New Musical Express | March 1961

No. 738 3 March 1961  
n.a. “How Wonderful to Know” (The new smash hit recorded by Teddy Johnson, Pearl Carr and Joan Regan) 1
n.a. NME Poll Concert (Cliff Richard, Adam Faith, Lonnie Donegan, Russ Conway, Mark Wynter, David Jacobs, Bert Weedon) 2
Gelber, Jack The Connection, a Play with Jazz 2
Forclyce, Keith Reviews the Singles
Fats Domino, “What a Price”
Mike Preston, “Marry Me”
Jerry Lordan, “You Came a Long Way from St. Louis”
Billy Fury “Talkin’ in My Sleep”
Martin Slavin, “Do the Charleston Baby”
Laurie London, “Today’s Teardrops”
Della Reese, “The Most Beautiful Words”
Teddy Johnson and Pearl Carr, “How Wonderful You Are”
Forclyce, Keith Big One Coming Up for Tony Newley 3
Forclyce, Keith Sid James Joins the Laughter Disc Brigade 3
Forclyce, Keith Matt Monro Could Have Second Hit 3
n.a. Marty Robbins 3
Evens, Allen LPs (Bobby Darin, Fats Domino, Roger Williams, The Drifters’ Greatest Hits) 3
n.a. And The Heavens Cried (Anthony Newley) 3
EMI This weeks EMI hits: (Columbia Records) [Advertising]: The John Barry Seven, “The Magnificent Seven”; Dion, “Havin’ Fun”; Jay Epae, “Putti Putti”; The King Brothers, “Seventy-six Trombones”; Matt Monro, “My Kind of Girl”; The Outlaws, “Swingin’ Low”; Semprini, “Exodus-Main Theme” (from a film); Ricky Valance, “Why Can’t We?” 4
NME 30 Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1. Everly Bros, “Walk Right Back”
2. Petula Clark, “Sailor”
3. Shirelles, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”
4. Allisons, “Are You Sure”
5. Elvis Presley, “Are You Lonesome Tonight”
NME 30 Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. “Sailor” (Leeds)
2. “Are You Lonesome Tonight” (F.D. & H.)
3. “Pepe” (Kassner-Schaeffers)
4. “Portrait of My Love” (Kassner)
5. “Rubber Ball” (Feldman)
NME 20 Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1. “Pony Time,” Chubby Checker
2. “Calcutta,” Lawrence Welk
3. “There’s a Moon Out Tonight,” Caprin
4. “Surrender,” Elvis Presley
5. “Don’t Worry,” Marty Robbins
Decca Top Hits: (Decca Records) [Advertising]: Sidney James, “The ‘Ooter Song”; Anthony Newley, “And the Heavens Cried”; Mantovani and His Orchestra, “Theme from ‘Exodus’”; Sound Off, The Four Kestrels; Billy Fury, “Don’t Worry”; Della Reese, “The Most Beautiful Words”; Ferrante and Teicher, “Theme from ‘Exodus’”; Pat Boone, “The Exodus Song”; Fats Domino, “What a Price” 4
n.a. LPs of the Week:
Dick Charlesworth, ‘Meet the Gents’
Jonathan Winter, ‘Down to Earth’
Bobby Rydell, ‘Sings and Swings’
The Eligibles, ‘Love Is a Gamble’
n.a. Swede Puts ‘Apache’ in U.S. Hit List
Singer Lee Lawrence Dies
Ray Charles Debut Here
Philips Sign Scots Girl
Star Names, Star News
Davies, Malcolm 10,000 Stamp and Cheer as Memphis fetes Elvis 5
n.a. Ventures will record ‘Ginchy’
Cogan Disc Surprise
Constitution Passed
Sunshine Vocalist
Vincent Returns in Summer
Mark Wynter Heads Variety at Poplar
Max’s cabaret stay extended
Special Vision of Poll Concert to be Televised
‘Kookie’ May Call Her in June
Frankie Vaughan One-Nighters
Preston, Mike Song Contest Winning Allisons to Tour
Dallas Boys with Steele
Jess Conrad Tour Dates
