New Musical Express | November 1964

November 6 No. 930  
Richard Green Kinks feel they could do much better 3
Cliff Bennett My top ten 3
n.a. Life-lines of Wayne Fontana 4
Dave Gillard Tommy Quickly — better late . . . 4
Cordell Marks Latest top ten group invades NME office: Rockin' Berries full of surprises 5
Derek Johnson Single Reviews: Chuck's "Little Marie" a smasher [Chuck Berry; Newbeats; Chad & Jeremy; Lesley Gore; Fourmost; Frankie Vaughan; Helen Shapiro; Dixie Cups; Russ Sainty; Beat-chics]
Pat Boone surfing
Potted pops [Hondells; Bob Crewe; Nat Cole; James Brown & His Orch; Johnny Sandon; Cops 'n' Robbers; Guy Darrell & the Midniters]
n.a. A million every week [NME circulation]
Judy at Palladium—on ATV [Judy Garland and Liza Minelli]
New disc signings: Tom's group sounds [the Seekers; Pat Clements; Sus and Sunshine; the Four Macs; the Jet Set; the Gobbledegooks; the Boys; Jan Douglas]
Beatles on TV
Bid advance for Beatles
British records top charts in eight countries
Lee Lewis—Yardbirds tour venues booked
Beatles song man waxes
Helen's cabaret double
Quickly to US
Susan Maughan for Blackpool
Fats may tour here
Hermits on "Scene"
Herman, Teens, and Marianne to visit US
Sandie joins Stones on "Ready Steady Go"
Jackie on "Jury"
Clark in US for 3 months
n.a. Proby tour off: no Berry
Kramer's royal show
Hollies in "Swing"
Marianne collapses
n.a. Stones' tours abroad; single rushed out
Quickly, Val, Hollies—TV
Dusty, Frank and Cliff on "Gear"
Pitney for Oxford
Dusty on Andrews show
Lou Johnson for Britain
Julie returns from America [Rogers]
Russ too ill for TV show
Shirley Bassey
Discs from Julie, Animals and Berry [Dave]
Davis-Bennett show on TV
Bachelors in variety
Allen Evans LPs [The Animals; In the Hollies Style; Blue Jeas a 'Swinging; The Honeycombs; Rhythm and Blues All Stars; Trini Lopez Live at Basin Street East] 10
Ian Dove Jazz LPs [Reflections: Stan Getz; Harlem Hamfats] 10
Derek Johnson More Singles: Lesley Gore gives value [Pet Clark; Jan & Dean; Eden Kane; Lulu; Jerry Lee Lewis; Caravelles; Kingsmen]
Unsure Sinatra
Cordell Marks Brenda Lee talks about the big show before and after 11
n.a. Pop starts entertain the Queen 11
Richard Green Nashville teens find out what a google eye is — from fisherman Carl Perkins! 12
I.D. Temps "family album" show [Temperance Seven] 12
Derek Johnson Dig those legs as Shadows go Roman [film] 13
Bruce Charlton Instrumental surprises [orchestral arrangements] 13
Richard Green Animals wore Sullivan TV make-up on Liverpool stage 14
Ian Dove Same sound in person [Jimmy Reed at Flamingo] 16
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Presley doesn't worry about film scripts 16
November 13 No. 931  
Cordell Marks Supremes make history 3
Derek Johnson Beatles next album [Beatles for Sale] 3
Dave Gillard Pet's back in charts after two years [Petula Clark] 4
Richard Green Animal of the week: Alan Price 4
Derek Johnson Why Jim Reeves will live on in Britain 5
Cordell Marks Dusty's Storm - in private [Dusty Springfield] 5
Derek Johnson Singles: Stones and Hermits can't go wrong! [Dave Berry; Gene Pitney; Ronettes; Four Seasons; Tommy Tucker; Duane Eddy; Sounds Inc; Rory Storm; Connie Francis; Crickets]
Two big songs for Christmas from Roy and Brenda [Orbison; Lee]
n.a. Sullivan rages at Stones' fans!
