New Musical Express | March 1963

Number 842 1 March 1963
cover Say Wonderful Things; Britain's Entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 1
cover Cliff Richard is on Top of the World these Days, Touring Britain in Person and in the Film ‘Summer Holiday.'  He Also Still Occupies Four Places in the NME Charts! 1
cover Bobby Vee has advanced to No. 3 in the NME Chart with ‘The Night Has a Thousand Eyes' 1
cover Elvis Presley Has Made the Charts Again, with ‘One Broken Heart for Sale,' from His New Film ‘It Happened at World's Fair,' while His ‘Girls Girls Girls' Film Is Generally Released Next Week. 1
Derek Johnson and Sandy Gardiner Tommy Roe Admits He Copied Holly. 2
NME From You to Us 2
N.A. Who's Where: One Nighters (from March 1)
Cliff Richard, Shadows: Friday-Romford Ritz; Saturday-Portsmouth Guildhall; Sunday-Plymouth ABC; Monday-Exeter ABC; Wednesday-Croydon ABC; Thursday-Kingston ABC
Helen Shapiro, The Beatles, Danny Williams, Kenny Lynch: Friday-Southport Odron; Saturday-Sheffield City Hall; Sunday-Hanley Gaumont
Brian Hyland, Little Eva: Friday-Hanley Victoria Hall; Saturday-Bradford Gaumont; Sunday-Blackburn George Hall
Ian Dove Bobby Vee Had to Learn ‘Eyes' Again! 3
Alan Smith The Cascades 3
I.D. Ella Throws ‘Loop De Loop' Away 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Reviews
Little Eva: "Let's Turkey Trot" / "Old Smokey Locomotion" (London)
Mel Torme: "Yes Indeed" / "Her Face"/"Carnival"
Nat ‘King' Cole: "All Over the World" / "Nothing Goes Up" (Capitol)
Dean Martin: "Melodie D'Amour" / "Cha Cha Cha D'Amour" (Capitol)
Julie Grant: "Count on Me" / "The Only Then"
Gene McDaniels: "The Puzzle" / "Cry Baby Cry" (Liberty)
Dion: "Ruby Baby" / "Sandy" (Stateside)
Allen Evans LP's
Summer Holiday, Cliff Richard (Columbia)
I'll Remember You, Frankie Ifield (Columbia)
Girls! Girls! Girls!, Elvis Presley (RCA)
Sinatra-Basie, Frank Sinatra
West Side Story, Soundtrack
Out of the Shadows, The Shadows (Columbia)
On Stage with the George Mitchell Minstrels (HMV)
South Pacific, Soundtrack (RCA)
Black and White Minstrel Show, George Mitchell (HMV)
Bobby Vee Meets the Crickets (Liberty)
N.A. First the in Song For Europe 4
N.A. Mary's Day May Come 4
N.A. Potted Pops 4
NME NME Top Thirty
"Please Please Me," The Beatles (Parlophone)
"The Wayward Wind," Frank Ifield (Columbia)
"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes," Bobby Vee (Liberty)
"Summer Holiday," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
"Loop De Loop," Frankie Vaughan (Phillips)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in US
"Walk Like A Man," Four Seasons
"Ruby Baby," Dion
"Hey Paula," Paula and Paula
"Rhythm of The Rain," Cascades
"Walk Right In," Rooftop Singers
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
"Please Please Me" (Dick James)
"Bachelor Boy" (Elstree)
"The Wayward Wind" (Lafleur)
"Diamonds" (Frankie Day and Hunter)
"Island of Dreams" (Chappell)
N.A. Elvis: New Disc Contract Worth Million Pounds!
World Fair Film Delayed
Carroll Tour Limits TV, Radio Production
Anka Pays Fortune for His Own Discs
Brian Hyland in Saturday Club
Shirley Bassy Town Opening
Helen Shapiro Misses Shows
American Label Signs Ex-Ellington Singer
Harris and Meehan, Leyton and Vincent to Make Joint Tour
Anthony Newley Records in US
Acker Bilk Bossa Nova
Conway Returning to Cotton TV Show
N.A. Fury Fans Will Go to Billy's Concert Free!
