New Musical Express | June 1962

1 June 1962 Issue No. 803  
Hellicar, Mike London Reunion for Frank Sinatra & Nelson Riddle 2
Gray, Andy Piano Speaks for Erroll Garner 2
Johnson, Derek C-and-W Stars Pay a Friendly Call on Britain [Country-Western Tour] 2
Advertisement New Releases from CBS: 'Stranger on the Shore,' Andy Williams; 'I Waited Too Long,' Terry Day; 'Yes My Darling Daughter,' Eydie Gorme 2
Hutchins, Chris Elvis: Then and Now [Interview with friend, Johnny Burnette] 3
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail [US Pop News] 3
Fordyce, Keith Pop Reviews featuring:
Joanie, Carol 'Angry' Rivals [Joanie Sommers, Carol Deane]
Sinatra Scores with Single and Album
Other Reviews:
"Dreaming Up a Storm" / "Drum Stomp," Sandy Nelson (London)
"Once in a Lifetime" / "Someone Nice Like You," Sammy Davis (Reprise)
"Number One Man" / "If Only I Had Known," Bruce Channel (Mercury)
"What More Can I Say" / "Ever Since the Day You Left Town," Clinton Ford (Oriole)
"Stranger on the Shore" / "I Want to Be Wanted," Andy Williams (CBS)
"Gino (Zwei Kleine Italiener)" / "Midi-Midinette," Conny (Columbia)
"My Real Name" / "My Heart Is Bleeding," Fats Domino (London)
"Angela" / "Did You," Jay & Tommy Scott (Decca)
"South Sea Bubble" / "Traitor's Tide," Tony Osborne (HMV)
"Uptown" / "The Makings of a Man," Peter Gordeno (Parlophone)
"Teach Me Tonight" / "After the Lights Go Down Low," George Maharis (Columbia)
Evans, Allen LP's:
Sinatra and Strings, Frank Sinatra (Reprise)
The Kenny Ball Show (Pye) [trad, live recording of April 1 performance at Liverpool Empire]
Dean Martin French Style, Dean Martin (Reprise)
Brian Hyland, Brian Hyland
Advertisement Best Ember Records: "Toy Piano," Gliss Anders; "The Great Matchmaker," Grant Tracy; "Darling I Love You," Al Martino; "Walking Cane," Billy Duke 4
Advertisement EMI New Pops: "Number One Man," Bruce Channel; "Supercar," Charles Blackwell and His Orchestra; "Theme from Dr. Kildare (Three Stars Will Shine Tonight)," Richard Chamberlain 5
NME Top Thirty Singles (UK):
1. "Good Luck Charm," Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. "Come Outside," Mike Sarne (Parlophone)
3. "I'm Looking Out the Window," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
4. "Nut Rocker" B. Bumble (Top Rank)
5. "As You Like It," Adam Faith (Parlophone)
n/a NME Best Selling Pop Records, Billboard (US):
1. "I Can't Stop Loving You," Ray Charles
2. "Stranger on the Shore," Acker Bilk
3. "Soldier Boy," Shirelles
4. "Lovers Who Wander," Dion
5. "Mashed Potato Time," Des Dee Sharp
n/a Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. "Nut Rocker" (Ardmore & Beechwood)
2. "Wonderful World of the Young" (Leeds)
3. "Good Luck Charm" (Belinda)
4. "I'm Looking Out The Window" (Chappell)
5. "Can't Help Falling In Love" (Manor)
n/a Princess Margaret Jokes with Bilk [Acker Bilk]
Odd-job Boy Waxes [Gerry Reno, Decca Records]
Andy and Lena Score [Andy Stewart, Lena Martell]
Nelson Riddle LP MD for Bassey and Williams [Shirley Bassey, Danny Williams]
Ball in 'Startime' and 'All That Jazz' [Kenny Ball]
To Replace 'Tonight' [BBC-TV, Kenny Ball, Acker Bilk, Chris Barber]
n/a Garland, Checker, Mancini Win Grammy Honours [Judy Garland, Chubby Checker, Henry Mancini]
Tommy Steele in 'Lucy Stars' [ABC-TV]
BBC Revise Pop Music Shows
n/a Tony Meehan to Work for Cliff and Shadows [former drummer]
British Stars in Sinatra Show [Cleo Laine, Des O'Connor]
Bilk's Road Manager Joins His TV Series [AJ Cutler]
Winnick Dies [Maurice Winnick]
