New Musical Express | December 1964

December 4 No. 934  
Chris Hutchins Secret of the house of Lennon 3
n.a. Spectacular opening scenes in Beatles, Gerry shows 3
Ian Dove Elvis Presely is very shy 4
Cordell Marks Dionne wants fiancé for Xmas [Dionne Warwick] 4
Cordell Marks Adam Faith chases the new trends 5
Richard Green Question Time with the Kinks 6
Derek Johnson Roy's made in England "Paper" boosts c-and-w! [Roy Orbison] 6
n.a. Tommy Quickly (and toy dog) call from US 6
n.a. Merseybeatit [film] 6
Derek Johnson Singles: A "Live" recording by Tomy Quickly [Fats Domino; Barron Knights; Marvin Gaye/Kim Weston; Hunters; Georgie Fame; Pat Wayne; Charlie Drake; Adam, Mike & Tim; Richard Chamberlain; Seekers]
Two songs, same title ["Now"; the Wolves; Shirley Bassey]
Potted Pops [Barbra Streisand; Steve Aldo; King Brothers; Jimmy Smith; Inez & Charlie Foxx; the Brand; Louis Prima; Socialites; Sassenachs]
n.a. Elvis beats Cliff; Stones and Dusty score—New NME poll champion; Beatles win "Fine" Gold
British shows for Broadway
Berries "Best"
Burns' deal with Pye [Tito Burns; Larry Page]
Adam's "Lucky" spot
Streisand for London
Woolworth experiment
Kathy in cabaret
Swedish concerts for Brian Poole
Gerry and Billy J. — Live US tracks
Leeds taken over by MCA
Pitney on Loss show
Millie's TV play
n.a. Hermits to film with US stars?
New Year's Eve radio marathon
Searchers, Hermits, Wayne— Xmas "Ready"
n.a. Epstein hosts US TV slots
Seven on Fury tour
Millie overseas for five months
Monro to US
Kathy in last "Open"
Teens TV date with Lulu
Chuck Berry's January tour
Animals record American song
Val's TV spot
Stone pens song for US visitor
NME man's series
Fame resident on "Beat Room"
Gerry "Swings"
Gell's two series
Derek Johnson Singles: Dusty heads Xmas discs [Springfield; Little Richard; Susan Maughan]
Vocals of instrumentals [Jackie Trent; Tsai Chin]
Shop window [Four Just Men change to Just Four Men; Billy Strange; Francoise Hardy; Ron Grainer Orchestra;Robert Goulet; Robert Earl; Buddy Green; Gene Chandler]
Allen Evans LPs [Another Side of Bob Dylan; Dave Berry; Lucky 13 Shades of Val Doonican; Memphis Slim: Alone with My Friends; Meet the Supremes; John Lee Hooker Sings Blues; Mary Poppins; Johnny Rivers at the Whiskey a Go-go; Dixie Cups; Chapel of Love; Christmas party albums] 12
Richard Green Animal of the Week Eric Burdon 13
Dave Gillard Finnjenka could be next dance craze — says Joe Loss, who does it himself 13
Derek Johnson Sandie Shaw gets LP titles from you 14
Allen Evans EPs [Sounds Incorporated; Cilla Black; Eddie Cochran; Rick Nelson; Bobby Vee; Judy Garland; Ken Dodd; Gerry-Pacemakers; Shirley Bassey; Richard Anthony; Fourmost] 14
n.a. Rockin' Berries life-lines 15
Dave Gillard Third time lucky for UNA with Cliff [film] 16
Ian Dove The wide fame of Bob Dylan 16
Ian Dove Gerry's Film: Mixture [Gerry Marsden] 17
Tony Bromley Pretty Things have the last laugh! 17
December 11 No. 935  
Patricia Wallis New York . . . Manfreds in the States 3
n.a. Newcomers to the charts: Sounds like a hit! [Sounds Orchestral] 3
Derek Johnson Singles: Matt Monro makes it less morbid [Gerry & the Pacmakers; Spotnicks; Christmas discs; Roulettes; Danny Williams; Tony Jackson; Earl Royce; Viscounts; Norman and Bruce; Solomon Burke; Swinging Blue Jeans; Ned Miller; Rick Nelson; Bobby Freeman]
