New Musical Express | May 1966

No. 1008 6 May 1966  
Cover The Fantastic Small Faces 1
Napier Russell and
Doug McKenzie
Wild Excitement Camera-Captured 2
Keith Altham 1966 NME Concert Mightiest Ever (1st half)  
Alan Smith 1966 NME Concert Mightiest Ever (2nd half) 3
Derek Johnson Faces Will Soon Be Smiling, Again!
Small Faces, "Hey Girl" (Decca)
More Singing Lewis Jazz
Ramsey Lewis Trio, "High Heel Sneakers" (Chess)
Dionne Warwick, "Message to Michael" (Pye-Int)
Bobby Vee, "Run Like the Devil" (Liberty)
Fancoise Hardy, "This Little Heart" (Vogue)
Doddy: Mixture as Before,
Ken Dodd, "Promises" (Columbia)
Dave Clark Deserves Hit,
Dave Clark Five, "Look before You Leap" (Columbia)
Kenny Ball's Jazzmen, "Poor People of Paris" (Pye)
Peter, Paul and Mary, "Cruel War" (Warner Bros.)
Tony Jackson, "Never Leave Your Baby's Side" (CBS)
Little Richard, "Holy Mackerel" (Stateside)
Buffy Sainte-Marie, "Timeless Love" (Fontana)
A Knockout! Dylan's Best for Months,
Bob Dylan, "Rainy-Day Women Nos. 12 and 35" (CBS)
Brenda means every word,
Brenda Lee, "Too Little Time" (Brunswick)
American Chartsters
Pick of the Best
NME NME Top Thirty
1. "Pretty Flamingo" Manfred Mann (HMV)
2. "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" Dusty Springfield (Phillips)
3. "Daydream" Lovin' Spoonful (Pye Int.)
4. "Bang Bang" Cher (Liberty)
5. "Sloop John B" Beach Boys (Capitol)
NME Best-selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Monday, Monday," Mama's and Papa's
2. "Good Lovin'," Young Rascals
3. "Sloop John B," Beach Boys
4. "Soul and Inspiration," Righteous Brothers
5. "Kicks," Paul Revere & Raiders
NME Best Selling LP's in Britain
1. Aftermath, Rolling Stones (Decca)
2. Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
3. Rubber Soul, Beatles (Parlophone)
4. Take It Easy with the Walker Brothers (Philips)
5. Mantovani Magic (Decca)
NME 5 Years Ago
1. "Blue Moon," Marcels (Pye Int.)
2. "You're Driving Me Crazy," Temperance Seven (Parlophone)
3. "Wooden Heart," Elvis (RCA)
4. "Lazy River," Bobby Darin (London)
5. "Theme from Dixie," Duane Eddy (London)
NME 10 Years Ago
1. "No Other Love," Ronnie Hilton (HMV)
2. "Poor People of Paris," Winfred Atwell (Decca)
3. "It's Almost Tomorrow," Dream Weavers (Brunswick)
4. "Rock and Roll Waltz," Kay Starr (HMV)
5. "Only for You" Hilltoppers (London)
n/a Steele TV Deal? Big U.S. offer, firm plans
Proby's barber turns singer
Beatles Single No. 12
Tom Jones' single—big TV dates
Seekers cabaret switch
Ken Dodd 'Stars'
Faith TV playdate
Ifield Whit concerts
Dropped: 'The World'
Searchers, Dee: no U.S.
New Tremeloe
Cliff, Shads, Tom Jones: big Whit randio special
Two Troggs singles out in America
Kaempfert, Mancini films
Non-vocal EP from chart-topping Mann
Hollywood film for the Small Faces?
n/a Stones: British and U.S. tours
A Walker in TV 'Hot Seat'
Benders, Ryans, Dud Five O'Clock TV
U.S. Beatlemania Again!
Freddie: Manila, U.S., Australia
Sellers film theme as Hollies single
Meet the stars at NME stand
Late-night Sherman
Sunday Concerts for Who and Merseys
Valentine TV guests
Merseys, Searchers 'Club'
TV schedule for NME 'Show of the Year'
Cilla: Eamonn return?
