New Musical Express | January 1963

No. 834 4 January 1963  
Cover Hot Smash Hit! Frank Kelley with the Hunters "I Saw Linda Yesterday" [Fontana]
The Smash!! "Loo-Be-Loo" The Chucks on Decca
Cover Advertising Fabulous New Releases: "Hotel Happiness" Brook Benton on Mercury AMT 1194, "Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones on Mercury AMT 1195
Johnny Tillotson "I Can't Help It" [London]
Derek Johnson NME Record Survey:
Frank Ifield's amazing six-month score!
1962 Final Chart Points
n.a. Jazzshows present their Annual All-Night Carnival of Jazz, Great Hall, Alexandra Palace, N.22 Friday 25th January from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
Well done, Acker! Congratulations on your phenomenal success as a recording star, and as leader of Britain's favourite Traditional Jazz Band; Mr. Acker Bilk of course, plays the finest of all clarinets by Boosey & Hawkes
Valerie Escrett In Search of Elvis [reporters struggle to interview Elvis] 3
Don Wedge &
Ian Dove
Two Girl Singers Open in West End [Annie Ross and Lena Martell] 3
n.a. Announcements: Don't miss these! Marty Robbins "Ruby Ann" and Brubeck's "Bossa Nova U.S.A." [CBS] 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Marty Robbins: "Ruby Ann" / "Won't You Forgive" (CBS)
The Tornados: "Globetrotter" / "Locomotion with You" (Decca)
Joanie Sommers: "Goodbye Joey" / "Bobbie's Hobbies" (Warner Bros.)
Tommy Steele: "Butter Wouldn't Melt in Your Mouth" / "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" (Decca)
Tony Meehan and Jet Harris: "Diamonds" / "Footstomp" (Decca)
Rog Whittaker: "Butterfly" / "Times Is Tough" (Fontana)
Dave Brubeck Quartet: "Bossa Nova U.S.A." / "This Can't Be Love" (CBS)
Judy Garland: "Little Drops of Rain" / "Paris Is a Lonely Town" (Warner Bros.)
Doug Sheldon: "I Saw Linda Yesterday" / "My Billy" (Decca)
Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans: "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" / "Flip and Nitty" (London)
Rick Nelson: "It's Up to You" / "I Need You" (London)
Ellen Duffy: "There's Always Tomorrow" / "Better Loved You'll Never Be" (Philips)
The Tony Hatch Orchestra: "The Theme from the Dick Powell Show" / "Sharon" (Pye)
Frank Weir and the Werewolves: "Manhunt" / "Chant of the Jungle" (Philips)
Allen Evans Folk song burlesque is best of the bunch (reviewing Laughter Albums) 4
n.a. Congratulations! The Shadows on reaching the top of the chart with Dance On! (Columbia Records)
Congratulations Mike Berry & Joe Meek on the success of your record "Don't You Think It's Time?" on HMV
Still Going Up: "Up on the Roof," Julie Grant (Pye)
Two Smash Hits from America on Cameo Parkway: The Orlons ‘Don't Hang Up' & Chubby Checker ‘Limbo Rock'
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. On Stage with the George Mitchell Minstrels (HMV)
2. West Side Story (CBS)
3. Black & White Minstrel Show, George Mitchell (HMV)
4. Out of the Shadows, The Shadows (Columbia)
5. Rock ‘n' Roll No.2, Elvis Presley (RCA)
NME Top Thirty
1.  "Dance On," The Shadows (Columbia)
2.  "Return to Sender," Elvis Presley (RCA)
3.  "The Next Time," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
4.  "Sun Arise," Rolf Harris (Columbia)
5.  "Bachelor Boy," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1.  "Telstar" The Tornados
2.  "Go Away Little Girl" Steve Lawrence
3.  "Limbo Rock" Chubby Checker
4.  "Bobby's Girl" Marcie Blane
5.  "Big Girls Don't Cry" Four Seasons
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  "Bobby's Girl" (Kassner)
2.  "Bachelor Boy" (Leeds)
3.  "Return to Sender" (Manor)
4.  "The Next Time" (Elstree)
5.  "Telstar" (Ivy)
n.a. EMI New Pops
1.  "Don't You Think It's Time," Mike Berry (HMV)
2.  "The Lonely Bull," Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass (Stateside)
3.  "Gossip Calypso," Bernard Cribbins (Parlophone)
4.  "Remember I Love You," Ken Dodd (Columbia)