Shop window [Mark & John; John Leyton; Faye Fisher, Joan Palethorpe, & Audrey Bayley; Danny Davius & Byron Lee; Judi Johnson; Boudleaux and Feliz Bryant; Dodie West]
Potted pops [Rummleflugs; the Untamed; Jimmy Durante; Alyn Ainsworth Orch; Tonny & the Daytonas; Al Martino; Top Six (no. 11)
The Long & the Short; Ronnie Dove; Woody Allen; Senators; Samantha Jones; Hellions; Ike & Tina Turner; Ruby & the Romantics; Sheila & Jenny; Jan & Kelly]
n.a. Mann, Sandie, Kinks—"Lucky"
Beatles win Gold
Shirley "Improving"
Pet first "Ladybird"
Joan Regan's summer show
Orbison tour dates
Stones' second album delayed
Lonnie on "Jury"
Kink weds tomorrow [Ray Davies]
More British discs score in US chart
Another film for Leyton and Sarne
Lulu on Loss show
Searchers and Animals on "Ready, Steady, Go"
Royal premiers
Herman's Irish Tour
Val and Julie on "Easy Beat"
n.a. Chart-toppers all on one TV show
New singles from Fury and Berries
Shadows' film release
Beatles to help pen film script
n.a. Twinkle to tour
Group to Far East [the Kinks]
Donegan in musical?
Stones and Kinks on US TV shows
Pet Clark for Xmas Palladium TV show: Series for Millie Martin
Proby's TV "Cabaret"
Pitney on Palladium?
Lee Lewis returning
Poole on "Crackerjack"
Peter and Gordon stay on in States
n.a. NME poll winners Supplement: All the top scores 9
Ian Dove Freddie puts the record straight now! [Freddie Garrity] 16
Richard Green Animal of the Week: Chas Chandler 16
Derek Johnson Great Comeback By Elvis 8
Derek Johnson Cliff's lamp does trick [film] 11
Derek Johnson Shadows worried no more 12
n.a. All-star cast behind winning "Ready, Steady, Go" 12
D.G. Happy bath for Cilla! You've floored Jimmy Savile! David Jacobs is glad it's Jimmy and not P-T-! P.J.Proby is so pleased.  
Cordell Marks Bachelors owe "No Arms" success to Con Clusky's Elongated Vocal Chords! 14, 18
Derek Johnson Question time with Val Doonican 18
December 18 No. 936  
Derek Johnson Shadows' panto score a hit — before show opens! 2
Wilson, John Peter and Gordon big in the USA 2
  "No apartheid" Dusty quits South Africa [Dusty Springfield] 2
Derek Johnson Brenda Lee says goodbye to her teens gladly! 3
n.a. Sinatra speaks 3
I.D. Newcomers to the charts: Brum accented Moody Blues 3
n.a. Petula Clark's life-lines 4
Derek Johnson Singles: Stones help Bobby [Jameson; Escorts; Larks; Little Anthony; Betty Everett; Bob Miller; Classmates; Poppins songs; James Brown; Dickie Rock]
Bacharach Xmas song
Shop window [Russ Conway; Howlin' Wolf; the Athenians; Michael Magne; Waikikis; Krol Keyes]
Potted pops [Sheb Wooley; Bobbi Martin; Les Reed Orch., Shawn Elliott]
Allen Evans LPs [Peter, Paul, and Mary: In Concert; In Touch with Peter and Gordon; Five Live Yardbirds] 6
n.a. Kathy Kirby on Xmas night TV
New disc signings: Groups in Gerry's film make disc bow [Black Knights, Blackwells; Four Plus One; the Riot Squad; Alan Dean and his Problems; the Sorrows; Sandra Barry; Babbity Blue; James Tamblin]
Theatre chief thanks Beatls
Pet on "Ready" tonight
P.J.Proby to join Cilla Black tour
Visas shock for three groups [the Nashville Teens, the Zombies, the Hullaballoos; limited visas restrict them to New York]
Judi wins TV contest
Sam Kruger dies
Baldry on BBC-2
Nat Hentoff Two entries for Dusty in American chart 8
n.a. Epstein-Oldham US TV interview
Singles from Mann, Clark, and Berry
n.a. Adam Faith, Sandie Shaw head package