Decca Releases Audio Discs
Adam Faith Gets More Film Offers
Hugh O’Brian in new ABC-TV Show
Brenda Lee in Hospital
France Wants Quick Return of Ford
To Australia- Eddie Calvert
Newley, Kitt Sought for Summer Seasons
Royal variety Show Plans
Matt at ‘Club’
Radio’s New Pop Shows
Charlton, Bruce Schoolgirl’s Dream Came True
Johnny Mathis Enthralled Me
Johnson, Derek Russ Conway in Part Two of My Holiday in America 7
n.a. Helen Shapiro, “Don’t Treat me like a Child” 7
n.a. Lance Fortune Now Solely Represented by Noel Gay Artists 7
K.G. Meet this week’s Kenny’s on the Ball 8
Goodwin, Keith Hello Again, Ella, Oscar! 8
B.C. Buzz Puts Fun into Rock 8
n.a. Nat Hentoff’s, American Airmail, New label for Nat? 8
n.a. Rodgers and Behrman Now? 8
Fontana What’s Buzzin’…Buzz Clifford- Baby Sittin’ Boogie 8
Charlton, Bruce Johnny and the Hurricanes Gamble on ‘Ja-Da’ and Win! 9
Hellicar, Mike No. 8 Harold Davison, Meet the Manager 9
n.a. No. 13 in the best sellers in two weeks, ‘Ja-Da’- Johnny and the Hurricanes 9
Johnson, Derek Darin-Previn Number Is the Highlight of ‘Pepe’ 9
Johnson, Derek Hans’ Third Title Lucky 9
Fontana Roy Hamilton, “You Can Have Her” 9
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 11
n.a. Cliff Richards, “Theme for a Dream” 11
n.a. No ‘Connection’ with Real Life 11
Wedge, Don Chorus Is Star 11
Wright, Lawrence "Marry Me," by Mike Preston (1st prize winning hit) 11
n.a. ‘King Kong’ 11
  Venice Bruno, February 2005  
No. 736 10 March 1961  
n/a The Piltdown Men, “Goodnight Mrs. Flintstone” (a prehistoric lullaby) 1
Derek Johnson Just before leaving for South Africa- “Cliff Richard writes for you and lets you into some of his secrets” [NMExclusive] 2
Derek Johnson These Girls Top Single Sales in the States! [who?] 2
Bob Williams NMExclusive Pictures 3
Keith Goodwin Special Reports from Memphis: Britain?  “Colonel Will Know,” Says Elvis 3
Keith Goodwin Life-lines of the Allisons 3
n/a Elivis Presley in his lastest and greatest role “Flaming Star” (movie) 3
Allen Evans Paul Anka, Bobby Rydell,Crickets Have Top Albums (LPs) 4
Keith Fordyce Elvis and Connie Sing Songs from Their Films 4
Keith Fordyce Pop Reviews:
Dean Martin, “Sparklin’ Eyes”
Mike Holliday, “The Miracle of Monday Morning”
James/Cooper, “Don’t Worry”
Freddy Cannon, “Two Thousand 88”
Marty Wilde, “Your Loving Touch”
The Outlaws, “Spring is Near”
n/a Bobby Darin puts new life into ‘Lazy River’ 4
EMI This Weeks EMI Hits [Advertisement]: Steve Arlen, “Suddenly I’m in love”; The Capris, “There’s a Moon out Tonight”; Ferlin Husky, “Wings of a Dove”; Garry Mills, “Who’s Gonna Take You Home Tonight?”; Bobby Rydell, “Good Time Baby”; Dave Sampson, “Why the Chicken?”; Helen Shapiro, “Don’t Treat Me Like a Child”; Adam Wade, “Take Good Care of Her” 5
NME 30 Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1. Everly Brothers, “Walk Right Back”
2. Allisons, “Are You Sure”
3. Cliff Richard, “Theme for a Dream”
4. Shirelles, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”
5. Elvis Presley, “Wooden Heart”
NME 30 Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. "Sailor" (Leeds)
2. "Are You Lonesome Tonight" (F.D. & H.)
