New Musical Express | October 1962

5 October 1962 No. 821  
Johnson, Derek Tommy Roe Waxed 'Sheila' Before! 2
Smith, Alan Revealed: Another Holly Goldmine—Buddy's Mother Writes to Alan Smith [Buddy Holly]  
Hutchins, Chris Last Christmas They Had Fourpence between Five of Them—But Now: Tornados Plan a Slap-up 'Do'! 3
Smith, Alan George Shearing Is Very Happy about Nat Cole's Hit  
Sampson, Gordon Solid Cannon Beat [Freddy Cannon]  
Fordyce, Keith New Singles Reviewed:
Del Shannon, "Swiss Maid" ['Swiss Maid' Should Do Right by Shannon]
Roy Orbison, "Workin' for the Man" [Unusual Orbison]
Marty Wilde, "Ever Since You Said Goodbye"
Little Richard, "He Got What He Wanted But He Lost What He Had"
Floyd Cramer, "Swing Low"
Clinton Ford, "Madame Moscovitch"
King Brothers, "Nicola"
Brothers Four, "Five Weeks in a Balloon"
Beach Boys, "Surfin' Safari"
Johnny De Little, "Lover"
Joey Dee and the Starliters, "What Kind of Love Is This"
Gogi Grant, "Magic Music"
Brad Newman, "Point of No Return"
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain:
1. West Side Story (Soundtrack)
2. Best of Ball, Barber and Bilk
3. Golden Age of Donegan, Lonnie Donegan
4. Picture of You, Joe Brown
5. Black & White Minstrel Show, George Mitchell
NME Top Thirty:
1. Tornados, "Telstar"
2. Elvis Presley, "She's Not You"
3. Cliff Richard, "It'll Be Me"
4. Tommy Roe, "Sheila"
5. Carole King, "Rain until September"
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1. "Sherry," Four Seasons
2. "Monster Mash," Bobby (Boris) Pickett and the Crypt Kickers
3. "Ramblin' Rose," Nat Cole
4. "Let's Dance," Chris Montez
5. "Green Onions," Booker T & the MG's
Gray, Andy Tornados, Jaywalkers Share Top Honours
Shearing Piano Magic [George Shearing]
Williams, Chris Sammy Davis Superb in 'Porgy and Bess'  
n.a. Cannon-Clark Telstar Link [Freddy Cannon]
Ray Charles Next May!
More Dates for Faith [Adam Faith]
Acker Bilk and Strings Again
Andy Looks Ahead [Andy Stewart]
Cliff Leaves for America [Cliff Richard]
Non-singing Vincent with Little Richard [Gene Vincent]
In 'Pops' and 'Beat' [Brook Brothers on "Parade of the Pops" and "Easy Beat"]
Meek and Ember [Joe Meek]
208 on Air Hour Earlier [Radio Luxembourg]
Mike Cotton Band at Premiere [Mike Cotton and his Jazzmen]
Shapiro Israel Tour Confirmed [Helen Shapiro]
Pat Boone to Make another Film Here
Jess Conrad Pop Singer in Drama
Temps with Haynes in Radio Series [The Temperance Seven]
Darin: Three Weeks Early in 1963—Likely Visit for TV, Stage Shows [Bobby Darin]
New Bart Musical [Lionel Bart]
Kane for Norway [Eden Kane]
n.a. Little Eva May Tour Here with Carole King
Hurricanes Definite in January! [Johnny and the Hurricanes]
Newley to Cut His Own Discs [Anthony Newley]
More Brubeck Dates [Dave Brubeck]
Extra Mathis Venue [Johnny Mathis]
Bilk at 'Club' with Crickets! [Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band, the Crickets]
De Laine Sisters join Bygraves [De Laine Sisters, Max Bygraves, Kenny Ball]
Elvis Presley EP
Chris Barber States-Bound
Good May Return to Wax Denver [Jack Good]
Host of stars signed for new BBC-TV pop shows [BBC-TV series "Like... Music"]
Fury in New TV Pop Show [Billy Fury]
Denver's Double 'Stars' Booking [ABC-TV series "Thank Your Lucky Stars"
Teresa Brewer May Visit
Clinton for Forming Band [Clinton Ford]
For Australia [Matt Monro]
French Rock Star in Palladium TV [Johnny Hallyday]
Matt with Everlys in 'Pops Parade' [Matt Monro, Everly Brothers]
n.a. Gene Vincent Introduces (and He Will in the Show) His Old Pal Little Richard
Sam Ploughed Money into Act [Sam Cooke]
Smith, Alan They Tour Pianos in a Truck  
Johnson, Derek The Charles 'Genius' Bit Is Overrated [Ray Charles] 9
Ruddy, Jonah Everlys Glad They Are Wanted Here! [Everly Brothers] 10
Johnson, Derek ...and Ketty is, too [Ketty Lester]  
Evans, Alan LP reviews:
I Like It Swinging, Buddy Greco
Great Films, Great Themes, Mantovani
The Stripper, David Rose Orchestra
Solid Gold Guitar
50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett—Vol. 2
n.a. Classifieds 11
Hellicar, Mike Terrific, Shirley [Shirley Bassey] 12
  Leah Wohl-Pollack, March 2005  
12 October 1962 No. 822  
Hutchins, Chris Brenda Lee Had Non-stop School Holiday!  
