New Musical Express | September 1961

No. 764 1 September 1961  
Cover story Is Elvis Presley’s Career in Danger? 1
Goodwin, Keith Question Time with Eydie Gorme and Steve Lawrence 2
n.a. Surprise Chart Entry for Star Veteran [Joe Loss] 2
Johnson, Derek Shirley Bassey Reaches for Broadway Stardom 3
n.a. Brooks Brothers – Will They Clean Up with Their New Hit? 3
Fordyce, Keith Reviews a Week of All-star Singles
“Wild in the Country,” Elvis Presley
“Come September,” Bobby Darin and his Orchestra
“The Storm,” The Hunters
“Who Put the Bomp (in the Bomp Bomp Bomp),” The Viscounts
“Who Put the Bomp (in the Bomp Bomp Bomp),” Barry Mann
“Cryin,” Roy Orbison
“Hats off to Larry,” Del Shannon
“Little Bit of Soap,” Jimmy Justice
“Little Bit of Soap,” The Jarmels
“Kon-Tiki,” The Shadows
“The Greenwood Tree,” Connie Stevens
“Jealousy,” Billy Fury
“Together,” Connie Francis
“Starfire,” The John Barry Seven
“Drivin’ Home,” Duane Eddy
“Get Lost,” Eden Kane
Goodwin, Keith Jazz 4
NME Best selling pop records in Britain
1. John Leyton, “Johnny Remember Me”
2. Helen Shapiro, “You Don’t Know”
3. Shirley Bassey, “Reach for the Stars”
4. Petula Clark, “Romeo”
5. Eden Kane, “Well I Ask You”
NME Best selling sheet music in Britain
1. “You Don’t Know” (Feldman)
2. “Romeo” (Feldman)
3. “Climb Every Mountain” (Williamson)
4. “Pasadena” (Lawrence Wright)
5. “Reach for the Stars” (Kassner)
NME Best selling sheet pop records in U.S.
1. Joe Dowell, “Wooden Heart”
2. Bobby Lewis, “Tossin and Turning”
3. The Highwaymen, “Michael”
4. The Mar-keys, “Last Night”
5. Ral Donner, “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got”
n.a. Sammy Davis signs for Palladium TV debut
Johnny Mathis Plans Return Concert Tour
PYE Chiefs Hollywood Dash for Top-level Disc
Kent Walton’s New TV Series
n.a. Donegan Strikes Gold!
Shirley Bassey’s ATV Honour after U.S. Cabaret Season
n.a. John Leyton’s TV Series: Hit Disc Issued in America
EMI Presents Jazz Show on Luxembourg
Billy Fury’s ‘Lucky Stars’
Alma Cogan Prepares More Television Dates.
Johnson, Derek Paul Anka’s Song for Helen Shapiro Took Him only Thirty Minutes to Compose. 8
n.a. Clinton Ford “Life-lines” 8
Hellicar, Mike

Fury in a Tent [Billy Fury]
Gene Vincent: What Is His Future?

Johnson, Derek Cliff and the Shadows Rock Blackpool 10
Goodwin, Keith Frankie Vaughan’s ‘Warm Feeling’ 10
Goodwin Keith A Bouquet for Dorothy Squire 12
“The Alley Cat” Tail Pieces: Kay Starr Waxes Eden Kane’s Hit 12
  Katie Huss, February 2005  
No. 765 8 September 1961  
Cover story Eden Kane Sings Johnny Worth’s “Get Lost” 1
Johnson, Derek Even the Teenagers Were Wrong about Sam’s ‘Cupid’ Hit 2
Hellicar, Mike Composer Jule Styne Tips Our Max [Max Bygraves] to Be Better Than ‘Bilko’ Phil  [Phil Silvers] 2
Johnson, Derek Race to Take the ‘Michael’ honour [Lonnie Donegan, The Highwaymen] 3
Evans, Allen LPs
The Bobby Darin Story, Bobby Darin (****)
Rick is 21, Ricky Nelson (****)
Dean Martin Goes Dixie, Dean Martin (****)
Johnny Burnette Sings, Johnny Burnette (****)
Another Smash, The Ventures (***)
In My Little Corner of the World, Anita Bryant (***)
Fordyce, Keith Covers the Singles
“Cinderella,” Paul Anka
“You Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Until You Lose It),” The Big Jim Sullivan Combo
“Make Someone Happy,” Perry Como
“Game of Chance,” Mike Preston
“Music, Music, Music,” The Sensations
“Jeremiah Peabody’s Poly Unsaturated Quick Dissolving Fast Acting Pleasant Tasting Green and Purple Pills,” Ray Stevens
“Jimmy Martinez,” Marty Robbins
“Girls, Girls, Girls,” The Coasters
“In Time,” Steve Lawrence
“When Love Comes to Call,” Tony Allen
“Earth Angel,” Robb Storme
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. “Johnny Remember Me,” John Leyton
2. “You Don’t Know,” Helen Shapiro
3. “Wild in the Country,” Elvis Presley
4. “Reach for the Stars,” Shirley Bassey
5. “Well I Ask You,” Eden Kane
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. “You Don’t Know” (Lorna)
2. “Reach for the Stars” (Kassner)
3. “Romeo” (Meridian)
4. “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” (Williamson)
5. “Pasadena” (Lawrence Wright)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in the U.S.
