New Musical Express | March 1967

No. 1651 4 March 1967  
NME David Garrick Records His Latest Smash Hit-‘I’ve Found a Love’ 1
Keith Altham Monkee Davy Talks about the Beatles 2
Derek Johnson Derek Johnson Poses the Question of Importance to Every MONKEE Fan…Will They Last? 3
Norrie Drummond The Amazing Recovery of Engelbert Humperdinck. 3
N.A. Who’s Where: (from March 3)
Cliff Richard, Shadows-“Cinderella,” London, Palladium
Franklin Vaughan- “The Pied Piper,” Coventry Theatre
Lonnie Donnegan- “Cinderella,” Glasgow, Alhambra
N.A. Terrific, but Typical Beat From Small Faces 4
Micky Dolenz Monkee Solo Could Happen 4
Derek Johnson Singles Reviews
Small Faces, “I Can’t Make it” / “Just Passing” (Decca)
Monkees, “Don’t Do It” / “Lavender Blues” (London)
Wilson Pickett, “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love” / “Nothing You Can Do” (Atlantic)
Nina & Frederick, “Elizabeth I & II” / “Just Like a Rose” (Columbia)
Kiki Dee, “I’m Going Out (the Same Way I Came In)” / “We’ve Got Everything Going for Us” (Fontana)
Davy Dee, “Touch Me, Touch Me” / “Marina” (Fontana)
Bee Gees, “Spicks & Specks” / “I Am the World” (Polydor)
James Brown and Famous Flames, “Bring It Up” / “Nobody Knows” (Pye-Int)
Impressions, “You Always Hurt Me” / “Little Girl” (HMV)
Association, “No Fair at All” / “Looking Glass” (London)
Bonney, “Happy Together” / “That Bad Day” (Columbia)
Dave Clark Five, “You Got What It Takes” / “Sitting Here Baby” (Columbia)
Allen Evans LP’s
Born a Woman, Sandy Posey (MGM C8035)
Hall of Fame, Georgie Fame (Columbia SX6130)
Dandy, Clinton Ford (Piccadilly, NFL 38028)
N.A. Potted Pops 4
NME NME Top Thirty
“Release Me,” Engelbert Humperdinck (Decca)
“This Is My Song,” Petula Clark (Pye)
“Penny Lane” / “Strawberry Fields Forever,” Beatles (Parlophone)
“Here Comes My Baby,” Tremeloes (CBS)
“Edelweiss,” Vince Hill (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in US
“Ruby Tuesday,” Rolling Stones
“Love Is Here and Now You’re Gone,” Supremes
“Kind of Drag,” Buckinghams
“Baby, I Need Your Loving,” Johnny Rivers
“Georgy Girl,” Seekers
New Musical Express Britain’s Top 15 LP’s
The Monkees (RCA)
Sound of Music (RCA)
Between the Buttons, Rolling Stones (Decca)
Best of the Beach Boys (Capitol)
Hand Clappin’-Foot Stompin’-Funky Butt’-Live! Geno Washington (Pye)
N.A. Monkees’ Concerts Here this Summer
Most Signs LuLu, Billy Fury Too
Beatles Director Films Manfreds for TV Gala
Suddenly Record Sales Boom Again
Saturday Club, Easy Beat For Dave Dee Group, Keith
Pop Liners
Otis Package Date, Temptations Delay
Saville Pop to Continue
N.A. Pic Extra Tribute to The Jones Boys’ Tom 7
N.A. Picture of Paul 8
N.A. Picture of Davy 9
N.A. Picture of Brian 10
N.A. Orbison British TV Spec; To Film Here
Steve, Muff Winwood Quit Spencer Davis
Davy in Secombe TV, Anka Palladium, Big Aberfan Bill
Stone Brian Pens Movie Score for Girl Friend
Nancy Frank Duet, Sandie Contest Song, Easybeats
Sandie to Stay on ROLF TV
Troggs for US and Continent
June Harris Monkee TV Series Ending? 12
June Harris Starr Date 12
Tracy Thomas Elvis Buys New Home 12
Tracy Thomas P, P & M Protest 12
Andy Gray I Want Lots of Money-Says Quitting Stevie 12
Tony Bromley From You to Us 12
N.A. Herman and Peter Noone: Two Different People 14
N.A. Steve Was Minus a Flat 14
N.A. Jim Reeves Mary Buys New Station 14
Alley Cat Tail Pieces 16
N.A. Casinos Gambled on Fame 16
  Ryan Fischer-Werner, Spring 2008  
