New Musical Express | June 1964

No. 908 5 June 1964  
(cover page) In this week's issue: Chris Barber and Ottilie Patterson, The No.1 Version of "Hello, Dolly!"
Peter and Gordon, "Nobody I Know"
Yardbirds, "I Wish You Would"
EMI The Tops in Pop: EP's
Sinatra & Paris, Night and Day
Gene Vincent, Bee-bop-a-lula
Gilbert Becaud, "Et Maintenant" ["What Now My Love"] / "Nathalie"
Camilo, Sag Warum
EMI Singles Top Hits:
The Beatles, "Twist and Shout" / "Boys"
The Beatles, "Roll Over Beethoven" / "I Want to Hold your Hand"
The Beatles, "Money" / "It Won't Be Long"
The Beatles, "All My Loving" / "I Want to be Your Man"
n.a. Top LP Hits:
Richard Anthony, Popular Hits
Richard Anthony, More Popular Hits
n.a. Beatle George Nearly Cut to Ribbons 3
Advert. "The Swinging Hit Version! Kenny Ball's Hello Dolly" 3
NME Chuck Berry's Life-Lines (profile of Chuck Berry) 4
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: 50,000 Beatles' Club Members 4
Advert. FAB GEAR by Mail. Come to 1 Hill St., Richmond 4
Derek Johnson In London Listen to...
"Screams for Dave Clark- across the Atlantic!"
"Ella Fitzgerald Throws Party for Lenny"
Hentoff, Nat "Four Carnegie Hall Triumphs" 5
  Advertisement: Toffs of the Pops! The Aristocrats, "The Girl with the Laughing Eyes", Max Diamond Enterprises 5
  Singles Review:
Wistful Gene, "Im Gonna Find Myself a Girl" (United Artist)
Bobby Vee, "Hickory, Dick and Dock" (Liberty)
Heinz, "Please Little Girl" (Decca)
Mojos, "Why Not Tonight" (Decca)
Derek Johnson Singles
Little Richard, "Bama Lama Bama Loo (London)
Johnny Burnette, "Sweet Suzie" (Capitol)
Armstrong/Brubeck, "Nomad" (CBS)
Don Spencer, "Pride" (HMV)
Johnny Towers, "Temptation" (Phillips)
NME Best Selling LP's in Britain :
1.The Rolling Stones (Decca)
2.With the Beatles (Parlophone)
3.It's the Searchers (Pye)
4.Dance with the Shadows (Columbia)
5.The Latest and the Greatest, Chuck Berry (Pye Int.)
n.a. "Bill Harvey Lacks Drive" 6
NME Top Thirty
1. "You're My World," Cilla Black (Parlophone)
2. "It's Over," Roy Orbison (London)
3. "Juliet," Four Pennies (Phillips)
4. "No Particular Place to Go," Chuck Berry (Pye Int.)
5. "Constantly," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Pop Music
1. "Chapel of Love" Dixie Cups
2. "Love Me Do" Beatles
3. "My Guy" Mary Wells
4. "Love Me with All Your Heart" Ray Charles Singers
5. "Hello, Dolly" Louis Armstrong
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Juliet" (Flamingo)
2. "You're My World" (Aberbach)
3. "This Is My Prayer" (Chappell)
4. "It's Over" (Acuff-Rose)
5. "Constantly" (World Wide)
n.a. Now Cilla has hit in America
Stars for Newcastle
Eton boys bow
Brian Epstein reveals plans for Beatles Xmas Show: New EP, "Lucky Stars" date, and radio show
Searchers a big success in US
Freddie's States trip cancelled
New Beatle—but only till Sunday [Jimmy Nichols]
Sinatra to play here in autumn
Ember's Orbison LP
Alma opens Start series
Cliff's next single
Epstein to America and Australia
n.a. Stones — in ties!
Tour set for Freddie, Pennies, and Hollies
Dusty's "Open House"
Clark's three Sullivan TV dates
n.a. Applejacks make BBC Light debut
Bassey on TV link-up
Bachelors on "Lucky Stars" — as comperes!
