New Musical Express | January 1966

No. 991 7 January 1966
cover The Mindbenders: A Groovy Kind of Love, The St. Louis Union: Girl, 134 Star ratings, Specials on Judith Durham, Roger Miller, Spencer Davis 4 and Herman 1
Johnson, Derek Best chart year ever for our artists [Most British artists topping the worldwide charts, including most notably the Rolling Stones, Seekers, Beatles, Animals & Sandie Shaw] 2-3
n.a. "Sounds Successful" [Advertisement for EMI recordings] 2
n.a. Advertisements for Golden Guinea records and artist Julie Rogers 3
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed:
Len Barry, "Like a Baby" / "Happiness (Is a Girl Like You" (Brunswick)
Jack Jones, "Love Bug" / "And I Love Her" (London)
Gary Lewis and the Playboys, "She's Just My Style" (Liberty)
The Vogues, "Five o'Clock World" (London)
Jay and the Americans, "Sunday and Me" (United Artists)
Fontella Bass, "Recovery" / "Leave It in the Hands of Love" (Chess)
Rolf Harris, "Big Dog" / "Jake the Peg" (Columbia)
Caesar & Cleo, "Let the Good Times Roll" / "Love Is Strange" (Reprise)
Roy Head, "Apple of My Eye" / "I Pass the Day" (Vocallon)
Swinging Blue Jeans, "Don't Make Me Over" / "What Can I Do Today" (HMV)
Shirley Bassey, "The Liquidator" / "Sunshine" (Columbia)
Cilla Black, "Love's Just a Broken Heart" / "Yesterday" (Parlophone)
Mitch Ryder, "Jenny Take a Ride" / "Baby Jane" (Stateside)
Shangri-Las, "I Can Never Go Home Any More" / "Bull Dog" (Red Bird)
Johnson, Derek Recommended:
Mike Sheridan's Lot, "Don't Turn Your Back on Me Babe" (Columbia)
The Majority, "We Kiss in a Shadow" (Decca)
Friday Brown, "Getting' Nowhere" (Parlophone)
Johnson, Derek New to You:
Tracy, "Don't Hold It Against Me" (Columbia)
Linda Favell, "And the Trouble with Me Is You" (Decca)
Jimmy Cliff, "Pride & Passion" (Fontana)
Four Matadors, "A Man's Gotta Stand Tall" (Columbia)
Renegades, "Cadillac" (Polydor)
Knickerbockers, "Lies" (London)
n.a. Cilla Black Advertisement 4
NME NME Top Thirty Singles:
1. The Beatles, "Day Tripper" / "We Can Work It Out" (Parlophone)
2. Spencer Davis, "Keep on Running" (Fontana)
3. Ken Dodd, "The River" (Columbia)
4. The Seekers, "The Carnival Is Over" (Columbia)
5. Walker Brothers, "My Ship Is Coming in" (Philips)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. The Beatles, "We Can Work It Out"
2. Simon & Garfunkle, "The Sounds Of Silence"
3. Gary Lewis and the Playboys, "She's Just My Style"
4. Statler Brothers, "Flowers on the Wall"
5. Righteous Brothers, "Ebb Tide"
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain:
1. The Beatles, Rubber Soul (Parlophone)
2. Soundtrack, The Sound of Music (RCA)
3. Soundtrack, Mary Poppins (HMV)
4. The Beatles, Help! (Parlophone)
5. The Who, My Generation (Brunswick)
n.a. NME leads pop field [NME gets all the music scoops]
Beatles, Stones, Seekers, Animals in four-pronged U.S. onslaught [British groups in American television appearances and tours]
Fortunes next single named ["You've Got Your Troubles"]
Stones, Hermits chase Beatles [in U.S. charts]
Gary Walker solo on 'Lucky Stars'
BBC-2 spotlights Ella [Fitzgerald]
TV's night of pop
Sinatra: flood of discs to honour anniversary [recordings released to commemorate Sinatra's 50th birthday and 25th year in show business]
Animals' hit LP
Roy Castle, guest [on Kathy Kirby Show]
Hollies radio date
[Anthony] Newley cabaret star [at Caesar's Palace in Last Vegas]
Walkers' concerts
Searchers, Unit 'Place' [The Searchers and Unit Four Plus Two on TV series "This Must Be the Place"]
