New Musical Express | May 1967

No. 1060 6 May 1967  
cover Len Barry Makes It Easy as “1-2-3” with His First RCA Victor Single – The Moving Finger Writes c/w Our Love 1
  Monkee Pete: Exclusive Revelations PLUS New Polls 1
n.a. All Set for Another Big, Big NME Poll-Winners’ Concert 2
n.a. Elvis Is Building a Dream Home Here for His Bride 3
Jeremy Pascall The Peter Tork You Don’t Know 4
Barbara Foxx Big Mama’s & Papa’s Mystery: Will Cass Go on Now She’s a Real Mama? Doctors Were at Their Recording Sessions 5
n.a. Clever Kinks Cut a Corker! 6
n.a. Vince Hill: Pure Schmaltz 6
n.a. Hendrix Showcase Should Give Him another Hit 6
Derek Johnson Singles Review
Moody Blues, “Really Haven’t Got Time” (Decca)
Wilson Pickett, “New Orleans” (Atlantic)
Simon Dupree & the Big Sound, “Day Time, Night Time” (Parlophone)
Percy Sledge, “Out of Left Field” (Atlantic)
Vince Hill, “Roses of Picardy” (Columbia)
Jimi Hendrix, “The Wind Cries Mary” (Track)
Manfred Mann, “Sweet Pea” (Fontana)
Nicky James, “I Need to Be Needed”
NME Top Thirty
1.  “Puppet on a String,” Sandie Shaw (Pye)
2.  “Somethin’ Stupid,” Frank and Nancy Sinatra (Reprise)
3.  “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You,” Monkees (RCA)
4.  “Dedicated to the One I Love,” Mama’s & Papa’s (RCA)
5.  “Purple Haze,” Jimi Hendrix (Track)
NME Britain’s Top 5 LPs
1.  “Sound of Music,” Soundtrack (RCA)
2.  “More of the Monkees,” (RCA)
3.  “The Monkees,” (RCA)
4.  “Green Green Grass of Home,” Tom Jones (Decca)
5.  “Best of the Beach Boys” (Capitol)
n.a. Poll Concert: Dusty set Fantastic Line-up for the World’s Greatest Pop Show
At Last – Beatles LP Date, Titles
New Releases from Nancy, Dave Clark, Smith, Dubliners, Winwood Group
Beach Boy Carl Jets to Eire
n.a. Elvis Weds
Fame: Concert with Basie, U.S. Recording
Cliff in “Five to Ten”
n.a. $250,000 U.S. Build-up for Bee Gees
Vince, Hump, Dave Dee – Big Radio Plans
Now – Elvis Boss Wants Tom Jones
Baez Set for London Concert
Lennon Movie Date
Mel Torme to Guest in Dusty TV Series
Officially Confirmed – Walkers Split Up for Solo Careers
Call-up Delay for Davy, Monkees Stately Home TV
Derek Johnson LP Tracks Bridge Singles 10
Derek Johnson Dylan Takes Dig at High Society 10
Derek Johnson Beach Boys Think this Too Dated 10
Derek Johnson Catchy New Vaud Better than Last 10
Norrie Drummond Bee Gees – Australia’s No. 1 Group 10
n.a. Pop Stars Attend ‘Privilege’ Premiere 11
n.a. Don’t Confuse Me with Him: Says Paul Jones to John Wells 11
n.a. Tomorrow’s Top Ten
“Then I Kissed Her,” The Beach Boys (Capitol)
“My Old Car,” Lee Dorsey (Stateside)
“Day Time, Night Time,” Simon Dupree & The Big Sound (Parlophone)
“Western Union,” The Five Americans (Stateside)
“If I Were a Rich Man,” Rolf Harris (Columbia)
“I Got Rhythm,” The Happenings (Stateside)
“Roses of Picardy,” Vince Hill (Columbia)
“Take Me in Your Arms and Love Me,” Gladys Knight & The Pips (Tamla Motown)
“The Happening,” The Supremes (Tamla Motown)
“Little Games,” The Yardbirds (Columbia)
Keith Altham Walker Brothers’ Last Appearance 12
Tony Bromley From You to Us 12
Allen Evans LPs 13
n.a. Meet the Turtles 13
Alan Smith Laurence Payton: The Quiet One 14
n.a. Songwriters Make Hit Duo 14
n.a America Calling: Sonny, Cher Film Pulls in Profits 14
n.a Radio Luxembourg 15
  Jeremy Hogan, Spring 2008  
No. 1061 13 May 1967  
Cover John’s Children, Desdemona 1
Keith Altham &
Alan Smith
Poll Show Thrills All the Way [NME Pollwinners concert review] 2, 4
Alan Smith Can Tom Take Elvis’ Crown? [Tom Jones vs. Elvis Presley Top Male pop singer] 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
The Supremes: “The Happening” / “All I Know about You” [Tamla-Motown]
The Walkers: “Walking in the Rain” / “Baby Make It the Last Time” [Philips]
Old Turtles: “Let Me Be” / “Almost There” [Pye International]
Isley Brothers: “Got to Have You Back” / “Just Ain’t Enough Love” [Tamia-Motown]
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich: “Okay!” / “He’s a Raver” [Fontana]
Burt Bacharach: “Bond Street” / “Alfie” [A.&M.]
