New Musical Express | February 1963

Number 838 1 February 1963  
(cover page) Helen Shapiro/Frank Ifield 1
Smith, Alan Welcome Spotnicks and Little Eva 2
Thomson, Keith Elvis may star with classic artist 2
Johnson, Derek Rolf Harris thriller story on next disc 3
Dove, Ian Rooftop Singers Start Moving Here 3
Smith, Alan Debut at Astor [The Bachelors] 3
Fordyce, Keith Joe Brown picks good tune again, Bobby Vee tipped for top five, Paul Anka sings new song with old title 4
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review
Joe Brown: "That's What Love Will Do" / "Hava Nagila" (Piccadilly)
Bobby Vee: "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" / "Tenderly Yours" (Liberty)
Helen Shapiro: "Queen for Tonight" / "Daddy Couldn't Get Me One of Those" (Columbia)
Bobby Darin: "I Found a New Baby" / "Keep a Walkin'" (London)
Floyd Cramer: "Java" / "Melissa" (RCA)
Paul Anka: "Love (Makes the World Go Round)" / "Crying in the Wind" (RCA)
Jimmy Saville: "The Bossa Nova" / "Don't Do Anything I'd Like" (Decca)
Danny Williams: "My Own True Love" / "Who Can Say" (HMV)
Teresa Brewer: "The Ballad of Love's Hill" / "Not Like a Sister" (Philips)
Buddy Greco: "I'm in Love" / "But Beautiful" (Columbia)
Jimmy Justice: "The World of Lonely People" / "I Wake Up Crying" (Pye)
Malcolm Vaughan: "A Love Ballad of a Lifetime" / "This Side of Heaven" (HMV)
Marion Worth: "Shake Me I Rattle, Squeeze Me I Cry" / "Tennessee Teardrops" (CBS)
Sam Cooke: "Send Me Some Lovin'" / "Baby, Baby, Baby" (RCA)
Jess Conrad: "Take Your Time" / "I Know You" (Columbia)
NME Potted Pops:
Barbara Law: "Au Revoir Auf Wiedersehn" / "Bahia Bossa Nova" (Decca)
Jan and Kelly: "Ooh! He Didn't" / "Prepare to Meet Your Fate, Mate" (Philips)
Sue Thompson: "Willie Can" / "Too Much in Love" (Fontana)
Evans, Allen LPs:
Judy Garland, Robert Goulet et al, Purr-ee (Warner Bros)****
Patsy Cline, Kitty Allen et al, Saturday Night at Grand Ole Opry (Brunswick)****
Debbie Reynolds et al, How the West Was Won (MGM)****
Garry Miller, Gary on the Ball (Pye Golden Guinea)****
Della Reese, Della Reese On Stage (RCA-Victor)****
The Limeliters, Sing Out (RCA-Victor)*** and The Limeliters (Pye Golden Guinea)***
Floyd Cramer, Floyd Cramer: I Remember Hank Williams (RCA-Victor)***
Spike Milligan, Bridge on the River Wye (Parlophone)***
Gene Pitney et al, Original Motion Picture Themes (United Artists)***
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1.  Cliff Richard, Summer Holiday (Columbia)
2.  Elvis Presley, Girls! Girls! Girls! (RCA)
3.  Soundtrack, West Side Story (CBS)
4.  The Shadows, Out of the Shadows (Columbia)
5.  Soundtrack, South Pacific (RCA)
NME Top Thirty
1.  "Diamonds," Jet Harris-Tony Meehan (Decca)
2.  "Globetrotter," The Tornadoes (Decca)
3.  "Dance On," The Shadows (Columbia)
4.  "Bachelor Boy," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
5.  "Like I Do," Maureen Evans (Oriole)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  "Bachelor Boy" (Elstree)
2.  "Dance On" (Bron)
3.  "Slightly Out Of Tune" (Cromwell)
4.  "The Next Time" (Elstree)
5.  "Like I Do" (Bourne)
  Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1.  "Walk Right By," The Rooftop Singers
2.  "Hey Paula," Paul and Paula
3.  "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes," Bobby Vee
4.  "Go Away Little Girl," Steve Lawrence
5.  "Loop De Loop," Johnny Thunder
n.a. U.S. visitor's news reveals—Garland, Sinatra surprises: Ray Charles' first date, Ella's opening venue switched [Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald]
Tommy Steele show named
U.N. album for Queen
Singer-songwriter records for Decca [Polly Perkins]
Big pop stars signed for summer shows [Jet Harris and Tony Meehan, The Beatles]
Two British hit discs out in U.S.