First BBC-TV Spectacular for Cliff and Richards
Chubby Checker Booked to Eire
Vee on Just for Fun EP
Maureen Evan Starts First LP
Disc Jockey Join Jury
Mancini's New Hit May Win Oscar
Craig Douglas Cancels Dates
Dolores Gray Palladium TV
Chucks on the Scene
Alan Smith Judy Cried at Herself 8
Chris Williams Our Big Freeze Makes Spotnicks Feel at Home 8
Ian Dove Everlys' Mystery? There Isn't One-Says Ian Dove 8
Mike Hellicar When Acker Met David 9
Nat Hentoff Break for Cliff in States 9
Andy Gray We've Never Had Cliff So Good! 10
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
N.A. All Star March Hit Parade 12
  Ryan Fischer-Werner, Spring 2008  
Number 843 8 March 1963
(cover page) The Original Checkmates "You've Got to Have a Gimmick Today" 1
N.A. NME Map: Concert Dates 2
Johnson, Derek Do We Want ELVIS Here? 3
Hellicar, Mike After Tonsil removal surgery, Craig Douglas will sing again 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review
Ray Charles: "Don't Set Me Free" / "The Brightest Smile in Town" (HMV)
Mike Sarne: "Code of Love" / "Are You Satisfied" (Parlophone)
Barbara Windsor: "Sparrows Can't Sing" / "On Mother Kelly's Doorstep" (HMV)
Andy Williams: "Can't Get Used to Loosing You" / " Days of Wine" (CBS)
Steve Lawrence: "Don't Be Afraid Little  Darlin'" / "Don't Come Running Back" (CBS)
Chubby Checker: "Let's Limbo Some More" / "Twenty Miles" (Cameo-Parkway)
Buddy Holly: "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man" / "Slippin' and Slidin' " (Coral)
Frankie Avalon: "My Ex Best Friend" / "First Love Never Dies"(Pye)
Karl Denver: "Can You Forgive Me" / "Love from a Heart of Gold" (Decca)
Jerry Lee Lewis: "Good Golly Miss Molly" / "I Can't Trust You in My Arms Anymore" (London)
Shirley Sands: "It Was Always You" / "If You Should Leave Me" (HMV)
Don Charles: "Angel of Love" / "Lucky Star" (Decca)
Nancy Sinatra: "I See the Moon" / "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" (Reprise)
Evans, Allen LPs Review
Chubby Checker, Limbo Party (Cameo-Parkway)
Chubby Checker and Dee Dee Sharp, Down to Earth (Cameo-Parkway)
Richard Chamberlain, Richard Chamberlain Sings (MGM)
Kenny Lynch, Up on the Roof (HMV)
Peggy Lee, Bewitching – Lee! (Capitol)
Pat Thomas, Desafinado (MGM)
Stan Getz, Big Band Bossa Nova (Verve)
Russ Conway, Something for Mum (Columbia)
NME Top Thirty
1.  "Summer Holiday," Cliff Richards (Columbia)
2.  "Please Please Me," The Beatles (Parlophone)
3.  "That's What Love Will Do," Joe Brown (Picadilly)
4.  "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes," Bobby Vee (Liberty)
5.  "Like I've Never Been Gone," Billy Furry (Decca)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  "Please Please Me" (Dick James)
2.  "The Wayward Wind" (Lafleur)
3.  "Bachelor Boy" (Elstree)
4.  "Island of Dreams" (Chappell)
5.  "Hava Nagila" (Leeds)
N.A. Hits of Cliff, Shadows on Super Album
Patsy Cline Killed in Air Crash
Acker Bilk Records Paramor-Lewis Tune
Tornados' Paris date confirmed
Beatles wax three more
More dates for Adam Faith's Concert Itinerary
Del Shannon to do Albert Hall
Kenny Ball's jazzmen to appear in film
Ivor Novello awards panel named
Carl-Alan Winners announced
Craig Douglas cancelled performances due to surgery
Ronnie Carroll's Discoverer and Personal Manager Eddie Lee Dies
N.A. Russ Conway "Parade of the Pops" on air again
Bobby Rydell here next week; Paul, Paula sought
N.A. "Sing It Again" return for another 13 weeks
Sammy-Davis in BBC-TV Special
U.S. radio station seek Heath music
Song contest stars on ITV
Vernons, Valentine set for seaside
Brenda Lee will record "Here Come The Girls"
David Jacobs comperes Charity Concert
Hayley in Royal show
EMI ‘45' mark  deleted from catalogue numbers