Hellicar, Mike Swingin'!: That's Our Norman with a 'Touch of the Frank Sinatras' [Norman Vaughan] 8
Johnson, Derek 'Ginny' Is Lucky for Steve [Steve Perry] 8
Cogan, Alma Dig My Japanese Billing [report from Tokyo] 8
Hutchins, Chris 'Hey! Baby' Here Comes Bruce Channel 9
Charleton, Bruce Vince Hill: Chart Newcomer Was Miner by Day, Singer at Night! 9
n/a Hollywood Music Men Holiday Here [Henry Mancini, David Rose] 9
Johnson, Derek Joe Brown Goes Posh and Scores a Top Ten Hit! 10
n/a From You to US [Readers' Letters] 10
n/a Agents Directory/Classifieds 11
n/a AFN/Radio Luxembourg Program Guides 11
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces [Pop News] 12
n/a Minstrels' Non-Stop Harmony [The Black and White Minstrel Show] 12
  Krystle Quinn, March 2005  
8 June 1962 No. 804  
Hellicar, Mike Thunder Almost Ended Jimmy Justice Hit! 3
Hutchins, Chris Eden Kane Reveals His U.S. Hopes! 3
Hutchins, Chris Bruce Channel Vocally Entertaining 3
n.a Who's Where (commencing Week of June 11, 1962)
London Palladium: Bruce Forsyth; Teddy Johnson; Pearl Carr; Eve Boswell
Brighton Hippodrome: Norman Vaughan; The Viscounts
Glasgow Empire: Andy Stewart
Liverpool Empire: David Whitfield
Newcastle Empire: Adam Faith; The Kestbels
Victoria Palace: The Black and White Minstrel Show
n.a Anka, a Guitar and a Glass of Wine 4
Fordyce, Keith Latest Singles:
Paul Anka, "A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine"
Jim Reeves, "Adios Amigos"; "A Letter to My Heart"
Terry Day, "I Waited Too Long"
n.a. Potted Pops:
Rose Brennan, "Listen to Me"
Bell-Tones, "Selma"
James Darren, "Conscience"
Johnny Keating, "Ya Ya"
Viscounts, "Everybody's Got a Ya Ya"
Susan Hayward, "You Bet I Would"
n.a. Eydie [Gorme] Goes Trad 4
Evans, Allen LP's:
Duet with Doris Day and Andre Previn, Who Are We to Say
Kerry Lee, Greatest
Gene McDaniels, Tower of Strength
Ahmad Jamal, Alabama
Bing Crosby, Old Masters Vol. 3
Amanda Ambrose, Swings at the Black Orchid
Evans, Allen Best Selling Lp's In Britain:
1. Blue Hawaii, Elvis Presley;
2. West Side Story, Soundtrack;
3. It's Trad Dad, Soundtrack;
4. South Pacific, Soundtrack;
5. The Young Ones, Cliff Rickards/Shadows
n.a. NME Top Thirty:
1. "Good Luck Charm," Elvis Presley;
2. "Come Outside," Mike Sarne;
3. "I'm Looking Out the Window," Cliff Richard;
4. "Nut Rocker," B. Bumble;
5. "Picture of You," Joe Brown
n.a. Best Selling Sheet Music:
1. "Nut Rocker," Ardmore and Beechwood;
2. "Wonderful World of the Young," Leeds;
3. "Good Luck Charm," Belinda;
4. "Stranger on the Shore," Sherwin;
5. "Softly As I Leave You," Robbins
n.a. Eden Kane Top In South Africa
Groomed for 16 Months Before Cutting a Disc!
Disc Cartoons!
Names in the News
Tony Newley Waxed Again
British Bands for Seven Countries
Paramor Meets Cliff in Athens
Dankworth Series
Two Versions of Tune from EMI
New-Type D-J
Late Night Music
Second Acker Bilk Film Planned for Winter
Sarne Guests With Channel
Silent Pinky Flies Home
EMI Knighthood
McClinton and Gene Vincent Waxing Here
Fordyce the Ref
Radio D-Js Join 'Jury'
Emile Ford's Four Irish TV Shows
Jazz On Third
No West End Venue for Fury's Film
Important LP for Donegan
Norman Vaughan, Viscounts Date
'Chelsea At Nine' Back
Gene Vincent Hopes to Live In Britain
Loudermilk's Loss Ends Europe Visit
New Aberbach Company
British MD Flies to Connie Francis
n.a. Richard, Faith, Vee and Many More- On Tape!
BBC's Out-Door Music Series
John Phillips Dies
The Show Goes On-Thanks To NME
On 'Beat' and 'Box'
Philips Distribute Riverside Next Week
Dora Bryan in Stage Musical
Walters in U.S.
