New Musical Express | July 1962

No. 808 6 July 1962  
Cover Cliff Richard, Brenda Lee, Joe Brown, Craig Douglas, Frank Ifield, Kenny Ball 1
Johnson, Derek Elvis, 1; Cliff, 2; Chubby, 3; in half-yearly NME Chart Points Race
1. Elvis Presley
2. Cliff Richard
3. Chubby Checkers
4. Acker Bilk
5. Karl Denver
Fordyce, Keith "Helen's latest should bring her more fans
Pat Boone, "Speedy Gonzales" / "The Locket (London)
Neil Sedaka, "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" / "As Long As I Live" (RCA)
Nat Cole, "Let There Be Love" / "I'm Lost" (Capitol)
Bobby Rydell, "I'll Never Dance Again" / "Gee, It's Wonderful" (Columbia)
Don Gibson, "I Can Mend Your Broken Heart" / "I Let Her Get Lonely (RCA)
Sheb Wooley, "Laughin' the Blues" / "Somebody Please Say Something Funny" (MGM)
Ketty Lester, "But Not for Me" / "Moscow Nights" (London)
Allisons, "Sweet and Lovely" / "Sugar Love" (Fontana)
Dick Jordan, "Fortune Teller" / "My Angel" (Piccadilly)
Evans, Allen "Best-selling LP's in Britain
1. Pot Luck, Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. West Side Story, Soundtrack (Phillips)
3. Blue Hawaii, Elvis Presley (RCA)
4. Black and White Minstrel Show, George Mitchell (HMV)
5. Sinatra and Strings, Frank Sinatra (Reprise)
N.A. NME Top Thirty
1. "Picture of You," Joe Brown (Piccadilly)
2. "I Can't Stop Loving You," Ray Charles (HMV)
3. "Come Outside," Mike Sarne (Parlophone)
4. "Good Luck Charm," Elvis Presley (RCA)
5. "Ginny Come Lately," Brian Hyland
N.A. Best-selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "The Stripper," David Rose
2. "Roses Are Red," Bobby Vinton
3. "I Can't Stop Loving You," Ray Charles
4. "Palisades Park," Freddy Cannon
5. "It Keeps Right on a-Hurtin'," Johnny Tillotson
N.A. Best-selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Good Luck Charm" (Belinda)
2. "Picture of You" Michael Refine)
3. "Ginny Come Lately" (Spanks)
4. "Nut Rocker" (Ardmore and Beechwood)
5. "Wonderful World of the Young" (Leeds)
N.A. Sinatra British Tour Next April!
Riddle-Bassey-Williams Albums in Autumn
New Needle Match Format
Presley Number First
Names in the News
Surprise Novelty on Shadows' Next Single
Brubeck, Shearing-Vaughan Tours Here this Year
Kalin Twins Cover Joe Brown Hit Disc in U.S.
Meehan Retains Decca Links
Trad Bands in Benefit Session
Little Richard Date
Vincent Twists "Bebop-a-lula
Rolf Harris May Stay
N.A. Jimmy Justice Wanted in U.S.
John Barry Seven in Film "Mikado
Tommy Steele to Blackpool
More British Commitments for Nelson Riddle
Dorothy Squires to Join Conway
Ball to Ireland and Scotland
Castle to U.S.
Checker's New Britain Plans
Belafonte Aide MD for BBC-TV
Acker Bilk's Scots Tours
Winnie Atwell Sunday Shows
Stanley Baker in Big Film Musical
Buzz Clifford Joins Shannon
Pet Clark off Again
Hellicar, Mike Frank Ifields Hit Was in His Head for Four Years! 8
Williams, Chris Fury has five songs in 'Cool'
Newcomers to the Charts Are Spotnicks-from Outer Space!
Bartram, Doug Non-Stop Joan  
Kendrick, George Rocking the Isle  
Duckworth, Leo Minstrels Rivalry  
N.A. Johnny Mathis 'I'm Ready'  
Smith, Alan Craig Douglas Flies High! 9
Hutchins, Chris Polished Donegan  
Gordon, Christine Dodd Mastery  
N.A. Wynter Gardens?