Groups to film
New disc signings: Ex-Vernon Girl's "break" in States [Samantha Jones; George E. Washington; the Hellions; the Birds; the Coloradoes; the Senators; the Keys; Des and Dave; Billie Davis]
Bachelors TV series and tour dates: New record out in a fortnight
Stones, Zombies in US top ten
Tommy Quickly waxed live
Stones TV show off
Pretty Things on "Beat Room"
New Opening date for Berry's tour
Shampan buys Filmusic
Dionne waxes LP with Bacharach
Sandie and Lou "Scene"
"Pickwick" holiday
Mann and Kinks on US TV show
Tours abroad for Honecombs
"Glad Rag Ball" on TV
Anka arrives
Bassey to Play Coconut Grove
Ella's dates
Presley film release
Scots and Irish tours for Wayne [Fontana and the Mindbenders]
Lulu on "Juke Jury" again
n.a. Jackie stays on [Jackie de Shannon]
Kim joins Gerry tour [Kim Weston]
Discs from Cliff, Shadows and Searchers
n.a. Blackpool summer show for Freddie
Sandie and Herman on Stones "Lucky"
British pop stars invade Australia
Mickie's two new recording acts [Most; Paul Williams; the Bats]
Tour chiefs meeting to discuss losses
Zombies' US plans
Playing to Princess
Poets tour ballrooms
Pretty Things record album
Faith's TV showcase
Vee Jay switch to Philips
Newley will take show to Broadway
Derek Johnson More Singles: Potted Pops [Marianne and Mike; Moody Blues; Mark Five; Mike Berry; Colorados; Susan Holliday; Chuck Jackson; Bill Anderson; Top Six No. 10; Larry Cunningham and the Mighty Avons; Peter Lee Stirling and the Bruisers; Rats]
Shop Window [Dick and Deedee; Little Peggy March; Nina and Frederik; Bad Boys; Vernon Girls; Three Bells]
Battle for "Martha" [Lou Johnson; Adam Faith]
Allen Evans LPs [Nat King Cole Sings "My Fair Lady"; Kingston Trio Back in Town; Fats Domino: Million Sellers No. 1; Woody Allen; Country-and-Western; Christmas Albums; Bargain Labels]  
Andy Gray How long can Elvis stick to the same old script? 11
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Stones got to Cleveland just in time 11
Ian Dove Gerry package bulges with beat 12
Ian Dove Chuck Smiles at Loss [Chuck Berry] 13
Derek Johnson Hard work is Val's success secret [Val Doonican] 13
Ian Dove Gene Pitney — real gift to publishers 14
Richard Green Pennies' village surprise [Four Pennies] 14
Bruce Charlton Why is "Gear" going [BBC Light cancels popular night radio show] 16
November 20 No. 932  
Richard Green Wayne Fontana outstayed P.J. and Manfred at party 2
n.a. Top ten of the Rockin' Berries 2
Richard Green Rolling Stones top first time! ["Little Red Rooster"; US "problems"; Mike Dorsey] 3
Richard Green Animal of the week: Hilton Valentine 4
n.a. Life-lines of Mary Wells 4
Derek Johnson Cliffs Xmas album [Cliff Richard] 5
Derek Johnson Singles: Same kind of song for Julie, Country flavour for Frank [Rogers; Ifield; Everly Brothers; Peter & Gordon; Doris Day; Karl Denver; Carl Perkins; Marvin Gaye; Naturals; Downliners Sect; The Boys]
Potted pops [Maxine Brown; Birds; Gallants; VIPs; Bobby Patrick Big Six; Simon Scott; Bob Luxman; Greenbeats; Zephyrs]
n.a. Dave will now film in UK [Dave Clark Five
Beatles two TV specials
Kinks gold
In "Cash Box" next week—Searchers new US hit ["Love Potion NO. 9"]
Girls in TV series [Springfield; Clark, Black, Cogan, Hardy]
New disc signings: Ringo man records [Norman McGarry; Tony Wilson; Blue Rondos; the Brand; Judi Johnson]
Dusty, Mann and Clark in New Year's "RSG"
Carroll on "Jury"
Val on Palladium TV
Quickly release
Stones on "Ready" without Jones
Wayne Fontana on Loss Show
n.a. Things-Berries northern shows
Brown-Neagle musical show
Rousers join Croydon bill
All-star album
Bachelors concerts
Vote for your stars in the world's greatest pop popularity poll
Searchers to tour States?