1. “Michael,” The Highwaymen
2. “Wooden Heart,” Joe Dowell
3. “Tossin’ and Turnin’,” Bobby Lewis
4. “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got,” Ral Donner
5. “School Is Out,” U.S. Bonds
n.a. Bob Wallis Jazzers NME Concert Bonus
Burt Weedon to HMV
Temp. Seven BBC-TV Telerecording Soon [The Temperance Seven]
Roy Castle U.S. TV Debut
Fury-Kane: New Date
Marini, Joan Rogan Set for Cabaret
Wynter Dates in New York
‘Gypsy’ Ethel Merman Here Next Year
John Leyton Variety Debut at Chester
Cliff Richard Album to Mark 21st Birthday
n.a. Sinatra on New Label This Month
American Disc Firms Want Donegan
n.a. Sammy Davis – Tony Newley to Co-Star in Film
Ella with Jo [Jo Stafford] on October 7
Connie Francis Palladium TV
Matt Monro for Cabaret in U.S.A. and Canada
Shadows on ‘Lucky Stars’
Helen Shapiro Film Debut
DJ’s on Light [Keith Fordyce, Jimmy Young]
Cleo Laine: Opera in London, Leeds
n.a. What ‘Appens Unde’ Ackers ‘At (Read This Lively Story Exclusive in Next Week’s “Weekend”) 8
Charlton, Bruce Frank Sinatra Keeps Moving On and On and On! 9
n.a. Terry Lightfoot Makes Chart Debut with Another ‘High Society’ Number
Eydie, Steve for Musical?
Guy Mitchell’s Reason
Goodwin, Keith Kenny Ball Forecasts Jazz Will Become as Popular as Rock 10
n.a. Life-Lines of Al Saxon 10
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces by The Alley Cat: Fringe Disks 12
  Katie Huss, February 2005  
No. 766 15 September 1961  
15 September 1961 Issue Number 766  
Cover story Two in the Top TwentyGoing Like Fury! Billy Fury Does it again 1
Johnson, Derek Eden Kane’s plans are Going Great 2
Charlton, Bruce Meet the Musician [John Leyton, Charles Blackwell] 2
Goodwin, Keith Connie Francis Goes “Straight’ with Oldie 3
Hellicar, Mike "Elvis Sings Spirituals like a Negro," Says Ivory Joe Hunter 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviews
Harry Belafonte, “Hole in a Bucket
Patti Brooks, “Heaven is Being with You”
Jerry Lee Louis, “It Wouldn’t Happen to Me”
Eddie Calvert, “The Greek Flower Song”
Percy Faith, “Tammy Tell Me True”
Bert Kaempfert, “Now and Forever”
Reg Owens Strings, “Teen Dreams”
Eydie Gorme, “Yours Tonight”
Vic Damone, “The Pleasure of His Company”
Doris Da,y “Make Someone Happy”
Neil Sedaka, “Sweet Little You”
Tony Orlando, “Bless You”
Frank Sinatra, “American Beauty Rose”
Fats Domino, “Let the Four Winds Blow”
Chris Dors and the Del-Fi’s, “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin”
Clarence “Frogman” Henry, “Why Can’t You”
Evans, Allen LP’s
Stop the World, I Wanna Get Off
“Clarence Henry”
Halfway to Paradise
Floyd Cramer: On the Rebound
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. “Johnny Remember Me” by John Leyton
2. “You Don’t Know” by Helen Shapiro
3. “Kontiki” by The Shadows
4. “Wild in the Country” by Elvis Presley
