New Musical Express | May 1965

No. 955 7 May 1965  
Altham, Keith Ivy League battle against themselves [The Ivy League are cutting down on their session work because they are working too much for other artists and need to focus more on their own music.] 3
Springfield, Tom Seekers' Simple Success! [Seekers succeed because of the simplicity and of the leading lady Judith Durham.] 3
Evans, Allen LPs
4 Stars for Marianne Faithfull's albums: Come My Way and Marianne Faithfull
4 Stars for Graham Bond Organisation, Sound of '65
4 Stars for Sandy Nelson, Live! At Las Vegas
4 Stars for Deane Eddy: Twangin' The Golden Hits
Johnson, Derek Singles
Sandie Can Hit No. 1. 
Sandie Shaw: "Long Live Love" (Pye) ["Long Live Love" has the possibility of climbing high as compared to her previous discs.]
Bachelors: "Marie" / "You Can Tell" (Decca)
Newbeats: "The Birds Are For The Bees" (Hickory)
Tom Jones: "Little Lonely One" (Columbia)
Merseybeats: "Don't Let It Happen to Us" / "It Would Take a Long Long Time" (Fontana)
Four Seasons: "Toy Soldier" / "Betrayed" (Philips)
Units new one must catch on
Unit Four Plus Two: “Never Been In Love Before” (Decca)
Johnson, Derek Potted Pops
These artists are worth considering: Joe Turner (Atlantic); Top Six (No. 16); Ginny Arnell (MGM); Crestas (Fontana); Tom, Dick and Harry (Mercury); Mockingbirds (Columbia); Mission Belles (Decca); David Garrick (Piccadilly); Waikikis (Pye-International); New Faces (Pye).
Johnson, Derek Hear These!
Bob Dylan, "When the Ship Comes In" (Warner)
Sam Cooke, "It's Got the Whole World Shakin'" (RCA)
Johnny Kidd, "Shakin' All Over" (HMV)
Zephyr', "I Just Can't Make It" (Columbia)
Roulette', "I Hope He Breaks Your Heart" (Parlophone)
Ronnie Dove, "One Kiss for Old Times Sake" (Stateside)
Maxine Day, "Alabama" (Columbia)
Vikki Carr, "There Goes My Heart" (Liberty)
Johnson, Derek *Shop Window*
"Don't Make Me Go," Larry Cunningham and the Mighty Avons (King)
"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," Chipmunks (Liberty)
"Sweet Little Baby," Larry Williams with Johnny Watson and the Stormsville Shakers (Decca)
"Never Say No To Your Baby," Hit Pack (Tamla-Motown)
"Georgia," Peter Cook (Pye)
"For Your Love," Davy Jones (Philips)
"The Fugitive," John Schroeder Orchestra (Piccadilly)
Johnson, Derek New to You
Groups: Dontells, Buckinghams, Values, Image
Soloists: Lee Francis, Valerie Mitchell, Martin Raynor, Tony Clarke
NME This Week Top Thirty
1. “Ticket to Ride,” Beatles (Parlophone)
2. “King of the Road,” Roger Miller (Philips)
3. “A World of Our Own,” Seekers (Columbia)
4. “Bring It on Home to Me,” Animals (Columbia)
5. “Here Comes the Night,” Them (Decca)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter,” Herman’s Hermits
2. “Count Me In,” Gary Lewis & the Playboys
3. “Ticket to Ride,” Beatles
4. “Game of Love,” Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders
5. “I’ll Never Find Another You,” Seekers
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. Beatles for Sale (Parlophone)
2. The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (CBS)
3. Rolling Stones No. 2 (Decca)
4. Girl Happy Elvis Presley (RCA)
5. Mary Poppins, Soundtrack (HMV)
  10 Years Ago  
  5 Years Ago  
n.a. New On Sale Today--Advertising 5
n.a. Latest American news--Stones a Hit on U.S. Show [The "Ed Sullivan Show" hosted The Rolling Stones, Tom Jones and Dusty Springfield on the same night, all three are British.]
