New Musical Express | July 1966

No. 1014 1 July 1966  
Cover Neil Christian 'Oops'
The Action "Baby You've Got It!"
Derek Johnson More Stars than Ever [Half Year NME Chart-Points Table]  
NME Top 5:
1) Beach Boys
2) Cilla Black
3) Spencer Davis
4) Crispian St. Peters
5) Walker Brothers
Derek Johnson Gimmick Hits:
Nancy Sinatra, Herb Albert, Eddy Arnold, The Walkers, Dave Dee, Dusty Springfield, Beach Boys, The Mammas and The Pappas, Lovin' Spoonfull, Sandi Shaw, The Beatles, Cliff Richards, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Kinks, Marianne Faithful, Herman's Hermits
  Consistent Kinks: [At #1]
The Kinks, The Beatles
Nose-dive: The Animals, Cliff Richards, The Shadows, Marianne Faithful
Sandie Slips: Sandie Shaw, Dusty Springfield, Spencer Davis Group, Dave Dee
Mindbenders, Bachelors, Manfred Mann,Yardbirds
N.A. Chart Point Scores in Full:
1. Beach Boys
2. Cilla Black
3. Spencer Davis Group
4. Crispian St. Peters
5. Walker Brothers
Advertisement Beach Boys "Pet Sounds"
Black Gin Called Bessenrood
Chris Hutchins Back to the Scene of Misery and Poverty [Beatles Return to Hamburg] 3
Derek Johnson Singles:
Dusty Springfield, "Going Back" / "I'm Gonna Leave You" (Phillips),
Len Barry, "It's that Time of the Year" / "Happily Ever After" (Brunswick),
Trini Lopez, "Made in Paris" / "Pretty Little Girl" (Reprise),
Pretty Things, "A House in the Country" / "Me Needing You" (Fontana),
The Shadows [Best in Months], "A Place in the Sun" / "Will You Be There" (Columbia),
Manfred Mann, "You Gave Me Somebody to Love" / "Poison Ivy" (HMV),
Chuck Berry, "Ramona, Say Yes" (N.A.),
Rockin' Berries, "Midnight Mary" / "Money Grows on Trees" (Piccadilly),
Joe Brown, "Little Ray of Sunshine" (Pye),
Barry McGuire, "Cloudy Summer Afternoon" / "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" (RCA),
Righteous Brothers, "He Will Break Your Heart" (Verve)
Des and Dave, "N.A." (Columbia),
Jon Simon, "N.A." (London),
Don Gibson, "Yes, I'm Hurting" (RCA),
Madeline Bell, "Don't Come Running to Me" (Phillips),
Jason Eddy, "Singing the Blues" (Parlophone)
Derek Johnson Shop Window
Three new groups from Decca:
Loose Ends, Wishful Thinking...