5. “Reach for the Stars” by Shirley Bassey
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. “You Don’t Know” (Lorna)
2. “Johnny Remember Me” (Meridian)
3. “Romeo” (Feldman)
4. “Reach for the Stars” (Kassner)
5. “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” (Williamson)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in America
1. “Michael” by The Highwaymen
2. “Take Good Care of My Baby” by Bobby Vee
3. “My True Story” by Jive Five
4. “Hurt” by Timi Yuro
5. “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got” by  Ral Donner
n.a. Menzies Quits: Higgins Leads Clyde Stompers
Actor Waxes Singer’s Song [Oliver Reed, Jim Dale]
Pop Personalities in Sponsored Variety [Dickie Valentine, Eric Delaney Band]
Names in the News [Ken Mackintosh, Al Fairweather, Sandy Brown, Kent Walton, Bob Sharples, Leslie Gilbert]
Connie Francis, Bassey, Davis Set for Palladium TV
Duane Eddy on Two Labels Now
Avon’s ‘Clubbing’
Daughter for David [David Hughes]
London Season for Stapleton [Cyril Stapleton]
Edmundo Ros Series for U.S.
Fabian or Rydell Coming for TV?
Craig Douglas’ Second Film
Dizzy-Coltrane Plan
Big N.Z. Trip, Donegan Records at Blackpool
Irish, Scottish Tours for Brook Brothers
New Tour Dates for Kane and Fury
n.a. Dick Valentine and Mike Holliday Panto Roles Set
John Leyton, Helen Shapiro American TV Projects
n.a. Dean Martin on Reprise Label
Van Johnson May Leave Show
Cyril Ordanel on ‘Jury’ Duty
Vintage Addition to ‘Singing Years’
Matt Monro Gets Test for Hollywood Film
Stars’ Request on Luxembourg
More Hit Paraders for ‘Lucky Stars’
Sonny Sitt to Return Here
Alma Cogan Offered Talk of Town Season Starting This Month
Epidemic Hits Blackpool Stars
Singing Hostess Sheila Buxton
Rosemary Squires Saturday Date
Andy Herman Goes ‘Down Under’
Johnson, Derek Newley’s a Happy Man [Anthony Newley] 9
n.a. Life Lines of Cleo Laine 9
n.a. Welcome Back Nina and Frederik 9
Butcher, Mike The NME’s gala super show at Wembley:
10,000 Cheers for 1961’s ‘Big Stars’
[The Allisons, The Jokers, Eden Kane, Adam Faith, Billy Fury, Cliff Richards, The Shadows, The Brook Brothers]
Johnson, Derek Justice for Don Gibson! 10
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
Goodwin, Keith Jazz 12
  Katie Huss, March 2005  
No. 767 22 September 1961  
Charlton, Bruce Hats Off to Del Shannon! 2
n.a. Life Lines of Dorothy Squires 2
Johnson, Derek Bobby Darin Sings in Film 2
n.a. Why the Shadows Left Their Black Pool House! 3
Fordyce, Keith Reviews of new singles:
John Leyton, “Wild World” (Top Rank)
Frank Sinatra, “Granada” (Reprise)
Sammy Davis Jr., “Back in Your Old Back Yard” (Reprise)
Gary Bonds, “School Is Out” (Top Rank)
Duane Eddy, “Caravan” (Parlophone)
Everly Brothers, “Muskrat” (Warner)
Jorgen Ingmann, “Oceans of Love” (n.a.)
Matt Monro, “Gonna Build a Mountain” (n.a.)