EMI Director's Death, Richard Dawes
Tracy Thomas America Calling: Hollywood  
Nat Hentoff America Calling: New York 9
Carl Wilson My Beach Boy Brothers 9
Chris Hutchins It Wasn't Love-at-first-sight for Nancy and Ron 9
Derek Johnson Elvis 10 Years Ago this Week 10
Norrie Drummond Troggs in at 27 10
Allen Evans EP's
Everly Brothers (Warner Bros.)
Trini Lopez (Reprise)
Pat Boone (Dot)
Chuck Berry (Chess)
Sonny Boy Williamson (Chess)
Alan Sherman (Warner Bros.)
Allen Evans LP's
Cliff Richard: Kinda' Latin (Columbia)
Daydream: Lovin' Spoonful (Pye International)
Righteous Brothers: Back to Back (London)
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
  Evan McNamara, February 2006  
No. 1009 13 May 1966  
Cover A Different Kind of Single from the Rolling Stones: Paint It, Black 1
Keith Altham Dave Dee laughs, too — all the way to the bank! 2
Keith Altham Dylan's Press Deception 3
NME Keith Richard's New Home 3
Derek Johnson Singles Reviewed:
Tony Jackson, “Never Leave Your Baby's Side” (CBS)
Bob Dylan, “Rainy Day Woman No 12 & 35” (CBS)
Geneveve, “Once” (Columbia)
The Byrds, “Eight Miles High” (Columbia)
Gary Walker, “Twinkle Lee” (CBS)
Tony Bennett, “Till” (Columbia)
NME NME Top Thirty
1. "Pretty Flamingo," Manfred Mann (HMV)
2. "Daydream," Lovin' Spoonful (Pye Int.)
3. "Sloop John B," Beach Boys (Capitol)
4. "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me," Dusty Springfield (Phillips)
5. "The Pied Piper," Crispin St. Peters (Decca)
NME Best-selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. “Monday, Monday,” Mama's and Papa's (Dunhill)
2. “Good Lovin',” Young Rascals (Atlantic)
3. “Rainy Day Woman No. 12 & 35,” Bob Dylan (CBS)
4. “Kicks,” Paul Revere & Raiders (RCA)
5. “Sloop John B,” Beach Boys (Capitol)
NME Best Selling LP's in Britain
1. Aftermath, Rolling Stones (Decca)
2. Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
3. Rubber Soul, Beatles (Parlophone)
4. Mantovani Magic (Decca)
5. Most of the Animals (Decca)
NME 5 Years Ago
1. "Blue Moon," Marcels (Pye Int.)
2. "You're Driving Me Crazy," Temperance Seven (Parlophone)
3. "On the Rebound," Floyd Cramer (RCA)
4. "Runaway," Del Shannon (London)
5. "Don't Treat Me Like a Child," Helen Shapiro (Columbia)
NME 10 Years Ago
1. "No Other Love," Ronnie Hilton (HMV)
2. "Poor People of Paris," Winfred Atwell (Decca)
3. "Only for You," Hilltoppers (London)
4. "It's Almost Tomorrow," Dream Weavers (Brunswick)
5. "Rock and Roll Waltz," Kay Starr (HMV)
n/a EmI signs ex-Lulu group- Manfred pens their song
More NME Poll Stars on TV this Sunday
Commercial Dylan
Johnny Cash: fine act
Walkers to Star in RSG TV Spectacular; EP Set
Trini on "Jury" Bacharach Too?
