New Musical Express | February 1967

No. 1047 4 February 1967  
Cover NME Exclusive—Monkees Tell Life Secrets 1
Jones, Davy Why I Cried Every Night 1
n.a. Arthur Howes Presents the World’s Top Disc Stars! [Gene Pitney, The Troggs, Sounds Inc., David Garrick, Normie Rowe & The Playboys, The Loot] 1
Jones, Davy Why I Cried Every Night [cont. from page 1] 2
NME Atlanta Break Records: 7 Top Ten R&B LP’s!
1.  Warm and Tender Soul, Percy Sledge
2.  Dictionary of Soul, Otis Redding
3.  Hold On I’m Coming, Sam and Dave
4.  The Great Memphis Sound, Markeys
5.  Midnight Soul, Various Artists
n.a. Decca Group Records First Five in the Top Ten
1.  The Monkees, “I’m a Believer” (RCA Victor)
2.  Cat Stevens, “Matthew & Son” (Deram)
3.  Tom Jones, “Green, Green Grass of Home” (Decca)
4.  The Move, “Night of Fear” (Deram)
5.  Rolling Stones, “Let’s Spend the Night Together” (Decca)
Pascall, Jeremy NME Exclusive History of the Monkees 3
Evans, Allen LPs:
Manfred Mann, Soul of Man (HMV) ****
Vince Hill, At The Club (Columbia) ****
Petula Clark, Colour My Mind (Pye) ***
n.a. The Twilights: Australian hit group
“What’s wrong with the way I live” (Columbia)
Cannonball Adderly: USA chart topper “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” (Capitol)
n.a. Cliff Bennett’s New Single for the charts “I’ll Take Good Care of You” (Parlophone) 3
Drummond, Norrie Who are Mellower Fellows Now  (but it doesn’t help their stage act a bit) [The Who] 4
n.a. Vocalist wanted by The Misunderstood 4
Smith, Alan Four Tops Had Us All On Our Feet 5
n.a. Tremeloes come-back 5
n.a. New Name—First Hit [Engelbert Humperdinck] 5
Johnson, Derek Singles Review—Four Tips for the Chart:
Donovan, “Mellow Yellow” / “Preachin’ Love” (Pye)
Elvis Presley, “Indescribably Blue” / “Fools Fall in Love” (RCA)
Walker Brothers, “Stay with Me Baby” / “Turn Out the Moon” (Philips)
Herman’s Hermits, “There’s a Kind of Hush” / “Gas Light Street” (Columbia)
Vince Hill, “Edelweiss” / “A Woman Needs Love” (Columbia)
Brenda Lee, “Ride, Ride, Ride” / “Lonely People Do Foolish Things” (Brunswick)
Cliff Richard, “I’ll Take Care of You” / “I’m Sorry” (Parlophone)
NME Potted Pops:
Baja Marimba Band, “Riders in the Sky” (Pye-International)
The Sopwith Camel, “Hello Hello” (Kama Sutra)
Leapy Lee, “Man on the Flying Trapeze” (CBS)
Tony and Terri, “For No One” (Monument)
West Coast Delegation, “Reach the Top” (Deram)
Gunter Kallmann Choir, “Wish Me a Rainbow” (Polydor)
Cannonball Adderly, “Mercy Mercy Mercy” (Capitol)
Toni Eden, “Finding You Loving You” (United Artists)
Jimmy Reed, “Two Ways to Skin A Cat” (HMV)
NME American Chartsters [The Buckinghams, The Happenings, Spyder Turner, The Young Rascals, Buffalo Springfield, The Mar-keys] 6
NME Way-Out Titles [The Knack, Great Uncle Fred, Whistling Jack Smith, Peter Fenton] 6
NME Top Thirty
1.  “I’m A Believer,” The Monkees (RCA)
2.  “Matthew & Son,” Cat Stevens (Decca)
3.  “Night of Fear,” The Move (Deram)
4.  “Let’s Spend the Night Together,” The Rolling Stones (Decca)
5.  “I’ve Been a Bad Boy,” Paul Jones (HMV)
NME Britain’s Top 15 LPs
1.  The Monkees (RCA)
2.  Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
3.  Between the Buttons, The Rolling Stones (Decca)
4.  Best of the Beach Boys (Capitol)
5.  Come the Day, The Seekers (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1.  “I’m a Believer,” The Monkees
2.  “Georgy Girl,” The Seekers
3.  “Snoopy vs. The Red Baron,” The Royal Guardsmen
4.  “Tell It Like It Is,” Aaron Neville
5.  “Kind of a Drag,” The Buckinghams
n.a. Galaxy of stars for NME’s May 7 event!