Isidore Green dies suddenly
Valerie Masters moves to E.M.I.
Ifield 'Scene at 6.30' [Frank Ifield, TV series 'Scene at 6.30']
Bilk, Ball win U.S. honors [Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball]
Meek's Choice for Tornadoes [Joe Meek]
n.a. 'Summer Holiday' to have double runs! [Cliff Richard film 'Summer Holiday']
Frankie Vaughan on Palladium TV again
Tornadoes' gold disc vanishes
Jet-Tony, Ifield tours to start next month [Jet Harris and Tony Meechan, Frank Ifield]
Springfields in TV series
Hurricanes canceled
Billy Fury in 'Discs A'Gogo' [TV series 'Discs A'Gogo']
U.S. singer on British label [Bobby Curtola, Ritz Records]
Bachelors to join Brenda Lee on tour
Joe Brown quits TV song contest
Dove, Ian Ian Dove talks to two trad giants and finds different outlooks—Bilk courts 'twins': Ball sticks to band [Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball] 8
Hellicar, Mike Frankie likes to keep you dancing! [Frankie Vaughan] 8
n.a. Life-lines of The Springfields 9
Hentoff, Nat Nat Hentoff's American Airmail—Elvis recalls… 9
Smith, Alan You've pleased-pleased us!—say The Beatles 9
Johnson, Derek Derek Johnson gives a track-by-track review of… [Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday and Elvis Presley's Girls! Girls! Girls!] 10
Charlton, Bruce A new see-hear jukebox 10
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: It's All in 'Hit Parade' 12
n.a. Star Quotes 12
  Beth Browning, Spring 2008  
No. 839 Friday 8 February 1963  
cover Billy Fury – "Like I've Never Been Gone" [Decca Label Advertisement] 1
cover Vee – Tornados – Mike Berry 1
Alan Smith On film sets with the Tornados and Tommy Steele 2
Stan Marks Shirley Bassey captures Sydney [Bassey wows Sydney night clubs with outstanding performances] 2
Advertisement Valentine Magazine offers three color portraits of Cliff Richard 2
N/A Bobby's 'Eyes' can end lean spell [Bobby Vee releases "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" after one-year absence from top-ten chart spots] 3
N/A Question-time with the Crickets [Q&A interview w/ NME] 3
N/A Mel Torme's Life-lines [Personal Bio information list (birth date, real name, etc.)] 3
N/A Scopitone advertisement – jukebox with color screen attachment 3
Keith Fordyce 'Holiday' a sure Cliff [Richard] hit. [Title song from movie "Summer Holiday" released on Columbia] 4
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
John Leyton, "Cupboard Love" / "Land of Love" (HMV)
Shirley Bassey, "What Kind of Fool Am I" / "'Till" (Columbia)
Duane Eddy, "Boss Guitar" / "The Desert Rat" (RCA)
Matt Monro, "One Day" / "I've Got Love" (Parlophone)
Rolf Harris, "Johnny Day" / "In the Wet" (Columbia)
Johnny Mathis, "What Will Mary Say" / "Quiet Girl" (CBS)
Kaye Sisters, "Big Wide World" / "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" (Philips)
Michael Holliday, "Laugh and the Whole World Laughs with You" / "Iron Fence" (Columbia)
Patti Page, "Just a Simple Melody" / "Pretty Boy Lonely" (CBS)
Martin/Frost, "That Was the Week that Was" / "Gotta Lotta Lovin'" (Parlophone)
Keith Fordyce Race for 'Hey Paula' honours [Three versions of song "Hey Paula" compete for chart spots] 4
Keith Fordyce Billy Fury's greatest? [Review of Fury's latest release, "Like I've Never Been Gone"] 4
Allen Evans LP Review
Frank Sinatra/Count Basie – Sinatra-Basie (Reprise)
Frank Ifield – I'll Remember You (Columbia)
Harry Belafonte – Many Moods of Harry Belafonte (RCA)