Stones waxing single in US
Billy Fury meets royal family
Adam Faith "Swings"
Manfred "a Gogo"
TV blues show date
Poole on TV tonight
Gambler misses season [Andy Mac]
Presley's next film single
Doonican back on Palladium
All-night pennies
Proby on Crickets' show
Millie joins the Stones
Advert. New From EMI:
Elmer Bernstein and Orchestra, "Saints and Sinners Theme" (MGM)
Johnny Burnett, "Sweet Suzie" (Capitol)
Lou Bennet, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (Columbia)
Jerry Butler, "Giving Up on Love" (Stateside)
Johnson, Derek More Singles
Tommy Tucker, "Long Tall Shorty" (Pye-International)
Don Charles "If You Don't Know" (HMV)
Jimmy Gilmer, "Look At Me" (London)
Bernard Cribbins, "Ringing On The Engine Bell" (Parlophone)
Rip Chords, "Three Window Coupe" (CBS)
Charlton, Bruce Ronnie Hilton back with nursery Song 11
Johnson, Derek Flapper 'Dolly' Brings Back Louis and Frankie 11
Johnson, Derek Billy Fury- Finishes Fourth! 12
Dove, Ian Freddie Tells How Hits Get Picked 12
Dove, Ian Ray Charles On Dodgems at Battersea 13
Marks, Cordell Palladium season may give Fourmost More Scope for Dating- they hope! 13
Green, Richard Brian Poole- Actor, Athlete 13
Marks, Cordell Hollies image is a worry- they haven't got any 14
n.a. Lulu Never Keeps Your Guessing 14
n.a. Scandinavia Goes Wild for Cliff! 16
A.G. Quick-Change [Shirley Bassey] 16
A.G. Japanese Jazz [Dave Brubeck] 16
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No. 909 12 June 1964  
(cover page) T.J. Byrne & Peter Walsh proudly present the Royal Showband-No. 1 in the Irish Charts! Soon to Invade England !
Beatles World Scoops
Dave Clark, Stones Write about America
"Lonely Heart" Carl Perkins
Gray, Andy Why Paul Was Sad 2
N.A. Flash from Australia 2
Advertisement Philips New Cartridge Loaded Pocket Tape Recorder 3
Advertisement Nailform 2
N.A. NME on World Tour with Beatles 3
Advertisement Emitape 3
Advertisement Jimmy Powell & the Five Dimensions with "That's Alright"  
Clark, Dave NMExclusive reports from America ... 4
Wyman, Billy NMExclusive reports from America ... for the Rolling Stones 4
Advertisement Mastertape 4
Advertisement The Best of Mary Wells 4
Advertisement Ryemuse (Instrument, Record Shop & Sound Studio) 5
Johnson, Derek Singles Review
Jim Reeves: "I Love You Because" / "I Won't Forget You" (RCA)
The Animals: "House of the Rising Sun" / "Talkin' About You" (Columbia)
The Crickets: "La Bamba" / "All Over You" (Liberty)
Big Three: "If You Ever Change Your Mind" / "You've Gotta Keep Her Under Hand" (Decca)
Matt Monro: "I Love You Too" / "Somewhere" (Parlophone)
Danny Williams: "Today" / "Lonely in a Crowd" (HMV)
Bobby Vinton: "Tell Me Why" / "Remembering" (Columbia)
The Orlons: "Rules of Love" / "Heartbreak Hotel" (Cameo)
The Shane Gang: "Whistle Stop" / "Who Wrote That Song" (Pye)
Johnny Kidd and the Pirates: "Jealous Girl" / "Shop Around" (HMV)
The Roulettes: "I'll Remember Tonight" / "You Don't Love Me" (Parlophone)
The Hearts: "Young Woman" / "Black Eyes" (Parlophone)
Ronnie Carroll: "Tears and Roses" / "About You" (Philips)
Al Martin: "Tears and Roses" / "A Year Ago Tonight" (Capitol)
Advertisement Listen to Alan Dell's Showcase, an EMI Presentation on Radio Luxembourg 6
NME Top Thirty
1. "You're My World," Cilla Black (Parlophone)
2. "It's Over," Roy Orbison (London)
3. "My Guy," Mary Wells (Stateside)
4. "No Particular Place to Go," Chuck Berry (Pye Int.)
5. "Here I Go Again," Hollies (Parlophone)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Chapel of Love" (Dixie Cups)
2. "A World Without Love" (Peter and Gordon)
3. "Love Me With All Your Heart" (Ray Charles Singers)
4. "Love Me Do" (Beatles)
5. "My Guy" (Mary Wells)
N.A. Big plans for Pacemakers, Gerry: Christmas Show and Autumn Tour with Gene Pitney
Billy J. for 'Lucky Stars'
Millie, Gerry in U.S. Top Ten
Relaxed Monro a Big Success
Millie and Joe on Radio Club
Nine songs in Poole film
Dusty Joins Ringo & Co.
Cliff Film Premiere
Faith's TV pop quiz
Lonnie covers American hit
Tamla-Motown Tour of U.K.?
