New Musical Express | October 1960

No. 717 7 October 1960  
Bruce Charleton Are the Public Tiring of Singers? [instrumental recordings, Johnny and the Hurricanes, Duane Eddy, The Ventures] 2
Derek Johnson No Home Should Be without this Album by Cliff [Cliff Richard, "Me And My Shadows"] 3
Derek Johnson Anonymous Piltdown Men Sound Familiar [Piltdown Men, "Macdonald’s Cave"] 3
Keith Goodwin Johnny Burnette Loves Riverboats ["Dreamin’"] 3
Keith Fordyce Brenda Lee’s DBC Will Be Wanted Definitely 4
Keith Fordyce Avons Have Rival in Brian Hyland 4
NME Charts:
1. Ricky Valence, "Tell Laura I Love Her"
2. Roy Orbison, "Only the Lonely"
3. Adam Faith, "How about That"
4. Cliff Richard, "Nine Times Out of Ten"
5. Everly Brothers, "So Sad"
6. The Shadows, "Apache"
7. Shirley Bassey, "As Long as He Needs Me"
8. John Barry Seven, "Walk, Don't Run"
9. The Ventures, "Walk, Don't Run"
10. Elvis Presley, "Girl of My Best Friend"
n/a British Stars Invade Charts World Over
Vera Lynn: Own Show on ATV
n/a Connie Francis: Two London Concerts?
(Lonnie) Donegan Sought for Blackpool Season
‘Rock ‘n’ Trad’ Booked until X-mas
Your Votes Can Bring Honour to Your Favourite Stars
n/a Welcome to Hollywood’s Song and Dance Man, Dan Daley [American club entertainers] 8
Pat Raymond Stars at Parties Are Fun [Radio Luxembourg] 9
n/a Tommy Steele's Song for Laughs Became Hit 9
n/a Life-Lines of Connie Stevens 9
Keith Goodwin Sinatra--Always a Hit Maker ["Nice ’n’ Easy"] 10
James Wynn It’ll Be a Gala Birthday [Bing Crosby, Mel Tormé, Gala Records] 10
n/a Tall Pieces by the Alley Cat: Strong Competition for Top Chart Spot 12
  Jeremy Richmond, February 2004  
No. 718 14 October 1960  
Keith Goodwin British Stars Who Have Won World Fame [Anne Shelton, Ted Heath, Laurie London, Vera Lynn, Lonnie Donegan, David Whitfield] 2
n/a Dan Dailey Sings, Dances and Clowns 2
Derek Johnson Five Singles in the Charts this Year! (Johnny and the Hurricanes) 3
Bruce Charlton Brook Benton Has Nine Hits in a Row in America but Not here 3
Keith Fordyce Frankie Vaughn Could Make ‘Milord’ a Winner 4
n/a Charlie Drake, Ted Lune Struggle with Mr. Custer 4
n/a NME Music Charts:
1. "Only the Lonely," Roy Orbison
2. "Tell Laura I Love Her," Ricky Valence
3. "How About That," Adam Faith
3. "As Long as He Needs Me," Shirley Bassey (tied at 3)
5. "So Sad," Everly Brothers
6. "Nine Times Out of Ten," Cliff Richard
7. "Apache," The Shadows
8. "Chain Gang," Sam Cooke
9. "Girl of My Best Friend," Elvis Presley
10. "Walk Don’t Run," Ventures
n/a Shirley Bassey Wins Fast Return to Palladium TV 6
n/a Non-Stop Activity Here for Connie Francis 6
n/a First TV Series for Cliff Richard 7
n/a Faith, Douglas, Castle “Easy Beat” Attractions 7
n/a Eddy, Shadows, Ford Likely New Winners as-Poll Votes Flow In by the Thousands 7
n/a New Song-dance Group to Replace Vernons 7
Derek Johnson Mantovani Boosts Anglo American Understanding 8
n/a Fats Domino Likes to Wax His Own Compositions 8
Don Broughton In Memory of Mario Lanza [anniversary of death] 8
James Wynn The Viscounts Bake Some ‘Shortnin’ Bread’ 8
Keith Goodwin Vera Lynn Sings only for TV and Discs Today 9
n/a Como Off to Good Start 9
Derek Johnson Jimmy Jones Keeps Moving All the Time He’s On Stage 10
n/a The Stargazers Stage Their Comeback 10
n/a Tall Pieces by the  Alleycat: Vaughn and Wilde Failures Surprise 12
  Jeremy Richmond, February 2004  
No. 719 21 October 1960  
n/a Manager Evelyn Taylor Explains Why It’s a Pleasure to Guide Her Top Artist to Even Greater Heights 2
n/a All about Adam (Faith) 2
n/a Craig Doubles is a Real Bill-Topper 3
n/a Bing’s ‘High Time’ at College (Crosby) 2
Derek Johnson Bing’s First Session in Britain 3
n/a Life-Lines of Sam Cooke 3
Keith Fordyce Italian Classic Makes Presley so Romantic 4
NME Music Charts:
1. "Only the Lonely," Roy Orbison
2. "As Long as He Needs Me," Shirley Bassey
3. "Tell Laura I Love Her," Ricky Valence
4. "How About That," Adam Faith
