New Musical Express | April 1962

6 April No. 795
Hutchins, Chris Jimmy Justice Is Making Plans to Move Back Home! 2
Johnson, Derek Nat Cole's Musical 'Life' on Three Albums 2
Johnson, Derek Is Presley Making Too Many Films? [Elvis Presley] 3
Fordyce, Keith Pop Reviews
Neil Sedaka: "Walk with Me"
Bing and Bob: "Team Work" and "Let's Not Be Sensible"
Viscounts: "One of the Guys" and "Dear Mary Brown"
Johnny Mathis: "Sweet Thursday" and "One Look"
Donna Douglas: "Matelot" and "All the Other Girls"
Tornados: "Love and Fury" and "Popeye Twist"
Frankie Vaughan: "I'm Gonna Clip Your Wings" and "Travellin' Man"
Julie Grant: "Somebody Tell Him" and "Every Letter You Write"
Sue Thompson: "Two of a Kind" and "It Has to Be"
Curtis Lee: "Just Another Fool" and "A Night at Daddy Gee's"
Alvin Roy: "You'll Miss Me Someday"
Potted Pops: "Happy Family," "Throwing Pebbles in a Pool" and "Twistwatch"
Patti Lynn: "Tonight You Belong to Me"
Shelley Fabares: "Where's It Gonna Get Me"
Evans, Allen Three exciting 4-star albums
Frank Sinatra: I Remember Tommy
Connie Francis: Do the Twist
Chubby Checker: Let's Twist Again
n/a NME Top 30:
1. Shadows, "Wonderful Land"
2. Bruce Channel, "Hey Baby"
3. Helen Shapiro, "Tell Me What He Said"
4. Roy Orbison, "Dream Baby"
5. Sam Cooke, "Twistin' the Night Away"
  Best Selling Sheet Music in Britian:
1. I Can't Help Falling In Love (Manor)
2. Wonderful Land (F.D. & H.)
3. Pianissimo (Peter Maurice)
4. Stranger On The Shore (Sherwin)
5. The Young Ones (Harms-Whitmark)
  Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1. Shelly Fabares, "Johnny Angel"
2. Connie Francis, "Don't Break The Heart That Loves You"
3. Elvis Pesley, "Good Luck Charm"
4. Chubby Checker, "Slow Twistin'"
5. Roy Orbison, "Dream Baby"
  New On Sale Today [Advertising]
1. Neil Sedaka, King of Clowns
2. Curtis Lee, A Night at Daddy Gee's
3. Jack Ross, Cinderella
4. The String-A-Longs, Sunday
5. True Blue, Alvin Roy's Jazz Band
6. Bing Crosby and Bob Hope, Teamwork
n/a 10 Years of Pop History
Cliff, Shadows Win Novello Award: Star line-up for TV show
Shapiro, Shadows in Summer Variety: Faith, Fury for East Coast shows?