Newley, Lucy Film TV Show in London
Troggs' U.S. singles delayed
Manila Date for Beatles
Proby Hits EP
Jim Reeves film release
Everlys Wax British LP
New U.S. label for Donovan
Matt's U.S. LP Waxed
Sinatra, Sonny and Cher, Beach Boys Visit Plans
Who, Mersey's Date
Who for Sweden, new home dates
n/a Tom Jones Dates
Stones as actors, not group, new film plan
Peter and Gordon back soon
Yardbirds Radio Spot
Seekers' summer plans fixed
U.S. film for Fet
Troggs, Georgie on RSG Tonight
Pitney Arrival Date
ABC-TV Lines Up Sunday Stars
Roy C on Stars
Spencer Davis, Dave Dee, Troggs join BBC's big Whit radio line-up
Wayne dance dates
Cliff Film Starts Soon
Liza Minelli Tops Palladium TV Bill
Sammy Davis' British Plans
Marquee Stars
Animals Home on Sunday
Cilla: Big TV Dates, New Single Soon
Norrie Drummond Mersey Makes Girls Weep! 8
Andy Gray Anita's novel break at Palladium 8
Advertisement Levi's bring out the West in a man! 9
Allen Evans Lifelines of the Troggs 10
n/a Classified 11
Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
PYE Record of the Week: Sandie Shaw, Nothing Comes Easy 12
  Nicolas Mencia, March 2006  
No. 1008 20 May 1966  
King, John Simplicity is secret of Spoonful's disc success 3
n.a. I'm a raver, not a singer [Small Faces leader guitarist Steve Marriott states] 3
n.a. The Ventures Artist of the Month: Exciting Guitar Sounds: "Surfing," "Let's Go," "In Space," "Walk Don't Run Vol. 2," "Knock Me Out," "On Stage," "A Go-Go" 3
n.a. EMI: Latest Singles
The Chiffons, "Sweet Talkin' Guy" (Stateside)
The Platters, "I Love You 1000 Times" (Stateside)
Tammi Terrell, "Come on and See Me" (Tamla Motown)
Gidian, "See if She Cares" (Columbia)
Linda Kaye, "I Can't Stop Thinking about You" (Columbia)
Vashti, "Train Song" (Columbia)
Johnson, Derek Singles reviewed
Chris banishes the blues: Chris Andrews, "What 'cha Gonna Do Now" / "Lady oh Lady" (Decca) [Up-tempo, 12-bar blues format]
Freddie & Dreamers: Chart comeback? "Playboy" / "Some Day" (Columbia) [Use of Latin beats to enhance the romantic ballad]
Big name composers [Bob Lind, Ray Davies, and Lennon-McCartney]
Buddy Holly: "Maybe Baby" / "That's My Desire" (Coral) [A rockballad style with a walloping beat]
Hedgehoppers Anonymous, "Baby (You're My Everything)" / "Remember" (Decca) [Up-tempo with intriguing lyric]
'Classic' Seasons: Four Seasons, "Opus 17 (Don't You Worry 'bout Me)" / "Beggars Parade" (Philips) [Crewe-Gaudio medium-pacer]
Arnold can do it again: Eddie Arnold, "I Want to Go with You" / "Mary Clare Melvina Rebecca Jane" (RCA)
Gary Walker-dated but should make it: "Twinkle-lee" / "She Makes Me Feel Better" (CBS)]
Fontella Keeps Hit Formula: "I Can't Rest" / "I Surrender" (Chess) [Motown style sounding like the Supremes]
Herb Alpert, "So What's New" / "Brasilia" (Pye-International) [Latin style]
Evans, Allen LP's
Herb Alpert, What Now My Love (Pye-International)
Georgie Fame, Sweet Things (Columbia)
Excitement of Trini [Lopez] (Reprise)
Mitch Ryder Detroit, Take a Ride (Stateside)
Return Date, Frankie Vaughan at Talk of Town (Phillips)
Everly Brothers, In Our Name (Warner Bros.)
Lee Dorsey (Stateside)
Morgan-James Duo, Shhhh... talent strikes again (Phillips)
CBS (advert) The sounds of entertainment on CBS records
Robert Goulet, On broadway
Mahalia Jackson, Mahalia sings
Tony Bennett, The movie song album
Victor Borge, Caught in the act
Mongo Santamaria, El bravo
The new Barbra Streisand single: "Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long"
n.a. Chart Shots!
Bob Dylan, "Rainy Day Women"
Tony Jackson, "Never Leave Your Baby's Side"
Geneveve, "Once"
The Byrds, "Eight Miles High"
New Singles
Eddie's Crowd, "Baby Don't Look Down"
Steve Lawrence, "Strangely Attractive"
n.a. The Instrumental Artist of the Year:
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, What Now My Love, and their new single "So whats new?" (Pye)
n.a. New Singles
Chris Montez, "The More I See You" (Pye-International)
Gary Benson, "Unpredictable Journey" (Pye)
Fontella Bass, "I Can't Resist" (Chess)
Tony Field, "Dale Ann" (Pye)
The Bluechips, "Some Kinds of Lovin'" (Pye)
Lynn Gold, "Sand Mountain Blues" (Pye)
Sue Thompson, "What Should I Do" (Hickory)
Bernie Ballentine, "Baby Bye-o" (Warner Bros.)
