New Musical Express | August 1960

No. 708 5 August 1960  
(cover page) Photographs of: Cliff Richard, Nat King Cole, Peggy Lee, Adam Faith, The Shadows, Lonnie Donegan, Michael Cox 1
N.A. From You to Us [Readers’ letters] 2
Johnson, Derek Tin Pan Alley’s Shop Window is Radio Luxembourg [Announcer Ernie Williams on Radio Luxembourg] 2-3
Goodwin, Keith Bassey’s Back with Big Bart Ballad [Shirley Bassey, “As Long as He Needs Me” from Bart’s Oliver!] 3
Fordyce, Keith Covers the singles: Sweet, Dreamy Frankie Avalon, Gay, Debonair Guy Mitchell
Frankie Avalon: “Where Are You” / “Tuxedo Junction” (HMV)
Guy Mitchell: “Silver Moon upon the Golden Sand” / “My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You” (Philips)
Mark Wynter: “Image of a Girl” / “Glory of Love” (Decca)
Johnnie Ray: “Tell Me” / “Don’t Leave Me Now” (Philips)
Terry Dene: “Geraldine” / “Love Me or Leave Me” (Oriole)
Diana Trask: “Long Ago Last Summer” / “Turn to Me” (Philips)
Ray Ellington: “Jump Over” / “The Madison” (Ember)
Jimmy Edwards: “I’ve Never Seen a Straight Banana” / “Rhymes” (Fontana)
Jo Ann Campbell: “Bobby Bobby Bobby” / “A Kookie Little Paradise” (HMV)
Ray Coniff: “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” / “Paradise” (Philips)
The Brothers Four: “Ellie Lou” / “My Tani” (Philips)
Fordyce, Keith Potted Pops:
Pete Fountain: “Sentimental Journey” / “Columbus Stockade Blues” (Coral)
Andre Previn: “Like Love” / “Love Me or Leave Me” (Philips)
The Ventures: “Home” / “Walk, Don’t Run” (Top Rank)
NME Top Thirty
1.  “Please Don’t Tease,” Cliff Richard (Columbia)
2.  “Good Timin’,” Jimmy Jones (MGM)
3.  “Shakin’ All Over,” Johnny Kidd (HMV)
4.  “Mess of Blues,” Elvis Presley (RCA)
5.  “Apache,” The Shadows (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  “Love is Like a Violin” (Keith Prowse)
2.  “Paper Roses” (Leeds)
3.  “Summer Place” (Blossom)
4.  “Please Don’t Tease” (Belinda)
5.  “Polkadot Bikini” (Feldman-Mogul)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1.  “I’m Sorry,” Brenda Lee
2.  “Polkadot Bikini,” Brian Hyland
3.  “It’s Now or Never,” Elvis Presley
4.  “Only the Lonely,” Roy Orbison
5.  “Alley-Oop,” Hollywood Argyles
N.A. Big Plans for Christmas Matinee Beat Shows [negotiated by Larry Parnes]
Connie Francis Pleads with D-Js—‘Please don’t play my record!’ [trying to suppress “Robot Man,” not yet released in U.S. ]
Records to Cost a Little More
Ella in Film [Ella Fitzgerald]
Coles’ Flying Visit [Nat King Cole and family]
BBC-TV Capture U.S. Entertainer [Hoagy Carmichael]
U.S. Release for Next Cox Disc [Michael Cox]
Bruce Airing [Tommy Bruce on television]
Dalli for Vegas [Toni Dalli]
Twice-Daily Disc Request Spot [on BBC radio]
N.A. London Cabaret Projects for Shirley Bassey and U.S. Stars
‘Lunch Box’ to be ATV Attraction
N.A. Judy Garland U.K. Tour Discussed
Going ‘Down Under’ with Donegan [tour in Australia and New Zealand]
U.S. Film Company Seek Faith Subject [Adam Faith]
Russ Conway Given First ‘Spectacular’ of His Own
Emile Ford Predicament If Next Disc Is a Hit
Crosby TV Talks [Bing Crosby]
Liberace Date [on television]
Jimmy Jones Tour Plans Go On, Despite Rivalry
Free LPs for Forecasts [prizes for forecasting the week’s hits on Radio Luxembourg]
Anderson Arrives [Ernestine Anderson]
Charlton, Bruce ‘Look for a Star’: the rejected song that has become an international hit [Garry Mills, Tony Hatch, “Look for a Star”] 8
N.A. Star Quote by Bobby Darin 8
N.A. Life-lines of Craig Douglas [biographical information] 8
Samwell, Ian Concluding Ian Samwell’s U.S. Diary ‘Sammy in America ’: Brenda’s Sweet Somethin’ [Brenda Lee’s success in America ] 8
Wynn, James Alma’s ‘Train’ Really Rocks [Alma Cogan, “Train of Love”] 9
Goodwin, Keith David Whitfield Has to Relearn ‘Rose Marie’ [“Rose Marie,” prewar musical script] 9
Hentoff, Nat Nat Hentoff reports in American Airmail: Bobby Darin Waxes Album at Copa [and other celebrity information/comments] 9
Johnson, Derek Derek Johnson tries to solve the Paul Anka Mystery [regarding absences from hit parades] 10
N.A. The Girl?—just an ‘Image’! The Rivals? Mark Wynter…and Nelson Keene [both artists have a version of “Image of a Girl”] 10
