New Musical Express

October 1967

October 7 No. 1080  
Smith, Alan Hollies Talent Is Wasted by Screams [The Hollies] 2, 3
Drummond, Norrie Procol Unmoved by New Hit Success [Procol Harum] 2
Altham, Keith Traffic Dave Mason- Pop Face of 1967 [Dave Mason, Traffic] 3
Altham, Keith Keith West Learns to Live With The Knockers [Keith West] 4
Harris, June Ravi Shanker Boosts Growing Sitar Cult [Ravi Shanker] 4
Gray, Andy We’re Happy, Not Hippy [Bruce Welch, Shadows] 5
Johnson, Derek Radio 1 BBC Pirate Take Over [DJ’s At New Radio 1] 7
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed [four Tops, Dave Dee, Jefferson Airplane, Vanilla Fudge, Nrivana, Others] 8
NA [Tours, Releases, Films, Etc.- Beatles, BeeGees, Mamas and Papas, Tom Jones, Pink Floyd, Anita Harris, Jimi Hendrix, Others] 10-12
Drummond, Norrie Frankie Taking Over For Jim [Frankie McBride] 14
Smith, Alan Nurse Anita Sets Pulses Racing [Anita Harris] 15
NA Life Lines of The Flowerpot Men 16
Gray, Andy Forgotten Facts About Cliff [Cliff Richards] 17
Drummond, Norrie ‘Benders Surprised by ‘Letter’ Hit [Mindbenders] 17
Alley Cat Tailpieces [Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Engelbert Humperdinck, Traffic, Vikki Carr, Tom Jones, young Rascals, Shirley Bassey] 18
October 14 No. 1081  
Marshall, Jane Davy Jones Interview [Davy Jones, Monkees] 3
Drummond, Norrie BeeGee’s May Give You ‘World’ Next [BeeGee’s, ‘Massachusetts’] 4
Mackenzie, Anne Question Time With Fankie Vaughan 4
NA Life Lines of the Herd [The Herd] 6
Altham, Keith Travel is Nightmare for Small Faces [Small Faces] 6
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed [Scott Mackenzie, The Who, Troggs, Roy Orbison, Kinks, Paul and Barry, Others] 13
NA [Tours, Releases, Films, Etc.- Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, John Walker, Cilla Black, Procol Harum, Keith West, Others] 10-12
Altham, Keith Don’t Care About Top Billing [The Move] 14
Altham, Keith Scott Tells us Why John Gets So Angry [Scott McKenzie, Mamas and Papas] 17
Pascall, Jeremy Jimi Too Often [Jimi Hendrix] 18
Alley Cat Tailpieces [Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Beatles, Elvis Presley, Everly Brothers, Scott Walker, Hollies, Troggs, Pink Floyd, Others] 18
October 21 No. 1082  
Sellers, Barny Box Tops in Action [Box Tops] 2
Altham, Keith The Big Mamas and Papas Mystery [Mamas and Papas] 3
Altham, Keith Foundations Revive British Soul Scene [Foundations] 4
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed [Stevie Wonder, Donovan, John Walker, Jerry Lee Lewis] 6, 10
NA [Tours, Releases, Films, Etc.- Mamas and Papas, Vikki Carr, Troggs, Amen Corner, BeeGees, Rolling Stones, Others] 8, 9
Mackenzie, Anne Big Dates of The Hollies 11
NA Life Lines of Tony Blackburn 11
Gray, Andy NME Reporters Cover Latest Happenings [Stevie Wonder, Stax, Arthur Conley, Juliet Prowse, Tages, Other] 12
Harris, June They Want to Keep No. 1 Lulu U.S [Lulu] 13
Thomas, Tracey Seekers in California [Seekers] 13
Altham, Keith Anita Pioneers TV Show for Newcomers [Anita Harris, Paul and Barry, Others] 14
Alley Cat Tailpieces [Lulu, John Walker, Shadows, Anita Harris, Van Morrison, Dusty Springfield, Rolling Stones] 16
October 28 No. 1083  
Altham, Keith Herd Take Over as Screamers New Idols [The Herd] 2
Smith, Alan Gary Booker [Gary Booker, Procol Harum] 3
Altham, Keith Who All Ready to Hit You With New Ideas [The Who] 5
Smith, Alan Cut It Out You Idiots [Dave Dee Group] 6
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed [Tremeloes, Gene Pitney, Bachelors, Zal Yavonsky, Dave Clark Five, Others] 8, 17
NA [Tours, Releases, Films, Etc.- Petula Clark, BeeGees, Eric Burdon, Lulu, Tom Jones, Jimi Hendrix, The Move, Beach Boys, Cilla Black, Others] 10, 15, 16
French, Suzanne Les Reed Panic His Way Into Hits [Les Reed] 19
Mackenzie, Anne Big Dates of the Tremeloes 19
Mackenzie, Anne Shirley’s Singing Makes Big Spenders [Shirley Bassey] 20
Gray, Andy Gene Gets Free Coffee From Bank Manager [Gene Washington and his Ram Jam Band] 21
Evans, Allen LP’s [Jefferson Airplane, Other] 21
Alley Cat Tailpieces [Cliff Richards, Small Faces, Cilla Black, Friankie Vaughan, Tony Blackburn, Spencer Davis] 22