The Tumbleweeds, "All of My Love" (Pye)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Pretty Flamingo," Manfred Mann (HMV)
2. "Sloop John B," Beach Boys (Capitol)
3. "Wild Thing," Troggs (Fontana)
4. "Daydream," Lovin' Spoonful (Pye-Int.)
5. "Paint It Black," Rolling Stones (Decca)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Monday, Monday," Mama's and Papa's
2. "Rainy Day Women," Bob Dylan
3. "Good Lovin'," Young Rascals
4. "When a Man Loves a Woman," Percy Sledge
5. "A Groovy Kind of Love," Mindbenders
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. Rolling Stones, Aftermath (Decca)
2. Soundtrack, Sound of Music (RCA)
3. Small Faces (Decca)
4. Beatles, Rubber Soul (Parlophone)
5. Cilla Black, Cilla Sings a Rainbow (Parlophone)
NME 5 Years Ago (TOP TEN 1961)
1. "Runaway," Del Shannon (London)
2. "Blue Moon," Marcels (Pye Int.)
3. "You're Driving Me Crazy," Temperance Seven (Parlophone)
4. "More Than I Can Say," Bobby Vee (London)
5. "On the Rebound," Floyd Cramer (RCA)
NME 10 Years Ago (TOP TEN 1956)
1. "No Other Love," Ronnie Hilton (HMV)
2. "Poor People in Paris," Winifred Atwell (Decca)
3. "More September Love," David Whitfield (Decca)
4. "A Tear Fell," Teresa Brewer (Vogue/Coral)
5. "Rock and Roll Waltz," Kay Starr (HMV)
n.a. Decca's new album release [The Animals, Animalisms] 5
n.a. Beatles Film Inserts for Ed Sullivan, Top of the Pops TV
The Greatest! NME's Summer Extra Special: Colour pics, exclusive facts, lots of fun [Full colour portraits of Beatles, Stones, Cliff, Walker Brothers, P.J. Proby, Illya and Elvis Presley]
Stars galore as 'Saturday Club' notches 400th [400th edition of the Light Programme's "Saturday Club". Cliff Richards and The Shadows, Billy Fury and the Gamblers, the Spencer Davis Group, the Marlanne Faithfull, and the Humphrey Lyttelton Band will be aired June 4.]
'Benders just ahead of Stones in U.S. chart [Mindbenders, "A Groovy kind of Love" goes to No. 2 and the Stones', "Paint it Black" moves to No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100]
Stones Pen Song for Oldham Duo [Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote a new song for Andrew Oldham's new discovery, David Skinner and Andrew Rose. The song is called, "Sittin' On the Fence".]
Kinks, Faithfull, Dee for 'Stars' [ABC-TV's "Thank Your Lucky Stars" will air the Kinks, Marianne Faithfull, Susan Maughan, Barry Benson, and Karlins on June 11.]
Tome Jones on U.S. Palladium TV Bill
Pitney, Spoonful, Bassey, Kinks, Simon, Garfunkel, Bonney Discs [Gene Pitney, "Nobody Needs Your Love" (Stateside), The Kinks, "Sunny Afternoon" (Pye), Graham Bonney, "My Baby's Gone", Tony Bennett, "The Second Time Around" (CBS), Shiley Bassey, "Don't Take The Lovers From the World" (United Artist), the Lovin' Spoonful, "Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind" (Pye Int.), Simon and Garfunkel, "I Am a Rock" (CBS)]
Walkers wax again [Scott Engel and John Maus join Gary Leeds to record their next single]
Blackpool Whit Pop [Three Blackpool South Pier Whitsun weekend concert opens with The Who on May 28.]
Is Elvis Married?
