New Musical Express | February 1966

No. 995 4 February 1966  
Cover The Rolling Stones: "19th Nervous Breakdown"
Close-up on Spencer Davis
Sum-up on Cliff and Shads
Len Barry
Altham, Keith Spencer Davis-He's Deep, Very Deep 2
n.a. (advertising) Frank Ifield: E.M.I. Artist of the Month
Other Big Names on EMI Records:
The Mike Vickers Orchestra: "Eleventy One" (Columbia)
Jim Dale: "This Is Me" (Columbia)
Johnny Mathis: "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" (HMV)
Johnny Rivers: "Under Your Spell Again" (Liberty)
P.J. Proby: "You've Come Back" (Liberty)
The Cherokees: "Land of a Thousand Dances" (Columbia)
Smith, Alan Alan Smith discovers a... 3
Thomas, Tracy Len Barry May Start a School!  
Hales, Mike Dusty, Dave, Donovan in TV Pilot  
n.a. Very Happy Cilla  
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviews:
Jackie Trent: "You Baby" / "Send Her Away" (PYE)
Adam Faith: "To Make a Big Man Cry" / "Another Day" (Parlophone)
Lancastrians: "The World Keeps Going Round" / "Not the Same Anymore" (PYE)
Cliff Bennett: "You Can't Love 'Em All" / "Need Your Loving Tonight" (Parlophone)
Ben E. King: "Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams" / "Tell Daddy" (Atlantic)
n.a. Shop Window, New to You  
n.a. Chartsters: Former... and American
Jim Dale: "This Is Me" (Columbia)
Frank D'Rone: "Names in a Heart" (CBS)
Johnny Duncan: "My Little Baby" (Columbia)
Johnny Rivers: "Under Your Spell Again" (Liberty)
Lou Christie: "Lightnin' Strikes" (MGM)
Barbara Lewis: "Don't Forget about Me" (Atlantic)
n.a. Proby Plays It Straight Again; P.J. Proby: "You've Come Back" / It Ain't Necessarily So" (Liberty)
Pet's best since 'Downtown': Petula Clark: "My Love" / "Where Am I Going" (PYE)
Billy's More Beaty; Billy Fury: "I'll Never Quite Get Over You" / "I Belong to the Wind" (Decca)
  NME Top Thirty:
1. "Michelle," Overlanders (PYE)
2. "Keep on Running," Spencer Davis (Fontana)
3. "Love's Just a Broken Heart," Cilla Black (Parlophone)
4. "Spanish Flea," Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass (PYE Int'l)
5. "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" Nancy Sinatra (Reprise)
  Best Selling Pop Records in the U.S.
1. "My Love," Petula Clark
2. "Barbara Ann," Beach Boys
3. "No Matter What Shape," T-Bones
4. "We Can Work It Out," Beatles
5. "Lightnin' Strikes," Lou Christie
  Best Selling LP's in Britian
1. Rubber Soul, Beatles (Parlophone)
2. Second Album, Davis Group (Fontana)
3. Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
4. A Man and His Music, Frank Sinatra (Reprise)
5. Mary Poppins, Soundtrack (HMV)
n.a. Sunday Stars at Two Resorts
Disc bows by hit-writer and Tony Hatch's sister
Cilla: Palladium TV, Blackpool Summer
Steele Starts Disney Film in May
U.S.-styled Palladium show ITV's reply to Dodd series?
Paul Jones well; New Mann single
More Presley Films
In U.S., Britain Won 7 Gold Discs in '65
They all want to be at NME poll concert
Fury TV dates, ballrooms soon
Proby answers back — on TV
Peter & Gordon 'Stars'
Lunch-time Pitney
n.a. The girls... and the Beatles... are back!