Lulu's bookings
Crickets' Dates
With Castle
Hollies' Venues
Migil 5 on 'Easy'
Fourmost on BBC
Nixon signs Proby
Dusty, Animals on 'Ready'
Clark to go solo in second film?
Jeans' Dates
Monro's Blackpool Series Cancelled
N.A. Beatles and Bassey in charity show
Fury: Month-long tour in autumn
Murray hosts new TV show
Wynter on 'Five'
Cilla to sing for Princess Margaret
Blackpool dates for the Beatles
...Also Bassey, Bygraves, Ball
New non-stop TV beat show
Cow Palace date for 'World' duo?
Freddie film release
Advertisement Louis Armstrong Hello Dolly (London) 9
Advertisement Johnny Howard Band "Rinky Dink" (Decca) 9
Johnson, Derek More Singles Review
Long John Baldry: "You'll Be Mine" / "Up above My Head" (United Artists)
Jackie Wilson: "Big Boss Line" / "Be My Girl" (Coral)
Martha & the Vandellas: "In My Lovely Room" / "A Tear for the Girl" (Stateside)
George Bean: "A Sad Story" / "Er Um Er" (Decca)
The Soul Agents: "I Just Wanna Make Love to You" / "Mean Woman Blues" (Pye)
Jackie Lynton: "Laura" / "Ebb Tide" (Piccadilly)
The Beatmen: "You Can't Sit Down" / "Come On Pretty Babe" (Pye)
Bobby Cristo: "The Other Side of the Track" / "I've Got You Out of My Mind" (Decca)
Ken Kirkham: "There's Gonna Be a Fight" / "Second Window, Second Floor" (HMV)
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Various Artists, Apollo Saturday Night (London)
Peter and Gordon, Peter and Gordon (Columbia)
Jerry Lee Lewis, Golden Hits of Jerry Lee Lewis (Philips)
The Merseybeats, Merseybeats (Fontana)
Bobby Babe, Bobby Babe: Detroit City (RCA Victor)
Advertisement USA T-Shirt 10
Advertisement Mod Sandals 10
Johnson, Derek Girl Singers are Back- And How! 11
Advertisement Watkins (Guitar Shop) 11
Advertisement The Attic Club 11
Advertisement NU Sonic by Burns (Guitar) 11
Benson, Nigel R. Scots like Hollies 12
Hentoff, Nat Nat Hentoff's American Airmail 12
N.A. Welcome back to the Crickets
21 not out- Dean Martin
N.A. Chuck Berry Is Praised- By Blue Jeans
From YOU to US
Advertisement Hip Hugging Hipster Jeans 13
Advertisement De Marco (Hair Creations) 13
N.A. Song-pics of Cliff as he appears in "Wonderful Life" 14
N.A. Classifieds 15
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 16
Gordon, Christine Silencer Danny 16
N.A. Radio Luxembourg Programming 16
Advertisement Portraits & Engraved Bracelets 16
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No. 910 19 June 1964  
n.a. From America : Orbison, Mary Wells
Jimmy Nichol on the Beatles
The Arthur Howes Agency: The Kinks, Margo and the Marvettes, The Dennisons, The Puppets, The Hearts
TO-DAY Danny Williams
Richard Green NMExclusive: Jimmy Nichol Tells about His Beatles' Capers! 2
Cordell Marks Ringo's Days in Hospital Are Not Over, He Says 2
Stan Marks, Judy Wade Precautions and New Fashions [Beatles, Australia ] 2
n.a. The Beatle Backer... Rickenbacker [Rose, Morris Sponsored Instruments] 2
n.a. TT Report: The New Motorcycle 2
Derek Johnson NMExclusive: Transatlantic Calls... Topper Roy Just Couldn't Believe It [Roy Orbison] 3
Ian Dove It's Miss Mary Wells [Smokey Robinson] 3
