New Musical Express | January 1965

No. 938 1 January 1965  
Johnson, Derek Beat-Alls Again! But Bachelors’ Feat Outstanding
Artists Occupying The No. 1 Position in the NME Top 30 in 1964 Winner: Beatles, 14 Weeks
1964’s Most Successful Hit Parade Records Winner: I Love You Because (Jim Reeves)
1964 Points Table Winner: Beatles, 1232
n.a. Chuck Berry Returning 3
NME Best Selling Albums of 1964
1. The Rolling Stones
2. With the Beatles
3. West Side Story (soundtrack)
4. A Hard Days Night (Beatles)
5. Please, Please Me (Beatles)
6.  The Bachelors- Plus 16 Great Songs
7. Wonderful Life (C. Richard and Shadows)
8. Moonlight and Roses (Jim Reeves)
9. How Do You Like It? (Gerry and the Pacemakers)
10. Stay with the Hollies
Johnson, Derek Singles:
Seasons Falsetto-Less
The Four Seasons, "Save It For ME" (Philips)
Marvelettes, “Too Many Fish in the Sea” (Stateside)
Paul and Paula, “No Other Baby” (Philips)
Righteous Brothers, “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling” (Spector)
Del Shannon, “Keep Searchin’” (Stateside)
Tony Brook, “Love Dances On” (Columbia)
James Tamlin, “Main Line Central Station” (Columbia)
Jan and Dean, “Sidewalk Surfin’” (Liberty)
Ronnie Carrol, “Dear Heart” (Philips)
Jean and the Statesides, “Cold Cold Winter” (Columbia)
Tony Hatch, “Downtown” (Pye)
Kenny Little, “Never on Sunday” (United Artists)
Sue Thompson, “Paper Tiger” (Hickory)
Tymes, “Here She Comes” Cameo
Johnson, Derek Potted Pops:
Roy Acuff, “Soldier Boy” / “Johnny” (Philips)
Polly Perkins, “Falling in Love Again” / “I Went by Our House Today” (Oriole)
Ann Marie, “Runaround” / "There Must Be a Reason” (Fontana)
Gitte, “The Heart that You Break” / "Seems Just Like Old Times” (Columbia)
Olympics, “The Bounce” / “Fireworks” (Sue)
Riot Squad, “Anytime” / “Jump” (Rye)
Four Plus One, “Time Is on My Side” / “Don’t Lie to Me” (Parlophone)
Syndicats, “Howlin’ for My Baby” / “What to Do” (Columbia)
Zarah Leander, “Wunderbar” / “Bleib Hier” (Oriole)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "I Feel Fine" (Northern Songs)
2. "Downtown" (Welbeck)
3. "Walk Tall" (Shapiro-Bernstein)
4. "I Understand" (Chappell)
5. "No Arms Can Ever Hold You" (Burlington)
6. "I’m Gonna Be Strong" (Screen Gems)
7. "Pretty Paper" (Acuff-Rose)
8. "Little Red Rooster" (Jewel)
9. "How Soon" (Compass)
10. "There’s a Heartache Following Me" (Palace)
11. "I Could Easily Fall" (Belinda)
12. "The Wedding" (Peter Maurice)
13. "Genie with the Light Brown Lamp" (Belinda)
14. "What Have They Done to the Rain" (Cromwell)
15. "Tokyo Melody" (Francis Day and Hunter)
16. "Walk Away" (Ardmore & Beechwood)
17. "Message to Martha" (Belinda)
18. "She’s a Woman" (Northern Songs)
19. "All Day and All of the Night" (Kassner)
20. "Somewhere" (Chappell)
Hutchins, Chris Beatles’ act great – but not the show 6
Gray, Andy Cliff Shadows major triumph 6
Tatler, Dorothy Hermitless Herman Acts 6
n.a. U.S. Ends British Groups’ Tour
Ken Confirmed for Palladium
P.J. at Oxford
Stones’ Support
‘Downtown’ up in U.S. charts
Still top
Jean, DC5 on Club
Dusty on Palladium next month
n.a. Fury’s illness a mystery
Blues group on ‘beat room’ TV
Fontana, Hollies, Bennett chart honours rivals
Disc rejected
Dusty on ‘easy beat’
Pye to handle Warner label
Cilla’s TV
Editor dies
Millies ‘travelogue’
Moody’s film their concert hit
Anka, Shannon due for major TV dates
J.L. Cracker of a Show 6
T.M. Bachelor Fun 6
J.L. Vaughn Wins 6
Sampson, Gordon Versatile Marty 6
R.B. Spirited Millie 6