n.a. From You To Us [Elvis' Dad Writes In] 2
Hutchins, Chris Little Richard Is Amazing!  
Smith, Alan Joe Brown Joins Elite! 3
Fordyce, Keith Reviews the Singles
Shapiro Latest Is Good, But...
David Macbeth: "Have I Told You Lately that I Love You" / "A Brother like You"
Joanie Sommers: "When the Boys Get Together" / "Passing Strangers"
Johnny Nash: "Ol' Man River" / "My Dear Little Sweetheart"
Ketty Lester: "You Can't Lie to a Liar" / "River or Salt"
Square Pegs: "Love Me with All Your Heart" / "The Song Is You"
Roulettes: "Hully Gully Slip 'n' Slide"
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. West Side Story, Sound Track
2. Golden Age of Donegan
3. Best of Ball, Barber and Bilk
4. Out of the Shadows, Shadows
5. Black and White Minstrel Show, George Mitchell
n.a. Craig Does Well with a Gibson Special [Craig Douglas] 4
NME NME Top 30
1. Tornados, "Telstar"
2. Tommy Roe, "Sheila"
3. Carole King, "Rain Until September"
4. Little Eva, "The Loco-Motion"
5. Elvis Presley, "She's Not You"
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Sherry," Four Seasons
2. "Monster Mash," Bobby (Boris) Pickett and the Crypt Kickers
3. "Ramblin' Rose," Nat Cole
4. "Let's Dance," Chris Montez
5. "I Remember You," Frank Ifield
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Telstar" (Ivy)
2. "Roses Are Red" (Leeds)
3. "She's Not You" (Ronnie)
4. "I Remember You" (?)
5. "Things" (?)
n.a. Entire Sinatra Album on Radio 6
Hentoff, Nat U.S. Audiences Donegan Surprise [Lonnie Donegan] 6
Marks, Stan Minstrel Show A Smash Hit In Australia  
n.a. Pop Music Before Breakfast!
Cliff with Connie on Sullivan TV [Cliff Richards, Connie Gray]
Little Richard to Record Here
Ruby Murray-Snow White
More U.S. TV for Matt [Matt Monro]
Pete Murray Joins West End Comedy
Ketty Lester on 'Jury'
Clifford's 'Lucky Stars' Date [Buzz Clifford]
Charity Show
Osborne to Decca [Tony Osborne]
Denver, Wynter Variety Bows [Karl Denver, Mark Wynter]
New d-j's Debut
Bassey LP Hold-Up [Shirley Bassey]
Acker's 'Smile' Forecast as Likely Hit in U.S. [Acker Bilk]
Three Big Bands Sign Contracts
Frank Ifield Royal Debut with Cliff And Shadows
Springfields: Disc Session in Nashville
n.a. Little Eva Joins February Hyland-Dee Tour Here
New Label Debut
Two Musicals Open Next Month
Bing with Bob on ATV 'First'
Kaye Sisters Join Dobb
Tornados Wax Theme for Film Series
New U.S. Label Adam Faith
Bilk, Stinger for new venue
Sammy Davis 8-weeks at Palladium Definite
'Stars': Cooke Changes Mind [Sam Cooke]
Royal Ball Trio!