Monkees flying in, P.J. Proby too?
Shadows solo far east tour plan
Hollies, Burdon, Ryans: Australia [Eric Burdon and the Animals, Paul and Barry Ryan]
Beatles film—‘JBJ’, ‘Pops’ [Juke Box Jury, Top of the Pops]
Hot time for Walkers [Walker Brothers]
Who in label switch again [The Who]
Troggs to Sweden, France
n.a. Beach Boys Set for Poll Concert, Full British Tour Dates—Exclusive Jimi, Dee, Ryans, Wayne, Trems, ‘Club’ [Jimi Hendrix, The Dave Dee Group, Paul and Barry Ryan, The Tremeloes on TV show ‘Saturday Club’] 8-9
n.a. Vaud with U.S. tour with Satchmo [The New Vaudeville Band, Louis Armstrong]
Cat Cabaret [Cat Stevens]
Pitney wedding San Remo sensation [Gene Pitney]
Ifield goes home [Frank Ifield]
Dusty, Dee, Ryans for Doddy TV [Dusty Springfield, the Dave Dee group, Paul and Barry Ryan, “Doddy’s Music Box” TV show]
Seekers Palladium & summer seasons [The Seekers]
Ryans in Dusty Palladium TV [Paul and Barry Ryan, Dusty Springfield]
Tremeloes on tour with Hollies, Spence [Spencer Davis Group]
Hollies film on TV
Smith, Neil Brian Epstein (with his comments) 10
Altham, Keith Cream Cut Loose 11
Pascall, Jeremy The Italians call her…Rita Pavone-the MOSQUITO 12
n.a. Monkees knock-out on stage: Davy the favourite [Davy Jones] 12
n.a. Pitney’s Secret [Gene Pitney] 12
n.a. Another Smash [Sonny and Cher, The Four Tops] 12
n.a. Big gimmick come-back [The Royal Guardsmen, Senator Bobby and the Hardly Worthit Players, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield] 12
Altham, Keith Keith Altham considers the unique phenomenon—The Rolling Stones’ image
“Our fans have moved on with us”—Brian Jones
n.a. Versatile resident disc jockey required 15
n.a. New Smash Hit! I Was Lord Kitchener’s Valet 16
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 16
n.a. Records of the week:
Donovan, “Mellow Yellow”
Petula Clark, “This Is My Song”
  Beth Browning, Spring 2008  
No. 1048 11 February 1967  
(cover page) “Stay with Me Baby – The Walker Brothers” [Philips Record Co. Advertisement] 1
(cover page) Beatles Pic – Pet[ula] Clark – Spencer [Davis] – The Move – “Monkees – Micky’s mad life-story inside!” 1
Micky Dolenz “I Love to Kid” [Recalls goofy behavior of the past] 2
Micky Dolenz “Monkees Tell Their Own Life Secrets” 3
Norrie Drummond “Vaudeville Band Keep Act Visual” [Interview with The New Vaudeville Band] 4
Keith Altham “Trogglodynamite” [Album Review] 4
(N/A) “Beatles at Work” [In-studio picture of the Beatles] 5
(N/A) “Be Prepared – Feb. 10th Is Trogg Day” [Page One Record Co. Advertisement] 5
Derek Johnson Singles Review
Tom Jones, “Detroit City” / “If I Had You” (Decca)
Trini Lopez, “Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now” / “Love Letters” (Reprise)
Marianne Faithfull, “Is This What I Get for Loving You” / “Tomorrow’s Calling” (Decca)
The Beatles, “Strawberry Fields Forever” / “Penny Lane” (Columbia)
The Troggs, “Give It to Me” / “You’re Lying” (Page One)
The Hollies, “On a Carousel” / “All the World Is Love” (Parlophone)
Bobby Darin, “Lovin’ You” / “Amy” (Atlantic)
The Seekers, “Georgy Girl” / “The Last Thing on My Mind” (Columbia)