Ray Charles – Genius After Hours (London)
Sandy Nelson – Compelling Percussion (London)
NME Top Thirty
1.  "Diamonds," Jet Harris/Tony Meehan (Decca) [#1 last week]
2.  "The Wayward Wind," Frank Ifield (Columbia) [#8 last week]
3.  "Globetrotter," Tornados (Decca) [#2 last week]
4.  "Little Town Flirt," Del Shannon (London) [#7 last week]
5.  "Please Please Me," The Beatles (Parlophone) [#17 last week]
6.  "Bachelor Boy," Cliff Richard (Columbia) [#4 last week]
7.  "Loop De Loop," Frankie Vaughan (Philips) [#19 last week]
8.  "Don't You Think It's Time," Mike Berry (HMV) [#6 last week]
9.  "Dance On," Shadows (Columbia) [#3 last week]
10.  "Like I Do," Maureen Evans (Oriole) [#5 last week]
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  "Bachelor Boy" (Elstree) [#1 last week]
2.  "Dance On" (Bron) [#2 last week]
3.  "Diamonds" (Francis, Day & Hunter) [#8 last week]
4.  "Globetrotter" (Ivy) [#6 last week]
5.  "Like I Do" (Bourne) [#5 last week]
NME Cliff's 'Time-Boy' Waxing Sells a Million! Scandinavia in April? [Cliff Richard singles "The Next Time" and "Bachelor Boy" successful, possible tour in Scandinavia]
Roy Castle Goes Off for More U.S. Dates [Returns to U.S. to film TV appearance on Garry Moore Show]
Billy Cotton debut at Blackpool set [Billy Cotton plays at Blackpool theatres for first time]
Kenny Ball teams with Kingstons [Kenny Ball jazz band tours with Kingston Trio in Britain]
Take-Over Bid? No Comment! [Larry Parnes negotiates take-over of Audio Enterprise]
Major Plans for Shannon" [Del Shannon returns from touring abroad, plans for radio and TV spots]
NME Shirley Bassey: London Season and Tour Fixed [Bassey finalizes performance and tour dates]
Conway cancels all bookings [Russ Conway cancels all tour dates due to hip surgery]
Beatles Head Package Show
Concerts set for Ifield [Frank Ifield finalizes concert dates]
Jet and Tony in demand! [Jet Harris, Tony Meehan set up two tours]
Andy Gray Her Fiancee's Name is Secret [Little Eva tours, away from new fiancée] 8
Nat Hentoff American Airmail "Eddie, Debbie next door" [news from American music scene, Eddie Fisher plays Las Vegas club next to Debbie Reynolds] 8
Andy Gray Hyland, Eva rock way to success [Americans Little Eva, Brian Hyland play outstanding show at Brighton's Hippodrome] 8
Gordon Sampson "An Improved Helen!" [Helen Shapiro has improved greatly as a performer in the last year] 8
N/A From You to Us [Letters from NME readers] 9
N/A And from Cliff and the Shadows ['handwritten' note to NME readers] 9
Derek Johnson Brenda Lee – Ballad or the Beat! [Brenda Lee fans enjoy variety of her singing] 9
Mike Hellicar They Sang at Lionel Bart's Party [Judy Garland, Anthony Newley, Georgia Brown and Tammy Grimes sing at Bart's cast party for U.S. "Oliver!" production 9
Ian Dove Billie Davis wins 'Tell Him' race [Her version beats out others for chart spot] 9
Alan Smith Alan Smith talks to a new Top Ten singer Mike Berry Takes Things Smoothly [NME interview w/ Mike Berry] 10
Derek Johnson Vic Lewis plans two-way talent flow with America [Lewis plans shows w/ Nelson Riddle and Frank Sinatra] 10
N/A Classified section and Advertisements 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces [Miscellany industry news shorts] 12
  Bryan Burford, Spring 2008  
No. 840 15 February 1963  
Cover   1
Derek Johnson The First Big Pop Trend of 1963- Groups Are In! 2
Mike Hellicar The Night Joe Brown 'Shot' a Mate! [Prank played while on tour; interview with Joe Brown] 3
