New Musical Express | January 1962

5 January 1962 No. 782  
Johnson, Derek NME Record Survey 2
n.a. 1961 Points Table
1. Elvis Presley
2. Cliff Richard
3. Helen Shapiro
4. Shadows
5. Everly Brothers
Charlton, Bruce John Leyton Was Worried! 3
Hellicar, Mike After 16 Months of Trying- 'The Twist' Makes the Charts 3
Columbia Records Congratulations Mr. Acker Bilk (ad) 3
n.a. And Now Elvis Does Twist! 4
A.G. Diana Dors, Joan Regan Debuts 4
n.a. A Lot Will Be Heard of 'Shalom' 4
Evans, Allen LPs
The Razzmatazz and All That Jazz, "Well I Ask You"
Milligan Preserved, "Have They Gone"
Fordyce, Keith Reviews Some Star-Studded Singles
Lonnie Donegan, "The Comancheros"
Eden Kane, "Forget Me Not"
n.a. Cliff Sings Title from Film Hit 4
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail 4
EMI New Pops (ad) 5
DECCA New Hits (ad) 5
NME Music Charts Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. "Stranger on the Shore," Acker Bilk
2. "Moon River," Danny Williams
3. "Tower of Strength," Frankie Vaughan
4. "Let The Be Drums," Sandy Nelson
5. "Johnny Will," Pat Boone
NME Music Charts Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Moon River" (Chappell)
2. "Tower of Strength" (Chappell)
3. "Toy Balloons" (Jewel)
4. "My Friend the Sea" (Bron)
5. "When the Girl Is in Your Arms" (Leeds)
NME Music Charts Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. The Tokens, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
2. Chubby Checker, "The Twist"
3. Bobby Vee, "Run to Him"
4. Joey Dee & The Starliners, "Peppermint Twist"
5. Elvis Presley, "Can't Help Falling in Love"
n.a. Shadows, Barber Snow Victims
Denver Heads Decca Eurovision Entries
Vocal Group Make Piccadilly Debut
Names in the News
Faith: Major TV, Radio Shows, Tour Dates Now Settled
Norman Vaughan Palladium MC
Repeat for TV 'Showboat'
Decca Pop Team to Visit States
Bob Wallis TV and Tour Dates
Basie Return Almost Set
Delaney Band in 65 One-Nighters
Stevens First EP
Galbraith Re-Booked
Songwriter Dies
Cogan Radio Series
n.a. Ella—JATP Set for Eleven Concerts Here
U.S. Praises Holly 'Tribute'
Mudlarks Back
6, 7
n.a In U.S. Jockey Poll, Monro Twice Honored, Newly Donegan Named
Cliff, Eden Kane in 'Pops Parade'
Shirley and Her Husband on 'Jury'
Variety Dates for Disc Duo
Danny for Coventry
Brown-Parnes Split
Acker Returns to 'Easy Beat'
Two Vocalists End Fan Clubs
Fury Film Track Waxing Next Week
Mantovani to Tour Britain in March
Paris Dates for Brook Brothers
Mitchell Trio for Palladium
Bassey's Ex-Manager Has New Post
Vee and Orlando TV Projects
Rydell Back in February
Frankie Vaughan Concerts, Hometown Theatre Dates
Johnson, Derek Girls Have Terrific Return to Favour 8
Williams, Chris Happy Dancers in 'Hey, Let's Twist' 8
n.a. Wallis Band's Success Proves 9
n.a. From You to Us 9
Winters, Georgia How to Get Him Out of Britain [Elvis] 10
n.a. Life-lines of Terry Lightfoot 10
Hellicar, Mike Alma Cogan Brings Good News for Our Stars from South Africa 10
n.a. Classified Ads 11
n.a. AFN Highlights 11
n.a. Radio Luxembourg Full Programmes 11
Alley Cat, The  Tail-Pieces 12
Christian, Chad Fury Keeps His Poetry Secret 12
n.a. Who's Where 12
C.W. Actor Jimmy Darren Shows How It's Done 12
Evans, Allen EP Reviews
Bea Lillie, What's New at the Zoo
Danny Harrison and the Jordanaires, No One to Love Me
Bob Newhart, Ledge Psychology
  Michael Levine, March 2005  
12 January No. 783  
Howes, Arthur 1962's Top Stars on Tour: Cliff Richards, Cliff Richards, Adam Faith, Helen Shapiro, Bobby Vee 1
Charlton, Bruce Darin on Par with Sinatra for Versatility! 2
Waronker, Si Eddie Cochran, Bobby Vee, Gene McDaniels at Work 2