No. 1052 11 March 1967  
(cover page) The Fabulous Walker Brothers 1
N.A. What the STARS say about the MONKEES
Monkees Seek Respect
Pascall, Jeremy What the MONKEES say about the STARS 3
Smith, Allan Tremeloes Feuding Days are Over 4
N.A. Cliff Sings Ballad in Husky Voice
Herb Alpert Captivates
Davey Berry goes country style
Johnson, Derek Singles Review
Herb Alpert: “If I Were a Rich Man” / “Magic Turmpet” (Pye)
Cliff Richards: “It’s All Over” / “Why Wasn’t I Born Rich” (Columbia)
Dave Berry: “Stranger” / “Stick by the Book” (Decca)
Keith: “Tell Me to My Face”, “I Can’t Go Wrong” (Mercury)
Miracles: “The Love I Saw in You Was Just a Mirage” / “Swept for You Baby” (Tamla-Motown)
Richard Anthony: “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” / “I Wish You Could Be Here” (Columbia)
Ike & Tina Turner: “I’m Hooked” / “Dust My Broom” (HMV)
Nashville Teens: “I’m Coming Home” / “Searching” (Decca)
Carl Perkins: “Country Boy’s Dream” / “If I Could Come Back” (Stateside)
The Frame: “Doctor, Doctor” / “I Can’t Go On” (RCA)
Slim Whitman: “What’s this World-a Comin’ to” / “You Bring Out the Best in Me” (Liberty)
Francoie Hardy: “Si C’est Ca” / “Je Serai La Pour Toi” (Vogue)
Helen Shapiro: “Make Me Belong to You” / “The Way of the World ” (Columbia)
Horst Jankowski: “The Spy with a Cold Nose” / “Black Forest Holiday” (Mercury)
NME Top Thirty
1.  “Release Me,” Engelbert Humperdinck (Decca)
2.  “Penny Lane” / “Strawberry Fields Forever,” Beatles (Parlophone)
3.  “This Is My Song,” Paula Clark (Pye)
4.  “Here Comes My Baby,” Tremeloes (CBS)
5.  “Edelweiss,” Vince Hill (Columbia)
N.A. Full Otis Redding Soul Show Venues
Beach Boys Hit Shock
Oldham’s Immediate Split with Philips
Animals Leave DECCA
Hump, Mann, Vince, Beck, Price Radio
New ITV pop show to battle with JBJ?
Sinatra here for summer premiere
Matt Monro in movie short
Oscars for U.K. songs?
Otis, Bachelor in Andrews TV
N.A. Seekers Palladium - top debut, Bachelors, Trini
Monkees next single on-off-on, Davy denial
N.A. Continental song tour for Sandie Shaw
Walkers Japan return; in Vegas cabaret?
Donovan Avoids Drug Controversy
Tony Bennett – Basie Dates
Sick Hollie rejoins, world dates set
Beatles, Vaud ‘Grammies’ – but Sinatra gets six
Orbison cuts one-nighters
New releases include: Tops, Cat Stevens, Mama’s, Knights, Zombies, Simon
Johnson, Derek More Singles review
Millie Small, “Chicken Feed” / “Wings of a Dove” (Fontana)
Fats Domino, “I’m Living Right”, “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” (HMV)
Brian Hyland, “Hung Up in Your Eyes” / “Why Mine” (Philips)
Evans, Allen LPs Review
Peter, Paul, and Mary, The Best of Peter, Paul, and Mary (Warner Bros.)
Mary Wells, Two Sides of Mary Wells (Atlantic)
Jan and Dean, Filet of Soul (Liberty)
Mothers of Invention, Freak Out (Verve)
Smith, Allan On the Set with Cilla Black 11
Thomas, Tracy  Marvin Gaye Is the Nicest Tamguy 12
Thomas, Tracy Everly Brothers Busy  
Harris, June Roy Orbison’s Tour May Be Last  
Harris, June The Animals trouble  
N.A. Life-Lines of Jimi Hendrix Experience: Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell, Noel Redding  
Altham, Keith Trogg Reg Reveals Success Secret  
Smith, Allan Pet Smash Hit 13
Altham, Keith Price’s sacrifices  
Nightingale, Anne Monkees  
Bromley, Tony (ed) From YOU to US 14
the Alley Cat Tailpieces 16
N.A. Roy Orbison magic  
N.A. Tom’s ‘Talk’ Debut Hit  
N.A. New to the charts: Hit Whistler Missing!  
