (Belinda)
4. "Summer Place" (Blossom)
5. "Angela Jones" (Southern)
Advertising Rolf Harris, "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport" (Columbia) 5
Advertising The Best in Pop Entertainment from EMI
Tommy Sands, "The Old Oaken Bucket" (Capitol)
Johnny Preston, "Feel So Fine" (Mercury)
Michael Hill and His Rockin' Harpsichord, "Joey's Song" (Parlophone)
Donald Peers, "Papa Loves Mama" (Columbia)
Ronnie Hilton, "Mission Bell" (HMV)
Advertising Pick Your Pops Here
Bob Cort, "Mule Skinner Blues" (Decca)
Elvis Presley, "The Girl of My Best Friend; a Mess of Blues" (RCA)
Bryan Hyland, "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" (London)
The Drifters, "Lonely Winds" (London)
Hollywood Argyles, "Alley-Oop" (London)
Fats Domino, "Walking to New Orleans" (London)
Ferrante and Teicher, "Theme from The Apartment" (London)
N.A. Garry Mills' Name Causes Protest [Miles was alleged to have got his name by recording cover version of "Look for a Star," sung by Britain's Garry Mills]
Dion and Belmonts on First 'Toppermost' LP [Top Rank introduced new LP series called "Toppermost!" after current ad slogan "Toppermost of the Poppermost," which will include pop artists]
Been Running Fifteen Years Non-Stop! [German and British fifteen-year anniversary of British Forces Network (BFN) between London and Cologne]
Learn the Stars' Intimate Secrets- in August 'Hit Parade' [Gossip magazine about musicians]
Shadows' Hit on U.S. Market ["Apache" by the Shadows distributed to America]
They're Wild about Marty [Marty Wilde's Blackpool Palace concert a hit, so booked for Sunday and Aug. 14th]
Rock in the Ballroom [Larry Parnes to showcase talent, each Monday at Hammersmith Palais, Parnes will hold a record session and talent contest]
Ford's First LP [Recorded with Pye, will be released on Aug. 19th as "New Tracks with Emile"]
N.A. For His Third Film- Cliff Richard Okays Teenage Love Story
Vaughan Film to Aid Boys' Clubs [Let's Make Love Hollywood movie, starring Frankie Vaughan, to be shown as special midnight charity premiere]
Rank Sign Joe Meek- and Get Michael Cox! [Meek to produce for Top Rank release and promote first big success of Triumph label in Cox]
Stars on the Silver Mile [The Kings Brothers, Frankie Vaughan, and Eric Winston's band, among other pop personalities, supported Brighton and Hove "Silver Mile" charity event organized by Variety Club]
New C&W Group [Country styled band Derek Roberts and his Black Stetson Boys]
Craig Douglas in Brighton TV [BBC-TV Aug. 18th "Summer Masquerade" along with comedian Cyril Fletcher and the Eric Delaney band]
Bilk Going North [Mr. Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band first visit to Scandinavia later this year]
Darin in Film [Singer Bobby Darin in Come September]
Thanks Barry Alldis, Ted King, and Don Moss for Making "Tintarella Di Luna" by Dorothy Collins Radio Luxembourg's Record of the Week!
Johnson, Derek Derek Johnson Introduces Newcomers to the Charts
Valerie's No Mimic [Review of British, 20-year-old singer Valerie Masters]
Paul Gets in Swim [Review of British, 18-year-old singer of Parlophone Records]
N.A. Life-Lines of Johnny Kidd [Profile of British artist] 8
Advertising He's Sensational! Johnny Kidd and the Pirates with His Fabulous Hit "Shakin' All Over" and "Yes Sir, That's My Baby" [His Master's Voice (HMV)] 8
N.A. Star Quote [Bobby Rydell about his fans, "They could murder me and I wouldn't care. They clutch my jacket, try to get my comb, and even snatch at my shoelaces. They grab me by the head and kiss me. I can't do anything about it."] 8
Advertising Congratulations Johnny Kidd- We're "Shakin' All Over!" [Mills Music Limited] 8
Advertising Fosters Agency Ltd. Announce that They are Now Exclusively Representing the Following Artists for L.M.P. Entertainments Ltd. [Including Larry Parnes' Marty Wilde, Billy Fury, and Dickie Pride] 8
N.A. History Repeats Itself for the King Brothers? Mais Oui! [With song "Standing on the Corner" and "Mais Oui," Bros. could reach the charts with two consecutive hits for the first time since "White Sport Coat" and "In the Middle of an Island," released in 1957] 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail from Nat Hentoff: TV Crime Series Signs Darin, Anka [Show "Dan Raven" signed Bobby Darin and Paul Anka] 9
N.A. Yarmouth Meets- and Cheers the Beat ["Meet the Beat," live rock 'n' roll show featuring Billy Fury shown at Britannia Theatre on Sunday]  
Hellicar, Mike Climbing the Charts Again- and Mike Hellicar Reports that Duane Drops the Twang in New Disc ["Because They're Young" by Duane Eddy changed style with waxing sessions] 10
N.A. Joan Regan (with Donna and Rusty), "Papa Loves Mama" (Pye) 10
Charlton, Bruce Whoolp, beloop! It's All the Rage [Wobbleboard introduced by Australian Rolf Harris in music] 10
N.A. Star Quote [Neil Sedaka, "Last year, you could come up with a song that had a 'feel' or a sound, but now competition is keener and the public is listening to the words. You need something with a lyric that can be sung." 10
N.A. The August Issue of "Hit Parade" on Sale Monday Aug. 1st [Magazine with articles written by Adam Faith, Jimmy Jones, Frankie Vaughan, Lonnie Donegan, and Johnnie Ray] 11
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: Ros- World Topper [News and quotes from the music world] 12
  Zach Brown, October 2009  


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