New Musical Express | April 1966

No. 1001 1 April 1966  
Cover Matt Monro EMI Artist of the month!
Latest American Singles: The Temptations "Get Ready"; Connie Francis "Love Is Me"!
Latest British Singles: David & Jonathon "Speak Her Name"; Don & Pete "And I'm Crying Again"; The Barron-Knights "Round the World Rhythm & Blues"; The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band "My Brother Makes the Noises for the Talkies"; Morecambe & Wise "Now That You're Here"!
Alan Smith Hollies Go Chinese! [Hollies have 'Chinese Sound' to new tunes] 2
Keith Altham In Paris with the Rolling Stones 2-3
Advertising Now Hear This: American Hi-Fidelity Equipment Exhibition!
New Albums from CBS Records:
Simon & Garfunkel, Sound of Silence;
Percy Faith, Themes for the "In" Crowd;
Paul Revere and the Raiders, Just Like Us;
Ray Conniff Companion; and
The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Ain't It Grand Boys.
Derek Johnson Singles Reviews
Brian Wilson: "Caroline No" / "Summer Means New Love" [Capitol]
Gary Lewis & The Playboys: "Sure Gonna Miss Her" / "I Don't Wanna Say Goodnight" [Liberty]
Connie Francis: "Love Is Me, Love Is You" / "I'd Let You Break My Heart All Over Again" [MGM]
Roy Orbison: "Twinkle Toes" / "Where Is Tomorrow" [London]
Lovin' Spoonful: "Daydream" / "Night Owl Blues" [Pye-International]
Temptations: "Get Ready" / "Fading Away" [Tamla-Motown]
Roy Head: "My Babe" / "Pain" [Vocation]
Joe Brown: "Sea of Heartbreak" [Pye]
Barry McGuire: "Walking My Cat Named Dog" [RCA]
Karl Denver: "Marta" [Mercury]
Lesley Gore: "Young Love" [Mercury]
Bonzo Doo-Dah Band: "My Brother Makes Noises for the Talkies" [Parlophone]
The Chantelles: "I Think of You" [Parlophone]
Beau Brummell Esq.: "Take Me Like I Am" [Columbia]
Echoes: "Go to Run" [Philips]
Ernie Wise: "Now that You're Here" [HMV]
Pinky and Perky:"Winnie the Pooh" [HMV]
Deputies: "Given Half a Chance" [Strike]
Roy Harper: "Take Me in to Your Eyes" [Strike]
Clancy Brothers: "Freedom Sons" [CBS]
Phil Upchurch Combo: "You Can't Sit Down" [Sue]
David Essex: "This Little Girl of Mine" [Fontana]
Nikki Young: "The Day He Came My Way" [Polydor]
Sorrows: "Let the Live Live" / "Don't Sing No Sad Songs for Me" [Piccadilly]
Helmut Zacharias: "Ton Up" [Polydor]
Frank Barber's Percussion Ensemble: "Busy Lizzie" [Columbia]
Garry Blake: "Look Out Now!" [Columbia]
George Cates: "Flowers on the Wall" [Dot]
Nicky Hopkins: "Mr. Big" [CBS]
LP Reviews Petula Clark My Love [Pye]
Sinatra for the Sophisticated [Capitol]
Vince Hill Have You Met... Vince Hill [Columbia]
The Kingsmen on Campus [Pye]
The Lovin' Spoonful, Do You Believe in Magic [Pye]
Advertising New E.P.s:
Sandy Shaw: "Tomorrow" [Pye]
Petula Clark: "My Love" [Pye]
The Overlanders: "Michelle" [Pye]
The Ivy League: "Our Love Is Slipping Away" [Piccadilly]
Len Barry: "Havin' a Good Time" [Cameo/Park.]
The Rockin Berries: "Happy to Blue" [Piccadilly]
Sounds Orchestral: "Ain't that Peculiar" [Picadilly]
Pat Boone: "I Believe" [Dot]
Cyril Stapleton, The Laurie Johnson Orchestra, The John Schroeder Orchestra: "T.V. Themes 1966" [Pye].