5.  "My Own True Love," The Duprees (Stateside)
6. "Well, Well, Well," The Highwaymen (United Artists)
7. "Spanish Lace," Gene McDaniels (Liberty)
n.a. Snow Plays Havoc with Pop Plans [Ice and snow brought travel difficulties for many pop artists]
EMI signs ‘Vanity Fair' lead singer [Gordon Boyd]
Cliff, Shadows, Bilk on Cotton TV Show
Ifield Tour Postponed
Fenton booked for north [Shane Fenton and the Fentones]
Fury and Leyton ‘On the Scene' [Billy Fury & John Leyton]
Kane joins big one-night tour [Eden Kane]
EMI Men Honoured
‘Carnival' For Lyric [Carnival the Broadway musical]
Songwriter on ‘Minstrels' [Tolchard Evans Stars on the Black and White Minstrel Show]
Brian Hyland's tour dates set
Presley's New Film
New Offers to Eddy [Duane Eddy]
Marion Ryan for Talk of the Town
EMI holds up LP releases
Mudlarks step in [The Mudlarks replaced Janie Mardon in ATV's "Arthur Haynes Show]
n.a. Acker's ‘Stranger' U.S. Top 1962 Seller!
Cribbins may get film and own TV shows [Bernard Cribbins]
Ifield Soars Up U.S. Chart
Songwriters' Contest [Northern Song Contest at Bradford St. George's Hall]
Monro Going Down-Under? [Matt Monro and Tony Hancock]
Cliff Richard Going to Israel
6, 7
n.a. "Comin' Home Baby," Mel Torme (London)
"Lonely Game," Jackie Edwards (Decca)
"Funny All Over," The Vernons Girls (Decca)
"Rumors," Johnny Crawford (London)
"Big Noise from Winnetka," Cozy Cole (Coral)
"A Little Bit Now," The Majors (London)
"Charmaine," The Bachelors (Decca)
"Now Is the Hour," Gracie Fields (Decca)
6, 7
n.a. ‘Telstar' Tornados: Second Gold Disc
Pet Clark on ‘Lucky Stars'
Odetta in late show
Tommy Roe- Chris Montez dates set
Pop Stars on Haynes Show [Arthur Haynes]
‘South Pacific' weekly release
Joe-Henderson disc-jockey
Helen Shapiro seaside pop-package planned
‘West Side Story' Wins LP Honours
Shirley Bassey recuperating [Shirley Bassey was recuperating from throat trouble]
Disc Prices Cut By 10%
U.S. Rock Stars May Return Later [Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Bill Haley and the Comets]
Ball's Australian trip now definite [Kenny Ball's Jazzmen]
Craig Douglas operation date [Craig Douglas…tonsils operation]
Russ Conway More and more Summer Season Starts [Artists such as Eden Kane, the King Brothers, Karl Denver, etc. book for long resort engagements for the summer season] 7
Russ Conway Star's house fire [Brenda Lee]  
Mike Hellicar Springfields now international stars 8
Ian Dove Now Mel Gets with the Beat! [Melvin Howard Torme] 8
Don Wedge Bossa nova from Brazil [Bossa nova records are issue in Britain] 8
n.a. One delay and no holiday for Mark Wynter! 8
Derek Johnson Sinatra fulfils ambition and lands himself in the hit parade again! [Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, and Dean Martin get together for a recording session] 9
Ian Dove Author Says TV No Aid to Helen Shapiro 9
Nat Hentoff American Airmail:
Now Frank makes his Ellington Plans [Frank Sinatra and Duke Ellington join label Reprise]
n.a. It's New! It's Sensational!! From the U.S.A., The Original "Loop De Loop," Johnny Thunder's tremendous recording on Stateside 9
Mike Hellicar Duane's most unusual disc saves him! [Duane Eddy] 10
Alan Smith Alan Freeman's plan for his ‘Pops' take-over [Alan Freeman takes over the chair from David Jacobs on the Light Programme's "Pick of the Pops" 10
Chris Williams Chris Montez Faces His Big Test 10
n.a. Life-lines of Rolf Harris [Interview with Rolf Harris] 10
n.a. Announcements:
Welcome! David Thorne, hear his new record "The Alley Cat Song" (Stateside Records)
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces: Cat's Whiskers awards for 1962 12
n.a. No.14 "Like I Do" Maureen Evans on Oriole
No.27 "Just For Kicks" Mike Sarne on Parlophone
Order Your "Sukiyaki" from Kenny Ball
Heartiest Congratulations to the Shadows on Achieving the No.1 Position with their Record of "Dance On!"