n.a. Burns: The new "all in" music centre 3
n.a. Everett: The sound with the future [organ] 3
Derek Johnson Singles
Cliff Richard, "On the Beach" / "A Matter of Moments" (Columbia
Elvis Presley, "Kissin' Cousins" / "It Hurts Me" (RCA)
Millie, "Sweet William" / "Oh, Henry" (Fontana)
Mike Berry, "Who Will It Be" / "Talk" (HMV)
Jimmy Powell, "That's Alright" / "I'm Looking for a Woman" (Pye)
Charlie Drake, "I'm Too Heavy for the Light Brigade" / "The Reluctant Tightrope Walker" (Parlophone)
Gary Bonds, "My Sweet Ruby Rose" / "Ella Is Yella" (Stateside)
Ketty Lester, "Roses Grow with Thorns" / "Please Don't Cry Anymore" (RCA)
Mike Sheridan, "What a Sweet Thing That Was" / "Fabulous" (Columbia)
Leroys, "Chilla" / "Lost Out on Love" (HMV)
Brenda Holloway, "Every Little Bit Hurts" / "Land of a Thousand Boys" (Stateside)
Gary Mills, "Say You Love Me" / "Town Girl" (Fontana)
n.a Beatle Drummers Pete, Jimmy [Jimmy Nichol, Pete Best] 4
n.a Potted Pops:
Warren Smith, "Blue Smoke" / "Judge and Jury" (Liberty)
B.B. King, "Rock Me Baby" / "I Can't Lose" (Ember)
Nu-Notes, "Kathy" / "Sunset" (HMV)
Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper, "Big John's Wife" / "Pirate King" (Hickory)
Randy Paige, "That's My Desire" / "Down on the Corner" (Stateside)
Cousins, "Two Lovely Black Eyes" / "Yes Sir That's My Baby" (Decca)
n.a Best-Selling LP's in Britain (Wednesday, June 17, 1964)
1. Rolling Stones, The Rolling Stones (Decca)
2. Searchers, It's the Searchers (Pye)
3. Beatles, With the Beatles (Parlophone)
4. Buddy Holly, Buddy Holly Showcase (Coral)
5. Shadows, Dance with the Shadows (Columbia)
6. Soundtrack, West Side Story (CBS)
7. The Dave Clark Five, A Session With The Dave Clark Five (Columbia)
8. The Hollies, Stay with the Hollies (Parlophone)
9. Roy Orbison, In Dreams (London)
10. Chuck Berry, The Latest and the Greatest (Pye Int.)
n.a "Sweet William," Millie's New Smash Hit 4
n.a Lonnie Donegan, "Beans in My Ears" (Pye) 4
n.a Listen to Alan Dell's Showcase on Radio Luxembourg 4
NME Top Thirty
1. "It's Over," Roy Orbison (London)
2. "You're My World," Cilla Black (Parlophone)
3. "Someone," Brian Poole and the Tremolos (Decca)
4. "Here I Go Again," Hollies (Parlophone)
5. "My Guy," Mary Wells (Stateside)
5. "Hello Dolly," Louis Armstrong (London)
7. "No Particular Place to Go," Chuck Berry (Pye Int.)
8. "Ramona," Bachelors (Decca)
9. "Shout," Lulu and the Luvers (Decca)
10. "The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt," Shadows (Columbia)
11. "Constantly," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
12. Can't You See that She's Mine," Dave Clark Five (Columbia)
13. "Juliet," Four Pennies (Philips)
14. "Nobody I Know," Peter & Gordon (Columbia)
15. "Hold Me," P.J. Proby (Decca)
16. "You're No Good," Swinging Blue Jeans (HMV)
17. "I Love You Because," Jim Reeves (RCA)
18. "My Boy Lollipop," Millie (Fontana)
19. "Non Ho l'Eta per Amarti," Gigliola Cinquetti (Decca)
20. "Hello Dolly," Frankie Vaughan (Philips)
21. "A Little Loving," Fourmost (Parlophone)
22. "Walk on By," Dionne Warwick (Pye Int.)
