New Musical Express | September 1964

September 4 No. 921  
Chris Hutchins "Elvis is one of the lads" says Paul 2, 3
n.a. Question time with the Beatles American style 3
Cordell Marks Marianne Faithful wants normal life! 4
Richard Green Naturals sing Beatles song 4
Ian Dove Working in Nashville was like working with Shadows 5
n.a. Burt is riding high [Bacharach] 5
n.a. Welcome to Leslie Gore 5
Derek Johnson Singles: Rolf wants Ringo in White House!; Sarne takes off Stones [Roy Orbison; Barry Barnett; Kingsmen; Peter Jay; Cliff Bennett; Chiffons; Moody Blues; Gene Chandler; Ray Charles; Dixie Cups; Downliners Sect; Carol Deene] 6
n.a. Animals top US charts
RCA may release more Reeves LPs
Group coached by Steele's brother
Beatles and Cilla on Good's TV show—may soon be seen here
Kathy Kirby on Sullivan show
Pantomime LP for Cliff and Shadows
Marianne leaves school
Millie to Germany
Fourmost's radio date
Honecombs and Kinks in "Room"
Applejacks to marry
Freddie's bassist ill
Davis in Taylor film
Joe's TV "Dance Date"
Bruvvers tour without Joe
Hollies pen next single
Lena Horne for Talk of Town
Julie in cabaret
Stars for Halifax
Comperes in TV series
Taylor joins Bourne
n.a. Stones spend Xmas in South Africa
Naturals dates
Donegan's "Night Out" on Sunday
n.a. Honeycombs film
Garner's TV delay
Poole on "Open House"
Brenda Lee cancels tour —Mann sought
Searchers' US trip now on again
Gerry's "Gear" delay
Migil's cruise
Dale comperes TV series
Seasons British visit?
Foxx duo's tour
Karl for Coventry
Mann to tour
Ifield out of "Gear"
"Beat Room" now twice-a-week
Kinks date with Kramer
Hollies dates
Orbison's 208 "battle"
Derek Johnson Singles: Buddy Holly disc is still modern after six years [Lesley Gore; "Bread & Butter" Matt Monro; Brook Benton; Vinton-Carroll; Bern Elliott; Rustiks; Anita Harris]
Potted pops [Henry Mancini Orchestra; Mike Rabin; Billy Edd Wheeler; Lorraine Child; Routers; Jan Burnnette; Top Six (no. 8); Ladybirds; Spinners]
Derek Johnson Sweet-corn Dean and Four Seasons in Season 11
Dave Gillard Newcomers to the charts: Supremes at last 11
Richard Green Meet Stew the sixth Stone 12
n.a. Life-lines of Dave Berry 12
Richard Green No. 4 of series Man to Mann [Manfred Mann] 13
Nat Hentoff American Airmail 13
Cordell Marks Our problem parents and us [Zombies] 14
n.a. Top ten by the Kinks 14
I.D. Welcome Inez and Charlie [Foxx] 16
September 11 No. 922  
Chris Hutchins John "kills" them! Hollywood will never be the same! Jane Mansfield was embarrassed; midnight swim; "Indian" colonel [Beatles] 2, 3
Ian Dove Charlie Foxx — now touring with the Stones — talks about "my good friends the Supremes" and specially his walking out girl — Diana Ross 4
Dave Berry My top ten  
Richard Green Herman — Frankest Yet! 5
Dave Gillard New comers to the charts: Newsbeats [sic] here to plug hit 5
Derek Johnson Singles: Animals, Searchers, Peter & Gordon; three probably No. 1 hits [Hollies; Allan Sherman; Dana Valery; Trini Lopez; Johnny Rivers, Bill Haley]
Promising Six [Gus Backus; the Voomins; Annette and the Keyman; Tony Washington and the DCs; Doug Sheldon; Ike and Tina Turner]
Potted pops: Frank Sintatra-Count Basie; Jacqueline Mayro; Laurie Jay Combo; Chris Barber Band; Jackie Ross; Don, David and Dean; Byron Lee and the Dragons; Rita Pavone; Cymerons; Alice Babs]
n.a. Bo Street Runners win "Ready" contest 8
Nat Hentoff Animals still top, new hit for Cilla 8
n.a. Andrew Oldham's latest discovery [the Poets; Shade Joey and the Night Owls; Michael Haslam; Ivy League, the Gonks]
Promoter Don Arden confirms, Mann on Haley tour; Teens too
Zombies' dates
Duos compete on 208
Julie on TV tonight
Hermits in show with Dave Berry?
