New Musical Express | August 1965

No. 968 5 August 1965  
Announcements Beatles, Stones Hit Back!
A Walk in the Black Forest: Horst Jankowski and His Orchestra on Mercury
Another Smash Hit from The Rockin' Berries with a great Goffin and King Composition!
"Make It Easy on Yourself": The chart-topping new Bacharach single by the Walker Brothers on Philips!
LP Reviews Cliff Richard, When in Rome [Columbia]
Jerry Lee Lewis, The Return of Rock [Philips]
The Zombies, Begin Here [Decca]
Advertising Opening August 24th at 7.30p.m.: Prince of Wales Theatre, London, W.1.
Gene Gutowski Presents "Passion Flower Hotel" [Book by Wolf Mankowitz; Music by John Barry; Lyrics by Trevor Peacock].
Keith Altham "The Stones Hit Back" [The Rolling Stones' first concert at the London Palladium is a success]. 2
  NME's Chris Hutchins Will Be Living with the Beatles in America Again!  
Announcement Top Pop Guide:
Dave Clark Five, Latest Single: "Catch Us If You Can."
Downliners Sect, from the Opening Hillbilly Comedy Lament: "If I Could Just Go Back to the Well-Known 'Wolverton Mountain.'"
Frank Sinatra, Album Includes Some of His Finest Work Ever Including "Love Is Here to Stay," and "Night and Day!"
Alan Smith "John Lennon Slams the Critics" [The Beatles Are a Hit in the Blackpool's ABC Theatre on 'Blackpool Night Out']. 3
Derek Johnson Singles Reviews
Tom Jones: "What's New Pussycat" / "The Rose" [Decca]
Frank Ifield: "Paradise" / "Goodbye Now" [Columbia]
Walkers: "Make It Easy on Yourself" / "But I Do" [Philips]
Sue Thompson: "It's Break-Up Time" / "Afraid" [Hickory]
Faultless Monroe: "Before You Go" / "And Roses and Roses" [Parlophone]
Danny Williams: "Lovely Is She" / "Gone And Forgotten" [HMV]
Roger Willer / Dixie Cups: "Can't Stop Loving You" / "Two-Way-Poe-A-Way" [Stateside]
Julie Rogers: "Day by Day" / "I'm Walking behind You" [Mercury]
Carolyn Hester: "Come on Back" / "Three Young Men" [Dot]
Jane Morgan "Maybe" / "Walking the Streets in the Rain" [Columbia]
The Other Two: "Don't You Wanna Love Me Baby" / "Hold Back The Light of Dawn" [RCA]
Kiki Dee "Runnin' Out Of Fools" / "There He Goes" [Fontana]
Frank Sinatra: "Yellow Rolls-Royce" / "I Can't Believe I'm Losing You" [Reprise]
Graham Bond: "Lease on Love" / "My Heart's in Little Pieces" [Columbia]
Instrumentals: "The Happy Elephant" / "On the Brink" [Columbia].
Advertising Great New E.P. Just Released: Mademoiselle Dusty – BE12579! 4
NME Top Selling Singles
Beatles "Help!" [Parlophone]
Fortunes "You've Got Your Troubles" [Decca]
Animals "We Gotta Get out of this Place" [Columbia]
Byrds "Mr. Tambourine Man" [CBS]
Dave Clark Five "Catch Us If You Can" [Columbia]
NME Top Selling LPs in Britain
Sound of Music Soundtrack [RCA]
Mary Poppins Soundtrack [HMV]
Bob Dylan: Bringing It All Back Home [CBS]
Joan Baez: Joan Baez/5 [Fontana]
Moody Blues: The Magnificent Moodies [Decca]
Andy Williams: Almost There [CBS]
The Shadows: Sound of the Shadows [Columbia]
Joan Baez: Joan Baez in Concert Vol.2 [Fontana]
Seekers: A World of Our Own [Colimbia]
Beatles: Beatles for Sale [Parlophone]
Advertising New on Sale Today:
Tom Jones "What's New Pussycat?" [Decca]!
Recapture Your Holidays with these Continental LPs!
This Is It! The Byrds "All I Really Want to Do"!