E.M.I. Welcomes The Righteous Brothers with their first disc on Verve "(You're My) Soul and Inspiration."
NME Top Ten Singles on the Charts:
1. Walker Brothers: "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine No More" [Philips]
2. Hollies: "I Can't Let Go" [Parlophone]
3. Bob Lind: "Elusive Butterfly" [Fontana]
4. Eddy Arnold: "Make the World Go Away" [RCA]
5. Yardbirds: "Shape of Things" [Columbia]
6. Kinks: "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" [Pye]
7. Spencer Davis Group: "Somebody Help Me" [Fontana]
8. Val Doonican: "Elusive Butterfly" [Decca]
9. Bachelors: "Sound of Silence" [Decca]
10. Beach Boys: "Barbara Ann" [Capitol]]
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1. S/Sgt. Barry Sadler, "The Ballad of the Green Berets"
2. Rolling Stones, "19th Nervous Breakdown"
3. Righteous Brothers, "Soul and Inspiration"
4. Lovin' Spoonful, "Daydream"
5. Simon & Garfunkel, "Homeward Bound"
6. Beatles, "Nowhere Man"
7. Mama's and Papa's, "California Dreamin'"
8. Nancy Sinatra, "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'"
9. Cher, "Bang Bang"
10. Gary Lewis & the Playboys, "Sure Gonna Miss Her."
NME Top Tens Selling LPs in Britain:
1. Sound of Music, Soundtrack [RCA]
2. Beatles, Rubber Soul [Parlophone]
3. Walker Brothers, Take It Easy with the Walker Brothers [Philips]
4. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, Going Places [Pye Int.]
5. Mary Poppins, Soundtrack [HMV]
6. Bert Kaempfert, Bye Bye Blues [Polydor]
7. Beach Boys, Beach Boys' Party! [Capitol]
8. Andy Williams, May Each Day [CBS]
9. Otis Redding, Otis Blue [Atlantic]
10. Barbra Streisand, My Name Is Barbra, Two [CBS].
Advertising Here it is... the best LP yet from Marianne Faithfull: North Country Maid [Decca]. 5
N.A. Nancy Sinatra, [Johnny] Mathis, [Eddy] Arnold, Everlys [Brothers], [Trini] Lopez to London for TV Series.
Stones agent in 'merger' talks with Grade Org. [Merging of Tito Burns Productions and Grade Organisation].
Will this be 'Stars' substitute? [New show may replace Lucky Stars]
Fortunes: Malta, Sweden, Iceland.
Vandellas Club, Dance Dates.
Small Faces disc change [Small Faces switch next single to one of their own compositions].
Stars for 'Stars.'
Gerry [Marsden] on charity bill.
Clark TV With Dino [The Dave Clark Five to appear on Dean Martin Show].
Big Whit pop gala.
Jeremy Clyde In Film.
Stones TV Date To Promote Album.
Cliff [Richard], [Bob] Dylan, Herman [and the Hermits], [David] McCallum, [Lou] Christie, [Manfred] Mann, Pet discs [New discs soon to be released from these artists].
[Jimmy] Savile Wins Bet [Savile completes 52-mile long run from London to Brighton in just over 13 hours].
Overlanders Cabaret.
New Elvis Film Features Single.
Walkers: no Australia [Walker Brothers are now unlikely to tour in Australia].
N.A. Illness, Accident Jinx Hits Orbison-Walkers Package [All currently touring stars have been hit by illness].
U.S. Chart News.
M.U. [Britain's Musicians Union] Swedish move.
Fame, Otis Club Dates.
Now West End cabaret; TV series for Seekers.
Crispian [St. Peters] And [Rockin'] Berries for Seekers Concerts.
Price Set steps in to Christie show [Alan Price Set replaces the Kinks at Portsmouth Guild Hall].
Herman, Dusty at 5.
Doonican 'Jury' [Val Doonican returns to NME top 10 this week and will be on BBC-1's Juke Box Jury].
Beatles wax next week?