23. "I Love You Baby," Freddie and The Dreamers (Columbia)
24. "Dimples," John Lee Hooker (Stateside)
24. "Bamalama Bamaloo," Little Richard (London)
26. "Hello Dolly," Kenny Ball (Pye)
27. "I Will," Billy Fury (Decca)
28. "I Won't Forget You," Jim Reeves (RCA)
29. "Baby What's Wrong," Downliners Sect (Columbia)
30. "I Wish You Would," Yardbirds (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain (Thursday, June 18, 1964)
1. "You're My World" (Aberbach)
2. "Hello Dolly" (Chappell)
3. " Juliet" (Flamingo)
4. "Someone" (Burlington)
5. "It's Over" (Acuff-Rose)
6. "This Is My Prayer" (Chappell)
7. "The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt (Shadows)
8. "No Particular Place to Go" (Jewel)
9. "My Guy" (Belinda)
10. "I Love You Because" (Bourne)
11. "Constantly" (World Wide)
12. "Here I Go Again" (Belinda)
13. "I Believe" (Cinephonic)
14. "Can't You See that She's Mine" (Ardmore & Beechwood)
15. "Ramona" (Francis, Day & Hunter)
16. "Walk on By" (17 Savile Row)
17. "Nobody I Know" (Northern Songs)
18. "I Love You Baby" (Sherwin)
19. "Shout" (George Weiner)
20. "Don't Let the Rain Come Down" (Ardmore & Beechwood)
21. "Don't Throw Your Love Away" (Leeds)
22. "You're No Good" (Morris)
23. "Walking the Dog" (Progressive)
24. "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" (Jaep)
25. "I Just Wanna Make Love to You" (Jewel)
26. "My Boy Lollipop" (Planetary)
27. "World without Love" (Northern Songs)
28. "A Little Loving" (Jaep)
29. "Charade" (Compass)
30. "Don't Turn Around" (Robbins)
n.a. New from EMI: Jackie de Shannon, The Sinners, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, The Swinging Blue Jeans, Jimmy Witherspoon, Gene Vincent, Adam Faith 5
n.a. Kris Ryan and The Questions, "Miss Ann" (Mercury) 5
n.a. Decca Group Singles: Elvis, Elkie Brooks, Ketty Lester, Farmer John, Rolling Stones 5
n.a. Beatles on Radio, TV, and Sunday Concerts: Four New Songs on Film Album 6
n.a. Another British No. 1 in US: Peter and Gordon hit the top! 6
n.a. Top Sunday Shows [Arthur Howes Concert Series] 6
n.a. TV Date for Lee Hooker
Cliff Prepares for TV Special
Bachelors Act as Backing Group
Three More Debuts [The High Numbers, The Moquettes, Firing Squad]
Pop Liners
Crickets' Dates
On Palladium
'Ready, Steady' off to Knokke
Searchers Booked
Stones miss TV show
Top quality recording tapes at less than half price
n.a. Four Pennies on TV series 'live'
Billy J. Kramer Variety Weeks
Eartha Kit Plays Talk of Town
Roy Orbison, "It's Over" The first American recording to top NME charts since 1962
n.a. Searchers Big TV Date, Tour with Dionne Fixed
Millie and Lulu on 'Lucky Stars'
Beatles, Pennies, Searchers, Stones in chart battle
Jimmy Nichol to reform group
Start at Cavern
Non-stop TV beat show on Mondays [BBC-2, The Beat Room]
Stones film postponed
Donegan's Own Brighton Show
Is Cilla Next?
Sinatra's film
King's Studios, Available for Rehearsal Any Time
Lasky's Radio: "Beat Sound Bargains!!!"
Richard Green Kenny 'Dolly' Ball Talks about Guv'nor Louis [Louis Armstrong] 8
n.a. Life Lines of Lulu 8
D.G. Two Els For the price of one [Kissin' Cousins film] 8
NME Five Years ago: Top Ten 1959, Week ending June 19
"Roulette," Russ Conway (Columbia)
"A Fool Such As I" / "I Need Your Love Tonight," Elvis Presley (RCA)
"Dream Lover," Bobby Darin (London)
"Teenager in Love," Marty Wilde (Philips)
"I've Waited So Long," Anthony Newley (Decca)
"It Doesn't Matter Any More," Buddy Holly (Coral)
"It's Late," Rick Nelson (London)
"Side Saddle," Russ Conway (Columbia)
"May You Always," Joan Regan (HMV)
"Guitar Boogie Shuffle," Bert Wheedon (Top Rank)
  Ten Years Ago: Top Ten 1954, Week Ending June 18
"Secret Love," Doris Day (Philips)
"Such a Night," Johnnie Ray (Philips)
"Friends and Neighbours," Billy Cotton (Decca)
"Wanted," Perry Como (HMV)
"The Happy Wanderer," Obenkirchen Choir (Parlophone)
"I Get So Lonely," Four Knights (Capitol)
"Someone Else's Roses," Joan Regan (Decca)
"Heart of My Heart," Max Bygraves (HMV)
"Cara Mia," David Whitfield (Decca)
"Changing Partners," Kay Starr (Capitol)
n.a. The Attic Club, schedule
Great News, Mods! [clothing ad]
The Dennisons, Club Noreik
World-famous Jorgen Ingmann teaches you to play 8guitar by post
Balding man?