Kirby Stone Four, “All O.K.” (Philips)
Helen Shapiro, “Walkin’ Back to Happiness” (Columbia)
Pat Boone, “Big Cold Wind” (London)
Charlie Drake, “My Boomerang Won’t Come Back” (Parlophone)
Temperance Seven, “Hard Hearted Hannah” (Parlophone)
Tony Osborne, “Mexico” (HMV)
Ron Goodwin, “Murder She Says” (Parlophone)
Laurie Johnson, “Sucu-Sucu” (Pye)
Michael Angelo, “Rocco’s Theme” (Columbia)
Mr. Acker’s Bilk and His P.J.B., “Stars and Stripes Forever” (Columbia)
Harry Secombe, “No Man Is an Island” (Philips)
David Kossoff, “Don’t Have any More Mrs. Moore” (Oriole)
Tony Hatch Orchestra, “La Poloma” (Pye International)
Evans, Allen Cabaret Album by Connie Francis 4
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1.  “Wild in the Country,” Elvis Presley (RCA)
2.  “Johnny Remember Me,” John Leyton (Top Rank)
3.  “You Don’t Know,” Helen Shapiro (Columbia)
4.  “Kon-Tiki,” Shadows (Columbia)
5.  “Reach for the Stars,” Shirley Bassey (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1.  “You Don’t Know” (Lorna)
2.  “Johnny Remember Me” (Meridian)
3.  “Reach for the Stars” (Kassner)
4.  “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” (Williamson)
5.  “Kon-Tiki” (Feldman)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1.  “Take Good Care of My Baby,” Bobby Vee
2.  “Michael,” Highwaymen
3.  “My True Story,” Jive Five
4.  “His Latest Flame,” Elvis Presley
5.  “Cryin’,” Roy Orbison
n.a. Buddy Holly, Judy Garland, Peggy Lee, Bing, etc.
Now Decca offer big stars on cheaper label
Royalty Will Hear Temperance Seven
Dorothy Squires for Talk of Town
Gene Vincent returning- but no Brenda Lee
Helen Shapiro: Two Film Offers
Bilk to Switzerland
New super-stereo development
Radio’s Staccatos Cut First Disc
Fabian flying in for TV dates
Ivory Joe in TV ‘Stars’
Donegan, Bassey Como’s Guests?
n.a. Cliff to Tour the World Promoting His Film
Matt Monro Signed for Palladium TV Debut
n.a. Reports Say Everlys Will Join Marines
John Barry abandons leadership of Seven
Sinatra May Head Package
Faith Film opens in London
Temperance 7 to head tour
Howard Keel on ’Jury’
Jazz Jamboree Goes Trad
Pop Stars and Music in Films for West End
British Star for Vegas?
Sammy’s Sunday shows
U.S. Jazzmen’s tour in November
More names in ‘Beat,’ ‘Club’ shows
Day, Bob "Brenda’s Real Sweet," Admits Bobby Vee 8
Hentoff, Nat Shirley Bassey Triumphs
Dolores with Sinatra?
Goodwin, Keith Dean Martin may sing with Sinatra on Reprise 8
Johnson, Derek Johnny Mathis Question-Time 9
n.a. New to the charts: The Springfields, Eddie Hodges 9
Gray, Andy Helen Shapiro Helps to Show How Discs Are Made 10
Woodcock, Peggy John Leyton needn’t have worried 10
n.a. Kay Starr likes London in September 10
Walsh, Peggy Max Is Not himself 10
Charlton, Bruce Adam’s Cabaret Debut Hit 12
  Rachel Goldberg, March 2006  
No. 768 29 September 1961  
cover Larry Parnes Presents: The Greatest One Night Show Ever! Billy Fury, Eden Kane, Tommy Bruce, Joe Brown, the Allisons, Karl Denver, Georgie Fame, Terry Hale, Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers, the Viscounts
Goodwin, Keith Question Time with Sammy Davis 2
n.a. The Hunters Could Rival the Shadows 2
Johnson, Derek Balladeer or Rocker? Which Elvis Do You Like Best? 3
Fordyce, Keith Reviews of New Singles
Bobby Darin, “You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby” and “Sorrow Tomorrow”
Crickets, “A Sweet Love” and “I Fought the Law”
McDevitt/Douglas, “I’ve Got a Thing About You” and “Mommy Out De Light”
Shane Fenton, “I’m a Moody Guy” and “Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue”
