New Musical Express | May 1961

No. 747 5 May 1961  
Front Page: Pictures of Frank Sinatra, Frankie Vaughan, Kenny Ball, Duane Eddy  
Johnson, Derek Controversy: Should All Panellists Be Teenage Pop-Lovers on Juke Box Jury? 2
Johnson, Derek Yes-girls CAN rock! 2
Johnson, Derek Easy going Adam admits he likes to be invaded by girls! 3
Hellicar, Mike Frankie Swings at Palladium! 3
Fordyce, Keith Review of singles:
Kenny Ball, “I Still Love You All”
Mitch Miller, “The Guns of Navarone”
Maureen Evans, “Oh Gypsy, Oh! Gypsy”
Tony Osbourne, “The Swinging Gypsies”
Emile Ford, “Half of My Heart”
Brothers Four, “Frogg”
Lance Fortune, “Who’s Gonna Tell Me?”
Billy Cotton/Kathie Kay, “Broken Toys”
Shirley Bassey, “Hold Me Tight”
Ted Heath, “Nous Les Amoureaux”
Connie Stevens “And This Is Mine”
Evans, Allen LP Reviews:
Connie Francis, “More Italian Favourites”
Nina and Frederik, Perry Como, “For the Young at Heart”
Hank Locklin, “Please Help Me I’m Falling”
Bobby Cole Trio, “Unique Sound of Bobby Cole Trio”
Vera Lynn, “As Time Goes By”
Rosemary Clooney, “Clap Hands Here Comes Rosie”
Chubby Checker “Twist with Chubby Checker”
NME Top 30 Pop Records
1.  Marcels, “Blue Moon”
2. Temperance Seven, “You’re Driving Me Crazy”
3.  Elvis Presley, “Wooden Heart”
4.  Bobby Darin, “Lazy River”
5.  Duane Eddy “Theme from Dixie”
NME Top 30 Sheet Music
1.  Chappell, “Exodus”
2.  West One, “Wooden Heart”
3.  Marlyn, “Are You Sure”
4.  Macmelodies “How Wonderful to Know”
5. Essex, “My Kind of Girl”
N.A. Gala Galaxy Increases
Eddie Standring Dies
…And Jazz Man Miff Mole
Everyls launch U.S. disc firm
Jim Davidson visiting U.S.
Andrews Sisters Arrive Back
Break awaits singer-actress
Ambrose come-back
Thousands of discs spun on radioBrooks with SteeleVictor Silvester-with vocals!
Nina and Frederik one-nighters
Ball and Ford in “All Kinds of Music”
Granada Bid for Mathis TV Debut Here?
Johnny-Hurricans visit is doubtful
Belafonte, Richard, Shadows, Bilk, Bygraves future BBC-TV star attractions
Gene Vincent dates extended
Calvert confirms Pallaidum season
N.A. Winifred Atwell Telefilm featured by new station
“Holiday Town” series resumes
More major TV spots for Temperance 7
American Rock in “Saturday Club”
Dave King filming
Donegan Booked for Australasia Again
Sunday Projects for Top Pop Names
Worth pens music in Faith film
Alfred Drake makes an album here
Cliff, Shadows on 208 waveband for 3 months
EMI experts to wax LP in Rome
Bob Miller at three summer coastal resorts
Goodwin, Keith “Clay” Song Is Break with the Past 8
Hentoff, Nat Andy Williams Deputises for Perry Como 8
Goodwin, Keith Yes, We Got the Message! 8
Wynn, James Jerry Lee Lewis Stages a Come-back 9
Hellicar, Mike New to the Charts: Clarence “Frogman” Henry 9
Charlton, Bruce Focus on a Shadow: No. 2 – Tony Meehan 10
Goodwin, Keith Tony Bennett Admits Rock Has Helped Stimulate Music Business 10
Evans, Allen EP Reviews:
Rodgers and Hammerstein, Sound of Music,
Four Freshmen and Five Guitars,
Rusty Draper, Mule Skinner Blues,
Eddie Cantor, MGM Evergreens,
Sarah Vaughan, No Count Sarah
Peter Sellers, Songs for Swingin’ Sellers,
Ray Charles Singers,
Johnny Gregory, Maverick,
Saints Jazz Band, Ostrich Walk,
Tempos of Time
Classifieds Musical Services: Instruments for Sale: Guitars for Sale, Duplicating, Rabin Agency, Joe Loss Limited, Musicians Wanted: Pianist Required, Tape Recorders, Situations Vacant, Recording: Sound Recording, Insurance: Accident Policy; Band! 11