N.A. Classified Advertisements/Personal Advertisements 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces [celebrity gossip/information/opinion] 12
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No. 709 13 August 1960  
Goodwin, Keith The Amazing Ted Heath Band [15th anniversary] 2
Johnson, Derek Bobby Darin Washed Up? Never! 3
Charlton, Bruce Hold Everything… Johnny Ray is Coming Back. 3
Fordyce, Keith Freddy Cannon Rock is Hard-Punching 4
Fordyce, Keith Is Connie Francis Too Mechanical? 4
Fordyce, Keith Steve Lawrence - On Another Label 4
NME Best Selling Records in Britain
1. "Please Don’t Tease," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
2. "Apache," The Shadows (Columbia)
3. "Mess of Blues," Elvis Presley (RCA)
4. "Good Timin," Jimmy Jones (MGM)
5. "Shakin' All Over," Johnny Kidd (HMV)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Love Is Like a Violin" (Keith Prowse)
2. "Please Don't Tease" (Belinda)
3. "Paper Roses" (Leeds)
4. "Summer Place" (Blossom)
5. "Polkadot Bikini" (Friedman-Mogal)
n.a. New U.S. Tour by Heath Band
A-and-R Men Leave Pye
Tour Names
Radio Show D-J Galaxy
Judy Garland One-nighter at London Palladium
Sound Stand-ins
Summer Premiere
Flying Visit
Soccer, or Spectaculars
"208" Publishing Link
Managing Director Leaves Saga
Star Names — Star News
n.a. Autumn Variety Tour for Faith and Ford
Doris Day, Johnnie Ray Label Switch Imminent
n.a. Bing's Irish TV Spectacular on Commercial Channels
Stars, Dates of Mammoth Beat Show Announced
Dates for Kidd
Two TV Dates for Valentine
Joan Regan’s New TV Series
' Pops' Show Extended
Ryan Back on TV Quiz
Our Cup for Pop Golfers
TV Series Extended
Whitfield Concert
Kay Sisters Return to "Sunday Show"
Anka Senior Here
Top Rank Take-Over "Surprise" Move
Johnson, Derek Is the Exciting Lloyd Price Losing His Excitement? 8
Hellicar, Mike Meet the British Brothers Who Don’t Copy the Everly's [The Brooks Brothers, The Bachellors] 8
n.a. Gene Vincent Tells What He Thinks about Elvis in Question-Time with the Stars 9
Hentnoff, Nat Pat Boone Popular 9
n.a. Lifeline of Freddy Cannon 9
Kidd, Johnny Girls Who Gave Lads "Quivers Down the Membranes" Inspired My Hit 10
n.a. Introducing Two New U.S. Songstresses [Anita Bryant, Ernestine Anderson] 10
n.a. Over a Million Buy "Look for a Star" 12
n.a. Ella's Songs in Background! 12
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
n.a. Marlon Brando Cabaret Singer! 12
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No. 710 19 August 1960  
Johnson, Derek Did Jerry Lordon write ‘Apache’ for the Shadows?. [Jerry Lordon, The Shadows, "Apache"]
Bryan Hyland's first LP [The Bashful Blonde]
Ten Years of Fats Domino
Fordyce, Keith Frankie Vaughan's In Paradise! 4
Fordyce, Keith Lonnie Donegan Has Sure Hit 4
Fordyce, Keith Pet Clark Tells Cinderella Story 4
  5 Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. "Apache," The Shadows (Columbia)
2. "Please Don't Tease," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
3. "Mess of Blues," Elvis Presley (RCA)
4. "Because They're Young," Duane Eddy (London)
5. "Shakin' All Over," Johnny Kidd (HMV)
  5 Best Selling Sheet Music In Britain
1. "Paper Roses" (Leeds)
2. "Love is Like a Violin" (Keith Prowse)
3. "Please Don't Tease" (Belinda)
4. "Polkadot Bikini" (Friedman-Mogal)
5. "Summer Place" (Blossom)
n.a. Andrews Sisters London Cabaret Season: Johnnie Ray Sought
Disc Names Draw Capacity Crowds
Garry Mills records under EMI Banner
Ocean's Eleven' Premiere
Judy Garland Plans to Stay
The Shadows Honored by Celebration Lunch
Vera Lynn's efficiency rewarded by donation to spastics
Spectaculars' Every Other Saturday
Enter the Dale Sisters
London Could Be the Recording Capitol of the World'
Death of U.S. Composer
Shadows, King Bros. Parade Their Pops
Alma Ill Again
Donegan Renewing Contract with Pye
Jury Duty for Lionel Bart
Granada TV sign Jess Conrad
Jimmy Jones Plans: Completion Soon
Garry Mills for Norwegian concerts
n.a. Bruce Forsythe: ‘Spectaculars' not Palladium TV
Paul Anka TV dates here next month
n.a. Anthony Newley's first series of television shows
Adam Faith Concerts
Unique Outlets for Doris Day?