3. "Pepe" (Kassner-Schaeffers)
4. "Portrait of My Love" (Kassner)
5. "Are You Sure" (____)
NME 20 Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1. Chubby Checker, “Pony Time”
2. Elvis Presley, “Surrender”
3. String-A-Longs, “Wheels”
4. Marty Robbins, “Don’t Worry”
5. Connie Francis, “Where the Boys Are”
Decca Decca Record’s Top Hits [Advertising]: Elanine Delmar, “Back of the Moon”; Elvis Presley, “Wooden Heart”; Bobby Darin, “Lazy River”; Ruth Brown, “Sure ‘Nuff”; Kokomo (his piano and orchestra), “Asia Minor”; Al Tousan, “Naomi”; Anita Bryant, “Till There was You” 5
n/a Bob Miller to go to Parlophone
George Formby, top disc seller, dies
Belafonte, Garland, Martin, Cannon Britain-Bound
Adam Faith Sings Film Title Song
Brenda Lee Film Contract Signed
International Talent Exchange
Special Version of Concert is TV’s ‘Big Night Out’ ( NME Poll Awards)
Connie Francis to Wax on Continent
Allisons for Blackpool, ITV Debut; U.S. Disc Release
Stars Present Their Discoveries on TV
Mike Hellicar Question Time with Bobby Rydell 7
Derek Johnson Welcome to a ‘One-Woman-Revue’ Betty Hutton, The Human Dynamo 7
Mike Hellicar Meet the Manager: Larry Parnes 7
James Wynn Ferrante and Teicher (They’re new to the charts) 8
Keith Goodwin Johnny Dankworth (He’s back again) 8
n/a Johnny and Hurricanes Play Europe Dates 8
n/a Darin Relies on Discs 8
n/a Nat Hentoff’s American Airmail 8
n/a ‘Playalong Player’ For Real Home Entertainment: Judy Garland, Paul Anka, Nat King Cole, Bobby Rydell 8
Keith Goodwin Crowd Goes Wild for the Shadows, Connie, Cliff, Adam, Lonnie, all sensational (at the greatest poll concert ever) 9
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: Wilde’s New Contract 10
Keith Goodwin More, Ella! 10
Don Wedge Disc-jockeys Ride to Bristol 10
  Venice Bruno, February 2005  
No. 740 17 March 1961  
cover “How Wonderful to Know”- the new smash hit! Recorded by, Teddy Johnson, Pearl Carr and Joan Regan 1
cover “Back of the Moon” by Elaine Delmar (from ‘King Kong’) 1
cover Connie Francis 1
Bruce Charlton String-a-Longs’ ‘Wheels’ Isn’t ‘Wheels’ at All! 2
Bruce Charlton Emile Ford talks about his Checkmates 2
n.a. Weekly Film News LTD. Special Offer!! ‘Meet Frankie Laine’ 2
Keith Goodwin Question Time with Matt Monro (who reveals: I don’t think I sound like Sinatra and I’m not keen on acting) 3
n.a. Life-lines of Kenny Ball 3
Keith Fordyce Roy Orbison combines beat with the c-and-w flavour 4
n.a. Two-voiced Jimmy Jones is back again 4
Allen Evans LPs: Nat “King” Cole, The Cumberland Three, Pride Without Prejudice, Parade of the Pops, Road Show 4
n.a. “You’re Driving Me Crazy”- smash hit version by The Temperance Seven (recorded on Parlophone) 4
EMI This Week’s Hits: Freddy Cannon “Muskrat Ramble”; Chubby Checker “Pony Time”; Alma Cogan “Cowboy Jimmy Joe”; Connie Francis “Where the Boys Are Baby Roo”; The Krew Kats “Trambone”; Peggy Lee “Till there Was You”; The Outlaws “Swingin’ Low”; Maurice Williams “I Remember” [advertising] 5
NME Music Charts 30 Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1. Everly Bros., “Walk Right Back”
2. Cliff Richard, “Theme for a Dream”
3. Elvis Presley, “Wooden Heart”
4. Allisons, “Are You Sure”
5. Shirelles, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”
NME Music Charts 30 Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. “Sailor” (Leeds)
2. “Are You Lonesome Tonight” (F.D. & H.)