U.S. swaps ban [Britain’s Musicians' Union and America's Federation of Musicians are squabbling and have decided to end pop star exchanges.]
Hermits Still Top U.S. Chart [Herman's Hermits are holding off the Beatles in the American hit parade with their hit "Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter."]
TV Relay Plan for Beatles X-Mas Show [Joe Collins and Brian Epstein have planned the Beatles Christmas show to be in several British cinemas simultaneously.]
July 29—Help! [The Beatles new movie 'Help!' is soon to be released.]
Stones, Who and 'Birds' on 'Ready' [Rediffusion's "Ready, Steady Goes Live" program will include the Rolling Stones, Who, Yardbirds, and Hollies.]
Ballads and beat on Tom Jones LP [Tom Jones' first LP, "Along Came Jones," will be issued by Decca on May 21.]
Val--BBC-1 Whit show [Val Doonican is to star in his own BBC-1 show next month.]
New Radio Pop Show [A new afternoon show "Swing Into Summer" is going on air.]
Kramer's 'Lucky' [Artists including Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas are in ABC-TV's "Thank Your Lucky Stars."]
Connie's dates [Connie Francis' visit this month has been cut to five days.]
Faithfull Cabaret [Marianne Faithfull has been booked for cabaret in various locations.]
Stones, Them, Jones, Fury on Charity LP [An all-star Decca LP will include the Rolling Stones, Them, Tom Jones, Billy Fury and more.]
Mann and Everlys on Light's 'Club' ["Saturday Club" by Light Programme will include Manfred Man and the Everly Brothers]
Jacobs comperes late-night show [In addition with "Juke Box Jury" David Jacobs will host a new BBC-1 TV series, "Hot Line."]
Knight's Honeymoon [Butch Baker from the Barron Knights is taking a holiday to get married.]
Kinks and Ivys Join Beatles on Whit Radio [The Kinks and Ivy League will be joining the Beatles' Whit on Light Programme.]
Brenda Returning [Brenda Lee will return for TV, concert and ballroom dates.]
Singles by Presley, Kinks, Who, Donovan
Mathis records British album [Johnny Mathis is recording an album during his British stay.]
Solomon Burke's Visit [Solomon Burke will visit London for a promotional visit.]
n.a. Dylan to Film Two BBC-TV Shows [Bob Dylan will film two 30-minute BBC-TV specials that will air next month.]
Adam Faith in Cabaret [Newcastle La Dolce Vita will host Adam Faith.]
Manfred and Dionne in 'Pussycat' Movie [Manfred Mann, Dionne Warwick and Tom Jones will appear in "What's New Pussycat."]
Unit concerts [Unit Four Plus Two are now in the Sandie Shaw concerts.]
Marianne, Lulu--On TV Series [Marianne Faithfull and Lulu will be in BBC-2's "Gadzooks!".]
Stones: EP, Film, Autumn Concerts [The Rolling Stones will have a first film come out this summer.  They will release a live EP, and return to America on their most successful tour after a few British concerts.]
Animal Shock Over Price [Alan Price is leaving the Animals.]
Chad, Jeremy are parting [The Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde duo is temporarily splitting up.]
Shadows set for variety [The Shadows are making one of their rare variety appearances in Europe.]
Bachelors return to Palladium [The Bachelors are back on "Sunday Night at the London Palladium."]
Blues 'Gear' date [The Moody Blues' appearance on "Top Gear" has been postponed.]
Smith, Alan Don't Be Ashamed about 'Lonely,' Tom [Tom Jones is not proud of his new single "Little Lonely One." Smith thinks on the contrary that it will climb the NME charts.] 8
Smith, Alan New York Is the Greatest! [Tom Jones is distracted by New York and having a fabulous time being distracted about "Little Lonely One."] 8
Bromley, Tony From You to Us:
Are the Beatles Laughing at Us?