n.a. CLIFF joins ELVIS and LONNIE with a No.1 First-time Chart Entry! [Interview] 3
King, Don Acker's the Greatest!' Declares Helen Shapiro [Interview] 3
Evens, Allen LP's:
Shirley Bassey
Belafonte, Jump Up Calypso
Bobby Vee,Sings Hits of the Rockin' 50s
The Four Preps on Campus

Dance 'Til Quarter to Threewith U.S.Bonds
Timi Yuro
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviewed:
Brook Benton, "Revenge"
Beverly Sisters, "The Water or the Wine"
Robert Earl, "Shalom"
Tony Osborne, "Turkish Coffee"
Lettermen, "When I Fall in Love"
Peter Elliott, "The Swingin' Sailor"
Peter Gordeno, "You're Following Me"
Melody Tops with Teddy and Pearl, "Be Mine"
Don Fox, "If You Go"
Kaye Sisters, "Mistakes"
Jimmy Jones, "Holler Hey"
Tony Hatch Orchestra, Ghost Squad
Brad Newman, Somebody To Love
NMW Best Selling Pop Records In Britain:
1. "The Young Ones," Cliff Richards
2. "Stranger on the Shore," Acker Bilk
3. "Let There Be Drums," Sandy Nelson
4. "I'd Never Find Another You," Billy Fury
5. "Multiplication," Bobby Darin
NMW Top Selling Sheet Music
1. Moon River (Chappell)
2. Toy Balloons (Jewel)
3. Stranger on the Shore (Sherwin)
4. Johnny Will (Blossom)
5. Midnight in Moscow (Tyler)
NMW Best Selling Pop Records In U.S.
1. "The Twist" (Chubby Checker)
2. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (Tokens)
3. "Peppermint Twist" (Joey Dee & The Starliters)
4. "Can't Help Falling in Love" (Elvis Presley)
5. "I Know" (Barbara George)
n.a. Bilk to Write Another Theme
Ceadars Move Nearer to 1,000 Prize
Leyton's MD Makes Orchestral Debut
Newley Own Disc Producer [DECCA, Tony Newley]
South America Wants to See Our Cliff
Panel to Pick Song for Europe
Kenny Ball to Tour Germany
EMI Chief's Plans [Richard Rogers]
Stevens on 'Stars' [Ricky Stevens]
Ford Cabaret Debut
Jimmy Crawford in 'Play it Cool'
Brooks, Viscounts on French TV
Sinatra Engaged
Flee Rikkers Re-Booked
Musicians Want Higher TV Fees
EMI Seek Epic Rights Here
Garland Film Postponed
Pet Clark, Bobby Rydell for Paris
First Ryan ITV Showcase Date
n.a. Neil Sedaka Palladium TV Star this Sunday
Matt Monro in Palladium Variety and Jeri Southern's British Tour
Presley to be Fishing Captain
Record Entry for Songwriters
Viera on 'Jury' [BBC-TV's "Juke Box Jury"]
Eden for Ireland
Judy Garland Concert LP's
Leyton May Make Australian Tour
Long Term Film Deal for Wilde
Alma Cogan Off to Spain Next
Pat Boone Likely Star in Palladium TV
Anka World Tour: Here Next Month
Faith, Nina And Frederik In Summer Concerts
Danny Williams 'Flu Victim
Marden Liverpool Date Confirmed
Five Tele-Appearances Set for Bobby Vee
Johnson, Derek Dorothy (Pinky) Provine Takes You Back Thirty Years 8
Hellicar, Mike The Importance of Patience to Craig Douglas 8
Hellicar, Mike The Tokens Set to Repeat U.S. Success Here 9
Hellicar, Mike Farmer Auctioneer Now Hit Singer! [Leroy Van Dyke] 9
Hellicar, Mike Peppermint Flavoured Twist [Danny Peppermint] 9
Hentoff, Nat Duane Eddy Promoted to Lead in His Next Film 9
n.a Life-Lines of Bob Wallis  
Hellicar, Mike They Plan to Make Pat Boone a Beatnik [Movie Preview]  
n.a. Reunion in New York for Matt and Sammy  
  Cyrus Lubin, 7 February 2005  
19 January 1962 No. 784  
Johnson, Derek Billy Fury to Tour Own Band Soon 2
Hutchins, Chris British stars report on their global trips 2
n.a. Life-lines of Jimmy Darren 2
Hellicar, Mike Welcome weekend visitor Neil Sedaka found time for a session question-time with the stars 3
n.a. Blues queen has off and on hit! [Dinah Washington] 3
Evens, Allen LP's:
The Nat Gonella story
Special Delivery: Della Reese
Mario Lanza: The Vegabond King
Bob Melvin, Closer Baby, Don't Fight It!
