New Musical Express | February 1961

No. 734 3 February 1961  
Johnson, Derek America's 'Big Six' Ready to Invade London's Pigalle 2
n.a. Life-lines of Johnny Burnette 3
Goodwin, Keith Buddy Holly: A Name to Remember 3
n.a. From Us to You 3
Fordyce, Keith Review of the Singles
Faith and Barry Team Have a New Winner [John Barry and Adam Faith, "Who Am I?"]
Everly Brothers Produce Usual Rhythm ["Walk Right Back"]
Friendly Warning from Johnny Preston
Paul Anka, "The Story of My Love"
Helen Shapiro, "Don't Treat Me Like a Child"
Benny Hill, "Pepys Diary"
Tommy Bruce, "You Make Love So Well"
Bobby Day, "Over and Over"
Vernons Girls, "Ten Little Lonely Boys"
Evans, Allen LP's
Pat Boone, This and That
Sammy Davis, Pepe
Perry Como, Dreamers' Holiday
Sam Cooke, Cooke's Tour
Johnny Burnette, Dreamin'
n.a. NME Top 30 Charts
1. "Are You Lonesome Tonight," Elvis Presley;
2. "Sailor," Petula Clark
3. "Poetry in Motion," Johnny Tillotson;
4. "Pepe," Duane Eddie;
5. "Portrait of My Love," Matt Monroe
n.a. LPs of the Week
The Edge of Shelly Berman
Hello Love [Ella Fitzgerald]
Shirley [Bassey]
n.a. Top Sheet Music
1. "Sailor" (Leeds)
2. "Portrait of My Love" (Lennox)
3. "Are You Lonesome Tonight" (F.D. & H)
4. "Pepe" (Kassner-Schaeffers)
5. "Poetry in Motion" (Morris)
n.a. Donegan Sought for Four Big TV and Stage Projects
Presley's 'Flaming Star' Next Week
Jo Stafford Label Change
Joan Regan Flies to U.S.
Oriole Radio Artist on Lps
Elvis, Cliff, Adam Talk about Rock
Last R&H Musical for London in May
Peters Sisters on 75th Billy Cotton BBC-TV Show
Mark Wynter's Variety Debut
Craig Douglas in Both Events
American Sisters for TV Variety
"High, High, High" Man Writes Preston's Song
n.a. Schoolmaster Pens Two EMI "Hopes"
Lena Horne, Louis Prima, Keely Smith Visits Likely
Top Speed Tour for Cliff Richard
The Vera Lynn Story
Cliff Adams Show Replaces "Cool"
Betty Hutton on Palladium TV
Ford, Faith Dates for Next Month
Frankie Plants a Tree in Film
Cleo Laine Film Part
Bourne Music Ends
Musical Comedy Stars on ATV
Take-Over Bids for Decca Denied in All Quarters
Johnson, Derek Variations on those TV Themes 8
n.a. Meet the Manager- Cyril Berlin 8
n.a. U.S. Bonds Helps Teenagers Save 8
n.a. Teenage Color Problems in Johnny Nash's First Film 9
n.a. Max Bygraves Plays It Safe at Talk of Town 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail 9
Savile, Jimmy "Fabulous!" Exclaimed Elvis to Me as I Gave Him His Gold Disk 10
Goodwin, Keith Conway Twitty Rocks a Surprising Tune 10
n.a. Classified Adds 11
n.a. Sinatra Gives Kennedy a Starry Start-Off 12
  Lee Assoulin, March 2005  
No. 735 10 February 1961  
Goodwin, Keith Big: That's the Word for Duane Eddy 2
n.a. Life Lines of Petula Clark 2
n.a. Should the Shadows Part from Cliff? 3
Evans, Allen EP's
Donegan Lonnie, Hit Parade
Frankie Vaughan, Favorites
Chisholm, George Crazy Party Time
Billy May, Makin Whoopee, Lets Put Out the lights, Top Hat, Cheek to Cheek
Ernie Field, Saxy!