Armstrong Film On TV
Joe Brown to Join Dion and Shannon
Pet Anne in Revived 'Big Night Out' Shows
To Sweden
Steele on 'Pops'
Springfield's disc in US
Sinatra Plans LP with Farnon
Debut for Four
No Date for Lee Pic
Bromley, Tony Why the Sudden Rave for Dave [Brubeck]? 8
n.a. A Cool Look at British Jazz 8
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail 8
Charlton, Bruce Mr. Nashville 8
Hutchins, Chris Bassey and Riddle Are Fine 8
Hutchins, Chris Now It's Elvis The Comedian! 9
Johnson, Derek How MARTY Came To Wax 'JEZEBEL' 9
Hutchins, Chris Meet the Group: "Sounds Incorporated" 10
n.a. Captivating Sinatra 10
  Michele Julian, 11 February 2005  
15 June 1962 No. 805  
Hellicar, Mike The Billy Fury Show Brings Loudest Acclaim Ever! 2
Ware, John Drake Sings Only One Disc Song 2
Hellicar, Mike Surprise on the New Stateside Label 2
Baker, David L. Trip of Pop Stars [Bert Weedon, Edmund Hockride, and Sheila Buxton] 2
Paramor, Norrie Cliff's Whitsun Party and Cruise Was Reward for Hard Work 3
n.a. Clinton Ford — Comedian! 3
n.a. For the Whole Family 3
Fordyce, Keith New Singles Reviewed:
Here's a Hit for Brenda [Lee] : "Here Comes That Feelin'"
Tommy [Steele] Should Win Battle with Brook [Benton]: "Hit Record"
Close Finish for Craig [Douglas] and Mr. [Gary] Criss: "Our Favourite Melodies"
Pet Clark: "Ya Ya Twist"
Louise Cordet: "I'm Just A Baby"
Ray Charles: "I Can't Stop Loving You"
Dorothy Provine: "Crazy Words — Crazy Tune"
Toni Fisher: "West of the Wall"
Charlie Drake: "I Bent My Assegi"
Freddy Cannon: "Palisades Park"
n.a. Potted Pops:
Hugo Monteneoro: "Twistin' At the Woodchoppers Ball"
David Lisbon: "Fish n' Chips"
Alan Littlejohn: "Out of the Blue"
Frank D'Rone: "Show Me the Way to Go Home"
Clarence Henry: "Dream Myself a Sweetheart"
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed:
Roy Orbison, Crying
Eddie Fisher, Greatest Hits
Pete Kelly, Blues Songs
State Fair
Evans, Allen Best Selling LPs in Britain:
1. Blue Hawaii, Elvis Presley
2. West Side Story (soundtrack)
3. The Young Ones, Cliff Richard/Shadows
4. South Pacific (soundtrack)
5. Black and White Minstrel Show
n.a. NME Top Thirty:
1. "Good Luck Charm," Elvis Presley
2. "Come Outside," Mike Sarne
3. "I'm Looking Out the Window," Cliff Richard
4. "Picture of You," Joe Brown
5. "Ginny Come Lately," Brian Hyland
6. "Last Night Was Made for Love," Billy Fury
7. "As You Like It," Adam Faith
8. "Nut Rocker," B. Bumble
9. "I Don't Know Why," Eden Kane
10 "The Green Leaves of Summer," Kenny Ball
n.a. Latest Elvis Album out Next Month
Malcolm Mitchell on First Aral LP
Rosemary Clooney Here
Names In the News [Bernard Cribbins, Bert Weedon, Johnny Kidd, Cephas Howard]
Miff Ferrie and Bruce Forsyth
Sinatra to Wax Second LP Here — of 'Swingers'!
Eddie Fisher Flies In to See Frank [Sinatra]
Carole [Gray] Is Now Tommy Steele's Leading Lady!
Shadow's Dates
More Stars Sought for Cinebox Films
Trad in Parade
Shannon — Dion Package Venues Are Named
Fordyce Presents Stuid Requests
Karl's [of Karl Denver Trio] Bassist Back
Joe Brown in Last 'All That Jazz'
Helen Shapiro for Coventry
Five for Knokke
Two Bilk Discs Out in U.S. at Once
n.a. Exciting Film Plans for Top Pop Artists
Justice Cuts Short Tour to Do Blackpool Shows
Pye Contract
McClinton Cuts Another U.K. Disc
Newley, Ball Tracks in America
Shirley Bassey Flies to Venice
Seaside Nights
Crosby — at Last!
