New Musical Express | August 1966

No. 1021 5 August 1966  
Cover Manfred Mann: Just Like a Women 1
n.a. Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers
The Beach Boys
Keith Altham Oldham: Talented, Insulting, Outrageous (Describing the Rolling Stones manager) 3
Alan Smith Beatle Dreams. George: My Legs Burn — but Don't Hurt 3
advertising Here's Where the Excitement Is! [Johnny Mathis, Yardbirds, Martin Denny, Norma Tanega, Shirley Bassey, the Seekers, Gene Pitney, P.J. Proby] 3
n.a. Hot Shots: Ike and Tina Turner, Cher, Four Tops, the Temptations, Zoot Money's Big Roll Band 3
Derek Johnson Controversy. Is Bob's "I Want You" a Con-Song? [Brian Matthew of "Juke Box Jury" calls Dylan a con-man] 4
Tony Bromley From You to Us 4
advertising New Beatles Single Out August 5: "Yellow Submarine"/ "Eleanor Rigby" (Parlophone) 5
Derek Johnson Small Faces: "All or Nothing" / "Understanding" (Decca)
Ike & Tina Turner: "Anything You Wasn't Born with" / "Beauty Is Just Skin Deep" (HMV)
The Nashville Teens: "Forbidden Fruit" / "Revived 45 Time" (Decca)
Bert Kaempfert: "Show Me the Way to Go Home" / "Milica" (Polydor)
Nancy Sinatra: "Friday's Child" / "Hutchinson Jail" (Reprise)
Beatles: "Yellow Submarine"/ "Eleanor Rigby" (Parlophone)
Cliff Bennett: "Got to Get You into My Life" / "Baby Each Day" (Parlophone)
Tremeloes: "Good Day Sunshine" / What a State I'm in" (CBS)
Jan and Dean: "Popsicle" / "The Joker Is Wild" (Liberty)
Stevie Wonder: "Blowin' in the Wind" / "Ain't that Asking for Trouble" (Tamla)
Derek Johnson Shop Window 6
NME Top Thirty
1. "A Girl Like You," Troggs (Fantana)
2. "Out of Time," Chris Farlowe (Immediate)
3. "Black Is Black," Los Bravos (Decca)
4. "The More I See You," Chris Montez (Pye Int.)
5. "Love Letters," Elvis Presley (RCA)
NME Best Selling LP's in Britain 1. "Sound of Music," Soundtrack (RCA)
2. "Pet Sounds," Beach Boys (Capitol)
3. "Aftermath" Rolling Stones (Decca)
4. "Summer Days and Summer Nights," Beach Boys (Capitol)
5. "Strangers in the Night," Frank Sinatra (Reprise)
n.a. Star-Packed Line-Up for NME-208 Cricket Team
Tom Jones Gets Own ATV Series Next Month
Grade Takes over Delfont [Grade Organization has taken over Bernard Delfont Ltd.]
Bravos, Paul Jones, Walkers, Sandie, Turners in RSG [Lineup for t.v. show "Ready Steady Go"]
Court Case Costs Donovan U.S. Visa
Sandie Steps in for Sick Kathy [Sandie Shaw steps in for Kathy Kirby]
Mathis, Vaughan, Ifield West End Plans
D'abo on JBJ [Juke Box Jury]
Sonny , Cher Visit Plans
Jeff Beck Better
n.a. Film Acting Role for John Lennon: He Leaves Beatles and Britain (Temporarily) Next Month
Kinks Cancel Dates: LP Is Delayed
n.a. Beach Boy Duo
Kinks in Open Air Show
Dates for Kathy, Hippodrome Series[Kathy Kirby]
New Releases: Orbison, Reeves, Wayne, Andrews
Cliff (Richard) Movie Ends
(Bob) Dylan Breaks Neck
Troggs- (Billy) Fury Show
Folk Festival for TV
London Christmas Show, Australia Plans for (Georgia) Fame
Dusty (Springfield) to Spain, Not America
Paul and Barry (Ryan) Cabaret, Panto
Tree New U.K. Hits in U.S.
Dixie Cups Tour
Derek Johnson Singles Reviews (continued from p. 6)
Napolean XIV: "They're Coming to Take Me away, Ha-Haaa!" / "Aaah-Ah Yawa Em Ekat Ot Guimoc Er'Yeht" (Warner Bros.)