First time in the World! Full-size electric guitar complete with amplifier
Foote: Drums, bass guitars, tenor saxes
Burns professional equipment
Regular army advertisement
Bill Wyman NMExclusive: Stones wax 15 sides at Chuck's studio 9
Ian Dove Primitive Hooker [John Lee Hooker] 9
Richard Green Watch P.J. Proby Tomorrow 9
Richard Green Latest Sect—Downliners! 9
Allen Evans EPs
Those Brilliant Shadows, The Shadows (Columbia)
For You, Vols. 1 & 2, Elvis Presley (RCA Victor)
The Sweetest Sounds, Eydie Gorme (CBS)
Twangin' Up a Small Storm, Duane Eddy (RCA Victor)
n.a. Fab Gear by mail
Futurama Duo [guitar]
Hercules Super-Dyne System [exercise]
Ryemuse: Instrument sales, record shop, sound studios
Chris Hutchins Fury Wins! 10
Andy Gray Happy 'Holiday' Guaranteed with Frank and Kathy [Ifield, Kirby] 10
Nat Hentoff American Airmail 10
n.a. From You to Us 10
n.a. Bachelors Get Ready for 'Bonanza'! 10
n.a. Ray Charles and his Orchestra with the Raelets
All Night Rave, Rolling Stones Fan Club
'Easy learn' lessons for piano accordion, guitar, trumpet, drums, harmonica, piano
"S.R.M." Sound Cabinets
Dynamic Tension [exercise ad]
Robert Stigwood Associates Ltd.
Royal Albert Hall, Big Beat Night
n.a. Agent directory
Radio Caroline, official t-shirt
Ugly blackheads—out in seconds
The Alley-Cat Tail-Pieces 12
n.a. Record of the Week! Jimmy Nichol, Husky (Pye)
"A Sad Story," George Bean (Decca)
Peter & Gordon, departing for America [picture]
Radio Luxembourg, full programmes
AFN Highlights
The Merseybeats, five original songs (Fontana)
Donald Peers, "As Long as You Love Me a Little" (Columbia)
The Bachelors, "Ramona" (Decca)
Lou Bennett, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (Columbia)
"I Won't Forget You," Jim Reeves (RCA)
  Caroline Scherer, Spring 2010  
No. 911 26 June 1964  
(cover page) Epstein cables about his Beatles
Troy Dante & The Infernos "This Little Girl" (Fontana)
No. 10 Fantastic Seller! House of the Rising Sun The Animals on Colombia
N.A. It's a real cool chew ... and that flavour lasts and lasts through a stack of swinging pops! So get with Beatmint — eight great pieces for only 3d. ANGLO BEATMINT 2
N.A. TAKE FOUR!!!! ... of these FREE Catalogues (Selmer Electronics TRUVOICE, Fender Guitars, Selmer, Gibson) 3
N.A. Royal Albert Hall. BIG BEAT NIGHT the Fabulous ADAM FAITH & THE ROULETTES Special GUESTS from the U.S.A. ! The Crickets America's No.1 Vocal Group. P.J. Proby The New Sensation! The APPLEJACKS. Troy Dante & The Infernos. The Pickwicks. The Cherokees. Additional attraction, Barry St. John. 4
N.A. Great News Mods! Only By Taking Over the Complete Production Can We Make Well-Known Felt Badge Manufacturer Can We Make Such An Offer! 4
Pye Records Joe Brown "Don't"
The Honey Combs "Have I the Right"
Petula Clark "True Love Never Runs Smooth"
Johnny Sandon "Donna Means Heartbreak"
Bobby Lord "Take the Bucket to The Well"
Sue Thompson "Bad Boy"
Lonnie Donegan "Beans in My Ears"
N.A. The Animals "The House of the Rising Sun" ( Colombia ) 4
N.A. From the NME 5 years ago
TOP TEN 1959 — week ending June 26
Russ Conway, "Roulette" (Colombia)
Bobby Darin, "Dream Lover" (London)
Marty Wilde, "A Teenager in Love" (Philips)
Elvis Presley, "A Fool Such As I" / "I Need Your Love Tonight" (RCA)
Anthony Newley, "I've Waited So Long" (Decca)
Russ Conway, "Side Saddle" (Columbia)
Lonnie Donegan, "Battle of New Orleans" (Pye)
Buddy Holly, "It Doesn't Matter Any More" (Coral)
Rick Nelson, "It's Late" (London)
Duane Eddy, "Peter Gunn" (London)
  10 years ago
TOP TEN 1954 — Week ending June 25
Doris Day, "Secret Love" (Philips)
David Whitfield, "Cara Mia" (Decca)
Johnnie Ray, "Such a Night" (Philips)
Perry Como, "Wanted" (HMV)
Four Knights, "I Get So Lonely" (Capitol)
Perry Como, "Idle Gossip" (HMV)
Billy Cotton, "Friends and Neighbours" (Decca)
Joan Regan, "Someone Else's Roses" (Decca)
Max Bygraves, "Heart of my Heart" (Decca)