N.A. Listen to Cliff Making a Disc 12
N.A. Newell Re-writes Lerner’s “My Fair Lady” Lyrics! 12
N.A. Tail-Pieces by the Alley Cat: “Apache”-Heap Big Hit! 12
  Bryce Cartwright, March 2005  
No. 748 12 May 1961  
Mike Gowers You Can Get More Autographs Here 2
Derek Johnson Readers Join in Controversy on ‘Juke Box Jury’  
Derek Johnson Bobby Vee Had Two Birthdays this Year 3
Keith Goodwin Helen Shapiro Is Very Nice to Know  
Keith Fordyce

Reviews of Singles:
The Allisons Can Be Sure of This! ("Are You Sure")
Matt Monro Has Fine New Ballad ("Portrait of My Love")
Eden Cane, “Well I Ask You”
Andy Williams, “The Bilbao Song”
Cleo Lane, “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter”
Potted Pops
Clyde Otis and His Orchestra (Mercury), “Jungle Drums”
Totnamites, “The Spurs Song”
Nick Bennett, “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”
Roy Orbison, “Runnin’ Scared”

Allen Evans LP’s
Belafonte Returns to Carnegie Hall (RCA), Harry Belafonte
Blue Moon (PYE), The Marcels
Moanin’ Moanin’ Moanin’ (Mercury), Ernestine Anderson
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. “Blue Moon,” Marcels (PYE)
2. “You’re Driving Me Crazy,” Temperance Seven (Parlophone)
3. “On the Rebound,” Floyd Cramer (RCA)
4. “Runaway,” Del Shannon (London)
5. “Don’t Treat Me Like a Child,” Helen Shapiro (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music
1. “Exodus” (Chappells)
2. “My Kind of Girl” (Essex)
3. “Wooden Heart” (West One)
4. “How Wonderful to Know” (Macmelodies)
5. “Are You Sure” (Marlyn)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in US
1. “Runaway,” Del Shannon
2. “”Mother-In-Law,” Ernie K-Doe
3. “A Hundred Pounds of Clay,” Gene McDaniels
4. “I’ve Told Every Little Star,” Linda Scott
5. “Blue Moon,” Marcels
n.a. Tomorrow’s Gala Event of the Year
Girl replies to Allisons
Brenda Lee in Como TV
Charlie Drake in Palladium Panto
Johnny Mathis debut confirmed
Connie Francis U.K. dates offer
30th Anniversary of Radio Luxembourg
Princess Margaret makes special request for Cliff Richard [Shadows at society ball, too]
London musical project for Frankie Vaughan
n.a. Presley’s ‘Surrender’ Sets up All-Time Advance Record
Disc studio trapped Billy
Ailing Cannon may miss film break
Bruce Forsyth back in Palladium TB
Henry’s hit helps speed big deal
Sammy’s show in TV festival
Lita Roza sick, cuts U.S. cabaret
Anthony Newley may star in West End revue soon
Faith, Bart, Dankworth in BBC’s Whit plans
Mike Gowers They All Fall for Kenny Ball! 8
Sal Mineo Why I Gave Up Singing Rock  
n.a. Life-lines of Johnny Dankworth  
n.a. From You to Us  
Keith Goodwin A Page of Warm Welcome to…Robert Horton 9
Mike Hellicar A Page of Warm Welcome to…Patti Page  
K.G. A Page of Warm Welcome to…Sophie Tucker  
M.H. A Page of Warm Welcome to…Andrews Sisters  
Keith Goodwin Frank’s Swinging is Pure ‘Heaven’! 10
Bruce Charlton Focus on a Shadow [No.3 – Jet Harris]  
A.G. Ernest Gold’s ‘Exodus’ is two themes in one  
n.a. Classifieds 11-12
  Morgan Casella, 8 February 2005  
No. 749 19 May 1961  
Derek Johnson Are Disc Firms Playing Fair? 2
n.a. Patti Page Is a Winner  
Keith Goodwin Bob Horton Took a Chance  
Derek Johnson Darin Tells His Story on Album 3
n.a. TV Audience Reaction Led to Shirley’s High Flyer!  