Chris Farlowe, “My Way of Giving” / “You’re So Good for Me” (Immediate)
NME Top Thirty
1.  “I’m a Believer,” The Monkees (Page One) [#1 last week]
2.  “Let’s Spend the Night Together,” Rolling Stones (Decca) [#4 last week]
3.  “This Is My Song,” Petula Clark (Pye) [new this week]
4.  “Matthew & Son,” Cat Stevens (Deram) [#2 last week]
5.  “I’ve Been a Bad Bad Boy” Paul Jones (HMV) [#5 last week]
6.  “Night of Fear,” Move (Deram) [#3 last week]
7.  “Hey, Joe,” Jimi Hendrix (Polydor) [#8 last week]
8.  “Green Green Grass of Home,” Tom Jones (Decca) [#6 last week]
9.  “Release Me,” Engelbert Humperdinck (Decca) [#15 last week]
10.  “I’m a Man,” Spencer Davis Group (Fontana) [#10 last week]
NME Britain’s Top 15 LPs
1.  “The Monkees,” (RCA) [#1 last week]
2.  “Sound of Music,” (RCA) [#2 last week]
3.  Rolling Stones, “Between the Buttons” (Decca) [#3 last week]
4.  “Best of the Beach Boys,” (Capitol) [#4 last week]
5.  The Who, “A Quick One” (Reaction) [#7 last week]
6.  The Seekers, “Come the Day” (Columbia) [#5 last week]
7.  Jim Reeves, “Distant Drums” (RCA) [#11 last week]
8.  Cliff Richard & Shadows, “Finders Keepers” (Columbia) [#8 last week]
9.  Cream, “Fresh Cream” (Reaction) [#6 last week]
10.  Geno Washington, “Hand Clappin’-Foot Stompin’-Funky Butt-Live!” (Pye) [#10 last week]
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. “I’m a Believer,” The Monkees [#1 last week]
2.  “Georgy Girl,” The Seekers [#2 last week]
3.  “Kind of a Drag,” The Buckinghams [#5 last week]
4.  “Ruby Tuesday,” Rolling Stones [#11 last week]
5.  “Nothin’ Yet,” Blues Magoos [#7 last week]
(N/A) Humperdinck in Walkers Tour – All the Dates [Humperdinck joins package tour w/ Walker Bros.-Cat Stevens-Jimi Hendrix]
Big new BBC-TV series for Pet [Petula Clark headlines TV series]
Sandy Posey radio, TV [Radio/TV publicity for Posey]
Trophy, New Gold Disc for Stones [Rolling Stones receive trophy at Cannes Music Fest. before ‘Between the Buttons’ release]
New Request – Pops TV Show; Beatles Date [Network pushes for Beatles appearance on pop music variety show]
(N/A) Nine-year Beatles disc deal, TV film progress [Beatles sign contract with EMI/Parlophone, film TV promo spots]
Monkees: ‘We Produce Own Discs in Future’ [Monkees respond to criticism of use of studio musicians]
Small Faces in Big Record Tie-Up
Cream Abroad [Cream continue multi-national tour]
Dusty U.S., cabaret [Dusty Springfield flies to U.S. to plan cabaret performance dates]
(N/A) Freddie Summer at Yarmouth [Freddie & the Dreamers pan summer dates at Yarmouth] 10
(N/A) Peter & Gordon Act to Split – Solo Careers 10
(N/A) Go-Ahead for the Simon Dee Show [Finalized by BBC-TV1] 10
Allen Evans LP Reviews
Dean Martin, At Ease with Dean (Reprise)
Roy Castle, Songs for a Rainy Day (Columbia)
Bobby Vee, Look At Me Girl (Liberty)
Four Seasons, 2nd Vault of Golden Hits (Philips)
Neil Diamond, The Feel of Neil Diamond (London)
Nancy Sinatra, Sugar (Reprise)
David Garrick, A Boy Called David (Piccadilly)
Alan Smith Petula Clark’s Chaplin Hit Leads Girls’ Chart Come-Back [Clark covers Charlie Chaplin film tune, charts at No. 3] 11