'Young Ones' Hits Million! [Cliff Richards]
Neil Sedaka on Easter 'Jury' [BBC-TV's "Juke Box Jury"]
Bilk's latest 'Stranger' as TV series theme
Billy Fury For U.S. Holiday
Gershwin Musical [MGM Films]
Poll Concert: Five Minutes Earlier [NME's Poll Winners Concert]
Danny Williams In Cotton Band Show
New U.K. label for Orlando [Tony Orlando]
Joining Pet Clark [Jimmy Justice joins Clark tour]
n/a Sinatra Due Here Next Month for Concerts
Equity Stars Returning to Palladium Show
Electronic Sounds! [new disc signings]
Billy Fury joins big 'Lucky Stars' line-up
Valentine Gets 'World' Offer [Dickie Valentine]
12 More Venues for Armstrong [Louis Armstrong]
More Pop Names At Variety Lunch
Valente, Ros in new label's set [Caterina Valente]
Helen Shapiro on major European TV network
Philips signs Erroll Garner
U.K. stars join Gene Vincent
Hellicar, Mike The Paul Anka Mystery Ends 8
Williams, Chris Brenda, Gene Take You Back to the Wild Days of Rock! 8
Smith, Alan Kenny Ball Makes Album Concert a Real Swinger 9
Charlton, Bruce Bruce Almost Channel No. 1 Again! 10
Hellicar, Mike Craig Douglas' Hits Are Good Team Work 10
Hellicar, Mike Leslie Bricusse Worked on Two Shows a Day! 12
The Alley Cat Were They On Strike? 12
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13 April 1962 No. 796
Johnson, Derek Sammy Davis Jr. Does Right by Pal Newley 2
n/a Ketty Lester Sang 'as herself' to Notch Hit 2
Hutchins, Chris Brenda Lee Reveals Some Amusing and Startling Things in Question Time 3
Johnson, Derek Karl Denver Never Puts on a False Front 3
Fordyce, Keith Reviews the Star Singles
Connie Francis: "Don't Break the Heart That Loves You" and "Ain't That Better Baby"
Ted Heath: "The Ben Casey Theme" and "The Blue Bird"
Tony Allen: "In the Fools' Hall of Fame" and "My Heart is Free"
Ray Cathode: "Time Beat" and "Waltz in Orbit"
Michael Holliday: "I Don't Want You to See Me Cry" and "Wishin' on a Rainbow"
Candy Sparling: "When's He Gonna Kiss Me?" and "Lonely For You"
Johnny and the Huricanes: "Salvation" and "Miserlou"
Dale Sisters: "Road to Love" and "Secrets"
Tommy Edwards: "The Tables Are Turning" and "I'll Cry You Out of Heart"
Gary Bonds: "Twist Twist Senora" and "Food of Love"
Vernon's Girls: "Lover Please" and "You Know What I Mean"
Perry Como: "Caterina" and "The Island of Forgotten Love"]
Evans, Allen LP's by Allen Evans
[film soundtrack: Hey Let's Twist
Sandy Nelson: Let There Be Drums
Acker Bilk: Stranger on the Shore
The Everly Brothers: Instant Party
Sammy Davis Jr.: Best of Broadway
Cyril Stapleton and his Show Band: Come Twistin'
NME NME Top Thirty:
1. Shadows, "Wonderful Land"
2. Bruce Channel, "Hey I Baby"
3. Roy Orbison, "Dream Baby"
4. Jimmy Justice, "When My Little Girl Is Smiling"
5. Sam Cooke, "Twistin' The Night Away"
  Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1. Shelly Fabares, "Johnny Angel"
2. Elvis Presley, "Good Luck Charm"
3. Chubby Checker, "Slow Twistin'"
4. Dee Dee Sharp, "Mashed Potato Time"5. Ketty Leater, "Love Letters"
  Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. "I Can't Help Falling in Love" (Manor)
2. "Wonderful Land" (F.D. & H.)
3. "Pianissimo" (Peter Maurice)
4. "Stranger on the Shore" (Sherwin)
5. "Theme from Z Cars" (Essex)
  New on Sale Today [advertising]
1. Maureen and the Vernons Girls, Love Please
2. Perry Como, Caterina
3. Johnny and the Hurricanes, Salvation
4. Ted Heath and His Music, The Ben Casey Theme
5. Henry Mancini and His Orch (the film), Experiment in Terror
6. Dennis Turner, Lover Please
7. Bob Moore and His Orch, Ooh La La
8. The Champs (the film), Experiment in Terror
9. Winifred Atwell, Johann's Twist
n/a Karl Denver Joins Wembley Galaxy
The Book No Fan Dares to Miss [NME's 10th Anniversary Souvenir Book]
Norman Vaughan Swinging for Pye [new disc signing]
14 Top Bands in Jazz Festival
Hayley Mills Album Rushed
Mitchell and U.S. Columbia Part [Guy Mitchell]
Faith, Leyton to Tour Far East [Adam Faith and John Leyton]
Winnie Atwell Leaves Decca
Cliff Richards Revives Gracie Field's Song ["I'm Looking Out of the Window"]
Platters Coming to Telerecord With Ros
Names in the News [Charles McDevitt, Ronnie Hilton, Clinton Ford, Alan Lochey, Brook Brothers]
Dot Label's Future Fixed
n/a Billy Fury Likely Star at Great Yarmouth
'Moon River' Oscar - 10 for 'West Side'
Host of Strike - Freed Names in 'Stars'
Francis, Kitt Pick British LP Aides [Connie Francis and Eartha Kitt]
Surprise Film Role for Tony Newley
Johnny Burnette on 'Juke Jury'
Discs to Cost a Little Less
Matt Monro for Torquay
Lonnie Donegan Leeds 'Cinderella' Star?
