New Musical Express | August 1961

No. 760 4 August 1961  
Johnson, Derek ‘Old Smoke’ Is Taking Time to Get Hurricanes on Top 2
Charlton, Bruce TV Role Was So Lucky for Leyton 2
Richard, Cliff Filming Took Me Back to a Theatre I Loved 3
Evans, Allen LP’s: Sinatra Makes Bow on Fifth LP Label 4
Fordyce, Keith On Singles:
Frankie Avalon Sings about Underwater Love!
Clive Peterson, “If No One Tells You”
Kevin Shegog, “Little Kangaroo”
Beatrice Lille, “Typically English”
Streamliners, “Frankfurter Sandwiches”
Wayfarers, “Topside”
Thunderbirds, “New Orleans Bear”
Bryan Johnson’s Voice is Good to Hear, “Broken Wings”
This Could Be a Number One! [Arthur Lyman] [Judd Proctor]
Potted Pops
NME NME Top 30 Chart
1. “You Don’t Know,” Helen Shapiro
2. “Well I Ask You,” Eden Kane
3. “Temptation,” Everly Bros
4. “Pasadena,” Seven
5. “Halfway to Paradise,” Billy Fury
NME Best Selling Sheet Music
1. “Exodus” (Chappell)
2. “Pasadena” (Lawrence Wright)
3. “A Girl Like You” (F.D. & H.)
4. “Hello Mary Lou” (Bron)
5. “Halfway to Paradise” (Nevins-Kirshner)
NME Best Selling Pop Records In U.S.
1. “Tossin’ and Turnin’” Bobby Lewis
2. “I Like it Like That,” Chris Kenner
3. “Boll Weevil Song,” Brook Benton
4. “Dum Dum,” Brenda Lee
5. “Hats Off to Larry,” Del Shannon
n.a. NME
Davis, Sinatra, Martin, Surprise Weekend Visit
Elsdon’s Jazzmen Play Variety
Adam, Cliff in Charity Show
Johnny Mathis Back for Last Concerts
Autumn Tour for Adam
Conway’s Acting Ambitions
Ed Sullivan Signs Britons
Richard Film Delay Alters Date Plans
Come-Back Project For Little Richard
Film, TV Plans for John Leyton
Vaughn, Wilde Disc Scope in U.S. Vastly Increased
‘Trad Fad’ Run Extended by Four Weeks
n.a. Crosby’s British TV Show Debut with Lee
Denver, Brown join Fury-Kane Package
Matt Monro Hits U.S. Top Twenty
Stewart One-Two in  Australia
‘King Kong’ to tour
Goodwin, Keith Britain’s King of Latin-American Dance Music Comes of Age: Edmundo Ros Has Been on Radio 21 Years 8
Johsnon, Derek Connie’s Disappointed – But Not Broken-hearted 9
Hellicar, Mike Starry Report on Blackpool Scene 10
Alley Cat Tail Pieces; British Stars Score Seven out of Ten 12
n.a. Life-Lines of Rosemary Clooney 12
  Phillip Golding, 7 February 2005  
No. 761 11 August 1961
NME Exclusive Andy Gray Meets Pet Clark 2
Johnson, Derek Billy Van Four Started in 40-piece Canadian Choir 2
Hutchins, Chris “No Comparisons, Please,” Begs Danny Williams 2
Goodwin, Keith “It’s Marvelous Playing to the Teenagers Again,” Says Adam Faith 3
NME Life-Lines of John Leyton
Frank Sinatra in a Hurry; Dean Martin Takes It Easier
Fordyce, Keith Reviews New Singles
Gene McDaniels, “She’s Come Back”
Jeff Mills, “Daddy’s Home”
Bruce’s Penny, “Who Does He Think He Is?”