Sam Cooke single
Moody Blues dates
Taylor Burton discs
n.a. NME holiday arrangements
Freddie in four-hour marathon
Orbison, Anka and Twinkle on "Lucky"
Tommy Steele radio series
Cliff's panto run extended
Blackpool summer season for Gerry
"Gear" back next month
Marlene's live LP
Fury tour changes
Wayne, Matt, Berries—all on radio club
Roy Castle gets own BBC-2 show
Fame on TV
Dave Clark film
Sue for London
Murray's Quiz film
Freddie's Australian tour with Cilla set
Andy's radio show back—Lonnie set
Anka may live here
Hollies-Poole TV date
Stars aid charity
Merseybeats shake-up [Johnny Gustafson out, Billy Kinsley in]
Nat Hentoff American Airmail 10
Allen Evans EPs [Beatles; Georgie Fame; Lulu; Roy Orbison; Everly Brothers; John Lee Hooker; Kathy Kirby; Bobby Vinton; Frank Sinatra; Pretty Things; Sammy Davis; Peter, Paul, and Mary; Dave Berry; Bachelors; Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders] 10
Dave Gillard Never call me anything but Twinkle 10
Cordell Marks The Fourmost will miss the Palladium! 12
Cordell Marks Tragic death of Sam Cooke 12
  A new kind of question time about chart trends 13
n.a. Chris Curtis is no fan of Xmas 13
Mark, Cordell Proby almost didn't make "Somewhere" [P.J. Proby] 14
Mike Gregory Brian Poole films in Ireland 14
Allen Evans More LPs [Tommy Steele: So This Is Broadway; Beach Boys' Christmas Album]  
December 25 No. 937  
Ian Dove Georgie Fame leaves rock behind 2
n.a. Life-lines of Matt Monro 2
n.a. Beatles' annual chat (translated from Scouse!)
Holiday at Home [Elvis]
Warmest Xmas story
Look! Even Proby's laughing
Julie's party tip for girls
Allen Evans LPs [Downliners Sect: The Sect; Russ Conway: Concerto for Lovers; Ventures in Space; Temperance Seven Family Album; Latin World of Pepe Jaramillo; stringed instrumentals; soft piano] 3
I.D. Jazz LPs [Louis Armstrong; Clark Terry; Oscar Peterson; Miles Davis, Fats Navarro, and Dizzy Gillespie] 3
Derek Johnson Reviewing the Singles: Fury's latest was worth waiting for [Sorrows; Shangri-las; Novas; Big Maybelle; Pat Boone; Don & Alleyne Cole; Candy & the Kisses; Lee Curtis; Sandra Barry; Miami Showband; Babbity Blue]
"Heart" discs [Mancini; Jack Jones; Ronnie Carroll]
Potted pops [Alan Dean and his Problems; Bobby Skel; June Bateman; Kolettes; Michelle Scotti; Daylighters]
n.a. John, Ringo on TV solo
Mann and Wilde turn producers
Circus calls up the Knights
Epstein's new film company
Stones' ITV dates and concerts set
Kinks, Berries, Cilla —all on "Steady Go"
Honeycombs and Mojos men quit [Martin Murray; Stu James; Jay Jones]
Bachelors to buy radio station [Radio Invicta]
Pet on "Shindig"
On Radio Caroline
Cilla covers American hit
Proby's "Spectacular"
Fury's radio shows
Minstrels' radio show [New Christy Minstrels]
Rockin' Berries' ballroom dates
n.a. Kathy Kirby: Eurovision for Britain 6-7
n.a. Matt's TV date
Cilla and Wayne on "Lucky Stars"
Harry Secombe and Joan Regan for Palladium TV show
Tour offers for Georgie Fame
Blackpool Sunday shows for Mann
NME points survey reveals... Beatles, Bachelors top
Proby v. Orbison
Franks' first film
Wynter's summer at Blackpool ABC
Gerry's TV switch
n.a. NME Xmas pop fun: Quiz on 1964, pop names crossword 8
n.a. How to dance the Finnjenka! 8
Ian Dove Pitney demands time off for Xmas 10
n.a. Zombies top ten 11

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