Leyton and Berry in Summer Sunday Series
Jess Conrad Records for Old Label (Decca)
Johnson, Derek Welcome back, BRENDA! 8
Smith, Alan The Happy Bachelors stay at #13 on NME charts 8
Readers From YOU to US 8
Johnson, Derek It's go, go, go – says Frank Ifield 9
N.A. Dusty Springfield talks about ‘jury' 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail 9
N.A. Chris Montez and Tommy Roe Twist into Britain 10
Smith, Allan Beatles Almost Threw "Please Please Me" Away 10
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
Gray, Andy New Thrill – Musical ‘Black Nativity' 12
  Malia Franklin-Apted, Spring 2008  
Number 844 15 March 1963  
(cover page) Chubby Checker / Bobby Rydell 1
Mike Hellicar Brenda Lee Says ‘Thanks' to Readers for Her Birthday Present 2
Alan Smith Sinatra Has a ‘Shrine' in U.S.A. 2
Mark Gale Cheers for Brenda's Ballad 2
Derek Johnson Shadows Re-recorded ‘Foot Tapper' for Single 3
A.G. Film Script Unkind to Connie 3
Chris Williams Rydell Big Act Now! 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
The Tornados: "Robot" / "Life on Venus" (Decca)
Connie Francis: "Follow the Boys" / "To-night's My Night" (MGM)
Bobby Rydell: "Butterfly Baby" / "Love Is Blind" (Cameo Parkway)
Ben E. King: "How Can I Forget" / "Gloria Gloria" (London)
Acker Bilk: "Manana Pasado Manana" / "Trinidad Dad!" (Columbia)
Kenny Lynch: "Misery" / "Shut the Door" (HMV)
Four Seasons: "Walk Like a Man" / "Lucky Ladybug" (Stateside)
Tommy Roe: "The Folk Singer" / "Count on Me" (HMV)
Miracles: "You Really Got a Hold on Me"/ "Happy Landing" (Oriole)
Larry Moon: "Tia Juana-Ball" / "She Lied" (Ember)
Orlons: "South Street" / "Them Terrible Boots" (Cameo Parkway)
Everly Brothers: "So It Will Always Be"/ Nancy's Minuet" (Warner Bros.)
NME Top Thirty
1.  "Summer Holiday," Cliff Richards (Columbia)
2.  "Please Please Me," Beatles (Parlophone)
3.  "Like I've Never Been Gone," Billy Fury (Decca)
4.  "Foot Tapper," Shadows (Columbia)
5.  "That's What Love Will Do," Joe Brown (Piccadilly)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  "Island of Dreams" (Chappell)
2.  "Please Please Me" (Dick James)
3.  "Summer Holiday" (Elstree)
4.  "The Wayward Wind" (Lafleur)
5.  "Bachelor Boy" (Elstree)
  Davis to Stay Longer; Nat Cole, Paul, Paula Visits On
Canada to Boost Cliff's ‘Holiday'
Eric Delaney Rejoins Pye
Journalist ‘Dare' Disk
‘Startime' Returns: Alma Cogan Topper
Palladium Hat-Trick for Ifield
Elvis Presley Film Delayed
Oriole to Release Independent Discs
U.S. Teenage Star Coming
Tragedy Hits ‘Grand Ole Opry' Again
Annie Ross: Cabaret
Brook Brothers Together Again
Chevalier Coming
Craig's Test
Karl Denver's Son Killed
Stars Booked for New Radio Series
Susan Maughan in Klein Film?
  Many U.S. Stars Due for Heath TV Series
Ken Mackintosh to Broadcast from New Venue
Murray New ‘Lucky Stars' Compere
Brenda Lee's ‘Girls' Date
Heinz Burt's Second Film
‘Swing' Changes
Kenny Ball: April Venues
Beatles Booked for Major Tour
Springs' Nashville LP Out Next Month
Harris and Meehan Waxing Follow-up
‘On the Town' Stage Debut Next Month
Two Frank Sinatras on Reprise Label
Pericoli for Italy in Eurovision
Frankie Vaughan ‘Playtime' D-J
On Light Twice
Newley's U.S. Disc Tipped
Castle to Sign with Frank
Mancini on ‘Juke Jury'
Cribbins Sought for Four Films
Alba and Yana Singing Afloat
Ian Dove Originator Buddy Holly Lives On! 8
Readers From You to Us 8
N.A. The London Sullivan Show 8
Derek Johnson Elvis and Britain 9
Allen Evans EP's 9
  Darin Is Chosen 9
Bruce Charlton John Leyton: Singing Cowboy? 9
Andy Gray Screams Acclaim Beatles, Montez, Roe 10
Tony Crawley Shirley Bassey: Fabulous Plus!
Joe Brown's Hit Disc Ran Too Short, So They Slipped in Some Shakespeare!