Tony Bromley Rick Nelson Said He'd Marry at 22 3
Allen Evans Eps
The Shadows, Out of the Shadows (Columbia)
Russ Conway (Columbia)
Monroe Brothers (RCA Victor)
Nat Cole / George Shearing (Capitol)
In (Chris) Barber's Chair (Columbia)
Black and White Minstrels (HMV)
Hank Williams (MGM)
Elaine and Derek (Piccadilly)
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Pat Boone: "Meditation" / "Days of Wine and Roses" (London)
Charlie Byrd: "Meditation" / "Little Boat" (Riverside)
Neil Sedaka: "Alice in Wonderland" / "Circulate" (RCA)
Four Saints: "Days of Wine and Roses" / "Wendy" (Warner Bros)
Carol Deene: "Let Me Do It My Way" / "Growin' Up" (HMV)
Marty Wilde: "Lonely Avenue" / Brand New Love" (Columbia)
Freddy Cannon: "Come on and Love Me" / "Four Letter Man" (Stateside)
Tony Bennett: "I Wanna Be Around" / "I Will Live My Life for You" (CBS)
Richard Chamberlain: "Hi Lili. Hi-Lo" / "All I Have to Do Is Dream" (MGM)
Clinton Ford: "Popsy Wopsy" / You Can Tell Her Anything under the Sun If You Tell Her Under the Moon" (Oriole)
Mary Wells: "Two Lovers" / "Operator" (Oriole)
Peter Gordeno: "I'll Kiss Your Tear Drops Away" / "You Can Do It If You Try" (Parlophone)
Peter Jay (Walker): "Totem Pole" / "Jaywalker" (Decca)
Ted Heath: "The Voice of the Guns" / "The Beat Way" (Decca)
Laurie Jay Combo: "Nevada Sunset" / "Shades of Red" (Ember)
Zack Laurence: "Tempo Seven" / "Sleeve Shaker" (Parlophone)
Sounds Incorporated: "Go" / "Stop" (Decca)
Allen Evans A Pile of 4-Star Lps
Marty Robbins, Devil Woman (CBS)
[Film Soundtrack], Jumbo (CBS)
Jim Reeves, Touch of Velvet (RCA Victor)
George Shearing Quintet, San Francisco Scene (Capitol)
Ivy Pete, Limbo Party (I've Golden Guinea)
 Bobby Darin, Things and Other Things (London)
"High Society" Soundtrack, (Capitol)
Jackie Wilson, Jackie Wilson at the Copa (Coral)
Doris Day, You'll Never Walk Alone (CBS)
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1.  Cliff Richards, Summer Holiday (Columbia)
2.  Elvis Presley, Girls! Girls! Girls! (RCA)
3.  [Soundtrack], West Side Story (CBS)
4.  Frank Ifield, I'll Remember You (Columbia)
5.  Shadows, Out Of The Shadows (Columbia)
NME Top Thirty
1.  "Diamonds," Jet Harris and Tony Meehan (Decca)
2.  "The Wayward Wind," Frank Ifield (Columbia)
3.  "Please Please Me," Beatles (Parlophone)
4.  "Little Town Flirt," Del Shannon (London)
5.  "Loop De Loop," Frankie Vaughn (Philips)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain (courtesy of "Billboard")
1.  "Diamonds" (Francis, Day & Hunter)
2.  "Bachelor Boy" (Elstree)
3.  "Like I Do" (Bourne)
4.  "Dance On" (Bron)
5.  "Alley Cat" (Chappell)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in US
1.  "Hey Paula," Paul and Paula
2.  "Walk Right In," Rooftop Singers
3.  "Walk Like a Man," Four Seasons
4.  "Ruby Baby," Dion
5.  "Rhythm of the Rain," Cascades
N.A. Eurovision Song Discs Ready [discs from Eurovision Song Contest available]
Queen Mother Knew All About Acker [Queen knew of Acker when he met her]
Berry Disc Attacked On TV [Mike Berry]
Temps Quit Milligan Play [Temperance Seven leave lay when it changes theatres]
Liverpool Group's Debut Disc [Big Three, Some Other Guy (Decca)]
Pop-Liners [upcoming events]
Maureen Evans Joins Ifield
Johnny Joins Del on 'Stars'[Johnny Tillotson on "Thank Your Lucky Stars"]
Paul Anka to Wed in Paris [to fiancé Anne De Zogheb]
Hughes Back to Glasgow
Now BBC Radio Has Pop Dept.