Raelets: “One Hurt Deserves Another” / “One Room Paradise” [HMV]
Lomax Alliance: “Try as You May” / “See the People” [CBS]
Bumble & the Stingers: “Silent Movies” / “Twelfth Street Rag” [Mercury]
The Brain: “Kick the Donkey” / “Nightmares in Red” [Parlophone]
Cliff Bennett: “Use Me” / “I’ll Be There” [Parlophone]
Cannonball Adderley: “Why (Am I Treated So Bad)” / “I’m on My Way” [Capitol]
Fats Domino: “It Keeps Rainin’” / “Blue Monday” [Liberty]
Sonny and Cher: “Podunk” / “Beautiful Story” [Atlantic]
The Byrds: “My Back Pages” / “Renaissance Fair” [CBS]
Nancy Sinatra: “Love Eyes” / “Coastin” [Reprise]
NME Top Thirty
1.  “Puppet On A String,” Sandie Shaw [Pye]
2.  “Dedicated To The One I Love,” Mamas & Papas [RCA]
3.  “Somethin’ Stupid,” Frank and Nancy Sinatra [Reprise]
4.  “Silence Is Golden,” Tremeloes [CBS]
5.  “Purple Haze,” Jimi Hendrix [Track]
NME Top 15 LP’s
1.  Sound of Music [RCA]
2.  More of the Monkees [RCA]
3.  The Monkees [RCA]
4.  Green Green Grass of Home [Decca]
5.  Best of the Beech Boys [Capitol]
n.a. Five Monkee D-Js! [The Monkees]
Kinks, Troggs, Paul Jones, Dusty [Springfield], Warm [Sounds], Trems [Tremeloes] Major TV Dates
Pet’s Follow-up, Single by Burdon, Troggs Late Switch [Petulia Clark, Eric Burden, The Troggs]
Elvis-Sinatra Movie! [Nancy Sinatra]
Radio Pop Bonanza: Trems [Tremeloes, Troggs, Dusty [Springfield], Dave Dee [Group], P.P. [Arnold], Beck, Hump
Spencer [Davis Group], Cat [Stevens], Lulu, Ryans In Cabaret
Mitch Ryder Due for TV & Radio
Hendrix Live EP Monterey Fixed
n.a. Ray Davies Quitting Kinks?
Gerry Break-Up [Gerry & The Pacemakers]
Stones Fix Recording Session—July Single? [The Rolling Stones]
Faces Dates with the Beach Boys
  Walker John Forms Group, Record, Song Fest. Plans [John Walker]
Out Of Hiding, Dylan Sets Recording Plans [Bob Dylan]
Jazz Tour Dates [Dave Brubeck Quartet, and Modern Jazz Quartet]
Hump Sells a Million Here [Engelbert Humperdinck]
Move, Floyd ‘Dream’ TV [Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things, The Creation, The Graham Bond Organisation, and Dick Gregory.]