Tijuana [Brass] July Return.
Price Set steps in to Christie Show.
Manfred Dates.
Who bookings.
Sandie waxes in Paris.
Mre dance dates for Pinkertons.Max Bygraves' Son Records.
Millie in Styne TV show.
Sinatra Definite [Sinatra will definitely be visiting London in early May].
Light's summer pop [Light Programme's daily pop series Swing Into Pop will return in summer starting July 4].
N.A. Walkers Senational—Roy Triumphs, Too though off-stage he came a cropper!
El[vis Presley] fought off flu.
New to the Charts [Graham Bonney, Barry Sadler, Neil Christian].
Nat Hentoff More honours for Herb [Alpert]. 8
N.A. Life-lines of Bob Lind.
Alan Price's faith pays off.
Advertisements Black Gin called Bessenrood: trendy, smart, different.
Levi's bring out the West in a man!
Derek Johnson Cliff Asks, "What's All the "From You to Us" Fuss About? 10
Announcements 1966 Top Pop Festival—Sincil Bank Football Ground: Lincoln Whit-Monday May 30th Non-Stop Dancing. 10
Allen Evans EPs
Petula Clark: "My Love" / "Have I the Right" / "Round Every Corner" / "You're the One" [Pye]
Joan Baez: "With God on Our Side" / "Farewell Angelina" / "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" [Fontana]
Pat Boone: "I Believe" / "Dear Lord" / "Father of Mankind" / "I Walked Today where Jesus Walked"/ "He" [Dot]
Sounds Orchestral: "Ain't that Peculiar" / "Do Nothing Til' You Hear from Me" / "Go Home Girl" / "A Boy and a Girl" [Picadilly]
Overlanders: "Michelle" / "The Leaves Are Falling" / "Summer Skies and Golden Sands" / "Room Enough for You and Me" [Pye]
Rockin' Berries: "Happy to Blue" / "The Water Is over My Head" / "You're My Girl"/ "Doesn't Time Fly" [Picadilly]
Sandie Shaw: "Tomorrow"/ "I Know" / "Hurting You" / "When I Was a Child" [Pye]
Tony Bromley [ed] From You to Us:
Sven Johansson (Ostra Emtervik, Sweden)
Debbie (Nottingham)
Gillian Harvey (Shtton, Flints)
James Murray (Ardglass Co. Down)
James Groom (Gee Cross, Cheshire)
Courtney Ford (Upminster, Essex)
Star Quote: Roy Orbison.
Advertisements Joe Loss Limited.
Jean Alexander Agency.
The Rik Gunnell Angency.
The Riot Squad.
In this Month's 'Rave' it's got the Greatest Look.
Radio Luxembourg.
Engagements Wanted 9d. per word
Fan Clubs 1/3 per word
Bands 1/. Per word
Transport 1/. Per word
Records for Sale 1/. Per word
Tuition 1/6 per word
Instrument Repairs 1/. Per word
Records Wanted 1/. Per word
Musical Services 1/6 per word
Musicians Wanted 1/. Per word
Photographs 1/. Per word
Special Notices 1/6 per word
Artistes Wanted 1/. Per word
For Sale 1/. Per word
Recording 1/. Per word
Situations Vacant 1/. Per word
Instruments For Sale 1/. Per word
Instruments Wanted 1/. Per word
Records Wanted 1/. Per word
Groups Wanted 1/3 per word
Dances 1/. Per word
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces. 12
Advertisements The World Cup March.
Record of the Week! The Lovin' Spoonful Daydream!
NME Popword Puzzle.
Hear and Sing on the Max Bygraves Show, BBC-1, Saturday, 2nd April, 8.20p.m.
Two Great Versions of the American Hit Song "Lullaby of Love" Recorded by Antoinette [Picadilly] and The Poppies [Columbia]!
