New Musical Express | April 1965

No. 950 2 April 1965  
No. 951 9 April 1965  
cover Mia Lewis with "I Didn't Love Him" 1
N.A. All Set for Sunday's Greatest Ever [Poll Winner's Concert] 2
Johnson, Derek Cliff Says: Great! Life's a Ball! 3
N.A. Jimmy Saville 3
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed
Manfred Mann, "Oh No, Not My Baby" (HMV)
Jim Reeves, "Not until the Next Time" (RCA)
Brian Poole, "After Awhile" (Decca)
Goldie and the Gingerbreads "That's Why I Love You" (Decca)
The Seekers, "A World of Our Own" (Columbia)
Jr. Walker and the Allstars, "Shotgun" (T-M)
Marvin Gaye, "I'll be Doggone" (T-M)
Brenda Holloway, "When I'm Gone" (T-M)
NME Top Thirty
1. Yardbirds, "For Your Love" (Columbia)
2. Cliff Richards, "The Minute You're Gone" (Columbia)
3. Unit 4 Plus 2, "Concrete and Clay" (Decca)
4. Rolling Stones, "The Last Time" (Decca)
5. Them, "Here Comes the Night" (Decca)
N.A. Best Selling Pop Records in the U.S.
1. Freddie and the Dreamers, "I'm Telling You Now"
2. Supremes, "Stop! In the Name of Love"
3. Herman's Hermits, "Can't You Hear My Heartbeat?"
4. Jr. Walker and the Allstars, "Shotgun"
5. Jewel Akens, The Birds and the Bees"
N.A. Best Selling LPs in 'Britain'
1. The Rolling Stones No.2, Rolling Stones (Decca)
2. The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan (CBS)
3. Beatles for Sale, The Beatles (Parlaphone)
4. Kinda Kinks, The Kinks (Pye)
5. The Times They Are a Changin', Frank Sinatra (CBS)
N.A. Beatles in "Pop Gear" Film
Dodie Joins Pie [Dodie West]
Tom Jones on Palladium TV
Single's from Unit, Berries [Unit 4 Plus 2, Rocking Raspberries
Cliff Richards to Tape Three Hour Long ATV Shows
Cilla a Big Hit in U.S. [Cilla Black]
Tony, Eartha, on "Jury" [Tony Bennett, Eartha Kitt]
Sid Coleman Dies
N.A. A Baby Ringo!
Herman Enters at Number 12 with a 600,00 Advance [Herman's Hermits]
N.A. Louis for London [Louis Armstrong]
Wayne Well Again [Wayne Fontana]
Herman and Donovan Join NME Allstar Show [Herman's Hermits, Donovan]
Donovan, Unit, Tour in May [Donovan, Unit 4 Plus 2]
Everly Bros. on Four TV Shows
Kinks-Yardbirds Dates Change
Stones-Gerry Film Is Out [Rolling Stones, Gerry and the Pacemakers]
Yardbirds "Go Live"
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 8
Tapp, George Steele Hit in 'Canada' [Tommy Steele] 8
Altham, Keith Dave Davies 8
Altham, Keith Marianne Never Does What a Pop Star Should [Marianne Faithfull] 9
Hentoff, Nat Bob Dylan Is in the Money 9
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed
Frank Sinatra, Softly as I Leave You
Ritchie Valens, His Greatest Hits
Francoise Hardy, Francoise Hardy
Frankie Vaughn, My Kind of Song
N.A. Pet Clarke on Old Films and Future 10
Drummond, Norrie Dave Clark Answers Critics 10
N.A. Classified Ads 11
Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
N.A Beatles Quotes 12
Gray, Andy NME Pop Star's Who's Who: The Kaye Sisters, Johnny Kidd, The King Brothers, Kathy Kirby, Eartha Kitt, Billy J. Kramer, Frankie Steve Lawrence, Brenda Lee Laine, Jerry Lee Louis 13
Gray, Andy NME Pop Star's Who's Who: John Leyton, Trini Lopez, Joe Loss, LuLu, Vera Lynn, Kenny Lynch, Manfred Mann, Mantovani, Dean Martin, Johnny Mathis, Brian Matthews, Susan Maughan, Merseybeats 14
Gray, Andy NME Pop Star's Who's Who: Millie, Guy Mitchell, Matt Monroe, Moody Blues, Peter Murray, Nashville Teens, Rick Nelson, Sandy Nelson, Anthony Newley, Nina and Frederick, Roy Orbison 15
Gray, Andy NME Pop Star's Who's Who: Peter and Gordon, Gene Pitney, Brian Poole, Elvis Presley, Pretty Things, P.J. Proby, Johnnie Ray, Jim Reeves, Cliff Richards, Little Richard, Righteous Bros. 16
  Sasha Taylor, February 2006  
No.  952 16 April 1965  
Cover The Fabulous Shirley Bassey and Cyril Stapleton and His Show Band 1
Altham, Keith It Was the Greatest Pop Show on Earth, First Half 3
Smith, Alan It Was the Greatest Pop Show on Earth, Second Half 3
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed:
Ray Charles, “Light Out of Darkness” (HMV)
Lulu and Luvers, “Satisfied” (Decca)
Christine Holmes, “Many Things from Your Window” (Mercury)
Alan David, “You’d Better Believe It” (Decca)
Acker Bilk, “Mona Lisa” (Colombia)
Everlys, “That’ll Be the Day” (Warner Bros.)