TV Show: Walkers Still Contracted [The Walker Brothers]
Blackpool TV Stars [Mel Torme, Frank Ifield, The Shadows]
Tracy Thomas Elvis’ Wedding Secrets 11
June Harris Seven Week Monkee Tour 11
Keith Altham Top Team Gives P.P. [Arnold] Her Debut 11
Neil Smith The Monkees 12
Tony Bromley (ed) From You to Us 12
Keith Altham ‘As You Like It’ Boosts Pop TV 12
Keith Altham Question Time with Jimi Hendrix 13
Keith Altham Why the Walkers Split 14
Alan Smith How I Got Out of the Ghetto [Renaldo Benson] 14
Allen Evans LP Reviews
Sandie Shaw: Puppet on a String [Pye]
Harry Secombe: Secombe’s Personal Choice [Philips]
The Alley Cat Tailpieces [Beach Boys, Sammy Davis, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Sandie Shaw, Charles Chaplin, Cream, Beatles, Manfred Mann, Dusty Springfield, Cliff Richard] 16
n.a. Top Stars Honoured
Jimi Hendrix
Dusty [Springfield] and Tom [Jones] Debuts
Helen Shapiro on Beach Bill
  Mike Jaffe, Spring 2008  
No. 1062 20 May 1967  
cover Dusty Sings Her New Smash Single "Give Me Time” [Dusty Springfield on cover] 1
Altham, Keith Lily Isn’t Pornographic, Say Who [Pete Townshend defends the lyrics to “Pictures of Lily” saying that it’s looking back to the phase in every boy’s life of pin-ups. Also addresses racy ads for the song, saying they were from vaudeville postcard of his girlfriend’s] 2
Smith, Alan Tremeloes Go Crazy Over No. 1 [discusses band’s enthusiasm over their chart topping hit “Silence is Golden"] 3
N.A. From You to Us 3
Evans, Allen Beatles LP in Full
Track-by-track review of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Parlophone/Capitol) Includes large cartoon by Neil Smith.
N.A. Full-page ad for Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. 5
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviews
The Troggs, “Night of the Long Grass” / “Girl in Black” (Page One)
Mitch Ryder and Detroit Wheels, “Too Many Fish in the Sea”/ “Three Little Fishes”/ “One Grain of Sand” (Stateside)
Casinos, “To Be Loved” / “Tailor Made” (President)
Pet Clark, “Don’t Sleep in the Subway” / “Here Comes the Morning” (Pye)
Engelbert Humperdinck, “There Goes My Everything”/ “You Love” (Decca)
Eric Burdon and the Animals, “When I Was Young” / “A Girl Named Sandoz” (MGM)
Acker Bilk, “The Girl with Sun in Her Hair”/ “Tambor” (Columbia)
Bob Crewe Generation, “Miniskirts in Moscow” / “Theme for a Lazy Girl” (Stateside)
Los Bravos, “I’m All Ears” / “You’ll Never Get the Chance Again” (Decca)
Dusty Springfield, “Give Me Time” / “The Look of Love” (Philips)
Dave Clark Five, “Tabatha Twitchit” / “Man in a Pin-Striped Suit” (Columbia)
  Shop Window:
Tony Roman, “Shadows on a Foggy Day,” (Stateside)
Spencer Wiggins, “Up Tight Good Woman” (Stateside)
Coasters, “Soul Pad” (CBS)
Chapter Five, “One in a Million” (CBS)
Toussaint McCall, “Nothing Takes the Place of You” (Pye International)
Paul Arnold, “Somewhere in a Rainbow” (Pye)
Mrs. Mills, “I Was Queen Victoria’s Chambermaid” (Parlophone)
Errol Dixon, “Six Questions” (Decca)
Pic and Bill, “All I Want Is You” (Page One)
Julie London, “Girl Talk” (Liberty)
The Gremlins, “The Coming Generation” (Mercury)
The Guess Who, “This Time Long Ago” (Fontana)
NME Top Thirty
1. “Silence is Golden,” Tremeloes (CBS)