Top Pop Cast in Sunday Concert
Vera Lynn From MGM to HMV
Wedge, Don Everlys Have Changed 8
Hutchins, Chris "Joe Loss Is No Murderer," says Maigret 8
n/a From You to Us 8
Smith, Alan Norrie Paramor's Wife Picks a Hit for Her Hubby 9
Charlton, Bruce Sam Cooke's Mind Isn't Twisted! 10
Hellicar, Mike No Ruts for Lonnie 10
n/a Host Stanley Is Honoured [Stanley Black] 12
The Alley Cat Another Twist! 12
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20 April 1962 No. 797  
Gray, Andy Where They Produce Talent 2
Burnette, Johnny 'I Can Hardly Believe I'm Really Here,' Writes Johnny Burnette 2
Hutchins, Chris Pet Clark, Emile Ford, Package Tour Hits 2
Johnson, Derek For Another Big Package Show Tour - Clap Hands, Here Come U.S. Bonds & Gene McDaniels 3
Fordyce, Keith More Top Singles:
Helen Shapiro: "Let's Talk about Love" and "Sometime Yesterday"
The Springfields: "Silver Thread and Golden Needles" and "Aunt Rhody"
Andy Stewart: "Cowboy Jock from Skye" and "The Highland Twist"
Johnny Nash: "Don't Take away Your Love" and "Moment of Weakness"
Bobby Darin: "What'd I Say" and "Ain't that Love"
Eddy Arnold: "Tears Broke Out On Me" and "I'll Do as Much for You Some Day"
Irving Davies: "The Method" and "ABC the Method"
Jimmy Roselli: "The Sheik of Araby" and "A Fool in Love"
Clyde McPhatter: "Lover Please" and "Let's Forget about the Past"
Tony Raymond: "The Day After Forever" and "Money in My Pocket"
John Leyton: "Lonely City" and "It Would Be Easy"
Shirley Bassey: "Ave Maria" and "You'll Never Walk Alone"
Evans, Allen LPs
Russ Conway: Concerto for Dreamers
Sarah Vaughan: After Hours
Chris Barber: Best Yet
Josh White: Blues Singer
Floyd Cramer: America's Biggest-Selling Pianist
Connie Stevens: From You to Me
n/a NME Top Thirty:
1. The Shadows, "Wonderful Land"
2. Bruce Channel, "Hey Baby"
3. Jimmy Justice, "When My Little Girl Is Smiling"
4. Roy Orbison, "Dream Baby"
5. Sam Cooke, "Twistin' the Night Away"
n/a Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1. Elvis Presley, "Good Luck Charm"
2. Shelley Fabares, "Johnny Angel"
3. Dee Dee Sharp, "Mashed Potato Time"
4. Chubby Checker, "Slow Twistin'"
5. Rick Nelson, "Young World"
n/a Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. I Can't Help Falling in Love (Manor)