To You…from Hilton Valentine
Drummond, Norrie Jackie Trent Has Narrow Squeaks [Jackie Trent is relaxed now that "Where Are You Now," has jumped to No. 8.] 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail [Various information segments on various musicians including: Freddie and the Dreamers, Tommy Steele, and Ringo Starr.] 9
n.a. Who's Where [Upcoming week's performances.] 9
Smith, Alan For the first time ever his close friend Clodagh Rogers talks about Jim Reeves [He Thought He Couldn't Sing] 10
Drummond, Norrie Kinks Show-winner all the way [The Kinks' pop show is a big hit.] 10
Sampson, Gordon Dylan Didn't Do a Thing Wrong [Bob Dylan wowed his admirers on the first night of his sell-out tour.] 10
n.a. Classifieds 11
n.a. A Frank Letter to You from Bill Wyman 12
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
  Alicea Cock-Esteb, March 2006  
No. 956 14 May 1965  
Cover page Force 5 ‘Yeah I’m Waiting’, Beatles, Dylan, Amazing Everly confession, The Clapping Song – Shirley Ellis 1
n.a. [Dentyne Chewing Gum advertisement] 2
n.a. [Cilla Black song book advertisement] 2
Smith, Alan Beatles beat it up with [P.J.] Proby, [Tom] Jones and [Bob] Dylan Hits [account of an impromptu Beatles jam session on the set of the film “Help”] 3
Altham, Keith Billy Harrison gets mad when you call [the band] Them Irish! 4
Evans, Allan EPs:
Cliff Richard: “Look in my Eyes Maria” / “Where Is Your Heart?” / “Maria” / “If I Give My Heart to You” (Columbia)
Del Shannon: “Stranger in Town” / “Do You Want to Dance” / “Keep Searchin” / “Handy Man” (Stateside)
Gene Pitney: “I Must Be Seeing Things” / “I’m Gonna Find Myself a Girl” / “I’m Gonna Be Strong” / “It Hurts to Be in Love” (Stateside)
George Fame: “No, No” / “Blue Monday” / “So Long” / “Sick and Tired” (Columbia)
Richard Anthony: “I’m into Something Good” / “As Tears Go By” / “I Should Have Known Better” / “Heigh Ho” (Columbia)
Shadows: “Tonight” / “Big ‘B’” / “French Dressing” / “High & Mighty” (Columbia)
Johnson, Derek NME reader gets M.P. father [Kenneth Lomas] to put question to Parliament about U.S. clamp-down 4
n.a [Billy J. Kramer advertisement] 5
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed:
Everly Brothers: “The Price of Love” / “It Only Costs a Dime” (Warner Bros)
Dodie West: “In the Deep of the Night” / “Rovin’ Boy” (Piccadilly)
Connie Francis: “My Child” / “No One Ever Sends Me Roses” (MGM)
Richard Anthony: “Crying in the Rain” / “I Don’t Know What to Do” (Columbia)
Shangri-Las: “Out in the Streets” / “The Boy” (Red Bird)
Mary Wells: “Never Never Leave Me” / “Why Don’t Your Let Yourself Go” (Stateside)
Trini Lopez: “Sad Tomorrows” / “I’ve Lost My Love for You” (Reprise)
Mark Wynter: “Someday” / “Here Comes Summer” (Pye)
Jackie De Shannon: “What the World Needs Now Is Love” / “It’s Love Baby” (Liberty)
Four Tops “I Can’t Help Myself” / “Sad Souvenirs” (Tamla-Motown)
Chuck Berry: “Dear Dad” / “My Little Love Light” (Chess)
Billy J Kramer: “Trains and Boats and Planes” / “That’s the Way I Feel” (Parlophone)
Johnson, Derek Shop Window:
Reparta and the Delrons: “Tommy” (Stateside)
Teri Thornton: “Every Time I Think about You” (CBS)
