New Musical Express | September 1960

No. 712 2 September 1960  
Evans, Allen My Retirement Is Off! [Emile Ford] 2
n.a Ken Dodd Confesses-I’m Glad I’ve Beaten the Beat With ‘Love Is Like a Violin’ 2
n.a. Demobbed, He’s Back in Uniform for Manoeuvres-With the Girls!  Elvis Scores a Bull with His G.I.  Film (and Sings Ten New Songs into the Bargain!) [G. I. Blues] 3
  Romance with Paul Anka? "We’re Like Brother and Sister," Says Annette Funicello 3
n.a Paul Anka’s Cheerful Again…And Frank Sinatra Takes It ‘Nice 'n' Easy’ 4
Fordyce, Keith Last Singles Reviewed: 
This Crazy Disc Should Be a Hit [The Ivy Three]
Latest Singles [Al Saxon, The Cannons, Gary Marshall, The Bobettes, Russ Sainty, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Lloyd, Clyde McPhatter, Rhet Stoller]
Evans,Allen Album of the Week:  Swing Dat Hammer, Harry Belafonte 4
NME NME Music Charts
1. “Apache” The Shadows
2. “Because They’re Young” Duane Eddy
3. “Please Don’t Tease” Cliff Richards
4. “Mess of Blues” Elvis Presley
5. “When Will I Be Loved” Everly Borthers
NME Top-selling Sheet Music Sales
1. "Love Is Like a Violin" (Keith Prowse)
2. "Paper Roses" (Leeds)
3. "Please" (Belinda)
4. "Apache" (F. D. & H.)
5. "Polkadot Bikini" (Feldman-Mogul)
n.a Top U.S. and British Pop Stars in Autumn ITV. Bassey [Shirley], Starr [Kay] for Palladium Show
Bing Discusses Dublin Show [Crosby]
Eartha Plans New Album [Kitt]
U.S. Guitarist Calls In [Perry Botkin]
EMI Step Up Stereos
Music Firm Director Dies [Jacques Liber]
Fans Again Pick Cliff Richard’s Next Disc [‘Nine Times Out Of Ten’]
Meek Disc Stars Sign with Pye [Flee-rakkers’, Peter Jay, Ricky Wayne]
Faith U.S. Film Talks Resume [Adam Faith]
Ruby Murray for Ireland
Pete Murray U.S.-TV Series Underway [‘Happily Ever After’]
Bobby Darin Wants U.K. Concert Tour with George Burns
Jack Jackson Extension
n.a Dan Dailey Next Pigalle Top-liner: Choice of Four U.S. Stars Later [Peggy Lee, Tony Martin, Betty Grable, or Dolores Gray]
Hour-Long TV Show as Hammerstein Tribute [Oscar]
Winne Atwell Flies Off Again
Billy Fury, Joe Brown in Big Colour Film Project after ‘Rock and Trad’ Stage Tour
Russ Conway to Film TV Series
U.S-U.K. Disc Bosses London Discussion: New CBS Label Likely
Valentine Moves to Brighton [Dickie]
Donegan’s Seaside Show Comes to London-For TV [Lonnie]
Pop Stars in Big Variety Package [The Peters Sisters, Joe Henderson, Eddie Calvert]
Johnny Kidd for Dutch Convention
Jimmy Jones Tour Dates Revealed
Stone Four Guests of Joan Regan [The Kirby Stone Four]
Craig Douglas Heads Tours
Thursday toi Be Pop Music Night on the Light [BBC]
Goodwin, Keith Dean Martin Proves He Can Really Act! 8
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail: Johnny Ray’s Big Sales 8
n.a Life-lines of Bobby Rydell 8
  U.S. ‘Laura’ Released Here After All [‘Tell Laura I Love Her’, Ray Peterson]  
n.a. Mark Wynter Learns Fast by Taking Lessons 9
  Slick Vocal Group Will Clown on Television When They Come Here [Kirby Stone Four] 9
Wedge, Don It’s War! London’s Cabaret Spots Fight to Sign International Stars for Floor Shows 10
  Pigalle Captures Shirley Bassey 10
Wynn, James Fabulous Eartha Is at Talk of the Town [Eartha Kitt] 10
Goodwin, Keith Jazz [Art Tatum Discoveries, Red Garland, Newport Youth Band] 10
The Alley Cat Tailpieces: Instrumental Discs Claim Top Slots 12
n.a. Jubilant Judy! [‘An Evening with Judy Garland’] 12
  In September ‘Hit Parade’: Bing’s Amazing Secret! [Bing Crosby] 12
  Lauren Vinokur, 20 February 2004  
No. 713 9 September 1960  
Wedge, Don Takes a Last Look Round the Summer Resorts and Discovers That [Craig Douglas, Lonnie Donegan, Marty Wilde] Are Talking about Cars and Golf 2
n.a Bob Luman Chose Singing to Baseball, but Likes ‘Living’ Best of All [“Let’s Talk About Living”] 2
Darin, Bobby Bobby Darin Pens a Letter to All His British Fans 3
Johnson, Derek Frankie’s the ‘Tops’ in U.S.-But Doesn’t Want to Go! [Vaughan] 3
n.a. Singers and Their Songs: No. 1 Jerry Lordan [“Apache”] 3
Evans, Allen A Star-Studded Week of New LPs: Once More With Feeling (Billy Eckstine), Moonglow (Pat Boone), Faithfully (Johnny Mathis), We Got Us (Eydie Gorme, Steve Lawrence), Reflections (The Platters), Girl Crazy (Ian Carmichael), Saturday Night Sing Along With Mitch (Mitch Philips), Best Damn Dance-Band (Ira Ironstrings), Fantastic Percussion (Felix Slatkin) 4
Fordyce, Keith Singles:
Adam Faith Comes Up with a Sure-Fire Hit- and It’s a Good Tune, Too!