2. “Dedicated to the One I Love,” Mamas & Papas (RCA)
3. “Puppet on a String,” Sandie Shaw (Pye)
4. “Pictures of Lily,” The Who (Track)
5. “Somethin’ Stupid,” Frank and Nancy Sinatra (Reprise)
NME Britain’s Top 15 LPs
1. Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
2. More of the Monkees, The Monkees (RCA)
3. Green Green Grass of Home, Tom Jones (Decca)
4. The Monkees, The Monkees (RCA)
5. Best of the Beach Boys, The Beach Boys (Capitol)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in US
1. “Groovin,’” Young Rascals
2. “The Happening,” The Supremes
3. “Sweet Soul Music,” Arthur Conley
4. “Somethin’ Stupid,” Frank and Nancy Sinatra
5. “Respect,” Aretha Franklin
NME Top Ten 5 Years Ago:
1. “Good Luck Charm,” Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. “I’m Lookin’ out the Window,” Cliff Richard (Columbia)
3. “Nut Rocker,” B. Bumble (Top Rank)
4. “Love Letters,” Ketty Lester (London)
5. “Wonderful Land,” Shadows (Columbia)
NME Top Ten 10 Years Ago:
1. “Rock-a-billy,” Guy Mitchell (Philips)
2. “Butterfly,” Andy Williams (London)
3. “When I Fall in Love,” Nat King Cole (Capitol)
4. “Cumberland Gap,” Lonnie Donegan (Pye-Nixa)
5. “Baby Baby,” Teen-Agers (Columbia)
Announcements “Supremes, Four Tops in Tamla Plan for Package Tour Here” [Tamla-Motown Organization planning a Motown tour with said artists in Britain]
“Kinks, Move, P.P., Vince, Zoot, Gerry, Dudley, Blues Pop Up On TV” [The Kinks, the Move, Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band, Gerry Marsden, and P.P. Arnold to appear on Southern-TV’s “As You Like It;” Vince Hill to join panel of BBC-1’s “Juke Box Jury;” The Dudley Moore Trio to appear on the “Eamonn Andrews Show;” The Moody Blues to appear on “Morecambe and Wise Shows”
“…And Pop On Radio” [Various pop star appearances on the radio i.e. Tony Bennett on BBC-Light's "Farnon in Concert"]
“Simon Dee’s Twice-Weekly BBC-1 Series “Dee Time”—Initially Booked Until June 29th—Has Been Extended To The End of September”
“Beatle Director’s Trogg TV Film” [Swedish producer Peter Goldmann, director of Beatles’ promotional TV clips, in negotiations with Troggs manager for a screening of their single “Night of the Long Grass” for TV]
“James Brown Return?” [expected return to Britain for at least one major concert date]
“Stars’ Seaside Sundays” [headliners for summer Sunday concerts at Great Yarmouth Britannia Pier and Blackpool North are set. Includes Georgie Fame and his Band, Geno Washington’s Ram Jam Band, and Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds]
“New Bee Gee” [group expands to quintet with Vince Melouney]
“Beatles Aim at Summer Single” [plan to release single mid-summer following latest LP]
Announcements “New Monkee Discs to Coincide with Visit?” [Third album release “Headquarter” to coincide with UK visit. Also discusses plans for a few TV episodes to be filmed there, and confusion over next single to be released]
[Snip-it] “Lulu continued rehearsals on Wednesday for her BBC-2 series “Three of a Kind” after collapsing the previous day at her St. John’s Wood flat. Her doctor said she had been overworking and advised her to “take it easy for awhile.” She has not withdrawn from any bookings.”
