New Musical Express | August 1962

3 August 1962 No. 812  
cover Bobby Vinton  
Johnson, Derek Craig Douglas' 'Melodies' is Not a Cover Job 2
n.a. Life-Lines of Frank Ifield 2
Ruddy, Jonah Elvis as a Film Boxer 3
Smith, Alan Bobby Vinton is bandleader first, singer second 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviewed:
Billy Eckstine, "Guilty"
Frank Sinatra, "Goody Goody"
Fred Astaire, "The Notorious Landlady"
Percy Faith, "Jacqueline's Journey"
Susan Maughan, "I've Got to Learn to Forget"
Chariots, "Problem Girl"
Isley Brothers, "Twist and Shout"
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed: "Blitz!"
Dick Hyman Trio, Dancing thru' the Swinging Thirties
Maureen O'Hara: Favourite Irish Songs
Let's Get Away from It All
Stomp Off Let's Go
n.a. Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. West Side Story, Soundtrack
2. Pot Luck, Elvis Presley
3. Blue Hawaii, Elvis Presley
4. Black and White Strel Show, George Mitchell
5. South Pacific, Soundtrack
n.a. NME Top Thirty
1. Frank Ifield, "I Remember You"
2. Pat Boone, "Speedy Gonzales"
3. Ray Charles, "I Can't Stop Loving You"
4. Joe Brown, "Picture of You"
5. The Crickets, "Don't Ever Change"
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in the U.S.
1. Bobby Vinton, "Roses Are Red"
2. Neil Sedaka, "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do"
3. Brian Hyland "Sealed with a Kiss"
4. Orions, "The Wah-Watusi"
5. Ray Stevens, "Ahab the Arab"
n.a. Cliff Waxes New Film Title Song
Lord Snowdon Records Temperance Seven
Ray Charles Here within a Year?
Another Group Born from the Vernons
Neil Sedaka Misses U.K.
Pop Invasion of Scotland!
Springfields in the U.S. Chart
Everlys' Dates
Joe Brown Guests in New AR-TV Show
Three Major Films to Open London .
n.a. Helen Shapiro in Top U.S. TV Show
Jess Loaned to Columbia
Shane Fenton's 'Tune' Booking
Acker Bilk Radio Series Planned
Top U.S. Singers in 'Lucky Stars'
Richard and Williams Get New 208 Series
Heath 'Big Band' TV Show Repeat
Carroll in 'Parade'
Ella Returning
Johnson, Derek Jimmie Rodgers Is Latest to Switch Labels 8
Hellicar, Mike Shane Celebrates Hit with Holiday 8
Smith, Alan Ed Sullivan Says Cliff Right to Avoid Oxford Accent 9
Hutchins, Chris Sacking Spurred Semi Tones to Discover New Sound 9
Hutchins, Chris Billy Fury Dries the Dishes—and tells of his Happy Life 10
Johnson, Derek Why Are They Hitless Here? 10
n.a. Announcements
Jay and Tommy Scott
Hit Parade Now on Sale!
Joe Loss Limited
Mike Berry (Tribute to Buddy Holly)
J.D.S. ENT's Agency
AFN Highlights
The Alley Cat All-Star 'Awards' Show was Great 12
Hellicar, Mike Best-Dressed Cliff 12
Gray, Andy Frankie Vaughan Scores with Own Band Backing 12
  Jonny Spielsinger, March 2005  
August 10 1962 No. 813  
Johnson, Derek Ronnie' 'Red Roses' Bloom to Give Him His Biggest Triumph on Record 2
Elias, David Conway and Squires Team Again 2
Conniff, Ray Question-time with Ray Coniff 2
Johnson, Derek Storm Rages Round Shadows' New Hit 3
Thomson, Ken Jar of Honey Brings Neil Sedaka Money 3
Fordyce, Keith On the singles:
Kenny Ball,
Paul Petersen,
Polka Dots,
Jack Scott,
Bertha Tillman,
Blackburn/ Reeves,
Deek Rivers,
Barry Barnett,
Jean Auborn,
Sonny Marshall
Evans, Allen Latest LPs:
Burl Ives, Funny Way of Laughin',
Don't Knock the Twist,
Perry Como, I Love You Truly,
Sister (Rosetta Tharpe) on Tour,
Peter Paul and Mary,
2,000 Years with Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks
n.a. Best Selling LPs In Britain:
1.Pot Luck, Elvis Presley
2. West Side Story
3. South Pacific
4. Black and White Minstrel Show, George Mitchell
5. Blitz
Wallis, Hal Presley 4
n.a. NME Top Thirty
1. "I Remember You," Frank Ifield
2. "Speedy Gonzales," Pat Boone
3. "I Can't Stop Loving You," Ray Charles
4. "Guitar Tango," Shadows
5. "Picture of You," Joe Brown
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do," Neil Sedaka
2. "Roses Are Red," Bobby Vinton
3. "The Wah-Watusi," Orlons
4. "Loco-Motion," Little Eva
5. "Ahab the Arab," Ray Stevens
n.a. Best Selling Sheet Music In Britain
1. "I Remember You "(Chappell)
2. "Stranger on the Shore" (Sherwin)
3. "I Can't Stop Loving You" (Acuif-Rose)
4. "English Country Garden" (Novello)
5. "Picture of You" (Michael Reine)
n.a. Acker Bilk & Cliff Richard On Ed Sullivan US TV Show
Kent Walton's New Series
Jimmie Rodgers in c-and-w Package?