3. “Marry Me” (Lawrence Wright)
4. “Are You Sure” (Marlyn)
5. “Pepe” (Kassner-Schaeffers)
NME Music Charts 20 Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1. Cubby Checker, “Pony Time”
2. Elvis Presley, “Surrender”
3. String-a-Longs, “Wheels”
4. Marty Robbin,s “Don’t Worry”
5. Connie Francis, “Where the Boys Are”
Decca Top Hits: Ken Kirkham “A Kiss in Time”; Little Suzie “Young Love”; Bill Black’s Combo “Hearts of Stone”; Roy Orbison “I’m Hurtin’”; Jordan Brothers “No Wings on my Angel”; Frankie Davidson “Just for Today”; Don Arrol “Ev’rybody Like It”; Pat Boone “The Exodus Song” [advertising] 5
n.a. Pop Stars Regain Major Saturday Television Spot- Adam Faith heads big list of names in series
Joe Branston Cliff Richard Fan Scenes Amaze South Africa 7
n.a. TV Evening with Ella, Oscar and Johnny 7
Arthur Kimbrell The New 1961 Frankie Vaughan Show 7
Derek Johnson New to the Charts- but a Big Radio and Television Favourite…, Semprini Joins ‘Exodus’ Battle 8
Keith Goodwin Keith Fordyce Abandoned Law Studies for Broadcasting! 8
A.G. Bombshell Betty Hits the Pigalle 8
Keith Goodwin Rock? No, It’s Ballads for Me! Declares Mark Wynter 9
Mike Hellicar No. 10, Meet the Manager, George Scheck 9
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: The Shirelles to Go ‘Down Under’ Soon? 9
Allen Evans EPs:
Cliff Richard,
Jess Conrad,
Marty Wilde Favourites,
Emile Ford Hit Parade,
Johnny Preston,
Tommy Bruce: Knockout,
Mike (Holliday) No. 3,
Swinging with Ella Fitzgerald,
Seven Ages of Acker Bilk
Derek Johnson Don and Phil Everly Never Lose the Magic Sound that Spells Success (Special Survey) 10
n.a. Chubby Checker Hits Top of U.S. Charts for the Second Time 10
PYE Another Smash Hit!  Petual Clark “Something Missing” [advertising] 10
C.R.S. Guitarists Wanted 11
PYE A Great New Beat Number! Davy Jones, “Model Girl” [advertising] 10
Alley Cat Duane Eddy- bugler! 12
Alley Cat Russ on the Film Set 12
Keith Goodwin Jazz 12
London Into the Hit Parade First Week! Bobby Darin’s “Lazy River” [advertising] 12
Parlophone No. 6 in the Best Sellers!  Matt Monro, “My Kind of Girl” [advertising] 12
Alley Cat Tail Pieces [?]  