Roy C, Manfreds at blues gala [Blues Festival on June 3 and 4]
Merseys' Dates
n.a. Big BBC-TV summer shows feature Dusty, Dodd, Pet, Seekers, Sandie [Sandie Shaw and the Seekers are booked for BBC-1's new series of the "Billy Colton Music Hall". America's Four Freshman will guest appear on Dusty Springfield's own series. Petula Clark is set for "The Ken Dodd Show: and "Juke Box Jury".]
The five at five [Dave Clark Five, Ronnie Carroll, and Frankie and Johnny are set for "Five O'Clock Club" May 27.]
Ken Dodd's Whit radio special [Ken Dodd will star in special Whit-Monday Light Programme show "Liverpool parade Gala Variety". Also Gerry and the Pacemakers, the Morgan-James duo, Julie Jones, and Ray Fell].
New Sinatra TV
Mama's, Papa's: big tour [The Mama's and the Papa's will chart at No. 12 with "Monday, Monday" and will almost certain undertake a British tour with the Lovin' Spoonful this autumn]
Mike Rispoli Move [Agent Mike Rispoli joins Rik Gunnell Management after six years with Tito Burns Productions]
Paul Not Quitting [Paul Jones of the Manfred Mann denies rumors of leaving]
Film plans for Spencer, Lulu, Dave Dee [Spencer Davis Group is to star in a 60-minute comedy film being made by the Associated British-Pathe. Lulu gets a major acting role in "To Sir, With Love". Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, and Tich are to appear and sing their hit recording of "Hold Tight" in a new MGM film, "The Blow Up". The Dave Clark Five may star in a crime thriller titled, "You'll Never get Away With it" (tentative title)]
Price Set debut LP next month [The Alan Price Set recorded a number of tracks for its first LP — "Baby Work Out", "We're Gonna Make it", "Fugitive Klod"]
Trio Not Coming [Peter, Paul, and Mary will not be in Britain for the fold festival at Beaulieu Palace on August 6.]
Hollie Eric ill, future — mystery [The Hollies bass guitarist Eric Haydok is uncertain about his return to the Hollies after an illness prevented him from performing with the group on Sunday's Palladium TV show. Illness unknown]
Who: Scandinavia English one-nighters [The Who visit Denmark for a concert on Jun 7]
Tanega June visit [Norma Tanega arrives on June 22 for TV and personal appearances on "Ready, Steady, Go!" that will be aired on June 24.]
Cilla: Pete, Dud TV [Cilla Black guest on the BBC-1's new Peter cook-Dudley Moore series "Not Only... But Also" tomorrow]
Pearl Bailey cabaret [Pearl Bailey returns to London for a four-week session at the Talk Of The Town nitery]
Decca (advert) AD: NEW! ON SALE TODAY
- Chris Andrews, "What'cha Gonna Do Now"
- Barry Mason, "Misty Morning Eyes"
- Hedgehoppers Anonymous, "Baby (You're My Everything)"
- Jeannie Carson, "Another Love" c/w "I Don't Know the Words" (from Strike a Light)
- The Gamblers, "Dr. Goldfoot (and His Bikini Machine)"
- Jack Jones, "Strangers in the Night" (from the film A Man Could Get Killed)
- Frank Gallop, "The Ballad of Irving"
- Don Cherry, "I Love You Drops"
- Eddy Arnold, "I Want to Go with You"
- Bill Anderson, "I Love You Drops"
- Buddy Holly, "Maybe Baby"
- The Go Lucky Four, "Isn't It Grand Boys"
Altham, Keith Focus on BEAKY and DOZY 8
n.a. America Calling: Elvis air-time tribute to his mother [Elvis Presley aired a solid 30 minutes of air-time on the radio on Mother's Day.] 8
Ed. Bromley, Tony From You to Us 8
K.A. Eric Raves on 'Animals' New LP [Eric Burdon] 8
Hutchins, Chris Ringo Shattered by Sleeping Fans! And frustrated by delay in film plans [Seven girls were found sleeping in front of Ringo Starr's Weybridge mansion. Ringo is frustrated with the endless search of the Beatles new film story.] 9