H.B. Barnum: “The Record” (Capitol)
Jerry Martin: “Won’t Be a Lonely Summer” (Columbia)
Willere Alberti: “My Diary of Love” (Philips)
George Bellamy: “Where I’m Bound” (Parlophone)
Eddie King: “Always at a Distance” (Columbia)
Jess Conrad: “Hurt Me” (Pye)
Jewel Akens: “Dancing Jenny” (Ember)

New to You:
Ceredig Davies: “The Leaves of Grass” (CBS)
Dorris Henderson: “The Leaves Are Green” (Columbia)
Jackie Farn: “The Last Outpost” (Parlophone)
Colette and the Bandits: “A Ladies Man” (Stateside)
Hi-Lites: “Hey Baby” (London)
Gerry and the Ohio: “Tip of My Fingers” (Pye)
Tony Tripley: “Under the Smile of Love” (Polydor)
Peter Anathan: “No More Love” (Fontana)
n.a. NME Top Thirty:
1.  “Ticket to Ride,” The Beatles
2.  “A World of Our Own,” Seekers
3.  “Kind of the Road,” Roger Miller
4.  “Where Are You Now,” Jackie Trent
5.  “True Love Waits,” Peter and Gordon
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1.  “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter,” Herman’s Hermits
2.  “Count Me In,” Gary Lewis and the Playboys
3.  “Ticket to Ride,” Beatles
4.  “I’ll Never Find Another You,” Seekers
5.  “Silhouettes,” Herman’s Hermits
n.a. Best Selling LPs in Britain
1.  The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (CBS)
2.  Beatles for Sale (Parlophone)
3.  Girl Happy, Elvis Prestley (RCA)
4.  Mary Poppins, Soundtrack (RCA)
5.  The Times They Are A-Changin’, Bob Dylan (CBS)
n.a. NME will help you get autographs
Our stars bring in the viewers [British pop stars]
Jackie’s answer to ‘King’ [Jacqueline Moore’s debut ‘Queen of the House’]
[PJ] Proby booked for ‘Shindig’ [U.S. television program]
[Sunday] Donovan Summer Sundays Switched [cancelled concerts]
Stones German tour off
Cilla [Black] on [Eamonn] Andrews show
Goldie’s ‘Not Only’ [Goldie and the Gingerbreads on ‘Not Only…But Also” television program]
Beatles wax two songs for U.S.
Where you can see the Beatles film [Help!]
Shadows Concert
Suzy [Kendall] in ‘Jury’ [Juke Box Jury]
[John] Barry’s Cannes Entries
Jackie [Trent] on Palladium
Herman[‘s Hermits] recording in U.S.
Francoise [Hardy] in London
Songs chosen for British Festival [British Song Festival]
Hollies join Stones for Scottish tour
In Crowd joins Donovan showsTop Gear’ may be taken off
Gene Pitney’s British dates
Herman, Wayne set [Herman’s Hermits and Wayne Fontana American tour details]
n.a. Bachelors on Sullivan – in Coventry ‘Birthday’ [The Bachelors on the Ed Sullivan show and at the Coventry Theatre]
‘Concrete’ group may tour states [Unit Four Plus Two]
Sandie’s Cannes date [Sandie Shaw at Cannes Festival]
Freddie’s [Freddie and the Dreamers] Third Gold
Freddie’s film [Cuckoo Patrol] now top budget
Ivy song team to tour US
Wayne [Fontana] Single [“Just a Little Bit Too Late”]
Tornados Reform
Donovan on ‘Loss Show’ [Joe Loss Pop Show]
[Billy J.] Kramer radio and TV shows
[Brian] Poole’s new plan to visit states
First Righteous Bros. tour here
Stars on Most’s show [Herman’s Hermits, the Animals, Ron and Mel, The Cymbals, and the Measels on Mickie Most radio show]
[Frankie Vaughan] At Bournemouth
Seekers for Torquay
[James] Brown concert tour?
