New Musical Express | March 1962

2 March No. 790
Cover Page No. 12 in First Week!! The Sensational Wonderful Land' by the Shadows  
Alan Smith Ring-a-Ding Girl' is Taking Ronnie Carol Places 2
Nat Hentoff American Flashes' [mentions Natalie Wood, Buddy Rich, Harry James, Leslie Uggams, Andre Previn and Dory Langdon]  
Derek Johnson Cliff Richard Reveals Plans to Follow Present Phenomenal Success 3
Bruce Charlton Karl Denver Phones from a Snowy Outer Space'  
n.a. Del Shannon Produces a Trio of Sounds 4
Keith Fordyce John Leyton Waxes New Goddard Song
"Her Royal Majesty," James Darren
"Longing," Vera Lynn
"Nobody Knows," Brothers Four
"Shenandoah," Roy Castle
"At the End of a String," Frankie Townsend
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain—Top 5
1. "Let's Twist Again," Chubby Checker
2. "The Young Ones," Cliff Richard [sic]
3. "March of the Siamese Children," Kenny Ball
4. "Wimoweh," Karl Denver
5. "Can't Help Falling in Love," Elvis Presley
NME Best Selling Pop Records in the U.S.—Top 5
1. "Duke of Earl," Gene Chandler
2. "Hey ! Baby," Bruce Channel
3. "The Wanderer," Dion
4. "Break It to Me Gently," Brenda Lee
5 "The Twist," Chubby Checker
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain—Top 5
1. "The Young Ones," Harms-Witmack
2. "Let's Twist Again," West One
3. "Stranger on the Shore," Sherwin
4. "Can't Help Falling in Love," Manor
5. "Moon River," Chappell
n.a. Cliff, Shadows Stage Acts to be Waxed: LP Later?
Moon River' Named for Academy Award
Joan Regan Gets Rave Reviews in New York
Satch' At Soccer Park
Montand's Unique Talent
Anita Bryant and Percy Faith Due
Ford Joins Pet
Buddy Greco's Cabaret Act Waxed in London
All That Jazz' Extended Again
Shapiro Has Own Easter Radio Show—Karl Guests
Cliff, U.S. Stars in Saturday Club'
Dave King Joins Billy Cotton
Leyton May Star in Major Film
Bygraves TV with Benny
Sinatra Concerts: Variety Club to Co-operate
n.a. Adam Faith for First Palladium Concert
New Late Night Pop Air Show (Ring-a-Ding Ding')
Billy Daniels Palladium TV
Danny [Williams] Asked to Star at the Copacabana
15 Bing LP's!
Brandon Works Here Again
Glenn Miller U.S. TV Series
Barber to Aid Flood Victims
Eden Kane Dates
Basie: More Dates
Ball in Anglo-U.S. Band Exchange
British Star in U.S. Chart RaceAustralian, European Tours for Russ Conway
Soundtrack LP Query Solved
Worth May Write Brooks' Musical
Chris Hutchins Allisons Survive Two Alarming Weeks 8
Derek Johnson They All Wooed Jeannie'  
n.a. Billy Daniels is Often Impersonated, but the Original is Best! 9
Derek Johnson The enthusiasm and warmth of British fans has made my visit a wonderfully happy one' says Bobby Vee in a Question-Time  
Derek Johnson Wonderful Land' has been on the Shelf for a Year! : Shadows Reserve Stock Pays Off! 10
Chris Williams Does Sam Cooke Think Twist and Rock-n'-Roll are Different?  
The Alley Cat 4-D Palladium Parade 12
n.a. Princess Margaret Remembers Cliff  
  Erin Mulrane, February 2005  
9 March1962 No. 791
n.a. The White Rose of Athens—Nana Moskouri [Cover Page]  
Derek Johnson The Everlys Volunteering Secret is Revealed 2
n.a. Life-lines of Kenn Dodd  
Allen Evans LP's by Allen Evans
Ella in Hollywood, Ella Fitzgerald
Genius Sings the Blues, Ray Charles
The Lion Sleeps Tonight, The Tokens
Dance Again with Ambrose, Laurie Johnson
Ain't We Got Fun Kinda Songs, Smith and the Redheads
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine, Anita Bryant
Double Exposure, Jonah Jones and Jack Teagarden
Derek Johnson Helen Shapiro Sings Tunes that Are Tops with Her 3
Keith Fordyce Hayley [Mills]—Is She Our Dorothy Provine? 4
Keith Fordyce Singles
"Paintin the Town with Teardrops," The Raindrops
"Everybody Twist," Bobby Breen
"She'll Have to Go," Tony Raymond
"Twistin' Time Is Here," Hal Carter
"Tempo D'Estate," Nino Rosso
"A Diabolical Twist," Nick Bygraves
"French Poodle," Sammy Salvo
"The Hole in the Wall," Tony Gallant
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britian
1. "March of the Siamese Children," Kenny Ball
2. "Let's Twist Again," Chubby Checker
3. "Wimoweh," Karl Denver
4. "The Young Ones," Cliff Richards
5. "Tell Me What He Said," Helen Shapiro
NME Best Selling Pop Records in the U.S.