“Shads World Travels” [Recent international concert locations of the Shadows]
“Cat Stevens—Second LP” [Fourteen self-penned originals for upcoming album; discussion of single releases]
“Cliff’s Diamond Titles, Judith’s Solo, Faces, Cream, Beatle Covers” [Cliff Richard’s next single to consist of two Neil Diamond compositions. Judith Durham of the Seekers to release solo single in two weeks. Titles selected for the Small Faces’ following release. Date fixed for Cream release. Several artists doing covers of recent Beatles’ LP]
“Buzzy ‘Bees’ Group” [The Warm Sounds record “Birds and Bees” in French and Italian. Disc also rush-released in US]
“Dusty: Japan, US, Australia Plans” [Dusty Springfield to spend entirety of autumn making appearances in these countries]
“Herman US Marathon” [Herman’s Hermits to embark on longest American tour yet—50 different venues scheduled]
“Label Changes” [Lists several bands and their label switches, including The Zombies from Decca to CBS]
“Mitch Ryder TV, Radio” [US star to record sequences for BBC-1’s “Top of the Pops” and Light’s “Saturday Club” with other TV and radio spots being lined up]
“Mamas, Papas in Britain in Autumn?” [The Mamas and Papas likely to play a set of British concert dates in autumn]
N.A. “Monkee Moods: Gay and a Bit Drowsy” [pictures of the actors on set] 10
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviews Continued
Jefferson Airplane, “Somebody to Love” / “She Has Funny Cars” (RCA)
Unit Four Plus Two, “Too Fast, Too Slow” / “Booby Trap” (Fontana)
Shangri-Las, “Take the Time” / “Footsteps on the Roof” (Mercury)
James Brown, “Kansas City” / “Stone Fox” (Pye-International)
Kathy Kirby, “In All the World” / “Time” (Columbia)
Righteous Brothers, “Melancholy Mosie Man”/ “Don’t Give Up On Me” (Verve)
The Mirage, “The Wedding of Ramona Blair”/ “Lazy Man” (Philips)
NME Potted Pops:
Esther Phillips, “And I Love Him” (Atlantic)
Magic Lanterns, “We’ll Meet Again” (CBS)
Frugal Sound, “Abilene” (RCA)
Garnet Mimms, “Roll with the Punches” (U-A)
Tokens, “Portrait of My Love” (Warner)
Koobas, “Gypsy Fred” (Columbia)
Les Surfs, “When I Tell You” (Fontana)
Timi Yuro, “Cuttin’ In” (Mercury)
Baby Ray, “Elvira” (Liberty)
Herbie Mann “The Beat Goes On” (Atlantic)
Bert Weedon, “Stranger than Fiction” (HMV)
Jimmy Tarbuck, “Stewball” (Philips)
Julie Rogers, “These Gentle Hands” (Mercury)
Baby Johnson and the Atoms, “Do It Again A Little Bit” (Ember)
Joy Rose, “Society’s Child” (Page One)
The Rush, “Happy   ” (Decca)
Original Dyaks “Got to Get a Good Thing Going” (Columbia)
Keith Shields, “The Wonder of You” (Decca)
Wards of Court, “All Night Girl” (Deram)
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Engelbert Humperdinck, Release Me (Decca)
James Last, Hammond A Gogo Vol. 2 (Polydor)
The Byrds, Younger than Yesterday (CBS)
Altham, Keith With Track-by-Track on Jimi Hendrix Debut Album [on Are You Experienced] (expanded LP review) 10
  Thoughtful and Acting it Up! [series of photographs of the Monkees on set and with young fans from the March of Dimes] 11
Smith, Alan NMExclusive Interview with Nancy Sinatra: “Nancy Sets the Record Straight About Frank” [talks about the book she wrote about her father, their recording of “Somethin’ Stupid” and the unlikelihood of a follow-up because of their busy schedules. Also discusses her thoughts on marriage.] 12
Smith, Alan Easygoing Abdul Fakir [profile of Fakir upon meeting him] 12
Drummond, Norrie This Way to the Speakeasy [Drummond discusses London’s new in-club The Speakeasy] 13
Altham, Keith Beatles Changed Kink Ray’s ‘Sunset’ [“Waterloo Sunset” was originally called “Liverpool Sunset,” until Ray Davies heard the Beatles’ “Penny Lane.” Article also includes some more interview information, such as Davies’ ambitions for a more administrative position within the band, and his brother’s current fashion choices.] 14
N.A. America Calling [Includes news on the rumor that one of the Supremes left the group. Also, two Hollywood radio stations sued by Capitol for leaking the Beatles’ latest LP before the release date.] 14
N.A. Classifieds 15
Alley Cat Tailpieces [includes news snipets like “Rick West only married member of Tremeloes…”/ “New Jimmy Tarbuck single (“Stewball”) revives Lonnie Donegan’s hit") 16
N.A. NME Popword 16
N.A. Tony Woos and Wins [on Tony Bennett’s sold-out performance at the Glasgow Odeon with the Count Basie Band despite its small amount of advance publicity] 16
N.A. Ovation for Bassey [Shirley Bassey’s opening performance at Glasgow’s Alhambra theatre with enthusiastic response from audience] 16
N.A. One-Girl Show [on Julie Felix’s successful performance at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall] 16
  Stacey Kahn, Spring 2008  
No. 1063 27 May 1967  
Cover Brincos Lola Lola Lola
Monkees; New LP track-by-track, future show reviewed plus big pic of Davy
Beatles talk again!