Meek May Make Gene's Discs [Joe Meek may produce Gene Vincent]
Cliff Due Back [to London from Africa]
Tornados' New Disc Passes 'Globetrotter'
Pet's in, out and in Again [Pet Clark drops into London briefly]
Disc for Queen [Anne Shelton to deliver United Nations LP, All Star Festival to queen]
Beatles-Eddy Package Starts Tour in May
Bilk Is First [set at Songwriters' Guild charity show]
Another New Label [Colpix, under James Darren, handled by Pye]
NA Bing's British Show on ITV
Sinatra and Ella Duet
Carol Deene on German TV
Dickie Valentine Panto Rebooked [pantomime to return to theatre]
Acker Bilk Starts Next Film in May
Jim Reeves Films in South Africa
More Charles Venues [Ray Charles tour dates]
Fury and Tornadoes on 'Saturday Club'
Brooks Tour
Susan Maughan on 'Girls' TV Show ["Here Come The Girls" TV series]
Shapiro to South Africa
Sinatra EP Series [EMI issuing series of Capitol Eps]
Jet, Tony: One Extra Tour [Jet Harris and Tony Meehan]
Spotnicks Tour Dates Changed
Craig Recuperates [Craig Douglas has tonsillectomy]
Connie Francis: First U.K. Film Planned
Donegan Series Set for April [TV series "Putting on the Donegan"]
Robinson to Decca as Bandleader [Harry Robinson]
Springfields in Big BBC Concert
U.S. A-and-R Man Due [Marvin Holtzmann coming to Britain]
Steele on TV
Presley's April 'Fair' [Presley's MGM movie "It Happened at the World Fair to debut in April]
Joe Brown Dates Changed
Ted Heath Jazz Club Debut
That Brown Show—NME Blameless! [NME claims no responsibility for misstating a concert ticket price]
Ian Dove The Man [Erik Darling – musical director and organizer] 8
Derek Johnson The Song ["Walk Right In" by Erik Darling] 8
NA No Marriage for Connie [Connie Francis] 8
Andy Gray Europeans Aid Britons 8
NA Life-lines of the Beatles 9
NA From You to Us [reader write-ins] 9
Alan Smith Newcomers to the Charts: Paul and Paula 9
NA Cheers for More [Limeliters play set of more than two hours]
Too Depressing [Bob Merrill's song "Carnival" (London Lyric)]
Mike Hellicar A 6,000 mile…Question-time with Chris Montez [interview] 10
N.A. [Classified Ads] 11
Alley Cat Tailpieces 12
  Jayson Capobianco, Spring 2008  
No. 841 22 February 1963  
Cover Arthur Howes Presents: Stars From the Hit Parade
Frank Ifield, Helen Shapiro, The Beatles, Jet Harris & Tony Meehan, Tommy Roe & Chris Montez
The Tornados Billy Fury NMExclusive 2
Mike Hellicar Your Lucky Stars Show Is Fantastic Value 2
Derek Johnson Cliff Talks about His Future 3
Mike Hellicar Sounds Incorporated Know Brenda's Secret 3
Keith Fordyce Pop Record Reviews:
Elvis Presley, "It Happened at the World Fair" / "One Broken Heart for Sale" (RCA)
Jane Morgan, "Love Makes the World Go Round" / "The Second Time Around"
Johnny Cymbal, "Mr. Bass Man" / "Sacred Lovers Now"
Matys Brothers, "Who Stole the Keeshka" / "Portki" (Pye)
Dean Martin, "From the Bottom of My Heart" / "Who's Got the Action"
Teddy Randazzo, "Big Wide World" / "Be Sure My love" (Pye)
Sinatra/Basie, "My Kind of Girl"/ "Please Be Kind"
James Darren, "Pin a Medal on Joey" / "I'll Be Loving You" (Pye)
Roy Orbison, "In Dreams" / "Shahdaroba"
The Shadows, "Summer Holiday" / "Foot Tapper" (Columbia)
Judy Garland, "I Could Go on Singing" / "Hello Blue Bird"