1. "Hey ! Baby," Bruce Channel
2. "Duke of Earl," Gene Chandler
3. "Midnight in Moscow," Kenny Ball
4. "Don't Break the Heart that Loves You," Connie Francis
5. "Let Me In," Sensations
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain—Top 5
1. "The Young Ones," Harms-Witmack
2. "Can't Help Falling in Love," Manor
3. "Let's Twist Again," West One
4. "Little Bitty Tear," Acuff-Rose
5. "Moon River," Chappell
NME NME is Ten Years Old! [First Issue Published March 7, 1952] 6
n.a. Elvis Presley May Film Manager's Life Story!
Jerry Lee Lewis: More Venues Fixed
Paramor MD for Acker Bilk Film
Newely-Bricusse: Second Musical
[Joan] Regan Invited Back to U.S.
Kitt Palladium TV Date Named
Cliff S.A. Stay May Be Three Weeks
Rydell Calls
Wolf at Jazz Clubs
Lena in Revue
Extra Concerts by Gene Vincent
ABC-TV Music Quiz Show Planned
Wilde for Scotland
Cleo in Play
Winifred Atwell May Join Pigalle Revue
n.a. Donegan: Month Stay at New York Club
New Time for Jack Jackson Disc Series
David Jacobs at Eurovision Final
Torme's May Plans Change
Allisons Join Pet
U.S. Chart Topper Here Next Month?
Eden Kane as Golden Boy'?
Springfields Set for Palladium TV
Carroll May Enter Films
Johnny Worth Waxes His Own Numbers!
Russ Conway Cheered
Judy Garland Filming Here
Ball: Moscow' Million; Children' on Top Here
Dot Chief in Talks on British Outlet
U.S. Bonds—Burnette Tour: Glasgow Bow
Derek Johnson The King of Folk Balladeers Still Thinks He's Just a Guy trying to Make a Living 8
Chris Hutchins Jimmy Justice Went to Sweden for Fame  
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Brenda is Ginger's Co-star, Twist Will Live On  
Alan Smith Cribbins, Drake, Sellers Have Bright Disc Futures 9
n.a. News Extra!
Vincent, Lee and Southern for Lucky Stars'
Cliff's Easy Beat' Debut Next Month
Checker Heads U.S. TV Twist Festival
Fury in Pops'
[Craig] Douglas Booked
Ball, Wallis Share EP
Back to Trad Tavern'
Mrs. [Gladys] Mills Concerts
John Barry Tour
Pat Boone Why I Became A Beatnik 10
Chris Hutchins Salior Pete Murray's Musical Part Has Surprised the Fans  
n.a. Helen First Briton to Top in Japan
Billy Daniels as Dynamic as Ever!