Righteous Bros.: "Just Once in My Life"/ "The Blues" (London)
Cathchy Byrds, "5D (Fifth Dimension)"/ Captain Soul" (CBS)
Derek Johnson Recommended
Astrud Gilberto: "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (Verve)
Symbols: "See You in September" (President)
Tommy McLain: "Sweet Dreams" (London)
Artwoods: "I Feel Good" (Decca)
Jimmy James and the Vagabonds: "The Heart of Mine" (Piccadilly)
Guy Mitchell: "Singing the Blues" (CBS)
Dean Martin: "A Million and One" (Reprise)
Bobby Goldsboro: "Take Your Love" (U-A)
Spidells: "Find out What's Happening" (Sue)
Limeys: "The Mountain's High" (Decca)
Dean Parrish: "Tell Her" (Stateside)
Billy Stewart: "Summertime" (Chess)
Derek Johnson Potted Pops 10
Allen Evans LP's
What's Shakin' (Elecktra)
Chris Montez: The More I See You/Call Me (Pye Int.)
Frank Cordell: Khartoum (United Artists)
Bobby Gouldsboro: It's Too Late (United Artists)
Ray Ellis: Big Hits for Swingers (Atlantic)
The Chipmunks Sing the Beatles (Liberty)
Lee Hazelwood: Very Special World (MGM)
The Ventures: Walk Don't Run-Vol 2 (Liberty)
EMI New Beatles LP Revolver for Sale 11
Ann Moses ?. Time with Beach Boy Brian Wilson 12
June Harris (New York) America Calling: Brian (Jones) , Charlie (Watts) Tipped as Stones Best Actors 12
Tracy Thomas (Hollywood) America Calling: Stones a Hit at the Bowl 12
Keith Altham Talks to Alan Price 13
n.a. The Life-Lines of Tina Turner 13
n.a. Who 'Wreck' Festival 14
Alan Smith Hollies Sacking Row Brews 14
Derek Johnson Herman Tour Gave David and Jonathan 'Lovers Unite' Idea 14
Norrie Drummond Kinks Enjoyed Scotland This Time! 14
  Classifieds 15
Alley Cat Tailpieces: Frank Sinatra Now Replaced by Beatles 16
  Record of the Week: Billy Stewart, "Summertime" 16
W.R. Brakes Elvis Popword 16
  Ryan Beer, October 2009  
No. 1022 12 August 1966  
Cover Chris Farlowe, George Fame, Alan Price 1
n.a. They Have Single and LP Hit in Britain, but the Question of the Hour Is... Will Beatles Be Safe in America 2
D.J. New to the Charts: Recording engineer proves 'anything goes' in discland! 2
Altham, Keith Double-Top Troggs 3
Trevor Stones' Fire 'sat on' for Too Long 3
Johnson, Derek Singles Review: Orbison at His Best
Roy Orbison: "Too Soon to Know" / "You'll Never Be Sixteen Again" (London)
The J & B: "There She Goes" / "Wow! Wow! Wow!" (Poldor)
Mike Williams: "Lonely Soldier" / "If This Isn't Love" (Atlantic)
Garnett Mimms: "It's Been Such a Long Way Home" / "Thinkin'" (United Artists)
Shattering Redding: "I Can't Turn You Loose" / "Just One More Day" (Atlantic)
Tommy Bruce: "Monster Gonzales" / "I Hate Getting Up in the Morning"
Caesars: "Five in the Morning" / "It's Superman" (Deeen)
Roger Miller: "You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Heard" / "Train of Life" (Philips)
Three Bells: "Cry No More" / "Train of Life" (Columbia)
JR. Rocker and the All-Stars: "How Sweet It Is" / "Nothing but Soul" (Tania Motown)
n.a. More Beatles LP Covers
Glen Dale: "Good Day Sunshine" / "Make Me Belong to You" (Deeen)
Brian Withers: "For No One" / "Here, There, and Everywhere" (RCA)
Marc Reid: "For No One" / "Lonely City Blues" (CBS)
Fourmost: "Here, There and Everywhere" / "You've Changed" (Parlophone)
Episode Six, "Here, There and Everywhere" / "Mighty Morris Ten" (Pye)
Loose Ends: "Tax Man" / "That's It" (Decca)
She Trinity: "Yellow Submarine" / "Promise Me You'll Cry" (Columbia)
NME Top Thirty
1. "A Girl Like You," Troggs (Fontana)
2. "Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby," Beatles (Parlophone)
3. "Black Is Black," Los Bravos (Decca)
4. "The More I See You," Chris Montez (Pye Int.)