Pete King Percussion Concert
Down Forget-Me-Not Lane; Flanagan and Allen
Bill Black's Combo, Hey, Let's Twist
TRAD FAD: Yes Indeed It's the Gents, Rodney Foster, Swingin' Shillelaghs, Big Ben Goes Trad
JAZZ: Lawrence Brown, Paris Blues, Djangology and Django and Stephane Originals, Paul Gonsalves, Tenor Stuff, Louis Armstrong, His Greatest Years
ITALIAN FLAVOUR: Italy By Night, Top Italian Hits
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviewed:
Everly Brothers, "Crying in the Rain"
Michael Cox, "Young Only Once"
Goodtimers, "Its Twisting Time"
Danny Williams, "Jeannie"
Dion, "The Wanderer"
Ray Charles, "Unchain My Heart"
Crickets, "He's Old Enough to Know Better"
Adam Faith, "Lonesome"
Allisons, "Lessons in Love"
Shane Fenton, "Walk Away"
Johnny and the Hurricanes, "Farewell, Farwell"
Tony Newley, "D-Darling"
Ken Dodd, Planissimo
Santo and Johnny, The Mouse
Miki and Griff, Little Bitty Tear
Charles Blackwell, Taboo
The Quotations, Imagination
Mrs. Mills, Bobbikins
NMW Best Selling Pop Records In Britain:
1. "The Young Ones," Cliff Richards
2. "Stranger on the Shore," Acker Bilk
3. "I'd Never Find Another You," Billy Fury
4. "Let's Twist Again," Chubby Checker
5. "Multiplication," Bobby Darin
NMW Top Selling Sheet Music
1. The Young Ones (Harms-Witmark)2. Moon River (Chappell)
3. Toy Balloons (Jewel)
4. Johnny Will (Blossom)5. Midnight in Moscow (Tyler)
NMW Best Selling Pop Records In U.S.
1. "The Twist" (Chubby Checker)
2. "Peppermint Twist" (Joey Dee & The Starliters)3. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (Tokens)
4. "Can't Help Falling in Love" (Elvis Presley)
5. "I Know" (Barbara George)
n.a. Eden Kane as Film Boxer?
Ball's 'Moscow' Now Hit in America
Films of Singer's First Recording [Danny Strom]
Helen Shapiro: Paris After Australia
Granada Disc Label Plans
New d-i Series on Luxembourg
Hit Parade Ball
Ray Ellington in Series
Doctor Helps Shirley Bassey in Newcastle
Day, Brubeck Film Dates
Disc Distribution Delays Decreasing
Simone on Air
Temp. Seven's French Plans
Springfields, Jimmy Young Radio Series
Dorothy Provine, Jimmy Dean On Palladium TV Next Month
New deals give U.S. outlet to Philips
n.a. Brenda, Gene TV Offer
Lastest Bookings for 'Lucky Stars' [ABC TV Show]
Danny Williams at Blackpool: Springfields to Weymouth
Liberty Stars on EMI-Issued LP
Pet Clark Album
Laine TV Series [Cleo Laine]
Jassmen Top Bill [Kenny Ball]
Connie Francis Signs Three MGM Contracts
Monro Trip Delayed
Calvert to Join 'Ken Dodd Show'
Conway in Palladium TV Show Next Month
New U.S. Label for Cliff's Hit Disc
Loard Rockingham Returns on Disc
Pearl Carr, Teddy Johnson TV Date
Helen Back on 'Easy Beat'
Fury-Leyton Tour Dates Revealed
Acker Bilk For Overseas Tour
Trio Booked on Basie U.K. Tour
Bromley, Tony Why Shouldn't Country Singers Be In Charts? 8
Evans, Allen Cliff Richards, Listen to Cliff
Connie Francis, Favourites
Jule Slyne, Do Re Mi
Russ, Sing Along with Russ
Brook Benton, So Warm
Big Ben Band in Scotland
Frankie Vaughan, Let Me Sing and I Am Happy
Dinah Washington
Peter and Sophia
Nelson Riddle, Can Can
Victor Silvester, Quicksteps For Ballroom Dancers
Ella Fitzgerald Sings Gershwin
Red Socine, Country Music
Perry Lee, Ole A La Lee
Humphrey Lyttelton, Big H
Roy Castle, Castlewise
Jimmy Beair Jigtime Band
Ernestine Anderson, Just-a-Swingin'
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Frank's Fiancee Plans Vegas Act 8
Johnson, Derek Brook Brothers (and Allisons) Praying For Another Hit! 9
n.a From You to Us [Mail] 9
Gray, Andy Song-Pic Story Of 'The Young Ones' 10
n.a Four Four Star Lps
Hank Levine, The Colorful Ventures
Al Jolson with Oscar Levant
The Outlaws: Dream of the West
Four Freshmen: Voices in Fun
Williams, Chris He's back in the charts, so- Eden Kane can relax again! 10
n.a. Radio Luxembourg Full Programs 11
n.a. Jurors Hear Two Sides of Anthony Newley 12
n.a. Billy Fury Gets Ready for Brands Hatch! 12
Hutchins, Chris Helen Shapiro is outstanding in package show 12
  Cyrus Lubin, February 2005  
26 January 1962 No. 785  
n.a Cliff Richards says: "It knocks me out" 2
Hellicar, Mike Meet chart newcomers Joey Dee and the Starliters 2
Johnson, Derek Question-time with the originator Chubby Checker 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviewed
Karl Denver [song title?]