  Malia Franklin-Apted, Spring 2008  
No. 1053 18 March 1967  
(cover page) Monkee Secret Society
Top Pop News
Chrissie Shrimpton and Her Star Ex Boy Friends Mick Jagger and Steve Marriot
Jeremy Pascall The Men of DADMAS- Mickey and Spencer 2
NA Monkees Here to Stay: That’s NME Readers’ Verdict 3-4
Alan Smith We’re as Psychedelic as a Pint o’ Beer wi’ t’ Lads! 4
Tony Bromley From You to Us 4
Dawn James Chrissie Shrimpton and Her Star Boy Friends 5
Derek Johnson Singles Review
Frank/Nancy Sinatra, “Somethin’ Stupid” / “Call Me” (Reprise)
Connie Francis, “Another Page” / “Souvenir d’Italie” (MGM)
Easybeats, “Who Will Be the One” / “Saturday Night” (United Artists)
Georgie Fame, “Because I Love You” / “Bidin’ My Time” (CBS)
Mindbenders, “We’ll Talk about It Tomorrow” / “Far Across Town” (Fontana)
Sandie Shaw, “Puppet on a String” / “Tell the Boys” (PYE)
Solomon Burke, “Keep a Light in the Window Till I Come Home” / “Time Is a Thief” (Atlantic)
Zombies, “Goin’ Out of My Head” / “She Does Everything for Me” (Decca)
Matt Monro, “Where in the World” / “The Lady Smiles” (Capitol)
Malcolm Roberts, “Time Alone Will Tell” / “Maria” (RCA)
Mama’s & Papa’s, “Dedicated to the One I Love” / “Free Advice” (RCA)
Rosemary Squires, “Once there Was You” / “Ridiculous” (Decca)
Martha & The Vandellas, “Jimmy Mack” / “Third Finger, Left Hand” (Tamia-Motown)
Dakotas, “I’m ‘n ‘Ardworking Barrow Boy” / “Seven Pounds of Potatoes” (Page One)
Simon and Garfunkel, “At the Zoo” / “59th Street Bridge Song” (CBS)
Chants, “Ain’t Nobody Home” / “For You” (Page One)
Pink Floyd, “Arnold Lane” / “Candy and a Currant Bun” (Colombia)
Otis Redding, “Day Tripper” / “Shake” (Stax)
6, 10
NA Potted Pops 6
NME Top Thirty
1.  “Release Me,” Engelbert Humperdinck (Decca)
2.  “Penny Lane” / “Strawberry Fields Forever” Beatles (Parlophone)
3.  “This Is My Song,” Petula Clark (Pye)
4.  “Edelweiss,” Vince Hill (Columbia)
5.  “On a Carousel,” Hollies (Parlophone)
NA Huge Pop Line-Up for Simon Dee TV
Stevie Winwood Gets New Group Ready for Autumn Launch
Dave Dee to US in April- If Permits
‘Kaiser’ Jack Smith to Tour with New Group, TV Dates
Bassey, Dud Guest in Secombe TV
Yardbirds Quartet Waxed New Song with Most
Immediate to EMI after Philips Split; New Labels
New Release Include- Tom Jones, Bachelors, Ifield
Price Home and Abroad
Walkers’ Tour Date Switched
Bachelors to Italy
NME Was Right- ‘Little Bit’ Is Monkees Next
Easybeats Aussie Date- Germany With Stones
NA Fame, Cat, Jimi, ‘Dinck, Roy Radio 8-9
NA Secombe in ‘Oliver’ Film, Big West End Musical
Hollies form Own Disc Company
Tom Jones Club Date
Bobby’s Relapse
Vince in Mike-Bernie TV
New Signings- Billie Davis, Dana, Unit 4, Aldred
Vaud Band Takes U.S. by Storm- Major Dates
Buster Ballrooms
Massive U.S. Campaign to Push Hendrix
Who’s Track Debut
Stone Jones’ Movie Music Could Win Cannes Honour
Elvis ‘Sacred’ LP
Children £5,000 Deal, U.S. Trip, Tour with Who
Allen Evans LP’s 10
NA Shop Window 10
Alan Smith My Husband by Petula Clark 11
Tracy Thomas America Calling
Elvis Buys Air Time
Monkee ‘Terror’ Song
June Harris TV Show Goes On 12
Keith Altham Newcomers to the Charts
John’s Children- First of the Anti-Lust Groups
Replaced Lead
Alan Smith Prince Who’s King 12
NA Meet Two Surprise Top Twenty Artists this Week 13
Norrie Drummond Whistling Jack Is Singer Coby Wells 13
NA Harry Secombe Thanks Pet Clark! 13
Keith Altham Vauds Phone NME from U.S.A. 14
Alan Smith Georgie’s Sugar Lumps Are for Sinus! 14
NA Radio Luxembourg 15
NA Tail-Pieces by the Alley Cat 16
Gordon Irving Paul Jones Eye-Opener on Hollies-Davis Tour 16
NA Who’s Where 16
  Guin Frehling, Spring 2008  
No. 1054 25 March 1967  
cover Monkees: Will LPs Help? 1
N.A. Plus NMExclusive Monkees Easter Pic 1
N.A 'Little Bit Me' Single Is HIT with NME 'Jury' 2
Allen Evans But can these LP’s help Monkees? 2
N.A. Who’s Where 2
Jeremy Pascall But can these LP’s help Monkees? 3
June Harris School-Going Guardsmen Still Sparetime Hitsters 4
N.A. Guitar On Show 4
N.A. Yes, it’s Elvis! 4
June Harris Beach Boys’ dispute delays new single
Who Bomb Greeting
Group named NME
Gene’s back
Brown London opening?