n.a. New singles by Cliff [Richards], Shads [Shadows], Supremes
Gene Barry Album
Berries and Who join Fury on TV
New bookings-but BBC series to end [The Light Programme’s “Saturday Swings”]

Who, Unit on ‘Club’ [The Who and Unit Four Plus Two booked on “Saturday Club”
Johnson, Derek More Reviews
Righteous Brothers: “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” / “Night Owl” (Pye-International)
Roger Miller: “You Don’t Want My Love” / “Every Which-A-Way”
Jerry Wallace: “Time” / “Rainbow” (Mercury)
Johnson, Derek Potted Pops:
Andy Williams: “And Roses and Roses” (CBS)
Spinners: “Sweet Thing” / “How Can I” (Tamia-Motown)
Hamilton King: “Bird Without Wings” / “Shoppin’” (HMV)
Force Five: “Yeah I’m Waiting” / “I Don’t Want to See You Again” (United Artists)
Al Hirt: “Al’s Place” / “Mister Sandman” (RCA)
Joe Tex: “A Woman Can Change a Man” / “Don’t Let Your Left Hand Know” (Atlantic)
Johnny Thompson “For Us They’ll Be No Tomorrow” / “Soul Chant” (Ember)
Garnet Mimms: “It Was Easier to Hurt Her” / “So Close” (United Artists)
Gunter Kallman Choir: “Love Me with All Your Heart” / “Sweet Little Mountain Bird” (Polydor)
Altham, Keith Manfred Mann [Altham interviews] 12
Smith, Alan Shirley: stars’ singer! [Stars such as George Harrison and The Rolling Stones are Shirley Ellis fans] 12
Drummond, Norrie London’s In-Crowd Make It [They enter charts] 12
Bromley, Tony [ed.] From You to Us 13
Wells, John Everly’s amazing confession [They’re not the hit-machines they used to be] 13
Altham, Keith Marianne Faithfull tells about a party with Dylan and Joan Baez 14
Johnson, Derek Cliff chats from Lisbon [Cliff Richard interviewed from Portugal] 14
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed:
Bob Dylan: Bring It All Back Home (CBS)
Donovan: What’s Bin Did and Whats Bin Hid (Pye Popular)
n.a. Classifieds
Radio Luxembourg
Cat, The Alley Tail Pieces 15
Smith, Alan Rockin Berries earned Palladium booking because they are Entertainers 16
  Jesse Flower-Ambroch, February 2006  
No. 958 21 May 1965  
Cover Roy Tempest Organisation Ltd.  
Alan Smith Beatles Like to Be Knocked! 3
N.A. Who’s Where [Black & White Minstrel Show, Ren Dodd., Barron Knights, Kaye Sisters, Frankie Vaugh, Jimmy Tabbuck, Des O’Connnor, Shirley Bassey, Cyril Stapleton, Kinks, Goldie and Gingerbreads]  
Allen Evans EPs Reviewed:
Tom Jones, “On Stage” (Decca)
Twinkle “Golden Lights” (Decca)
Cliff Bennett [and the Rebel Rousers], “I’m Crazy ‘bout My Baby” (Parlophone)
Rick Nelson, “I’m in Love Again” (Liberty)
Francoise Hardy, N.A. (Disques Vogue)
Tampa Red, “Vol. 3” (RCA Victor)
Moody Blues, “Go Now” (Decca)
Dominic Behan, “Liverpool Lou”(Piccadilly)
Pat Boone, “Ain’t that a Shame” (Dot)
Sonny James, “Ask Marie” (Capitol)
Kingston Trio, “Lemon Tree” (Capitol)
Norrie Drummond Singing Is Hard Work,” says Johnny Mathis 4
Allen Evans Dylan Wrote this on Our Life-Line Pro Forma 4
Allen Evans LPs Reviewed:
Roger Miller, Songs I Have Written (RCA Camden)
John Hammond, Big City Blues (Fontana)
Alan Smith New to the Charts [Burt Bacharach] 5
Derek Johnson Jackie’s Top [Jackie Trent] 5
Derek Johnson Singles Reviewed:
The Hollies: “I’m Alive” / “You Know He Did” (Parlophone)
The Kinks: “Set Me Free” / “I Need You” (Pye)
McKinleys: “Give Him My Love” / “Once More” (Columbia)
The Who: “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere” / “Daddy Rolling Stone” (Brunswick)
Lancastrians: “There’ll Be No More Goodbyes” / “Never Gonna Come on Home” (Pye)
Beach Boys: “Help Me Rhonda” / “Kiss Me Baby” (Capitol)