Nat Hentoff Five More U.S. Chart Entries" [British Tunes Hit U.S. Charts]  
Articles Andrew Oldham Forms Own Record Label
New Disc Signings: Karl Denver Trio to Philips
Dusty out of Show—Away to Recover [Dusty Springfield Will Not Appear on the Russ Conway Show]
Herman Unit on Stones "Lucky" [Herman's Hermit's and Unit Four Plus Two are Added to ABC-TV's 'Lucky Stars Summer Spin']
Pitney's Tour Date Changes
Goldie's Ballrooms [Goldie and the Gingerbreads return from Germany]
Susan's Show Extended [Susan Maughan-Kenny Ball Summer Season at Blackpool Winter Gardens Extended Until September]
Frank and Freddie in Leading Pantos" [Frank Ifield and Freddy and the Dreamers Signed for Britain's two Most Important Pantomines]
Jazz Festival to Be Filmed
Walkers Turn Down Over Seas Offers
Seekers Back in Show
Poole 'Ready' [Brian Poole and the Tremeloes join the Byrds, the Who, and Sonny and Cher on Rediffusion's Ready Steady Go!]
Moody Blues Dates
Brian Matthew to Tour U.S. with Beatles
Herman May Meet Elvis
Liverpool 'Fair Lady'" ['My Fair Lady' Showing at London's Warner Cinema]
Folk Trio On BBC-2
Nat Hentoff Beatles Plan to Take Long Holiday
Beatles New York Show On Xmas TV?
Articles [Dave] Berry's Belgium Trip
Donovan and Friends—TV Profile [Donovan to be the Subject of a 45-minute Rediffusion-TV Documentary]
Stones' 'Top Pop' Treble [Stones Set for Three Appearances on BBC-1's 'Top of the Pops']
New Single Brought Forward: Stones Sign with Decca—But Leave U.S. Label
League Play Dates Again [The Ivy League, recently injured in a car crash are booked to Rolling Stones' Tour]
Eartha Kitt on Blackpool TV
Byrds May Fly Away [Byrds May Go to Germany]
Another Swedish Tour for [Brian] Poole
[Jonathon] King Turns Down Tour with Byrds
Freddie 'Swings' [Freddie and the Dreamers are Set for Appearances Every Day Next Week in the Light Programme's 'Swing into Summer']
Val's [Doonican] TV Series
EMI Rushes out 'Pussycat' LP
Royal Variety [Command Performance] On TV
Marianne [Faithfull] Takes Time Off
Another of Them Quits" [New Drummer Terry Noon to Replace John McAuley in Them]
Announcements Women Win a Free Fortnight for 4 at the Beatles'!
Vocalion Brings You Great LPs from America!
Alan Smith "From Tom Jones in New York City: New Release is STUPID!" [Jones Thinks Decca's Choice to Release New Hit Is 'Damn Stupid']
Norrie Drummond "Most Unusual Searchers"
Nat Hentoff Elvis Dislikes Visitors  
Announcements Visit St. Giles Music Centre and See London's Finest Selection of Drums! 9
Keith Altham Baby Halts Marianne's Plans [Faithfull]  
Keith Altham Fortunes Have Got Their Own Troubles 9
Tony Bromley From You to Us: Swearing is 'Out.'  
Norrie Drummond Byrds—America's Biggest Ever Group?  
Alan Smith Georgie Fame: Will I Be Flop of the Year?  
Derek Johnson Greco—Second Time Lucky 10
Announcements Kacey's in Town!  The World's Second Largest Band Agency
The World Famous Cellar Club…12 Noon—7a.m. Hot Meals and Breakfasts
The New Fab Teenage Hat Only 14/11 Including Post and Packing!
NME The New Musical Express Classical Advertisement Rates:
Engagements Wanted 9d. per word
Bands 1/. Per word
Musical Services 1/6 per word
Fan Clubs 1/3 per word
Musicians Wanted 1/. Per word
Free Television Screen Tests
Tuition 1/6 per word
Rehearsal Rooms 1/. Per word
Situations Vacant 1/. Per word
Instruments For Sale 1/. Per word
Groups Wanted 1/3 Per 1ord
Recording 1/. Per word
Records Wanted 1/. Per word
Vocalists Wanted 1/. Per word
Records for Sale 1/. Per word
Situations Wanted 1/. Per word
Instrument Repairs 1/. Per word.