Shawn Phillips, Peter Elliot, Pirates, Ides of March, Young Growler, Transatalanties]
Advertising New Singles from Pye:
[Joe Brown, The Rockin' Berries, Chuck Berry, Trini Lopez, Barbara Mills, Allan Sherman]
NME NME Top Thirty:
1. Beatles, "Paperback Writer" (Parlophone)
2. Frank Sinatra, "Strangers in the Night" (Reprise)
3. Kinks, "Sunny Afternoon" (Pye)
4. Gene Pitney, "Nobody Needs Your Love" (Stateside)
5. Ike and Tina Turner, "River Deep-Mountain High" (London)
N.A. Troggs Crash U.S. Chart; Beatles #1 Again [Trogg's U.S. Hit "Wild Thing", Beatles, "Paperback Writer"]
16 Tracks on Kink's Next LP [LP "Face to Face" (Pye) "Lillies and Daffodils" etc... also Kinks four-day German Tour, Ireland Tour]
'Scene' TV Interviewer Sings [Ken Howard and Alan Blalkley sign Mike Quinn]
New Duties for Tony Hall [Promotional Manager for Decca, Tony Hall takes over control of Decca Press Department from Beecher-Stevens]
Waklers' Dates: Ike and Tina Turner on the Bill? [Three day concert in Bournemouth and Southport with The Walkers and Ike and Tina Turner]
More Beatles' LP Titles [Including GeorgeHarrison's "Love You Do" and Paul's "Good Day Sunshine"]
New Elvis Film Next Week, but LP Delay [Movie "Paradise Hawaiian Style", but album for Movie is delayed a month]
Fortunes' Agent Will Manage Them [Fortunes will not be managed by Dorothy Calvert but with Terry King, Glen Dale has left Fortunes, Reg Calvert's funeral]
Dee to Holland, Scandinavia [Dave Dee, first concert appearance in three European Countries]
Beatles A&R Man Weds [Recording Manager George Martin marries Judy Lockhart-Smith]
Beach Boys Delay [Three week European tour starts October 23rd]
Folk Festival [Julie Follx, Jack Elliot, Phil Ochs, John Rembourne, The Spinners, Dubliners and Watersons appear at Beaulieu Palaco Folk Festival August 5th and 6th]
New Bassey Concerts [Shirley Bassey headlines two Sunday concerts at Blackpool Opera House]
Price, Farlowe date [Chris Farlowe and Alan Price to appear at World Cup ball at Newcastle Mayfair July 14th]
Benders Leave for U.S. [Mindbenders granted visit to America]
Ivy League to New York [Six day promotional trip to U.S. for single "Willow Tree]
Spencer Follow-up, Spoonful, Ryans, Faithful New Discs [Spencer Davis Group records "Till The End of Time", Lovin' Spoonful single, "Summer in the City," Paul and Ryan's new single, "I Love How You Love Me" (Decca), Marianne Faithful's "Counting"(Decca), Lou Christie's "Painter"(MGM), Brenda Lee's "Ain't Gonna Cry No More" (Brunswick), Victor Roger Miller's "Hitch-hiker" (RCA)]
Klaus Offer after a Moody Quits [Clint Warwick quits Moody Blues]
N.A. Small Faces, Crispian St. Peters tour; Percy Sledge too?
Dusty TV Via Eurovision [Dusty Springfeild is star guest on "Billy Cotton's Music Hall"]
Cilla for Major West End Show [Cilla Black to co-star with Frankie Howard in a revue at Prince of Wales Theater]
Cabaret, German Visit for Fame [Georgie Fame take autumn tour, also features Chris Farlow and Spencer Davis Group]
Novello Awards [Ivor Novello Awards broadcast July 12th]
Farlowe Dance Dates, August Swedish Tour [Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds release "Out of Time" will tour Sweden in August]
Bev's Talk of Town [Beverley Sisters three week season at Talk of the Town]
Seekers' Hits EP ["The Carnival Is Over" and "Some Day, One Day"]
Fortunes Loss Guests [The Fortunes are guests on "Joe Loss Show"]
Frank Sinatra to Wax in Britain this Month [Sinatra will record in London at Pye Studios]
Merseys Delay U.A. Visit, New Dates [The Merseys trip to America is delayed]
