New Musical Express | June 1963

Number 856 7 June 1963  
Ruddy, Jonah Wink Martindale Tells of Meeting Elvis 2
Johnson, Derek Pop Music Movie’s Tunes Are Released—But Not the Film! This Is Very Bad Show Business 2
Evans, Allen LPs
The Shadows, The Shadows Greatest Hits [Columbia]
Frankie Laine, Wanderlust [CBS]
Bob Brookmeyer, Trombone Jazz Samba [Verve]
Duke Ellington, Afro-Bossa [Reprise]
Harry Betts, Bossa Nova Goes to the Movies [MGM]
Bossa Nova Quincy Jones [Mercury]
Johnson, Derek “After All the Talk about It, Who Is the Man Who Says—‘There’s No Liverpool Sound!’ It’s George Martin” 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles
Kenny Ball: “Rondo” / “55 Days at Peking” [Pye Jazz]
Chubby Checker: “Black Cloud” / “Birdland” [Cameo Parkway]
Karl Denver: “Indian Love Call” / “My Melancholy Baby” [Decca]
Bobby Darin: “Eighteen Yellow Roses” / “Not for Me” [Capitol]
Acker Bilk: “Moonlight Tango” / “Bitter Harvest” [Columbia]
Millicent Martin: “Gravy Waltz” / “Get Lost My Love” [Parlophone]
Lesley Gore: “It’s My Party” / “Danny” [Mercury]
Frankie Vaughan: “Hey Mama” / “Brand New Motor” [Philips]
Beach Boys: “Surfin’ U.S.A.” / “Shut Down” [Capitol]
Bobby Curtola: “Gypsy Heart” / “I’m Sorry” [Decca]
  Potted Pops
Johnny Keating: “Getaway” / “A Little Waltzin’” [Piccadilly]
Bob Moore and his Orchestra: “Kentucky” / “The Flowers of Florence” [London]
Eddie Calvert: “Emergency Ward 10” / “First Love” [Columbia]
Rolling Stones: “Come On” / “I Want to be Loved” [Decca]
Bill Haley and the Comets: “Tenor Man” / “Up Goes My Love” [Stateside]
NME Top Thirty
1.  “Do You Want to Know a Secret,” Billy J. Kramer (Parlophone)
2.  “From Me to You,” The Beatles (Parlophone)
3.  “Scarlett O’Hara,” Jet Harris-Tony Meehan (Decca)
4.  “I Like It,” Gerry and the Pacemakers (Columbia)
5.  “When Will You Say I Love You,” Billy Fury (Decca)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  “From Me to You” (Dick James)
2.  “Do You Want to Know a Secret” (Northern Songs)
3.  “Can’t Get Used to Losing You” (Manor)
4.  “Lucky Lips” (Cromwell)
5.  “How Do You Do It” (Dick James)
n/a Shirley Bassey Ill, So—Vaughan Sought for Palladium TV
‘Come Outside’ Wendy Records with a Girl
Ronnie Carroll So Cool!
Bob Luman Stage Debut, Brian Hyland TV Return, and Top Northern Groups Tour with U.S. Stars
Bobby Shafto Gravely Hurt in Car Crash
Ten Venues for Cole—Six Outside London
Wynter—Panto and Radio Series
Sammy Davis 6-Months in London Stage Musical?