5. "Mama," Dave Berry (Decca)
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. Revolver, Beatles (Parlophone)
2. Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
3. Pet Sounds, Beach Boys (Capitol)
4. Aftermath, Rolling Stones (Decca)
5. Summer Days and Summer Nights, Beach Boys (Capitol)
Center Page Hollywood Film Offer for Hollies
New U.S. Tour for Donovan
Hit Song Writers Waxing for Pye
Original Animals on TV Next Month
Dusty, Manfreds, Burdon, Bravoz, Faces, Dave Dee Set for RSG
Who Concerts with Merseys Fixed; Disc Deal Collapses
Major British, U.S. Plans for Los Bravos
Los Bravos Tomorrow's 'Club'
David, Jonathan in Northern Cabaret
Other U.S. Hits
Center Page Dusty is Tom Jones' ATV Guest
Small Faces to Tour with the Hollies and Paul Jones
New Line-up for BBC Pop Series
Big TV Date, New Single for Seekers
New Spoonful, Pet Clark, Montez, James Brown, Everlys Releases
Faces to Europe
Kenn Dodd Show for Oxford
Europe and Australia Tours Scheduled for Dave Berry
Troggs Europe TV
Pitney Tour Off
King, John Luck Helps Keep Billy a Stayer [Fury with a hit last week]  
Altham, Keith After 4 Hits in a Row — Ryans Feel Established  
Bromley, Tony ed. From You to Us  
Burdon, Eric Victor Fed-Up Top Animal Writes from U.S. 9
Drummond, Norrie Geno, Zoot Steal Star R-n-B Show 9
Drummond, Norrie Herman Film Is Not a Mistake 9
n.a. Spoonful's 'City' Problem
Mama's Back in Home Town
Halpern, Frederico Los Bravos Make Spanish (and British) Pop Fans Happy! 10
n.a. Paul Jones Jumps Into 1970! 10
Ads Radio Luxembourg 11
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
NME NME Pop Pic-News 12
  Hannah Bock, October 2009  
No. 1023 19 August 1966  
Cover John Lennon apologises
Berry, d'Abo, Dusty, Doddy Pop Cartoon
Released today, 'Step Out of Line' by Twice as Much
NME exclusive [tour dates for Walkers, Troggs, Dave Dee]
Stars of "Radio England's Swingin' '66" pop show.
N.A. Beatles still loved in America and you make them top here [NME Beatles diary] 2
Harris, June New York ready to greet boys [Beatles will play at Shea Stadium] 2
Johnson, Derek Stern reply to Lennon Knocker 3
Johnson, Derek Singles Review
Twice as Much: "Step Out of Line" / "Simplified" (Immediate)
Koobas: "Sweet Music" / "Face" (Columbia)
The Dakotas: "You Make Me Feel Like Someone" / "Take My Head" (Parlophone)
Gary Lewis and the Playboys: "My Heart's Symphony" / "Tina" (Liberty)
Chad and Jeremy: "Distant Shores" / "Last Night" (CBS)
Vince Hill: "The Better to Love You" / "Love Me True" (Columbia)
Mamas and Papas: "Go Where You Wanna Go" / "Don't Let It Happen Again" (Pye)
Tornados: "Is that a Ship I Hear" / "Do You Come Here Often (Columbia)
Isley Bros.: "I Guess I'll Always Love You"/ "I Hear a Symphony" (T-Motown)
Jackie Trent: "If You Ever Leave Me" / "There Goes My Love, There Goes My Life" (Pye)
McCoys: "You Make Me Feel So Good"/ "Every Day I Have to Cry" (Immediate)
Bob Lind: "Hey Nellie Nellie" / "Wandering" (Verve)
Santells: "So Fine" / "These Are Love" (Sue)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Yellow Submarine" / "Eleanor Rigby," Beatles (Parlophone)
2. "A Girl Like You," Troggs (Fontana)
3. "God Only Knows," Beach Boys (Capitol)
4. "Mama," Dave Berry (Decca)
5. "Black Is Black," Los Bravos (Decca)
N.A. Manufacturers body to get competitor [Phonographic has competitor]
Walker, Dusty, Spencer Davis go mini-tape
Singer-composers help new names [Chris Andrews wrote and produced "This is the Moment"]
Concert fixed for Beach Boys [start tour in Finsbury Park]
Dusty 'Five' date, Freddie compares [Dusty Springfield on TV]
Bachelors Xmas Show Break [while they sing in Italy]
Scott Engel is well now
Yardbirds to Australia with Walkers; Far East
N.A. Walkers tour with Troggs, Dave Dee-Dates
Donovan in Xmas show with Fame?
Rocker Jerry Lee Back in October
Small Faces, Price, Spender Davis on radio 'club' [on "Saturday Club"]
Herman 'Mrs. Brown' film scheduled
Beatles, Baez, Donovan on BBC-TV next week [Sinatra's new TV spec sought for '67]
Dusty, Nancy, Ryans, Everly 'Hippodrome; TV dates set
St. Peters single, overseas plans [records Phil Ochs' "Changes"]
Small Faces set for U.S.
Franz, Johnny Dusty always knew what she wanted 8
N.A. Mama Michelle back with Papa's
Stand by Los Bravos!