Who, Yardbirds, Fame, Spencer, Farlowe, Faces for Gala ["Jazz and Blues Festival" Small Faces, Spencer Davis Group and Ram Ham Band, The Who, The Yardbirds, Chris Farlowe & the Thunderbirds, Jimmy James and the Vagabonds, Georgie Fame, The Action, Dionne Ferray, The Cream]
Hollies, Fame Radio [The Hollies, Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames, Brian Poole to be on "Swing into Summer"]
Troggs Dance Dates, Sunday Concert
Forsyth, Kayes Scots Date [Bruce Forsyth and the Kaye Sisters play at "Five Past Eight"]
___ [Dave Berry appears on musical film, "The Ghost Goes Gear"]
Alan Price TVs [Alan Price on TVs "Non", "Saturday Club", "Five O'clock Club", "Scene at 6:30"]
Who Dance Venues [The Who's new ballroom dates]
Stars' Charity LP [Compiled by Phillips export manager Caeser Voute]
Alan Smith Hollies' 'Bus Stop' Timetable [Article about Hollies' success]
Songwriter's Dad Helped with Hit [Graham Gouldman's dad helped with song "Bus Stop"]
Tony Bromley [ed] From You to Us [Reader write-in] 8
N.A. America Calling
New to the Charts: Los Bravos-The Spanish Walkers
Alan Smith Things Just Seem to Happen to Our Cilla [Strange happenings in Cilla Black's life] 9
June Harris New York: Spector Quits Discs [Phil Spector gives up making records, asks Bob Crewe to take over duties] 9
Keith Altham Scott Walker Takes Hits out Again, this Time at Sinatra [Scott Walker listens to Frank Sinatra] 10
Keith Altham Troggs' First LP [From Nowhere the Troggs" (Fontana)] 10
John King Chris Farlowe's Always on Time! [Interview of Chris Farlowe] 10
N.A. Classifieds 11
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
Keith Altham Animals on Verge of Disbanding 12
  Sarah Stevens, March 2006  
Issue 1015 8 July 1966  
Cover The Walker Brothers "(Baby) You Don't Have to Tell Me" 1
Smith, Alan Don't Laugh at Doddman 2
Altham, Keith Kinks Calm Over No. 1 News 3
Evans, Allen LPs:
The Bachelor Hits of the 60's (Decca)
Jack Hammer: Brave New Work (Polydor)
Brenda Lee: Bye Bye Blues (Brunswick)
Johnson, Derek Singles:
The Walkers, "(Baby) You Don't Have to Tell Me" (Phillips)
The Troggs, "With a Girl Like You" (Fontana)
Bo Diddley, "We're Gonna Get Married" (Chess)
Brenda Lee, "Aint Gonna Cry No More" (Brunswick)
Ricky Nelson, "You Just Can't Quit" (Brunswick)
Marcello Minerbi, "Manuel Benitez El Cordobes" (Durium)
Johnny Rivers, "I Washed My Hands in Muddy Waters" (Liberty)
Spoonful, "Summer in the City" (Kama Sutra)
Geneveve, "Nothing in the World" (CBS)
El, "Love Letters" (RCA)
Paul and Barry, "I Love How You Love Me" (Decca)
Marianne Faithfull, "Counting" (Decca)
Roger Miller, "Hitch Hiker" (RCA)
Alan Price, "Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo" (Decca)
Ottis Redding, "My Lovers Prayer" (Atlantic)Tommy Roe "Sweet Pea" (HMV)
  Best Selling Pop Records in U.S
1. "Paperback Writer," Beatles
2. "Red Rubber Ball," Cyrkle
3. "Strangers in the Night," Frank Sinatra
4. "Hanky Panky," Tommy James & The Shondells
5. "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me," Dusty Springfield
  Top Selling LPs in Britain
1. Sound of Music Soundtrack (RCA)
2. Aftermath, Rolling Stones (Decca)
3. The Mama's and the Papa's, (RCA)
4. Strangers in the Night, Frank Sinatra (Reprise)
5. Sweet Things, Georgie Fame (Columbia)
  NME Top Thirty
1. "Sunny Afternoon," Kinks (Pye)
2. "Nobody Needs Your Love," Gene Pitney (Stateside)
3. "Bus Stop," Hollies (Parlophone)
4. "Paperback Writer," Beatles (Parlophone)
5. "River Deep-Mountain High," Ike and Tina Turner (London)
n.a BBC light music service to combat pirate pop?
Beatles home today; their new LP is named
More Names for Spencer- Berry Ghost Film
Barry on Faces Crispian Tour
Troggs (going up) pass Beatles (going down)
Eden Kane waxes with Brothers
Kinks for Russia?