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
  Guin Frehling, Spring 2008  
Number 845 22 March 1963  
cover Elvis: Your Answer 1
NME Fabulous! Ray Charles Don't Set Me Free 1
NME Kenny Lynch Misery 1
N.A. From You To Us 2
N.A. Tommy Steele Will Know Today 2
N.A. Little Eva: What a Tonic! 2
Allen Evans EP's 2
Derek Johnson London A-and-R man Saw Elvis at Work 3
N.A. Wanted: Elvis Here 3
Lionel Cocks It Succeeds! 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Reviews
The Springfields: "Say I Won't Be There" / "Little Boat" (Philips)
Marty Robbins: "Cigarettes and Coffee Blues" / "Teenager's Dad" (CBS)
Mike Preston: "Punish Her" / "From the Very First Rose" (Decca)
Tommy Steele: "Flash, Bang, Wallop!" / "She's Too Far above Me" (Decca)
Mark Wynter: "Aladdin's Lamp" / "It Can Happen any Day" (Pye)
Maureen Evans: "Tomorrow Is another Day" / "Acapulco Mexico" (Oriole)
Mike Berry: "My Little Baby" / "You'll Do It You'll Fall In Love" (HMV)
Shirley Jackson: "Don't Play Me a Love Song" / "You Gotta Love and Be Loved" (Decca)
Lonnie Donegan: "Losing by a Hair" / "Trumpet Sounds" (Pye)
The Chucks: "Mul-Ber-Ry Bush" / "That's All I Needed" (Decca)
Marty Wilde: "No! Dance with Me" / "Little Miss Happiness" (Philips)
Allen Evans LP Reviews
Bobby Vee: Bobby Vee's Golden Greats
Eddie Cochran: Eddie Cochran Memory Album
The Crickets: Something Old, New, Blue, Else
Fats Domino: Just Domino
Jet Harris: Honey Hit Parade
Rooftop Singers: Walk Right In
Sammy Davis Jr: At the Coconut Grove
NME Top 5 Singles
"Summer Holiday," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
"Foot Tapper," Shadows (Columbia)
"Like I've Never Been Gone," Billy Fury (Decca)
"Please Please Me," Beatles (Parlophone)
"That's What Love Will Do," Joe Brown (Piccadilly)
NME Top 5 Sheet Music
"Summer Holiday" (Elstree)
"Island of Dreams" (Chappell)
"Please Please Me" (Dick James)
"The Night Has a Thousand Eves" (Aberbach)
"Say Wonderful Things" (Ardmore and Beechwood)
N.A. Billy Fury Fans at LP Session
Dickie Valentine move to Philips
Tornados Shake Up
Cliff to Make Next Film Later this Year
Pacemakers' big Mersey booking
Maughan, Wallis for Palladium show
Leyton's Israel Trip Postponed
Tornados film for visual juke box
Lorne Greene coming
Ball Helps Bilk
Heinz Burt Film Named
Margaret Whiting on ‘Juke Jury'
Presley and Sandra Dee---Film Co-stars
Helen Shapiro in ‘Stars' again
Russ Conway's New Recording Manager
Montez ballroom tour dates set
‘Stop the World' provincial tour
NME Orbison May Join Beatles in Duane Eddy's Place
Steele Musical on Decca LP
Ifield Waxes 23 New Songs
For ATV Series
Second ‘Novello' Win for Acker Bilk Tune
Rydell to Wax British Tunes
Oriole plans album series
Dolores records Palladium tune
Cribbins film
Pop Stars Aid the Starving
Ronnie Carroll May Join Wife in Show
Castle-Sinatra Deal Settled
Sammy Davis: Good Friday Concerts
Brenda Back on ‘Lucky Stars'
Matt Monro in ‘Go Man Go'
Kenton On Anglia TV
N.A. Ray Charles Seeks Talent 8
Derek Johnson Question-time with Roy Orbison 8
N.A. Gerry, Pacemakers from Beatle-land! 8
Alan Smith Ronnie Carroll Still Says, ‘I Think Our Song Will Win' 9
Mike Hellicar Jet, Tony Have Great Act 9
Don Wedge BBC Pop Show Needed Climax 10
N.A. Eddie Calvert Plays Erica, the Best in Bossa-Nova 10
N.A. The Beatles – Gerry and the Pacemakers 11
N.A. Aladdin's Lamp, Mark Wynter 12
  Colin Geil, Spring 2008  
Number 846 29 March 1963
Cover Billy Fury Writes about Tornados 1
NA Cliff (and others) Leave Elvis Behind 1
NA Losing by a Hair: Lonnie Donegan 1
Allan Evans EPs
Roy Orbison Upton (London)