  Natalie Kirch, March 2006  
No. 1002 8 April 1966  
Cover "Not just at the top of the charts, The first 3" 1
Smith, Alan Cilla (pink, blue, and green) Black 2
Altham, Keith With Who and 'Birds at Paris Allez-Oops 3
Johnson, Derek Pet punches out hit 4
n.a. Four-minute Dylan formula as before
Lou Christie dated
n.a. NME Top Thirty
1. Walker Brothers, "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More" (Philips)
2. Spencer Davis Group, "Somebody Help Me" (Fontana)
3. Bob Lind, "Elusive Butterfly" (Fontana)
4. Kinks, "Dedicated Follower of Fasion" (Pye)
5. Dave Dee, Doxy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, "Hold Tight" (Fontana)
n.a. Best-selling Pop Records in US
1. Righteous Brothers, "Soul and Inspiration"
2. Lovin Spoonful, "Daydream"
3. Rolling Stones, "19th Nervous Breakdown"
4. Cher, "Bang Bang"
5. S/Sgt. Barry Sadler "The Ballad of the Green Berets"
n.a. Best-selling LPs in Britain
1. Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
2. Beatles, Rubber Soul (Parlophone)
3. Take It Easy with the Walker Brothers (Philips)
4. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, Going Places (Pye Int.)
5. Mary Poppins, Soundtrack (HMV)
n.a. 5 Years Ago
1. Allisons, "Are You Sure"
2. Elvis Presley, "Wooden Heart"
3. Cliff Richard, "Theme for a Dream"
4. Everly Brothers, "Walk Right Back"
5. Bubby Darin, "Lazy River"
n.a. 10 Years Ago
1. Dream Weavers, "It's Almost Tomorrow"
2. Winifred Atwell, "Poor People of Paris"
3. Kay Starr, "Rock and Roll Waltz"
4. "Only You"
5. Dave King, "Memories are Made of This"
n.a. Walkers, Faces, Crispian, Dave Dee Price Join NME Concert
BBC-1 Easter Pop Special
Neil Christian Europe Plans
A Manfred Quits [Mike Vickers]
Faithfull Stays On [Paris Olympia]
Dusty Cabaret Double
West End Elvis
Donovan waxes in US
Hospital for Tom Jones—so big dates are off
Dusty at 'Club'
Spencer, Loss Guest
Pirate chief leaves [Ben Topey]
Overlanders, 'Hoppers move to Tito Burns' roster
Jonathan King puts Writ on record—with Spoonful song
Europe trip set for Dave Dee
Small Faces Film Debut
Kinks are back in action; US Tour with Orbison?
Spoonful, Dusty, Small Faces RSG Searcher's Return [Chris Curtis]
Orbison, Overlanders Radio
Spencer Sundays at Blackpool; Walkers and Price, too? Eddie Cochran hit re-issued; Nancy Christie releases
Yardbird's Solo
n.a. Dusty Springfield to Star in Palladium TV show next month
Beatles for Memphis! Details for US and Japan trips revealed
Vaughn, Martin TV
Freddie with Danny Kaye
Christie dance dates
Who Court Move [recording rights]
Dallas Boys: US, Bermuda
Alan Price Radio TV, Scots Tour
Animals, Dusty 'Scene'
Crash Helmets and police escorts now for the Walkers!