Another RSG for Dusty
Hall heads new set-up
Dean Martin visit off
Dusty, Spoonful, Mama's & Papa's, Otis Redding tours
Ken Dodd movie for American studio "classical" single
n.a More Walkers Shows Set; Album Date Too
The Who sign disc deal with Andrew Oldham
Who's Sunday concerts off
Sunday Pop Dates
Herman Film Release Set
Animal 'Changes'
The New Moody
Colours' new manager
Paul Jones Leaving Official
Hollies, Berry At Blackpool
Another Fortune to wed soon
Blackpool Sunday date for Kinks
Farlowe, Hollies radio
Ike, Tina Trip Off until Autumn
Crispian St. Peters changes agents
Sinatra here next week
Altham, Keith Yardbirds: Why I Left (Jimmy Page, Paul Samwell-Smith) 8
Smith, Alan Dave Berry Hates In-Crowd
Dave Dee's trust paid off
n.a Life-Lines: Chris Farlowe
Mama's & Papa's Split!
Ike and Tina for England
Stones Riots
Bromley, Tony From You to Us:
Wendy Cotton (Rulslip, Middlesex)
June Hancock (Blackpool, Lines)
Jennifer Owen (Walsalt, Staffs)
Johnny Shadow (Denmark Street, London)
Brain Watters (London Branels Secretary of the Frank Sinatra Appreciation Society)
Smith, Alan We've got away at wrong time 10
Thomas, Tracy EXHAUSTED! That's the price Percy Sledge is Paying
Rushed In
Loves blues
Drummond, Norrie Pet Says We're Giving Her the Cold Shoulder  
Alley Cat Tailpieces 12
n.a Sandie Scores Festival
Kathy Kirby Toast of Margate
Presley's usual (Hawaiian) style
  Michael Stiller, February 2006  
No. 1016 15 July 1966  
Johnson, Derek Chris Recaptures Magic Touch 2
Smith, Alan Dusty Goes Back to Own Childhood 2
Smith, Alan My Ringo 3
Altham, Keith Troggs Have a Lot to Go Wild About 3
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed by
Cliff Richard, "Visions" (Columbia)
Great Geno, "Hi! Hi! Hazel" (Piccadilly)
Don Charles, "Out of this Cold" (HMV)
The Brothers Kane, "Walking in the Sand" (Decca)
Honeycombs, "It's So Hard" (Pye)
Major Lance, "Investigate" (Columbia)
Ike and Tina Turner, "Tell Her I'm Not Home" (Warner)
Lettermen, "I Only Have Eyes for You" (Capitol)
Wilson Pickett, "99 1/2 (Won't Do)" (Atlantic)
Irma Thomas, "It's a Man's-Woman's World" (Liberty)
Rick Nelson, "I Need You" (Liberty)
Bobby Shafto, "See Me Cry" (Parlophone)
Shangri-Las, "Hand Jive" (London)
Wonder Who, "On the Good Ship Lollipop" (Philips)
NME NME Top Thirty
1. Kinks: "Sunny Afternoon" (Pye)
2. Gene Pitney: "Mobody Needs Your Love" (Stateside)
3. Georgie Fame: "Get Away" (Columbia)
4. Ike and Tina Turner: "River Deep-Mountain High" (London)
5. Hollies: "Bus Stop"(Parlophone)
NME Best Selling LP's in Britain
1. Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
2. Aftermath, Rolling Stones (Decca)
3. Pet Sounds, Beach Boys (Capitol)
4. Sweet Things, Georgie Fame (Columbia)
5. Strangers in the Night, Frank Sinatra (Reprise)
n.a. Paul Jones Film and Tour with Hollies Set
Top Songwriting Awards for Lennon, McCartney
Troggs Still 2 in U.S. Crispian Up to No. 4
Animal Eric to Wax Solo
Cill and Cher in 'Alfie' Battle
Bacharach-David Here
Bid to Break Donovan Disc Release Deadlock
'Five' TV Stars
Jazz-Blues Gala On
Herman Film EP
Some Walkers Concerts Off
Valentine Set for Sheffield Panto
Dusty TV Hold-Up
Twice Single, LP
Klaus Joins Mann
Stones Movie Date
Wayne Tour with Proby
Lulu Waxes Film Theme (To Sir with Love)
Leander Leaving Decca
n.a. Ray Davies in Surprise Trip to New York
Take-Over Bids for Fame Agency
Big Autumn TV Series Offer for Tom Jones
n.a. Sinatra A&R Man in Today (Jimmy Bowen)
Shirley Bassey Sets Plans for Next Three Years; TV Spec Soon
Beatles, Mann, El, Pitney, Troggs LPs, Beach, Merseys, Cher Singles
Seekers Single Delay
Shadow Firm's Film Deal
Star-Packed Pop Gala
Dusty Going to U.S. Soon
Freddie and Cilla Call off Manila
Fortune Hurt
JBJ Panellists
St. Peters to U.S.