Announcements In the Middle of Nowhere: Dusty Springfield on Philips Peter; Maurice—Great New Instrumental! Il Silenzio!
Kacey Artistes Management LTD
The 5th National Jazz & Blues Festival This Friday, Sat. & Sun. Richmond
From the Billy Fury Tour: Dickie Pride TV/Records.
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces  
Allen Evans EPs
P.J. Proby: "Somewhere" / "I Apologize" [Liberty]
Roger Miller: "King of the Road" / "Chug-A-Lug" [Philips]
Five Yardbirds: "My Girl Sloopy" / "I'm Not Talking and I Ain't Done Wrong" [Columbia]
Dusty Springfield: "Mademoisselle" [Philips]
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: "Sitting on the Bench" / "Strictly for the Birds" [Parlophone]
Gene Pitney: "What Will Happen to Me" / "Autumn Leaves" / "Tell Me the Way" [Stateside]
Jay and the Americans: "Let's Lock the Door" / "Come Dance with Me" / "Come a Little Bit Closer" / "She Cried"
Articles John Slams Critics 12
  Natalie Kirch, February 2006  
No. 970 13 August 1965  
Cover Beatles US Tour, Sonny and Cher, Eric Burdon, Shadows, Stars Dress Up  
Altham, Keith Sonny Becomes Singer Giving Cher Courage 2
Evans, Allen Versatile album from Byrds 2
Hutchins, Chris Living with the Beatles 3
n.a. They're off again! [Beatles]
Beatles remembered Beryl's washboard
n.a. Just right for Sham fans
Big hit for the Berries
Donovan's (extended) message
Johnson, Derek Singles: Much Better
"The Time in Between," Cliff Richards
"I'll Never Get Over You," Everly Bros.
"Pretty Little Baby," Marvin Gaye
"Without Love," Ronnie Carroll
"Shine on Harvest Moon," Allan Sherman
"Here I Am," Dionne Warwick
n.a. NME Top Thirty
1. Beatles, "Help!" (Parlophone)
2. Fortunes, "You've Got Your Troubles" (Decca)
3. Animals, "We Gotta Get Out of this Place" (Columbia)
4. Dave Clark Five, "Catch Us if You Can" (Columbia)
5. Jonathan King, "Everyone's Gone to the Moon" (Decca)
n.a. Best-selling Pop Records in the US
1. Sonny and Cher, "I Got You Babe"
2. Rolling Stones, "Satisfaction"
3. Gary Lewis & the Playboys, "Save Your Heart for Me"
4. Herman's Hermits, "I'm Henry the VIII I Am"
5. Tom Jones, "What's New Pussycat?"
n.a. Best-selling LPs in Britain
1. Beatles, Help! (Parlophone)
2. Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
3. Mary Poppins, Soundtrack (HMV)
4. Joan Baez/5 (Fontana)
5. Bob Dylan, Bringing It All Back Home (CBS)
n.a. 5 Years Ago
1. Cliff Richard, "Please Don't Tease" (Columbia)
2. Shadows, "Apache" (Columbia)
3. Elvis Presley, "Mess of Blues" (RCA)
4. Jimmy Jones, "Good Timin'" (MGM)
5. Johnny Kidd, "Shakin All Over" (HMV)
n.a. 10 Years Ago
1. Slim Whitman "Rose Marie" (London)
2. Frankie Laine "Cool Water" (Philips)
3. Alma Cogan "Dreamboat" (HMV)
4. Ruby Murray "Evermore" (Columbia)
5. David Whitfield "Everywhere" (Decca)
n.a. Beatles Win Three Golds
Fortunes Get American Hit
Beatles back folk group!