  Hali Alpert, Spring 2008  
No. 835 11 January 1963  
Cover Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen "Sukiyaki"
Two Smash Hits from the U.S. Charts! Chubby Checker "Limbo Rock" The Orlons "Don't Hang Up"
Mike Hellicar Welcome Johnny and the Hurricanes who tour with Jimmy Savile and ‘Disc Doubles' 2
Derek Johnson Ted Heath's 750th Radio Show! 2
Derek Johnson Cliff's ‘Summer Holiday' is Great 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen: "Sukiyaki" (Pye)
Eden Kane: "Sounds Funny to Me" / "Someone Wants to Know" (Decca)
Ronnie Hilton: "The Gift" / "Beautiful Bossa Nova" (HMV)
Susan Maughan: "Hand a Handkerchief to Helen" / "I'm a Lonely One Too" (Philips)
Del Shannon: "Little Town Flirt" / "The Wamboo"
Chris Montez: "Some Kinda Fun" / "Tell Me It's Not Over" (London)
Gary Miller: "I've Heard that Song Before"-"You Are Beautiful" / "Flower Drum Song" (Pye)
Frank Kelly: "I Saw Linda Yesterday" / "Good and True" (Fontana)
David Macbeth: "A Very Good Year for Girls" / "Broken Hearts" (Piccadilly)
Brian Poole and the Tremeloes: "A Very Good Year for Girls" / "Meet Me Where We Used to Meet" (Decca)
Brenda Lee: "Save All Your Lovin' for Me" / "All Alone Am I" (Brunswick)
Petula Clark: "I Will Follow Him" (Pye)
Beatles: "Please, Please Me" / "Ask Me Why" (Parlophone)
Christine Campbell: "This Should Be a Dream" / "One Life" (Parlophone)
Frank Chacksfield and his Orchestra: "The Lawrence Theme" / "The Parakeets of Paraguay" (Decca)
Hugo Montenegro and his Orchestra: "Get Off the Moon, I Was There First" / "Sherry" (Oriole)
Allen Evans LPs Review
Dinah Washington, September in the Rain (Mercury)
Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Two on the Aisle (United Artista)
Ken Dodd, Presenting Ken Dodd (Columbia)
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. West Side Story, Soundtrack (CBS)
2. One Stage with George Mitchell Minstrels (HMV)
3. Out of the Shadows, Shadows (Columbia)
4. Bobby Vee Meets the Crickets (Liberty)
5. Rock and Roll No. 2, Elvis Presley (RCA)
NME Top Thirty
1.  "Dance On," Shadows (Columbia)
2.  "Return to Sender," Elvis Presley (RCA)
3.  "The Next Time," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
4.  "Bachelor Boy," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
5.  "Guitar Man," Duane Eddy (RCA)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  "Bachelor Boy" (Leeds)
2.  "Dance On" (Bron)
3.  "The Next Time" (Elstree)
4.  "Return to Sender" (Manor)
5.  "Bobby's Girl" (Kassner)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1.  "Go Away Little Girl," Steve Lawrence
2.  "Telstar," Tornados
3.  "Limbo Rock," Chubby Checker
4.  "Hotel Happiness," Brook Benton
5.  "Pepino the Italian Mouse," Lou Monte
N.A. Tornados U.S. Trip Put Off
Ray Charles Cuts Singles
EMI Signs Acker Bilk Trombonist
Broadway Raves Over ‘Oliver!'