  Venice Bruno, March 2005  
No. 741 24 March 1961  
(cover page) It’s beat—it’s bounce—IT’S DYNAMITE! (The double winner from Marty Wilde – “When Does It Get to Be Love” and “Your Loving Touch”) Featuring Bobby Darin, Ramrods, Newley 1
Bruce Charlton An Open Letter to Anthony Newley… [Bruce Charlton writes an article on Anthony Newley in the style of a letter—written to Anthony Newley] 2
Marty Wilde …and a Chatty Message from Marty Wilde [Marty Wilde fills in fans and readers on his life at the time] 2
n.a.. From You to Us [readers’ comments] 2
Derek Johnson Mister Versatility—Bobby Darin’s New Title 3
n.a.. Life-lines of Bobby Vee [personal info about Robert T. Velline] 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Jimmy Lloyd, “Pony Time” / “Three-Handed Woman” (Philips)
The Barons, “Cossack” / “Summertime” (Oriole)
The International Pops Orchestra, “Hymne a l’Amour (If You Love Me)” / “Habanera” (Columbia)
The Hunters, “Golden Earrings”/ “Tally Ho” (Fontana)
Mantovani, “Main Theme from The Valian Years” / “The Sound of Music” (Decca)
Mitch Miller, “Tunes of Glory-Scotland the Brave” / “Shlub-a-Dubba-Dub” (Philips)
Petula Clark, “Something Missing” / “Isn’t This a Lovely Day (Pye)
Miki and Griff [accompanied by Tony Hatch], “Have I Stayed away Too Long”/ “You Don’t Ever Write or Call” (Pye)
Carla Thomas, “Gee Whiz (Look at His Eyes)”/ “For You” (London)
Dickie Valentine, “How Unlucky Can You Be” / “Hold Me in Your Arms” (Pye)
Ray Garnett, “You Can Have Her” / “Pony Time” (RCA)
Joe (“Mr. Piano”) Henderson [accompanied by Peter Knight’s orchestra], “Midi-Midinette” / “Little Italy” (Pye)
Doris Day, “Heart Full of Love” / “The Sound of Music” (Philips)
Kokomo, “Asia Minor” / “Roy’s Tune” (London)
David Whitfield, “The Sound of Music” / “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” (Decca)
Tony Bennett [accompanied by Glenn Osser], “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” / “Ramona” (Philips)
Allen Evans LPs Review
Johnny Mathis, Johnny’s Mood (Fontana)
Tony Bennett, Alone Together (Philips)
Wanda Jackson, Rockin’ with Wanda (Capitol)
Brook Benton, Songs I Love to Sing (Mercury)
The Blue Deeps [Deep River Boys?], The Blue Deeps (Top Rank)
Jonathan Winters, Down to Earth. Jonathan Winters (HMV)
Sarah Vaughan, Sarah Vaughan. Close to You (Mercury)
Margaret Whiting, Margaret Whiting Sings Jerome Kern Song Book (HMV)
Bobby Vee, Bobby Vee Sings Your Favourites (London)
Frank DeVol and his Orchestra, Fabulous Hollywood (Philips)
NME Top Thirty
1.  “Wooden Heart,” Elvis Presley (RCA)
2.  “Are You Sure,” Allisons (Fontana)
3.  “Walk Right Back,” The Everly Brothers (Warner Bros.)
4.  “Theme for A Dream,” Cliff Richard (Columbia)
5.  “My Kinda Girl,” Matt Monro (Parlophone)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  “Sailor” (Leeds)
2.  “My Kind of Girl” (Essex)
3.  “Marry Me” (Lawrence Wright)
4.  “Are You Sure” (Marlyn)
5.  “Are You Lonesome Tonight” (F.D. & H.)
6.  “Theme for A Dream” (Eugene)
7.  “Exodus” (Chappell)
8.  “Walk Right Back” (Leeds)
9.  “Wooden Heart” (West One)
10.  “Pepe” (Kassner-Schaeffers)
11.  “Seventy-Six Trombones” (Frank)
12.  “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” (Nevins-Kirshner)
13.  “FBI” (Shadows)
14.  “Portrait of My Love” (Kassner)
15.  “Wheels” (Petford)
16.  “Calendar Girl” (Nevins-Kirshner)
17.  “Calcutta” (Macmelodies)
18.  “Rubber Ball” (Feldman)
19.  “Till” (Chappells)
20.  “Scottish Soldier” (James Kerr)
21.  “Who Am I” (Mills)
22.  “You’re Sixteen” (Jewel)
23.  “Riders in the Sky” (Morris)
24.  “Let’s Jump the Broomstick” (Aberbach)
25.  “Many Tears Ago” (Roosevelt)
26.  “Buona Sera” (B. F. Wood)
27.  “Ebony Eyes” (Acuff-Rose)
28.  “How Wonderful to Know” (Macmelodies)
29.  “Never on Sunday” (United-Artists)
30.  “Why Can’t We” (Sterling)
NME Cliff Richard, Shadows Stage Acts Waxed in Johannesburg (Likely to be released here)
Elvis Breaks U.K. Hat-Trick Barrier
Craig Douglas ‘Steppin Out’
Bobby Rydell in Como Show Again
(Next week’s NME on sale Thursday) NMExclusive report by Maurice Kinn of the Historic Elvis Concert at Pearl Harbour Hawaii!