[John Barry, Eden Kane, Billy Fury, Georgia Brown, Kenny Lynch, Dave King, The Lindys, Dennis Lotis, John Scott, Allan Bruce, Dion and The Belmonts, Kay Starr]
n.a NME Top 30
1. “Apache,” The Shadows
2. “Because They’re Young,” Duane Eddy
3. “Please Don’t Tease,” Cliff Richard
4. “Mess of Blues,” Elvis Presley
5. “When Will I Be Loved,” Everly Brothers
n.a Top Sheet Music
1. “Love is Like a Violin” (Keith Prowse)
2. “Paper Roses” (Leeds)
3. “Please Don’t Tease” (Belinda)
4. “Apache” (F. D. & H.)
5. “Polkadot Bikini” (Feldman-Mogul)
Johnson, Derek Eartha Kitt Enthralling at the ‘Talk of the Town’ 6
n.a. Newley, Bygraves to Co-star in Bart’s Big Scale ‘Blitz’... Also Writing Musical for Bassey [Max Bygraves, Anthony Newley, Lionel Bart, Shirley Bassey]
Judy Garland Films Here in January [“Born in Wedlock”]
Relax with Holliday [Michael]
Jess Conrad Heads New Soccer Team
Ted Heath Plans Visit to Russia
Top London Musical Stars in Renewed ‘Showtime’
Faith, Barry Fix Album Sessions [Adam Faith, John Barry]
Lorrae Desmond Loses Baggage in Air Crash
‘Misty’ Lyricist Here with Songs [Syd Shaw]
Trad Abroad [Alex Welsh Band, Sims-Wheeler Band]
Big U.S. Project for Lita Roza
Valentine Rebooked [Dickie]
Russ Conway Series Starts on Monday
n.a. Garry Mills, Tommy Bruce, Kings [Brothers] Join ‘Saturday Club’ Album Stars
Party Marks ‘Lunch Box’ 1,000th Show
Emile Ford Palladium Sunday Night Star
Jamboree of Disc Stars on Finalised 208 Schedule: Donegan [Lonnie], Boone [Pat], Heath [Ted], Presley [Elvis], Richard [Cliff] Are Just Some of the Thrilling Names
Faith Returning to Lead ‘Club’ Cast in October [Adam, “Saturday Club”]
Johnny Ray Waxes First on New Label
Gala Sell to U.S. [Gala Records]
‘Lets Make Love’ Album Release
Sinatra Named in Big Disc Project
Barber’s U.S. Return for Leisurely Tour [The Chris Barber Band]
More Names Join ‘Rock and Trad’
Johnson, Derek Question Time with the Stars: “I Don’t Intend to Get Tied to Strings,” Answers Lonnie Donegan 8
n.a.  Fans Jump to Hank Locklin’s Rescue and Start him Climbing 8
n.a. Life-lines of Garry Mills 9
n.a. Hello Again to….Kay Starr 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail: For ‘Old Age’ [Fabian], Too Young For Romantic Poses? [Annette Funicello], Laine ‘Cover-up’ [Frankie] 9
n.a. Bandleader Frank Weir Proves Cha-Cha Isn’t Dead 10
Johnson, Derek For Five Years Now the World’s Top Stars Have Brightened Weekends in Sunday Night at the London Palladium 10
The Alley Cat Tail-pieces: [Lonnie] Donegan Disc Deal to Bring Top Money 12
n.a. Bassey Does us Proud at Pigalle [Shirley] 12
  Lauren Vinokur, 4 March 2004  
No. 714 16 September 1960  
Derek Johnson Everyone’s Whistling the Songs They Sing: Kings of Jingle Keep the Pop Stars Busy [Michael Holliday, Matt Monro, Dennis Lotis, Cliff Adams, Johnny Johnston] 2
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. "Apache"- The Shadows
2. "Because They’re Young"- Duane Eddy
3. "Mess of Blues"- Elvis Presley
4. "Tell Laura I Love Her"- Ricky Valance
5. "Only the Lonely"- Roy Orbison
Derek Johnson An Amazing ‘Volare’ Revival Gives Bobby Rydell Fame Here 3
N/A Marty Wilde Hopes He’s Written Another "Bad Boy" 3
Keith Fordyce Singles [Garry Mills, Pat Boone, Michael Cox, Ricky Nelson, Marty Robbins, Annette, Johnny and the Hurricanes, Martin and Chevalier, Tab Hunter, and Wise Boys]  
N.A. Trio of US Stars Plan Return Visits to Britain [Bobby Darin, Connie Francis, Guy Mitchell]
Ricky Valance in Ted Heath Package: Also Gary Mills, Flee-Rekkers, etc.