n.a. Now Beatles Top U.S. Chart – Points  
Evans, Allen LPs
Doris Day: With a Smile and a Song (CBS)
Johnny Cash: Bitter Tears (CBS)
Ray Coniff: Invisible Tears (CBS)
Lesley Gore: Girl Talk (Mercury)
Jimmy Smith: The Cat (Verve)
Dove, Ian Moody Blues Almost gave up! 8
Dove, Ian Enter MLLE. Hardy 8
n.a. Stars Tell NME what they hope for in 1965 9
Gray, Andy 30 Years of Elvis 10
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces  
The Alley Cat The Alley Cat’s Cat’s Whiskers Awards 1964  
Burtram, Doug Warm Wynter  
A.G. Film Star Sings 12
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. Beatles for Sale, Beatles (Parlophone)
2. 12 Songs of Christmas, Jim Reeves (RCA)
3. The Bachelors Plus 16 Great Songs, Bacehlors (Decca)
4. A Hard Day’s Night, Beatles (Parlophone)
5. Lucky 13 Shades of Val Doonican (Decca)
6. Moonlight and Roses, Jim Reeves (RCA)
7. Oh, Pretty Woman, Roy Orbison (London)
8. Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp, Cliff Richard (Columbia)
9. Spotlight on The Minstrels (HMV)
10. The Rolling Stones (Decca)
  Michael Mansfield, March 2006  
No. 939 8 January 1965  
Cover Soldier Boy, The Cheetahs 1
Johnson, Derek Listens to Stone’s Next Album 2
Hutchins Chris My Son, P.J. Proby 3
Evans, Allen and
Dove, Ian
LPs Reviewed:
Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders (Fontana)
Mose Allison Sings (Stateside)
Bix Beiderbeke: The Rare Bix (Columbia)
Sonny Stitt: Stitt Plays Bird (Atlantic)
Tubby Hays: Tubbs Tours (Fontana)
N.A. Life Lines of Val Doonican 3
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed
Manfred Mann, “Come Tomorrow” (HMV)
Mary Wells, “Ain't It the Truth” (Stateside)
Jim Dale, “Forget Tomorrow” (Columbia)
Four Tops, “Without the One You Love” (Stateside)
Johnny Thunder, “Send Her to Me” (Stateside)
Christy Minstrels, “Down the Road I Go” (CBS)
Tony Rivers, “She” (Columbia)
Jackie Lynton, “Three Blind Mice” (Decca)
George Martin, “All Quiet on the Mersey Front” (Parlophone)
Beau Brummell, “I Know, I Know, I Know” (Columbia)
Rolf Harris, “Five Young Apprentices” (Columbia)
Ronnie Hilton, “Windmill in Old Amsterdam” (HMV)
Cilla Black, “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling” (Parlophone)
Peppi, “The Skip” (Decca)
Evans, Allen EPs Reviewed
Kenny Lynch (HMV)
Matt Monro (Parlophone)
Keely Smith (Capitol)
Dave Clark Five: The Hits of…(Columbia)
Frank Ifield (Columbia)
Shadows: Dance With…(Columbia)
Michael Holiday: Memories of Mike (Columbia)
N.A. Potted Pops
Andy Williams, “Dear Heart” (CBS)
Joe Tex, “Hold What You’ve Got” (Atlantic)
Norrie Paramour Orch, “Dance of the Warriors” (Columbia)
Charlie Rich, “Too Many Teardrops” (RCA)
Ken Thorne Orch, “Rogues to Riches” (HMV)
Dixies, “Love Made a Fool” (Parlophone)
Riz Ortolani Orch, “Yellow Rolls Royce” (MGM)
N.A. NME Top 30
1. "I Feel Fine," Beatles (Parlophone)
2. "Yeh, Yeh," Gerogie Fame (Columbia)
3. "Downtown," Petula Clark (Pye)
4. "Somewhere," P.J. Proby (Liberty)
5. "Walk Tall," Val Doonican (Decca)
N.A. Best Selling Pop Records in US
1. "I Feel Fine," Beatles
2. "Come See about Me," Supremes
3. "Mr. Lonely," Bobby Vinton
4. "Love Potion Number Nine," Searchers
5. "Downtown," Petula Clark
N.A. Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. Beatles for Sale, Beatles (Parlophone)
2. Lucky 13 Shades of Val Doonican, Val Doonican (Decca)
3. The Bachelors Plus 16 Great Songs, Bachelors (Decca)
4. A Hard Days Night, Beatles (Parlophone)
5. The Rolling Stones, Rolling Stones (Decca)
N.A. Monro to Yarmouth