Rush to Sign Newcomer [Cherry Roland]
Craig Douglas Signings [Album Before Single]
Fury Better, Denver Taking It Easier
Johnson, Derek Can 'Lonely' Be another 'Stranger' for Mr. Bilk? 8
Charlton, Bruce Mark Wynter Wants to Act  
Johnson, Derek 13 Lucky Shadows Tracks  
Hellicar, Mike New to the Charts [Four Seasons—Family Men] 9
Crawley, Tony Dates with Elvis 10
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces ['Stop World' Won't Stop!]  
Gray, Andy Maori Group Steals Show!  
Evans, Allen Contrasting Beat Albums 12
  Eric Wright, February 2005  
19 October 1962 No. 823  
n.a. Readers Bowl Derek Johnson over subject of Ray Charles 2
n.a. Life-lines of the Tornados 3
Derek Johnson Susan's entry overdue 3
Keith Fordyce

"Little Book"—big hit from Jimmy Dean
Frank Ifield, "?"
Connie Francis, "Playing Games" / "I Was Such a Fool"
Louise Cordet, "Sweet Enough" / "Someone Else's Fool"
Everly Brothers, "No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile" / "Don't Ask Me to Be Friends"
Johnny Mathis, "Gina" / "I Love Her, that's Why"
Gary Bonds, "Copy Cat" / "I'll Change that Too"
Tony Bennett, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" / "Candy Kisses"
Joe Loss, "Must Be Madison" / "Miss Madison"
Ray Ellington, "Jump Over" / "The Madison"
Justice, "Dawning" / "Parade of Broken Hearts"
Monro, "My Love and Devotion" / "By the Way"
Leyton, "Lonely Johnny" / "Keep on Loving You"
Douglas, "It Matters Not" / "Upside Down"
Gordon, "Instant Love" / "You Don't Want My Love"

n.a. Madison Time—with Loss or Ellington 4
Allen Evans On the LATEST LPs: 4
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. West Side Story, Soundtrack (Philips)
2. Out of the Shadows, Shadows (Columbia)
3. Rest of Ball, Barder and Bilk (Pye Golden Guinea)
4. Golden Age of Donegan (Pye Golden Guinea)
5. Picture of You, Joe Brown (Pye Golden Guinea)
NME NME Top 30
1. "Telstar," Tornados (Decca)
2. "The Loco-motion," Little Eva (London)
3. "Rain Until September," Carole King (London)
4. "Sheila," Tommy Roe (HMV)
5. "Ramblin Rose," Nat Cole (Capitol)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Monster Mash," Bobby (Boris) Pickett and the Crypt Kickers
2. "Sherry," Four Seasons
3. "Do You Love Me," Contours
4. "He's a Rebel," Crystals
5. "I Remember You," Frank Ifield
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Telstar" (Ivy)
2. "Rain until September" (Aldon)
3. "Roses Are Red" (Leeds)
4. "Ramblin' Rose" (Comet)
5. "She's Not You" (Ronnie)
n.a. Clark tipped for U.S. disc hit
Joe Meek Waxes Jaywalkers
Secombe to star in Broadway "Pickwick"
Wynter Star: Crickets, Vee added to musical
This is my life-By Tony Newly
Cliff's [Richard] '32' minutes LP now on tap
Lonnie Donegan U.S. TV success
Shadows fly out [U.S.]
Williams' first tour in variety set
[David] Jacobs XMAS day TV host
[Michael] Holliday for South America
n.a. Presley hot LPs to be Re-issued
Bilk U.S. bound
Avons now two
MD and priest hurt in crash
Decca my release Conraad play songs
Chris Barber label change?
Lang, Kestrals join Bob Hope
Stubby Kaye on BBC-TV show
Phil Everly will complete tour
EMI helps composers
Little Richard-Gene Vincent Rock show?