Each Trogg to Solo on EP
Herman American, European Plans
Hollies Recording, Dance Dates
Farlowe Scots Debut, Dates
Talmy Label U.S. Release
Roulette Debut
Berry Is RSG Extra
Alan Price Venues
Smith, Alan Hollies Thought 'Bus Stop' Too Square 8
Drummond, Norrie Millionaire Herman is also at Home in a Sleazy Pub 8
Harris, June Orbison cuts soundtrack (New York) 9
Thomas, Tracy Herman Suns in Hollywood (Hollywood) 9
n.a. Tina Turner Peels Potatoes as She Raves over 'River Deep' 9
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 9
n.a. Life-lines of Los Bravos 9
King, John John Has More to Do on Walker Hit 10
Altham, Keith Too Many Releases 'Kill' Simon and Garfunkel 'Rock' Single 10
Evans, Allen Lena Horn: In Hollywood (United Artists)
Sophie Tucker: The Great (Ace of Clubs)
Mary Wells: Greatest Hits (Tamla-Motown)
The Miracles: From the Beginning (Tamla-Motown)
Al Caiola: Tuff Guitar British Style (United Artists)
George Shearing: Rare Form! (Capitol)
John Mayer, Joe Harriott: Indo-jazz Suite (Columbia)
Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
n.a. Dazzling Donegan 12
NME Popword 12
n.a. 'NME Summer Special' Almost Sold-Out 12
  Brian Taggart, March 2006  
No. 1017 22 July 1966  
cover The Bystanders: (You're Gonna) Hurt Yourself 1
Smith, Alan John Lennon: "An Unconscious Urge to Get above People" 2
King, John Chart-Topper Chris Makes Everyone Happy (Chris Farlowe) 2
Thomas, Lacey Lacey Thomas, in Hollywood, visits the exciting Turner family (Ike and Tina Turner) 3
Altham, Keith Jagger phones from America 3
Johnson, Derek Singles:
Bob Dylan, "I Want You" (CBS)
Doris Day, "Glass Bottom Boat" (CBS)
Bobby Vee, "Look at Me Girl" (Liberty)
Beach Boys, "God Only Knows" (Capitol)
Tony Rivers and the Castaways, "God Only Knows" (Columbia)
Joan Baez, "Pack up Your Sorrows" (Fontana)
Rolf Harris, "Jake the Peg" (Columbia)
Barry Benson, "Not a One Girl Guy" (Parlophone)
Johnny Tillotson, "No Love at All" (MGM)
Robert Parker, "Barefootin'" (Island)
Trini Lopez, "La Bamba — Part I" (Reprise)
Tommy James & The Shondells, "Hanky-Panky" (Roulette)
Keely Smith, "The Wonder of You" (Reprise)
Brian Hyland, "The Joker Went Wild" (Phillips)
Lorne Gibson, "Jingle Jangle" (Decca)
NME NME Top Thirty
1. "Out of Time," Chris Farlowe (Immediate)
2. "Sunny Afternoon," Kinks (Pye)