Orbison — Walkers — Lulu tour: 27 theatres fixed
RSG... delayed
Dutch Fortunes
Zombies, Eartha films
Jagger, Richard help make Farlowe LP
Animals EP out, Eric's TV dates
Spencer Davis Plans
Tones on Eamonn's show this Sunday
New Singles by U.S. stars, British groups
Five O'clock guests
Who record off — but tour is on
Proby Cabaret cuts
Tom Jones disc scrapped Adam's 'cover'
Colours TV Film
The groups problem limited
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 8
Evans, Allen LP's:
A String of Tony's Hits, Tony Bennett (CBS)
Hitsville U.S.A., Various Artists (Tamia-Motown)
Fontella Bass: The New Look, Fontella Bass (Chess)
All Systems Go!, The Honeycombs (PYE)
Michelle, The Overlanders (PYE)
My Heart Sings, Kathy Kriby (Decca)
Altham, Keith Truth Chase Union
Chris Farlowe hit expected
N.D. Stevie waits 3 years for British Hit
Lee Dorsey: Toast of 'in' set
n.a. Crispian Angers Fans  
Thomas, Tracy
Nat Hentoff
America Calling 9
Evans, Allen EP's
Pat Boone: n.a. (Dot)
Sonny Boy Williamson: In Memoriam (Chess)
Kinks: Tired of Waiting for You (Pye)
Searchers: What Have They Done to the Rain (PYE)
Sandie Shaw: Girl Don't Come (PYE)
Sounds Orhestral: n.a. (Piccadilly)
Petula Clark: n.a. (PYE)
Smith, Alan Off-Colour Pinkerton! 10
N.D. Nancy Talks about Dad  
Johnson, Derek Pat Boone on Palladium TV  
n.a. Classified Ads 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
Gray, Andy Cliff gave too much!  
n.a. PYE Record of the Week!
Petula Clark "My Love"
  Nick Caldwell, March 2006  
No. 994 11 February 1966  
cover Billy Fury 1
Moses, Ann Awful for a boy, Joke for a girl- that's the argument Nancy Sinatra used to wax 'Boots' hit 2
Evans, Allen EP's by Allen Evans
Byrds, Times They Are a'Changin' (CBS)
Clifff Richard, Wind Me Up (Columbia)
Herb Alpert, Mexican Corn (Stateside)
Bob Dylan, Spanish Harlem Incident (CBS)
Shadows, Sound of the... (Columbia)
Gene Pitney, Sings Just For You (Stateside)
Johnny Hallyday, Souvenirs (Vogue)
Lee Dorsey, Ride Your Pony (Stateside)
Four Tops, I Can't Help Myself (Tamla-Motown)
Sammy Davis/ Count Bassie, New York City Blues (Verve)
Supremes, Shake (Tamla-Motown)
Oscar Peterson Trio, Jazz Portrait of Frank Sinatra (Verve)
Evans, Allen? LP's Reviewed
The Supremes, At the Copa (Tamla- Motown)
Frank Sinatra Jr., Young Love For Sale (Reprise)
Various Arists, An Album Full of Soul (Stateside)
Altham, Keith Neurotic bird son- by Stones [The Rolling Stones] 3
N/a Crispian Strikes Back! 3
Drummond, Norrie Who's Tour One Of The Best? [The Who] 4
Altham, Keith Spotlight on the Spencers; Steve Winwood: Modest wonder boy 4
N/a Decca Advertisment- The Fortunes, This Golden Ring 5
Johnson, Derek Singles reviewed:
Sonny & Cher, "What Now My Love" / "I Look for You" (Atlantic)
Peter & Gordon, "Woman" / "Wrong From the Start" (Columbia)
Gary Walker, "You Don't Love Me" / "Get It Right" (CBS)
Dave Dee, "Hold Tight" / "You Know What I Want" (Fontana)
The Animals, "Inside- Looking Out"/ "Outcast" (Decca)Billy J. Kramer, "We're Doing Fine" / "Forgive Me" (Parlophone)
Four Pennies, "Trouble Is My Middle Name" / "Way Out Love" (Philips)
Concrete and Clay, "Baby Never Say Goodbye"/ "Rainy Day" (Decca)
Gerry and the Pacemakers, "La La La" / "Without You" (Columbia)