Drummond, Norrie Crispian's gun-slinging future — It's short he says, I'll be dead by 30 [Crispian St. Peters bought himself a gun. Peters believes that he will be involved in a major disaster before he is 30 years old through his dreams. Peters does not want to end his life early, but to live an old age, but he doesn't think that will happen. Peters hates flying and believes he will be involved in an airplane accident.] 9
Johnson, Derek Now Dad's in Nancy's Boots [Nancy Sinatra's dad, Frank Sinatra, has followed in her footsteps by breaking into the Top Ten.] 10
Frame, Nancy NMExclusive: Frank's Latest Session [Frank Sinatra, "Yes Sir That's My Baby," "My Baby Just Cares for Me," and "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" was recorded last week in Hollywood. Nelson Riddle conducted the orchestra and Sonny Burke produced for his latest album.] 10
Altham, Keith Bruce Johnston, 6th Beach Boy, says success secret of group is being COMPLEX AND INTRICATE [New group member Bruce Johnston deputies Beach boy-wonder Brian Wilson. Johnston sings on their new hit single, "Sloop John B." while Brian concentrates on the group's recording studio techniques.] 10
Moses, Ann Mama's and Papa's — all shapes and sizes! [Michelle Gilliam is married, blonde and slim, Cass Elliot is single and far from slim. John Phillips is tall, thin, and married to Michelle. Denny Doherty is handsome, Canadian, and laughs at his own sarcasm. Each member of the Mama's and Papa's are unique in their appearance and personality.] 10
n.a. AD: A great disc! Shooting up the charts! No. 24 this week "Once", Geneveve (CBS) 10
n.a. Ad's and Classified 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces. Frank Sinatra uses two of Tony Hatch's tunes, "Downtown" and "Call Me".
Simon Napier-Bell declines Philip's offer for Yardbirds.
Dave Wallis does not like the Rolling Stones filming of his book.
Every member of the Manfred Mann's are married.
Simon Napier-Bell negotiated new contract for Yardbirds with EMI.
Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Can Heusen are writing Broadway show for Norman Wisdom.
Producer Tom Wilson of the Animals also handle Connie Francis' sessions.
New company formed, Alan Price Music Ltd.
K.A. New to the Chart: Blues singer's gamble paid off [Percy Sledge makes NME chart debut this week with "When a Man Loves a Woman"] 12
  Alissa Mun, March 2006  
No. 1011 27 May 1966  
Smith, Alan Alan Smith has a transatlantic interview with Roy C 2
Altham, Keith Stoned Again! [Interview with Mick Jagger & Keith Richard] 3
Smith, Alan Jim Reeves Film Well Worth Seeing ["Kimberly Jim"] 3
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed:
Cilla Black: "Don't Answer Me" / "The Right One Is Felt" (Parlophone)
The Yardbirds: "Over Under Sideways Down" / "Jeff's Boogie" (Columbia)
Barbra Streisand: "Sam You Made the Pants Too Long," / "Where Am I Going" (CBS)
The Animals: "Don't Bring Me Down" / "Cheating" (Decca)
Billy Fury: "Don't Let a Little Pride (Stand in Your Way)" / "Didn't See the Real Thing Come Along" (Decca)
American Chartsers: Jay and the Americans: "Crying" (United Artists); Bobby Goldsboro: "I Know You Better" (United Artists);
Bob Ruban and the In-Men: "The Teaser" (Stateside);
Bobby Vinton: "Dum De Da" (Columbia)
Pat Boone: "A Well Remembered Highly Thought of Love Affair," / "It Seems Like Yesterday" (Dot)
PJ Proby: "To Make a Big Man Cry," / "Wicked Woman" (Liberty)