Norrie Drummond Dinner with the Beatles 2-3
Alan Smith Colour Monkees Are Terrific 4
June Harris Monkees’ new LP track-by-track 4
N/A Island 5
N/A Hollies keep hit standard 6
N/A Film may help P & G 6
N/A First of the Beatles covers 6
N/A Spoonful almost defy description 6
Derek Johnson Temptations too typical for Tamla
Temptations, “All I Need” / “Sorry Is a Sorry Word,” (Tamla-Midtown)
Tony Bennett, “Days of Love” / “Keep Smiling at Trouble” (CBS)
Gary (U.S.) Bonds, “Send Her to Me” / “Workin’ for My Baby”(Stateside)
Steve Lawrence, “Sweet Maria” / “The Ballad of the Sad Young Men” (CBS)
Perry Como, “Stop! And Think It Over” / “How Beautiful the World Can Be” (RCA)
Brincos, “Lola” / “Passport” (Page One)
Nini Rosso, “Song of the Mountains (La Mantanara)” / “Salute a Te”
Small Faces, “Patterns” / “F. Too D.” (Decca)
NME Top Thirty
1.  “Silence is Golden,” Tremeloes (CBS)
2.  “‘Waterloo Sunset,” The Kinks (Pye)
3.  “Dedicated to the One I Love”, Mamas and Papas (RCA)
4.  “Pictures of Lily,” The Who (Track)
5.  “Puppet on a String,” Sandie Shaw (Pye)
N/A Bee Gees Colour TV Spec, U.S. Delay
Faces switch, Cilla, Tops, Gaye, Fury, Turtles, Vaud
John Walker Concert Debut
Burdon, Spoonful Films
Who’s Entwistle breaks finger
Cilla, Faces, Troggs, Petula, Dusty, Bachelors—TV
“As You Like It”
BBC-2: Next Week’s Pop
ABC-TV: Blackpool, Eamonn
BBC-1: Cotton, Simon Dee
ATV: Big New Series
Your June Pop on Radio
Beatles—World TV, drug song denial
Hump hit notches 191,000; Hollywood, world plans?
Tamla plans hit trouble
Lulu Hollywood talks
Seekers to call off Bing movie role
Monkees arrival date
Procol Aaville date
Ryder TV hitch
NME Summer EXTRA Special
N/A More Singles Reviews
Jimmy James deserves to make chart
Jimmy James, “No Time TO Cry” / “You Showed Me the Way” (Piccadilly)
5th Dimension, “Another Day, Another Heartache” / “Rosecrans Boulevard,” (Liberty)
Every Mother’s Son, “Come and Take a Ride in My Boat” / “I Believe in You” (MGM)
Migil Five, “Together” / “Superstition” (Columbia)
N>A Potted Pops 10
Allen Evans LP’s 10
Alan Smith Levi the Leader; Four top a week 10
Alan Smith Procol crash in at No. 11
It happens for Happenings
Who’s where
Sold Out
New to the charts
Allen Evans EP’s 12
Norrie Drummond Cabaret Helps Keep Andy in Touch 12
June Harris (NY) America Calling 12
N/A From you to us
Purity of Joan Baez (A. McK.)
Keith Altham Jeff Beck not nearly so wicked as he thinks he is. 13
Norrie Drummond Alpert puts bands back in the world charts 13
Keith Altham Two things make Beach Boys sad 14
N/A New to the charts 14
N/A Life Lines of Warm Sounds 14
N/A Radio Luxembourg 15
Allen Evans LP’s; Six “Fiddler on Roof” Albums 15
The Alley Cats Tail-Pieces 16
Alan Smith Monkees in Colour (cont.) 16
NME NME Popword 16
  Kelsey Kassell, Spring 2008  

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