4,000 Choose Cliff's Hit
Stars Make Joint ‘Juke-Box' Bows
Little Eva Tour Dates Revised
Maureen Evans on Air Twice
Ifields Next:  Huge Orders
More Hurricanes Dates
Mantovani Back in Recording Studio
Brian Hyland ‘Go Man Go'
Bernard Cribbins in New Musical?
Billy Fury Ill Again
Pet Clark's Visit Off
Wynter, Brown and Denver Variety Dates
Kaye Sisters on Palladium
Presley's Premiere
Galaxy of U.S. Stars – Including Torme, Kingston Trio – Sought for Britain, Tillotson in April:  Four Seasons, Eddy Likely in March, C-and-W Stars Springtime Visitors
N.A. Top Stars in ‘Song For Europe' 6/7
N.A. Cliff:  No Filming Time this Year?
Marion Ryan Show Named
Conway Delays Trip
Bilk Disc Tipped for U.S. Charts
Two Numbers by Tornados
Rick Nelson Makes Rich 20-Year Deal
Shapiro for Canadian TV
Bassey in President's Gala Show
Vaughan, Fury, Ball, Denver in ‘Lucky Stars' Line-Up
Lynch and Berry on ‘Pops Parade'
Countrymen Signed
Joe Brown Re-Booked for ‘Saturday Club'
Stars at Danny Williams' 21st
Alan Smith Mike Berry ‘Thinks It's Time' 8
N.A. Advice to Singers of the Future 8
Ian Dove Ian Dove Gives a Big NME Welcome To Ellington and Odetta 8
N.A. From You to Us 8
Ian Dove Diamonds' Trumps for Jet and Tony 9
Allen Evans EPs
Dick Charlesworth (HMV)
Roger Williams (London)
Joe "Mr. Piano" Henderson (Parlophone)
N.A. Life-Lines of Julie Grant 9
Alan Smith Irish Trio Discovered in Scotland 9
Nat Hentoff Nat Hentoff's American Airmail 9
Mike Hellicar Tornados ‘Globetrotter' Starts Traveling Up Chart 10
Derek Johnson ‘Go Man Go' is Five Years Old! 10
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
N.A. More LPs
The Garland Touch (Capitol)
South Pacific/King and I (Encore)
It's Real Trad, Dad (Ember International)
The Cool Mikado (Parlophone)
N.A. Ten Great Tunes for 1963
Brenda Lee, "All Alone Am I" Leeds Music Ltd. (Brunswick)
Susan Maughan, "Hand A Handkerchief to Helen", Leeds Music Ltd. (Philips)
Ken Dodd, "Remember I Love You", Leeds Music Ltd. (Columbia)
Cliff Richard, "The Next Time" and "Bachelor Boy", Elstree Music Ltd. (Columbia)
Petula Clark, "I Will Follow Him", Welbeck Music Ltd. (Pye)
Kenny Ball, "Sukiyaki" Welbeck Music Ltd. (Pye)
Connie Francis, "I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter" Merna Music Ltd. (M.G.M)
Pat Boone, "The Main Attraction" Spoone Music Ltd. (London)
Crickets, "My Little Girl" Cricket Music Ltd. (Liberty)
  Anastasia Andrew, Spring 2008  
No. 836 18 January 1963  
(cover page) Presley, Ifield, Shadows, Frankie Vaughan 1
(cover page) Big sales for smash hit "Loo-Be-Loo" by The Chucks 1
(cover page) Brenda Lee:  All Alone Am I, Save All Your Lovin' for Me 1
(cover page) The pick of this week's 'Pops': The Brook Brothers, ‘Trouble is my middle name' The Kestrels, ‘Walk right in' Dave Macbeth, ‘A very good year for girls' (all personally managed by Starlite Artists) 1
(cover page) Dion is now on CBS, "Ruby Baby" [Dion cuts his first disc for CBS, the acclaimed "Ruby Baby"] 2
(cover page) Eydie Gorme scores again with 'Blame it on the Bossa Nova' 2
Don Wedge Girls, Girls -- and Elvis! [Elvis' new film 'Girls! Girls! Girls!' opens at the Plaza Theater on January 24.  The article mentions members of the cast and crew, and outlines the plot.] 2
Alan Smith South Seas bound Mark Wynter says -- 'My next disc is no cover version' [Wynter has a busy schedule now that his popularity is growing; he discusses his next album and how he's dealing with stardom.] 2
Derek Johnson 'We're delighted for Jet and Tony' say The Shadows [The band is excited about their upcoming tour, which kicks off in South Africa.] 3
A.S. No disc hit in Brenda Lee film [Lee's big hit "Speak to me pretty" isn't heard in her film "The Two Little Bears."] 3
Keith Fordyce Five Potential Hits -- 15 versions! (Singles Review:)
Frank Ifield: "The Wayward Wind" / "I'm Smiling Now" (Columbia).