5. "Nine Times Out of Ten," Cliff Richard
6. "Walk Don’t Run," John Barry Seven
7. "So Sad," Everly Brothers
8. "Chain Gang," Sam Cooke
9. "Let’s Think about Living," Bob Luman
10. "Walk Don’t Run," Ventures
NME Sheet Music:
1. "As Long as He Needs Me" (Lakeview)
2. "Love Is Like a Violin" (Keith Prowse)
3. "Passing Breeze" (Clover- Conway)
4. "Tell Laura I Love Her" (Lawrence Wright)
5. "Paper Roses" (Leeds)
n/a Bing Crosby Wants to Wax More Titles Here
Dave Carey Leaves the Stargazers
King Brothers Guest on BBC-TV Shows
Brook Benton Plans British Visit
Frankie Vaughan's Life Told to 40 Million U.S. Viewers
Cliff Richard 'World Singer' Runner-Up to Elvis
Presley Film on General Release December 12
Forsyth Tops ATV's Palladium Bill
n/a NME Readers Take Priority for Poll Concert Seats at Wembley's Empire Pool
Ricky Valance May Be Musical 'Hercules'
Record Advance Order for Presley's New Disc
Test Film Role for Paul Anka
Keith Goodwin Australia is All Ready to Give a Real Matey Welcome to Lonnie Donegan 8
n/a Meet the 'Never on Sunday' Rivals 8
n/a Yana, Roy Castle Save Show 8
Mike Gowers They All Need Lionel Bart Now! [Lionel Bart, Shirley Bassey, Georgia Brown, "As Long As He Needs Me"] 9
n/a Paul Anka Finds Inspiration in Everyday Happenings 9
n/a Bernie (Lowe) Wants to 'Twist' You! [Bernie Lowe, Chubby Checker, "The Twist"] 9
Derek Johnson Connie (Francis) Emerges As An All-Rounder 10
n/a Franke Avalon Makes the Grade in Films ["Guns of the Timberland"] 10
The Alley Cat Tall-Pieces: Sensational Cliff! (Richards) 11
  Jeremy Richmond, March 2004  
No. 720 28 October 1960  
N/A Connie Francis Says, "My Thanks to You" cover
Hellicar, Mike Annette Funicello talks about date with Cliff Richard and other stars. 2
Hentoff, Nat Johhny Ray cuts his first disc for new label 3
N/A "Life Lines" of  Jerry Lordan 3
Fordyce,  Keith Reports on the latest singles including Connie Francis, Johnny Ray, Mike Preston, Bobby Darin, Paul Anka, Barbara Lyon, Umberto Bindi, Robb Storme, and Anita Bryant 4
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. "Only the Lonely," Roy Orbison
2. "As Long as She Needs Me," Shirley Bassey
3. "Tell Laura I Love Her," Ricky Valance
4. "How About That!" Adam Faith
5. "Dreamin," Johnny Burnette
NME Top-selling Sheet Music
1. "As Long as He Needs Me" (Lakeview)
2. "In My Little Corner of the World" (Kassner)
3. "Passing Breeze" (Clover-Conway)
4. "Love Is Like a Violin" (Keith Prowse)
5. "Tell Laura I Love Her" (Lawrence Leeds)
n.a. Greatest-Ever Parade of Pop Stars Lined Up for Colossal NME Poll Concert : March 5thConcert with All of the Big Stars
Secret Transatlantic Negotiations for Cliff Richard's Hollywood Screen Debut
Don Arrol Signed to Decca
Death of Glyn Jones
Eric Delaney's Two "Easy Beat" Broadcasts
Emile Ford to Perform a Series of One-nighters
Eartha Kitt's Palladium TV Date—November 20
Russ Conway's Piano Destroyed by Fire
Adam Faith Concerts
Connie Francis Presents Four BBC Disc Shows
Brigette May Star in Valance Film
Goodwin, Keith Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran: Their Names Live On 7
N/A Poll Winners' Supplement 7
Johnson, Derek Sums up Popularity Poll results; Cliff Richard Highest Briton Ever in World Class Connie Francis tells you about her first film Lonnie Donegan "Personality" by Hair's Breadth! 8-9
Charlton, Bruce Reviews Cliff Richard's Autobiography Entitled, "It's Great to Be Young" 12
N/A Biographies of Newcomers to Major Poll Success 13
N/A Turning the Tables Stars Talk about Fans [Russ Conway, Shirley Bassey, Cliff Richard, Connie Francis, Lonnie Donegan, Emile Ford] 14
N/A Neil Sedaka's in great demand [short bio of him, Frankie Avalon in film epic "The Alamo"] 17
Goodwin, Keith Johnny Mathis Strikes Back! New Album 18
N/A "The Fabulous Liberace Story," "Meet Frankie Laine" 19
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 20
  Nick Waldman, February 2004  

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