Adam Faith's New Musical Director
Young Ones' Producer Will Direct 'Fings'
Marilyn's Records
Oliver' Hailed in U.S.
Crickets' EP Revives Hits
Newell to Record Duo in Sweden
Barber at Radio Show
Everly Bros. London Opening
Song Contest Abandoned
Ronnie Carroll Variety Tour
TV Minstrels in Autumn
U.S. 'Lucky Stars' (ABC- TV, Chubby Checker,..)
Donegan Offered Bermuda Cabaret
Shirley Bassey Returns to Rome
Joanie Somers on BBC-TV Show
Another Paris Season for the Shadows
Russ Conway on European TV
Buvver Marries (Bobby Graham)
n.a. Top Stars In several ATV productions
America Honours British Artists
B. Bumble and Stingers- concerts dates booked
Berry Disc for U.S.
David Jacobs Picks Pops Again
Clinton Ford's Unique Airing
Marty Wilde Moves to Columbia Label
Andy Stewart in 30 BBC-TV Shows
Tommy Sanderson Leaves F. D. & H.
Freddy Cannon Venue Changed
Stars in NME Golf Contest
Mike Sarne: TV Compere
Hazel Scott in Blackpool TV
Moss Matched ( Don Moss)
Jet Harris Tour
Lotis Joins Mrs. Mills
Frank Ifield Club Dates
Floyd Cramer and Jim Reeves
Little Richard Sets Last Date
Jimmy Justice, U.S. tour chart
Smith, Alan It Was All the Better for that Ifield Smile (Norrie Paramor reveals secret behind No. 1 hit) 8
n.a. Louise Cordet's Life-lines 8
Naylor, Jerry How We've Changed by the Crickets 8
n.a. From You to US 8
Smith, Alan Connie Will Rock For Britain 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail 9
Williams, Chris and Wedge, Don Faith- On Film and Stage 9
The Alley Cat Tall-Pieces by 10
Wedge, Don Cliff Records Song at Elstree for U.S. Release 10
n.a. Classified 11
  Stacy Ullman, February 2005  
17 August 1962
Smith, Alan Bernard Cribbins V. Peter Sellers in Gang Warfare Comedy Riot! 2
Johnson, Derek Lonnie Donegan Goes Back to Skiffle and Jumps into the Charts  
n/a King' Cole's Jubilee  
Smith, Alan Cliff's Latest Film Will Hit 'Young Ones' for Six! 3
Fordyce, Keith Reviews latest singles:
Lonnie Donnegan, "Pick A Bale Of Cotton"
Jimmy Justice, "Write Me a Letter"
Rick Nelson, "Teen Age Idol"
Burl Ives," Call Me Mr. In Between"
Jet Harris, "Some People"
Bryan Johnson, "Show Me the Way to Your Heart"
Floyd Cramer, "Hot Pepper"
Allan Bruce, "Afraid of Love"
>Jimmie Rodgers, "No One Will Ever Know"
n/a Best Selling LP's in Britain:
1. Pot Luck, Elvis Presley
2. West Side Story, Soundtrack
3. Black and White Minstrel Show, George Mitchell
4. Blitz, Original Cast
5. South Pacific, Soundtrack
n/a NME Top Thirty
1. "I Remember You," Frank Ilfield
2. "Speedy Gonzales," Pat Boone
3. "Things," Bobby Darin
4. "Guitar Tango," Shadows
5. "I Can't Stop Loving You," Ray Charles
n/a Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do," Neil Sedaka
2. "Loco-Motion," Little Eva
3. "Roses Are Red," Bobby Vinton
4. "The Wah-Watusi," Orlons
5. "You Don't Know Me," Ray Charles
n/a Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "I Remember You" (Chappell)
2. "Roses Are Red" (Leeds)
3. "I Can't Stop Loving You" (Acuff-Rose)
4. "Speedy Gonzales" (Macmelodies)
5. "Stranger on the Shore" (Sherwin)
n/a Cliff Richard, Russ Conway Guest on Cotton TV Show
George Shearing TV Spectacular
Presley Film Preview
Star Albums at Only 17 Shillings!