Paul Anka [song title?]
Steve Martin [song title?]
Lord Rockingham's XI, "Rockingham twist"
Dave Brubeck, "It's a Raggy Waltz"
Brenda Lee, "So Deep"
Tommy Bruce, "Babette"
Floyd Cramer, "Chatanooga Choo Choo"
  Potted Pops
Howie Casey, "Double Twist"
Clay Cole, "Twist around the Clock
Sylvia Sands, "You Don't Have a heart"
Ruby Murry, "Pianisamo"
n.a. Now Frankie Vaughan Does Tearaway Twist 4
n.a. Another winner for Pet [Petula Clark] 4
Evens, Allen LP's:
Peggy Lee at Basin Street East
Andy Stewart, album title?
Scottish Country Dances
Bernstein Conducts The New Your Philharmonic
Gerry Mulligan and the Concert Jazz Band
Paul Weston, Music for My Love
NMW Best Selling Pop Records In Britain:
1. "The Young Ones," Cliff Richards
2. "Let's Twist Again," Chubby Checker
3. "I'd Never Find Another You," Billy Fury
4. "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen," Neil Sedaka
5. Stranger on the Shore," Acker Bilk
NMW Top Selling Sheet Music
1. The Young Ones (Harms-Witmark)
2. Moon River (Chappell)
3. Stranger on the Shore (Sherwin)
4. Toy Balloons (Jewel)
5. Midnight in Moscow (Tyler)
NMW Best Selling Pop Records In U.S.
1. "Peppermint Twist," Joey Dee & The Starliters
2. "The Twist," Chubby Checker
3. "I Know," Barbara George
4. "Can't Help Falling in Love," Elvis Presley
5. "Norman," Thompson
n.a. Bart's Office Boy Makes Disc Debut
Elvis Presley's Exciting Plans!
'Phase Four' LP's for release here
Donegan for Yarmouth Again? : Matt Monro stars at Weymouth
Same Bobby Vee LP on Two Lables Here!
Midweek 'Family Favourites' Back
Top Jazz Bands on the Third!
Adam Faith Joins Stars at NME Poll Concert
29th Elvis Gold Disc Now out in Britain
Leyton Visiting Nine Countries
Don Lang Twists Twenty Rock Hits
n.a. Adam meets Archbishop
Whitfield Tours in 'Desert Song'
Torme London LP planned
Eurovision TV Names
Pet Clark for 'Juke Box Jury'
New U.S. Label for Philips?
Bobby Vee televising for London Palladium
Roy Castle in line for U.S. TV series
Bilk for Germany
Basie, Armstrong, concert venues
Mrs. Mills in Radio Series
Jacobs, David Anthony Newley Speaks: An Interview with David Jacobs in BBC-TV's "Wednesday Magizine" 8
n.a. Life-lines of Sandy Nelson 8
n.a. From You to Us [Mail] 8
Charlton, Bruce Army Life Suits the Everlys 9
Hellicar, Mike Just Back from His Middle East Tour- Russ Conway Wins New Honour 9
Johnson, Derek On the Eve of Their Nation-wide Tour of Britain, Say Hello to- Bobby Vee, 'Frogman' Henry, Tony Orlando 10
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail 10
n.a Did Cliff's Success Delay Presley's Disc? 12
Johnson, Derek Treat for the Jazz Fans 12
  Cyrus Lubin, March 2005  

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