n/a Freddie, Dreamers Join Fury Tour
Ifield: Top TV Spot, Tour of Australia: Marion Ryan’s Palladium TV Debut
Lee Lewis May Follow Elvis
Cliff Waxing in Blackpool
Tornados Wax Famous Rock
‘Cleopatra’ Causes Fox-EMI Deal Rush
Dreamers on ‘Easy Beat’
Dove, Ian The Hilarious Account of How—Freddie ‘Floated’ from Milk to Hit 8
Williams, Chris Jerry Lee Lewis Tells Chris Williams ‘I Want to be in a Bible Film’ 8
Gray, Andy Cliff’s Most Frightening Night 10
n/a Matt Walks to Work 10
n/a Lonnie Raises the Roof 10
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
Dove, Ian To Keep the Record Straight 12
  Morgan Levey, Spring 2008  
Number 857 14 June 1963  
Cover Frankie Vaughan Tops his best with Hey Mama
Billy J. Kramer, Jet and Tony, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison,  Frank Ifield, Del Shannon
Allen Evans LPs
Rick Nelson, It’s Up to You (London)
Dion, Ruby Baby (CBS)
Connie Francis Sings Modern Italian Hits (MGM)
Bobby Darin, Earthy (Capital)
Smash Hits from Jimmy Justice (Pye)
Bobby Vinton Sings the Big Ones (Columbia)
Musical Hits by Top Stars (Capital)
NA A Supporting Group Talks about Star It Backed 2
Mike Butcher Question Time with Billy J. Kramer 3
Ian Dove Buddy Holly Scores Fourth ‘Bo’ hit! 3
Andy Gray Jim Reaves Wins in the End 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Joe Brown, “Nature’s Time for Love” / “The Spanish Bit” (Piccadilly)
Danny Williams, “The Wild Wind” / “Once Upon a Time” (HMV)
Sammy Davis, “Smile” / “This Was My Love” (Reprise)
Anne Shelton, “Where Were You When I Needed You” / “How Green Was My Valley” (Philips)
Wendy Richard and Diana Berry, “We Had a Dream” / “Keep ’Em Looking Around” (Decca)
Frankie Ifield, “I’m Confessin’ that I Love You” / “Waltzing Matilda” (Columbia)
Johnny Kidd, “I’ll Never Get Over You” / “Then I Got Everything” (HMV)
Nana Mouskouri, “My Heart Won’t Listen to Me” / “Don’t Go to Strangers” (Fontana)
Fats Domino, “You Always Hurt the One You Love” / “Trouble Blues” (London)
Johnny Mathis, “Every Step of the Way” / “No Man Can Stand Alone” (CBS)
Tommy Roe, “ Kiss and Run” / “What Makes the Blues (Want to Pick on Me)” (HMV)
Little Esther, “I Really Don’t Want to Know” / “Am I that Easy to Forget” (Ember International)
George Shearing, “Lila’s Theme” / “Fairy Tales” (Capital) 
NME Top Thirty
1.  “I Like It,” Gerry and the Pacemakers (Columbia)
2.  “Do You Want to Know a Secret,” Billy J. Kramer (Parlophone)
3.  “From Me to You,” The Beatles (Parlophone)
4.  “If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody,” Freddie and the Dreamers (Columbia)
5.  “Take these Chains from My Heart,” Ray Charles (HMV)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  “From Me to You” (Dick James)
2.  “Do You Want to Know a Secret” (Northern Songs)
3.  “Lucky Lips” (Cromwell)
4.  “Scarlett O’Hara” (Francis, Day & Hunter)
5.  “I Like It” (Dick James)
Ian Dove Tommy tops in latest pop film 6
Mike Gregory Cymbal of Surprise 6
NA Australian singer’s first British disc
Brenda Lee may visit after all
Another debut for Freddie
Murray and Bilk pen film song
Shapiro to Holland
Mammoth July wax sessions for Liverpoplians
Filming stops Sinatra’s ‘100 Stars’ London visit
Sarah-Basie dates are changed
EMI-Disney Deal—ives Disc Issue
NA Shirley Bassey Cancels Royal Show
SOS Stars’ Spectacular in ATV Summer Plans
John Lennon Helicopter Dash after ‘Juke Jury’
Cliff Shadows ‘down under’ return early next year
Gene Pitney and Skeeter Davis for ballrooms?