Cilla to tour with Fourmost
Kinks first album
Radio dates for Kinks and Gerry
Klan on Mann tour
Manfred Mann may tour US
Searchers join Jackson on TV
Henney Quits Chappells
Bachelor Tolley weds
n.a. Honeycombs on Palladium TV
Pop film release [UK Swings Again]
Donegan, Wynter set for panto
n.a. Lulu and Teens film
Stones on "Scene"
Valentine's TV date
Variety week for Dreamers
Haley's "Beat Room" off
Cliff revives Mathis "Never"
Stones returning to America next month
Newbeats in London
Herman's Hermits EP
BBC-1 to show "Open House" on Sundays
Naturals join Geordie tour
Derek Johnson More singles: Nostalgic Frank [Ifield; Johnny Tillotson; Adam Faith; Miki & Griff; Peter and the Headlines; Golden Crusaders; Spotnicks; Marvelettes; the 'Takers; Ronnie and the Daytonas; Luman and Thompson]
Marty in good form [Marty Wilde]
Allen Evans LPs [Jim Reeves: Moonlight and Roses; Fats Domino: Fats on Fire; Brenda Lee: By Request; Bill Black's Combo Plays Tunes by Chuck Berry; Memories Are Made of Hits; James Brown Showtime; Sam Butera: Thinking Man's Sax] 10
Richard Green Amid the panic and noise at the Stones package show opening, Lip-reading the titles 11
Ian Dove Bill Haley, "father of rock 'n' roll," says, "I feel like 17!" 12
Chris Hutchins Act that has U.S. screaming [Beatles] 12
Richard Green Paul Jones is the final Man to Mann 12
Nat Hentoff American Airmail 12
n.a. Life-lines of the Kinks 13
Ian Dove Dusty phones from America: I can't keep awake 14
Paul East Shadows don't worry about R 'n' B craze 14
Richard Green Animals make movie after five shows a day 16
September 18 No. 923  
Richard Green Brenda will come back to make an LP with Mickie [Brenda Lee] 2
Allen Evans EPs [Roy Orbison; Migil 5; Dionne Warwick; Everly Brothers; Petula Clark; Val Doonican]  
Derek Johnson Once again Derek Johnson becomes Roy's good-news man 3
Allen Evans "Rag Doll" composer relays their joy at being "in" again [Bob Crewe] 3
Chris Hutchins Ringo explains why he was the shy one 4
Allen Evans Julie weaves an exotic image 5
Derek Johnson Reviews the latest Singles, and says, "Applejacks' Jangle-beat a winner" [Rick Nelson; Susan Maughan; John Leyton; Johnny Thunder; Timi Yuro; Major Lance; Jackie Trent; Chants; Fortunes; Gonks]
Potted pops [Ria Bartok; Danny Delmonte; Bobby Jameson; Donna Lynn; Band of Angels; Cadets]
n.a. Mickie Most signs up another group [the Bats]
Producer debuts [Tony Hatch]
Chris Hutchins Lena sizzles at Talk of the Town 8
n.a. Heinz makes EMI debut
Beatles home on Monday
Herman's Hermits join tour and Chester panto
Brian Epstein's record debut!