3. "Get Away," Georgie Fame (Columbia)
4. "Black Is Black," Los Bravos (Decca)
5. "River Deep — Mountain High," Ike and Tina Turner (London)

Best Selling Pop Records in U.S
1. "Hanky Panky," Tommy James & The Shondells
2. "Wild Thing," Troggs
3. "Lil' Red Riding Hood," Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs
4. "The Pied Piper," Crispian St. Peters
5. "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me," Dusty Springfield

NME Top Selling LPs in Britain
1. Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
2. Aftermath, Rolling Stones (Decca)
3. Pet Sounds, Beach Boys (Capitol)
4. The Mamas and the Papas, (RCA)
5. Summer Days and Summer Nights, Beach Boys (Capitol)
N.A. Kramer sacked; Manfreds, Faces at Blackpool [Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas, Manfred Mann, Small Faces]
Sinatra Weds Mia [Frank Sinatra]
Stones, Yardbirds, Ike, Tina; Price with Dusty, Spoonful [The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Ike and Tina Turner, The Dusty Springfield, Lovin' Spoonful, Alan Price Set]
Paul Jones — Hollies More Venues, Dates
Streisand Tour Here [Barbara Streisand]
Dearer Records
Kathy Kirby: Throat Strain
No Sonny, Cher
Kinks in Management, Disc Deal with Klein
Troggs Autumn Tour, "Wild Thing" Gold
Who one-night tour starts in Ipswich
Shads variety, cabaret, Cliff film delay [Cliff Richards and the Shadows]
New Andy Williams TV
Hollies Cabaret
N.A. "Steptoe" Team Pens West End Cilla Show [Cilla Black]
New Releases from - Mama's-Papa's, Nancy, Jones, Eddy, Roy, Mindbenders, Byrds, Montez [Nancy Sinatra, Tom Jones, Roy Orbison, Eddy Arnold, Chris Montez]
Dodd, Jones, Bassey in mighty Sunday line-up [Tom Jones, Kathy Kirby, Julie Rogers, Shirley Bassey]
Rediffusion — two autumn pop series
Lulu, Sellers on U.S. TV [The Dave Dee Group, Lulu, Peter Sellers]
"Now" is chopped
Epstein U.S. trip off [Brian Epstein]
New Manfred Mann TV Debut on RSG
44 groups, singers, bands in BBC music marathon
New Elvis denial
Berry tops Casino bill [Dave Berry]
Royal Variety TV
Mathis on BBC-2 [Johnny Mathis]
Mike, Bernie Guests
JBJ Panelists
Smith, Alan Elvis, Usually Surrounded by Girls, Is Now Encircled by Controversy 8
Bromley, Tony From you to Us 8
N.A. Britain wins Knokke Song Contest 8
Thomas, Tracy See Elvis in London!  