Gene Pitney, "Backstage" / "In Love Again" (Stateside)
The Beach Boys, "Barbra Ann"/ "Girl Don't Tell Me" (Capitol)
N/a NME Top Thirty
1. Nancy Sinatra, "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" (Reprise)
2. The Rolling Stones, "19th Nervous Breakdown" (Decca)
3. Crispian St. Peters, "You Were on My Mind" (Decca)
4. The Overlanders, "Michelle" (Pye)
5. Cilla Black, "Love's Just a Broken Heart" (Parlophone)
N/a Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. Petula Clark, My Love
2. Lou Christie, Lightnin' Strikes
3. Stevie Wonder, Up Tight
4. The Beach Boys, Barbara Ann
5. The Beatles, We Can Work It Out
N/a Best Selling LP's in Britain
1. The Beatles, Rubber Soul (Parlophone)
2. Soundtrack, Sound of Music (RCA)
3. The Spencer Davis Group, Second Album (Fontana)
4. Frank Sinatra, A Man and His Music (Reprise)
5. The Walker Brothers, Take It Easy with the Walker Brothers (Philips)
N/a Around the World 7
N/a Royal Streisand! [Barbara Streisand]
Poll concert sold out
Kink waxes TV host [The Kinks/Ray Davies]
Easter Tour for Herman, Colours, Mindbenders [Herman's Hermits, Pinkerton's Assorted Colours, The Mindbenders]
Boone Waxes Here [Pat Boone]
Europe, Eire for Sandie Shaw
Alldis Leaves 208 [Barry Alldis]
Donovan settlement
Animals to Paris [The Animals]
Pop- Liners
Fats Domino, Otis May Tour
Unit Four cabaret, TV bookings
Cliff a Hit in Cabaret [Cliff Richard]
Fury, St. Peters summer plans [Billy Fury, Crispian St. Peter]
Hollies Confirm Return to U.S.; New Home Dates [The Hollies]
Faith TV date [Adam Faith]
Kathy Eamonn's guest
Animals 'Now' [The Animals]
Peter and Gordon TV
N/a Elvis, Donovan, Shadows, Walkers: new singles
Beatles' Man Promoted [Norman Smith]
Pitney on JBJ [Gene Pitney]
Beatles to represent U.K. in TV festival?
Pet Clark for top U.S. cabaret venue, TV [Petula Clark]
Fury tops RSG; James Brown in 'Spectacular'
Everlys, Lopez due
Pet Clark, Yardbirds, Kinks, Ivy 'Stars'
Dodd's '65 honour [Ken Dodd]
Valentine Overlanders [The Overlanders]
Herman, Fortunes climb U.S. chart
Gerry, Pacemakers Palladium 'Extra'
Overlanders, Fury, Farlowe on radio
St. Louis Film [St. Louis Union]
Mrs. Mills for Blackpool
New Orbison-Walkers Date
Freddie: Vietnam? [Freddie and the Dreamers]
Sinatra Visit
Thomas, Tracy, and Nat Hentoff America Calling 10
Altham, Keith Sandie parts with fringe 10
N/a Star Quote [Elvis Presley] 10
NME Top Ten- week ending Feb 10
5 years ago:
1. Elvis Presley, "Are You Lonesome Tonight" (RCA)
2. Petula Clark, "Sailor" (Pye)
3. Bobby Vee, "Rubber Ball" (London)
4. Johnny Burnette, "You're Sixteen" (London)
5. Duane Eddy, "Pepe" (London)
NME 10 years ago:
1. Tennessee Ernie Ford, "Sixteen Tons" (Capitol)
2. Frank Sinatra, "Love Is the Tender Trap" (Capitol)
3. Bill Hayes, "Ballad of Davy Crockett" (London)
4. Dean Martin, "Memories Are Made of This" (Capitol)
5. Frank Sinatra, "Love and Marriage" (Capitol)
N/a Advertisement: Join the tea set! 11
Thomas, Tracy 'Silent' Dylan Talks After All! 12
N/a Star Quote [Hal Wallis] 12
Johnson, Derek Dickie Valentine: his own TV series in the summer 12
Smith, Alan New to the charts [Eddy Arnold] 12
Bromley, Tom (editor) From You to Us 12
N/a Cliff fans hit back [Cliff Richard] 12