Summer Singers [Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson]
Doonican TV Date
Hollies to Germany
BBC-TV Easter show highlights
Hutchins, Chris Review: Max Delights! 7
Johnson, Derek I'm Glad Bob's beating me, says Val 8
Johnson, Derek Barbra Streisand joins the greats 8
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 8
n.a. Question time with Cher's Sister
Kinks Ray and Dave Davies v. Mick Avory and Peter Quaife
Thomas, Tracy Enter the intellectual S & G [Simon and Garfunkel] 10
Gray, Andy Lucky Lovin' Spoonful 10
Evans, Allen LPs 10
n.a. Classified Ads 11
Altham, Keith Stones New LP 12
  Toni Licciardello, February 2006  
No. 1005 15 April 1966  
Cover This Is the Phenomenon Whose Name Is Barbara [Streisand]  
Price, Alan Question-Time 2
Thomas, Tracy
Hentoff, Nat
America Calling [Hollywood/ New York ] 2
Evans, Allen LPs:
Simon and Garfunkel: Sound of Silence [CBS]
Golden Hitmakers: features Sandie Shaw, Kinks, Searchers, Honeycombs, Rockin' Berries, Sounds Orchestral, Kenny Ball, and the Ivy League [Golden Guinea]
Golden Hits of Sandie Shaw [Golden Guinea]
Vic Damone: The Lively Ones / Oliver! [Golden Guinea]
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass: Sounds Tijuana [Stateside]
Altham, Keith 'Somebody' Makes No. 1—But too Quickly for Spence [Davis]! 3
Drummond, Norrie Herman['s Hermits] Package Has Everything 3
Johnson, Derek Singles:
Nancy Sinatra: "How Does that Grab You Darlin'" / "I Move Around" [Reprise]
Lou Christie: "Rhapsody in the Rain" / "Trapeze" [MGM]
Wayne Fontana: "Come on Home" / "My Eyes Break Out in Tears" [Fontana]
Ray Charles: "Together Again" / "You're Just About to Lose Your Clown" [HMV]
Russ Conway: "The Crunch" / "The Patient Heart" [Columbia]
Beach Boys: "Sloop John B" / "You're So Good to Me" [Capitol]
Johnny Kidd: "It's Got to be You" / "I Hate Getting Up in the Morning" [HMV]
Gene Chandler "(I'm Just A) Fool for You" / "Buddy Ain't It a Shame" [Stateside]
Trini Lopez: "I'm Comin' Home, Cindy" / "The 32nd of May" [Reprise]
Searchers: "Take It or Leave It" / "Don't Hide It Away" [Pye]
Johnny Rivers: "Secret Agent Man" / "Tom Dooley" [Liberty]
Eddie Rambeau: "I'm the Sky" / "I Just Need Your Love" [Stateside]
Paul Jones: "Pretty Flamingo" / "You're Standing By" [HMV]
NA NME Top Thirty:
1. Spencer Davis Group: "Somebody Help Me" [Fontana]
2. Walker Brothers: "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More" [Philips]
3. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich: "Hold Tight" [Fontana]
4. Dusty Springfield: "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" [Philips]
5. Bachelors: "Sound of Silence" [Decca]
NA Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. Righteous Brothers: "Soul and Inspiration"
2. Lovin' Spoonful: "Daydream"
3. Cher: "Bang Bang"
4. Johnny Rivers: "Secret Agent Man"
5. Outsiders: "Time Won't Let Me"
NA Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. Soundtrack: Sound of Music [RCA]
2. Beatles: Rubber Soul [Parlophone]
3. Take It Easy with The Walker Brothers [Philips]
4. Spencer Davis Group: Second Album [Fontana]
5. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass [Pye Int.]
NA Dusty [Springfield] Hit Co-Writer Is Yardbirds New Manager
'That's Nice' Writer Sings [Mickie Dallon]
Same Again from Elvis
Pop-Liners [Paul Simon]
Cliff [Richard], Shadows for Palladium Panto
Beatles Film No. 3 is Next Year Now
Searcher [Curtis] Quits?
TV, Recording Ban Hits Hollies on U.S. Tour
End of the Road for 'Lucky Stars', But New Autumn Show
Christian RSG
TV Hot Seat for Dusty
Songwriter [Max Nesbitt] Dies
NA Spencer: German, Scots Tours, Air Dash from Paris for NME Show
Kinks Cancel Date
Sandie [Shaw] at Blackpool
Orbison on JBJ
Nancy Sinatra, Trini Sunday Night TV
Matt [Monro]: 'No. 1 Cabaret Star'
[Graham] Bonney RSG Debut
Cliff, Shads, Sonny, Cher, Beach Boys, Lonnie Discs
British Walkers!
Herman to Stay Longer in U.S.