Johnson, Derek Question Time with Dave Berry 9
Altham, Keith New Mann D'Abo hungry for success [Michael d'Abo hungrier than Paul Jones] 10
Thomas, Tracy Temptations go well at Los Angeles' Trip club 10
  ZoŽ Brecher, October 2009  
No. 1024 26 August 1966  
Cover Reaction: The Who & I'm a Boy
Beatles in New York
Beach Boys, Roy Orbison, Spoonful, Four Tops, Cliff Bennett
Ken Dodd: More than Love
Tracy Thomas ...Gets Moss-Man Brian Wilson to talk about the other Beach Boys 2
N.A. Paul McCartney produced hit disc for happy Cliff Bennett 2
June Harris Sitar Music Soothes the Tired Beatles
The Beatles Thrill 45,000 at Shea's
Bank Holiday Bonus from John and Paul

N.A. Great Ones by the Great Ones:
"The Shadow of your Smile," Johnny Mathis (H.M.V)
"Second Album," The Four Tops (Tamia Motown)
"Ive Got a Song for You!," Shirley Bassey (United Artists)
"Temptin' Temptations," The Temptations (Tamla Motown)
"Yardbirds," The Yardbirds (Columbia)
"Hold On!," Herman's Hermits (Columbia)
  Singles Review
Shorty Long: "Function at the Junction" / "Call on Me" (Tamla Motown)
Hedgehoppers: "Daytime" / "That's the Time" (Decca)
SandPipers: "Guantanamera" / "What Makes You Dream Pretty" (Pye-Int)
Shirley Bassey: "Who Could Love Me" / "Shirley" (United Artists)
The News: "This Is the Moment" / "Ya Ya Da Da" (Decca)
Wilson Pickett: "Land of 1,000 Dances" / "You're So Fine" (Atlantic)
The Cyrkle: "Turn Down Day" / "Big Little Woman" (CBS)
Friday Brown: "32nd Love Affair" / "Born a Woman"
Ramsey Lewis Trio: "Wade in the Water" / "Ain't that Peculiar" (Chess)
Frantic Sorrows: "Let Me in" / "How Love Used to Be" (Piccadilly)
Hayes and Wadey: "What Does She Want" / "Clock" (Pye)
The Who: "I'm a Boy" (Reaction)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Yellow Submarine" / "Eleanor Rigby," Beatles (Parlophone)
2. "God Only Knows," Beach Boys (Capitol)
3. "A Girl Like You," Troggs (Fontana)
4. "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!," Napoleon XIV (Warner Bros.)
5. "Mama," Dave Barry (Decca)
N.A. Cliff, Shadows, Ifield, Tom Jones set for new Palladium TV series
Paul's Songs Silence Shea's Massive Crowd
New Los Bravos, Sonny and Cher, Dave Dee discs
A Walker Brother waxed new group's first single
Mathis' London Theatre season fixed, new single next week
Hollies-Faces, Fame-Farlowe tour changes
Bennett adding trumpet
Len Barry Due
Herman Joins Ike & Tina, Spoonful on RSG
Gerry, Searchers, Ivy, League on BBC 'Swing'
Pitney: Social Visit
David, Jonathan dates
Beatles' two more U.S. million sellers
Donovan pips Beatles at U.S. chart top
Simon, Garfunkel due for TV shows
Lulu TV and cabaret dates
Joe's toe mending
Fury Beats Beatles
Cilla, Bachelors charity
U.S. Holiday next month for fame
N.A. Faces 'exciting' TV spec
Troggs win second Gold disc; U.S. tour is off
Top Pop names for successor to 'Lucky Stars"
Music TV series in place of Kathy's
Rolf's TV date
Seekers: '67 World Fair
Crispian flies east after new release
Leander pens next Ryans, Peter, Gordon & Jones
New U.S. tour for Peter and Gordon
Folk festival TV dates
Shani, not Shirley
Decca Setting up new Lab
Departing Animal and Ex-Yardbird team up
Walkers in Bardot Film?
N.A. Flashback for Lovin' Spoonful-to days when they were just kids 8
Allen Evans LPs:
Peggy Lee: Then Was Then, Now Is Now (Capitol)
Wayne One: Wayne Fontana (Fontana)
In Action: The Righteous Brothers (Sue)
Norma Tanega: Walkin' My Cat Named Dog (Stateside)
The Best of Jack Edwards (Island)
N.A. Jr. Walker latest Motown star 8
  Napoleon cannot come here yet
Roy Orbison gets three Presley film executives
Derek Johnson Big 'O' has refused to run away 9
Keith Altham Band boom is coming  
N.A. California's reaction to the Beatles  
N.A. The Brothers Produce a super 'Portrait' album
Bing: Forty Years of Recording
Tony Bromley From YOU to US 10
Keith Altham Bitter sweet 10
N.A. Classifieds
Radio Luxembourg
The Alley Cat Tailpieces 12
Chris Hutchins Moody 12
N.A. Seekers' Cabaret act lacks something 12
Allan Smith Four Tops kept trying-and won! 12
Allan Smith Coming soon-RSG on a 2-inch screen! 12
  Sam Brouse, October 2009  

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