Shirley Bassey: "Don't Take the Lovers from the World," / "Take Away" (U-A)
Marianne Faithfull: "Tomorrow's Calling," / "That's Right Baby" (Decca)
Not So Good:
Simon and Garfunkel: "I Am a Rock" / "Flowers Never Bend" (CBS)
Worth Hearing:
The Second City Sound: "Love's Funny" (Decca)
Greenwoods: "Please Don't Sell My Daddy No More Wine" (London)
Merrymen: "For Lovin' Me" (Columbia)
Nelson Riddle: "Batman" Theme (Stateside)
Soul Brothers: "Gotta Get a Good Thing Goin'" (Mercury)
Baker Knight: "Would You Believe It" (Reprise)
Bill Monroe: "Blue Ridge Mountain Blues" (Brunswick)
Eddie's Crowd: "Baby Don't Look Down" (CBS)
Morgan and the Mark 7: "I'm Gonna Turn My Life Around" (Polydor)
Solomon Burke: "I Feel a Sigh Coming On" (Atlantic)
Cascades: "Cheryl's Goin' Home" (Stateside)
Shirley Abicair: "Flowers Never Bend" (Pye)
Ike And Tina Turner: "River Deep Mountain High" (London)
Alexis Korner: "River's Invitation" (Fontana)
Ben E. King: "So Much Love" (Atlantic)
Settlers: "Early Morning Rain" (Pye)
Twice as Much: "Sittin' on My Fence," (Immediate)
Carrols (Polydor) & Perpetual Langley (Planet): "Surrender"
Evans, Allen EPS:
Nancy Sinatra (Reprise)
Harry Secombe (Philips)
Spencer Davis Group (Fontana)
Kingsmen (Pye International)
Dean Martin (Reprise)
Tony Bennett (CBS)
Newbeats (Hickory)
Peter, Paul and Mary (Warner Bros.)
Hits (Decca)
NME NME Top Thirty:
1. "Paint It Black," Rolling Stones (Decca)
2. "Wild Thing," Troggs (Fontana)
3. "Strangers in the Night," Frank Sinatra (Reprise)
4. "Pretty Flamingo," Manfred Mann (HMV)
5. "Sloop John B," Beach Boys (Capitol)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1. "When a Man Loves a Woman," Percy Sledge
2. "A Groovy Kind of Love," Mindbenders
3. "Monday Monday," Mama's and Papa's
4. "Paint It Black," Rolling Stones
5. "Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35," Bob Dylan
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain:
1. Aftermath, Rolling Stones (Decca)
2. Sound Of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
3. Small Faces, (Decca)
4. Rubber Soul, Beatles (Parlophone)
5. Most of the Animals, (Columbia)
NME 5 Years Ago:
1. "Surrender," Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. "Runaway," Del Shannon (London)
3. "On the Rebound," Floyd Cramer (RCA)
4. "Frightened City," Shadows (Columbia)
5. "More Than I Can Say," Bobby Vee (London)
NME 10 Years Ago:
1. "No Other Love," Ronnie Hilton (HMV)
2. "A Tear Fell," Teresa Brewer (Vogue/Coral)
3. "Poor People of Paris," Winifred Atwell (Decca)
4. "I'll Be Home," Pat Boone (London)
5. "My September Love," David Whitfield (Decca)
Advertisements Hit L.P.s and Singles:
Frank Sinatra, Moonlight Sinatra, (Reprise)
Frank Sinatra, "Strangers in the Night," (Reprise)
Nancy Sinatra, "How Does that Grab You Darlin'?" (Reprise)
Baker Knight, "Would You Believe It," (Reprise)
Pat Boone, "A Well Remembered, Highly Thought of Love Affair," (Dot)
Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces, "Searching for My Love," (Chess)
The John Schroeder Orchestra, "On the Ball (Theme for the World Cup)," (Picadilly)
Shirley Abicair, "Flowers Never Bend with Rainfall," (Pye)
The Settlers, "Early Morning Rain," (Pye)
Brendan O'Brien, "It Doesn't Matter Anymore," (Pye)
n.a. Now On Sale! NME's Summer Extra Special Greatest Ever! [NME Summer Extra Special Edition, colour pictures, articles, puzzles, quizzes]
Stars Talk about Girls [Alan Price, Stevie Winwood, Steve Marriott, Dusty, Lulu, Sandie, in NME Summer Special Edition]
Pop-Liners [Dusty Springfield, Georgie Fame, Pat Boone, etc...]