Jewel Akens: “The Birds and the Bees” / “Around the Corner” (London)
Dobie Gray: “In Crowd” / “Walk with Love” (Pye)
Elvis: “Crying in the Chapel” / “I Believe in the Man in the Sky” (RCA)
Spencer Davis Group: “Strong Love” / “This Hammer” (Fontana)
James Tamlin: “Yes I have” / “Now there Are Two” (Columbia)
Harbour Lites: “Come Back Silly Girl” / “Revenge” (HMV)
The Clique: “We Didn’t Kiss Didn’t Love” / “You’ve Been Unfair” (Pye)
Teen Queens: “Eddie My Love” / “Just Goofed” (R & B)
Johnny Bev: “You Pass Me By” / “Leaving My Teardrops Behind” (Columbia)
Phil Ryan and the Crescents: “Gypsy Woman” / “Be Honest with Yourself” (Columbia)
Ian Whitcomb: “You Turn Me On” / “Poor But Honest” (Capitol)
Uglys: “Wake Up My Mind” / “Ugly Blues” (Pye)
Johnny Shadow: “What Colour Is the Wind” / “Kiss Me Now” (Parlophone)
N.A. NME Top Thirty:
1.  Jackie Trent: “Where Are You Now” (Pye)
2.  Seekers: “A World of Our Own” (Columbia)
3.  Sandie Shaw: “Long Live Love” (Pye)
4.  The Beatles: “Ticket to Ride” (Parlophone)
5.  Peter and Gordon: “True Love Ways” (Columbia)
N.A. Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1.  The Beatles: “Ticket to Ride”
2.  Herman’s Hermits: “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter”
3.  Gary Lewis & the Playboys: “Count Me in”
4.  Beach Boys: “Help Me Rhonda”
5.  Seekers: “I’ll Never Find Another You”
N.A Best Selling LPs in Britain:
1.  Bob Dylan: Bringing It all Back Home (CBS)
2.  Animals: Animal Tracks (Columbia)
3.  Burt Bacharach: Hit Maker (London)
4.  Beatles: Beatles for Sale (Parlophone)
5.  Bob Dylan: The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (CBS)
N.A. Sandie Given Sates Visa [Sandie Shaw]
More Autographers at Battersea
Herman Leaps up U.S. Chart
Duo for U.S. [Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde]
Rolling Stones Wax 13 Tracks
Beatle Sees Barry [Paul McCartney, Gene Barry]
Donovan – Five TV Shows Set
U.S. Exchange Ban Has Been Lifted
Bachelors: Pantomine and Sunday Concerts
Rumpus – then Orbison, Pitney Deals Dropped
Brian Epstien on Andrews TV Show
Mitch to Work for RCA [Mitch Murray]
Donovan, Marianne, Dave, Hollies and Yardbirds on Radio
Walkers ‘Go Live’
N.A. Saturday Afternoon Pop Dropped by BBC
Contest: TV Line-Up
A New Berry [the Rockin’ Berries]
John’s New Book Out Next Month [John Lennon]
Pitney TV Date [Gene Pitney]
Seekers Open ‘Night Out’ ABC-TV Series
Tom Jones May Play Cabaret in Bermuda
Connie Francis Records Here
Solomon Burke’s TV Dates Fixed
Presley Album
Good Leaves ‘Shindig’ [Jack Good]
Faith in Cabaret [Adam Faith]
Searchers Tour States
Kramer Sunday Shows [Billy J. Kramer]
Unit’s Irish Tour
N.A. Stones, Donovan, Wayne, Mann Set for ‘Stars’ 10
N.A. Adam & Sandie Join Whit Pop 10
N.A. Hawker Joins Philips 10
N.A. Baldry Beats Ban 10
Derek Johnson More Singles:
Dave Can Leap into the Chart
Dave Clark Five: “Come Home” / “Mighty Good Loving” (Columbia)
Jimmy Glimer & the Fireballs: “Thunder ‘n’ Lightning” / “What Do You Do” (Stateside)
The Fireballs: “Baby, What’s Wrong” / “Yummie Yama Papa” (Stateside)
Gene Pitney: “Looking thru the Eyes of Love” / “Last Chance to Turn Around” (Stateside)
Keith Altham Sandie Had Second Thoughts about Curls 11
Tony Bromley [ed.] From You to Us 11
N.A. Running Order for Song Festival 12
Keith Altham Mystery’ of the Walker Brothers  
Allen Evans LPs Reviewed:
Nat Cole: The Unforgettable Nat King Cole (Capitol)
The Animals: Animal Tracks (Columbia)
Jim Reeves: The Jim Reeves Way (RCA Victor)
Brenda Lee: Brenda Lee: Top Teen Hits (Brunswick)
Everly Brothers: Rock ‘n’ Soul (Warner Bros.)