Chubby Checkers, “At the Discotheque” (Cameo)
Shades of Blue, “Voodoo Blues” (Colombia) Mojos, “Comin’ on to Cry” (Decca)
NME NME Top Thirty:
1. The Beatles, “Ticket to Ride” (Parlophone)
2. Cliff Richard, “The Minute You’re Gone” (Colombia)
3. Them, “Here Comes the Night” (Decca)
4. Yardbirds, “For Your Love” (Colombia)
5. Unit 4 Plus 2, “Concrete and Clay” (Decca)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in theU.S.
1. Freddie and the Dreamers, “I’m Telling You Now”
2. Supremes, “Stop! In the Name of Love”
3. Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, “Game of Love”
4. Petula Clark, “I Know a Place”
5. Jr. Walker and the All Stars, “Shotgun”
N.A. U.S. Pop Show on Caroline
Ex – Honeycomb’s Disc Comeback [Martin Murray]
Frankie Magnetic in Country Show [Frankie Vaughn]
Yardbirds Miss Kinks Concert
The Beatles Film Named ‘Help!’ – Next Record
Peter, Paul, and Mary Returning
Tom’s Sunday Shows
Who Signed by Malcolm Rose
Dusty Flies to U.S.
Fritz Quits Pennies
Monty Cott’s Death
Bacharach Stays
Ella Cancels Some Concerts
U.S. Bars Twinkle
New Marianne, Twinkle, Brenda Singles; Wayne EP
N.A. Herman Film – BigU.S. Tours Fixed
Fame Records Domino Hits
Chubby Checkers on British TV Shows
Gerry Records inU.S.
Everlys on ‘Gadzooks!’
Two Proby Singles – One by Beatles
Searcher Produces Disc
Clark’s Film Title
Searchers, Berries, Fame ‘Go Live’
Hockridge in Cabaret
Herman, Freddie on ‘Lucky Stars’
Rockin’ Berries on Palladium TV and Summer Show
Altham, Keith Surfing – What’s That?  
N.A. Sell Out – Twice Over [Sidney Bernstein]  
Smith, Alan Travel Round Seekers’ ‘World’ 8
Johnson, Derek Tony Bennett is Back 9
Hutchins, Chris
Altham, Keith
John Lennon Got a ‘Ticket to Ride’; and All Beatles Had Poll Concert Nerves!