'Lost H-Bomb' Film Musical for Cliff [Cliff Richard]
Trogg's LP, U.S. Single, new ballroom dates [The Troggs]
Fortunes to Europe, June dance dates [The Fortunes]
Mrs. Noone You've Got a Lovely Daughter [Herman's Hermits]
Faces: 'Top Pops' After All [The Small Faces]
Jagger: TV's 'Hot Seat' [Mick Jagger]
Sonny, Cher return
Cilla, Tom at 5 [Cilla Black, Tom Jones]
Pirate ships O.K. [Britain's pirate radio ships]
Mersey's Changes [The Merseys]
Trini, Eamonn guest [Trini Lopez]
Animals—most of summer out of U.K. [The Animals]
Matt Monro for new Sunday TV
Pitney RSG [Gene Pitney]
Sandie: Italian discs [Sandie Shaw]
Kinks: Europe Tour
Eddy Arnold TV date
n.a. Beatles in last 'Lucky Stars' but not for London viewers
Dusty climbs U.S. chart [Dusty Springfield]
Sherman Cabaret [Allan Sherman]
Rolf Harris in West End
Vikki Carr in the North
Dee, Garfunkel, Fortunes, Fame, Monro singles [Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, Simon and Garfunkel, the Fortunes, Georgie Fame, Frank Ifield, Matt Monro]
Who Moon (Black Eye, Cut Leg) to Stay on [Keith Moon]
n.a. This autumn-Stones, Walkers, Spoonful, Who Top Tours List [Rolling Stones, Walker Brothers, Lovin' Spoonful, the Who, Beatles, Gene Pitney]
Burdon JBJ [Eric Burdon]
Merseys radio date
Crystals Here Soon [The Crystals]
Summer Shows: Walkers, Shads, Dee, Bachelors, Troggs, Ryans
Geneveve, Sutch to wed [Geneveve, David (Lord) Sutch]
Who, C, Tanega: Titles [The Who, Roy C, Stevie Wonder, Norma Tanega]
Marianne Agency Move [Marianne Faithfull]
Sick Hollie Missing From Group's New Single [Eric Haydock]
Also Dusty [Dusty Springfield]
Ex-Small Face Bows with New Disc Group [Jimmy Winston]
Label Switch [Max Bygraves, Dek and Jerry, etc...]
Brubeck, MJQ—autumn tours [Dave Brubeck Quartet]
Pop in pictures [Top pop stars]
Hentoff, Nat America Calling:
New York: Debbie Reynolds, Julie Andrews, Burt Bacharach, Bob Dylan, Liberace, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Muddy Waters
Thomas, Tracy Hollywood: Frank Sinatra, Righteous v. Walkers, Roy Head  
Moses, Ann Mama's, Papa's Surprising Success 8
Bromley, Tony From You To Us [Letters from Readers] 8
Shaw, Marion Belgians scream for Yardbirds 8
n.a. Who's Where [Harry Secombe, Jimmy Tarbuck, Anita Harris, Black & White Minstrel Show, Frankie Vaughn, Max Bygraves, Russ Conway]
One Nighters [Erroll Garner, Seekers, Rockin' Berries]
Picked with a pin [Nita Rossi]
n.a. Elvis Wedding Rumour Mystery
Top Ten of the Troggs [Top Ten Songs picked by Reg Presley, Pete Staples, Chris Britton, Ronnie Bond, Group Choice]
Star Quote [Bobby Vinton]
Altham, Keith Focus on Mick...and Tich [Mick Jagger, Tich] 9
Johnson, Derek Golden Discs Book [reference book just published 9
Evans, Allen LPs:
Jim Reeves: Kimberly Jim, (RCA Victor)
Sinatra Clan: The Summit, Sammy Davis Jr. Show (Reprise)
Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Electra)
Dionne Warwick in Paris (Pye International)
Fracoise Hardy Sings in English (Disques Vogue)
Bob Lind: Don't Be Concerned, (Fontana)
Ad-Libby: Libby Morris (RCA Victor)
The Alley Cat Tailpieces [Gossip: Rolling Stones, Troggs, Walker Bros., Bob Crewe, Perry Como, Manfred Mann, Bobby Darin, Sandra Dee, Burt Bacharach, Paul Simon, Larry Page, Dean Martin, etc...] 10
n.a. Star Quote [Nancy Sinatra]
NME Popword [crossword puzzle]
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