Keith Fordyce Covers the Singles:
‘Surrender’ to Elvis!  ("Surrender")
Neil’s ‘Devil’ big hit. 
Ricky Nelson’s ‘Mary Lou’ Is Real
Paul Rogers, “Four An’ Twenty Thousand Kisses”
Pat Boone, “Moody River”
Maurice Williams, “Come Along”
Kaye/Armstrong, “Saints”, “Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home” (Both off “The Five Pennies” Soundtrack)
Della Reese, “The Touch of Your Lips”
Jackie Wilson, “So Many Cute Little Girls”
The Fleetwoods, “Little Miss Sad One”
Jimmy Justice, “When Has Love Left You”
Eddie Falcon, “If I Ever Should Fall in Love”
The Coasters, “Little Egypt”
Allen Evans

Tony Bennett Sings a String of Harold Arlen (Phillips)
Bob Newhart: The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back (Warner Bros.)
Piaf at The Paris Olympia (Columbia), Edith Piaf
No Cover, No Minimum (Columbia), Billy Eckstine
This Broken Heart of Mine (Capitol), Hank Thompson
Ole Man River (PYE), Bob Waffis’ Storyville Jazzmen

NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. “Runaway,” Del Shannon
2. “Blue Moon,” Marcels
3. “You’re Driving Me Crazy,” Temperance Seven
4. “More Than I Can Say,” Bobby Yee
5. “On the Rebound,” Floyd Cramer
NME Best Selling Pop Records in US
1. “Runaway,” Del Shannon
2. “Mother-in-Law,” Ernie K-Doe
3. “A Hundred Pounds of Clay,” Gene McDaniels
4. “I’ve Told Every Little Star,” Linda Scott
5. “Daddy’s Home,” Shep and the Limelites
n.a. Cliff Richard, Shadows Round-The-World Plans
Wynter Australian Visit Confirmed
Johnny Mathis Tour Dates
Top Bands in ‘Trad Fad’
Diana Dors in ‘Road’ Film
EMI to Sponsor Hour-Long Shows
U.S. Label Picks Allison’s B as A
Stars on 208 Via Our Stand
n.a. Their Autographs Brought Money for Charity at NME ‘Gala’ Stand
Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Steele, Bassey Sunday ATV Attractions
Helen Shapiro in Russ Conway TV
Big Screen Debut for ‘Spot the Tune’ Star
Stubby on Both Channels at Once
Cliff, Shadows, Brooks for ‘Saturday Club’
Bart’s Blitz Dates
Derek Johnson Special NME supplement to commemorate 30 Years of Radio Luxembourg – Station of the stars 7
n.a. Commercial Radio Has Oercome Competition from ITV 8
n.a. Meet the D-Js 9
Jimmy Savile My Dream World 10
Barry Alldis Someone Mailed a Coffin 10
Ted King Lady Sent Me Her Electricity Bills 10
Mike Hellicar Richard Rodgers Doesn’t Mind ‘Moon’ Massacre 12
Nat Hentoff Elvis, Bobby disc ‘war’ 12
M. H. Self-Portrait – by Adam 12
Keith Goodwin Have a Drink on Lonnie! 13
n.a. Cliff’s Father Was a Constant Inspiration 13
Dave Cardwell Newcomer Linda’s Lucky ‘Star’ 13
Bruce Charlton Focus on the Final Shadow – Bruce Welch 14
n.a. Life-lines of Teddy Johnson and Pearl Carr 14
n.a. Classifieds 15
The Alley Cat Tail-pieces 16
  Morgan Casella, March 2005  
No. 750 26 May 1961  
n.a. Presley Special 1
Keith Goodwin Billy Fury Took Chance with ‘Paradise’ 2
Doug Bartram Andrews Sisters Find It Tough  
Bruce Charlton Ricky Nelson Gets Key of the Charts Door, Too!  