Roy Drusky, “I’d Rather Loan You Out”
Delicardos, “Hold Back the Tears”
Cappy Lewis/Olympics, “Bull Fight”
Adam Wade Chases Steele for Honours, “The Writing on the Wall”
Kay Starr, “I’ll Never Be Free”
Jan and Dean, “Heart and Soul”
Bobby Parker, “Steal Your Heart Away”
NME Best Selling Pop Records In Britain
1. “You Don’t Know,” Helen Shapiro
2. “Well I ask you,” Eden Kane
3. “Johnny Remember Me,” John Leyton
4. “Temptation,” Everly Bros
5. “Romeo,” Petula Clark
NME Best Selling Sheet Music
1. “Pasadena” (Lawrence Wright)
2. “Hello Mary Lou” (Bron)
3. “Halfway to Paradise” (Nevins-Kirshner)
4. “Breakin’ In A Brand New Broken Heart” (Nevins-Kirshner)
5. “Exodus” (Chappell)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. “Tossin’ and Turnin’” Bobby Lewis
2. “I Like it Like That,” Chris Kenner
3. “Last Night,” Mar-Keys
4. “Dum Dum,” Brenda Lee
5. “Hats Off to Larry,” Del Shannon
n.a. Linda Scott Coming for Anka TV
Leyton Puts Acting First
David Hughes Plans ‘back to work’
Billy Fury : quick return to ‘Pops’
Gum Revival Brings Donegan U.S. Offers
Eden Kane for Manchester
‘Gum’ Revival Brings Donegan U.S. Offers
Sammy Davis Rehearsals
Top European TV Producers On BBC
Vic Damone Rushes Here to Star in Variety
Connie Stevens Confirmed; Cogan, Leyton, Bilk Dates
n.a. Billy Daniels Sought for Illford Cabaret Season
Three Band Sessions to Wind Up ‘Trad Fad’
Tommy Steele Likely Panto Star at Liverpool Again
Sinatra Buys Film Rights of Broadway Musical
Heath Musicians in Car Crash
One-nighter Tour Planned for Helen Shapiro
Johnson, Derek Karl’s Songs Come from Four Corners of the World
Helen Shapiro’s Hits Bring Fame to New British Song Team
Johnson, Derek Bruce Charlton Finds Out about a Remarkable New LP Due Out in September
Hank Marvin’s Vocalising Has Cliff Scared – Says Hank
Tommy Sands Still Hopes That He Will Make Good in Britain
Johnson, Derek Two Sided Winner Shakes – and Delights – Shirley 10
Cooke, Sam To Be a Success, You’ve Got to Combine ‘Show’ with ‘Business’ 10
Alley Cat Tail Pieces; Yes, Helen is Youngest Girl to Top Charts 12
Johnson, Derek At the Pictures; Paramor’s ‘Tansy’ Musical Highlight 12
  Phillip Golding, February 2005  
No. 762 18 August 1961  
Gray, Andy Sammy Davis Talks about His Mrs. and Miss Wonderful, His London ‘Clan’, His Stage Show, His Coming Films, His Switch to the Reprise Label 2
n.a. Life-lines of Rosemary Squires 2
Charlton, Bruce Bobby Vee Passes on His Views about Dating Girls 3
Goodwin, Keith Introduces America’s Favourite Cover Girl, Who Has Talent Too—Connie Stevens 3
Fordyce, Keith On Singles:
The Brook Brothers Just Can’t Go Wrong, “Ain’t Gonna Wash for a Week”
Ray Adams, “Hear My Song, Violetta”
Patsy Cline, “Lovin’ in Vain” and “I Fall to Pieces”
Checkmates, “Pompeii” and “Rockin’ Minstrel”
Sherwoods, “Nanette”
Henri De Pari, “Broken Promises”
Slim Harpo, “Runnin’ in My Heart” and “Don’t Start Cryin’ Now”
David Ede, “Last Night” and Ding Dong John”
Marcels Add Chuckle to Their ‘Sunshine,’ “You Are My Sunshine”
Cleo Laine, “Familiarity Breeds Contempt”
Evans, Allen LPs
Golden Guinea Family Album
Party in Rio

101 Dalmatians
Yogi Bear
At Western Campfires
Intimate Jazz
Back Beat Symphony