Duo quits Spector [The Righteous Brothers quit Phil Spector]
Donovan's 'Beatle' disc [single "For John and Paul"]
New ones from Dusty, Faith, Teens, Toys
Elvis's group backs Peter and Gordon
Marianne [Faithful] records
New BBC disc chief [Mark White]
n.a. Spencer Davis: U.S., JBJ, new dates [U.S. tour, Juke Box Jury]
Pretty Things-new film, Paris
Elvis: new film soon
Visa ban beats Silkie [interrupting U.S. tour]
New Who Dates
Animals: BBC teen show [Animals on "A Whole Scene Going"]
[Frank] Ifield panto hit ["Babes in the Wood"]
Herb Albert too busy [to visit Britain]
Pitney, Barry, Dave Dee
Lulu to join Hollies behind Iron Curtain [in Poland]
Pop-soccer gala
Cliff, Shads-Thunderbirds TV puppets [Cliff Richard and The Shadows appear in puppet-form on the series "Thunderbirds"
'Heart-broken' Orbison on disc [new single]
Nina and Frederik cabaret, concerts
Dusty [Springfield], Tom Jones back on RSG ["Ready, Steady, Go!"]
Seekers in TV series' big star line-up
King Bros disc push [of single "Every Time I See You"]
Walkers 'Now' [The Walker Brothers on the series "Now"]
Tom Jones: Sammy Davis' TV guest
n.a. Norrie Drummond interviews golden boy Peter Noone 8
Hentoff, Nat 'Night' better than 'Help' — says Paul McCartney [McCartney prefers the film "A Hard Day's Night" over "Help!" 8
"N.D." Beatles first recording manager [recording manager Bert Kaempfert charts himself with the song 'Bye Bye Blues'] 8
n.a. Round the world [Charts from Denmark, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Sweden] 8
Moses, Ann Coppers on bikes got Roger Miller swinging! [Miller attributes his rhythm to that of the city] 9
n.a. Lifelines of the Spencer Davis Group [vitals of each member] 9
n.a. Beryl Marsden's top ten [the singer's most favorite songs] 9
n.a. Who's Where [where artists are performing live] 9
Smith, Alan Finding a seeker [interview with Judith Durham] 10
Bromley, Tony ed. From you to us [reader's questions and letters] 10
n.a. Climbs and declines of 1965 [article continued from page 3] 10
Doble, Andrew Mann and wife turn out hits by the score [Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil's prolific songwriting careers] 11
n.a. Classifieds
Radio Luxembourg
Agent Listings
Alley Cat, The Tail Pieces 12
Alley Cat, The Cat's Whiskers: The Alley Cat's 1965 awards for service to pop music 12
Flynn, J. NME Popword [pop related crossword puzzle]
Jessie Flower-Ambroch, March 2006
No. 992 14 January 1966
Cover Chris Farlowe, David Bowie 1
George Harrison Beatle's Leisure Age! 3
Derek Johnson Singles Reviewed:
Toys: "Attack" / "See How They Run" (Stateside)
Barry McGuire: "This Precious Time" / "Don't You Wonder Where It's at" (RCA)
Donald Peers: "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" (Columbia)
Morgan James Duo: "Sweet Pussycat" (Philips)
Mark Leeman Five: "Forbidden Fruit" (Columbia)
Nashville Teens: "The Hard Way" / "Upside Down" (Decca)
Roy Orbison: "Breakin Up Is Breakin' My Heart" / "Walt" (London)
Allan Sherman: "It's a Most Unusual Play" / "Peyton Place" (Warner Bros.)
Little Richard: "I Don't Know What You've Got but It's Got Me" (Fontana)
The Turtles: "Let Me Be" / "You Don't Have to Be So Nice" (Pye-International)
Impressions: "You've Been Cheatin'" (HMV)
Billy Joe Royal: "I've Got to Be Somebody" (CBS)
Bobby Goldsboro: "Broomstick Cowboy" (United Artists)
Les Reed-Barry Mason: "Have Pity on the Boy" / "There You Go" (Decca)
Ray Charles: "Cryin' Time" / "When My Dream Beat Comes Home" (HMV)
Adam Faith: [N.A.]