Springfield to wed next week
Steele disc withdrawn
Kramer’s TV ‘Swing’ Fixed
Mike Butcher Frank Ifield settles in for 6-month run 8
Alan Smith ‘West Side’ Goes East! 8
Tony Bromley Sam’s Sleepless Hit! 8
Chris Hutchins Roy Orbison talks to Chris Hutchinson about flying, and When Elvis Faced Death! 9
Derek Johnson Reports on the separate ways of a hit disc unit: Jet, Tony: Team of Individuals! 10
Alan Smith New To the Charts 10
Allen Evans EPs
Everly Brothers, (Warner Bros.)
Cliff Richard, Shadows, (Columbia)
Chuck Winters, (Piccadilly-Heather)
Shirley Bassey Hits, (Columbia)
Doug Shelton (Decca)
Shadows, (Columbia)
Countrymen, (Piccadilly-Heather)
Big 4, (Cameo Parkway)
Tommy Roe, (HMV)
Eartha Kitt, (Columbia)
Frank Sinatra, (Capitol)
Mike Berry, (HMV)
Bobby Vee, (Liberty)
Ray Charles and Betty Carter, (HMV)
Frank Ifield, (Columbia)
Eddie Cochran, (Liberty)
Mike Sarne Hit Parade, (Parlophone)
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
Jack Fullford Shelton, Brooks a Good Mixture 12
  David Phelps, Spring 2008  
Number 858 21 June 1963  
Cover Connie Francis – If My Pillow Could Talk 1
Alan Smith Kenny Ball and Heinz on the Film Set [Pop film “Live It Up”] 2
Nat Hentoff American Air Mail 2
N.A. Life-lines of Cliff Richard [Biography] 3
Ian Dove Long-lasting Jim Reeves Takes Things Very Calmly 3
N.A. Adam Faith Should Be ‘Walkin’ Tall’ Soon 4
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Tony Bennett: “The Good Life” / “Spring In Manhattan” (CBS)
Petula Clark: “Valentino” / “Imagination” (Pye)
Dorothy Provine: “Music, Music Music” / “Body and Soul” (Warner Bros.)
Marcie Blane: “Little Miss Fool” / “Ragtime Sound” (London)
Clinton Ford: “A Beggar in Love” / “When the Melody Man Says Goodnight” (Columbia)
Rolf Harris: “I Know a Man” / “Living It Up” (Columbia)
John Leyton: “I’ll Cut Your Tail Off” / “The Great Escape” (HMV)
Tom Glazer: “On Top of Spaghetti” / “The Battle Hymn of the Children” (London)
TFSATPADT: “Big Nose Kate” / “Ee-Cee 4” (Pye)
Kathy Kirby: “Dance On” / “Playboy” (Decca)
N.A. POTTED POPS [Steve Race, Stan Getz, Mitch Miller, and Burl Ives] 4
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1.The Beatles, Please Please Me (Parlophone)
2. Cliff Richard, Summer Holiday (Columbia)
3. The Shadows’ Greatest Hits (Columbia)
4. Elvis Presley, It Happened at the World’s Fair (RCA)
5. Soundtrack, West Side Story (CBS)
NME Top Thirty
1.  “I Like It,” Gerry and the Pacemakers (Columbia)
2.  “If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody,” Freddie and the Dreamers (Columbia)
3.  “Atlantis,” Shadows (Columbia)
4.  “Take These Chains from My Heart,” Ray Charles (HMV)
5.  “From Me to You,” Beatles (Parlophone)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  “From Me to You” (Dick James)
2.  “I Like It” (Dick James)
3.  “Atlantis” (Francis, Day & Hunter)
4.  “Do You Want to Know a Secret” (Northern Songs)
5.  “Lucky Lips” (Cromwell)
N.A. Hollywood’s Most Lavish Musical! [Irving Berlin score; Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland in “Say It with Music”]
Bassey, Ifield in ‘100 Stars’ [Shirley Bassey and Frank Ifield appear in charity event]
Decca Recording Liverpool Acts
Pacemakers High in World Charts
Pop Liners
Impresario to Meet Sinatra
Brown and Tornados on Yarmouth Radio Show
Caroline on ‘Juke Jury’ [Caroline Maudling TV debut]
Cymbal Re-booked for Radio ‘Club’
Queen to Attend Rydell Premiere [Bobby Rydell’s “Bye Bye Birdie”]
Big-name Festival [Billy J. Kramer, Freddie and the Dreamers and others booked]
Hancock Season [Tony Hancock]
Springfield’s Second
Frankie Vaughan on ‘Lucky Spin’
Sarne Musical to Open on Schedule
Contest Team Named [Song contest in Belgium]
Gerry-Mark’s Guest [Gerry and the Pacemakers guest star on Mark Wynter’s show]
Jackson Off to Canaries [Jack Jackson]
Adam and Acker in for Cotton [Billy Cotton]
Jazzmen in Film
N.A. Pat Boone: Star of British Filmusical?