2. Wonderful Land (F.D. & H.)
3. Pianissimo (Peter Maurice)
4. Theme From Z Cars (Essex)
5. Dr. Kildare Theme (Robbins)
n/a New on Sale Today:
Eddy Arnold, Tears Broke Out on Me; Bobby Darin, What'd I Say; Brian Poole & the Tremeloes, Twist Little Sister; John D. Loudermilk, Thou Shalt Not Steal; Johnny Nash, Don't Take Your Love Away; Billy Vaughn and his Orch., Chapel by the Sea; Jimmy Curtiss, Five Smooth Stones; Tad and the Small Fry, Checkered Continental Pants; Irving Davies, The Method
n/a Provine, Bassey in Big ATV Shows
Ball's American Visit Hits a Venues Snag
NME Disc Stand at All-Star Gala
Rustics Win 250
Names in the News [Matt Monro, Cleo Laine, Teddy Johnson, Julie Grant, Cliff Adams]
Sold Out! But More Are on the Way
Greco, Bassey, Monro and Conway Wax 'Blitz!' Tunes
Percy Faith and Anita Bryant Due Next Week
Duane Eddy Film - and Rydell?
U.S. Star for Talk of Town [Lisa Kirk]
n/a Sinatra Sets Up LP Sessions in London 6/7
n/a Shadows Win Gold Disc
Newley, Monroe to Sing Novello Awards Songs
Now Bilk in U.S. Top Ten!
Plans to End Top Rank
Kidd, Eager Join Lee Lewis Tour
Norman Vaughan Swings in Rain
Blackpool's First [Shirley Bassey and the Shadows]
Faith Concerts
Kings, Arrol at Yarmouth
Justice at 'Club'
Craig Opens Series [Craig Douglas - "Pops and Lennie"]
Revised Dates of Bassey - Riddle Tour
Hellicar, Mike Acker Trad's Chart-Staying Champ ["Stranger on the Shore"] 8
Gowers, Mike 'This Is Your Life' Reveals Bilk as Benefactor [Acker Bilk] 8
Hentoff, Nat Darin - Basie Tour? 8
Hellicar, Mike Neil Sedaka Never Misses a Note - But Finds It Hard to Spot a Hit 9
Smith, Alan Hayley Startles Me with, 'My Records Are Terrible' [Hayley Mills] 9
n/a News Extra:
Jingle Johnny Does It Again [Johnny Johnston]
'Mikado' - Pop-Style
Pianist on Screen [Van Doren]
Bert TV Tutor [Bert Weedon]
Bryan Back on Air [Bryan Johnson]
Fourth Album of 'Sing It Again'
Dankworth Heads Jazz Jamboree [Johnny Dankworth Orchestra]
Hutchins, Chris and Alan Smith Cliff, Shadows, Helen, Billy, Adam Give Thrill of Lifetime [NME's sensational Poll Winners' concert: Cliff Richards, the Shadows, Helen Shapiro, Billy Fury, and Adam Faith] 10
Williams, Chris In 'State Fair' - Darin, Boone Prove Singers Can Act [Bobby Darin and Pat Boone star in Rodgers and Hammerstein's "State Fair"] 12
The Alley Cat Recording Trio to Help Sinatra [Alan Freeman, Tony Hatch and Raymond Horricks] 12
Advertisement The Best from Ember Records: Johnny Carson, "Are You Anyone's Girl?"; The Dale Sisters, "Road to Love"; Billy Duke, "Walking Cane"; Don Rennie, "No Speak English"; Calum Kennedy, "The Ranger's Chorus"; Al Martino, "Darling, I Love You"; Tommy Sanderson, "Ding Dong Rag"; Grant Tracy, "The Great Matchmaker" 12
  Megan Noyes, March  
27 April No. 798  
n.a. Vera Lynn  
Williams, Chris Jerry Lee Lewis Is Coming Back to Prove Himself [Despite Tragic Death of 3-year-old Son, Steve] 2
Hellicar, Mike Faith, Sedaka Head Quality Package Show [Adam Faith, Neil Sedaka (Debut Concert), Ted Heath, The Raindrops, and Emile Ford perform] 2