More U.S. visitors
N.A. Eddie's hit slept for six months! 5
Derek Johnson Singles Reviews
The Four Tops: “Bernadette” / “I Got a Feeling” (Tamla-Motown)
Jonathan King: “Round, Round” / “Time and Motion” (Decca)
Cat Stevens: “I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun” / “School Is Out” (Deram)
Barron Knights: “Lazy Fat People” / “In the Night” (Columbia)
Spinners: “Theme from 'Funeral in Berlin'“ / “Diamonds and Pearls” (Fontana)
Jeff Beck: “Hi Ho Silver Lining” / “Bolero” (Columbia)
Chris Montez: “Because of You” / “Elena” (Pye-International)
Dennis Dell: “It Breaks My Heart” / “Better Use Your Head” (CBS)
Buddy Greco: “Girl Talk” / ”Love” (Reprise)
Dana Gillespie: “Pay You Back with Interest” / “Adam Can You Beat That” (Pye)
N.A. Another ‘Semi’ from Manfred-but it must be a big one 6
N.A. Not Seasons’ Best 6
NME Top 5 Singles
“Release Me,” Engelbert Hunperdinck (Decca)
“Edelweiss,” Vince Hill (Columbia)
“This Is My Song,” Petula Clark (Pye)
“This Is My Song,” Harry Secombe (Philips)
“Penny Lane” / “Strawberry Fields Forever,” The Beatles (Parlophone)
N.A. Cliff, Shadows Movie Vietnam-Inspired
£7,600,000 EMI bid for Grades
Cat, Dave Dee Movie on Radio
Stop Press Tom Jones: new single
Orbison-Faces date off
Monkee Davy-Talent Spotter
Paul Jones to push ‘Privilege’ in U.S.
Move Movie
Hollies, Walkers to Stage Own Package Tour?
Palladium Cast
U.S. Gold for Stones ‘Ruby’
Ifield at Whit
Joe’s BBC-1 Guests
N.A. Walkers Palladium TV Starring Date
Novello awards — John, Paul capture two
Beatles on Radio
Lulu to have new TV series
Spencer Davis - Another Split
New Releases From Lulu, Herb, Posey, Vince, Sonny, Cher, Secombe Dance Search for a Top Disc-Jockey
Bassey as Josephine-stage, movie role
Allen Evans LP Reviews
Wilson Pickett: The Wicked Pickett (Atlantic)
Brenda Lee: Brenda Lee: Coming in Strong (Brunswick)
Paul Revere and the Raiders: Paul Revere and the Raiders: Good Thing (CBS)
Solomon Burke, Ray Charles, Chris Kenner, Wilson Pickett, Percy Sledge, Joe Tex: Solid Gold Soul (Atlantic)
Bert Kaempfert: Bert Kaempfert: Bestseller (Polydor)
Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, Carla Thomas, Mad Lads, Mar-Keys, Rufus Thomas, Booker T and the MGs: Memphis Gold (Stax)
Derek Johnson More Single Reviews 10
N.A. Top Ten of Bobby Hebb 10
N.A. Next Week Startling Facts about Cliff Richard 10
N.A. Tamla Keeps Hits Rolling 11
Keith Altham The Best Thing that Happened to the Springfields Was This 12
N.A. Tamla's White Group Booed 12
N.A. Today's Greatest Artists Are All on Musicassettes 13
Tony Bromley From You to Us 13
  Colin Geil, Spring 2008  
  grtedit 16-Apr-2008