King Ray Is Kink of Week
Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 12
Smith, Allan Stylist Ella 12
Gray, Andy NME Pop Stars Who’s Who: Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richard, Bill Wyman, John Mcnally 13
Gray, Andy NME Pop Stars Who’s Who: Supremes, Shadows, Frank Sinatra, Tommy Steele, Diana Ross 14
Gray, Andy NME Pop Stars Who’s Who: Frankie Vaughn, Gene Vincent, Them, Twinkle, Ray Ennis, Burt Weedon 15
Gray, Andy NME Pop Stars Who’s Who: Andy Williams, Bob Dylan, Mary Wells, The Zephyrs, Donovan 16
  Ian Zinn, February 2006  
No. 953 23 April 1965  
Cover Rolling Stones, Beatles, Marian Angel, Unit Four Plus Two, Bob Dylan 1
Hutchins, Chris The Beatles Helped Bob Dylan to Fame Here 3
Hutchins, Chris Billy Fury co-stars with Anselmo 3
Wells, John Roger Miller, King of Plugs 4
Bromley, Tom Is Pop Losing Its Excitement? 4
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed
Billy Fury: I’ve Gotta Horse (Decca)
Memories Are Made of Hits (London)
Gonks Go Beat (Decca)
n/a Life-lines of Them 5
n/a Who’s Where 5
Johnson, Derek Singles reviewed
Tom Jones, “Once upon a Time” (Decca)
Rockin Berries, “Poor Man’s Son” (Piccadilly)
Brenda Lee, “Truly, Truly, True” (Brunswick)
Drifters, “Come On Over to My Place” (Atlantic)
Paramounts, “Blue Ribbons” (Parlophone)
Allan Sherman, “Crazy Downtown” (Warner)
Jerry Lee Lewis, “Baby Hold Me Close” (Philips)
Bob Dylan, “Subterranean Homesick Blues” (CBS)
Irma Thomas, Calvin James, “Some Things You Never Get Used To” (Liberty)
Cilla Black, “I’ve Been Wrong Before” (Parlophone)
Russ Conway, “Little Leprechaun” (Columbia)
Kay Starr, “I Forgot to Forget” (Capitol)
Rolf Harris, “Iko Iko” (Columbia)
NME NME Top 30
1. Beatles, “Ticket to Ride” (Parlophone)
2. Cliff Richard, “The Minute You’re Gone” (Columbia)
3. Them, “Here Comes the Night” (Decca)
4. Unit 4 Plus 2, “Concrete and Clay” (Decca)
5. Yardbirds, “For Your Love” (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, “Game of Love” (Fontana)
2. Herman’s Hermits, “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter” (Columbia)
3. Freddie and the Dreamers, “I’m Telling You Now” (Columbia)
4. Petula Clark, “I Know a Place” (Pye)
5. Supremes, “Stop! In the Name of Love” (Motown)
NME Best Selling L.Ps in Britain
1. Beatles, Beatles for Sale (Parlophone)
2. Rolling Stones, No. 2
3. Bob Dylan: The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (CBS)
4. Mary Poppins Soundtrack (HMV)
5. The Sound of Music Soundtrack (RCA)
n/a Beatles ‘Million Dollar’ Tour of America All Set
Connie Francis Returning Here
Another U.S. Ban on Sandie Shaw
Beatles Win Grammy
Animal Produces New Group’s Disc
Billy Fury on Lucky Stars
Things Tour Overseas
Miller May Return
Brown’s Film out Soon
Goldie Going Home
Kinks to Tour U.S.
n/a New Yardbirds single, E.P. Sunday Concerts
Seekers, Berries to Tour Ireland
Val on Irish ‘Pops Parade”
New Look for ‘Easy Beat’
Chad ill – States Tour Canceled
Trio Storms U.S. Chart, Wayne 1st, Herman 2nd, Freddie 3rd
Marianne’s Irish Trip
Joan Baez Concert
Honeycombs for Japan
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed
Sandra Barry, “Questions” (Pye)
Linda Laine, “Don’t Do It Baby” (Columbia)
Lisa Rayne, “It Had to Be You” (Fontana)
Bobbi Martin, “I Cant Stop Thinking of You” (Coral)
Garry Lewis, “This Diamond Ring” (Liberty)
Danny Williams, “Go Away” (HMV)
Drummond, Norrie The Who – One Hit but Four Films 11
Drummond, Norrie Jackie Trent Kept Trying 11
Ed. Bromley, Tony From You to Us 11
Smith, Alan Listen! In the Name of the Supremes 12
Wells, John Barron Knights see the Funny Side 13
Burdon, Eric Photographs of Donovan 14
Gray, Andy Pop Stars Who’s Who, The Final Words 14
n/a Classified ads 15