Price EP in France
Seekers in Germany
New Cash Dates
No Betty Everett
Stars at Tiles
Vandellas Date
Freddie to Maltra
Drummond, Norrie Crispian Calms Down 8
Bromley, Tony From You to Us
John North [Exeter]
Meryl Lukey [Barking, Essex]
Paul Mifsud [St. Julian's Malta]
C. A. Lloyd [Formby, Lancs.]
Dave Jaggard [Fourways, Great Totham, Maldon, Essex]
Paul Cook ["Angry Yardbirds and Who fan," North Lincs.]
Ian Jolly [Braemar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland]
James, Mark 'In Crowds' Don't Exist, Say Dave Dee, Dozy, etc. 8
N.D. New to the Charts: Dylan Helped Norma [Tanega] Make It 9
Altham, Keith Walker Hostility on the Wane 9
Hutchins, Chris The Gentle Strength of Roy Orbison 9
NA Top Ten: Eddy Arnold
Bing Crosby: "White Christmas"
Glenn Miller Orchestra: "Sunrise Serenade"
Perry Como: "Till the End of Time"
Marty Robbins: "El Paso"
Alley Cat Tail Pieces 10
NA Cilla [Black] Plugs 'Alfie' 10
Johnson, Derek Second Chart Year for 'Music' and 'Poppins' LPs 10
Evans, Allen EPs
Manfred Mann [HMV]
Marvin Gaye [Tamla-Motown]
Cliff Richard [Columbia]
New Faces from Hitsville [Tamla-Motown]
Herman's Hermits [Columbia]
NA Who's Where 10
NA Classifieds 11
  Colin Lord, March 2006  
No. 1004 22 April 1966
Altham, Keith Nice, Abnormal Spoonful! 2
n.a. 'Fans Want El In Creole' 2
Smith, Alan Chart-Topper Dusty Left Holding the Monkey! 3
n.a. Master Singers Sing Code as a Psalm!
Roy C 'shoots' in
Johnson, Derek Singles:
Pretty Things Go Wild: "Come and See Me"/ "₤.s.d" (Fontana)
James Brown cult will really lap this one up: "Ain't that a Groove" — Parts 1 and 2 (Pye-International)
Merseys punch home 'Sorrow': "Sorrow"/ "Some Other Day" (Fontana)
Door open for Union: "Behind the Door"/ "English Tea" (Decca)
Toys: "My Heart Be Cast into Stone"/ "On Backstreet" (Stateside)
Del Shannon: "The Big Hurt"/ "I Got It Bad" (Liberty)
Eddie Cochran: "C'Mon Everybody"/ "Summertime Blues" (Liberty)
Goldie Swings: "I Do"/ "Think about the Good Times" (Fontana)
Vibrations: "Canadian Sunset"/ "Story of a Starry Night" (Columbia)
Mike Scott: "I Am a Rock"/ "I'm Gonna Be Somebody Someday" (Mercury)
David Ballantyne: "Love around the World"/ "World Full of Women" (Columbia)
Gimmick May Help Troggs: "Wild Thing"/ "From Home" (Fontana)
Dave Ferrez and Nicky Scott: "You've Gotta Learn"/ "Like You as You Are" (Columbia)
Dave Antony's Moods: "New Directions"/ "Give It a Chance" (Parlophone)
Brian Hyland: "3,000 Miles"/ "Sometimes They Do, Sometimes They Don't" (Philips)
Pick of the rest
NME Top Five Singles:
1. "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" Dusty Springfield (Philips)
2. "Somebody Help Me" Spencer Davis Group (Fontana)
3. "Hold Tight" Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich (Fontana)
4. "Sound of Silence" Bachelors (Decca)
5. "Bang Bang" Cher (Liberty)
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain:
1. Sound of Music [Soundtrack] (RCA)
2. Aftermath, Rolling Stones (Decca)
3. Rubber Soul, The Beatles (Parlophone)
4. Take It Easy with the Walker Brothers (Philips)
5. Mary Poppins [Soundtrack] (HMV)
6. Bye Bye Blues, Bert Keampfert (Polydor)
7. Second Album, Davis Group (Fontana)
8. Going Places, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass (Pye Int.)
9. Solid Gold Soul [Various Artists] (Atlantic)
10. Beach Boys Party (Capitol)
10. Mantovani Magic (Decca)
n.a. Dusty Demands U.S. Label Switch
Big TV schedule for Sandie Shaw in May
Beatle brother in new disc group
NME Poll Concert On Television!