N/a Life-lines of the Mindbenders 13
Altham, Keith Walkers' Great bodyguard [The Walker Bros.] 14
Johnson, Derek Despite pannings, song contests are good for us 14
N/a Classifieds 15
Alley Cat Tail Pieces 16
N/a Who's Where 16
N/a Gene Pitney Apprehensive 16
  Bettina Guevara, March 2006  
No. 997 18 February 1966  
(cover page) Gary Walker with his first solo disc! 1
n.a. Crispian St. Peters 2
Tatham, Dick 60 on Sunday! The ever-young Jack Jackson 2
Johnson, Derek Pet's Hit Hatched on Top of World! 3
Thomas, Tracy America Calling (Hollywood) 3
Hentoff, Nat America Calling (New York) 3
Drummond, Norrie Stevie really is a wonder! 3
Johnson, Derek Hollies exhilarate! (Singles Review):
The Hollies, "I Can't Let Go" (Parlophone)
Wilson Pickett, "634-5789" (Atlantic)
Sue Thompson, "I'm Looking for a World" (Hickory)
Kathy Kirby, "Spanish Flea" (Decca)
Doris Troy, "I'll Do Anything" (Cameo)
Andy Williams, "May Each Day" (CBS)
Tony Jackson Group, "You're My Number One" (CBS)
Martha and the Vandellas, "My Baby Loves Me" (Tamla-Motown)
Jr. Walker and the All Stars, "Cleo's Mood" (Tamla-Motown)
Elvis, "Blue River" (RCA)
Donovan, "Josie" (Pye)
Dave Berry, "If You Wait for Love" (Decca)
Honeycombs, "Who Is Sylvia" (Pye)
Mike Felix, "You Belong to Me" (Pye)
James Brown, "I Got You" (Pye-International)
Byrds, "Set You Free This Time" (CBS)
Johnson, Derek? New to You 4
Johnson, Derek? Pick of the Rest 4
n.a. NME Top Thirty:
1. "19th Nervous Breakdown," Rolling Stones (Decca)
2. "These Boots Are Made for Walkin," Nancy Sinatra (Reprise)
3. "You Were on My Mind," Crispian St. Peters (Decca)
4. "A Groovy Kind of Love," Mindbenders (Fontana)
5. "My Love," Petula Clark (Pye)
6. "Love's Just a Broken Heart," Cilla Black (Parlophone)
7. "Michelle," Overlanders (Pye)
8. "Mirror, Mirror," Pinkerton's Assorted Colours (Decca)
9. "Spanish Flea," Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass (Pye Int.)
10. "Tomorrow," Sandie Shaw (Pye)
Billboard Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1. "Lightnin' Strikes," Lou Christie
2. "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'," Nancy Sinatra
3. "Up Tight," Stevie Wonder
4. "My Love," Petula Clark
5. "My World Is Empty without You," Supremes
6. "Crying Time," Ray Charles
7. "Barbara Ann," Beach Boys
8. "Don't Mess with Bill," Marvelettes
9. "No Matter What Shape," T-Bones
n.a. Best Selling LP's In Britain:
1. Rubber Soul, Beatles (Parlophone)
2. Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
3. Second Album, Spencer Davis (Fontana)
4. A Man and His Music, Frank Sinatra (Reprise)
5. Take It Easy with the Walker Brothers (Phillips)
n.a. 5 Years Ago (Top Ten 1961):
1. "Are You Lonesome Tonight," Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. "Sailor," Petula Clark (Pye)
3. "Rubber Ball," Bobby Vee (London)
4. "You're Sixteen," Johnny Burnette (London)
5. "FBI," Shadows (Columbia)
n.a. 10 Years Ago (Top Ten 1956):
1. "Memories Are Made of This," Dean Martin (Capitol)
2. "Sixteen Tons," Tennessee Ernie Ford (Capitol)
3"Zambesi," Lou Busch (Capitol)
4. "Love is the Tender Trap," Frank Sinatra (Capitol)
5. "Ballad of Davy Crockett," Bill Hayes (London)
n.a. Big Jazz Star Line-Up
Beatles: 10 disc 'Oscars'?