Whitfield on "London Lights" [David Whitfield]]
King with Starr in Telerecording [Kay Starr]
Como, Cotton Saturdays: Chevalier in Big Show [Perry Como, Maurice Chevalier]
Bilk, Gonella for Continent [Acker Bilk]
N.A. Bing’s Dublin TV is Off [Bing Crosby]
Russ Conway Starts New 208 Series [Eddie Falcon]
New Label, New Sound [Bert Weedon]
Shadows Are to Top Bills without Cliff
Derek Johnson Johnny Worth Says- Adam’s New Hit Would Suit Judy, Too! 8
Keith Goodwin Jazz [Miles Davis] 8
Judy Garland Judy Garland Tells Why I’m Going to Make My Home in Britain 8
James Wynn Craig Douglas Album May Become a Surprise Collector’s Item 9
Allen Evans EPs: Tony’s Hits (Decca) [who?], Johnny "Running Bear" Preston (Mercury), Ragtime (Columbia) [Russ Conway], A Gene Vincent Record Date (Capitol)  
Keith Goodwin Alvin S. Bennett, Head of U.S. Liberty Label, Reveals Eddie Cochran Album and 8 Singles to Come! 10
N/A Life-lines of John Barry 10
  Jamie Watkins, February 2004  
No. 715 23 September 1960  
Keith Goodwin Russ Conway’s ‘Breeze’ Is a Wind of Change 2
n.a. Life-lines of Ronnie Carroll 2
David Williamson Join in a Gay and Intelligent Verbal Romp with — Don Everly, Paul Anka, Connie Francis, Phil Everly, Who Help Each Other to Answer the Romantic Questions Fans Ask 3
n.a. Mudlarks, Marv Johnson Hope ‘Two Mountains’ Move 4
Allen Evans Album of the Week-The Eddie Cochran Memorial Album
He’ll have to Go, Jim Reeves,
Satchmo Plays King Oliver, Louis Armstrong
The Best of Chris Barber, w/ Lonnie Donegan and Ottllie Patterson
Like Blue, Andre Previn, David Rose
Autumn, Norrie Paramor
Symphony for Tommy [Dorsey]
n.a. Playful Jim Reeves Sings ‘I’m Getting’ Better’ 4
Keith Fordyce Pop Reviews: Robert Horton, Rosemary Clooney, Winifred Atwell, David Seville, Jerry Lordan, Victor Silvester, Peter Jay, Rusty Draper, Julie Rayne, Ed Townsend, The Viscounts 4
NME NME Music Charts- UK
1. ‘Apache,’ The Shadows
2. ‘Only the Lonely,’ Roy Orbison
3. ‘Tell Laura I Love Her,’ Ricky Valance
4. ‘Because They’re Young,’ Duane Eddy
5. ‘How About That!,' Adam Faith
NME Sheet Music
1. ‘Love Iis Like a Violin,’ Keith Prowse
2. ‘Paper Roses,’ Leeds
3. ‘Apache,’ F.D. & H.
4. ‘Please Don’t Tease,’ Belinda
5. ‘Because They’re Young,’ Chappell
n.a. Panel Like Ronnie- As the Mudlarks!