Shirley Bassey: "The Wayward Wind" (Philips).
"Loop-de-Loop": Frankie Vaughan (Philips), Johnny Thunder (Stateside), The Dallions (Oriole), The Chucks (Decca).
"Walk Right In": The Rooftop Singers (Fontana), The Moments (London).
"Tell Him": Alma Cogan (Columbia), Billie Davis (Decca), The Excitors (United Artists).
"My Colouring Book": Kitty Kallen (RCA), Barbra Streisand (CBS), Nana Mouskouri (Fontana), George Chakiris (Capitol).
Johnny and the Hurricanes: "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" / "Greens and Beans" (London).
The Four Seasons: "Big Girls Don't Cry" / "Connie-O" (Stateside).
Shane Fenton with the Fentones: "I Ain't Got Nobody" / "Hey Miss Ruby" (Parlophone).
Bobby Vinton: "Trouble Is My Middle Name" / "Let's Kiss and Make Up" (Columbia).
Acker Bilk and the Leon Young String Chorale: "A Taste of Honey" / "Evening Shadows" (Columbia).
Allen Evans LPs:
Gypsy (Warner Bros.)
Mutiny on the Bounty (MGM)
Phaedra (United Artists).
Modern Jazz:
Hot Jazz, Cool Beer feat. The Fairweather-Brown All Stars, Fat John's Jazz Band, the Tony Coo Quintet, and the Bruce Turner Jump Band (Decca).
Burnin' Beat feat. Buddy Rick and Gene Krupa (Verve)
More Twistin' in High Society feat. the Lester Lanin Orchestra (Columbia)
All the World Dances feat. David Carroll and his Orchestra (Mercury)
NME Best Selling LP's in Britain:
1. West Side Story, Soundtrack (CBS)
2. Bobby Vee Meets the Crickets (Liberty)
3. Out of the Shadows, Shadows (Columbia)
4. Rock 'n' Roll No. 2, Elvis Presley (RCA)
5. On Stage with the George Mitchell Minstrels (HMV)
6. Black & White Minstrels Show, George Mitchell (HMV)
7. South Pacific, Soundtrack (RCA)
8. 32 Mins and 17 Secs with Cliff Richard (Columbia)
9. Sinatra & Swinging Brass (Reprise)
10. A Bobby Vee Recording Session (Liberty)
N/A EMI New Pops:
The Exciters - "Tell Him" (United Artists)
Mike Berry - "Don't You Think It's Time" (HMV)
Mr. Acker Bilk with the Leon Young String Chorale - "A Taste of Honey" (Columbia)
The Beatles - "Please Please Me" (Parlophone)
Adam Faith - "What Now" (Parlophone)
Nina & Frederik - "There Was Once a Time of Man" (Columbia)
Johnny Thunder - "Loop de Loop" (Stateside)
NME NME Top Thirty:
1. "Dance On," Shadows (Columbia)
2. "Return to Sender," Elvis Presley (RCA)
3. "The Next Time," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
4. "Bachelor Boy," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
5. "Diamonds," Tony Meehan (Decca)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in US:
1. "Go Away Little Girl," Steve Lawrence
2. "Telstar," Tornados
3. "Hotel Happiness," Brook Benton
4. "Tell Him," Excitors
5. "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes," Bobby Vee
N/A Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. "Bachelor Boy" (Elstree)
2. "Dance On" (Bron)
3. "The Next Time" (Elstree)
4. "Slightly Out of Tune" (Cromwell)
5. "Bobby's Girl" (Kassner)
N/A British label bids to sign Johnny Mathis! [EMI is close to an agreement with Mathis' manager, Helen Noga.] 6
Nat Hentoff & Georgia Winters Phil Everly weds -- Don best man! [Phil's wedding to Jackie Ertel marks Don's first important public appearance since his illness.] 6
N/A Cherry Roland's first release [The formerly unknown girl singer who won a starring role in the film "Just For Fun" will have her first disc, "Handy Sandy" issued on Decca February 1.]