Georgie Fame on Supremes Tour, to Film Life Story
Monro For Yarmouth
Animals in New BBC-2 Pop Show
Cliff’s Understudy Debuts on Mercury
Searchers May Make U.S. Film
Peers Quit Agency
Pantos Close
Berry in Musical
Ringo “Not Booked”
Twinkle Out of Bachelors Tour
Manfred Swings
Joe’s Show Delayed
Cilla’s Cotton TV Date
Fury Leaves Hospital
Kinks to Paris
Five T.V. Shows for Billy J
Sue’s Visit Off
Orbison and Animals Steady
N.A. P.J. Proby Gets ‘Lucky Stars’ Double
Del’s Extra Dates
Dust on ‘Jury’
Singles from Faith, Kramer, Supremes
Val Doonican’s BBC-TV Series
Zombie’s Second Entry, Beatles Still Top
Freddie to California
Peter and Gordon off to South Africa
Spring Tours for Groups
Bart Album
Mantovani to Tour Britain
Groups on Loss Show
Popsters in Play
Moodie for Marquee
Marks, Cordell Dreamers Talk about Freddie 8
N.A. From You to Us 8
Hentoff, Nate American Airmail 8
Altham, Kieth Cilla Is Knocked Out by New Disc 9
N.A. Girl Singer Pips Group 9
N.A. Hair Rebellion! 9
N.A. Belfast’s Them Are In 9
Dove, Ian Part Two of 30 Years of Elvis 10
N.A. Classifieds 11
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
N.A. Helen’s Singing Hit in Her Aladdin 12
N.A. Christy Minstrels Here 12
  Jacob Barry, February 2006  
No. 940 13 January 1965  
Cover The Rockin’ Berries  
Leach, Robin A Warning to our Groups 3
n/a Georgie Fame 4
Williams, Dave Righteous Brothers Praise Cilla Black 4
n/a Ole, It’s Chuck ‘Crazylegs’ now 4
Dove, Ian Covers Rockin’ Berries Tour 4
Johnston, Derek Six Chart CERTS
Supremes, “Come See about Me” (Stateside)
Dave Clark 5, “Everybody Knows” (Columbia)
Val Doonican, “The Special Years” (Decca)
Rockin’ Berries, “What in the World’s Come over You” (Piccadilly)
Beach Boys, “Dance, Dance, Dance” (Capitol)
Kinks, “Tired of Waiting for You” (Pye)
n/a NME Top Thirty
1. “Yeh, Yeh,” Georgie Fame (Columbia)
2. “I Feel Fine,” Beatles (Parlophone)
3. “Go Now,” Moody Blues (Decca)
4. “Girl Don’t Come,” Sammie Shaw (Pye)
5. “Twinkle,” Terry (Decca)
n/a Best Selling Pop U.S. Records
1. “Come See about Me,” Supremes
2. “I Feel Fine,” Beatles
3. “Love Potion #9,” Searchers
4. “Downtown,” Petula Clark
5. “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’,” Righteous Brothers
n/a Best Selling LP’s in Britain
1. “Beatles for Sale,”—Beatles (Parlophone)
2. The Bachelors Plus 16, Bachelors (Decca)
3. Lucky 13 shades of Val Doonican, Val Doonican (Decca)
4. A Hard Day’s Night, Beatles (Parlophone)
5. Oh, Pretty Woman, Roy Orbison (London)
n/a Best Selling Sheet Music
1. “I Feel Fine,” (Northern Songs)
2. “Yeh, Yeh,” (Feldman)
3. “Downtown,” (Welbeck)
4. “Walk Tall,” (Sapiro-Bernstein)
5. “No Arm Should Ever Hold You,” (Burlington)
n/a Georgia Takes ‘Maggie lead
Arden's New Firm Records Gamblers
Fame: Foreign Tours U.S. TV Home Dates
Moody Blues Film for ‘Top of Pop
Pets ‘Downtown’ Tops American Chart
Kathy Kirby’s Contest Songs
Long John Due to Join Berry Show
Wayne’s Scot Tour
Piney on ‘Ready’
Manfred’s ITV Date
Epstein for New York
Fury on TV
Quickly—TV Host
Burt for London
Presley Film Deal
Prince’s Latest Role
Them’s Follow-up
Duke’s BBC-2 Shows
Infield Cabaret in Australia
n/a Animals—Kinks Shows
Stones Tour On Despite Visa Ban
Discuss for Betty Brenda and Julie
Pop Stars Set for ATV Shows
Chuck Cuts London Up
Del on Jury
Guy Mitchell Returns
Dates Changed for Sandie and Adam
Bachelor’s Operation
Oldham-Bart Ballet
U.S. Agents Discuss Groups’ Ban
Hit Parade Ball
Rockin’ to Australia
Poole for Sweden?