Larry Williams: Larry Williams Show (Decca)
Little Anthony and Imperials: I’m on the Outside (United Artists)
Betty Everett and Jerry Butler: Delicious Together (Fontana)
Derek Johnson Welcome Back Connie Francis 13
Nat Hentoff American Airmail 13
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 14
Bill Wyman Stones Faced Death in Crumbling Car 14
Andy Gray Gene Barry Is Not as on Television 14
N.A. Classifieds 15
  Alexander George, March 2006  
No. 958 28 May 1965
Altham, Keith "I’ll Beat Burt Yet," Says Billy (Cassius) Kramer 2
Hutchins, Chris This is what Beatles hoped, but it won’t happen 3
Johnson, Derek Singles
Shadows: “Stingray” (Columbia)
Moody Blues: “From the Bottom of My Heart” (Decca)
Donovan: “Colours” (Pye)
Chad & Jeremy: “Before and After” (CBS)
Lulu: “Leave a Little Love” (Decca)
Helen Shapiro: “Here in Your Arms” (Columbia)
Vashti: “Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind” (Decca)
NME Top pop songs in Britain:
1. “Long Live Love,” Sandie Shaw (Pye)
2. “Where are You Now,” Jackie Trent (Pye)
3. “A World of Our Own,” Seekers (Columbia)
4. “True Love Ways,” Peter and Gordon (Columbia)
5. “This Little Bird,” Marianne Faithfull (Decca)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. “Help Me Rhonda,” Beach Boys
2. “Ticket to Ride,” Beatles
3. “Back in My Arms Again,” Supremes
4. “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter,” Herman’s Hermits
5. “Wooly Bully,” Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs
NME Best Selling LPS in Britain
1. Bringing it all Back Home, Bob Dylan (CBS)
2. Hit Maker, Burt Baharach (London)
3. The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (CBS)
4. The Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
5. Beatles for Sale (Parlophone)
n.a. Lynch Wins!
Top Stars Set for Sunday Concerts
Beatles May Go to ’Knack’ Premiere
Cilla Joins Stars on NME Stand
Kinks together again for Early Bird TV?
Lynch Wins!
NME Cricket Team in Benefit Match
Connie, Johnny Record Albums
Oldham’s a Daddy
Singles from Adam, Them, and Seekers
Sinatra Premiere
Baez TV shows
Georgie may not film this year
n.a. BBC to start daily pop series 6-7
n.a. Proby Begins First Film in July
Dylan may still tape BBC shows
At last—Animals get U.S. permits!
Alan Price on Dusty Single
Buddy Greco in London cabaret
Billy, Cilla- not Adam and Sandie- on Light
Berries Autumn Cabaret Plans
Jackie, Adam on ‘Saturday Club’
Burt here next week
Jones back on ‘Jury’
Joan leads march
Berry, Hollies ‘Scene’
Duo, Dusty, Kinks, ‘Birds on ‘Lucky’
U.S. label for Freeman discs
Smith, Alan Things like these could only happen to Seekers 8
Johnson, Derek Connie Francis planning return 9
n.a. New Stones EP!
Altham, Keith Split Hurts the Animals 9
Bampson, Gordon Walker Bros. Slick debut 9
Smith, Alan Shirley says ‘Thanks’ to the Beatles 10
Gray, Andy Captivating Baez 10
Altham, Keith Kinks—What now? 10
n.a. Bachelors Score on U.S. TV 10
n.a. Life-lines of Cathy McGowan 11
Rachel Goldberg, March 2006

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