Song Contest Winners on same ITV show
Paul Anka Buys Screen Plays
Monro, Valentine ITV Shows Likely [Matt Monro and Dickie Valentine are likely to get their own shows on the ITV network]
Mantovani’s Sixth U.S.—Canada Tour
Fury’s New Agent [Billy Fury acquires new agent, Tito Burns, by way of Fury’s manager, Larry Parnes]
NME (On the summer season front) Emile Ford Great Yarmouth Star (Fury, Henderson, Mudlarks, Avons, Bevs other seaside attractions)
Bart Heads Year’s Novello Awards
Western Singing Stars Headin’ for London (Crosby Boys Here in May: Johnnie Ray Back in June?)
Armstrong, Polka Dots Will Guest with Jo [Louis Armstrong leads vocal group, The Polka Dots, on Jo Stafford’s TV show series]
Big invasion of U.S. by British discs
New Tour For Adam Faith
Mudlarks’ Palladium TV [Mudlarks’ first TV appearance since group reunion]
Allisons For Palladium [Allisons’ booked dates—including one for a variety show performance in the Palladium on May 1st]
Dave King With Russ Conway [Dave King booked for “The Russ Conway Show”]
Easter in France [Craig Douglas booked for Easter performances in France]
Derek Johnson (Eurovision Song Contest Report) Well, Done, The Allisons! 8
Mike Hellicar Meet the Manager (No.11 Lyn Dutton) 8
Derek Johnson (‘Forgotten generation’ were his guests…now) Pete Murray’s ‘Party’ is Over [Pete Murray’s TV Show has no plans to be returned to television broadcasting] 9
A.G. Chorus “Music Man” Stars 9
Nat Hentoff U.S. Airmail [&] Elvis for ‘Jumbo’ film? 9
n.a. [no author listed] Ramrods’ Claire Lane Is a One-Girl-Band! 10
Jim Rich Lena Horne Always Welcome [American artist allowed in U.K.] 10
n.a. Classified 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: Colonel Presley’s Rolls 12
Bruce Charlton (Newcomers to the Charts) Brook Brothers are teenage ‘veterans’! 12
  Dani Bell, Spring 2010  
No. 742 31 March 1961  
cover David Whitfield 1
n.a. Parlophone Records [advertisement] 2
Kinn, Maurice Presley Doesn't Wriggle Anymore [Elvis Presley] 3
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed:
Pearl Bailey, Naughty but Nice(Columbia)
Nina Simone, Nina Simone at Town Hall(Pye)
Spectacular Harmonicas (MGM)
Harry James, Harry James—Today(MGM)
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviewed:
Bobby Vee, "More Than I Can Say" (London)
Scott Peters, "Kookie Talk" (Pye)
Johnny "Bullfrog" Burnette, "Little Boy Said" (London)
David Hughes, "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" (Columbia)
Robert Earl, "April Serenade" (Phillips)
Frankie Laine, "Theme Song from: Gunslinger" (Phillips)
Lorie Mann, "Happy Feet" (Pye)
Shirelles, "Dedicated to the One I Love" (Top Rank)
The Marcels, "Blue Moon" [Week's Best Bet] (Pye)
Kingston Trio, "Come Se Viene, Se Va" (Capitol)
Bob Luman, "The Great Snow Man" (Warner Brothers)
Duffy Power, "When We're Walking Close" (Fontana)
Ken Jones, "On the Rebound" (Parlophone)
Dutch Swing College Band, "William Tell" (Philips)
Ron Goodwin, "Venus Waltz" (Parlophone)
Lawrence Welk's Orchestra, "Out of a Clear Blue Sky" (London)
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed:
The Barry Sisters, Side by Side (Columbia)