Thomas, Tracy James Brown Shined Shoes Here! 9
Harris, June Yardbirds Dates Set 9
Gray, Andy Revealing Bassey Belts to Win [Shirley Bassey] 9
Shaw, Marion Russians Want Beatles 9
Wells, John Pitney Answers Dollar Sign Critics [Gene Pitney] 10
N.A. Lifelines of Twice as Much [Andrew Rose, David Skinner] 10
N.A. Classified Ads 11
Alley Cat Tailpieces 12
Evans, Allen Yardbirds Produce Oriental Sound on New LP 12
N.A. Spencer Davis Group Film Stars 12
  Sasha Taylor, March 2006  
No. 1018 29 July 1966  
Cover The Most Powerful and Exciting Ballad the Billy Has Ever Recorded  
Thomas, Tracy Elusive Spoonful 2
Altham, Keith Troggs Went Wild Over Fan Slur 3
Evans, Allen Beatles Create a New Nursery Rhyme ["Yellow Submarine" debuts]  
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed:
Mama's and Papa's, "I Saw Her Again" / "Even if I Could" (RCA)
Melodic Mersey's, "So Sad about Us" / "Love Will Continue" (Fontana)
Tom Jones, "This and That" / "City Girl" (Decca)
Eddy Arnold, "If You Were Mine Mary" / "Molly Darling" (RCA)
Cher, "I Feel Something in the Air" / "Come to Your Window" (Liberty)
Michael D'Abo, "Just Like a Woman" / "I Wanna Be Rich" (Fontana)
Billy Fury, "Give Me Your Word" / "She's So Far Out She's In" (Decca)
Herb Alpert, "Work Song" / "Pluck" (Pye-Int)
Jonathan King, "Just Like a Woman" / "The Land of the Golden Tree" (Decca)
Edwin Starr, "Headline News" / "Harlem" (Polydor)
Percy Sledge, "Warm and Tender Love" / "Suga Puddin'" (Atlantic)
N.A. NME Top Thirty: 5
NME Top Thirty
1. Chris Farlowe, "Out of Time" (Immediate)
2. Troggs, "A Girl Like You" (Fontana)
3. Los Bravos, "Black Is Black" (Decca)
4. Georgie Fame, "Get Away" (Colombia)
5. Chris Montez, "The More I See You" (Pye Int.)
NME Best Selling LPs in the U.S.
1. Chris Farlowe, "Out of Time" (Immediate)
2. Troggs, "A Girl Like You" (Fontana)
3. Los Bravos, "Black Is Black" (Decca)
4. Georgie Fame, "Get Away" (Colombia)
5. Chris Montez, "The More I See You" (Pye Int.)
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. Soundtrack, "Sound of Music" (RCA)
2. Beach Boys, "Pet Sounds" (Capitol)
3. The Rolling Stones, "Aftermath" (Decca)
4. Beach Boys, "Summer Days and Summer Nights" (Capitol)
5. Frank Sinatra, "Strangers in the Night" (Reprise)
N.A. Sacking Row Over Hollie Haydock
Kink Quaife Still Ill
Two U.S. Troggs Hits
Pop Liners
Fame, Farlowe in Major Autumn Pop-Blues
Ella and Duke Concert Dates
Manfred TV, Radio
St. Peter's Aussie, Scots Ballroom
Pet TV Return
Bobby Fuller Dies
A-and-r Stevie
Folk Concert Tour
Kathy Concert Off
Brother of Star Makes First Disc
Yardbirds U.S. Trip with Re-Shaped Animals
Dee Holiday Radio
Eddy Arnold on BBC-2
League Abroad
Troggs, Farlow, Kinks, - Blackpool Sunday
N.A. Beatles Film Date, Ringo-Paul Singles! [their third film is to begin filming in January]
Alan Price Set Paris Lovin' Date, New PLans
Big Star Line Up for RSG
Fontana at Five
Whitfield Panto
Farlowe Radio
Johnny Cash Return?
Dusty Cabaret
No Valentine Re-Run
Cliff Lead Lady on JBJ
Blackpool TV
Troggs 'Club'
Walker Brothers' First Headline Tour
Dee Goes Dutch Panto Plan Off
Rolf Radio
Kramer Cabaret
Big L Dance Tour
Dud Film Score
Marianne Folk Date
Freddie Sundays
Price-Farlowe-Fame in Sunday Concert
Connie on Williams TV
Drummond, Norrie Dave Berry to Kill 'Sinister' Image 8
Johnson, Derek U.S. Chart Hits Out Here  
Bromley, Tom From You to Us  
Smith, Alan Paul: I Get Caught Out in Street in Underwear  
Evans, Allen LPs 9
N.A. Small Faces at Home  
Thomas, Tracy Chris Montez Made 'Forgotten' Days Pay by Going to College
Tina Turner Flies to Bob Crewe
Gene Pitney Disc-Making
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 11
N.A. Mathis Too Slow  
N.A. More Elvis Mailbag  
  Ian Zinn, March 2006  

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