(N/A) From You to Us [letters from NME readers] 11
Tracy Thomas
/ June Harris
America Calling [Music news from the U.S.] 11
Jeremy Pascall Jeremy Pascall goes to a recording session with… The Move 12
Alan Smith Marvin and Kim: Swingin’ Twosome! [Marvin Gaye and wife Kim Weston produce great music together] 13
(N/A) Sonny & Cher, The Beat Goes On [Atlantic Record Co. Advertisement] 13
Keith Altham Spencer Davis: It’s time I did more in the group! [Davis moves to sing lead on more tracks] 14
N.D. Tragic death of Joe Meek [Meek found shot dead in London] 14
(N/A) Classified Articles and Advertisements 15
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces [Miscellany music news blurbs] 16
Andy Gray Cream blast champions! [Cream produce revolutionary sound] 16
(N/A) Advertisements
Genuine Red or Blue Military Jackets
“Release Me” Engelbert Humperdinck [Decca]
“Kind of a Drag,” The Buckinghams”
  Bryan Burford, Spring 2008  
No. 1049 18 February 1967  
(cover page)   1
Keith Altham Swedish Film Director Peter Goldmann Tells About…TV-Filming with the Beatles 2
Mike Nesmith Monkees Tell Life Secrets: I Was Hungry, Ugly, Skinny, Poor! 3-4
Jeremy Pascall Jeremy Pascall Takes Monkey Micky to Lunch in the Clouds: He Turns London Round! [Micky Dolenz and Pascall go up the over 500ft. GPO Tower] 4
Jeremy Pascall And Jeremy Also Meets Monkee Mike, Who Says… I’m Not Rude, Just Violent [about Mike Nesmith] 4
N.A. [Full page Beatles ad for “Penny Lane” / “Strawberry Fields Forever” (Parlophone)] 5
Derek Johnson Singles Review
Dusty Springfield, “I’ll Try Anything” / “The Corrupt Ones” (Philips)
Paul and Barry Ryan, “Keep It Out of Sight” / “Who Told You” (Decca)
Johnny Rivers, “Baby I Need Your Loving” / “Gettin’ Ready For Tomorrow (Liberty)
Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, “Reservations” / “You Need a Man” (Parlophone)
Freddie and the Dreamers, “Hello Hello” / “All I Ever Want Is You” (Columbia)
Val Doonican, “Memories Are Made of This” / I Was Born Ten Thousand Years Ago” (Decca)
Andy Williams, “So Nice” / “Theme from ‘The Sand Pebbles’” (CBS)
Roy Orbison, “So Good” / “Memories” (London)
Jr. Walker & the All Stars, “Pucker Up Butter cup” / “Any Way You Wanta (Tamla-Motown)
Lee Dorsey, “Rain Rain Go Away” / “Gotta Find a Job” (Stateside)
Shirley Bassey, “The Impossible Dream” / “Do I Look Like a Fool” (United Artists)
Derek Johnson Potted Pops
James and Bobby Purify, “Wish You Didn’t Have to Go” (Stateside)
Haydock’s Rockhouse, “Lovin’ You” (Columbia)
Senator Bobby, “Wild Thing” (Cameo)
Poets, “Wooden Spoon” (Decca)
Mojo Men, “Sit Down I Think I Love You” (Reprise)
Settlers, “Always on My Mind” (Pye)
Clyde McPhatter, “Lavender Lace” (Stateside)
Paul Anka, “I Don’t Wanna Catch Him ‘Round You Anymore” (RCA)
Pussyfoot, “Mr. Hyde” (Decca)
Young Idea, “Peculiar Situation” (Columbia)
Tony Hatch Singers and Swingers, “Comedy Tonight” (Pye)
Gnomes of Zurich, “Hang On Baby” (CBS)
Shindogs, “Who Do You Think You Are” (Fontana)
Lesley Gore, “California Nights” (Mercury)