Al Martino, "Wanted" (Capitol)
N.A. Harold Davison & Henri Goldgran Present Ray Charles and his Orchestra. Odeon Hammersmith. Astoria Finsbury Park. New Victoria. 5
N.A. A Great New Double-Sided Hit from Cliff Richard and The Shadows (Columbia) A Matter of Moments/On The Beach from the film "Wonderful Life" 5
N.A. No 1 LP in America . Louis Armstrong "Hello Dolly!" (London) 5
Derek Johnson Singles Review
Ray Charles, "My Baby Don't Dig Me" / "Something's Wrong" (HMV)
Brenda Lee, "Alone with You" / "My Dreams" (Brunswick)
Beach Boys, "I Get Around" / "Don't Worry Baby" (Capitol)
Pet Clark, "True Love Never Runs Smooth" / "Saturday Sunshine" (Pye)
Clinton Ford, "The Wedding" / "Sleepy Valley Lullaby" (Colombia)
Buddy Knox, "All Time Loser" / "Good Lovin'" (Liberty)
N.A. LP Reviews
Rolling Stones, The Rolling Stones (Decca)
Buddy Holly, Buddy Holly Showcase (Coral)
Beatles, With the Beatles (Parlophone)
Searchers, It's the Searchers (Pye)
Elvis Presley, Kissin' Cousins (RCA)
Soundtrack, West Side Story (CBS)
Bachelors, The Bachelors Plus Great Songs (Decca)
The Merseybeats (Fontana)
Roy Orbinson, In Dreams (London)
N.A. Potted Pops
Chris Rayburn, "I've Cried My Last Tear Over You" / "You Forgot to Say When" (Parlophone)
Mark Raymond & The Crowd, "Girls"/ "Remember Me to Julie" ( Colombia )
Honeycombs, "Have I the Right?" / "Please Don't Pretend Again" (Pye)
Terry Judge & the Barristers, "Try to Forget" / "I Don't Care" (Oriole)
Victorians "Happy Birthday Blue" / "Oh What a Night for Love" (Liberty)
Bobby Lord, "Take the Bucket to the Well" / "A Man Needs a Woman" (Hickory)
Johnny Sandon, "Donna Means Heartbreak" / "Some Kinda Wonderful" (Hickory)
Debbie Lee, "For Ever Man There's a Woman"/ "Can't You See" (Decca)
Chris Farlow & the Thunderbirds, "What You Gonna Do?" / "Just a Dream"
N.A. Dusty Springfield, "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself" (Philips) 6
N.A. Robert Stigwood Associates LTD. Craven House.
Solely representing: John Leyton, Mike Sarne, Mike Berry & the Innocents, Billie Davis, Don Spencer, the Le Roys, Billy Boyle
N.A. Gus Backus, "Short on Love" / "Big Willie Broke Jail Tonight" (Polydor) 6
N.A. Listen to Alan Dell's Showcase. Radio Luxembourg . An E.M.I. Presentation on Every Sunday at 8 P.M. 6
NME Top Thirty
1. "It's Over," Roy Orbinson (London)
2. "Someone," Brian Poole and the Tremeloes (Decca)
3. "Hello Dolly," Louis Armstrong (London)
4. "You're My World," Cilla Black (Parlophone)
5. "Ramona," Bachelors (Decca)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Hello Dolly" (Chappell)
2. "Someone" (Burlington)
3. "You're My World" (Aberbach)
4. "It's Over" (Acuff-Rose)
5. "Juliet" (Flamingo)
N.A. New From EMI - the greatest recording organization in the world
Martha and the Vandellas, "In My Lonely Room" (Stateside)
Long John Baldry and the Hoochie Coochie Men, "You'll Be Mine" (United Artists)
The Roulettes, "I'll Remember Tonight" (Parlophone)
The U.K.s "Every Faithful, Ever True" (HMV)
Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, "Jealous Girl" (HMV)
N.A. Matt Monro, "I Love You Too" (Parlophone) 7
N.A. Christine Holmes, "Play Me a Sad Song" (Mercury) 7
N.A. Danny Williams, "Today" (from film "Company of Cowards") (HMV) 7
N.A. New On Sale Today
The Nashville Teens, "Tobacco Road" (Decca)
Marianne Faithfull, "As Tears Go By" (Decca)
Elaine and Derek, "All the Sheep in the World" (Decca)
The Cherokees, "You've Done It Again, Little Girl" (Decca)
Debbie Lee "For Every Man There's a Woman" (Decca)
Terry Stafford, "I'll Touch a Star" (London)
Bill Black's Combo, "Tequila" (London)
Brenda Lee, "Alone with You" (Brunswick)
N.A. The Applejacks, "Like dreamers do" (Decca) 8
N.A. Lulu and the Luvers, "Shout" (Decca) 9
No. 30 In All American Charts — And Rising Fast
"Rock Me Baby" BB King (Ember)
Sonny Blake with his NEW SUNNY sound "Johnny Janvier" (Ember)
At Your Record Shops Now!