British Hits Abroad
Joe Brown Discs on Two Labels
B. Bumble Concerts
Sinatra's British LP-- Autumn issue
Dion and Shannon Join 'Club'
Porgy and Bess' Album
Savile Leaves Mecca
Chris Barber EP
n/a Vaughan Waxes LP at Talk of Town
Brian Hyland's debut here:
Mathis and Belafonte planning return visitis
Jet Harris in War Film?
Ronnie Carroll to Meet Farson
Atwell and Valentine for Glasgow
Royal Show at the Palladium
U.S. TV Dates Set for Acker & Cliff
Bruvver on Pye
Fury, Ifield in 'Lucky Stars'
Presley's Next Disc
Checker ATV Show
Regan Joins Vaughan in Palladium Pantomime
Graham, Mark It Will Be Marty with Strings on New Label 8
Hentoff, Nat American Airmal: Elvis and Britain  
n/a From You to Us  
Hutchins, Chris After Months of Secret Practice--Jet Harris Is Ready for His Solo Debut 9
Wedge, Don Man Behind Freddy Cannon's Hits Listens to the fans  
Williams, Chris Mr. Blue Saw 'Red' and Knew It Could Give Him Another Hit  
Johnson, Derek The Best of Ball, Barberů and Bilk 10
Hellicar, Mike David Jacobs Says: It's Great to be Back  
n/a Classifieds 11
n/a Ray Charles Racing to Second Million 12
Hutchins, Chris La Valente Digs Our Girl Singer  
  Stacy Ullman, February 2005  
24 August 1962 No. 815  
Williams, Chris 'Bashful Blond' Brian in Top Ten Again! 2
Davis, Bob Vince 'Ben Casey' Edwards a Singer First  
Williams, Chris America Dubs Roy Castle 'Britain's Sammy Davis  
Smith, Alan Acker's Happy with His vocal Success 3
Smith, Alan Kenny Ball Thinks His Voice Horrible  
Fordyce, Keith Singles
Adam Faith, "Mix Me a Person"
Paul Anka, "Every Night"
Shirley Bassey, "What Now My Love"
James Darren, "Mary's Little Lamb"
Joe Brown "Your Tender Look" and "Comes the Day"
Mike Sarne, "Come Outside"
Del Shannon, Cry Myself To Sleep"
Connie Stevens, "Mr. Songwriter"
Ray Stevens, "Ahab the Arab"
The Tornados, "Telstar"
Kenny Lynch, "Puff Up in Smoke"
Joe Loss and his Orchestra, "Quando Cha Cha"
Gray, Andy Elvis: Double-Sided Hit On The Way  
NME Best Selling LPs In Britain:
1. West Side Story, Soundtrack
2. Pot Luck, Elvis Presley
3. Black and White Minstrel Show, George Mitchell
4. Blue Hawaii, Elvis Presley
5. South Pacific, Soundtrack
NME Top Thirty
1. "I Remember You," Frank Ifield
2. "Speed Gonzales," Pat Boone
3. "Things," Bobby Darin
4. "Roses Are Red," Ronnie Carroll
5. "Guitar Tango," Shadows
n/a Best Selling Pop Recordings in U.S.
1. "Loco-Motion," Little Eva
2. "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do," Neil Sedaka
3. "Things," Bobby Darin
4. "You Don't Know Me," Ray Charles
5. "Sheila," Tommy Roe
n/a Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "I Remember You" (Chappell)
2. "Roses Are Red" (Leeds)
3. "Speedy Gonzales" (Macmelodies)
4. "English Country Garden" (Novello)
5. "I Can't Stop Loving You" (Acuff-Rose)
n/a Karl Denver Crash Shock
Hayley's Actress Award
Billy Dainty Cuts Disc
Presley Royal Show Mystery
Ball Band and Temperance 7 Off on Holiday
Atwell Waxes Disc at Home
Bassey, Vaughan Top First Palladium Tv Shows
Adam Faith BBC-TV Series- Date Set
No Panto for Charlie Drake
Leyton Tour
The Springfields' Gain in States
  Pye Stars to Sing in Foreign Languages
Lena Horne Plans to Telefilm Series Here
Craig Douglas Gets First Buttons Part
Kenny Ball Japan Trip This Autumn?