Tommy Sands, “Love In A Goldfish Bowl” and “I Love My Baby”
Pinky & Perky, “What’s New At The Zoo” and “Dream Your Tears Away”
Adams Singers, “Lullaby of Birdland” and “Tumbling Tumbleweed”
Champs, “Cantina” and “Panic Button”
Joe Hunter, “Because I Love You” and “I’m Hooked”
Conway Twitty, “It’s Drivin’ Me Wild” and “Sweet Sorrow”
Outlaws, “Valley of the Sioux” and “Crazy Drums”
Fleetwoods, “He’s The Great Imposter” and “Poor Little Girl”
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Girls Girls Girls, Duane Eddy
I Have Dreamed, Doris Day
Swingin’ Session, Frank Sinatra
Warm Feeling, Frankie Vaughan
n.a. Top 5 Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. “Johnny Remember Me,” John Leyton
2. “Wild in the Country,” Elvis Presley
3. “Kon-Tiki,” Shadows
4. “Michael,” Highwaymen
5. “Jealousy,” Billy Fury
n.a. Top 5 Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. “Johnny Remember Me” (Meridian)
2. “Climb Every Mountain” (Willamoon)
3. “You Don’t Know” (Lornik)
4. “Reach for the Stars” (Kasner)
5. “Kon-Tiki” (Feldman)
n.a. Top 5 Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. “Take Good Care of My Baby,” Bobby Vee
2. “The Mountain’s High,” Dick and Deedee
3. “Michael,” Highwaymen
4. “Cryin’,” Roy Orbison
5. “Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor,” Lonnie Donegan
n.a. World Favours British Discs [Cliff Richard, Petula Clark, Lonnie Donegan, Hayley Mills, Andy Stewart]
Shadows in Pantomime at Stockton and Hull
Lonnie Donegan Gets Contract for Canada
Huge Advance Orders for Leyton’s Next Disc [John Leyton, Wild Wind”]
Cliff, Connie Head 208 Series Names [Cliff Richard, Connie Francis]
Davis Aids Charity Here and in Italy [Sammy Davis]
Billy on U.S. TV [Billy Fury]
Seaman Cuts Six Sides [Seaman Nick Villard]
Pre-Birthday Party [Cliff Richard]
U.S. Release for Temp. 7 Hit [Temperance Seven, “Pasadena”]
Cleo Laine on Palladium TV”
To Join Costa [Carol Lorrimer, Sam Costa]
Lightfoot Xmas Day TV [Terry Lightfoot, Trad]
Hayley’s Hit [Hayley Mills]
Connie Francis Films Here in February
n.a. Russ Conway on Xmas Radio
Bing, Fred Astaire Head Big October Tele-Shows [Bing Crosby]
6, 7
n.a. Davis, McGuire Sisters Royal Variety Hint [Sammy Davis]
Matt Monro Off to America
‘Teen And Twenty’ Is Twice Weekly Now
Extra Weekend Dates for Helen [Helen Shapiro]
More Faith Dates [Adam Faith]
Danes Going to U.S. [Nina and Frederik]
Jess Conrad with Gene Vincent
Millions for Records
Brubeck Date [Dave Brubeck Quartet]
New Show Hit LP [“Sound of Music” Broadway cast LP]
Tommy Steele with Sir John Gielgud
Bassey May Wax with Basie [Shirley Bassey, Count Basie Band]
Leyton Making ‘Parade’ Debut [John Leyton]
Belafonte ‘Not Seriously Ill’ [Harry Belafonte]
Confederates Guest [Confederates Jazz Band]
U.S. Stars’ Tours Put Back [Duane Eddy, Everly Brothers]
Ford at Ballrooms [Emile Ford]
Ruby’s Home Panto [Ruby Murray]
‘Monday’ Stars [Ronnie Hilton, Vera Lynn, Ivory Joe Hunter]
Presley Leading Lady on ‘Jury’ [Dolores Hart, Elvis Presley]
Fury Show Adds Two Venues [Billy Fury]
Twins for Nat [Nat Cole]
Charlton, Bruce Ace of Hearts Is Master Card (Ace of Hearts label) 9
Hentoff, Nat Little Richard Returns 9
NME Laurie Johnson 9
Burman, Jean The Real Helen Shapiro 10
NME Dazzling Dorothy (Dorothy Squires) 10
NME Life-Lines of Joe Loss 10
n.a. Five Top Stars [Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke, Ricky Nelson, John Leyton, Billy Fury] 10
  Ria Jodrie, 9 February 2005  

NME | 1961
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