Del Shannon Swiss Maid (London)
Louise Cordet Sweet Beat (Decca)
Mark Wynter, Joe Brown Just for Fun (Pye)
Jerry Jee Lewis Sweet Little Sixteen (London)
Spotnicks Orange Blossom (Oriole)
NA Ned Miller's Rush Album Surprises 2
NA Cascades' LP Ready, Too 2
NA Two Hits on One Record! Sung by Putula Clark 3
Ian Dove New to the Charts: Johnny Cymbal Praises Low-note Man 3
NA Miss Skeeter Davis Begins with "End" 3
Russ Conway,
Bert Weedon
A Lack of Power on New Ifield Disc… 4
Keith Fordyce Singles
Rick Nelson: "You Don't Love Me Anymore" / "I've Got a Woman" (Brunswick)
Ketty Lester: "Warm Summer Day" / "I'll Never Stop Loving You" (London)
Steve Marriot: "Give Her My Regards" / "Imaginary Love" (Decca)
Dave Clark Five: "The Mulberry Bush" / "Loop De Loop" (Columbia)
Joe Loss: "Alpine Ride" / "Really Madison" (HMV)
Beryl Bryden: "Big Daddy" / "I've Been Living with the Blues" (Columbia)
Dick Kallman: "My Heart Remembers" / "They Didn't Believe Me" (HMV)
Brenda Lee: "Losing You" / "All Alone Am I" (Brunswick)
Brian Hyland: "If Mary's There" / "Remember Me" (HMV)
Winifred Atwell: "Mississippi Mud" / "Bossa Nova Boogie" (Pye)
Sheila Hancock: "My Last Cigarette" / "Landlord and Tenant" (Decca)
Vernons Girls: "Do the Bird" / "I'm Gonna Let My Hair Down" (Decca)
Ray Ellington: "Too Old to Cut the Mustard" / "She Lied" (Ember)
Allen Evans LP Reviews
Joe Brown, Mark Wynter  All Things Bright and Beautiful (Golden Cumca)
Lena Lovely and Alive (RCA)
Buddy Greco Buddy and Soul  (Columbia)
Andy Williams Warm and Willing (CBS)
The Swingers Four Freshman (Capitol)
Burl Ives Sunshine Is My Soul (Brunswick)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1.  "Foot Tapper," Shadows (Columbia)
2.  "Summer Holiday," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
3.  "How Do You Do It," Gerry and the Pacemakers (Columbia)
4.  "From a Jack to a King," Ned Miller (London)
5.  "Like I've Never Been Gone," Billy Fury (Decca)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1.  "He's So Fine," Chiffons
2.  "Our Day Will Come," Ruby and the Romantics
3.  "The End of the World," Skeeter Davis
4.  "South Street," Orions
5.  "You're the Reason I'm Living," Bobby Darin
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  "Summer Holiday" (Elstree)
2.  "Say Wonderful Things" (Ardmore & Beechwood)
3.  "Foot Tapper" (Elstree)
4.   "Island of Dreams" (Chappell)
5.   "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" (Aberbach)
NA Brown, Maughan, Wilde—in film? [All are virtually certain for major roles in "What a Crazy World"]
New Disc Signings: Patti Brook to Decca
Americans at Heath Radio Recording
In the chart-points for 1963's first quarter—Cliff, Ifield, Shadows, Tornados, Jet-Tony Lead Elvis!
Frankie Vaughan BBC Concert Star
Andy Williams plans visit to Britian
Gerry, Pacemakers LP Next Month
NA More Dates Likely for American [Del Shannon]
First Tour as Solo Artist [Heinz Burt]
Fury LP day announced [Tornados Will Accompany Him on All Twelve Tracks]
Lavern Back in Tornados
Unique Disc from Pet [Petula Clark's "Chariot"
Ed Sullivan Plans Second Show Here
NA Elvis: Continental Attempt to Bring Him Over 8
Mike Hellicar Everlys Dispel those Rubbishy Rumors 8
NA Married! Dion and Sue 8
Alan Smith Tommy Roe Takes His Own "Doctor" On Tour 9
NA Bick Ford: Will He Make the Charts? 9
Mike Hellicar Is Mike the Good Luck Charm? Spring(field) fever 10
Derek Johnson Hold tight, Sammy's Back! [Sammy Davis] 10
Cliff Richard Don't Miss This! Cliff Richard Writes about Himself 12
  Jeremy Goldman, Spring 2008  

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