New Musical Express | January 1968

6 January 1968 No. 1095  
Smith, Alan Anita's 'Loving' Is Thrice Beautiful [Anita Harris' new LP] 2
Evans, Allen Mike Nesmith Emerges as THE Voice of 'Pisces' Album 2
Evans Allen Review of LPs [Tom Jones, Allen Price, Ted Heath, and others] 2
Johnson, Eric Top Albums of 1967 [#1-The Sound of Music Soundtrack] 2
Drummond, Norrie I Still Say Beatles' 'Tour' Was Entertaining/NME readers respond/quotes from Paul 3
Johnson, Derek Top Singles 4
n.a. NME Top 30 [#1- Hello Goodbye, The Beatles] 5
n.a. Britain's Top 15 LPs [#1-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles] 5
n.a. Top 10 Five Years Ago/ Top 10 Ten Years Ago 5
n.a. Best-Selling Pop Records in US [#1- Hello Goodbye, The Beatles] 5
n.a. Tom Jones with Diana and Supremes in Palladium TV 6
n.a. Tom Jones is Cilla TV guest; to S. Africa 6
n.a. Two Sinatras' TV date, Bee Gees on BBC-2 6
n.a. Monkees' Peter, Davy in town 6
n.a. 208 Shocks- Big Changes, New DJ's 6
n.a. Ill: Bee Gees, A Move, Herd, Frankie, Shad 7
n.a. Big Tony Blackburn- Freeman TV Battle Looms 7
n.a. Pet Clark to Star in Western: Waxes Reed-Mason Tunes; Concerts Later? 7
n.a. New Releases — Mann, Move, Amen, Trems, Proby, Geno, Herd, Kinks; Scott Row 7
n.a. Cliff's Week on Radio 1, Host of Other Stars Set 7
n.a. Full 1967 Points Table [#1- Englebert Humperdink] 8
Johnson, Derek New Musical Express World-Famous Chart Survey: Hump and Tom Give Ballads Biggest Boost for Years 8-9
n.a. Singles of the Year [#1- Last Waltz, Englebert Humperdink] 9
n.a. Chart Toppers of 1967 [#1- Englebert Humperdink 12 weeks] 9
Smith, Alan Live TV Frightens Me, But I Love It [Petula Clark] 10
Altham, Keith Small Faces Star Steve Marriott Declares 'Tin Soldier' the Real Us 10
Harris, June America Calling: February 'Pinocchio' Month for Peter [Herman] Noone 10
Thomas, Tracy America Calling: Butterfield Comeback 10
Drummond, Norrie Monkees Peter and Davy Hide-out 11
n.a. Shadows Make Time Go by so Swiftly [NME concert reviews of The Shadows, The Bachelor's Show, The King Brothers] 11
  Carolyn Anderson, 3 April 2002
13 January 1968 No. 1096  
20 January 1968 No. 1097  
27 January 1968 No. 1098  
Alan Smith Supremes Live it up in London 2
Norrie Drummond Engelbert World's Greatest Worrier 3
n.a. Love Affair Still Pinching Themselves 3
Keith Skues Keith Skues' Top Ten 3
Nick Logan Herd-a-Week: First of a Brilliant New Series 4
Keith Altham Plastic Penny Put 'Scratch' On Record 5
n.a. Symbols Faith has Paid Off 5
Derek Johnson Top Singles Reviewed by Derek Johnson: Bee Gees, Spooky Tooth, Neil Diamond, The Animals, James Brown, Dubliners, Frankie Valli, Sam the Sham, Buckinghams, Gene Latter, James Royal, Grapefruit, Graham Bonney, Warm Sounds, The Human Beinz, Chris Andrews 6
n.a. NME Top 30:
1. Love Affair, "Everlasting Love"
2. Georgie Fame, "The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde"
3. Engelbert Humperdinck, "Am I That Easy to Forget"
4. Monkees, "Daydream Believer"
5. Four Tops, "Walk Away Renee", etc.
n.a. Dupree in 3-D Movie Musical 8
n.a. Kink Dave [Davies] Solo Dates — But No Group Split 8
n.a. Love Affair Tour, Sunday Concerts 8
n.a. Herman['s Hermits] Europe Package — British Spring Tour 8
n.a. Sandie, Lulu TV Series, No Seekers 8-9
n.a. Des, Mireille TV Series 8-9
n.a. Streisand Man to Wax Anita [Harris] and Philharmonic 'Beatles' LP 8-9
n.a. Pet [Petula Clark] Meets the Queen 9
n.a. Five Group Blitz on U.S.: But Jimi Handrix Ban Mars Visit 9
Norrie Drummond "Bob Dylan's Been Good to Us," Say the Manfreds 10
Keith Altham Small Faces Shatter Old Image 11
June Harris John Fred British Tour Most Unlikely 11
Andy Gray Everyone's Happy Here [Cannes] 12
Nick Logan What Stirs Inside Cream 13
Allen Evans LPs 13
"Alley Cat" Tailpieces 14
Audrey Daniel, 3 April 2002

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