Peggy Lee, "I Believe in You"/ "The Best Is Yet to Come" (Capitol)
Clint Eastwood, "Rowdy" / "Cowboy Wedding Song" (Cameo Parkway)
Valerie Masters, "The End of the World" / "Sometime Kind of Love" (HMV)
Skeeter Davis, "The End of the World" / "Somebody Loves You" (RCA Victor)
Jackie Lee, "The End of the World" / "Goodbye Is Such a Lonely Word" (Oriole)
Keith Fordyce *Potted Pops*
Eartha Kitt, "An Englishman Needs Time"/ "Little White Lies" (Columbia)
Ron Grainer, "That Was the Week That Was" / "Petit Louis" (Decca)
Chaquito and His Orchestra, "Corrida" / "Francesca" (Fontana)
Ella Fitzgerald, "The Music Goes Round and Round" / "Signing Off" (Verve)
Crazy Otto, "Slow Worm" / "Charmaine" (Polydor)
Allen Evans LPs
Susan Maughan: I Wanna Be Bobby's Girl But… (Philips)
Kingston Trio: Something Special (Capitol)
Twelve Sides of John D. Loudermilk (RCA Victor)
Little Eva: Llllloco – Motion (London)
We the Tokens Sing Folk (RCA Victor)
More Cole Espanol (Capitol)
Teresa Brewer's Greatest Hits (Philips)
The Flares: Foot Stompin' Hits (London)
NME Top Thirty
1.  Frank Ifield, "The Wayward Wind" (Columbia)
1.  Beatles, "Please Please Me" (Parlophone)
3.  Tony Meehan, "Diamonds" (Decca)
4.  Bobby Vee, "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" (Liberty)
5.  Frankie Vaughan, "Loop De Loop" (Philips)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Hey Paula," Paul and Paula
2. "Ruby Baby," Dion
3. "Walk Like a Man," Four Seasons
4. "Walk Right In," Rooftop Singers
5. "Rhythm of the Rain," Cascades
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Bachelor Boy" (Elstree)
2. "The Wayward Wind" (Lafleur)
3. "Diamonds" (Francis, Day & Hunter)
4. "Like I Do" (Bourne)
5. "Please Please Me" (Dick James)
n.a. Dick Clark, America's Top D-J Likely for 'Stars' and 'Jury'
Kings with Garland
Meek Wins First A-and-R 'Gold'
'Gang' vocalist's debut
Top Hollywood MD Dies (Felix Slatkin)
Ball's Sixth Scots Tour
'Porgy And Bess" Ends London Run
208 series of show numbers
Hayley's Two Films
Billie on 'Spot'
Big Star 'Beat'
Springfields to Record in Paris
Alan Freeman Hosts New Radio Show
Wilde on 'Pops Parade'
Dusty on 'Jury'
Mike Hellicar Standing Ovation for Gray 6
n.a. Cliff, Shadows sought for U.S. TV special
Beatles Wax Nine Of Their Tites
Three-week Harris And Meehan Tour
Marion Ryan's First
Connie's soundtrack LP
Sarne records own song: for film?
Brenda Lee In and Out
'Fair Lady' may close
Per Clark on AR-TV's 'Here Come The Girls'
Annie Ross for BBC jazz opera
Wynter top 'down-under'
'Julie and Carol' on ITV
Frankie Vaughan Palladium Disc
Billy Fury Well Again
Clinton Ford 'A-Gogo'
Announcer Now D-J
Russ Conway on 'Lucky Stars'
"The Golden Disc" Terry Dene
Ronnie Carol Ronnie Carol ('Song For Europe' winner) I'm Not Tipping Anyone To Win 8
Nat Hentoff Duane — conductor 8
NME From You To Us 8
Mike Hellicar Billie Davis comes out of the shadows 9
Andy Gray International Stars Aid Refugee Fund On Album For Pound 9
Mike Hellicar Bilk's 5-Year-Old 'Honey' 9
Derek Johnson Screams Kill a Frankie Vaughan Single! 10
n.a. Classifieds 11
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
  Mike Borger, Spring 2010  

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