Life-lines of Joe Brown
From you to us
Hellicar, Mike Connie Francis Is Boss when She Records 10
Hutchins, Chris The Tornados Back Billy Fury  
N.A. Buddy Britten May Record in New Mexico  
N.A. Classified Ads 11
"The Alley-Cat Tail Pieces 12
Evans, Allen Four-Star LP's  
  Nick Caldwell, February 2006  
No. 809 13 July 1962  
cover Elvis Presley 1
Smith, Alan I'm Worried about My Discs: I Still Need Hits [Tony Newley] 2
Hutchins, Chris Great Yarmouth Round-Up 2
Williams, Chris Pericoli's Song Could Become Another 'Volare' [Emilio Pericoli] 2
Ruddy, Jonah Jonah Ruddy (our man in Hollywood) sees the last day's shooting of Elvis Presleys 'Girls! Girls! Girls!'
'More the Merrier', says Elvis, and he means films and girls
N/a Star Quote [Pearl Bailey] 3
N/a Who's Where 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviewed:
Billy Fury, "Once Upon a Dream / "If I Love You(Decca)
Ricky Valance, "Don't Play No,9 / "Till the Final Curtain Falls (Columbia)
Anthony Newley, "That Noise / "The Little Golden Clown (Decca)
Gary Miller, "If I Had My Way / "Moonlight Becomes You (Pye)
Bobby Darin "Things (London)
Michael Bentine, "Football Results (Parlophone)
Alan Fielding, "How Many Nights, How Many Days (Decca)
The Mudlarks, "Manana Pasado Manana (Columbia)
Clyde McPhatter, "Little Bitty Pretty One (Mercury)
Frank Sinatra, "One for My Baby (Capitol)
King Brothers, "Don't Fly Away, Flamingo (Parlophone)
Evans, Allen LP s
Pot Luck, Elvis Presley (RCA)
The Music Man (Warner Bros.)
Road to Hong Kong (Decca)
Great Songs from Motion Pictures (MGM)
Irish and Proud of It, Ruby Murray (Columbia)
N/a Best Selling LP s in Britain
1. Pot Luck, Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. West Side Story, Soundtrack (Philips)
3. Blue Hawaii, Elvis Presley (RCA)
4. South Pacific, Soundtrack (RCA)
5. Black and White Minstrel Show, George Mitchell (HMV)
N/a NME Top Thirty
1. Ray Charles "I Can't Stop Loving You
2. Joe Brown "Picture of You
3. Mike Sarne "Come Outside
4. Frank Ifield "I Remember You
5. Elvis Presley "Good Luck Charm
N/a Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. Bobby Vinton, "Roses are Red
2. David Rose, "The Stripper
3. Ray Charles, "I Can't Stop Loving You
4. Orlons, "The Wah-Watusi
5. Brian Hyland, "Sealed with a Kiss
N/a Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Picture of You (Michael Reine)
2. "The Green Leaves of Summer (Robbins)
3. "Stranger on the Shore(Sherwin)
4. "Good Luck Charm (Belinda)
5. "Wonderful World of the Young (Leeds)
N/a Pat Boone due here today
Cliff, Shadows wax together again [ Cliff Richard and the Shadows]
Jazz bands at 'Club' [Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball, Bob Wallis, Humphrey Lyttelton]
Mario helped Connie and Alma [Maestro Mario (Spero Moses)]
Names in the news [Edmund Hockridge, Kenny Ball, Mrs. Mills]
EMI Disc Chief retires [C.H. Thomas]
Adam Faith gets own TV series
New Presley Triumph? [Elvis Presley]
Russ Conway's two new radio series
Bilk Band in 'Pops Parade'[Acker Bilk]
Gary's quick return [Gary Miller]
Bill Haley to Germany
N/a Chubby leads Elvis: Bilk, Ball only top 20 bands [Chubby Checker, Elvis Presley, Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball]
Mike Sarne in long Fury autumn tour?