  Erin Mulrane, February 2005  
16 March No. 792  
Charlton, Bruce Billy Fury's R-and-B Gamble Pays Off 2
Hutchins, Chris Marty Wilde admits I've been away too long'-but he's putting it right 2
Evans, Allen Twist Albums: Doin' the Twist, Look Who's Twistin'-Everybody, Twistin' the Hits 2
Johnson, Derek Kenny Ball-by his former bosses! 3
  Survey of Tributes and Comments on a world-famous bandleader  
n.a. Latest Trad EPs:
Acker Bilk Golden Treasure
Alex Welsh
Big Ben Trad Band
Mike Cotton Jazzmen
Johnson, Derek Chubby, Bobby and Joey Become Twist Professors
Brenda Lee Swings Out, "All the Way" album
Adam Wade, Prisoner's Song
Jungle Cha-Cha by Token, "B'wa Nina"
Same Formula for Sandy [Sandy Nelson], "Drums Are My Beat"
Ricky Nelson, "Young World"
King Brothers, "King Size Twist"
Fordyce, Keith Nina and Frederik ["Seven Daffodils" review]
Four Freshman ["Teach Me Tonight" review]
Gene Chandler ["Duke of Earl" review]
Jimmy Dean ["Smoke Smoke Smoke that Cigarette" review]
NME NME Top Thirty
1. Shadows, "Wonder Land"
2. Kenny Ball, "March of the Siamese Children"
3. Helen Shapiro, "Tell Me What He Said"
4. Chubby Checker, "Let's Twist Again"
5. Elvis Presley, "Can't Help Falling in Love"
n.a. NME Top Sheet Music
1. "Can't Help Falling in Love," Manor
1. "The Young Ones, Harms," Witmark [two number 1s]
3. "Let's Twist Again," West One
4. "Pianissimo," Peter Maurice
5. "Stranger on the Shore," Sherwin
n.a. Bilk's Stranger On Shore' in U.S. chart
Another housewife seeks disc fame [Mary May]
Seaside Dates [Acker Bilk tour dates]
Billy Daniels Ends Cabaret Season: Bal Tabarin Policy Change
Helen Shapiro: 3 more offers from abroad, home dates
Gary Miller disc-jockey
New pop music series on TV
Jess for Gene [Jess Conrad replaces Gene Vincent]
Marden Holland-bound [Janie Marden]
Equity-ITV peace?
Worth pens tunes for Faith film [Johnny Worth and Adam Faith, "Mix Me a Person"]
New Moves for Provine Debut [Dorothy Provine]
Pop stars in four new music films [Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Duane Eddy]
Brennan on Light [Rose Brennan]
Doris Day Film ["The Unsinkable Molly Brown"]
Williams tours [Danny Williams]
Sinatra and Charity Show [Frank Sinatra]
New label out next month [Salvo]
Allisons in radio club' [The Allisons, "Saturday Club"]
Wolf on Tonight' [Howlin' Wolf Burnette's British tour, "Tonight"]
n.a. Cliff Richard and Helen Shapiro honoured by the Variety Club of Great Britain with the club's annual Silver Heart Awards [photograph and caption]
Heath shows Britain's TV festival entry ["Big Band Concert", featuring Ted Heath and his Music]
Temperance Seven on TV Music Hall' [Charlie Chester's Music Hall]
n.a. Princess Requests Song from Cliff Richard: Shadows to Accompany Him at Club Royal Performance' [Princess Margaret]
And Temperance Seven, too... [Princess Margaret attending "Roaring Twenties" ball]
It's Trad Dad' premiere set
Lightfoot and Bilk Guest on ATV Series [Terry Lightfoot, Acker Bilk on Mocrecambe and Wise ATV series]
Craig's 3 Films [Craig Douglas]
Valentine for Sydney club [Dickie Valentine]
Queen to See Sail Away' [Noel Coward's musical]
Eartha Kitt TV Projects
Andy Stewart tele-special
Find Singer' delayed [AR-TV's "Find the Singer" series]
Freshman tour stars all on BBC-TV Music Hall' ["Charlie Chester Music Hall"]
Susan on Easy Beat' [Susan Singer]
Ronnie Carroll in Luxembourg [Eurovision Song Contest—"Ring a Ding Girl"]
Doug Sheldon in BBC Series ["Twisting Time" Premiere]
Spastics Show [new additions to "Record Star Show"]
Nelson Riddles in major BBC-TV plan
Brenda Lee, U.B. Bonds, Pete Murray join Jury' panel ["Juke Box Jury"]
Frankie Vaughan on Cotton Show ["Billy Cotton Band Show"]
Clinton Ford's first LP waxed
U.S. Independents' New EMI Outlet?
