New Musical Express | September 1967

No. 1075 2 September 1967  
Cover News and Chartbound Malcom Roberts, “Yours Until Tomorrow” 1
Special Correspondent Mick Jagger talks about Love, Sex, Violence and what they mean to the Rolling Stones 2
N.A. See How They’ve Changed ! (Rolling Stones) 2
Norrie Drummond The Personality I Knew 3
Andy Gray Tributes to the man who revolutionised British Pop Music by giving the world the Beatles..., Brian Epstein 3
N.A. Motown’s Big Week!
Diana Ross and the Supremes: “Reflections” / “Going Down for the Third Time”
Gladys Knight and The Pips: “Everybody Needs Love” / “Stepping Closer to Your Heart”
Temptations: “You’re My Everything” / “I’ve Been Good to You”
Derek Johnson Singles Reviewed
Move Should Storm the Chart
The Move: “Flowers in the Rain” / “The Lemon Tree” (Regal - Zonophone)
Geno Switches to Soul
Geno Washington: “Tell You Like It Is” / “Girl I Want to Marry You” (Piccadilly)
Derek Johnson Wayne a Worried Dad
Wayne Fontatna: “The Impossible Years” / “In My World” (Fontana)
Nashville Teens: “The Biggest Night of Her Life” (Decca)
Byrds: “Lady Friend” / “Don’t Make Waves” (CBS)
Micky Dolenz: “Huff Puff” / “Fate” (London)
Gerry Mardsen: “Gilbert Green” / “What Makes Me Love You” (CBS)
Kenny Lynch: “Movin Away” / “Could I Count on You” (HMV)
Malcom Roberts: “Yours Till Tomorrow” / “Love Is a Many-Splendoured Thing” (RCA)
NME Top Singles
Peter, Paul, and Mary: “I Dig Rock and Roll Music”
Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band: “Tell it Like it Is”
Everly Bros.: “Mary Jane”
Francoise Hardy: “Voila”
Brooke Benton: “Laura”
Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66: “Night and Day”
Alexander Bros.: “Please Help Me I’m Falling”
Butch Moore: “Till Then My Love”
Dawn Night and the Casuals: “Thats the Kind of World I’m in”
NME NME Top Thirty
1. Scott Mackenzie: “San Francisco” (CBS)
2. Tom Jones: “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again” (Decca)
3. Englebert Humperdinck: “The Last Waltz” (Decca)
4. Alan Price Set: “The House that Jack Built” (Decca)
5. Tremeloes: “Even the Bad Times are Good” (CBS)
NME Britain’s Top 15 LP’s
1. The Beatles:Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band(Parlophone)
2. Soundtrack,Sound of Music(RCA)
3. The Monkees,Headquarters(RCA)
4. Pink Floyd,Piper at the Gates of Dawn(Columbia)
5. The Beach Boys,Best of the Beach Boys(Columbia)
N.A. Radio One: Shows, DJ’s: Exclusive Advance Details
Radio One: Monday to Friday
Radio One: Saturday and Sunday
More Pirates - and at last, Jimmy Savile
Anita as a T.V Spy?
Procol Duo New Group
N.A. Tony Hall - Procol Move Signed
Stevie Dates Lined Up
Together Again on T.V- Cliff, Shadows
Tour Shake Ups: Turtles Delay, But Vikki Coming
Turtle, Martha, Kink Disks
Faces, Fame, Tony Bennett on BBC-1
Vaughan in DES T.V
Clive Epstein- New NEMS Boss
Teenage opera’ Movie
Amen New York X-Mas
Norrie Drummond Woe-Burn Flowers were So Funny 8
N.A. Caranby Card Ad 8
June Harris The Best (?) Monkee 9
N.A. America Calling: Jeffersons, Doors are tops 9
John Reed Vanilla Fudge are Found at Last 10
Keith Altham New to the Charts: Ivy in Flowerpot 10
Alan Smith Frankie Lands Another Hit 10
NME Classifieds 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
NME From You to Us 12
N.A. A Bad Decision 12
  Joshua Vargas, October 2009  
No. 1076 9 September 1967  
Cover Scott Walker sings solo release of the year 1
Alan Smith Trems capture ‘love’ sound 2
Allan Evans LPs
Something Else, The Kinks
Privilege, Paul Jones
Super Blues
Norrie Drummond Paul is still seeking, but George has found great faith 3
N.A. Davy’s biggest surprise: The day Vikki nearly gave it all up 4
Keith Altham Jimi Hendrix admits ‘lamp’ is a bit smoky 5
Derek Johnson Top singles reviewed
Brilliant Turtles: “You Know What I Mean” / “Rugs of Woods and Flowers” (London)
Peddlers: “Irresistable you” / ”Murray’s Mood” (CBS)
Bobby Gentry: “Ode to Billie Joe” / ”Mississippi Delta” (Capitol)
Connie Francis: “My Heart Cries for You” / “If My Friends Could See Me Now” and “I’m a Brass Band” (MGM)
Lynne Randell: “That’s a Hoe Down” / “I Need You Boy” (CBS)
McCoys: “Say Those Magic Words” / “I Wonder If She Remembers Me” (London)
Martha and Vandellas: “Love Bug Leave My Heart Alone” / “One Way Out” (Tamla-Motown)
Mindbenders: “The Letter” / “My New Day and Age” (Fontana)
NME NME Top Thirty:
1. “The Last Waltz,” Engelbert Humperdinck (Decca)
2. “San Francisco,” Scott McKenzie (CBS)
3. “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again,” Tom Jones (Decca)
4. “We Love You,” Rolling Stones (Decca)
5. “Excerpt from a Teenage Opera,” Keith West (Parlophone)
NME Britain’s Top 15 LPs
1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Beatles (Parlophone)
2. Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
3. Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Pink Floyd (Columbia)
4. Headquarters, The Monkees (RCA)
5. Best of the Beach Boys (Captitol)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. “Ode to Billie Joe,” Bobby Gentry
2. “Reflections,” Diana Ross & the Supremes
3. “Come Back When You Grow Up,” Bobby Vee & the Strangers
4. “Baby I Love You,” Aretha Franklin
5. “The Letter,” Box Tops
N.A. Beach Boys Brian, Mike duet; Davy Jones oldie
Hump Palladium Panto, Million?