Tornados Join Fury Concert
Miki and Griff Panto
Pet Clark Plays a Vocal Sleuth!
Shadows on Palladium with Joan Regan
New Orbison Opening Set
Beatles Team Hits Jackpot [Lennon and McCartney get radio show extension]
Autumn Tour Takes in Irish Venues [Beatles tour]
Session Dates [EMI’s session set]
Mantovani Return
Elvis Disc Next Week
Frank Ifield on ‘Parade’ Again
Mathis Return Likely in Early Winter
Steele to EMI Imminent [Tommy Steele expected to sign contract]
Chris Hutchins Chris Hutchins Visits the Beatles on their Home Ground – Fans Invade Homes but Boys Love ‘Em 8
Allen Evans LPs:
Max’s Biggest Hits (Decca)
Joey Dee: All the World Is Twistin’ (Columbia)
New Frontier: Kingston Trio (Capitol)
This Time by Basie (Reprise)
Dinah Washington: Drinking Again (Columbia)
Johnny Thunder: Loop De Loop (Stateside)
American Folk Blues Festival (Polydor)
Let’s Go with the Routers (Warner Bros.)
Tribute to Cowboy Copas (Stateside)
Mike Butcher Gerry, Pacemakers Saving Their Cash 9
Alan Smith Phil and Don Everly Put Up a Fight 9
Readers From You to Us (Letters from the readers) 9
Derek Johnson Do Strings and Orchestra Hinder the Shadows? 10
Peter Bagshaw Brown, Wynter, Harris, Tornados,  Make Summer Show Big Hit 10
Allen Evans EPs
Don Spencer: Fireball (HMV)
Frank Sinatra Sings Cole Porter (No. 3) (Capitol)
Frankie Vaughan (Phillips)
Ray Charles: Swinging Style (HMV)
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces [no title, various updates] 12
N.A. Leyton’s Acting Break [John Leyton] 12
  Carolyn Raider, Spring 2008  
Number 859 28 June 1963  
Cover Larry Parnes Would Like to Introduce to You His Exciting New Artiste… Daryl Quist 1
Alan Smith Connie Francis Returns to Sing for Our Queen 2
Gordon Foulds Fans Take a Chance on Bus for Frankie [Frankie Vaughan] 2
Gordon Sampson Adam Faith Dances, Sings the Old ‘Uns 2
Tony Crawley Versatile Millie [Millicent Martin] 2
Christine Gordon Dallas Boys Take Off the Shadows 2
Peter Bagshaw Bill Sunday Scream for Billy Fury 2
Derek Johnson No. 2 of the New Series [Elvis Presley] 3
Frank Ifield My Top Ten [Frank Ifield’s Top Ten discs] 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Elvis Presley: “You’re the Devil in Disguise” / “Please Don’t Drag that String Around” (RCA)
Helen Shapiro: “Not Responsible” / “No Trespassing” (Columbia)
Russ Conway: “It’s All Happening” / “Flamenco” (Columbia)
Freddy Cannon: “Patty Baby” (Stateside)
Cleo Laine: “Southend” / “While You’re Away” (Fontanta)
Lee Curtis: “Let’s Stomp” / “Poor Unlucky Me” (Decca)
Vernons Girls: “He’ll Never Come Back” / “Stay-at-Home” (Decca)
Gerry Grant: “I Know a Girl” / “Baby Take Care” (HMV)
Brian Poole: “Twist and Shout” / “We Know” (Decca)