N/A Frankie Vaughan on TV show twice [He will make a second appearance on ABC-TV's "Thank Your Lucky Stars" on Feb 16.] 6
N/A Faith, Shapiro summer seasons [Adam Faith is bound for Bridlington this summer, where he will perform in "It's A Grand Night" with The Roulettes.   Helen Shapiro will star at Great Yarmouth Aquarium with the Vernons Girls.] 7
N/A Chris Montez in 'Saturday Club' [Montez is booked for his first major BBC broadcast, in the Light Programme's "Saturday Club" on March 9.] 7
N/A David Thorne flies over [Thorne flew into London on Monday from Scandinavia.  He appeared on "Pop Inn" and was taping guest spots for several regional TV programmes and an interview on "Saturday Club" this week.] 7
N/A Shannon - Tillotson - Rodgers: Springfeilds April Package [Shannon will return to Britain in April to headline the tour show, which will so mark the British debuts of Johnny Tillotson and Jimmie Rodgers.  All three will soon be appearing on ABC-TV's  "Thank Your Lucky Stars" and BBC's "Saturday Club."] 7
N/A Berry joins Brenda Lee -- then Leyton [Mike Berry is booked for the Brenda Lee tour and afterwards, the John Leyton - Four Seasons bill as well.] 7
N/A Richard - Shadows Concert Venues [Their six-week tour of Britain begins next month; they had a fantastic reception at their opening in South Africa.] 7
N/A Steele leaving Decca? [Tommy Steele has reportedly asked for a release from his recording contract, which he has had since '56; he is currently working on the film "Just for fun" which is supported by EMI.] 7
N/A Frank Ifield in Palladium revue? [Ifield is likely to star at the London Palladium this summer, which would be the most important showcase of his career.] 7
N/A Duke guests in first of series [Duke Ellington will be the first guest in Granada-TV's new magazine series "Scene at 6.30" to be launched Monday.  Brian Hyland, Little Eva and Brenda Lee are also scheduled to appear during their forthcoming British visits.] 7
Mike Hellicar Question Time with Maureen Evans [An interview with the singer about her blossoming career, upcoming works, and family life.] 8
I.D. Hurricanes Impress [Johnny Paris and the Hurricanes put on a rocking performance when they opened their first British tour at the Gaumont State Ballroom on Tuesday.] 8
I.D. Powerful Odetta [Odetta gave a great performance opening at the Prince Charles Theatre last Thursday.] 8
N/A Lifelines of Kenny Lynch [A bulleted interview of his personal traits, favorite things and experiences, and likes and dislikes.] 9
Ian Dove The future and Del Shannon [Shannon's new disc "Little Town Flirt" is his fastest-moving record in America since "Runaway," and it's picking up speed in Britain too.  He discusses his recent successes and his trademark sound.] 9
I.D. Superb Duke [Their last concert at the Odeon, Hammersmith dispelled previous criticisms about shoddy performance.  Cootie Williams and Lawrence Brown rounded out their sound and made it a memorable evening.] 9
Derek Johnson 'I'm the world's greatest worrier!' says Frank Ifield [Ifield is thrilled with his rising popularity, but is concerned about maintaining it.] 10