BBC-TV To Screen Beatles Cartoon?
Release set for new Byrds, Dylan U.S. hits
Cliff will be there
Ex-Searcher Chris joins Pye as a producer
Lou Christie Goes Home
Colours, Ryans, Dud RSG
'Whole Scene' going
Walkers aid Oxfam
Hutchins, Chris Review 'On the Level' 6
n.a. Ifield, Kathy, Millie, for 'U.S. Palladium'
Spencer—Dodd's Guest
A Sunday ATV Date for Lulu—Not Nancy!
Stars' quiz time
Big plans for 'Saturday Club'; Dee Manns, Faces; Beatles interview set
Beaky, Tich and Dozy wax 'solo'
Rhodesia on Seekers' African schedule
Ken Dodd's next
Goldie Goes Home
Kidd, Pirates split
New Stones Single Named; TV Date Set
U.S. chart changes
Chris Farlowe hurt
Spencer Davis for Cabaret, New Disc Date
Evans, Alan LPs:
'Funny Girl' consolation album (Capitol)
The Most of the Animals (Columbia)
Nat King Cole at the Sands (Capitol)
Bromley, Tony From YOU to US 8
n.a. Mantovani Landmark
Presley fans hit back
Johnson, Derek Classical 8
Johnson, Derek Manfred Mann—Righteous Brothers Belated Hits End Chart Comeback Fight 9
Evans, Allen EPs:
Artwoods (Decca)
Ivy League (Picadilly)
TV Themes (Pye)
Al Martino (Capitol)
Walkers (Pye International)
Thomas, Tracy
Hentoff, Nat
America Calling 9
Altham, Keith Now They All Want Paul Simon Songs! 10
Gray, Andy Cilla's Winner 10
Alley Cat Tailpieces 12
Beer, Karel Jonathan Kinks Late but Liked in Paris 12
Drummond, Norrie Davis Group and Who in Wild Stage Show
Michael Mansfield, March 2006
No. 1005 29 April 1966  
Cover Polydor's First LP Release of Atlantic 1
Derek Johnson The Line-up of the Century [The Beatles and Stones in the same show, NMP Poll-Winners Concert Previewed] 2
Advertisements Beatles Medal Competition Winners
Get into Shell Gear!
"I Can Choose Any Records I Want with Squires Budget Plan'
In This Months Rave
Tracy Thomas On the Film Set with Sonny and Cher [NME exclusive, the duo enjoys the work] 3
N.A. Sad Nancy Flies Out [Nancy Sinatra will fly from London to Hamburg to attend the NME concert and meet the Beatles/Stones] 3
Advertisements Hear the Great Ones on EMI
Latest Singles [American: Stevie Wonder, Lee Dorsey, The Van Dykes, The Ventures. British: Deano, The Bo Street Runners, Andy Stewart, Tony Peters]
Derek Johnson Singles Review
Bo Street Runners: "Drive My Car" / "So Very Woman" (Columbia)
Al Martino: "Think I'll Go Somewhere and Cry Myself to Sleep" / "My Love, Forgive Me" (Capitol)
Artwoods: "I Take What I Want" / "I'm Looking for a Saxophonist Doubling French Horn Wearing Size 37 Boots" (Decca)
The Truth: "I Go to Sleep" / "Baby You've Got It (Pye)
Hit for Six: "I Hear Trumpets Blow" / "True Love Is Funny" (Pye)
Dixie Cups: "What Kind of Fool" / "Danny Boy" (HMV)
Paul Simon: "A Most Peculiar Man" / "Wedding Day" (Columbia)
Craig Douglas: "I'm on the Outside Looking in" / "Knock on Any Door" (Fontana)
Pick of the Rest: Lonnie Donegan, "I Wanna Go Home" (Pye)
Advertisement Latest Star Release 4
NME Top Thirty
1. "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me," Dusty (Philips)
2. "Bang Bang," Cher (Liberty)
3. "Pretty Flamingo," Manfred Man (HMV)
4. "Daydream," Lovin' Spoonful (Pye-Int)
5. "Hold Tight," Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich (Fontana)
N.A. New E.P.s and New Singles [Including Dionne Warwick, Episode Six, The Truth, Gerry and the Ohio, Los Mayas, Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band, Peter Nelson, Tawny Reed, Dee King, The Meddy Evils] 5
Advertisements Noel Harrison and Anthony Newley's New Records
New Discs from CBS Records
N.A. Cliff, Shadows Complete Big NME Bill on Sunday [Cliff Richard and the Shadows have been added to the bill of NME Poll-winners Concert] 6
N.A. News: Big Agency Merger Brings Top Stars under Same Banner
Trini and Host of Stars at the ME Autograph Stand
BBC Sunday Variety
Yardbird Relf's Disc Debut Due, U.S. Trip?