Kinks Flying Home
Johnson, Derek Anka—Ratclif Go Bacharach, “To Wait for Love” (RCA)
Kenny and the Wranglers, “Be My Guest” (Parlophone)
Pickwicks, “Little by Little” (Warner Brothers)
Mark Leeman, “Portland Town” (Columbia)
Bern Elliot, “The Crying Game” (Decca)
Les Surfs, “Stop” (RCA)
Tornados, “Granada” (Columbia)
Mike Hurst, “The Last Time You’ll Walk Out on Me” (Phillips)
Peter, Paul and Mary, “For Lovin’ Me” (Warner Brothers)
Bobby Rydell, “I Can’t Say Goodbye” (Capitol)
Tirini Lopez, “Lemon Tree” (Reprise)
Ray Charles, “Makin’ Whoopie” (HMV)
James Brown and Famous Flames, “Have Mercy Baby” (London)
Evans, Allan LP’s 10
Ian Dove Moody Blues Are Really Quite Happy 12
Gray, Andy Family Support Saved Betty 12
n/a When Gene Pitney Was Billy Brian  
Dove, Ian Final Part of 30 Years of Elvis 13
n/a Beatles Film Built Round Ringo 13
Marks, Cordell Gerry Talks about My Romance and My Film 14
Ally Cat Tail Pieces 16
Dove, Ian Del’s Del-ightful 16
  Evan McNamara 2006  
No. 941 22 January 1965  
cover Shelley  
Gillard, Dave "Terry Was My Kind of Person," Says Twinkle ["Terry," a song written by Twinkle] 2
Altham, Keith Before Flying to Australia, New Stones LP 3
Dove, Ian Watch Out! Them Are Coming 4
Altham, Keith Jim Gets Brian Back 4
Johnson, Derrick Romping with the Shadows 4
Johnson, Derek Kramer Disappoints 6
NME NME Top Thirty:
1. The Moody Blues, "Go Now" (Decca)
2. Georgie Fame, "Yeh Yeh"
3. Twinkle, "Terry"
4. Sandie Shaw, "Girl Don’t Come"
5. Cilla Black, "You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling"
NME Best Selling Pop Records in the U.S:
1. Petula Clark, "Downtown" (Pye)
2. Righteous Brothers, "Lost that Loving Feeling"
3. Searchers, "Love Potion Number Nine"
4. Beatles, "I Feel Fine"
5. Supremes, "Come See About Me"
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain:
1. The Rolling Stones, Rolling Stones, No2 (Decca)
2. Beatles, Beatles For Sale
3. Val Doonican, Lucky 13 Shades of Val Doonican
4. Bachelors, The Bachelors Plus 16 Great Songs
5. Beatles, A Hard Day’s Night
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. "Yeh Yeh" (Felman)
2. "I Feel Fine" (Northern Songs)
3. "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" (Mellin)
4. "Walk Tall" (S. Bernstein)
5. "Downtown" (Welbeck)
N.A. Top Stars in our Poll Winners’ Concert: The Greatest Show on Earth
Beatles to Tour America Again
Fame, Things, Hermits on “Lucky”
March Tour by Moody Blues
Orbison, Faith, and Shadows for Palladium Show
N.A. Animals Record Live in States 9
Johnson, Derek Single’s Reviewed:
Dean Martin
Jay & the Americans
Craig Douglas/Ray Paterson
Two from Tamala-Motown
N.A. Now a Rolling Stone Writes a Book (Charlie Watts) 10
Cordell, Mark “Party Man? Not Me," says PJ Proby 11
Fame, George George Fame’s Top Ten 11
Dove, Ian Beach Boys Get Away from the Surf 12
N.A. Life Lines of the Chart Topping Moody Blues 12
Ahem, Keith There’s a Kink from Yugoslavia 13
N.A. A Springfield Helps Seekers 13
Altham, Keith Sounds Orch- Not Freak Disc! 14
Hutchins, Chris Time Off for the Beatles 14
N.A. Classified Ads 15
N.A. Radio Luxemburg 15
Johnson, Derek Fantastic “Fair Lady” 16
  Nick Mencia, February 2006  
No. 942 29 January 1965  
Marks, Coredell They beat Cilla in disc race! Righteous Bros. 3
Altham, Keith Twinkle, Dusty Comment; Nobody Objected to Shangri-Las in States 3