Burnette's new label [Johnny Burnette]
Mantovani takes orchestra to Japan
Freddy Cannon with Shannon
Garland records fourth film song [Judy Garland]
Justice disc for States [Jimmy Justice]
New Bilk disc in American Charts [Acker Bilk]
Norrie Paramor's two U.S. albums
Joe Brown Concert LP
Last Holly discs soon [Buddy Holly]
Helen Shapiro may tour the far east
Castle, Murray, and Donnegan in panto [Roy Castle, Ruby Murray, Lonnie Donnegan]
Hellicar, Mike Bernard Cribbins Knows the Horrors of Furniture Moving 8
Hellicar, Mike 'Speedy' Hit for Pat Boone 8
N/a Life-Lines of Brian Hyland 8
N/a From You to Us 8
Smith, Alan Filming in Germany is Dangerous (But it could make me a star in America) [John Leyton] 9
Evans, Allen EP 's
Sing Along with Dion (HMV)
Johnny Mathis (CBS)
Marty Robbins (CBS)
Frankie Lane (CBS)
TV Thrillers, (Fontana)
Hutchins, Chris Meet the Groups-6: The Fentones 9
N/a 'Don't Ever Change,' Sing the Crickets- but they do all the time 10
N/a Paul Anka finds time for romance now 10
Williams, Chris Crash, Bang, Here Comes 'The Music Man'! 10
Elias, David All-Rounder Craig [Craig Douglas] 10
N/a Classifieds 11
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
Hellicar, Mike Jack Good hopes to find new talent in America 12
  Bettina Guevara, February 2006  
No. 810 20 July 1962  
Cover Lena Martell 1
n.a. Commemorating Four Great Years of Cliff Richard 2-3
Hellic, Mike Raving about Ray [Ray Charles] 3
n.a. The Shadows Do the Tango! 4
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviewed
Tony Orlando, "At the Edge of Tears
Miki & Griff, "This Time I Would Know
Lena Martell, "The Reasons Why
Ral Donner, "Bells of Love
Alan Klein, "Three Coins in the Sewer
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed
Bobby Darin Sings Ray Charles
Johnny Hallyday Sings America's Rockin' Hits
Album Seven by Rick Nelson
n.a. Best Selling LPs in Britian
1. Pot Luck, Elvis Presley
2. West Side Story, Soundtrack
3. Blue Hawaii, Elvis Presley
4. Black and White Strel Show, George Mitchell
5. South Pacific, Soundtrack
n.a. NME Top Thirty
1. Frank Ifield, "I Remember You
2. Ray Charles, "I Can't Stop Loving You
3. Joe Brown, "Picture of You
4. Mike Sarne, "Come Outside
5. Pat Boone, "Speedy Gonzales
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. Bobby Vinton, "Roses Are Red"
2. Orions, "The Wah-Watusi"
3. Ray Charles, "I Can't Stop Loving You"
4. David Rose, "The Stripper"
5. Brian Hyland, "Sealed with a Kiss"
n.a. Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. Picture of You (Michael Reine)
2. Come Outside (Monique)
3. The Green Leaves of Summer (Robbins)
4. I Can't Stop Loving You (Acuff-Rose)
5. Stranger on the Shore (Sherwin)
n.a. Newley's 'World'—Over 40 U.S. Disc Releases
Kenny Ball to Tour Australia
Joe Brown will meet Farson again
Jimmy Savile Cuts a Disc!
Boone Films Here and Flies Home [Pat Boone]
Klein Musical Venue Fixed [Alan Klein's Musical: "What a Crazy World]
Cooke—Tucker Concert [Sam Cooke & Sophia Tucker]
Shadows' Sunday Plan Change
Donegan Ill [Lonnie Donegan]
n.a. 'Big Night Out' with Pop Stars
Bilk: Two Million 'Stranger' Sales [Acker Bilk]
Ray Charles Film ["Swinging Along]
Holly's Manager May Wax Britten [Buddy Holly]
Acker at the Ball [Acker Bilk]
Many Stars in Conway Series [Russ Conway's 9-week Programme series]
BBC Seek More 'Needle-Time'
Mark Wynter in a 'Spin'
Mike Sarne First 'Lucky' Booking
Smith, Alan Me and 'Speedy' by Pat Boone 8
Thomson, Ken Pet's 'Ya Ya Twist' Is Educational! [Pet Clark] 9
Williams, Chris I've Got to Knock This! [Pop Music Film review] 9