Plan to Team Connie Francis and Adam Faith in ‘Spectacular’
Eartha Kitt, Dave King, Bruce Forsyth Have Important Week-end Dates
Adam Faith’s New Act without John Barry
Stargazers First for New Label (Palette Records)
Craig Douglas, Mudlarks Tour with Ricky Valance
n.a. Pantomime Beckons Lotis, Dallas Boys, Ruby Murray
BBC TV Attractions — Kayes with (Billy) Cotton: Maureen Evans Break
Vince Eager Quits Parnes Package Show
Ricky Valance Rushes to Dad
Shirley Bassey New York Bound Soon
Max Bygraves Returns to Variety, TV, Films
Derek Johnson Adam Faith Kills a Rumour: ‘I’m Not Engaged-or Even Going Steady’ 8
n.a. Billy Fury Wrote His ‘Collette’ Between Rides 8
n.a. Rock Singer Roy Orbison No. 2 — with a Ballad 9
n.a. Dennis Lotis-Ten Years on Disc and Never a Chart Entry 9
Mike Hellicar Jack Good’s New Stage Show Poses a Query- Will Dixieland Kill Rock? 10
  Wanda Jackson Issues an Invite 10
Keith Goodwin Jazz Records- Gerry Mulligan-Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webster, Jon Hendricks-A Good Git Together 10
n.a. Quarter Million Film Salary for Perry Como 11
Allen Evans EP’s
Yankee Doodle Donegan,
Songs from the Musical ‘Oliver’, on Stage!, Merrill Staton Choir,
Off Stage, Tony Brent,
A Salute to Satchmo, Cockney Capers, Billy Cotton,
Cole Espanol, Nat King Cole,
Vitamins, Hormones, and Pills, Sophie Tucker,
By George, Norman George,
Santo and Johnny
  Jamie Watkins, March 2004  
No. 716 30 September 1960  
Bruce Charlton Welcome to Jimmy Jones: Bruce Charlton Predicts Tour Triumph for Mr. Handy Man 2
Don Wedge Fast and Fury-ous! — That’s Rock 'n' Trad Show [Larry Parnes] 2
n.a. Truth about Elvis and a Car Crash 2
Keith Goodwin Ricky Valance-Now No. 1- Says ‘ It’s Too Much’ 3
Derek Johnson Justice for Sam Cooke: With His ‘Chain Gang’ Release! 3
n.a. A Happy-go-lucky Song from Tommy Steele 4
Keith Fordyce Reviews the Singles:
Bobby Darin, ‘Beachcomber’
Fats Domino, ‘Three Nights a Week’
Stanley Holloway, ‘Petticoat Lane’
Caterina Valente, ‘Malaguena’
Johnny Horton, ‘North to Alaska’
Tony Brent, ‘Just A-Wearyin’’
Andy Stewart, ‘A Scottish Soldier'
  Here’s Four from Fifteen ‘Never on Sunday’ Records 4
Allen Evans LP’s- Album of the Week-The Fabulous Style of the Everly Brothers
Acker Bilk,
Sing Again with the Chipmunks,
The Gay Gordon-Joe Gordon Folk Four,
Accordion de Paris,Satin Brass-George Shering Quintet,
Leroy Anderson Conducts Leroy Anderson,
Honky Tonk Piano-Eddie Barnes,
Claudio Villa, Valerie Carr, Honeymoon in Paris
NME NME Music Charts UK
1. ‘Tell Laura I Love Her,’ Ricky Valance
2. ‘Nine Times Out of Ten,’ Cliff Richard
3. ‘Only the Lonely,’ Roy Orbison
4. ‘How About That,’ Adam Faith
5. ‘Apache,’ The Shadows
NME Sheet Music
1. ‘Paper Roses’
2. ‘Love is Like a Violin’
3. ‘Apache’
4. ‘As Long As He Needs Me’
5. ‘Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool’
n.a. Cliff Richard in Two Big Sunday TV Spots
Presley Hit Lyric Penned by Briton
More Venues for Valance [Emile Ford]
Kingston Trio Cancel U.K. Trip
Eartha Kitt Glasgow Christmas Star
Presley Film Girl with Vaughan [Juliet Prowse, Frankie Vaughan]
n.a. Adam Faith Panto Debut as ‘Mate’: Yana at Palladium; Kings at Southampton
Shadows Make Their First ‘Visual’ Disc
History of London Palladium to Make Star-Studded LP
Cliff Goes Back to School [Cliff Richard]
'Russ at the—' Series of LP’s
n.a. Life-lines of the Kaye Sisters—Sheila, Shan, Carole
Mudlarks Hope for Hat-Trick
Allen Evans EP’s
Rodgers and Hart Songbook
Tony Kinsey Quartet
Chris Barber Band Box
  Peggy Lee Writes Hits — and Sings Them 9
  Marion Ryan Says It Is Hard to Spot a Good Tune Today 9
James Wynn Wedding Present for Sammy Davis: His New Recording Enters the NME Charts This Week 10
Keith Goodwin Keith Goodwin Talks about the Fabulous Eartha Kitt 10
  Duane Eddy, Brenda Lee Head Mammoth U.S. Package 12
  Miles Davis Concert Was Sheer Joy 12
  Jaimie Watkins, 10 March 2004  

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