Dankworth Helps [Johnny Dankworth—"Thurber Carnival"]
Matthew comperes [Brian Matthew]
Young Ones' clip in Lucky Stars' [Cliff Richard, Chubby Checker, ABC-TV's "Thank Your Lucky Stars"]
Johnson, Derek Buddy Holly's Disc Listen to Me' Back in Charts after Four Years! 8
Smith, Alan Doris Looks Younger Every Day [Doris Day] 8
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail 8
  Verses Separated from Choruses 8
  Adam's new role [Adam Faith] 8
  Age brings Judy happiness [Judy Garland] 8
Smith, Alan Sinatra, Cole, Ella, Charles went commercial so Buddy Greco joins in [Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles] 9
n.a. New to the Charts 9
  Bruce Channel's hit had first pressing of 200! 9
  Gene Chandler's titled debut 9
Evans, Allen LPs [Ray Charles and Betty Carter; Ray Conniff Singers: So Much in Love; Eydie Gorme: Come with Me; Jimmy Dean: Big Bad John; Folk Song World on Jimmie Rodgers; Eartha Kitt: Bad But Beatiful; Dinah Washington: For Lonely Lovers; Steve Lawrence: Portrait of My Love; Johnny Mathis: Live It Up; Johnny Burnette's Hits; Hits from the Hunters] 9
Hellicar, Mike Roy Orbison thanks Pat Boone for his disc fame! 10
Johnson, Derek Welcome back to the Freshman and hello to Jeri Southern 10
Wedge, Don Pete shines in Scapa' but David is wasted [Pete Murray, David Hughes] 10
Evans, Allan EPs [Chubby Checker; Adam Faith; Frank Sinatra Hit Parade; Temperance Seven; Paddy Roberts; Rex Stewart; Carmen McRae] 10
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
  Connie, Elvis in same movie? [Elvis Presley, Connie Francis]  
n/a (photo) Sergeants Three' Arrive Next Month [Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford; Dennis Crosby, Lindsay Crosby, Sammy Davis] 12
n.a. NME Celebrates Tenth Birthday: Billy Daniels surprise guest 12
  L. J. Negro, 7 February 2005  
23 March No. 793  
Johnson, Derek Stand-by for Blasting!—Miss Dynamite's on her way! [Brenda Lee's first tour] 2
Charlton, Bruce New to the Charts: Johnnie Spence wins fame in own name [theme from "Dr. Kildare" in charts] 2
Gray, Andy "It's Ter-ee-feec," Shout the Shadows! [in Paris, re: Number One] 3
Smith, Alan Furious Holly Fans Strike Back! [reactions to previous reader comment about Billy Fury and Buddy Holly] 3
Fordyce, Keith Reviews another week of all-star singles
Chubby Twists again—but slowly now! ["Slow Twistin'"/"Lose Your Inhibitions Twist"]
Johnny Burnette: "Clown Shoes" / "The Way I Am"
Rose Brennan: "Come Down the Mountain Katie Daly" / "Shame on You Shamus O'Brien"
Bill McGuffie: "Give Seven" / "Out of Cigarettes"
Johnny Desmond: "Twistin' Rose of Texas" / "Hello Honey"
McGuire Sisters: "Sugartime Twist" / "More Hearts are Broken that Way"
Rosemary Squires: "Everybody's Doin' the Twist" / "Do Something"
Gary Miller: "Dancing in the Dark" / "If You Were the only Girl in the World"
Ella Fitzgerald: "Clap Hands! Here Comes Charley" / "Cry Me a River"
Eartha Kitt: "A Lady Loves" / "Please Do it Again"
Dick Jordan: "Some of these Days" / "I Want Her Back"
Harry Robinson: "Wisht it's the Twisht" / "Son of Twist"
Lonnie Springs a Surprise [Lonnie Donegan: "The Party's Over" / "Somewhere over the Rainbow"]
Spike Milligan: "Wormwood Scrubs Tango" / "Postman's Knock"
Paddy Roberts: "Love Is a Wonderful Thing" / "Send for Me"
Piltdown Men: "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody" / "Big Lizzard"
Evans, Allen LPs
Paul Anka: Young Alive and In Love
Behind the Buttondown Mind: Bob Newhart
Jerome Kern: Flutes and Percussion
Twenty Top Twenty Twists
Dancing the Big Twist
George Shearing: Mood Latino
Eddie Calvert: Eddie's Golden Songbook
Limeliters: Tonight in Person
The Best of the Platters
The Greatest of Dizzy Gillespie
Wilbur de Paris on the Riveria
n.a. NME Top Thirty
1. Shadows, "Wonderful Land"
2. Helen Shapiro, "Tell Me What He Said"
3. Elvis Presley, "Can't Help Falling in Love"
4. Kenny Ball, "March of the Siamese Children"
5. Chubby Checker, "Let's Twist Again"
n.a. Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Can't Help Falling in Love" (Manor)
2. "Pianissimo" (Peter Maurice)
3. "Stranger on the Shore" (Sherwin)
4. "The Young Ones" (Harms-Witmark)
5. "Lesson One" (Clover-Conway)
n.a. Jim Dale cuts first disc for Piccadilly [Pye]