Keith Going West; Film of ‘Opera’
McCartney trad titles help launch new label
Hendrix return to the saville
‘Bronco’ in British disc move
Stones quarter-hour track for LP
Swinging Radio 1 – pirates, pops, transistor prizes
N.A. Beatle magic TV show
Trem-Traffic-Who tour in place of axed bill?
Flowermen, Fame, Hendrix radio
Cilla, Walker clubs
John Walker abroad
Ted Heath tribute
Helen leaves EMI
Manfred’s colour ad
Keith Altham Keith West’s Opera hit makes him cry!
Epstein’s death shocks U.S.
Monkees see Byrds
Tony Bromley From you to us 10
N.A. Paul on George’s great faith
Uncontrollable Traffic! – Keith Altham pins down a highly elusive group…
N.A. Life-lines of Amen Corner 12
Norrie Drummond Engelbert’s Sick of the Knockers…but he doesn’t let them worry him 13
Alley Cat Tailpieces 14
N.A. Procol Harum on state – ‘Fantastic’; Immobile – yet so moving
Dickie pleases
  Jennifer Zacharia, October 2009  
No. 1077 16 September 1967  
Drummond, Norrie Why Cliff Richards Was So Shocked by John Lennon [Cliff Richards on Lennon and the Beatles] 3
Altham, Keith Stones Starting to Mellow [Rolling Stones] 4,5
Altham, Keith Burdon’s Big Week [Eric Burdon] 5
Wells, John Latest Singles Reviewed [Petula Clark, Seekers, Shadows, Sonny, Otis Redding, Others] 6
Evans, Allen LP’s [Nancy Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Others] 6
n.a. [Tours, Releases, Films, Etc.- Monkees, BeeGees, Procol Harum, Jimi Hendrix, Engelbert Humperdinck, Turtles, Cat Stevens, Scott Walker, Sandie Shaw, Shirley Bassey, Dave Dee, Others] 8,9
n.a. Life Lines of The BeeGees 10
Drummond, Norrie Flowerpot Men Hope to Stay On The Scene 12
Harris, June Dylan Movie Makes History [Bob Dylan] 13
Thomas, Tracey Four Monkees See Cream 13
Quinn, Terry Mick’s Society Clanger [Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, Otis Redding] 14
Jensen, Dag Stien Traffic Puts New Life into Stevie [Stevie Winwood, Traffic, John Walker] 15
Alley Cat Tailpieces [Engelbert Humperdinck, Cliff Richards, Supremes, Andy Williams, Small Faces, Others] 16
No. 1078 23 September 1967  
Marshall, Jane Micky’s Murder Stops Show [Micky Dolenz, Monkees] 3
Wells, John Top Singles Reviewed [Mamas and Papas, Vince Hill, Dusty Springfield, The Hollies, Zombies, Elvis Presley, Others] 4
n.a. [Tours, Releases, Films, Etc.- Engelbert Humperdinck, young Rascals, Flowerpot Men, Frankie Vaughan, Procol Harum, Cliff Richards, Amen Corner, The Who, Others] 6,7
Harris, June Who Steal the Show from Herman’s Hermits 8
Thomas, Tracey Lulu Scores as an Actress 8
Drummond, Norrie Top Still Hasn’t Reached His Peak [Gordon Mills, Tom Jones] 8
Drummond, Norrie We’re Just Five Ordinary Guys [The Move] 9
Altham, Keith Small Faces, Fun World [Small Faces] 10
Evan, Allen LP’s [Frank Sinatra, Petula Clark, Gene Vincent, Others] 10
Alley Cat Tailpieces [Engelbert Humperdinck, Sandie Shaw, Dusty Springfield, Scott Walker, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Others] 12
No. 1079 30 September 1967  
Smith, Alan It’s Monkeeteers Now- All for One and One for All [Monkees] 2,3
Thomas, Tracey Pressure of Work Has Changed Them [Monkees] 2
Drummond, Norrie BeeGees Happened Everywhere- But Here! [BeeGees] 4
Altham, Keith Scott Walker Hides away in a Gloom World [Scott Walker] 5
Johnson, Derek Top Singled Reviewed [Procol Harum, Beach Boys, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Amen Corner, Doors, Others] 6,10
n.a. [Tours, Releases, Films, Etc.- Tom Jones, Amen Corner, Jimi Hendrix, Mamas and Papas, Walker Brothers, Cliff Richards and the Shadows, Seekers, Others] 8,9
Altham, Keith Question Time with Eric Burdon 11
Smith, Alan I’ll Never Change Now Says Frankie [Frankie Vaughan] 12
Altham, Keith Traffic British Stage Debut Well Worth Waiting for [Traffic] 12
Drummond, Norrie Don’t Compare Engel to Tom Jones [Engelbert Humperdinck, Gordon Mills] 13
Smith, Alan We’re Not Phoneys [The Flowerpot Men] 14
Alley Cat Tailpieces [Scott Walker, Frankie Vaughan, Engelbert Humperdinck, Beatles, Troggs, Rolling Stones, Others] 16

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