Derek Johnson Shop Window 6
NME Top Thirty
1.  “This Is My Song,” Petula Clark (Pye)
2.  “Release Me,” Engelbert Hunperdink (Decca)
3.  “I’m a Believer,” Monkees (RCA)
4.  “Let’s Spend the Night Together,” Rolling Stones (Decca)
5.  “Matthew & Son,” Cat Stevens (Deram)
NME Britain’s Top 15 LPs
1.  Monkees, The Monkees (RCA)
2.  [Soundtrack], Sound of Music (RCA)
3.  Rolling Stones, Between The Buttons (Decca)
4.  Beach Boys, Best Of The Beach Boys (Capitol)
5.  Seekers, Come The Day (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1.  Buckinghams, Kind of a Drag
2.  Monkees, I’m a Believer
3.  Rolling Stones, Ruby Tuesday
4.  Seekers, Georgy Girl
5.  Blues Magoos, Nothin’ Yet
N.A. Keith, Russ Among Doddy TV Names [ “Doddy Music Box” on ABC-TV]
Eamonn’s Guests [Francoise Hardy, Jackie Trent, Juliette Greco on ABCs “Earmonn Andrew Show”]
Promoter Wanted [for tour co-staring Kinks and Dave Dee group]
Honeycomb Honey Is Going Solo – Cabaret Planned
Stones Tour Blitz: British Concerts, 12 European Countries
Fame—Another One-man Show [Georgie Fame doing one-man show “The Two Faces of Fame” at London’s Royal Festival Hall]
Permit for PROBEY, So TV, Cabaret Set [P.J. Probey gets two week work permit to do TV and cabaret shows]
Cat, Trems, Herman, ‘Dinick, Ryans Radio [Upcoming radio appearances]
Laine, Eckstine Trips [Frankie Laine and Billy Eckstine both coming to Britain for about a month]
Sonny, Cher Waxing Troggs Numbers? [Sonny and Cher likely to record two Troggs compositions]
Tony Bennett—Basie Shows? [Bennett and Count Basie Band to be in Britain at same time, may play together]
N.A. Aberfan TVdate; Bassey—Humperdinck Palladium? [Benefit TV concert for Aberfan Disaster Fund will screen instead of “London Palladium Show” featuring Shirley Bassey and Humperdinck]
Lavish Palladium Show Definite for Tom Jones
Eight Grammies’ for Beatles; Vaud Award? [Beatles nominated for eight Grammies, New Vaudeville Band nominated for “Best Record of the Year”]
N.A. Don Switch, Bo, Spencer, Duane at Saville [Donovan, Bo Diddley, Spencer Davis Group, Edwin Starr, Duane Eddy to play Saville Theatre]
Poll Concert: More Names [Humperdinck and Geno Washington Ram Jam Band join NME Poll Winners Concert]
Hendrix Single, New Bookings [“Purple Haze” release; upcoming shows]
Frank Sinatra [signed to star in films “Shamus” and “The Detective” for 20th Century Fox]
Bachelors [top the bill on “The North Stars”]
Frank Ifield [leaves for Australia next week]
Paul Revere [and the Raiders making first trip to Britain]
Next Herman Film: Details
Monkee Davy [Davy Jones returns to Britain]
Jeremy Pascall Guardsmen March On [pre-fame history of the Royal Guardsmen] 10
John Wells Friday: Pitney’s Big Day [Today, Gene Pitney’s tour starts, his new album, In the Cold Light of Day (Stateside) is released, and it’s his birthday] 10
Allen Evans LPs
Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass, SRO (Pye International)
David Blue, David Blue (Elektra)
Jackie Del Shannon, Are You Ready for This (Liberty)
Even Dozen Jug Band, Even Dozen Jug Band (Bounty)