Dion and Cannon in 'Easy Beat'
EMI's LP scoop
Decca Signs D-J Freeman
Carroll for Margate
Bassey Back in Variety
Harry Secombe Almost Wins Our Golf Cup
Hellicar, Mike Shirley Bassey Sings 'Sinatra' 8
Williams, Chris Charles, Vee in Poor Pic  
Smith, Alan Pat Boone Wants to Write His Own Hit  
Wedge, Don In Their Own Words  
Johnson, Derek Duane Eddy Escapes from 'Wilderness' 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail: Hayley Meets Sinatra  
n/a From You To Us  
Johnson, Derek Adam Faith Tells Why He's Made His Disc-Break from John Barry 10
Williams, Chris Ever-Improving Elvis!  
Hutchins, Chris Exciting Jet Harris Solo Stage Debut  
n/a Classifieds 11
The Alley Cats Tail-Pieces 12
  Stacey Ullman, March 2005  
31 August No. 816  
Derek, Johnson Conducts an Amazing Question Time with Ronnie Carrol: Frankest Star in Show Business 2
Charlton, Bruce A Big "Welcome Back" to the King of Twist [Chubby Checker] 3
n/a Special offers to the readers of NME 3
  'Outer-Space' Guitar [The Spotnicks] 3
  Pop Stars Write in New Book [Radio Luxemburg Book of Record Stars] 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles [reviews]
Frank Sinatra, "Hidden Persuasion"
Peggy Lee, "Tell All the World About You'
Dave Brubeck, "Countdown"
B. Bumble, "Appleknocker"
Jorgen Ingmann, "Johnny's Tune"
Dion, "Lost for Sure"
Julie Grant, "Lonely Sixteen"
Petula Clark, "Jumble Sale"
The Temp. Seven, "The Mooche"
Vic Dana, "To Love and be Loved"
Kay Wilson, "Goodbye My Love"
Evans, Allen LP's 4
NME Top 10 LP's in Britain
1. West Side Story, Soundtrack
2. Pot Luck, Elvis Presley
3. Best of Ball, Barber and Bilk
4. Golden Age of Donegan, Lonnie Donegan
5. South Pacific, Soundtrack
NME NME Top Thirty
1. "I Remember You," Frank Ifield
2. "Roses Are Red," Ronnie Carroll
3. "Speedy Gonzalez," Pat Boone
4. "Things," Bobby Darin
5. "Guitar Tango," The Shadows
NME Best Selling Pop Records in US
1. "Sheila," Tommy Roe
2. "Loco-Motion," Little Eva
3. "Breaking up Is Hard to Do," Neil Sedaka
4. "You Don't Know Me," Ray Charles
5. "Party Lights," Claudine Clark
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Roses are Red"
2. "I Remember You"
3. "Speedy Gonzalez"
4. "Guitar Tango"
5. "English Country Garden"
n/a Mathis Tour
'Stranger' Sets up two more records [Acker Bilk]
Karl Denver Soon out of Hospital?
Donegan Plays Spirituals
Names in the News [John Barry, Bob Miller, The Brook Brothers, Duke Ellington]
Helen Shapiro Joins Faith TV Show
Vernons, Monro in King Series
Ifield May Visit US
Dankworth Tours with Sophie
TV Music Show Trial
New Disc Signgings: Dublin Boy and 'Elvis'
New-Style Disc Show
Ted Heath Honoured
Chubby Checker Hit out on two Labels
Vinton Coming
Mantovani US Tour Changed
Sharon Steeley wed
Oriole to Issue American Discs
'Spot Tune' Ends
Pete Murray in Musical
Lynn and Laine Going to Dutch Disc Festival
Spot Nicks to Return Soon
n/a Together Again-Cliff and the Shadows Tour For Charity
Carroll Joins Vee-Crickets November Tour
Sullivan Show from London
Name Changed
Vaughan and Bilk in BBC;s Gala Week
Shearing-Sarah Vaughan Teleshowcase Set
Vincent to Israel
Acker LP in US
Rogers joins Tour
Sarne, Denver, Cordet Likely Stars in Latest All-Pop Film Project
Everlys' TV Plans
Pet Stays With PYE
Daniels Disc Re-Released
In 'Lucky Stars'
Fan Club Girl for US
Dion Here Soon
Brown Replaces Harris
'Mr. Piano' Plays On
Another Presley Single Planned
Hellicar, Mike Jimmy Justice Disc Gets Fans Arguing 8
A.G. Promising Musical Newcomers 8
Hentoff, Nat Nat Hentoff's American Airmail 8
n/a Did University's Pop-Snobbery Ban Mike Sarne? 9
Johnson, Derek Rare Step 9
  Bilk Film Swings 9
Wedge, Don UA Label Wins Independence 9
Smith, Alan Mother Taught Ray Charles to Cope With Blindness 9
Randall, Ron Life With Frank Ifield 10
Williams, Chris Name Sold to the Highest Bidder 10
n/a No Excitement for Valerie 10
Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
  Jaimie Ayers 10 February 2005  
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