Introducing Mandy. The Dave Clark Five.
N.A. Burns Guitar Strings. No guitar sounds like a Burns ... but ANY guitar plays better with Burns strings. 9
Derek Johnson More singles by Derek Johnson
Tony Washington, "Surely I Love You" / "Man to Man"
Lonnie Mack, "Lonnie on the Move" / "Nice to Me" (Stateside)
Nashville Teens, "Tobacco Road" / "I Like It Like That" (Decca)
McKinleys, "When He Comes Along" / "Then I'll Know It's Love" (Colombia)
Bill Black Combo, "Tequila" / "Raunchy" (London)
Terry Stafford, "I'll Touch a Star" / "Suspicion" (London)
Elaine & Derek, "All The Sheep in the World" / "The Boy I'm Gonna Marry" (Decca)
The Jynx, "How" / "Do What They Don't Say" (Colombia)
N.A. Besson For Everything For The Beat Group Of Today. 10
N.A. Dynamic Sound Rapier 33. 10
N.A. A complete range of transistor amplifiers "the sound gets around" Burns 11
N.A. The shop for the group London's Leading Stockists suppliers of drums, guitars, amplifiers & echo units etc 11
N.A. Why Be Bald? (Hair pieces) 11
N.A. The new Beatles L.P. "A Hard Day's Night" 11
N.A. Al Saxon sings ... 'Mine All Mine' in Just For You 12
N.A. Just for You was recorded by De Lane Lea 12
N.A. A knockout LP by the Merseybeats. A second great hit from Millie, "Sweet William" (Fontana) stars of Just for Fun 13
N.A. "Just for Me Premier Drums" 13
N.A. Feldmans present The Music from "Just for You" including Freddie and the Dreamers "Just For You," The Bachelors "Low The Valley" / "The Fox," Peter and Gordon "Leave Me Alone" / "Soft as the Dawn," Millie "Sugar Dandy," The Merseybeats "Milkman," a Band of Angels "Hide 'n' Seek," Louise Cordet "It's So Hard to Be Good" 13
N.A. Just for You — by Topper (boots) 13
N.A. The Singing Strings of the Marvin Guitar 14
N.A. Foote has drums, bass guitars, tenor saxes 14
N.A. Ray Charles and his Orchestra with the Raelets 14
N.A. The Famous AKG Microphones to suit every purpose 14
N.A. Dubreq Studios (recording and cutting demo discs) 14
N.A. All Nite Rave Club Noreik presenting ...
4 + 1 Soundsation
The Kinks
Jimmy Crawford
And the Shantells
N.A. Balding Man? (hair replacement) 14
N.A. Fabulous! New Crystal Clear Chandau for hair spray luxury everyday. 14
N.A. Jean Alexander Agency. Cliff Bennett. And The Rebel Rousers and many other groups. 15
N.A. J.D.S. Entertainments Agency. Solely Representing: Bern Elliot and the Fenmen — Decca. The Classmates — Decca. The Wackers — Oriole. 15
N.A. NEMS Enterprises LTD.
Chas. McDevitt & Shirley Douglas
Arthur Howes Limited
Galaxy Entertainments
Solely presenting: The Paramounts, Gene Vincent, The Outlaws, The Druids, The Prestons, The Problems
N.A. Rhythm 'n' Blues: Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, Zoot Money, John Mayal, Dave Davani, The Tridents, Chris Farlowe, Northbank Bluesliners 15
N.A. Solely Representing: Screamin' Lord Sutch & the Savages, 'I'm a Hog For You,' Rockin Berries, the Fortunes,. Wayne Gibson, Danny Storm, the Zephyrs, Garry Mills, Jimmy Stevens & the Jackpots 15
N.A. Keith Powell and The Valets. Mike Sheridan and The Nightriders. 15
N.A. For All Beat & R 'n' B Groups, Bands & Soloists ring Jim Godbolt Agency LTD. 15
N.A. The Dictators "So Long Little Girl" Sole Agency 15
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