Proby Cabaret Smash!
Big Names for TV: BBC series for Pet Clark
Beatles big date is fixed
Cliff, Shadows on 'Lucky Stars'
IFIELD, Russ-Palladium TV
Bandbox Guests
Orbison in RSG 'Special'
Kathy Kirby: ITV series set; Palladium?
P&G 'Scene' change
Dee Dee on Fury tour?
Polydor get the Who via Reaction label, also U.S. Atlantic
Rush disc from Jones, Byrds; new Kinks, Vince Hill
Peters for Australia
JBJ Panel Names
n.a. New Disc Move by Donovan
Dylan Dates
Wheels here?
Spencer on Who Tour
Overlanders dates
Ellington: Cathedral TV
Stones, Animals New U.S. Hits
Forsyth: lavish TV series
Silkie on Alpert bill
Prob 'Goodbye Britain' tour! Searchers guest
'Stramash' man records for Jonathan King
Elvis Denial
Sammy Davis Musical For London in 1967Pinkerton plans
David Frost TV Guests
Shake-ups for Animals, Blue Jeans, Lulu and Luvvers
Date in Paris For the Small Faces
Herman tour: Berry, David, Jonathan
Stars Aid Charity
Farlowe-Goldie disc?
Truth to Scotland
Smith, Alan Competition Is No Worry to Dusty [Springfield] 8
Johnson, Derek King of Skiffle Yesterday — and Today! 8
n.a. Star Quote 8
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 8
Advertisement Join the Tea Set 9
Moses, Ann Beach Boys' fame just grew and grew! 10
A.G. Superb Ella and Duke 10
N.D. Herman Phones from Tokyo 10
N.D. New to the charts:Wheels 'ride' into sellers 10
Altham, Keith Spotlight on the Spencers: Shy Guy 10
n.a. Who's Where:
Frank Ifield at London Palladium
Freddie and the Dreamers at Manchester Palace
Evans, Allen LP's:
Mary Wells: Love Songs to the Beatles (Stateside)
Ken Dodd: Tears of Happiness (Columbia)
Evans, Allen EP's:
Duane Eddy (Colpix)
Peter, Paul and Mary (Warner Bros.)
n.a. Classified Advertisements 11
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
Drummon, Norrie Pitney-Barry show is a winner-with Dave Dee group a big surprise! 12
  James Guimaraes, March 2006  
No. 998 25 February 1966  
(Cover Page) Tues. 8 PM BBC1: The Beatles at Shea Stadium  
  America Calling: 2
Tracy Thomas Nancy Sinatra records in same studio as father
Chad and Jeremy apply for U.S citizenship
Gene Clark on "Set You Free this Time"
Nat Hentoff Nancy Sinatra never got career help from father
Bobby Darin to come to New York
Lee Konitz may play Ronnie Scott's club
Laine and Miller with "Pray and He Will Answer"
Paul Anka to tour Iron Curtain
Sammy Davis to return to night club circuit
Williams and Mancini for cross country tour
Dean Martin insists his children will finish college
Altham, Keith Animals Took Liberty with Prison Song 3
Altham, Keith Sonny,Cher Back in the NME Chart 3
Johnson, Derek Derek Johnson Reviews the Singles
Walkers, "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine any More" (Philips)
Tom Jones, "Stop Breaking My Heart" (Decca)
Ivy League, "Running Round in Circles" (Piccadilly)
Yardbirds, "Shapes of Things" (Columbia)
Kinks, "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" (Pye)
Solomon Burke "Baby Come on Home" (Atlantic)
Sam the Sham, "Red Hot" (MGM)
Johnny Nash, "Let's Move and Groove" (Pye-International)
Gigliola Cinquetti, "Dio, Come Ti Amo" (Decca)
Paul Anka, "Oh, Such a Stranger" (RCA)
Eden Kane, "Magic Town" (Decca)