The Viscounts, Hit Parade
Evans, Allen LP's
Shirley Bassey, Shirley
Nat King Cole, Wild Is Love
Winifred Atwell, A Further Fifty All Time Favorites
Juliette Greco Patachou, Les Grandes Chan. Sons
Mario Lanza, The Desert Song
New Abby Light Symphony Orchestra, Music Hour with Simprini
Sister Rosetta Tharpe, The Gospel Truth
Jules London, Around Midnight
Yogi Bear and the Missing Eley-Phint
Spike Jones, 60 Years of Music America Hates Best
Billy Cotton, Kathie Kay, Bill and Kate
Contributions, Great Love Themes for Hollywood
Fordyce, Keith Singles
Artists with Singles on the Disc "Music Man": "Till There Was You"
Anita Bryant, "Love-till-death-do-us-part," "A Texan and a Girl from Mexico"
Johnnie Spence, "Wheels"
Glenda Collins, "Oh How I Miss You Tonight"
Jan and Keld, "I Cant Give You Anything but Love Baby"
Jeff Rowena, "Peanut Vendor"
Don Arrol, "Everyone Likes It"
Jim Reeves, "Whispering Hope"
Ramrods, "Riders in the Sky"
NME NME Best Selling Records in Britain
1. Presley, Elvis, "Are You Lonesome Tonight"
2. Clark, Petula, "Sailor"
3. Yee, Bobby, "Rubber Ball"
4. Burnette, Johnny, "You're Sixteen"
5. Eddy, Duane, "Pepe"
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S
1. Shirelles, "Will You Love Still Me Tomorrow"
2. Walk, Lawrence, "Calcutta"
3. Soundtrack, "Exodus"
4. Miracles, "Hop Around"
5. Sedaka, Neil, "Calendar Girl"
NME Best-selling Sheet Music
1. "Sailor" (Leeds)
2. "Are you Lonesome Tonight" (F.D & H.)
3. "Portrait of My Love" ( Kassner)
4. "Pepe" ( Kassner-Schaeffers)
5. "Poetry in Motion" (Morris)
n.a. Adam Faith to Star in Film-As Comedy Actor
Barry Seven Filming
Bobby Rydell: three concert dates named
Ray Ellington to open club
To Top Bill Again
1960 Biggest Disc Sale Year Ever
Crosbys, Mathis, Ella, Everlys, Horne, Likely Summer Visitors
Two Ray Charles on Future Como Show
n.a. Cliff Richard and Shadows Together in Super Musical Movie
Silver Hearts for Three Disc men
Alma Changes Her Label but Stays with EMI
Vaughan Palladium Variety Topper
Donegan at Albert Hall
Sinatra Clan in New Picture
Tony Newly Stars in TV 'Spectacular'
Bourne Music Development
Dave King Returns to Palladium TV
n.a. Norman Newell's Fantastic Double 8
Goodwin, Keith Welcome June Christy 8
n.a. Meet the Manager 8
Johnson, Derek The Shirelles Put a Prize Question 9
Goodwin, Keith Andy Stewart Marches in! 9
Johnson, Derek Marty Wilde Comes Back—And How 10
n.a. Classifieds 11
Goodwin, Keith Elvis Really Acts in 'Flaming Star' 12
n.a. Climb on the 'Kookie' Caravan 12
  Meredith Atkinson, 8 February 2005  
No. 736 17 February 1961  
Johnson, Derek This Letter Brought an Avalanche of Post and Started the Great Cliff, Adam, and Elvis Debate 2
n.a. Important Backing? [What is this about?] 2
n.a. This week's From You to Us 2
Goodwin, Keith Our Latest 'Welcome' Visitor from the States Is Champion of Music: Bobby Rydell Says, "Rock Curbs Crime" 3
Johnson, Derek At Last! Britain Gives Alma Cogan a Cabaret Break 3
Evans, Allen LP's
May, Billy, Bing and Satchmo
Francis, Connie, Jewish Favorites
Madel Johnny, Jo Plus Jazz
Martin, Dean, This time I'm Swinging
Avalon, Francis, Summer Scene
n.a. Lonnie—minus his group
Eurovison Song Discs Mark Wynter Scores
NME Best-selling Records in Britain
1. Elvis Presley, "Are You Lonesome Tonight"
2. Petula Clark, "Sailor"
3. Bobby Yee, "Rubber Ball"
4. Johnny Brunette, "You're Sixteen"
5. Shadows, "FBI"
NME Best-selling Records in U.S
1. Lawrence Welk, "Calcutta"
2. Shirelles, "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"
3. Miracles, "Shop Around"
4. Nell Sedaka, "Calander Girl"
5. Ferrante & Teicher, "Exodus"
n.a. Best-selling Sheet Music
1. "Are you Lonesome Tonight" (K.D. & H.)