Bye Bye Birdie
Tennessee Ernie Ford: Come to the Fair
Italy Sings with Claudio Villa
Date with Denny
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. “You Don’t Know,” Helen Shapiro
2. “Johnny Remember Me,” John Leyton
3. “Well I Ask You,” Eden Kane
4. “Romeo,” Petula Clark
5. “Halfway to Paradise,” Billy Fury
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. “Pasadena” (Lawrence Wright)
2. “Romeo” (Feldman)
3. “Halfway to Paradise” (Nevins-Kirshner)
4. “Hello Mary Lou” (Bron)
5. “You Don’t Know” (Lorna)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. “Tossin’ and Turnin,’” Bobby Lewis
2. “I Like It Like That,” Chris Kenner
3. “Last Night,” Mar-Keys
4. “Dum Dum,” Brenda Lee
5. “Wooden Heart,” Joe Dowell
n.a. Pye May Tie with Reprise
British Pop Stars Triumph Abroad
Authentic Jazz from SourceGroup to Back Allisons
Paul Anka Flies to Film in Paris
Valentine to Top Three Bills
Johnnie Ray Headlining Surprise Television Show
Ray Charles Not Coming
Rock Group Rushed to Help Kane
Marty Wilde’s TV Return
More Weekend Dates for Russ Conway
Yana With Hope: Gary with Alma
Gene Vincent to Take It Easier
Major TV, First LP, One-Nighter for Helen Shapiro
n.a. Donegan Heads for Third Million Seller
More TV for John Leyton
Faith-Barry : Two Tours
Before ‘The Young Ones’ Is Finished – Cliff,
hadows Next Film Project Is Set
Sammy Davis May Make British Film
Allisons, Viscounts Join Kane-Fury Super Cast
Panel to Judge ‘Stars’ Discs
Quick ‘Jury’ Return for Gloria de Haven
Hellicar, Mike Ackner Bilk Protests ‘Trad Is Not Just a Fad’ 8
n.a. Stubby Kaye Next for ‘Hong Kong’ Pic 8
Johnson, Derek Andy Stewart Was Founded on Rock! 9
Piercy, Denny Morocco-Bound with Dickie Valentine 9
Johnson, Derek Paul Anka’s Return Is Overdue
Linda Scott Pays Us Her First Visit
Basic Rock for Marty
n.a. Classified Advertisements 11
Alley Cat Tail Pieces: Rose’s Version Sounded Better than Helen’s; Cyril Ornadel and His Bride 12
  Phillip Golding, March 2005  
No. 763 25 August 1961
Cover Gene Vincent 1
John Leyton Britain’s Latest Chart-topper Admits – Sudden Fame Is So Frightening [John Leyton] 2
N.A. Life-Lines of Roy Tierney 2
Jonah Ruddy Show Report from America: Chubby Checker Was Hit of this ‘Gasser’ [Dick Clark Show at Hollywood Bowl] 2
Andy Gray Elvis Has Become a Hero in Hawaii 3
Peggy Walsh After Her First Song, Helen Shapiro’s Big Smile Meant All Was Well! 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Reviewed:
Lonnie Donegan and the Highwaymen: “Michael, Row the Boat” / “Lumbered” (Pye)
Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen: “Someday (You’ll Be Sorry)” / “Lumbered at the Lotus”  (Pye)
Dorothy Jones: “It’s Unbearable” / “Takin’ that Long Walk Home”  (Philips)
Al Saxon: “There, I’ve Said It Again” / “You Came a Long Way from St. Louis”  (Picadilly)
Mark Wynter: “Girl for Ev’ry Day” / “The Best Time for Love”  (Pye)
The Platters: “I’ll Never Smile Again” / “You Don’t Say”(Mercury)
Linda Scott: “Don’t Bet Money Honey” / “Starlight, Starbright” (Columbia)
Peggy Lee: “Manana (Is Soon Enough for Me)” / “The Folks Who Live on the Hill” (_____)
Rosemary Lane: “Who Does He Think He Is” / “What Is the Age to Fall in Love” (Philips)