Three Singles on Oldham's Label
Barbra, Louis, Ella—on TV spectaculars
Dusty on TV—with new single
Mick and Keith fly to states
Ellen Stands in for Seeker Judy
Kinks Show Off
Big Charity Shows
Orbison follow-up
Girl Group on CBS
Tom Stays on in US [Tom Jones]
Stones to Scarborough
Price's first single [Decca]
Horst's trip off [Horst Jankowski to London]
'Lucky' Byrds [Lucky Stars ABC-TV]
n.a. Sonny and Cher: No Tour, But own shows
Hollies in Cabaret
Byrds miss two show dates
Joint 'Jury' for Adam Sandie
Cilla to tour with Everlys
Single, EP and LP from Everly Bros.
Blackpool Things [Pretty things and Cliff Bennett]
Cole Film Release [Cat Ballou]
Bill Returns to ballrooms [Billy Fury]
Brenda here in November [Brenda Lee]
Manfreds start charity show [Marquee Club]
Lulu's next – an American Song
Stones ballroom date
Epstein signs another group
Knights leaving Palladium show
Animals band on Light
Philips launch new jazz label [Limelight]
Straubing, Michelle American question time with Peter Gordon 8
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail: No! to Hermits 8
Johnson, Derek More Single Reviews (continued from page 4):
"Like a Rolling Stone," Bob Dylan (CBS)
"The Tracker," Sir Douglas Quintet (London)
"Laugh at Me," Sonny (Atlantic)
"Come out Dancin," Rick Nelson (Brunswick)
"What's New Pussycat," Burt Bacharach (London)
n.a. Potted Pops
"Many Things from Your Window," Transatlantics (Fontana)
"Goodbye Sisters," Art Woods (Decca)
"Nobody Knows What's Going On," Chiffons (Stateside)
"Penny Arcade," Michael Leslie (Pye)
"You're My Girl," (Columbia)
"Houston," Dean Martin (Reprise)
"Around the Corner," Duprees (CBS)
"No, No, No," Crispian St. Peters (Decca)
Johnson, Derek It all started five years ago—The Shadows amazing chart record 9
n.a. It's school-marm Joan Baez now 9
Bromley, Tony From You to Us: Beatles shouldn't get steamed-up 9
n.a. Byrds get the Bird 9
Altham, Keith Wild Richmond Festival—and meeting two unexpected guests 10
Altham, Keith Eric Burdon Turns Author 10
Evans, Allen EPs
Sandie Shaw (Pye)
Everly Brothers (Warner Bros.)
Searchers '65 (Pye)
Keely Smith (Reprise)
Righteous Brothers (Pye International)
Rockin' Berries (Piccadilly)
Jackie Trent (Pye)
Paul Stookey (Warner Bros)
Allan Sherman (Warner Bros.)
Frank Sinatra/Count Basie (Reprise)
Sammy Davis (Reprise)
Ivy League (Piccadilly)
Dionne Warwick (Pye)
Dean Martin (Reprise)
Trini Lopez (Reprise)
n.a. Classifieds 11
Alley Cat Tail Pieces [Mick Jagger, Tito Burns, Mickie Most, Herman's Hermits] 12
  Toni Licciardello, March 2006  
No. 971 20 August 1965  
Cover The Great Warner Bros/ Reprise Release  
NA Advertisement 2
Hutchins, Chris Living with the Beatles 3
Johnson, Derek Singles:
Rolling Stones: "Satisfaction" & "The Spider and the Fly" (Decca)
Cliff Bennett: "I Have Cried My Last Tear" & "As Long as She Looks Like You" (Parlophone)