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 16
Altham, Kieth Doddy, Knights, Kayes Score 16
n/a Wayne Fontana No. 1 in U.S. Charts by American Embassy Said ‘Unknown’ 16
  Jacob Barry February 2006  
No. 955 30 April 1965  
Wells, John Dylan Feted, But Remains Unmoved! [Bob Dylan] 2
Altham, Keith Eric Burdon: Animal Trainer! [The Animals] 3
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed:
Motortown Revue (Tamla-Motown)
Righteous Brothers, Some Blue-Eyed Soul (Pye)
James Brown, Unbeatable 16 Hits (London)
Roger Miller, Roger and Out (Philips)
Sound of Music (RCA-Victor)
Altham, Keith Donovan - One of the Folk Song Sensations of 65 4
Evans, Allen EPs Reviewed:
It's Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders (Fontana)
Unit 4 Plus 2 (Decca)
Four Pennies (Philips)
Shirley Bassey (Columbia)
Martha and Vandellas (Tamla-Motown)
Dusty Springfield, In New York (Philips)
Mary Wells (Tamla-Motown)
Matt Monro (Parlophone)
Fats Domino, My Blue Heaven (Liberty)
Hollies (Parlophone)
Slim Whitman, Sings More Irish Songs (Liberty)
Hitmakers Series (Pye Popular)
Johnson, Derek Should Smaller Fry American Popsters Be Banned from Britain? 5
n.a. New York Likes Tommy Steele 5
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed:
Searchers, "Bumble Bee" (Pye)
Fats Domino, "Why Don't You Do Right" (HMV)
In Crowd, "That's How Strong My Love Is" (Parlophone)
Marianne Faithful, "This Little Bird" (Decca)
Nashville Teens, "Little Bird" (Decca)
Jay & the Americans, "Think of the Good Times" (United Artists)
Slim Whitman, "Remember Me" (Liberty)
Twinkle, "Tommy" (Decca)
Michael Chaplin, "I Am What I Am" (Decca)
Dean and Mark, "Just A Step Away" (Hickory)
Val McKenna, "Baby Do It" (Pye)
Jim Reeves, "How Long Has It Been" (RCA)
Frank Polk, "Trying To Keep Up With the Jonses" (Capitol)
Hullabaloos, "I'll Show You How to Love" (Columbia)
Hillsiders, "Please Be My Love" (Pye)
Wolfetones, "Spanish Lady" (Fontana)
Otis Redding, "Shout Bamalama" (Sue)
Paul Dean, "You Don't Own Me" (Decca)
Jackie Edwards, "Hush" (Aladdin)
James Brown, "I'll Go Crazy" (Columbia)
We Three Trio, "Baby the Rain Must Fall" (London)
Hamilton Folk Four, "Ballad of a Teenage Queen" (Columbia)
Michael Leslie, "Momma Didn't Know" (Pye)
Roger James Four, "A Letter from Kathy" (Columbia)
Johnny Neal and the Starliners, "And I Will Love You" (Pye)
Kenny and Denny, "Try to Forget Me" (Decca)
Toni Harper, "Never Trust a Stranger" (Vocalion)
n.a. NME Top Thirty
1. Beatles, "Ticket To Ride" (Parlophone)
2. Roger Miller, "King of the Road" (Philips)
3. Them, "Here Comes the Night" (Decca)
4. Cliff Richard, "The Minute You're Gone" (Columbia)
5. Animals, "Bring It on Home to Me" (Columbia
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. Herman's Hermits, "Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter"
2. Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders, "Game of Love"
3. Petula Clark, "I Know a Place"
4. Freddie & the Dreamers, "I'm Telling You Now"
5. Seekers, "I'll Never Find Another You"
n.a. Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. Beatles, Beatles for Sale (Parlophone)
2. Rolling Stones, Rolling Stones No. 2 (Decca)
3. Bob Dylan, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (CBS)
4. Mary Poppins Soundtrack (HMV)
5. Cliff Richard (Columbia)
n.a. Round the World
Canada: 1. Wayne Fontana & the Mindbreakers, "Game of Love"
Holland: 1. Beatles, "Rock and Roll Music"
Israel: 1. Sandie Shaw, "I'll Stop at Nothing"
Sweden: 1. Beatles, "Ticket to Ride"
n.a. Hermits Hold Off Beatles [Herman's Hermits]
Donovan and Stones Aid Disc Newcomers [Rolling Stones]
Cliff, Kathy, Mathis Palladium TV Plans [Cliff Richard, Kathy Kirby, Johnny Mathis]