Strike Over—Then Pat Boone on Palladium TV [ITV equity dispute]
Jeri Southern Ill-Cuts Short Tour
Bongo' Re-release [Cliff Richard's first film]
Joan Reagan on Palladium TV ["Sunday Night at the London Palladium"]
Hammer + Beat = Twist' [Jack Hammer release]
Bilk, Bond have Radio Bookings [Acker Bilk on "Parade of the Pops" and U. S. Bonds on "Saturday Club"
Shapiro's Down-Under' Tour—12 Concerts Set [Helen Shapiro]
Kayes Resident in ATV series [Kaye Sisters resident singers on Morecambe and Wise series]
Marty's Father Dies [Marty Wilde]
Luxembourg Time Changes ["Monday Spectacular" moves to Fridays]
Wolf Tour Postponed [Howlin' Wolf Burnett]
n.a. Connie Frances: 2 Films Here ["Follow the Boys" and "Girl Singer"]
Pet Clark New York Debut Plan [Petula Clark]
n.a. Kenny Ball Concerts to be Waxed [first stage recordings]
No Heat Before 1963 Eurovision Contest? [Song for Europe competition ending]
Channel Visit Off till June [Bruce Channel, no available venues]
Johnnie Spence Hit Issued in States ["Dr. Kildare Theme"]
Alan Freeman Acts [BBC-TV "Suspense"]
Roy Castle: Two ATV Shows—Then America
Winnie Atwell Dancer at London Niterie! [Winifred Atwell]
Bygraves back to Seaside [Max Bygraves]
Bassey's Rio Cabaret Off [Shirley Bassey and Copacabana]
Craig Douglas: U.S. Label Likely
All That Jazz' runs till June! [ATV series]
Ted Heath Music Berlin Bound
Hellicar, Mike Gene Vincent Starts on his Seventh Tour! 8
Gray, Andy Song Contest Blues—What Went Wrong? ["Ring-A-Ding Girl" Eurovision contest] 8
Johnson, Derek Checker-Rydell Go Gay' Album! [Chubby Checker, Bobby Rydell] 9
Various From You to Us 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail
Newley-Clansmen? [Frank Sinatra "Clan"]
Goodman Takes Moscow' to Russia [Benny Goodman, "Midnight in Moscow"]
Hutchins, Chris Discovers Some Secrets from our Top Girl Vocalist—Helen's Getting Another Gold Charm for Her Bracelet from John and Mike [Helen Shapiro, John Schroeder and Mike Hawker] 10
Smith, Alan Plenty of Talent in This Show [The Four Freshman, Jeri Southern, Matt Monro, Danny Williams and Kenny Baker and his band on tour] 10
Simon, Michael In New Musical Cribbins Sings Only One Song ["Little Mary Sunshine", Bernard Cribbins] 12
  L. J. Negro, 16 February 2005  
30 March 1962 No. 794  
Charlton, Bruce Del Shannon makes it tough for executives to pick A' side: "Hey Little Girl" has strong flip-side! 2
Hutchins, Chris Mark Wynter Made Hit in Twenty Minutes 2
Gray, Andy Princess and Cliff Give Teen Music Big Boost [Princess Margaret, Cliff Richards] 3
n.a. In April Hit Parade' Poll Stars in the Picture [NME Concert Poll] 3
n.a. Bing Plugs Shell [Bing Crosby sings Shell Gasoline jingle] 3
Evans, Allen EPs [Matt Monro, Nina and Frederik, Johnny Gregory, Ken Colyer's Jazzmen, Joe Loss, The Platters, Hitsville, Sound of Music, Trio Los Panchos] 3
Fordyce, Keith Williams Boys are Rivals [Danny Williams and Andy Williams both record "The Wonderful World of the Young", review]
Sinatra Family Out in Force [Frank Sinatra, "Everybody's Twistin'"; Nancy Sinatra, "To Know Him Is to Love Him"]
Mike Carr, "The Girl in the Mountains"
Don Rennie, "Till the End of Time"
Temperance Seven, "Sahara"
Connie Stevens, "Just One Kiss"
Jan Burnette, "I Could Have Loved You So Well"
Miracles, "What's So Good About Goodbye"
Kenny Lynch, "I Would Take A Miracle"
Envoy Strings, "Transcontinental"
Patsy Cline, "She's Got You"
Johnny Worth, "You Know What I Mean"
Jo Stafford, "Misty"
Peter Wynne, "The Wall"
Eric Delaney, "Washboard Twist Blues"
Evans, Allen LPs
Brook Benton: Boll Weevil Song
: La Vern Baker
Goin' Places: Kingston Trio
Honky-Tonk Man: Johnny Horton
My Kind of Blues: Sam Cooke
The Ventures: Walk Don't Run
The Four Freshmen: Stars in Our Eyes
Folk Journeys: A Rovin'
n.a. Potted Pops
Steve Race, "Nicola"
Peter Nero, "Maria"Sid Phillips, "Montreal"
NME Top Thirty
1. Shadows, "Wonderful Land"
2. Helen Shapiro, "Tell Me What He Said"
3. Elvis Presley, "Can't Help Falling in Love"
4. Kenny Ball, "March of the Siamese Children"
5. Bruce Channel, "Hey Baby"
NME Top Sheet Music
1. "Can't Help Falling in Love" (Manor)
2. "Pianissimo" (Peter Maurice)
3. "Stranger on the Shore" (Sherwin)
4. "Wonderful Land" (F.D. & H.)