Johnson, Derek Singles:
Jim Reeves, “It Hurts So Much” (RCA)
Adam Faith, “”Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself” (Parlophone)
Millie. See You Later, Alligator” (Fontana)
Martha & Vandellas, “”Wild One” (Stateside)
Dixie Cups, “Little Bell” (Red Bird)
Tommy Roe, “”Party Girl” (HMV)
Wayne Fontana, “The Game of Love” (Fontana)
Zombies, “Tell Her No” (Decca)
Betty Everett/Jerry Butler, “Love is Strange” (unknown)
n.a. Potted Pops
Tommy Bruce, “Boom, Boom” (Polydor)
Goldie and the Gingerbreads, “Can’t You Hear My Heart Beat” (Decca)
Ike and Tina Turner, “Finger Poppin’” and “Ooh Poo Pah Doo” (Warner)
Dev Douglas, “I Don’t Know” (Parlophone)
Three Quarters, “People Will Talk” (Columbia)
Top Six, “Walk Tall,” “What Have They Done to the Rain,” “I Could Easily Fall,” “Go Now,” “A Message to Martha,” and “There’s a Heartache Following Me” (No. 13)
First Gear, “In Crowd” and “Gotta Make Their Future Bright” (Pye)
Dilys Watling, “I’m Over You” and “Act Like a Lady” (Philips)
  ‘Gerry-Scotter’ Contest Winners
Alaster Calder (winner), “No Thanks, I’ve Got Disc-Breaks of My Own” (unknown)
Christine Wyglenda (runner-up), “I Say There, Aren’t You in the Wrong Gear?” (unknown)
R. L. Horsnell (runner-up), “Make the Pace, Gerry, and You’ll Never Walk Alone” (unknown)
Joan Stephenson (runner-up), “Which Lights, Gerry? I Only Saw that Copper’s Red Face” (unknown)
P. B. Jones (runner-up), “Go ‘Ferry,’ Carefully Show ‘Mersey’ to Others on the Road” (unknown)
NME From NME 5 Years Ago:
1. “Starry Eyed,” Michael Holiday (Columbia)
2. “Why,” Anthony Newley (Decca)
3. What Do you Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For,” Emilie Fored (Pye)
4. “Voice in the Wilderness,” Cliff Richards (Columbia)
5. “Way Down Yonder,” Freddie Camman (Top Rank)
NME 10 Years Ago:
1. “Finger of Suspicion,” Dickie Valentine (Decca)
2. “Mambo Italiano,” Rosemary Clooney (Phillips)
3. “Heartbeat,” Ruby Murray (Columbia)
4. “I Still Believe,” Ronnie Hilton (HMV)
5. “No One But You,” Billy Eckstine (MGM)
NME NME Top Thirty
1. “Go Now,” Moody Blues
2. “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’,” Righteous Brothers
3. “Tired of Waiting For You,” Kinks
4. “Come Tomorrow,” Manfred Mann
5. “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling,” Cilla Black
NME Best Selling Pop Records in the U.S.
1. “Downtown,” P. Clark
2. “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’,” Righteous Brothers
3. “The Name Game,” Shirley Ellis
4. “Love Potion Number Nine,” Searchers
5. “Hold What You’ve Got,” Joe Tex
n.a. Best Selling L.P.’s in Britain
1. The Rolling Stones No. 2, Rolling Stones (Decca)
2. Beatles for Sale, Beatles (Parlophone)
3. Lucky 13 Shades of Val Doonican, Val Doonican (Decca)
4. Best of Jim Reeves, Jim Reeves (RCA)
5. The Bachelors Plus 76 Great Songs, Bachelors (Decca)
Decca (advertising) New on Sale Today
The Johnny Howard Band, “El Pussy Cat”
Jackie Lee, “I Cry Alone”
Goldie and the Gingerbreads, “Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat”
Unit 4 + 2, “Concrete and Clay”
The Zombies, “Tell Her No”
Jim Reeves, “It Hurts So Much To See You Go”
Ike and Tina Turner, “Finger Poppin’”
n.a. Beatles 1965 Plans: European and U.S. tours, maybe two films, Short European tour in July (1965), U.S. tour end of August (1965).