Val and Sandie Cabaret Dates [Val Doonican, Sandie Shaw]
Helen Seeking New Manager [Helen Shapiro]
Castle TV Series [Roy Castle]
Mann's Blackpool Run [Manfred Mann]
Musical 'Pan' on TV ["Peter Pan"]
Another Penny [Four Pennies]
Singles from Gene and the Bachelors [Gene Pitney]
Stones Managers to U.S. [Rolling Stones]
Fame and Lulu on 'Top Gear' [Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, Lulu and the Luvers]
Sullivan Books Animals Again [Ed Sullivan]
Moody Blues Dates
Monro's US Cabaret [Matt Monro]
Tom May Spend Summer in U.S. [Tom Jones]
Jones Waxes Bacharach 'Pussycat' Song [Tom Jones, Burt Bacharach]
Another One of Them
Fourmost in Cabaret
Watch on Groups Who Miss Dates
n.a. Stones, Animals In Charity Film [Rolling Stones]
Donovan Concerts
Zombies' Film Tunes
'Club' Additions ['Saturday Club']
Leyton's New Agent [John Leyton]
Cilla, Manfred, Dave, Marianne - All on TV [CIla Black, Manfred Mann, Dave Clark, Marianne Faithfull]
Proby's TV Ban May Be Lifted [P.J. Proby]
Seekers to Get Gold Disc on TV Show
Stars at Variety Club 'Thank You'
Connie Francis TV Dates Set
Fame's Swedish Trip [Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames]
Hardy and Silkie — Savoy Seasons [Francoise Hardy]
Unit on Fury's 'Lucky' [Unit Four Plus Two]
More Stars in Song Festival [British Song Festival]
Dionne in London [Dionne Warwick]
Hollies Ballrooms
Honeycombs Follow-Up
n.a. Frankie Vaughan ATV Summer Series
Stones, Doonican Irish, Scots Dates [Rolling Stones, Val Doonican]
Seekers Tour Australia
Ella - TV after all [Ella Fitzgerald]
Three More Elvis Films Prepared [Elvis Presley]
Two New Musicals ["Twang!", "Passion Flower"]
Applejacks Aid Charity
Dave Clark Five on More U.S. TV Shows
Dave Clark, Manfred: New RSG Bookings [Manfred Mann]
Wembly Charity Shows
Jeans to Germany [The Swinging Blue Jeans]
Loss One-Nighters [Joe Loss Orchestra]
Most Waxes Vinton [Bobby Vinton]
Trio to Visit Britain [Kingston Trio]
Fame's American Trip [Georgie Fame]
Johnson, Derek More Singles Reviewed:
Dixie Cups, "Iko Iko" (Red Bird)
Dave Helling, "It Ain't Me Babe" (Stateside)
Lou Johnson, "Please Stop the Wedding" (London)
Ben E. King, "The Record" (Atlantic)
Jess Conrad, "Things I'd Like to Say" (Columbia)
Al Martino, "Somebody Else Is Taking My Place" (Capitol)
Don Charles, "Dream on Little Dreamer" (HMV)
Sharon Soul, "How Can I Get to You" (Stateside)
Roy Hamilton, "A Thousand Tears Ago" (MGM)
John Hammond "Baby Won't You Tell Me" (Fontana)
Size Seven Group, "It's Got to Be Love" (Mercury)
Greenbeats, "So Sad" (Pye)
Megatons, "Shimmy Shimmy Walk" (Sue)
Jimmy Clanton, "Hurting Each Other" (Stateside)
Gale Garnett, "I'll Cry Alone" (RCA)
Hipster Image, "Can't Let Her Go" (Decca)
Sue and Sunshine, "We're in Love" (Columbia)
Lady Lee, "99 Times Out of 100" (Decca)
Altham, Keith Francoise — One Girl Music Organisation! [Francoise Hardy] 11
Smith, Alan Frank Ifield in Colour and on Wide Screen 11
n.a. Chuck Berry Records at Home Now
Everlys Come Back [Everly Brothers]
From You to Us [Fan letters]
Who IS Tom Jones!
Brickbats For Eartha Kitt
Altham, Keith Peter and Gordon Are Poles Apart [Peter Asher and Gordon Waller] 13
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail: Hermits on the Run [Herman's Hermits] 13
Drummond, Norrie Honeycombs Survive 'Gimmick' Slur 14
n.a. Life-lines of Marianne Faithfull 14
n.a. Classifieds 15
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 16
n.a. More Round the World Charts
Australia: 1. Rolling Stones, "The Last Time"
Malaysia: 1. Rolling Stones, "Under the Boardwalk"
Hong Kong: 1. Beatles, "Rock and Roll Music"
  Lucas Brode, February 2006  

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