Leyton film in Hollywood
n.a. Frank Sinatra's London-made 'Great Songs' LP is a credit to our composers 8
Alan Smith Royal welcome awaits Boone 8
Derek Johnson Marty Robbins is a true country music pioneer 9
Derek Johnson The Courage of Phil Everly (solo debut) 9
Nat Hentoff U.S. Flashes (news from U.S.) 9
Mike Hellicar Yellow, red black in new label 10
Derek Johnson Watch out for McShane 10
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
John Foster Springfields on too early 12
Christine Gordon All-Round Tommy 12
  Eric Wright, February 2005  
26 October 1962 No. 824  
n.a. Heading for No. 1, Frank Ifield 1
Chris Williams Welcome Back to Bobby Vee and Crickets 2
Alan Smith Liverpool's Beatles Wrote Their Own Hit ["Love Me Do"] 2
Nat Hentoff Cliff Scores on Sullivan TV in Film Scene 2
Chris Williams New Boone Image [Pat Boone] 2
n.a. Thumper Bumble [Plays "Nut Rocker"] 2
Gordon Irving Winnie, Dickie [Valentine] Head Show 2
Derek Johnson Question-Time with Mark Wynter 3
n.a. Life-Lines of Tommy Roe 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Reviewed
Johnny Burnette: "Lonesome Waters" / "Damn the Defiant"
Bobby Rydell: "The Cha-Cha-Cha" / "The Best Man Cried"
Johnny and the Hurricanes: "Minnesota Fats" / "Come on Train"
Patti Lynn: "Tell Me Telstar" / "Big, Big Love"
Buddy Greco: "Mr. Lonely" / "Sentimental Fool"
Richard Chamberlain: "Love Me Tender" / "All I Do Is Dream of You"
Chubby Checker: "Limbo Rock" / "Popeye the Hitch-hiker"
Lita Roza: "He's My Dreamboat" / "Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean"
Patsy Cline: "Heartaches" / "Why Can't He Be You"
Doug Sheldon: "Live Now, Pay Later" / "Me"
Ronnie Carroll: "If Only Tomorrow" / "Think of Her"
n.a. Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. Out of the Shadows, Shadows (Columbia)
2. West Side Story, Soundtrack (CBS)
3. Best of Ball, Barker and Bilk (Pye Golden Guinea)
4. Golden Age of Donegan (Pye Golden Guinea)
5. On Stage with the George Mitchell Minstrells (HMV)
n.a. NME Top 30
1. "Telstar," Tornados (Decca)
2. "The Loco-motion," Little Eva (London)
3. "Sheila," Tommy Roe (HMV)
4. "Ramblin' Rose," Nat Cole (Capitol)
5. "Rain until September," Carole King (London)
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Monster Mash," Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Kickers
2. "He's a Rebel," Crystals
3. "Do You Love Me," Contours
4. "Only Love Can Break a Heart," Gene Pitney
5. "Sherry," Four Seasons
n.a. Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Telstar" (IVY)
2. "Roses Are Red" (Leeds)
3. "Rain until September" (Aldon)
4. "Ramblin' Rose" (Comet)
5. "What Now My Love" (Blossom)
n.a. Don Everly will not rejoin Phil
Dubbing Star Gets a Single Break (Grazina Frame)
Bilk film and tour
Major U.S. stars plan appearances in Britain
Verve label makes debut
Ball Booked for New York Club
Hurricanes' Concerts
Mark Wynter going to Australia, America
Chris Barber U.S. Bound
Tornados' U.S. Tour Planned
Vera Lynn to New Zealand
Beatles in Little Richard Concert
n.a. Gold Disk Birthday for Frank Ifield!
Time-Change means one 208 hour less (radio)
Sounds to U.S.?
Pat Boone in 'Lucky Stars'
Cliff, Shadows: New One-Nighter Venues
Cricketts Invite Mike Perry to Join Set
MONRO (Matt) off to U.S.
Doctors advice Brown to rest
Conway talking disc out soon
Faith album with Keating for Xmas
'On the town' for London?
Calvert Palladium TV
Elvis Presley was invited to Royal Show
Chris Hutchins Little Richard Keeps 'em Guessing! As Sam Cooke Dreams up a Song in London 8
Nat Hentoff The Wrong Tradster! (Ed Sullivan calls Atco Records) 8
Derek Johnson Frank Ifield (like all the stars) Gets Royal Show Fever 9
Mike Hellicar Johnny Tillotson makes comeback 9
Alan Smith Visit to Adam Faith's new home 10
The Alley-Cat Tail Pieces 12
  Eric Wright, March 2005  

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