Les Grandes Chansons—Vol. 5 (Phillips)
EMI [advertising] This Week's EMI Hits:
Dee Clark, "Your Friends"
Russ Conway, "Parade of the Poppets"
The Crests, "Model Girl"
The Derringers, "True Love, True Love"
Bill Forbes, "That's It—I Quit—I'm Movin' On"
The Outlaws, "Swingin' Low"
Clyde McPhatter, "I'll Love you Till the Cows Come Home"
Maurice Williams, "I Remember"
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records In Britain
1. Elvis Presley, "Wooden Heart" (RCA)
2. Allisons, "Are You Sure" (Fontana)
3. Cliff Richard, "Theme for a Dream" (Columbia)
4. Everly Brothers, "Walk Right Back" (Warner Brothers)
5. Matt Monro, "My Kind of Girl" (Parlophone)
n.a. Best Selling Sheet Music In Britain
1. "My Kind of Girl" (Essex)
2. "Are You Sure" (Marilyn)
3. "Marry Me" (Lawrence Wright)
4. "Theme for a Dream" (Eugene)
5. "Wooden Heart" (West One)
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records In U.S.
1. Elvis Presley, "Surrender"
2. Chubby Checker, "Pony Time"
3. Shirelles, "Dedicated To the One I Love"
4. Jorgen Ingmann, "Apache"
5. Marty Robbins, "Don't Worry"
Goodwin, Keith Frankie Vaughan Hardly Leaves the Screen 6
n.a. Craig Douglas Studies 'Method'
EMI's Help For New Artists
Another Pop Pianist Makes Debut [David Lisbon]
New Piccadilly Label Opens With Joe Brown Disc [Pye Records]
Summer Show Round-Up [Alma Cogan, Beverly Sisters]
Lanza Album [Mario Lanza]
Dankworth-Ferguson Exchange Plan [Johnny Dankworth, Maynard Ferguson]
Laurie London Variety Dates
'Beat' on the Air ["BBC Beat Show"]
Faith in Scotland [Adam Faith]
Members of the 'Jury' [BBC-TV show "Juke Box Jury"]
Mike Preston Back in 'Club' [Light Programme's "Saturday Club"]
Dancing Teenagers in 208 Disc Show
Cliff, Shadows Due Back from African Triumphs [Cliff Richard]
Marty Wilde in 'Cover Girl'
Holliday Choice: Helen Shapiro [Michael Holliday]
n.a. Oscars From the Darins [Bobby Darin, Sandra Dee]
Temperance Seven in 'Sunday Break'
Matt, Kenny on 'Parade' [Matt Monro, Kenny Ball on Light Programme's "Parade of the Pops"]
Max Bygraves, U.S. Bound to Discuss Musical
Brian Matthew to Free-Lance
'Bye Bye Birdie' Album Rights
Brook Brothers' Disc Released In America
Mahalia Records TV Appearance [Mahalia Jackson]
Jazz in the Park [Kenny Ball, Acker Bilk]
Conrad Film Date [Jess Conrad movie "Rag Doll"]
Goodwin, Keith Lena Horne Superb 8
Goodwin, Keith Kings and Peggy Lee Find Hits in 'Music Man' Score 8
n.a. From YOU to US [Letters from fans] 8
Wynn, James Tommy Steele Goes Back to Variety 8
n.a. Question Time With Petula Clark
Mark Wynter's Lifelines
Laine Signs for Charity [Frankie Laine]
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail [Doris Day, Count Basie, Pat Boone] 9
n.a. Adan Faith Confesses 10
Goodwin, Keith Welcome to Songwriting Aces- Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen 10
n.a. Classifieds 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces- South African Chat for Marty and Cliff [Marty Wilde, Cliff Richard]
In April 'Hit Parade'- Elvis Confession [Elvis Presley]
  Lucas Brode February 2006  
  Original March 1961 contents by Mike Valinsky, March 1999  

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