n.a. Play It Cool [A Movie Advertisement w/ Billy Fury] 9
Johnson, Derek A Revealing Question-time with Frank Ifield 10
n.a. Life-lines of Mike Sarne 10
n.a. Classified Ads
The Original Checkmates Fan Club
Coloured Photographs
Jay and Tommy Scott [Malcolm Nixon Agency]
Cliff Bennett (London's #1 Beat Group)
Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
Evans, Allen Instrumental Albums Reviewed
Sandy Nelson: Drums Are My Beat
Floyd Cramer Gets Organ-Ized
The Champs: Great Dance Hits
  Jonny Spielsinger, March 2005  
No. 811 27 July 1962
Cover Billy Fury 1
Charlton, Bruce Cole Shearing Put Class Back in Hit Parade [Nat "King Cole] 2
n.a. Ex-Check from Ford to Justice [Emile Ford to Jimmy Justice] 2
Smith, Alan This is Visimotion's Version of John Leyton 2
Hellicar, Mike Helen Shapiro Loves Traveling 3
n.a. Life-Lines of the Crickets 3
n.a. Jet's Replacement Is Versatile [Jet Harris from the Shadows] 3
Fordyce, Keith All-star Singles
Santo and Johnny, "Spanish Harlem
Brian Hyland, "Summer Job
Ken Dodd, "Come to Me
Dean Martin, "Dame Su Amor
RayConniff, "S'Wonderful
VicDamone, "Vieni Vieni
Chubby Checker, "Dancin' Party
Evans, Allen LPs
Frank Sinatra Sings: London by Night
Ketty Lester: Love Letters
Drifters: Save the Last Dance for Me
Fats Domino:Twistin' the Stomp
Harry James: The Hits of Harry James
Jane Morgan: At the Coconut Grove
n.a. NME Top Thirty
1. FrankIfield, "I Remember You
2. Ray Charles, "I Can't Stop Loving You
3. Pat Boone, "Speedy Gonzales
4. Joe Brown, "Picture of You
5. MikeSarne, "Come Outside
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in US
1. Bobby Vinton, "Roses Are Red
2.Orions, "The Wah-Watusi
3. Brian Hyland, "Sealed with a Kiss
4. Ray Charles, "I Can't Stop Loving You
5. David Rose, "The Stripper
n.a. Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "I Remember You" (Victoria)
2. "I Can't Stop Loving You" (Acuff-Rose)
3. "Stranger on the Shore" (Sherwin)
4. "Picture of You" (Michael Reine)
5. "English Country Garden" (Tin Pan Alley)
n.a. Richard Tops Belgian and Australian Charts [Cliff Richard]
B. Bumble Coming Here in October [B.Bumble and the Stingers]
Kane Tests to Film in Egypt [Eden Kane]
Bilk Film Clip in TV Trad History [Acker Bilk]
Sarah Vaughan—George Shearing Venues Set
Vincent Release [Gene Vincent]
Another Attempt to Present Elvis Here
Your Chance to Appear on ITV
U.S. guitarist on radio, too [Alvino Ray]
n.a. New Radio Pop Music Series ["Music at Eight]
Brubeck to Leeds [Dave Brubeck Quartet]
Rick Nelson May Move to Capitol
Bank Holiday Pop Fare [Festival w/ Joe Brown, Eden Kane, Acker Bilk & Chris Barber]
'It'sTrad Dad' Sequel Planned
Faith Film Opening [Adam Faith's "Mix Me a Person]
Donnegan May Extend U.S. Trip [LonnieDonnegan]
Jet Harris set for 'Tom Sawyer' Film
Ifield Variety Dates Planned [FrankIfield]
Hellicar, Mike Eydie Gorme Took Career Lightly 8
Wedge, Don Vince Taylor Rocks Continent 8
n.a. Sound Formula Brought Fortune 8
Johnson, Derek Frankie Vaughan Is Britain's Greatest Showman 9
n.a. "It's Gospel Singing for Me," says Della [Della Reese] 9
Johnson, Derek The Recording Moods of Bobby Darin 10
n.a. Star Quote from Dean Martin 10
n.a. Classified Ads
Joe Loss Limited [Agent Directory]
Mike Berry (Tribute to Buddy Holly)
Good Rhythm Guitarist
Are You Still Single?
Judy Garland Fan Club
The Alley Cat Lonnie at His Best in Latest TV series [LonnieDonnegan] 12
Smith, Alan Ray Charles Writes in August Hit Parade 12
Smith, Alan Pat Says, "Eartha Is Quieter Now" [Pat Dodd /EarthaKitt] 12
  Jonny Spielsinger, February 2005  

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