Searchers on "Easy Beat"
Newbeats return at end of month
Applejacks on "Luck Stars"
Hermits on "Beat Room"
Jay in TV documentary [Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers]
Manfred Mann sought by Ed Sullivan
Hollies' "Radio Club"
Ball on Haynes show
Millie Martin on Palladium show
Singles from Beach Boys and Knights
n.a. Animals offered big film deal 8-9
n.a. Five Kramer tour dates cancelled
Manfred Mann aids musician's charity
Dionne on "Gear"
Charity pop prom
Chipmunks single of Beatle songs
Faith in charity show
Tommy Steele's show for US
Andrew Oldham weds
Girls in Faith's life
Zombies set for Swedish concerts
Honeycombs and Dave Clark on "Steady twice
Tempest to New York [Roy Tempest]
Pacemakers for Cotton TV show
Animals in "Beat Room"
Sinatra back in Italy
Ian Dove More singles: Tony Jackson could have a hit [Ronettes; Little Richard; Lonnie Donegan; Kenny Ball; John Lee Hookr; Elkie Brooks; Toggery Five] 10
Allen Evans Pick of the new LPs [Five Faces of Manfred Mann; Chuck Berry: You Never Can Tell; Frank Sinatra-Count Basie: It Might as Well be Swing; Good Old Fiftes] 10
n.a. Welcome back Ronnettes 11
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Beatles in ten years—by Martin [predicts band's split] 11
Derek Johnson ??-time with Dave Berry 12
Allen Evans EPs [Four Pennies; Mojos; Sinatra and Strings; Francoise Hardy; Howlin' Wolf] 12
n.a. Life-lines of the Zombies 13
n.a. Top ten of the chart-topping Herman's Hermits 13
David Gillard Quick weather changes for Billy J. Kramer 14
Millie Small Millie sends a letter from New York 14
September 25 No. 924  
Derek Johnson "A Lucky Association" choice for the Searchers 4
Richard Green Spending an evening at Proby's 4
Chris Hutchins Paul is fan of the fans! 5
Dave Gillard Kenny Ball in Rumania 5
Derek Johnson Singles: Cliff's top song [Wayne Fontana; Barbra Streisand; Cheetahs; Peter, Paul & Mary; Burl Ives; Beat Merchants]
One to watch: Sandie's "Always..." chart worthy [Sandie Shaw]
Mild Beach Boys
Potted Pops [Tony Bennett; Ray Peterson; Sacha Bistel; Antoinette; Michael Greenwood; Gale Garnett Orch]
n.a. Radio's late shows begin 8
Doug Bartram Marianne stills the screamers 8
n.a. Poets' debut disc [the Others; Reverend Black and the Rocking Vicars]
Beach Boys, Pitney, Supremes flying in
Dusty will come home next week
Harry Secombe on Palladium
Stones, Knights, Bassey and Kirby on "Lucky Stars"
Ringo and Cilla judge contest
Newley-Bricusse show comes off
Same US team pens Herman's follow-up [Gerry Goffin and Carole King]
Matt joins Julie on Joe Loss show
Jacobs plays himself
Poole's six-day tour
Dodd's own radio show
Zombies to spend Xmas in New York
Skeeter arriving
Royal show on BBC-1
Merseybeats quit show
n.a. Stones, Gerry and Billy J. in US film
Searchers tour date
Searchers and Freddie on radio
n.a. Next week's US chart—Mann 2; Kinks in
International stars at Disques gala
Bachelors TV show and 10-week tour
Marianne's follow-up
Cilla, Fourmost dates
Mann's polling day show
Monro on Cotton show
Mancini's BBC-2 date
Naturals' next a Murray song
Rolf's trip to New York
Kink's accident
Little Richard's ballroom dates
TV shows and new disc for Millie
Oriole bought by US firm
Derek Johnson More singles: Bobby Darin goes more commercial; "Runner" should win again! [Terry Stafford; Val Doonican; Mchael Haslam; Ronnie Hilton; Lennie Peters; Keith Powell; Dion di Muci; Little Eva; Andrew Oldham Orchestra; Earl Jean; Ivy League]
Potted Pops [Don Covay and the Goodtimers; Jimmy Cliff; Dave Ventura; Cockneys]
Good things on smaller labels
Allen Evans LPs [Honeycombs; Four Seasons: Born to Wander; Mary Wells Sings My Guy; Fame at Last: Georgie Fame; Best of Muddy Waters; James Brown "Live" at the Apollo; Jimmy Reed: Boss Man of the Blues; Rhythm and Blues] 10
n.a. Life-lines of Herman's Hermits 11
Derek Johnson Derek Johnson listens in on song writers' confab [Mort Shuman; Kenny Lynch; Clive Westlake; Geoff Stephens] 12
Cordell Marks Vegas — but no gambling for Bachelors 13
Dave Gillard Newbeats are three acts in one 13
Cordell Marks Good thing from an album gives Dino a single winner [Dean Martin] 14
Ian Dove Bill Black (of combo fame) talks about the early days of Elvis 14

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