Hall Compers for Shane
[Ray] Charles, [Julie] London, [B.] Bumble [and the Stingers], [Freddy] Cannon Among Stars Sought for Britain
Vince Hill 'Dings'
Broadway Star for Granada TV Series
Compere Is D-J
Pete On 'Jury'
Stubby in 'Mikado'
Playing at Lords
Trad Sassenachs
Charlton, Bruce Richard Chamberlain Auditioned for One TV Series — and Got into Another! 8
Hutchins, Chris Bruce Channel's Only 'Happy Trip' Was His Journey to Great Britain! 8
n.a. From You to Us 8
Hellicar, Mike Royalty Follows the Trad Fad! 9
n.a. Twenty-Five Bands in One Day 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail 9
Johnson, Derek Bobby Vee (After His Lapse with 'Barbara') Makes a Recovery 10
Hutchins, Chris Meet the Group: the Bruvvers 10
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
Fullford, Jack Matt Monro Only In Act 12
  Michele Julian, February 2005  
22 June 1962 No. 806  
Johnson, Derek The Shadows (and Cliff!) Screamed at Ray Charles 3
Hutchins, Chris Meet the Group: The Fleerekkers 3
Fordyce, Keith Latest singles reviewed:
Danny Williams, "Tears"
Tommy Bruce, "It's You"
Shane Fenton, "Cindy's Birthday"
Lonnie Donegan, "I'll Never Fall in Love Again"
Julie Grant, "So Many Ways"
Jimmy Dean, "Steel Men"
Rosemary Squires, "You Got"Philip Green, "Tiara Tahiti"
Frank Chacksfield, "Tiara Tahiti"
Cannonball Adderley, "This Here"
Darren Young, "My Tears Will Turn to Laughter"
Neil Sedaka, "Oh Delilah"
Eddie Calvert/Al Hirt, "Al Di La"
Patsy Cline, "When I Get Through with You"
Fordyce, Keith Potted Pops:
Si Zentner and his Orchestra, "Up a Lazy River"
Johnny Dankworth and his Orchestra, "African Waltz"
Judd Proctor, "Backfire"
Evans, Allen LP's:
The Jolson Store, You Made Me Love You
The Many Sides of Gene Pitney
The Best of the Four Freshmen
NME Best Selling LP's In Britain
1. West Side Story, Sound Track
2. Blue Hawaii, Elvis Presley
3. Sinatra and Strings, Frank Sinatra
4. Black and White Minstrel Show, George Mitchell
5. The Young Ones, Cliff Richards and the Shadows
n.a. NME Top Thirty:
1. Mike Sarne, "Come Outside"
2. Elvis Presley, "Good Luck Charm"
3. Joe Brown, "Picture of You"
4. Cliff Richard, "I'm Looking Out the Window"
5. Brian Hyland, "Ginny Come Lately"
n.a. Princess Margaret Twists and Congas with Jazz Stars
Presley's Birthplace to be Youth Centre
Peter Jay With Eden Kane's Managers
Names In the News: Sounds Incorporated, The Countrymen, Terry Lightfoot, Forrie Cairns, The Shadows, Colin James, Dudley Moore
Little Richard Comes to Britain in October
Four Firms Want Birdie' Rights
Ken Dodd's First for New Label
Shapiro — Kane Tour Dates
Bilk Completes LP for America
Eden Kane May Film as Israeli Soldier
Long London Cabaret Seasons Bassey and Vaughan
n.a. Bing and Gary Crosby — plus Bob Hope in TV Spectacular
Cliff's Film: New Title and Song in America
Damone, Orbison, Vee, Fisher Plans
Rosemary Clooney, Eddie Calvert, Sammy Davis and Hi-Lo's on BBC-TV
TV Audience to Pick Leyton's Next Disc
Seven British Discs Tipped as U.S. Hits
Sinatra Takes His Pressings
Cotton Jazzmen Hurt in Crash
Hellicar, Mike Brian Hyland Loves to Walk 8
n.a. Jimmie Rodgers Has an 'English' Hit 8
n.a. Thanks-From Eden Kane 8
n.a. Wendy Richards, Sarne's Partner on this Weeks's No. 1 Disc, Writes about Being…Outside with Mike! 9
Wedge, Don Transatlantic Phone Call from Freddy Cannon 9
n.a. Recording with Sinatra by the A&R Managers on His British Album 10
Hutchins, Chris & Ward, John Going to the Cinema with Frank 10
Evans, Allen Elvis, Cliff, Acker, Shadows on EP's 10
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
D.B. Songstresses Popular  
  Michelle Julian, March 2005  
No. 807 29 June 1962  
Cover Two New Releases You Will Want!