Orbison, Who on Radio
Dee Dee Replaces Lulu
Shirley Waxes in U.S.
Sammy Davis in London
Roy C May Visit
Fame at Five
Chris, Herman, Tom 'Lucky Stars' Dates
Cliff: TV in North
BobLind, Clark, Ramsey, Brenda, Hedgehoppers, Reeves releases
N.A. News: Tom Jones in Big Las Vegas Cabaret Deal With U.S. Stars
Small Faces 'Stars' Row
Liza Minnelli Cabaret
Scott Engel: Old Solo Discs to Be Issued?
James Bond and Stars Sister Make Record
New! On Sale Today from Decca Records: Paul and Barry Ryan, The Artwoods, Henry Mancini and his Orchestra, Chet Atkins
Animals Next Disc Was Recorded in Bahamas
Scottish Dates for Manfreds
New Peter, Gordon Hit
Tape Your Own TV Spot
Homeycombs Split
Kink Ill, Misses Date; New Satire EP Due
Carl Wilson My Beach Boy Brothers [The Life of Carl Wilson] 8
N.A. Life-Lines of Neil Christian [All major facts to know about Neil Christian] 8
N.A. From YOU to US 8
Advertisements A Great New Release from Mercury
The L.P. with the Hit Single!
Elvis-Latest, Greatest, and Best
Alan Smith Hectic Days for Seekers [The Seekers work to record and perform] 9
Allen Evans LP Reviews:
Cilla. Cilla Sings a Rainbow [Parlophone]
Elvis. Frankie and Johnny [RCA Victor]
Sam Cooke. Try a Little Love [RCA Victor]
Tracy Thomas Pet Clark-Jazz Pianist! [Petula Clark opened to one of the largest crowds at the Cocoanut Grove] 9
Advertisements Royal Albert Hall Presents Jacques Loussier Trio
St. Giles Music Centre
Who's Where
Premier Outfit Drum Company
Keith Altham NME Chart Proves Manfreds Wrong ['Flamingo' Won't Go Higher Than No. 5 said Paul Jones, conflicts arise from distraction but Manfred continues to play] 10
N.A. From The NME: 5 years ago, 10 years ago [Top 10 from 5 and 10 years ago] 10
Alan Smith Mr. Sentiment Him — That's Eddy Arnold [Eddy calls Smith himself!] 10
Advertisement Congratulations Dusty, No.1 Chart Position 10
N.A. Personals: Fan Clubs, Bands, Records For Sale, Tuition, Groups Wanted, Recording, Vocalists Wanted, Musicians Wanted, Situations Wanted, Instruments For Sale, Musical Services, Dresswear, Records Wanted, Situations Vacant, Instrument Repairs, Dances, wanted, Clubs 11
Advertisements Does your job give you all this?
Bracelets Engraved Free
Michael Martin for the Modern Man
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces [Hollywood 'Oscars' awarded] 12
Advertisements Record of the Week
Polydor Records
Shotgun Wedding Recorded by Roy C.
Home wanted for Get-Well Gifts
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