Billy Fury tour with name band
Julie "Swings"
Venues set for Millie's panto
Dionne off tour
n.a. Sandie, Elvis, Proby, Dusty singles soon
Judy's Palladium TV
Kramer on "Club", Joe joins Beatles
Miracles TV dates
Mann in Cabaret
Chad and Jeremy in major US TV shows
Keely's Beatles LP
Ball-Migil 5 charity show
Derek Johnson Singles: Millie's Christmas Disc [Dakotas; Show Bands; Anne Shelton; Dean & Mark]
Potted Pops [Timi Yuro; Peddlers; Kim Weston; Dean Ford; Alexis Korner's Blues Inc.; Kingston Trio]
Shop window [Hullaballoos; Chartbusters; the Gong Show; Gunter Kalliman; Pat Clarence; Gene Simmons]
Allen Evans EPs [Beatles; Manfred Mann; Shadows; Billy J. Kramer; Cliff Bennett; Frank Sinatra; Nancy Wilson] 12
n.a. Proud mom [Judy Garland; Liza Minelli] 12
Cordell Marks This pop formula can't miss [pop tour] 12
Chris Hutchins Brenda overcomes her ailments [Brenda Lee] 12
Richard Green Searchers talk about the Shangri-Las: "They're sweet 'n' nice—typically American," says Chris Curtis 13
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Elvis you can't win 13
Cordell Marks Kinks-Bachelors What have they in common? 14
Ian Dove Marvin visits sick Dionne [Marvin Gaye] 16
November 27 No. 933  
n.a. Life-lines of the Rolling Stones 3
Ian Dove Gene Pitney: world singer 4
Dave Gillard Pet has problem with Downtown [Petula Clark] 4
Cordell Marks New to the charts: Twinkle 4
Chris Hutchins Beatles won't give each other Christmas presents 5
Nat Hentoff American Airmail 5
Derek Johnson Singles: Ten top chart certs (starting with the Beatles, of course) [Bachelors; Searchers; Sandie Shaw; Elvis Presley; Cliff Richard; Shadows; P.J.Proby; Honecombs; Biran Poole]
And the rest [Kenn Dodd; Johnny Rivers; Kenny Ball; Paul Conway; Kenny Lynch]
Potted pops [Barbara Lewis; Ventures; Jimmy Witherspoon; Peter & the Headlines; Mike Shannon & the Strangers; McKinleys; Johnny Mathis; Jimmy Powell; Roys' Boys]
n.a. Steele, Julie, Val—Xmas TV
Stones TV date [BBC-2 to air Dean Martin's Hollywood Palace]
New disc signings: Group from Gerry's film on Parlophone [Earl Royce and the Olympics; Adam, Mike, and Tim; the Pathfinders; the Hummelslugs; the Fitz & Statz; Johnny Worth, the Go-Goes]
Cliff, Shadows: Screen "Alladin"
Cilla heads Dutch poll
Churchill tribute
Animals, Brenda "live " on "Ready"
Zombies top US chart
Poole "Lucky"
Wayne on "Top Beat"
Royal premiere
Stones row with BBC
Lewis and Teens in "Guest" film
Shadows film opening
n.a. Liverpool premiere of Gerry's film
Searchers on Cotton TV
Ifield, Pet, Julie on TV shows
n.a. Kinks greet New Year on BBC-2
Jerry Lee on "Gear"Biggest vote ever—NME poll shocks! [NME Annual International Popularity Poll]
Beatles' story on US albums
S. African tour ban on Adam Faith's group
Vote again for best new group
BBC-2 to drop "Open House"
Gerry-Julie show for Boxing Day
Presley film release
Barry to back Fury on his spring tour
Honeycombs will play 5 countries
Princess to hear Searchers, Julie
Photographer dies [Harry Morris]
Ifield in variety
Allen Evans LPs [Jim Reeves: 12 Songs for Christmas; Brenda Lee: Merry Christmas; Roy Orbison: Oh Pretty Woman; Freddie and the Dreamers: You Were Made for Me; On the Scene; Lightnin' Hopkins: Penitentiary Blues; Newbeats: Bread and Butter]
Girl Vocalists [Petula Clark; Barbra Streisand: Third Album; Folksy Nina; Sarah Vaughan: Lonely Hours; Helen Hits Out]
Beatles Tunes
Ian Dove Jazz discs [All Jazz; Portrait of Mr. T.: Jack Teagarden; The Music of Duke Ellington, Benny Carter, Tommy Dorsey] 10
Derek Johnson More Singles [Bobby Vinton; Drifters; Overlanders; Velvettes; Bats; Tommy Roe]; Ringo & the Dog! [Lorne Greene; Jack Dorsey Band]; Xmas discs
Shop window [Hank Williams, Jr.; Larry Henley; George E. Washington; the Atlantics]
Cordell Marks ?? - Time Page: Dusty talks about her royal variety show 11
Richard Green . . . And seven answers from Jerry Lee Lewis 11
Richard Green Animal of the week: John Steel 12
Dave Gillard Pop fun at holiday camp 12
Richard Green Marvin Gaye confesses lightly Supremes' hit made me cry into my beer! 13
Dave Gillard Since the Beatles there are so few LP chart toppers 13

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