Johnson, Derek The Shadows Are Golden Boys Now [Last Interview with Jet Harris as a Shadow] 3
n.a. Patti Lynn's "Johnny Angel" Hits #1 on U.S. Charts 3
Fordyce, Keith Latest Singles Reviewed
David Whitfield, "As Long as You Loved Me"
Wanda Jackson, "If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me"
Jill and The Boulevards, "And Now I Cry"
Ben E. King, "The Hermit of Misty Mountain"
Gill and Terry, "The Ballad of Thunder Road"... and more
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed
Kinda Polsky: The Springfields
Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington
Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue: Gene McDaniels
What A Party? Fats Domino
Basie at Birdland
Jackie Wilson: By Special Request
n.a. NME Top 30
1. Shadows "Wonderful Land"
2. Bruce Channel "Hey! Baby"
3. Jimmy Justice "When My Little Girl Is Smiling"
4. Roy Orbinson "Dream Baby"
5. Del Shannon "Hey Little Girl"
n.a. Billboard's Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. Elvis Presley "Good Luck Charm"
2. Shelley Fabares "Johnny Angel"
3. Dee Dee Sharp "Mashed Potato Time"
4. Shirelles "Soldier Boy"
5. Chubby Checker "Slow Twistin'"
n.a. Britain's Best Selling Sheet Music
1. I Can't Help Falling In Love (Manor)
2. Wonderful Land (F.D. & H.)
3. Stranger on the Shore (Sherwin)
4. Wonderful World of the Young (Leeds)
5. Softly as I Leave You (Robbins)
n.a. Chubby Checker Named as Likely 'Town' Star
TV Themes LP Announced
British Discs in World Favour (Hayley Mills' "Let's Get Together")
NME's 10th Anniversary Souvenir Book Order Form
The "Acker Bilk Show" Announced
Lee Lewis Due Here Tomorrow [Jerry Lee Lewis]
Hi-Lo's Returning
Mike King to Wed Carol White on Saturday
n.a. Jet Quits Shadows (Signs with Decca) [Jet Harris] 6-7
n.a. Presley's U.S. Topper Out Here Next Week [Elvis Presley]
Kenny Ball: Two Weeks in Chicago Club
Bill Fury to Tour Britain in Autumn Package
Donegan Guitarist to Go Solo [Les Bennetts]
Secombe—Eartha Kitt Show to Replace Palladium TV? [Harry Secombe]
Connie's Album of Oscar Songs [Connie Francis]
Sinatra: London Film Premiere? Concert Venues [Frank Sinatra]
Smith, Alan Now Ricky's Name Change is Official (Goes from Ricky Nelson to Rick Nelson) 8
Thomson, Ken Satch and His All-Stars Blow In [Louis Armstrong] 8
Hentoff, Nat Nat Hentoff's American Airmail—Juliet Prowse on Elvis and Frank [Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra] 8
n.a. Life-lines of Jimmy Justice 9
Charlton, Bruce Welcome to a New Major Label which Stars Mathis and Brubeck [Johnny Mathis, Dave Brubeck Quartet] 9
Hellicar, Mike Follies Dancer with a Song Hit! [Ketty Lester] 9
n.a. Jerry Lee Lewis Tour Schedule 9
Johnson, Derek Shirley Bassey and Temp. [Temperance] Seven Can Put New Life into Music Hall 10
Hellicar, Mike Danny Williams Is Fed Up with Hit Tune ["The Wonderful World of the Young" and Ballads Altogether] 10
n.a. Classified Ads 11
Wedge, Don Bonds, McDaniels Hits [U.S. Bonds and Gene McDaniels] 12
n.a. In May "Hit Parade"— Why Elvis Presley Failed to Make Film in Britain 12
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