Helen Shapiro: "Forget about the Bad Things" / "Wait a Little Longer" (Columbia)
Joe Loss Orchestra: "Thunderbirds" / "The Avengers" (HMV)
Bob Dylan: "Can You Please Crawl out Your Window?" / "Highway 61 Revisited" (CBS)
New to You:
St. Louis Union: "Girl" (Decca)
David Bowie: "Can't Help Thinking about Me" (Pye)
Gloria Jones: "Heartbeat" (Capitol)
N.A. NME Top Thirty:
1. Spencer Davis, "Keep on Running" (Fontana)
2. The Beatles, "Day Tripper" / "We Can Work It Out" (Parlophone)
3. Ken Dodd, "The River" (Columbia)
4. Walker Brothers, "My Ship Is Coming in" (Philips)
5. The Seekers, "The Carnival Is Over" (Columbia
N.A. Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. The Beatles, "We Can Work It Out"
2. Simon & Garfunkel, "Sounds of Silence"
3. Gary Lewis & the Playboys, "She's Just My Style"
4. The Vogues, "Five o'Clock World"
5. The Righteous Brothers, "Ebb Tide"
N.A. Best Selling L.P.s in Britain:
1. The Beatles, Rubber Soul (Parlophone)
2. Soundtrack, The Sound of Music (RCA)
3. Soundtrack, Mary Poppins (HMV)
4. The Beatles, Help (Parlophone)
5. The Who, My Generation (Brunswick)
N.A. Monro Stranded — Radio, TV Off
Polydor to issue new label
Spencers produce new group's debut disc
Greatest-Ever Beatles Show On BBC-TV
Epstein's U.S. Beatls tour and TV talks
Beatles slip from U.S. No. 1 after two weeks
Len Barry Earlier
Vaughan, Valentine TV series
Walkers, Hermits, Colours, Pitney for 'Lucky Stars'
N.A. Seeker Weds Next Week
Dusty's RSG theme tune
Bassey TV Off
Overlanders ready with LP
Rolling Stones EP and Album Scheduled
New Screening plans for RSG
Cliff, Shads London Cabaret!
Singles from Proby, Sandie, Donovan, Jones, Fury and Lulu
Ryans Palladium Off
Midnight with Frankie
Kaempfert Due in
Next Who Single ["Circles"]
Spencer Radio Date
TV Cilla sooner
Streisand TV
N.A. [Frank Sinatra Supplement]
Saluting Sinatra Supplement: And How Better than to List His Recorded Works Available in Britain Now?
On Reprise Label: LPs...
On Capitol:
Andy Gray The Sinatra Story 8
Andy Gray Frank Talks 9
Allen Evans Other Latest Releases: LPs
Frank Sinatra, My Kind of Broadway (Reprise)
Frank Sinatra, Romantic Sinatra (CBS)
Derek Johnson Singles:
Frank Sinatra, "It Was a Very Good Year" / "Moment to Moment" (Reprise)
Frank Sinatra, "There Are Such Things" / "I'll Never Smile Again" (Reprise)
Frank Sinatra: "Once upon a Time," "This Is All I Ask," "September Song," & "I See It Now" [EP]
N.A. When they met Sinatra... Several British friends recall incidents about Frank [Harold Davison, Pat Doncaster, Les Perrin, Alan A. Freeman, Maurice Kinn,]
And some quotes by famous Americans... [President John Kennedy, Bing Crosby, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis]
Norrie Drummond Overlanders crash in at 15 after only ONE week! 12
Norrie Drummond Crispian St. Peters Says He's Sad 12
Alan Smith Pinkerton's Assorted aren't mixed up 12
Alan Smith Ugly Duckling Barbra 12
Tony Bromley [ed.] From you to us: On U.S. TV Paul's silence was most suggestive! 12
Alan Smith Athol Likes It Spooky! 13
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Beatle film romances
Elvis lost fans
N.A. Keith Altham calls on...