Star Array Visits ‘Saturday Club'
Bassey's U.S. —TV Sullivan show?
RCA Disc Contract for Lita Roza?
D-j Jack Johnson's 208 Anniversary
Jack Good produces touring rock show
Pop personalities on parade at Radio Show
Meet Max on Thursdays
Sheila Buxton Showtime' TV date
Jimmy Young's BBC disc-jockey series
Hellicar, Mike Johnny Preston Has Reason to "Feel So Fine" 8
n.a. Lionel Bart's Life-Lines 8
n.a. Meet Television's Thursday Night Twosome: Shirley Jones & Jack Cassidy 9
Goodwin, Keith Jazz discs 9
Hentoff, Nat Big Things Expected of Donegan Disc 9
Goodwin, Keith Record Buyers Are Loving "Laura" [Ricky Valance, "Tell Laura I Love Her"] 10
n.a. A winner and Roy Orbison wrote it himself 10
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: Adverse National Press publicity creates a hit! 12
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No. 711 26 August 1960  
Goodwin, Keith EMI’s Norman Newell Has 16 Hits in 8 Months 2
Johnson, Derek Norrie Paramor’s Amazing Year 2
Johnson, Derek Happy Anniversary, Cliff [Richards] 3
n.a. Last Tribute to the Great-Oscar Hammerstein 3
Fordyce, Keith Promising New Discs by Three Hit Singers [Jimmy Jones, Tommy Bruce, Neil Sedaka] 4
Evans, Allen Bart Musical Makes the Album of the Week [Lionel Bart, ‘Oliver’] 4
n.a. Top 30
1."Apache," The Shadows
2."Please Don’t Tease," Cliff Richards
3."Because they’re Young," Duane Eddy
4. "Mess of Blues," Elvis Presley
5. "When Will I Be Loved," Everly Brothers
Wedge, Don Everything Cheaper at Radio Show 6
Goodwin,Keith Stars Cheer at Vaughan premiere[Frankie] 6
n.a. ‘Dustman’Gives Donegan his first Gold Disk[‘My Old Man’s a Dustman’, Lonnie Donegan]
Micheal Cox goes to Third Label-HMV
Malcolm McGrady Quits EMI Group [Top Rank Artist-Executive Moves]
Emile Ford Dates
Special Royal Variety Show in December
New Season Como Guests [Rosemary Clooney, Crosby Brothers, "Perry Como Music Hall"]
Kirby Stone Four in TV ‘Variety Show’
Hamerstein’s Unpublished Songs [Oscar]
Freeman Becomes Big-Pay Dee-Jay [Alan]
Pop Star in Panto [Michael Holliday, Rosemary Squires, Eddie Calvert]
Hentoff, Nat Frankie Vaughan’s Next Film Set: 7 Year Contract 7
n.a. Judy Garland to Live in Britain
Craig Douglas Italy-Bound
More Films for Paul Anka
Kings on 208 [the King Brothers]
Mark Wynter to Tour with Jimmy Jones
Presley’s U.S. Top Disc Cleared for Issue Here
Steele Disc May Not be on Sale [Tommy]
Decca Will Issue "Laura" Now! [Ray Peterson, "Tell Laura I Love Her"]
Miles Davis Dates and Venues
Same Title and Group- On Different Label [The Bobbettes]
Eckstine Likely 1961 ‘Talk’ Star [Billy]
Goodwin, Keith Calling All Film Producers Dickie Valentine is Ready, Willing and Able! 8
n.a. Life-lines of Brenda lee 8
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail: Praise for Connie[Francis]
Confusion in US Over Faith [Adam]

Johnson, Derek August 26,1955 -My How Things Have Changed in 5 Years! Look Back in Wonder

n.a. ‘Roses’ Hit Makes Everyone Happy [the Kaye sisters] 9
Wynn, James Johnny Mathis is by no Mean on the Wane! 10
n.a. Fendermen Catch on Here, too
Frankie and Marilyn Make Terrific Team [Vaughan and Monroe]
Sinatra Heads an All-Star ‘Eleven’ [Frank, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’]
Judy Holliday, Dean Martin Shine in ‘Bells’ ["Bells are Ringing"]
Hellicar, Mike ‘Rose Marie’ Restricts David Whitfield 12
n.a. Trio of Stars Behind U.S. Disc Sales Boom [Elvis, Brian Hyland, Dickie Valentine] 12
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