Sam & Dave, Hold on I’m Comin’ (Atlantic)
Derek Johnson More Single Reviews
Gene Pitney, “(In The) Cold Light of Day” / “Flower Girls’ (Stateside)
Carol Friday, “I Look Around Me” / “Big Sister” (Parlophone)
Ronnie Carroll, “The Minstrel Boy” / “Tower Tall” (Philips)
Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels, “Sock It to Me Baby” / “I Never Had It Better” (Stateside)
Shangri-las, “The Sweet Sounds Of Summer” / “I’ll Never Learn” (Mercury)
Spectres, “(We Ain’t Got) Nothin’ Yet” / “I Want It” (Piccadilly)
Neil Diamond, “You Got to Me” / Someday Baby” (London)
Rolling Stones, “Backstreet Girl” (RCA)
Rolling Stones, “She Smiled Sweetly” (Decca)
Tracy Thomas Two Word-Pictures of Elvis [Contrast of his poor life growing up to his now rich, star life] 11
Keith Altham Johnny Rivers Knows the Sporty Elvis [Rivers talks about Elvis] 11
N.A. Life Lines of Engelbert Humperdinck 12
Tony Bromley (ed.) From You to Us [fan mail] 12
Tracy Thomas Beach Boys Next Single Is Coming [“Heroes And Villains” awaits a b-side] 12
June Harris Beatle Day Anniversary [WMCA declares last Saturday Beatle day for the third anniversary of the Beatles first hit in the US]
New Vaud Party [New Vaudeville Band touring Britain]
Phil, Ronnie Married? [Phil Spector and Ronnie Bennett wed in California]
Burden Going Great [Eric Burdon and the Animals enjoying popularity]
Jim’s U.S. Hit [P.J. Proby’s “Nickey Hoeky”]
Norrie Drummond Sad Songs Suit Sandy [Sandy Posey] 13
Alan Smith Mary Reeves Tells Alan Smith about… Jim’s Greatest Tribute [Mary talks about former husband Jim Reeves; after his death, “I Won’t Come In While He’s There” still sits high on the NME charts] 13
Jeremy Pascall Micky Enjoys London Revolving Round Him! [continued story from page 4] 13
Norrie Drummond John Walker Tells Norrie Drummond about: Our Three Critical Months [the next three months are to be one of most critical periods in the Walker Brothers career] 14
Neil Smith Donovan [cartoon of musician] 14
N.A. Classifieds 15
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 16
Keith Altham Beatles Film [continued from page 2] 16
J.P. Newcomers to the Charts: Now Geno and Ram Jammers Kids’ Group [information about Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band] 16
  Jayson Capobianco, Spring 2008  
No. 1050 25 February 1957  
Cover Davy Tells All!  The Monkee Front-Man; Special heart-to-heart interview with Keith Altham 1
Peter Tork My Life Story Is a Fun Travelogue; Monkees Tell Their Own Life Secrets 2/3/4
Alan Smith “One Hit a Year Will Suit Me,” Says Tom Jones 5
Allan Evans EPs:
Dionne Warwick (Pye)
White Heather Sinvers (Fontana)
Antoine (Disgues Vogue)
Lovin' Spoonful (Kama Sura)
Petula Clark (Disques Vogue)
Sandie Shaw (Pye)
Hits (Decca)
N.A. Singles Review
Kathy Kirby: "No One's Gonna Hurt You Anymore" / "My Yiddishe Momme" (Columbia)
Tokens: "Green Plant" / “Saloogy" (Stateside)
Jackie De Shannon: “Come on Down from the Top of that Hill” / “Find Me Love” (Liberty)
Nat King Cole: “You’ll See” / “Wanderllust” (Capitol)
Cyrkle: “I Wish You Could Be Here” / “The Visit (She Was Here)” (CBS)