5. "The Young Ones" (Harms-Witmark)
n.a. Matt Monro for Las Vegas Venue
Vernon Girls to Decca [Vernon Girls trio]
Barber Going on Tour of Poland [Chris Barber Band]
Mathis Plans to Wax Records in London: If He Leaves U.S. Columbia [Johnny Mathis]
Nat King Cole's Life' on LPs ["The Nat King' Cole Story"]
Pye Changes [Louis Benjamin to be sole general manager, Roger Threlfall to ATV]
72 Musicians on LP [35 mm film]
Lonnie's U.S. Issue [Lonnie Donegan, "Over the Rainbow"]
Susan Tops the Bill [Susan Singer at Chester Royalty]
More Attractions in Summer Shows [Jackie Rae and Charlie Drake to be featured in season show at the Torquay Princess]
Marty Wilde for All That Jazz'
Palladium TV again for Helen Shapiro
Lyn to Wed [Lyn Cornell and Andy White, April 2nd]
n.a. Pat's London-Waxed Disc Rush-Released [Pat Boone, "Willing and Eager"]
Platters, Sarah Vaughan, Jane Morgan, Dinah and Steele in ITV Line-up [Dinah Washington, Pat Boone, Tommy Steele]
British Singer is New York Bound [Craig Douglas]
D-j in Three Languages [Jimmy Savile, Radio Luxembourg]
n.a. Bing Sings 189 Songs on 15 Album Series [Bing Crosby, "Bing's Hollywood Story]
Sickness Robs Shows of Four Top Names [Billy Fury, Cliff Richards, Russ Conway, Shirley Bassey]
Cliff Film Gets New Director [Cliff Richards, "Summer Holiday"]
Bert Weedon to Visit Nashville
Awards Judges Meet [1961 Ivor Novello Awards]
Band Stripped' [Bob Miller's Millermen uniforms stolen]
Franchi on Max's Tour [Sergio Franchi, Max Bygreaves]
Bilk LP Now May Release [Acker Bilk, "Stranger on the Shore"]
Johnny Worth to Pen 12 Songs for Musical: Doris Day Possible Star [tentative title, "Sea Birds Don't Sing"]
Basie, Trio Fly in for Tour [Count Basie Band; and Lambert, Hendricks & Ross]
New Aussie Offer for Valentine [Dickie Valentine]
Craig Douglas Back [returns to hit parade]
Winters, Georgia Chubby's Fame Hard Earned [Chubby Checkers]
News Bits about: Duane Eddy
Tony Orlando
Linda Scott
Rick Nelson
Smith, Alan Basie, Top Vocal Trio Here for Tour [Count Basie Band; Lambert, Hendricks & Ross] 8
Charlton, Bruce ?-Time With Bernard Cribbins [interview] 9
C.W. Bing and Bob Hit—The Road' [Bing Crosby, Bob Hope; "Road"] 9
Johnson, Derek The Drifters Are All New: Others Have Drifted! 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail 9
Johnson, Derek It's Trad, Dad! Spilling Over with Stars and Tunes! [review] 10
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: Top Artists to Sing Academy Awards Tunes 12
Smith, Alan Nina and Frederik Want to Twist a Calypso! 12
Gray, Andy Star Audience! [The Spastics' fund] 12
  L. J. Negro, February 2005  
  Original March 1962 contributions by Phil Jennings, March 1999  

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