2. "Sailor" (Leeds)
3. "Portait of My Love" (Kassner)
4. "Pepe" (Kassner-Schaeffers)
5. "Poetry in Motion" (Morris)
n.a. Presley, Day, Mathis, Boone film plans
Connie Francis to sing NME Concert
PYE plan new label shortly
American honours two British Song Writers
Barber on Radio
Sells Sisters in America
Jess Conrad Tour
n.a. Jimmy Young to Make 'Juke Box Jury' Debut
Unknown Londoners Going to Cannes
Monro, Mann, Preston Win Final Places
Shirley Bassey to Play Japan
Cliff Richard May Play Half a Season
ABC-TV Plan New Saturday Show
Johnson, Derek A Great Day in the Sedaka Diary 8
Hellicar, Mike Meet the Manager : Bernard Lee  
n.a. Wakey Wakey! With Billy Cotton  
n.a. Freshman k.o. audience with their versatility 9
Marks, Stan Beatnik Winnie Wows Aussies: Winifred Atwell  
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail Darin Won't Sing in His Latest Movie  
Hellicar, Mike Drowned: Gene Vincent  
n.a. NME Exclusive: We Teenagers Have Every Right to Form Our Own Ideas 10
  Life lines of Annie Shelton  
Evans, Allen EP's
Martins, Johnny, Four Show Hits," "It's Love"
Plus Four, John Barry Sound
Nellie Lutcher, Real Gone
Jimmy 'Handyman' Jones, Itchin' for Love
Dean Martin, You Belong to Me
Ernie Ford, Tennessee Ernie Ford Anticipation Blues
Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Bless this House
Elaine Delmar, A Swingin' Chick
Shirley Bassey, S Wonderful
Frankie Vaughan, Lets Make Love
Tommy Reilly, Harmonica Magic
n.a. Classifieds 11
n.a. 'Kookie Korpoation' Kontribution' from Our Readers 12
n.a. More British Gold for Elvis 12
  Meredith Atkinson, 9 February 2005  
No. 737 24 February 1961  
Conway, Russ My Holiday in America 2
N/A Big Week: The Allisons are Truly Overnight Sensations 2
Carlton, Bruce For New Comers to the Charts 3
Goodwin, Keith Benny Hill gags about him 3
Wynn, James String-A-Longs have fast moving 'Wheels' 3
Evans, Allen LP's
The Crosby Brothers, "Pardon my Pride"
The Checkmates, "Honky Tonk"
Christy, June, "The Cool School"
Winstofle, Eric, "Happy Beat for Happy Feet"
Miller, Mitch, "Sentimental Sing Along with Mitch"
Napoleon, Phil, "In the Land of Dixie"
N.A. Cliff Richard Finds Dream Theme
Ricky Valance is Developing
Craig Douglas Sings About Girl Next Door
NME Best-selling Records in Britain
1. Elvis Presley, "Are you Lonesome Tonight"
2. Petula Clark, "Sailor"
3. Everly Bros, "Walk Right Back"
4. Shadows, "FBI"
5. Bobby Yee, "Rubber Ball"
NME Best-selling Records in U.S
1. Lawrence Welk, "Calcutta"
2. Miracles, "Shop Around"
3. Shirelles, "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"
4. Chubby Checker, "Pony Time"
5. Capris, "There's a Moon out Tonight"
N/A Best-selling Sheet Music
1. "Sailor" (leeds)
2. "Are you Lonesome Tonight" (K.D. & H.)
3. "Portait of My Love" (Kassner)
4. "Pepe" (Kassner-Schaeffers)
5. "Rubber Ball" (Feldman)
N.A. Anthony Newley writes musical film part for Adam Faith
Matt Monro in Conrad Show
Shadows' new label in U.S. launches "Kon-Tiki"
Top Radio Shows get Concert Spots
Petula Clark will head Palladium TV
Alma Cogan to Spain: Then Manchester
D-J Switches in Radio Shuffle
Dinah Shore May Visit in Summer
Barry Asked to MD VEE Albums
Magazine to sell Discs
N.A. Russ Conway back to TV, Radio concerts next month
Tommy Steele Provincial Variety Dates Revealed
Allisons break disc sales speed record
Brian Mathew joins 'Jury'
Bobby Rydell to return here in Autumn
Philips may buy Mercury for Six Million Dollars
British stars named for summer seasons
Johnson, Derek Frankie Vaughan says it's risky to build stardom just through discs 8
Hellicar, Mike Meet the Manager: Ray Mackender  
N.A. From You to Us  
N.A. Who's Where  
Goodwin, Keith Van Johnson's dream comes true 9
Wedge, Don Fury Quit Wriggling  
Hentoff, Nat Boone waxes Anka  
Goodwin, Keith The Whole Wide World is Now Saying to Little Miss Lee 10
Goodwin, Keith Jazz Records  
N.A. Alma Cogan Shows US What We've Been Missing  
N.A. Life Lines of Jess Conrad  
N.A. Classifieds 11
N.A. "Kookie Korp" Good By 12
D.W. Princess Margaret tells Adam Faith: "I Like Your Records"  
N.A. Cliff's Huge Advance  
  Meredith Atkinson, 11 February 2005  
  Initial February 1961 contents by Mike Valinski, March 1999  

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