Beatles Single: “If I Fell” and “Tell Me Why” from A Hard Days Night album
Pacemakers for Sullivan Show
Pye-Warner Deal Agreed
Bachelors switch
Zombie Dates
Gerry v. Billy J
Gerry and the Pacemakers and Billy J. Kramer compete in Radio Luxembourg’s “Battle of the Giants” Feb. 8 and 12
Dusty on ‘Pops Parade’
Helen for Poland
Tomorrow’s radio ‘Club’ Cancelled
Playboys postpone trip
Singles from Shadows, Vaughan, and Twinkle [Shadows will release “Next Time I See Mary Ann” (Columbia), Frankie Vaughan will release “Somebody Must Have Hurt You a Lot,” Twinkle will release “Terry”]
Dusty’s ‘Stars and Garters’
Freddie in car crash: [Freddie Garrity went through the windscreen, released from the hospital and is back to touring with the Dreamers.]
Starts on U.S. TV
Faith on Andrews Show
Brian Matthew now ‘vastly’ improved
Adam – Sandie Dates
Fame, Animals, Val and Wayne on ‘Easy’
n.a. Wayne and Herman booked… Del Shannon to Tour with Shangri-las
Stones Tour set Righteous Bros?
EMI (advertising) New From EMI
The Animals, “Don’t Let me be Misunderstood” (Columbia)
The Graham Bond Organisation, “Tammy” (Columbia)
Steve Brett, “Wishing” (Columbia)
Sandra Brown, “Know on Any Door” (Columbia)
The Cheynes, “Down and Out” (Columbia)
The Contours, “Can You Jerk Like Me” (Stateside)
Patrick Dane, “In My Baby’s Eyes” (Columbia)
Ritchie Dean, “Goodbye Girli” (Capitol)
Dev Douglas, “I Don’t Know” (Parlophone)
Adam Faith, “Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself” (Parlophone)
Martha and the Vandella’s, “Wild One” (Stateside)
Mrs. Mills Minstrel Medley (Parlophone)
Marlan Montgomery, “When Sunny Gets Blue,” (Capitol)
Norman and the Invaders, “Night Train to Surbiton” (United Artist)
n.a. Zombies Leader award [Rod Argent receives award from Broadcast Music Incorporated for composition of “She’s Not There”]
Brian “Swings”
Ballrooms for Moody Blues
Dusty to Bournemouth?
Teens on ‘Gadzooks’
Savile’s ‘Scene’ spot
Conn quits James [Lee Conn leaves Dick James Music]
U.S. officials ban Animals concert album
Twinkle’s Concerts
Berries for Paris
Chuck Berry Radio Date
Retailers’ Plan to Boost Light Music
Clark Starts Film
Hutchins, Chris It’s “Victimisation” – of the STONES [The Stones and Roy Orbinson were touring in Australia when they checked into the same hotel (Brisbane Hotel) as Manfred Mann, the Kinks, and the Honeycombs] 8
n.a. Betty Missed Her British Meal
From You to Us
Marks, Cordell Our Fans Are Much Too Conservative – Manfreds 9
Johnson, Derek No change so far! – Val Doonican 9
Dove, Ian The busy world of Del Shannon 10
C.M. Tommy Roe Knew The Beatles Would Make It 10
Fontana (advertising) Four Singles to Watch for
Betty Everett “Betting Mighty Crowded”
Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders “The Game of Love”
Bobbie Graham, “Skin Deep”
Millie, “See you Later Alligator”
Brenda Lee, “Thanks a Lot”
Ray Charles, “Makin’ Whoopee”
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
Altham, Keith Tony Hatch Has Searchers Song 12
n.a. Record of the Week: The Ivy League, “Funny How Love Can Be” (Piccadilly) 12
n.a. Newcomers to the Charts
The singing usherette!
Special: All Nite Rave, Midnight to 6am
Club Noreik (High Road Tottenham No. 15)
Presenting: Unit ‘7’ and The Juniors, Jan. 30th
Saturday Feb. 6th: Dave Davan and The ‘D’ Men
  Alissa Mun, February 2006  

NME | 1965
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