Gary, The Solo, Ailing Walker
Derek Johnson Herb puts a flea in our ear 14
N.A. Sinatra Discs Available in Britain [cont.] 14
N.A. Classifieds 15
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 16
Allen Evans LPs Reviewed:
Spencer Davis Group, The Second Album (Fontana)
Golden Guinea Good Buys: [Previously Reviewed]
The Kinks: You Really Got Me [first album]
The Searchers: Meet the Searchers
The Honeycombs: Have I the Right
Chuck Berry: Maybelline
Bo Diddley: Hey Bo Diddley ["Detour"]
Alexander George, March 2006
No. 991 21 January 1966
Mason, Ken "Gorgeous, Marvelous and Lovely!," Says Cilla Black 2
Smith, Alan Finding a Seeker 2
n.a. Keith: the quiet one 2
Johnson, Derek Cabaret Debut Scares Cliff — Ex-Shadow Tony Meehan helps prepare act 3
Altham, Keith Question-time with chart-topper Spencer Davis 3
Johnson, Derek Reviews of new singles:
Dusty Springfield: "Little by Little" / "If It Hadn't Been for You" (Philips)
Chris Farlowe: "Think" / "Don't Just Look at Me" (Immediate)
Della Reese: "Home" (HMV)
Escorts: "Let It Be Me" (Fontana)
David Ballantyne: "I Can't Express It" (Columbia)
John Bryant: "Somebody New" (Fontana)
Nini Rosso: "Ballata Della Trombs" / "Evelyn"(Durium)
Downliners Sect: "All Night Worker" / "He Was a Square" (Columbia)
Matt Monro: "Beyond the Hill" / "How Do You Do" (Parlophone)
Fortunes: "This Golden Ring" / "Someone to Care" (Decca)
Julie Rogers: "Another Year, Another Love, Another Heartache" / "Don't Waste Your Young Years on Him" (Mercury)
Sandie: "Tomorrow" / "Hurting You" (Pye)
Zombies: "Remember You" / "Just Out of Reach" (Decca)
Danny Williams: "Throw a Little Lovin' My Way" / "I've Got to Find that Girl Again" (HMV)
Drifters: "We Getts Sing" / "Nylon Stockings" (Atlantic)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1. "Keep on Running," Spencer Davis (Fontana)
2. "Day Tripper" / "We Can Work It Out," Beatles (Parlophone)
3. "Spanish Flea," Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass (Pye Int.)
4. "Michelle," Overlanders (Pye)
5. "Let's Hang On," Four Seasons (Philips)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1. "Sounds of Silence," Simon & Garfunkel
2. "We Can Work It Out," Beatles
3. "She's Just My Style," Gary Lewis & the Playboys
4. "Five O'Clock World," Vogues
5. "Day Tripper," Beatles
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain:
1. Rubber Soul, Beatles (Parlophone)
2. Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
3. Mary Poppins, Soundtrack (HMV)
4. Second Album, Spencer Davis Group (Fontana)
5. My Generation, Who (Brunswick)
n.a. Herb Alpert Visit Set; Orbison Likely Now- Roy may tour with Walkers, Overlanders
Dodd- Big TV Series?
Beatles, Cliff, Hollies, Herb, Animals in new disc blitz
Cilla waxes 1-2-3
Beatles back at U.S. No. 1
Overlanders, Hollies Radio Bookings
Vince Hill to Holland, waxing LP, new single
Pitney Tour Date Change
Jeans, Silkie, Poole Radio
Goldie signs with Andrew Oldham disc label
Gerry, Walkers, Fury- 'Stars'
Clark, Ryans for Sullivan show
Scottish Tour for The Mindbenders
Raymonde Joins Decca
New composer pens Seekers next disc
More Who dates
Peters joins Walkers
Spencer U.S. date off; now Europe
Joan Baez on BBC-2
Fury out of Panto
n.a. Cliff: cabaret debut on LP? 6-7
n.a. Tom Jones flying back from U.S. to sing new disc on TV
Bachelors, Doonican cabaret bookings
CBS Scoops Sold Walker's Record
Spencer, Len Barry for 'Scene Going'
Injured Manfred out of Hospital
Eddy Arnold next week
Who: New Disc on RSG
Donovan: Film, U.S., Japan, Australia
Bassey TV on Again
Overlanders: Palladium TV this Sunday
Scots tour for the Colours
David, Jonathan off to America
Pitney, Dusty, Fury, Barry Radio Dates
An Ivy leaves the League: disc deal
Freddie's next by David, Jonathan?