Frank Ifield, "I Remember You"
Danny Williams, "Tears"
Bromley, Tony The Shirelles Sing Well for Handsome A-and-R Man 2
Winters, Georgia Ray Charles at Work and Play 2
n.a. From You to Us [editorials]
From TV to Discs
n.a. Dig the Gear: It's the Shadows 3
Hutchins, Chris Meet the Group4 [The Pirates] 3
n.a. Show Reviews from Blackpool 3
CBS Records Two Big Hits from CBS
Andy Williams, "Stranger on the Shore" [No. 1 vocal]
Claude King, "Wolverton Mountain" [No. 10 in USA]
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviews
Anne Shelton, "With It" (Philips)
Roy Castle, "Ac-Cent-Chu-Ate the Positive" (Philips)
Grant Tracy, "The Painted Smile" (Ember)
Frank Ifield, "I Remember You" (Capitol?)
Emilio Pericoli, "Al Di La" (Warner Brothers)
The Countrymen, "Enchanted Sea" (Piccadilly)
Joe Dowell, "Little Red Rented Rowboat" (Mercury)
Bernard Cribbins, "Right, Said Fred" (Parlophone)
Johnny Crawford, "Cindy's Birthday" (Pye International)
Donnie Brooks, "Oh You Beautiful Doll" (London)
Linda Scott, "Through the Summer" (Pye International)
Maureen Evans, "We Had Words" (Oriole)
Gordon Macrae, "Sail Away" (Capitol)
Evans, Allen Latest LPs
Hank Snow, Southern Cannonball (RCA Camden)
Timi Yuro, (Liberty)
Liberack, As Time Goes By (Coral)
Duke Ellington, The Indispensible Duke Ellington (RCA Victor)
Reviews of comedy discs
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. West Side Story, Sound Track (Philips)
2. Blue Hawaii, Elvis Presley (RCA)
3. South Pacific, Sound Track (RCA)
4. Black and White Minstrel Show, George Mitchell (HMV)
5. It's Trad Dad, Sound Track (Columbia)
Evans, Allen Plenty of pop music in this Crosby LP Tribute [Bing Crosby compilation set release] 4
NME Top Thirty
1. Mike Sarne, "Come Outside" (Parlophone)
2. Joe Brown, "Picture of You" (Piccadilly)
3. Elvis Presley, "Good Luck Charm" (RCA)
4. Ray Charles, "I Can't Stop Loving You" (HMV)
5. Brian Hyland, "Ginny Come Lately" (HMV)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. Ray Charles, "I Can't Stop Loving You"
2. David Rose, "The Stripper"
3. Freddy Cannon, "Palisades Park"
4. Johnny Tillotson, "It Keeps Right On a-Hurtin'"
5. Bobby Vinton, "Roses Are Red"
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Good Luck Charm" (Belinda)
2. "Nut Rocker" (Ardmore & Beechwood)
3. "Wonderful World of the Young" (Leeds)
4. "Stranger on the Shore" (Sherwin)
5. "Come Outside" (Monique)
EMI New LPs on Sale, EMI's New Pops 5
n.a. Shadows in Sea Drama [guitarist Bruce Welch]
Pilkington Report May Give Extra Air-Time To Discs
Pet Back Again for TV 'Twist' [Petula Clark]
Leyton Breaks Filming To Cut Second Album [John Leyton]
Lansdowne Sign Beryl Bryden
Richard The Toff!
Craig Douglas Show on BBC-TV
Kane Tour Ends Suddenly [Eden Kane]
Miller 'Dings' [Gary Miller]
  'Young Ones' Team to Write Helen Shapio Film Script 6-7
  Ketty Lester, Duane Eddy, Bobby Rydell Plan Visits
Chubby Checker For Blackpool During Tour
Acker With His Band Again On Next Disc [Acker Bilk]
Lonnie Donegan U.S. Season Doubts
Mark Wynter To Star in Worthing Panto
Frankie Vaughan Returns to Leeds
Ball, Bilk on Jazzboat [Kenny Ball & Acker Bilk]
Charles Blackwell New A-and-R Man
Smith, Alan Kenny Ball Issues Soccer Challenge 8
n.a. At 60, Richard Rodgers Starts a New Partnership 8
n.a. NME 10th Anniversary Souvenir Book On Sale
New to the Charts: Rog Whittaker, Singing Zoo-Man
Johnson, Derek Acker's Done It! 'Stranger' Breaks NME Chart Record [Bilk] 9
n.a. Sinatra's Most Moving Moment
Connie's Confession [Connie Francis]
Hellicar, Mike Are the Girls Coming Back? [E. Gorme, S. Bassey, B. Lee] 10
Smith, Alan Darren Woos and Wins the Fans [James Darren] 10
n.a. Classifieds 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
'Hit Parade' What Happened on Cliff's Holiday [Cliff Richard] 12
  Emily Goodman, February 2006  

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