Derek Johnson Is Elvis No Longer the King of Rock? 3
Keith Fordyce Reviews the Latest POPS and Reports
Anita Bryant, “Do-Re-Mi”
Jorgen Ingmann, “Cherokee”
Andy Stewart, “The Battle’s O’er”
King Brothers, “Goodbye Little Darlin’”
Patti Page, “Dondi”
Chubby Checker, “Mess Around”
Bob Miller, “Hootin’”
Potted Pops – Max Miller (PYE) “There Is Always Someone Worse Off Than You”
Allen Evans It’s a Four-Star LP Week
His Hand in Mine, Elvis Presley (RCA)
Doris Day: Bright and Shiny, Doris Day (Philips)
Johnny Burnette, Johnny Burnette (London)
Hell Bent for Leather, Frankie Laine (Philips)
The Ventures, The Ventures (London)
Sinatra Souvenir, Frank Sinatra (Fontana)
Romance in Rhythm, Patti Page (Mercury)
Circulate, Neil Sedaka (RCA)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. Surrender, Elvis Presley
2. Runaway, Del Shannon
3. On the Rebound, Floyd Cramer
4. Frightened City, Shadows
5. More than I Can Say, Bobby Vee
NME Best Selling Pop Records in US
1. “Mother-in-Law,” Ernie K. Doe
2. “Runaway,” Del Shannon
3. “Daddy’s Home,” Shep and the Limelights
4. “A Hundred Pounds of Clay,” Gene McDaniels
5. “Travellin’ Man,” Ricky Nelson
n.a. Henderson, Conway Share Disc Manager
Peter Elliot Record to Be Re-issued by Fontana
Songwriter Dies at 79 (Joseph Howard)
Patti Page on ‘Juke Box Jury’
Gala Show to End Series
Danny Williams U-A’s First Choice
South Africa Wants Gene Vincent back
Jazz History on Light
Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt Offered Return London Seasons at Talk of the Town
Johnny Mathis May Telerecord First
New Marden Series Seen Next Month
Aussie Tradsters Visit Britain
More Venues for the Shadows
Brooks on Boston Radio – Via Phone
n.a. Tony’s Stage Show Is Definitely On
Big American Columbia Plan to Launch Label in Europe
Alma Cogan to Make ‘Easy Beat’ Debut
New Dates for Adam Faith
New Bassey Album Being Completed
Russ Waits for Kayes
Patti Page’s ATV show
‘Are You Sure’ Earns Allisons a Fortune
More Early Evening Pop for Light Programme
Brenda Lee Como Date Put Back
Barber’s Irish Tour
Matt Monro to Aid Charity
Dave Cardwell Colonel Parker Protects Elvis by Asking a Fortune for Him 8
Derek Johnson “Are Disc Firms Fair?”  “No,” Say All of You!  
n.a. From You to Us  
Joe Henderson Joe Henderson does the lot at Bournemouth! 9
Gordon Irving Gay Eve-ning!  
Andy Gray Take a Palladium Vacation with Harry and Roy  
n.a. Life-lines of Jerry Lee Lewis  
Edward Michaels New style show on Blackpool North Pier  
Peter Bagshaw Gary Miller Delights at Great Yarmouth  
Bruce Charlton Originality + Personality + Versatility = Sedaka 10
James Wynn Dorothy Fields Will Put Words to Newly Discovered Jerome Kern Music  
Derek Johnson How a 208 Show Goes on the Air  
n.a Classifieds 11
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
A.G. ‘The Sound of Music’ a Gay-tuned Weepie  
n.a. Elvis-latest Hit Parade  
  Morgan Casella, March 2005  
  Initial May 1961 contents contributions by Michael Valinski, March 1999  

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