Ray Charles: "Love's Gonna Live Here" & "I'm a Fool to Care" (HMV)
Rolf Harris: "War Canoe" & "Linda" (Columbia)
Beach Boys: "California Girls" & "Let Him Run Wild" (Capitol)
NA Unit 4 + 2 Distinctive, Irresistible 4
NA Potted Pops:
Shirley & Johnny: "Day Dreamin' of You" & "'Till You Say You'll Be Mine" (Parlophone)
Temptations: "Since I Lost My Baby" & "You've Got to Earn It" (Tamla – Motown)
Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers: "Before the Beginning" & "Solitaire" (Piccadilly)
Joe & Eddie: "Farewell" & "Hey Nelly Nelly" (Vocalion)
Adam, Mike & Tim: "Little Pictures" & "Summer's Here Again" (Decca)
Otis Redding: "Respect" & "I've Been Loving You Too Long" (Atlantic)
Royallettes: "It's Gonna Take a Miracle" & "Out of Sigh[t], Out of Mind" (MGM)
Federals: "Bucket Full of Love" & "Leah" (Parlophone)
NA Five of the Best:
Vince Hill: "I Could Have Loved You So Well" (Columbia)
Lena Horne: "The Sand and the Sea" (United Artists)
Perry Como: "Oowee, Oowee" (RCA)
Johnny Cash: "Ring of Fire" (CBS)
Jackie Wilson: "No Pity" (Coral)
NA New to You 4
NA Baez Belts Out Dylan Message ["Baby Blue" (Fontana)] 4
NA NME Top Thirty
1.  Beatles: "Help!" (Parlophone)
2.  Sonny and Cher: "I Got You Babe" (Atlantic)
3.  Jonathan King: "Everyone's Gone to the Moon" (Decca)
4.  Fortunes: "You've Got Your Troubles" (Decca)
5.  Animals: "We Gotta Get Out of this Place" (Columbia)
NA Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1.  Sonny and Cher: "I Got You Babe"
2.  Gary Lewis & the Playboys: "Save Your Heart for Me"
3.  Beatles: "Help"
4.  Beach Boys: "California Girl"
5.  Righteous Brothers: "Unchained Melody"
NA Best Selling LP's in Britain:
1.  Beatles: Help! (Parlophone)
2.  Soundtrack: Sound of Music (RCA)
3.  Soundtrack: Mary Poppins (HMV)
4.  Joan Baez in Concert Vol. 5 (Fontana)
5.  Moody Blues: "The Magnificent Moodies" (Decca)
NA Beatles' Martin in Disc Deal
New Disk Signings
Kinks and Hollies on Holiday Radio
Jackie's [Trent] TV Date
Unit on Stones Tour
Clark, Orbison, Monro on Cheaper Albums
Overseas Tours for the Kids
[Mike]Smith's Ribs Broken in Chicago Fan Riot
Hollies Ballroom
John and Paul to Host Own TV Show
EMI Talent Search
Vaughan—Boys Clubs Concerts
'Twang' Opening
NA Gerry [Marsden] to Star in West End Panto?
Pop Boutiques
'Babe' Hit in Short Supply
Stones, Fortunes, Herman on Radio
Jonathan May Quit Singing
Sonny and Cher Still U.S. No. 1!
Byrds Show Cancelled
Discs from Them and Del Shannon
Seekers Return
Another Stones Ban
Major Lance Tour
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed:
Allan Sherman: For Swingin' Livers Only (Warner Bros.)
Grit and Soul: James Brown Band (Philips)
Spotnicks in Berlin (Oriole)
Pat's Greatest Hits (Dot) [Boone]
Trini Lopez: The Love Album (Reprise)
Folk Albums (Warner Bros.)