Kinks plan regular satire EPs
Dodd panto success
Gray, Andy The Frank Sinatra Story 8
Altham, Keith Kinks Go for Spider Sound [new 7 string guitar] 8
Drummond, Norrie "I wish I could stay home all the time," says Herman, now in Australia 9
n.a. 'Michelle' now hit for David and Jonathan 9
n.a. Life-lines of the Overlanders 10
Hentoff, Nat British Gold Disc Scoop 10
Evans, Allen LPs:
Rockin' Berries, Life Is Just a Bowl of Berries (Piccadilly)
Introducing Billy Joe Royal (CBS)
Altham, Keith Mindbenders Happier Now 12
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: Cliff's greatest gamble? [Talk of the Town debuts] 12
Rachel Goldberg, March 2006
No. 994 28 January 1966
Cover The Twins, Great Double Attraction
Show Stars Inside [The Beatles, The Who, The Seekers, The Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, The Spencer Davis Group]
Drummond, Norrie New Ton-Tenner Shakes NME [Crispian St. Peters] 2
Thomas, Tracy America Calling 2
Smith, Alan Wedding Bells [Marriage of George Harrison and Pattie Boyd; also, Joy Ciro and Bobby Hatfield] 3
Altham, Keith 'Michelle' Race: D & J Admit Overlanders 'Beat Them Up' in Britain—But Why? [David and Jonathan] 3
Evans, Allen LPs
Chuck Berry, Fresh Berry's (Chess)
Frank Ifield, Babes in the Wood (Columbia)
Johnson, Derek Lulu's Latest Her Best Ever, "Call Me" (Decca)
Dylan-ish Song May Be Hit For Silkie, "Keys to My Soul" (Fontana)
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviews
Small Faces, "Sha-La-La-La-Lee" (Decca)
Al Martino, "Spanish Eyes" (Capitol)
Chris Montez, "Call Me" (Pye-International)
Bobby Shafto, "The Same Old Room" (Parlophone)
Chad and Jeremy, "Teenage Failure" (CBS)
Instrumentals, "Birthday Cake Walk" (Parlophone)
Miki & Griff, "The Last Thing on My Mind" (Pye)
Ian Whitcomb, "Good Hard Rock" (Capitol)
Duprees, "She Waits for Him" (CBS) [USA]
Gentrys, "Spread It on Thick" (MGM) [USA]
Beverly Bivens [of We Five], "Let's Get Together" (Pye-International) [USA]
NME New to You
Hot Springs, "It's All Right" (Columbia)
Diane and the Javelins, "Heart and Soul" (Columbia)
Brendan Phillips, "When She Kisses Me" (Mercury)
Blueberries, "It's Gonna Work Out Fine" (Mercury)
Bob Kuban and the In-Men, "The Cheater" (Stateside)
The Revolution, "Hallelujah" (Piccadilly)
NME Shop Window
Frankie Valli, "Hurt Yourself" (Phillips)
The Marvelettes, "Don't Mess with Bill" (___)
Parlotones, "You're So Good to Me" (Immediate)
Vipps, "Wintertime" (CBS)
The Packers, "Hole in the Wall" (Pye-International)
Anita Bryant, "Another Year, Another Love, Another Heartache" (CBS)
Libby Morris, "One of those Songs" (RCA)
Etta James and Sugar Pie Desanto, "Do I Make Myself Clear" (Chess)
Nina Simone, "Either Way I Lose" (Phillips)
NME Top Thirty
1. Spencer Davis, "Keep on Running" (Fontana)
2. Overlanders, "Michelle" (Pye)
3. Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, "Spanish Flea" (Pye-Int)
4. Cilla Black, "Love's Just a Broken Heart" (Parlophone)
5. Beatles, "Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out" (Parlophone)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in US