Noel Harrison "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" (Decca)
Johnson, Derek Recommended:
Bob Lind, "Elusive Butterfly" (Fontana)
Acker Bilk, "Super Girl" (Columbia)
Jimmy James and the Vagabonds "I Feel Alright" (Piccadilly)
Settlers, "Nowhere Man" (Pye)
Marionettes, "Like a Man" (Parlophone)
Evans, Allen LP's byAllen Evans
Beach Boys' Party (Capitol)
Johnny Rivers Rocks the Folk (Liberty)
Live Folk (Ember)
Len Barry Sings with the Dovells (Cameo Parkway)
Jay and the Americans (United Artists)
Drums a Go-Go (Liberty)
The Ventures a Go-Go (Liberty)
Beverly Hillbillies (CBS)
n.a NME Top Thirty:
1. "19th Nervous Breakdown," Rolling Stones (Decca)
2. "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'," Nancy Sinatra (Reprise)
3. "A Groovy Kind of Love," Mindbenders (Fontana)
4. "My Love," Petula Clark (Pye)
5. "You Were on My Mind," Crispian St. Peters (Decca)
n.a Best Selling Pop Records in U.S:
1. "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'," Nancy Sinatra
2. "Lightnin' Strikes," Lou Christie
3. "The Ballad of the Green Berets," S/Sgt. Barry Sadler
4. "Up Tight," Stevie Wonder
5. "My World Is Empty without You," Supremes
n.a Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. Rubber Soul, Beatles (Parlophone)
2. Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
3. Second Album, Spencer Davis (Fontana)
4. Beach Boys' Party! (Capitol)
5. Otis Blue, Otis Redding (Atlantic)
n.a Cliff and Shadows to Star on BBC-2
Two Animals Albums: From EMI and Decca
Polydor Signs Patsy (Patsy Ann Noble leaves EMI)
Dylan Concert Dates Revealed (British Tour)
Bachelors and Doonican Cover U.S. Disc Hits
Monro Moves to Capitol; U.S. Trip
Beatles Have New U.S Hit ("Nowhere Man")
Who, Faces, Dee RSG, Show from Paris
TV Companies May Defy MU 'Ban' on Miming
Lennon-McCartney Firm: Take-Overs (Nothern Songs takes over Sweco and Cole and Gale)
n.a Dusty: Summer TV Series Like Pet's
Summer Shoes for Lonnie, Tarbuck, Mark
Bacharach Has Invited Tom Jones to Oscar Presentation Event
Peters, Moodies at Blackpool
Lou Christie in New American Visitors List
Dearer Discs (Increase in disc prices)
Solo Stevie, Who, 'Benders, Cilla, Herman, Peters, Bachelors- 'Club'!
Cilla Waxes Bacharach Film Song
Cabaret Debut for the Searchers
Streisand Arrival Date (London production of "Funny Girl")
Smith, Alan Long Walks Make World Go Away (Eddy Arnold) 8
Johnson, Derek Still Stars: Helen's Loyal Fans 8
Smith, Alan Small Faces: Big Problems! (Band's dedication to music and life before stardom) 9
Altham, Keith Spotlight on the Spencers: Useful Pete (Pete York returns to Spencer Davis) 9
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 9
Smith, Alan NMExclusive Talks about the Triumphant Mindbenders — Danger from Clippy! 10
Drummond, Norrie New to the Charts: Million-Seller Lou (Lou Christie with "Lightnin' Strikes") 10
n.a Classified Advertisements 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
Evans, Allen EPs
We Five (Pye International)
Nina Simone (Colpix)
Nancy Wilson (Capitol)
Roy Head (Pye International)
Astrud Gilberto (Verve)
Temptations (Tamia-Motown)
Keely Smith (Reprise)
  Michael Handis, March 2006  

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