Ann Margret: “I Just Don’t Understand” / “I Don’t Hurt Anymore” (RCA)
The Mar-Keys: “Last Night” / “Night Before” (London)
Rosemary Clooney: “A Foggy Night” / “Love And Learn” (Philips)
Jack Costanzo and his Orchestra: “Route 66” / “Naked City” (London)
Bryan Blackburn and Peter Reeves: “Strawberry Fair” / “Eggheads” (Philips)
Keith Fordyce E.P.s reviewed:
Keely Smith: You Lovers   (London)
Nino Rota: Plein Soleil (Fontana)
Johnny Maddox: Old Fashioned Love (London)
Johnny Mathis: Moonlight and Mathis (Fontana)
Johnny Mathis: Call Me (Fontana)
Allen Evans L.P.s reviewed:
Frankie Laine, Frankie Laine Sings (Ember International)
Kay Starr, Kay Starr Sings (Ember International)
Sarah Vaughan, Sarah Vaughan Sings (Ember International)
Trio Los Panchos, Trio Los Panchos (Philips)
N.A. Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1.  John Leyton, “Johnny Remember Me” (Top Rank)
2.  Helen Shapiro, “You Don’t Know” (Columbia)
3.  Eden Kane, “Well I Ask You” (Decca)
4.  Billy Fury, “Halfway to Paradise” (Decca)
5.  Petula Clark, “Romeo” (Pye)
N.A. Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1.  "Romeo" (Feldman)
2.  "Pasadena" (Lawrence Wright)
3.  "You Don’t Know" (Lorna)
4.  "Climb Every Mountain" (Williamson)
5.  "Halfway to Paradise" (Nevins-Kirahner)
N.A. Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1.  Bobby Lewis, “Tossin’ and Turnin’”
2.  Joe Dowell, “Wooden Heart”
3.  Highwaymen, “Michael”
4.  Mar-Keys, “Last Night”
5.  Chris Kenner, “I Like it Like That”
N.A. Ball, Lightfoot signed for Blackpool, 1962
Golf Cup for Peers
U.S. TV “Play Your Hunch” Debut
John Leyton Signed for NME Wembley Concert
Brook Brothers’ “Club” Date
Alma Cogan going back to South Africa
Valentine Xmas Panto Star: Andy Stewart Networked
Tommy Steele Confirmation
Ailing Gene Vincent Rushes Back to U.S.
Heath Radio Series [Ted Heath]
Hildegarde for Ilford Stint?
‘Ask Anne’ Ends
Tommy Steele Confirmation
N.A. America Wants Scots Singer [Andy Stewart]
Sammy Davis to Star in Colour Problem TV Play: Bart to Write Musical for Him
Frogman” Henry to Join Duane Eddy in Britain: Plan to Tour Here in November
Anka Writes Song, Offers Tour to Helen Shapiro
Easy Beat” for Karl Denver
Billy Fury Rocks out of Doors
Judge Donegan Show-a-Year Offer to Lee [Peggy Lee]
Two new TV disc shows ‘Easy Beat’ for Karl Denver Blues at Festival
Derek Johnson Was Nearly Time up for Craig!
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Hawaiian Cooks at Elvis Preview
N.A. Mathis Keeps in Trim
N.A. From You to Us: Swedish Reader Reports on Cliff in Stockholm 8
Andy Gray Duane Eddy 9
Mike Gowers Colour TV Radio Crowd-Puller 9
Andy Gray Brilliant Disc-Miners [George and Bert Bernard] 9
Andy Gray Sammy Davis Makes Time Stand Still 10
Mike Hellicar Champagne for Friends When You Cut a Disc in Hollywood! [Connie Stevens] 10
Derek Johnson The Jury Says It’s Going to Be a Hit…but the Biggest Hit Iis David Jacobs 10
N.A. AFN Highlights 11
N.A. Radio Luxembourg 11
N.A. Classifieds 11
Alley Cat Top 30 Is Now 60 per cent British 12
Alexander George, February 2006
  Original August 1961 contributions by Phil Jennings, March 1999

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