Richard Chamberlain: “True Love” / “I Will Love You” (MGM)
Exciters: “Get Him” / “It’s So Exciting” (United Artists)
Hayley Mills and Eddie Hodges: “Flitterin’” (HMV)
David Rose: “The Runaway” (MGM)
n.a. Paul, Paula Put Their First Tiff on Record 4
Allen Evens LP Reviews
Brothers Four Cross-Country Concert (CBS)
Eydie Gorme: Blame It on the Boss Nova (CBS)
Brigitte Bardot (Phillips)
Webb Pierce: Hide-Away Heart (Brunswick)
50 Guitars Visit Hawaii (Liberty)
NME Top Thirty
1.  “I Like It,” Pacemakers (Columbia)
2.  “Atlantis,” Shadows (Columbia)
3.  “If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody,” Freddie and the Dreamers (Columbia)
4. “Take These Chains from My Heart,” Ray Charles (HMV)
5.  “Deck of Cards,” Wink Martindale (London)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  “I Like It” (Dick James)
2.  “Atlantis” (Francis, Day and Hunter)
3.  “Take These Chains from My Heart” (Acuff-Rose)
4.  “From Me to You” (Northern Songs)
5.  “If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody” (Feldman)
n.a. Discs Will Cost More 6
Christine Gordon Denver, Kane, Wilde Rock the Pier! 6
n.a. Pop-Liners
Beatles Jump, Elvis Slips, Cliff Leads!
Pet Clark in “Stars”
Brown, Wynter on “Swingin’ Time”
Conway Better
Sarne- Late July
Allison Give Up Pop Music Career
Kramer Joins Gerry [Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas join Gerry and the Pacemakers on tour]
Royal Premiere for “Forum”
Roe Returns
RCA Chief Quits [Arnold Klein]
Newley TV At Last! [“Film Profile of Anthony Newley]
Steele Film [“It’s All Happening”]
Mahalia Delayed
Millie, Cleo TV
n.a. Cliff and Shadows Set for 1964 British Tour
Susan Maughan Meets Ex-Boss
Gerry “Down Under” After Eddy Tour?
Cotton Not in Blackpool Show
Steele EMI Disc Out
John Barry Quits EMI for Ember
Max Bryaves to West End again
Ronnie and Millie LP
Adam Faith-“Tom Sawyer” Musical
Acker Goes Out West
Ball Set for Aussie Return
Beatles’ EP [“The Beatles No. 1”]
Bruce Charlton Frankie Vaughan’s Fireworks Put Pep into Tom’s “Mama” 8
Mike Butcher Ray Charles Confounds Critics with “Heart” 8
Ian Dove Same Old Sophie [Sophie Tucker] 8
Alan Smith Leslie Gore: The Singing Rebel 9
Allan Evans This Plays All Discs Anywhere [see-hear tape recorder] 9
Allan Evans EP Reviews
Jet and Tony (Decca)
Maureen Evans (Oriole)
Ned Miller (Capitol)
n.a. It’s All in “Hit Parade” 9
Derek Johnson Billy Fury’s Next Disc a Happy One! 10
Ian Dove Cotton Jazzes Folk Song [Mike Cotton Jazzmen] 10
Ian Dove Beatles Make Isleys’ Hit [“Twist and Shout”] 10
Ian Dove Q for Song [Kyu Sakamoto] 10
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
  Aaron Sheer, Spring 2008  

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