Bruce Charlton Will 'Helen' mean as much to Susan as 'Bobby'? [There is speculation about whether Susan Maughan's new release "Hand a hankerchief to Helen" will live up to her previous hit "Bobby's Girl."  She explains that the song has nothing to do with Helen Shapiro, despite the rumours.] 10
Jenna Grossi, Spring 2008  
No. 837 25 January 1963  
Cover Jet, Tony: Surprise Plea 1
Derek Johnson The Week's Biggest Hit Parade Surprise ‘Non-Existent' Chucks [The Chucks and their release "Loo-Be-Loo"] 2
Mike Hellicar Jet, Tony Reveal Secret behind Their Top Hit [discussion of Jet Harris and Tony Meehan and their hit song ‘Diamond'] 3
Alan Smith Welcome to Brian Hyland 3
N.A. Craig Starts with Gimmick [Craig Douglas and his new song ‘Town Crier'] 4
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Adam Faith: "What Now" / "What Have I Got" [Parlophone]
Dion: "Ruby Baby" / "He'll Only Hurt You" [CBS]
The Spotnicks: "Hava Nagila" / "Highflyin'" [Oriole]
The Federals: "Brazil" / "In a Persian Market" [Parlophone]
The Brooks Brothers: "Trouble Is My Middle Name" / "Let the Good Times Roll" [Pye International]
Philip Green: "Theme from Lawrence of Arabia" [Columbia]
Rawlez, Landuaer, and Robert Farnon Orchestra: "Theme from Lawrence of Arabia" [Philips]
Bernie Leighton: "'Theme from Lawrence of Arabia" [Pye International]
Joan Regan: "Golden Dreams" / "Wand'ring Boy" [Pye International]
The Shirelles: "Everybody Loves a Lover" / "I Don't Think So" [Stateside]
Allen Evans LP Reviews
Ray Charles, Ray Charles Story
Lonnie Donegan, The Golden Age of Donegan-Vol. 2
Brenda, Brenda, That's All
Mel Torme, Mel Torme at Red Mill
Allen Evans Best Selling LP's in Britain
1. Sound Track, West Side Story (CBS)
2. Cliff Richard, Summer Holiday (Columbia)
3. Elvis Presley, Girls, Girls, Girls (RCA)
4. Shadows, Out of the Shadows (Columbia)
5. On Stage with the George Mitchell Minstrels (HMV)
NME Top Thirty
1.  "Diamonds," Tony Meehan (Decca)
2. "Dance On," Shadows (Columbia)
3. "Bachelor Boy," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
4. "Globetrotter," Tornados (Decca)
5. "Return to Sender," Elvis Presley (RCA)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  "Bachelor Boy" (Elstree)
2. "The Next Time" (Elstree)
3. "Dance On" (Bron)
4. "Slightly Out of Tune" (Cromwell)
5. "Return to Sender" (Manor)
N.A. It's All Happening for Frank- Second Ifield ‘Gold', First LP, Palladium Revue Set
Big Plans for Helen Shapiro [summer session announced]
Darin On TV Next Week [Bobby Darin]
Rolf Harris May Tour Australia
Garland Film Release [The Lonely Sage]
N.A. Shirley ‘A Big Star' [John F. Kennedy praises Shirely Bassey]
Newley to Star, Direct U.S. ‘Stop World' Film
T.V, Concert and Variety for Faith [Billy Cotton Band Show brings Adam Faith back]
Joe Brown- Mark Wynter Variety Dates
Mike Sarne Lands Big Film Role
The Tornados' Two Releases in U.S – at Same Time!
Brian Hyland in Opening TV Show
Frankie Vaughan: Film Plan Concert Tour, Season Abroad
Derek Johnson Brenda Lee: Have the Fans Changed Their Outlook on Her? 8
N/A Susan Maughan's Life-lines 8
Derek Johnson Now the Masses Go for Torme 9
N/A Sinatra Plans Casino 9
Alan Smith In London's West End Cinemaland: Cliff v. Elvis and Cliff Comes Off Best… 10
Ian Dove Old Movie Has Inspired Four Seasons' Latest Hit 10
  Rachel Brocato, Spring 2008  

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