1. We Can Work It Out, Beatles
2. Barbara Ann, Beach Boys
3. She's Just My Style, Gary Lewis and the Playboys
4. No Matter What Shape, T-Bones
5. Five O'Clock World, Vogues
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. Rubber Soul, Beatles (Parlophone)
2. Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
3. Second Album, Spencer Davis Group (Fontana)
4. Mary Poppins, Soundtrack (HMV)
5. A Man and His Music, Frank Sinatra (Reprise)
NME Top Selling Records around the World
We Can Work It Out, Beatles — #1 in Denmark, Holland, New Zealand, and Sweden
n.a. Ifield Stays On—So No Bennett
Ken Dodd Protege Makes Disc Debut [James Pollock]
Orbison-Walkers Tour Definite
Pet Clark Is U.S. No. 1 [Petula Clark]
Proby to Tour U.S. with Pitney, Searches [P.J Proby, Gene Pitney, Herman's Hermits]
Monro in TV Tribute [Matt Monro]
Pat Boone—Palladium TV
New Walkers, Kinks Dates [The Walker Brothers]
Animals, Yardbirds co-top
Faithfull For Paris [Marianne Faithfull]
Over Landers, Colours Lunch Radio Dates [Pickerton's Assorted Colours]
n.a. Greatest Pop Stars in May NME Concert! [Beatles, Spencer Davis Group, Dusty Springfield, Who, Yardbirds]
Surprise Stones' Single—Who Disc Delay
n.a. Beatles' Boss Buys Vic Lewis Agency
Marianna Back With Oldham? [Andrew Oldham & Marianne Faithfull]
Cilla Denies 'Marriage' Story [Cilla Black]
Kramer for 'Stars' [Billy J. Kramer]
Davis, Walkers, Hollies, Kramer, Yardbirds RSG
Nancy Sinatra Due?
Hollies' Drummer Sings [Bobby Elliott]
Freddie Variety Tour [Freddy and the Dreamers]
Merseybeats' Break-Up
Vince Hill Sings in Sinatra Film!
How to Get Dylan Seats [Bob Dylan]
Tremeloes Hold-up
Cabaret Jones [Tom Jones]
Paramor: New Post [Norrie Paramor]
Drummond, Norrie Nancy Sinatra Follows Father 8
Smith, Alan Union Still Has Touch of the Blues 8
Drummond, Norrie Vince Hill Takes Your Heart Again 8
Evans, Allen EPs
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass, "Meets Zorha the Greek" (Pye)
Eddie Fisher, "Today" (Dot)
Hits, Vol. 1 & 2 (Decca)
Sammy Davis, "Straighten Up and Fly" (Reprise)
Count Rasie, "In Other Words" (Reprise)
Chuck Berry, "I Got a Booking" (Chess)
Dionne Warwick, "Here I Am" (Pye)
Kenneth McKellar, "As Long as the Sun Shines" (Decca)
John Lee Hooker, "The Journey" (Chess)
Smith, Alan Bruce Woodley: No Longer the Wild One 9
Bromley, Tony From YOU to US 9
n.a. Lifelines of David and Jonathan 9
Altham, Keith British Trip Causes Heartache for Fontella [Fontella Bass] 9
NME From the NME 5 Years Ago [Top 10]
10 Years Ago [Top 10]
Who's Where
Thomas, Tracy Herb Alpert: 'We're a Bunch of Nuts!' 10
Mason, Ken Pretty Things Worry Their Parents 10
Smith, Alan Otis Redding's Hit Annoys 'Fans' 10
n.a. Classifieds 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
Evans, Allen LPs
Barbra Streisand, My Name Is Barbra, Two (CBS)
Jerry Lee, Country Songs for City Folks (Phillips)
Petula Clark, Petula Clark Sings International Hits (Pye)
Robinson, K. NME Popword 12
Emily Goodman, March 2006

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