The Nerve: “No. 10 Downing Street” / “George’s March” (Page one)
Good Time Losers: “Trafalgar Square” / “Where Did My Heart Go” (Fontanta) 
  Pounding Supremes
Supremes: “Love Is Here and Now You’re Gone” / “There’s No Stopping Us Now” (Tamla-Motown)
David Garrick: “I’ve Found a Love” / “You Can’t Hide a Broken Heart” (Piccadilly)
Stimulating but Byrds are dated:
Byrds: “So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star” / “Every Body’s Been Ruined” (CBS)
Alan Price: good fun, good music:
Alan Price Set: “Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear” / “Tickle Me” (Decca)
N.A. Potted Pops:
Sharon Tandy: “Toe-Hold” (Atlantic)
Majority: “I Hear a Rhapsody” (Decca)
Barry Benson: “Cousin Jane” (Parlophone)
Turtles: “Happy Together” (London)
Shirley Abicair: “I Will Be there” (Piccadilly)
Eyes of Blue: “Supermarket Full of Cane” (Dream)
5th Dimension: “Go Where You Wanna Go” (Liberty)
Carl King: “You and Me” (CBS)
Jerry Butler: “I Dig You Baby” (Mercury)
Margaret Whiting: “Just Like a Man” (London)
Jane Morgan: “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” (Columbia)
Stella Starr: “Bring Him Back” (Picadilly)
Albert King: “Crosscut Saw” (Atlantic)
Leroy van Dyke: “Almost Persuaded” (Warner)
Odin’s People: “Tommy Jones” (Major Minor)
Donald Height: “365 Days” (London)
Keith Sheilds: “Hey Gyp Dig the Slowness” (Decca)
Tony and Nic: “The Chicken Song” (CBS)
NME Top Thirty
1.  “This Is My Song,” Petula Clark (Pye)
2.  “Release Me,” Engelbert Humperdinck (Decca)
3.  “Penny Lane” / “Strawberry Fields Forever,” Beatles (Parlophone)
4.  “I’m a Believer,” Monkees (RCA)
5.  “Here Comes My Baby,” tremeloes (CBS)
N.A. Epstein pops shows—strike threat
Monkees Next Single Fixed
Ray Charles rush trip, concert dates
Poll show: packed house!
Cat Stevens—Bronchitis
Hollie Elliot Still “Very Ill”
Three big summer U.S. cabaret dates for Dusty
Pennies Split
New Releases include- Solo Dolenz, Cliff, Move
Vikki Carr TV, Club line-up
N.A. Frank Ifield Palladium Fortnight 8/9
N.A. Princess to meet Spencer Davis, Nancy Sinatra?
Pet Hollywood Musical Set to play Finian’s daughter
Rita, Francoise, Dave Clark TV
Bassey Palladium Date Definite
Vince Hill in summer season
Kinks working again
Stop Press
Allen Evans LPs
Ike and Tina Turner Show Volume 2 (Warner Bros)
Frank Sinatra: That’s Life (Reprise)
Bobby Darin: If I Were a Carpenter (Atlantic)
Love: Da Capo (Electra)
Music of Walt Disney (Buena Vista)
Rover Millers Words and Music (Phillips)
Chris Monez: Time after Time (Pye)
N.A. Life-Lines of the Tremeloes 11
N.A. From you to us 11
N.A. Top Girl 11
Keith Altham Gene Captures audience despite sitdown! 11
N.A. Chuck cut off in mid-triumph 13
June Harris America Calling: Burdon/Animals Toast of the town 13
Tracy Thomas Down in the dumps 13
Keith Altham Elvis Inspired Hollies hit 14
N.A. Top ten of Sandy Posey 14
Alley Cat Tailpieces [Engelbert Humperdinck, Beatles, Chuck Berry, Monkees, Bob Dylan, Tornados, Eddie Cochran, Others] 16
  Phoebe Pundyk, October 2009  

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