The Serendipity Singers: Take Your Shoes Off (Philips)
The Settlers: Sing Out (Decca)
The Many Sides of Georgia Brown (Capitol)
NA Who's Where 8
Altham, Keith Kinks' Room Had Iron Gates! 8
Drummond, Norrie After Seven Years! [Johnny Carr and the Cadillacs] 8
NA Jonathan King 9
Bromley, Tom From You to Us 9
Smith, Alan Mrs. Reeves Fights for Showing of Jim's [Reeves] Film 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail 9
A., K. Byrds' Weak Stage Act 10
Hardy, Francoise Top Ten 10
Thomas, Tracy Brothers Riding High! 10
NA Classifieds 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
NA Stones See Beatles Triumph 12
  Colin Lord, March 2006  
No. 971 27 August 1965  
Altham, Keith Sonny and Cher Take over Three Chart Spots 3
Smith, Alan The McCoys New to Charts on New Label 3
Johnson, Derek Singles:
Hollies Can't Miss: "Look through Any Window" (Parlophone)
Them: Slow But Sure!: "Half as Much" (Decca)
Sonny and Cher: "Baby Don't Go" (Reprise)
Alan Price Set: "Any Day Now" (Decca)
Duane Eddy: "Trash" (Colpix)
Applejacks: "I Go to Sleep" / "Make Up of Break Up" (Decca)
Chubby Checker: "Everything's Wrong" / "Cu Ma La Be Stay" (Cameo)
Ken Dodd: "Tears" / "You and I" (Columbia)
Gary Lewis "Save Your Heart for Me" (Liberty)
n.a. Potted Pops:
Roy Acuff: "Rising Sun" (Hickory)
Valerie Mitchell:"There Goes My Heart Again" / "If I Didn't Love You" (HMV)
Trendsetters LTD: "You Sure Have a Funny Way" / "I'm Coming Home" (Parlophone)
Dodie West: "Thinking of You" / "And Love Will Come" (Piccadilly)
Marv Johnson: "Why DO You Want to Let Me Go" / "I'm Not a Plaything" (Tamia-Motown)
Evie Sands: "Take Me for a Little While" / "Run Home to Your Momma" (Red Bird)
Sorrows: "Take a Heart" / "We Should Get Along Fine" (Piccadilly)
Guy Darrell: "One of these Days" / "Stupidity" (CBS)
Joy Marshall: "My Love Comes Home" / "When a Girl Really Loves You" (Decca)
NME Top Five Singles:
1. "I Got You Babe," Sonny and Cher (Atlantic)
2. "Help!," Beatles (Parlophone)
3. "Satisfaction," Rolling Stones (Decca)
4. "All I Really Want to Do," Byrds (CBS)
5. "A Walk in the Black Forest," Horst Janakowski (Mercury)
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1.  Help!  Beatles (Parlophone)
2.  Sound of Music [Soundtrack] (RCA)
3.  Mary Poppins [Soundtrack] (HMV)4.  Joan Baez/5 (Fontana)
5.  Mr. Tambourine Man, Byrds (CBS)
6.  Almost There, Andy Williams (CBS)
7.  Bringing It All Back Home, Bob Dylan (CBS)
8.  Sound of the Shadows (Columbia)
8.  Catch Us If You Can, Dave Clark 5 (Columbia)
10.  Times They Are a Changin', Bob Dylan (CBS)
n.a. Faith Garland Cole…Big Names Cut Prices on LPs
New Disc Signings Fontana Gets Harvey
Mann-Hollies 'Lucky Spin'
Sounds record at Bowl
Stones: ₤5 Million Deal for 5 films
Donavan TV spot filmed in France
Dakota quits [Mike Maxfield]
Singles from Wayne, Billy and Manfreds
Ballard again
Dickens on Stones Tour
Shads now in Cliff's film
Honeycombs Dates
Sonny and Cher film?
Lulu stars in TV series
Donovan, Freddie, Billy J. on Light
n.a. Elvis can't come to London
Seekers in Variety
Gracie in special Palladium TV show
Bennett's operation
Bassey London cabaret season
Billy and Adam on Kathy's TV
Beatles oust Sonny and Cher in U.S.!
Beatles U.K. tour likely
Australian trip for the Hermits
Gerry—Pied Piper—panto
Four language single
Fame to Scandinavia
Walker Brothers going 'steady'
Des is winner
Kenny Ball—Scots tour
Altham, Keith Walkers Make It Sound Easy—But It's Not! 8
Evans, Allen LPs
Elvis Presley: Flaming Star and Summer Kisses (RCA Victor)
Frank Sinatra: September of My Years (Reprise)
Tommy Kinsman's Pop Shop (Fontana)
Dean Martin: I'm the One Who Loves You (Reprise)
The Sue Story (Sue)
n.a. Hollies' Allan Clarke on the panel tomorrow reveals a Juke Box Shock! 8
  What's New?  
Drummond, Norrie When Herman Met Elvis…, El dodged disc questions 9
Bromley, Tony From YOU to US 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail 9
Hutchins, Chris Living with the Beatles: I Watched Them Facing Death! 10
Alley Cat Tailpieces  
n.a. Tuneful 'Hotel' 12
  Mike Mansfield, March 2006  

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